The Times from Munster, Indiana on January 31, 1945 · 4
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The Times from Munster, Indiana · 4

Munster, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1945
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THE HAMMOND TIMKS I Urdnrtda;, Jan. 31. ITt In the yar li'A a rather odd cartoon appeared in "Harper1 Weekly."" a magazine printed in New York The cartoon had the title of "General View of a Night Car on the Central' The "general view" which th-artit showed was marie up chief!-. More Night Classes al Indiana U. Classen in chemistry and for-' manship are included in the 22, tuit;on-fr evening eU.vse which; 'he Indiana university school of' business will conduct (iurinj Feb-' ruary, Marth and April in Kaat Chicago. HammoDii and Gary under the engineering, science and management war training program of the United State office of educa tion. Clashes are holding first meeting tins week bt.t those interested may enroll at the second meeting of the classes next week. The chemistry tUics ar; being held at r, ?,') p m in Fast Chicago at the I. U. extension center The laboratory techniques meets each Thursday and Friday with Clarence J. VVunrow of the I. U. extension faculty as instru. tor. On ,n common in 13. but they dio Tuesday Wunrow is teaching the cxlat Twenty-two years before, a! first semester of advanced la bora- company in PennyLsvania had UNCLE RAY'S CORNER Passengers Enjoyed Little Serrice on Early Sleeping Cars of the legs o' men who were riding on a train at night. The le were resting, chiefly, on the back of the seats ahead of the passengers That was an imuiing picture ard it had some truth in it. Th' sea's in many railway cars of tfm time were closer together thr, thoe of the present. There was a great problem to find what to d- with your legs when au wanted to ieep, especially when there were two passengers for each double iit. Even today there is much the ame trouble when a person rides at night on day roaches of an older type. We do not, however, have the custom of draping ou; -leg on the hack of the Beat ahead' Sleeping ears were far from be New Solons To Support Peace Aims B IUV.MO.VU UIIXOK ' INS Staff Correspond,-.: I WASHINGTON INS - More than ftO "freshmen congretnirwn were expected to go on record today Mn support of the president s peace aims in a move deigned to Thomas Slates Liquor Inquiry 'New Pullman New Deal Can't Will Continue Blame W allace i Queen Isabelhs. th Spsnlsh rrsorv. jarcheas who helped finance Co-! Iambus. ryJD T 1 II In n impressive tribute de'iv- I Lil lAllinCJieiL lered by Mai Perry A. Ball of the : WASHINGTON INS - Sen Pat McCarran,, Democrat. Nevada. i declared today "there t.! is pienty : do" in probtr.g the Ration's liquor industry. McCarran said he prohabiv wii; UK? to t NEW YORK -tINSi- Henry A Wiiiii. had the somewhat left-h,vl d hacking today of Norman Thomas, perennial Socialist afpiran: for the presidency, in the fight oxer committee's requej. Walla-e s appontment a secretary ' tinued ar.d given of commerce Writing in H ammo ml Man Direct; Program U. S. army, Mrs. Wheeler s lineage. i along wtih the fact that her son I is missing in action were botls Uouched upon. e senate floor his sub- u't.,-.,i.a - .. . .... V i sat it be con- Sl.iVj fund r:ed out with Cushioning Job tunn, The launching of a PCR ship ati nrKtnv iI'Pl A an s.-i.-ierf companv vesterdav wa car- . " ' . , inducement in a want ad seeking which was disapproved by the audit n out th August Schneider. 5C heiD. a false-tooth coron adver- the Socialist news- and control committee on grounds Ruth street. Hammond, a master': Used that the poaitiOM to be filled were -seated joos job lor wmcn chairs were provided. paprr, ine iaii. i nomas saia. inai i.s of was iimsrtea ;Ot ceremonies -Now the New Deals peculiar However, the senate fkwr move il Si-hncir .i.i c-vw. ,(orm oi private cspiuu.m win oci-not iu;:y aeciaea upon. McCarran this capacttv traveled extensively1 hand at trie "Big Three" conference ! ptJt t0 the tet and if it fads no-! said. The way was kept open for m Russi and as a Mnult4 A letter bearing the aignatures: body can say n would have worked-taking the iue to the floor by a ant ' of