The Daily Plainsman from Huron, South Dakota on September 2, 1956 · Page 5
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The Daily Plainsman from Huron, South Dakota · Page 5

Huron, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 2, 1956
Page 5
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SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, Tkt HURONITE asrf.THE DAFLV PLAINSMAN. Huron. S. D. PAC5B Map Study Aids Memories Mundt Tells Miller Group About GOP MILLER, S,D. (UP)-Scn. Kar Mundt told a Republican turn raising dinner here Friday nigh hat "the Republican party is the parly of the individual." "We talk about the individual,' he said, "while the Democrats talk about people in classes anc bunches." The new farm program Is on of opportunity, he said, "one tlia will finally result In the farmer being able to plant what the want and sell what they wan without being told by a group of bureaucrats from Washington." Mundt sairJ the soil bank program is inlended to give the farmer parity on his entire farm operation instead of only a couple of crops. Hecent Changes In FHA Laws Make It Easier To Buy An Existing Home With A Decreased Down Payment asier are part ot the new hous- ng law," Ihe Huron Kfrul KsUile !oard president concluded. "Uul, [ course, Ihe law does tiol uuto niatically solve all home-fiitancc iroblems. Money, lenders deter- nine how they will use (heir funds and on what terms they will make nans. And in today's highly competitive loan market, lender: are The two Huron couples kept plenty of maps from their European tour to help their memories of the trip. Left to right around the maps are: Dr. R. F. H agman, Mrs. Hagman, Mrs. Fullerton, Carroll Fullerton. Huron Couples Return From Tour Of Europe With Enthusiastic Report Urging Others To Plan Such A Trip" Two years ago prominent Huron- fans Carroll Fullerton and Dr. R. F. Hagman began planning a trip to Europe. This summer the merchant and the dentist and their wives spenl 17 days on a grand tour of Europe in company with 27 other travelers in a Thad Byrne Circle Tour and If you \yant to get an enthusiastic description of the trip, the travel, the places they saw, the people they met, the customs they ob- Eerved, just ask any of the four. One can get a vicarious thrill out of the whole trip simply by listening to one of them launch in to a travelogue. Neither of them is going on a lecture tour, but they do have slides and movies to help tell their story. Varied Itinerary A quick rundown of their itinerary gives an idea of the many fascinating sights and experiences that were theirs: They left New York May 23 on the Queen Mary, docked at Cherbourg May 28, France, took a boat train to Paris and spent five days there. At Paris Dr. Hagman left the party to fly to Zurich, Switzerland where he spent three days at the International Dental Convention. ("They had elaborate equipment.") Then the dentist rejoined the group in Paris and the party motored to Nice. From there they visited Monaco, the perfume center of Grasse, Cannes and Apa. From Nice they took the train to Rome and from Rome a bus trip down to Salerno Beach end along the Amalfi Drive on the Mediterranean coast to Sorrento, Italy. From Sorrento they went to the Isle of Capri for a day, then back to Naples, Pompeii, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan. Stressa and into Switzerland, where they stopped at Montreaux, Geneva, Interlaehen, and Lucerne, Then they.motofed to Baden-Baden, Germany and from there to Frankfurt-am-Main. Thereafter there were stops at Cologne, Aachen and into Belgium. From Brussels they went to Amsterdam, then Copenhagen.' They walked where Hamlet saw the ghost at Elsinore and went on to Stockholm, then to Oslo. In Norway they saw magnificent scenery and journeyed up to Flaam, Balestrand, Solsnes, Bergen. From Norway they shipped to Newcastle, England, and thence through Walter Scott country to Edinburgh. They took the train to London, where they stayed four days, then went on to Ireland for several days before returning to Southampton from where they sailed home on the Queen Elizabeth. "It's an experience everyone should try to arrange to have Wooden Shoes Quartet r"~rrrr*rzT"r' Super Sabrejet Pilot Sets New Bendix Record OKLAHOMA CITY (UP)-Capt. Manuel J. Fernandez Jr., S3, pushed his swept wing FIDO Super Saber jet fighter across half a continent in 100 minutes Saturday to set a new Bendix Trophy recort of 666.G61 miles per hour. The /amed jet ac'e from Miami Fla., grinned broadly and said "I feel fine, mighty fine. Thi Bendix is to a pilot what the Indianapolis Speedway is to a race driver. I have been practic ing on this for a year nearl. every time I went up." Fernandez, who scored 1414 kills in the, Korean War, pilotec liis silver jet past the Bendi lylon at the National Airera !ho\v here shortly after 11:20 a.n cst, just 1 hour 40 minutes and ; seconds after leaving George Al Force Base, California. All six of the Air Force pilo] in the event broke the old Bendi record of 616.208 miles per hour set in 1954 by Capt. · Edward \ Kenny, flying an F1 Thunde: streak. Only slightly more than thrc minutes separated the flying tim of Fernandez and the other fiv Air Force pilots, all flying th North American Super Sabres. Many Huron families are in 11 better position to become homeowners as the result o( recent changes In the law governing the operation of the Federal' Housing Administration program, Millard C. Scott, president of the Huron Board o! Realtors, said today. "Realtors are pleased with most of the amendments made to the housing act by the last Congress," Jcott declared, "because they make jome ownership easier. A (unda ; mental goal of our National Association of Real Estate Hoards is the protection and spread of real prop erty ownership. In fact, (he adoption of certain facilitating amend ments is due in a large degree to ' elr support by NAEEU in Ihe in- rest of the public." Of the greatest significance to uron residents who are contem- allng Ihe purchase of a home is e new FHA provision which akes It possible to buy an cxist- g home with a subslantially re- iced down payment, according to e Huron area real estate cxccu- ve. Under the new terms in the HA program," Mr. Scott ex aincd, "the existing house can ·e bought with a down payment : 5 per cent less than that re- uired up to now. This results from ic extension to existing houses of he financing provisions hitherto pplicable only to new construc- ion." The new low down payment is Shcboygan Firm la Rocked, Painted SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (UP) -- Tr Sheboygan Press and a local bus nessman offered rewards totalin £1,500 today for information lea ing to the arrest of persons w threw paint "bombs" and roc through windows of a Sheboyg construction company building. Although Holland was not one of the scenic highlights, this picture taken in Volendam near Amsterdam, was one of the mementos treasured by the two Huron couples. Left to right are: Carroll Fullerton, Mrs. Fullerton, Mrs. Hagman, Dr. H. F. Hagman. 1 per cent of the amount above hat figure. Scott said that the significance f this new low down payment on listing homes to Huron famlies terns from the (act that "Ihe ex- sling home market is greater uml more varied than that for neu wuses and also offers, in many cases, greater value in such spe cilics as room space, location, and amlscaping. While not denying the appeal of new houses, the realtor executive pointed out that existing hosnes constilute the bulk ot the sheltci available for the nation and llu ron. He said that two existing houses are sold (or every new one. Another new provision that brings ionic ownership within the -cadi ot a growing group of Huron citizens, according to Scott, is that Jiwiding now assistance to cldc-r- y persons desiring a home. A person CO or over buying a home will Ihe proceeds o( an K1IA Insiirct nortgagc may npw borrow funds !or bolli the down payment am settlement costs. This opens the door to home ownership to many otherwise qua! ificd elderly persons who ha/e hat d i f f i c u l t y in raising the funds ncc essai-y for these two essential slops in buying a home, Scolt said. "Roth of these provisions de signed to make home ownership showing greater selectivity in Ihe choice of loan applications." $11(UI JDSJ f o B YOV*-" ^^·^v^S.lj^j^^^^--*^!