newly-elected Republican and'tf on!y a good man like Henry Wal-: motion lifting the question from the' Jponor of the veet M Mrs Democratic members was slated toi lace had had a chance " I audits and i-ontrols committee Wheeler w,fe f n' McCarran said alleged monopoly ' Wheeler who is connected with the pe forwarded to t reMdent Roosevelt exiiresiir.g the bc-hef of the (artmm of IK'ji liuwine view of -,,,. i itn Jltin KlIItT lln'C't l:rLV,niLht: I - ve world pe;e. s uireiiilers to Police ine action was similar 10, oxtsiJi v-k .tv, vv.i v - fc a a a.. m v v - a . - i - Patters-cm. 2-'-vear-o!d was cniui; i. lae coun eeiraei..i i- .- himself with a coat, or with , '.Dur au blanket of his own. if he had "TV, t " rl- , '? ".lnr I accused .layer of Detective Harry irir--iii urtwtrt'ii rir-iufiu r.(.ue- utuuiii one aiong People complained about the company not supplying bed cloth- velt. Churchill and Stalin. Raines of Daytona Beach, Fla.. s"'. " - i Aliases oi tr.e.oilice o' liquor industry that should be in-' building estigiite'i The committee originally was set up to study CBiL-t-s of shortages and black market operations m liquor, a situation that was eased tho supervisor of ship-Of Spanish origin. Mrs! Wheeler i-i a direct descendant of LEATHER COATS REUNLD . REPAIRED New Zippers. Cuils. Etc. LOGAN'S 43? STATE ST. . HAMTtOND c-. jtacocreu o , laken aiive, todav was a committee or live neaoen riv lien . ing. and at length a closet was put Mrtrt rsm.,al P.vlv,r a ' - "- each ear Th.. ..... ' , r,.. ' ! 1 ne la-Sun man w arroteo who had boasted he would not be ,'y tw 3vd-v " holidays- in whici meek and i 1 n.anu:acuire was permitted in at one end of In Pun Shack sleeping - car service and people who traveled (from Harrisburg to another Penn-'sylvann town. Chambersburg could i sleep while they moved. Inrv lerhninupfi and cin Wednesdav started a CW t' fl II . rt r, -. r, r, s. I r.t fh , ThiS I IT rvirntum fa!) v ix tpachinii railroad, the second semester of the advanced laboratory techniques course. There will be one class in advanced fo.'iiuan:-)hip and two in the elements of effective foreman-ship. The advanced class under the direction of P. W. Bennington, division industrial engineer of the Iry armor plate plant, will meet at 7 o'clock each Monday evening at the I. L extension center in Kast Chicago. There will be an elementary class rath Monday eveninz t 7 o clock Kt the Hammond high school one on Thursday evening at the name hour in the Horace Man high school in Gary. W, J. Novy. assistant to the su-j penntendent of maintenance. Car-, f ?- r gy g Jlriil) neirie Illinois Steel corporation. ! L3 H IL 11 K, C I I llUlt will teach the Hammond class and Andrew H. Schuchman. industrial engineer of the Carnegie Illinois Steel corporation, the one in Gary In connection with the foreman-hip cliisses. supervision films, produced by Castle Films, distributors of V. S. Office of Education Vis Jal AkK will be shown. Among the films are "A New Supervisor Takes n Look at His Job. "Planning and laying Out Work.'' 'Maintaining Hiod Working Conditions." "Working With Other Supervisors,' "Introducing the New Worker to His Job," "Every Minute Counts," "Improving the Job'' and other similar films. was the Cumber and VaJl. v'. . . ........ m-v. a.-ningxon. ana . . , , njoaeu cleanest co li.) mikl 11 .,ll 1 1 : i : Parian. I h,v..M e,a- - , U : 1 4 1 k " ' 1 " V 11 -naUIOn. r. .,-..,!,) i. it t k.w ilor "ITOin M-etion of jour 14 "J 1 .1.1- i ,.rni iie nj uu wiiiie uie car Dumpen along. liailway tracks were ar from being "even." and many passengers could not get to sleep Several other railway line j adopted sleeping cars of the samej kind. Each cne had several "bunks " in it- For a time there were no bed envelope addressed to yourself to clothes. It was supposed that if a I'ncle Rav In care of "thi uru.. imaarnger couio go mere ana take. Illinois: Biemiller. Wi.onsin: De Combs cieanest to him. Of course Tpva an nnmn,Ti there were times when these oo- j As news of the intended action jects were washed, but sad to sc. .r, H1i through the hnu manv usually were in what wt , onsrre.ssmen were renorted to he run ? RGIL P, thev Tomorrow: Railway Progress. If jou desire a free copy of the illustrated leaflet "Stamps and Stamp Collecting" send a stamped when to h BI agents recognized. PITTSBURGH, P-a-'INS'-Th him from a picture they had re-! dog house or the guard house it's ceived from FBI headquarters in all the same to Donald G. Bragg Washington only a few hours be- 1"-, who testified he spent ;t days fore. He offered no resistance wheti in the guard house because his the agents made the arrest, despite wife. Gertrude, visiting him. caused his two guns a ad his contempt for him to be AWOL He was granted police. 