* C ^/^|«|* S l I M M i * . ^iMMim FA Located below the Marvin HuRhitl · Hotel wiiiic B A R B E R r -AM-pp-- Johnny Van's Jim Shoe Shines made possible by the increase in oan-to-value ratios for existing wuses. The minimum down payment required on a home to be occupied by the borrower with FHA nsurance is now 7 per cent of the 9,000 of FHA value, plus 27 per ;ent of the value above $9.000 up o 520,000. Under previous FHA provisions, the minimum down layment on such housing had to e 12 per cent of the 59,000, plus If you can drive a nail YOU can BRICK your home Federal Official Says Rackets In Labor Started In Thirties The newspaper offered a §1,000 reward and Francis J. Mayr, owner of Mayr Electric Co., put up another 5500. Vandals early Friday threw paint and rocks through the windows of the Quasius-'Bros. Construction Co., which began a 1300,000 construction project for fohler Co. in nearby Kohler early in August. The United Auto Workers union has been on strike against Kohler Co. more than two years'but the firm is continuing production with non-union workers. Rtolum Concludes Campaign In Hills HERMOSA, S. D. (UP) -- Kenneth Holum, Democratic candidate for senator, wound up a week-long campaign in the Black Hills here la'st night and said he has "complete confidence the Hills will help restore two-party government in Pierre and that the people of western South Dakota want a change in their representation in Washington. Holum said many Republicans told him they are voting Democratic this year because "they feel the Republicans have placed their own interest and the interests of the Republican parly above the interests of South Dakota." WASHINGTON (UP)-A Justice Department official said Saturday that labor racketeers, such as those who are accused of blinding cslumnist Victor Riesel, a r c 'Frankenstein m o n s t e r s " for somehow," declares Fullerton. "People should plan ahead to take a trip somehow, sometime." flo Young "I'm convinced that the younger a person Is when he lakes a trip to Europe, the more benefit he will get out of it," declares Dr. Hagman. "I'.'s a tremendous experience, and more people ought to cample it. "People were so hospitable ev en, Paris, Venice, Sorrento, Lucerne, Nice, Pompeii and Bergen. Isle Of Arran For the Fullertons, one of the highlights of the trip was the side trip they took by themselves to the Isle of Arran off the west coast of Scotland, west of Kilmarnock, to see if there was any trace of the Fullerton clan history. He found some Brown-Fullerton famil ies and some clues for a geneologi caltrace. The two Huron couples enjoyed some hospitalities at embassies en route, via a letter of introduction sent ahead by Sen. Hubert Hum phrey, most particularly a dinne for them at the U. S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway, with Ambassado L. Corrin Strong as host. They had a tough time gettin; used to the traditional "continents breakfast" which consists simpl of coffee, tea or chocolate, a bar erywhero, navia." especially in Scandi Asked for quick answers of the things that Impressed him the most Dr. Hagman laid London. Venice, for cities. . ,,._ - logne, Venice, Rome and London, and the Peso's Palace and St. Mark's Square In Venice. Just for fun, Fullerlon conducted a poll of the 31 members of the tour group to sec which countries and places the members the most." Norway led all the rest easily, having twice as many points as tecond place Italy. After them, in order, came Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Ireland. France and Belgium, Hoi- lard, Sweden. The same poll was taken for cities alone and they ranked this \vp.v: Oslo, I-ondon, Rome-oopenhag-i roll and marmalade. They foun that trying to get anything differ ent than lhat just caused a grea deal of confusion. But the mea they had at other times of the da were superb. The tour was a "g-- tronomical" success as well as sight-seeing one. except they foun it impossible to E e t a drink r water. _ They found that English is spo en by so many people everywher hat there .was not much of a to piage barrier. .Italy's industry in rebuilding an that country's beauty they foun and""osiofo be their biggest surprise- an they were impressed by the v building of Frankfurt and Cologn At a hotel in Bergen they we visited by cousins o! Mrs. Marsha Osman of Huron. *C«melerte» In Europe they saw the three- dimensional cyclorama of the Battle of Waterloo. . They also visited the Henri Cha- pclle Cemetery where many American loldien, casualties in world Copenhagen, , cathedrals in Co- enjoyed DOBBIN GOES MODERN CARTAGENA, Spain (np)-Old Dobbin has gone modern in this ancient town. Cartagena's only remaining horse-drawn carriage appeared on the streets Friday sporting a radio with antenna, a coat of fluorescent paint and electric lights. costil Cwwtl f ·« mi in ktm* H * ·*4*ra »«·· yov tf*i AM. SAN JUAN ROMAN BRICK · Beautifully designed . · Permanent Perfect color · Low cost · Excellent insulation :· We start the Job DO IT YOURSELF AND SAVE It's the brick anyone can apply-no footing required NO DOWN PAYMENT -EASY MONTHLY TERMS W MRIL THIS COUPON TO DRY SAN JUAN ROMAN. BRICK CO. OF HURON 252 DAKOTA SOUTH, P. 0. BOX 1216 HURON, S. DAK. WITHOUT O8LIGATIOH i»nJ full infoimilion (o: NAME PHONt ADDRESS hose creation both management d labor must share the blame. He said that Johnny Dio, the t-convict "labor consultant" now vaiting trial in New York on barges of ordering the April 5 cid assault on Riesel, is one of any prohibition-era mobsters ho have made lucrative careers : applying their strong-ann cs to the field of industrial re- tibns. The official, who declined use f his name, said the federal overnment's law enforcement gencies have bulging files thai eeord the story of the rise ol abor racketeering. After repeal of prohibition, in 933, he said, underworld mobs -hich were forced out of the boot eg liquor trade began looking for new field of operations. Labor nd management were then Icckec n bitter battles over wages am vorking conditions. Both sides, he aid, "invited" the unemployed loodlums into their struggles ·ach claiming that it was resort ng to force to counteract force The invitation soon backfircc and a whole new "industry" fo :he underworld was founded, h Sen. Munclt Will Visit Union County ALCESTER, S.D. (UP) -- Sen. 8 Carl Mundt will make stops at; Jlk Point, Jefferson and Alcester| n Union County, Tuesday and at Beresford Tuesday evening. Included in the Union County our will be a noon visit to the arm of .John Summervald, four miles north of Alcester. . The official said all parlies af r ected--employers, unions and th Buying public--have paid a heav price for the mistakes of th ;arly thirties. WESTERN AIRLINES ... EXPANDING WITH THE WEST NEEDS MEN WOMEN WHO WANT CAREERS IN A GROWTH INDUSTRYl Main bate in Los Angelet j AT HABICHTS For fall fashion, your first stop is HABICHT'S! All the exciting essentials of your fall costume to help you look your elegant best. We're prepared with new foil selections of everything from toe for the whole family. See and choose now for largest selection. Us« our lay-a-way. STEWARDESSES Weight 100-135 Ibs. Height 5' 2" to 5' 1W. Age 21 thru 26 (proof). Excellent physical condition. Single, widowed, divorced (no children). 2 yrs. college or business experience preferred. of Wolsey, Walter R. Lakeman of Brookings, Richard Grube of Carpenter, They saw Prime Minister Eden inspecting the guard at Buckingham Palace; were caught in a blizzard and snow storm June 21 In the Swiss Alps and had a hot lunch at Grimsei Pass Hospice; sampled the various famous national foods at sumptuous breakfast" ir.irere and suppers; saw the Folios Bergerc, and operas in Rome and Paris; had gondola rides in Venice; attended concerts by famous orchestras and singers saw beautiful churchcj and cathe drals, museums, castles and a col orful variety of icenery *nd people. SECRETARIES, TYPIST5 CLERKS War n, lie buried. They looked Cor, found and tried to photograph the headstones of Roy Engelbretson of Huron, Philip B. Gillenberg Dr. R. E. Medeck CHIROPRACTIC CLIHIC X-Ray P'AT«io(h«tapT Colon IiTigation «40 Third S, W. P)wne 1262 ARTHUR S. AVERY Public Accountant Auditing and Accounting Seiric* INCOME TAX ADVISOH Suil« J Maunic Bid?. 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