'a divorce. buttonholing members of the unofficial group with a request that 'hey be permitted to sign also. The UltUilUUllMUIIMIIHI'mUilllHUUm snonsors oricinallv ntanncH to oh-i and! PasennKer na(l mattress to iie on. 'paper. 'Tetis How lie tain signatures solely from the 78 new congressmen 57 Democrats and .Jl Kepublicans but the pro- ' -jram may be broadened. "We want the president to feel." explained Floor, "that he has the 'people's support in his efforts to! achieve world peace. We feel that as j newly-elected members we are close i j to the people. the! "We want the president to have I "Hun Hunter" lighters of iinin Air rorce, recipient ot a war;the assurance of congressional ; department citation for air support backing that President Wilson didi to ground troops in Normandy. I not have a quarter-century ago. We ' know that the 'Big Three' meeting's is not a peace conference, but we teel that it is of such great im- portance nonetheless that we should make, our stand clear in advance." j j The senate action was also timed i H to coincide with the Allied confer- i ence. It offered the president the! sored by the Calumet City health! support of the new senators in the; center will be held at the health establishment of a United Nations between 1 and 3-organization. j n. m.. it: was announcer! torinv he saw any enemy aircraft. Wher Thp Calumet Citv health ,--t.r he did see them, he shot one down. is affliiatrd with the Tuberculosis Aiy raaio was out. t a. ant Know , Inslitule of Chicago and Cook coun-what the rest of the pilots were ... .,,;, i, , Lt. Aapebcri Relates Thrilling Story Calumet Citv Cliest Clinic A NINTH AIR FORCE FIGHTER BASE. Belgium First Lt. James B. Aageberg. 6020 Wallace roan, nammona. inn., new com-(.enter Thursday Dai missions ior 'ou nours netore A diagnostic chest clinic spon- t Gary Steel doing and couldn't hear the 'b-andif Christmas seal ramnai here nart F T? . v i i iic j' i iv v t vj i i uiu t 1 1 1 ca rv v -a. - jk- w m. w , Blaze llazes Benzol Plant ; Kcpulilic Steel Unit liiirns in Clevelantl warning. Slogging around. I preparing co siari my oomo run:these ci,nics possible, when Messerschmiit 10 shot under. Tho of ih 1 V. V... j nie. ne reiaieu. I "I eouldn't believe it. P was the ! first German plane I had seen the air," he declared. He has flown before, during and after D-day through Normandy. St. Lo and the battles of Fiance Belgium and Holland. Nevertheless, he dropped tv.s bombs quickly, then shot his P-47 Thunderbolt forward at maximum ef.TM TOUGH JOBS NEED TOUGH SHOES That's Why WORK SHOES Arm The U nanimovt Choice of America' Worker In Second line ot Defense What' your job. Mister? Farmer? Airplanes.' Munitions! No matter what it it you're going to need shoes that can "take it" as well as you can! That's why you'd better outfit with Peters finer quality Work Shoes. CLEVELAND. O. - INS A snet t nular. wind-whipped five- alarm fire swept through the benzol , i;;.J GARY Carnegie-1 1 1 i n o i s Steel i chest clinic .. TT . . i will be to discover symptoms of - TT'IS chest disorders, particularly tuber-! laly nnouncea tne appointment culosis. Individuals attending the!"1. V g r " " Piant lnausil clinic will be referred to their own I physician, if further examination, stir Ul m i Tt vm HIS . ItlT t ITtsrt tut Mil or medical mended. attenticn is recom- Proutl Hecortl COLUMBUS. O (INS) One in speed, pulling up and returning to! every 13 students attending the close-in firing range. Ohio State university has been in and Milton L. Weislogel as assist-jg ant plant industrial engineer. j Fort had been assistant plant in-; dust rial engineer of Gary vorksi since March, 1943. He was first employed at Carnegie-Illinois in! 1936 on the staff of the chief in-j dustnal engineer in the Pittsburgh office and later advanced to as- Peters Work Shoes are made of fine quality materials over lasts that assure day long comfort. And they'll give you more wear per dollar invested. See them today. S5.50 57.95 "He really started trailing smoke the military service in World Warjsistant industrial engineer. Youngs-! section of Republic Steel corpora-1 after I shot," said the young fight-TI and h-as an honorable discharge; town district, prior to his transfer tipns Cleveland coke plant earii" yu. r ws-its l..-. ... --' , , .. .tl : .,.. thrtnina for several hours! M.E. when he came in a second i survey showed that 6o0 men and; Weislogel began his service with I other nearby war lnrhistrtes as well' time, so tipped over on his wing! women of the present student body a scores of residences. jand watched the Jerry plane crash. ! have seen military service in the Witnesses said that the blaze fol- Lt. Aageberg is the son ot Mr. j war. iwo nunarea or mese are receiving government aia unaer the "G. I. ' or vocational rehabili- ALL SHOES FITTED BY X-RAY" lowed an exploaion at the plant and that a series of blasts followed intermittently. Only half a dozen employes were in the plant at the time and all were reported to have fled to safety. No cne was reported injured. Possibility of the flames spreading and the threats of further more nerious explosions of highly volatile products caused authorities to evacuate scores of persons from houses overlooking the plant In the Industrialized Cuyahoga river valley. No estimate of the damage was available immediately from Republic officials, but it was feared tht it would run into the hundred.- of thousands of dollars as well a crippling an important cog of war production. The plant produced byproducts of coke production. Twenty companies of firemen, responding to the five alarms and two specials, battled the flames in a wind and near-zero temperatures that dispersed streams of water as they left the hose and coated the firemen with ice. Sees Less Food in M5 FORT COLLINS, Colo.-(INS) There'll be slightly less food for Americans in 1945 than there was this year, predicts T. H. Som-mers. senior agricultural economist of Colorado A. & M. college extension service at Fort Collins. Total production of meat in 1945 may be two billion pounds less than the total this year, Sommers estimated. The supply of chicken.i will be smaller next year, but civilians may get more eggs because of lower lend-lease needs and heavy cold storage supplies. Lt. Aageberg is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Adler Aageberg. Hammond. His 'wife, Mrs. Mabel I. Aageberg. resides at 6120 Noble. Hammond. He flies with Col. Harold Holt's expenses of college attendance. Carnegie-Illinois in June, 1936 and progressed through various post- tions until October 1941 when he was appointed assistant to division i superintendent, coke works and tation educational programs, thej blast furnaces, industrial engineer- remaining 450 paying all their owniing. the position he held until his i present appointment. MllllllltlllM tit llllllf llllllllllllltllllltlllliltlltltlTllllltllltltlltlllllllIltltiliitIllilllllIttlJIIIItltllHIHfHIC 0 V AM mm 11 Mdaa I'ASHIOS SEWS! The Knortett oV$j e toe teovon. iliir ond tophiiftco'ed . . fos'O-ed oi fo'rlady royoci crepe Ui oc end brM Jewel Tohm. Tlx-ee diTHtrntonal kice bottom (or eoerio'o ote' Not fe peg drop Jr, fe bcto-ed bod ond belt. 5i JO f It $ 19 95 Csnvffmsnt Chargt Attmmdmttni emdn s Hohman at Sibley i FILE YOUR GROSS Income TAX i NATURALIZERS "THE SHOE WITH THE BEAUTIFUL FIT" Women who are particularly busy in homes or offices these days . . . would be surprised if they could accurately compute the number of miles they walk each week. They'd also be surprised how easily and blissfully they can breeze along in Naturdlizers. New styles for now ... in patent leathers . . . calfskins and gabardines. v Open Daily from 9:00 A. M. to 8:00 P.M. JOHN F. WILHELF.1 475 STATE STREET TEL. 4520 N Ss ... - You enn ww m Airplane Ration Coupon I, or I Ndaaemdn's I Hohman at Sibley 1 I : t f f!

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