The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS FJUDAY. FEBRUARY 18, 1938 Meet The Missus Qirls' Teams Meet In Preliminary Game At 7:30 O'Clock BV 1. r. FRIEND Going into llieir final week- of ' open competition before the county tournament, the Blytheville and Wilson cagcrs were poised for their twin bill tonight nt the national guard armory. The lassies will open procec-'.llngs at 7:30 o'clock, the boys clashing immediately afterwards. Based on pasl records, coach Joe Dildy's MS .\fitroon basketeers ruled as slight favorites to win their thir teentli game of the year. They opened the campaign at Wilson with a 34-21 win and since then have beaten every county tenm. Their lone loss within the territory was at Shawnee by a one point margin. However, they hart beaten them decisively in their first encounter. Their other defeats came nt the hands of the fast Monette Buffaloes, who. incidentally, invade Blylheville for a single game, Tuesday night. Nat forgetting the stubborn right put lip by the Bulldogs 011 their own court, and mindful that Rusf.cH Mosley, nee guard, had not yel recovered from an attack of the flu, Coach Dildy was not so optimistic over the outcome. "Gezel" has been confined to his bed for more than n week, and while up now, probably will not be in any condition to play. Dildy may "se him for n short time, if any. He did not make the trip to Manila Tuesday night when Carl Hughes' final half minute field goal proved to be the deciding issue In a thrilling battle. In the event Mosley can't play It is likely that Alvin Justice will go in at guard to work with Danny Warrington and Hughes, forwards. "Wild Bill" Godwin, center, nnd Tommy Warrington, guard. Alvin ' played the entire Manila game and did exceptionally well. He is not as fast and shifty as Mosley, but is rugged and hard to get by. In "Rat" Speck, forward, nnd Orlin Cross, center, the Bulldogs boast two of the leading floor artists in the county. Tall and rangy Cross js somewhat of a lonst shol : artist, lumdles the ball well and is very dangerous under the basket Speck is a speed merchant. ni excellent dribbler and adept a taking the ball of! the backboard He needs but HtLle opening to shoo and can score plenty of points. The Wilson girls arc in the midst of their finest season anci are due to get the nod over the local sex- tette The chickasiuvelles. however, have shown decided improvement and' should make It interesting. If llicy can start looping the basket as they did in the last few minutes TIGERS EMCT PITCHING STUFF TO mm Schoolboy Rovve's Failure Probably Would Not Affect Corps Helen Hicks, one of the nation':-; leacllni; feminine golfers, smiles ti]> nt her husband, Wliiincy A. Hnrb, of Little Rock, Ark., after the ceremony which made them a lifetime twosome ut Giirclcn City, L, I, The Dope Bucket lly J. P. Friend. SPECULATION — The Northeast Arkansas League opener is more thtin two months In the offing—sixty nine clays. 4 hours. 55 T-K mln- ulcs from the lime this Is being peeked off. If you go in for exactness—but already ninny fans are trying to figure what players from last year's championship outfit will be returned here this season . . . | • • i.'iily who competed in Memphis are eligible for competition . . . Director Crnlg says that all who come oul \vlll he used ou sonic or most of the cards. OLE MISSEl^-Cnlviii "Hlckcrnnt Head" Moody, niythevilto'p watch charm guard. Is now a full fledged member of Olc Miss . . . The popular uriddcr left this wcelc for Oxford to join hl.s lenm mate, Jinncs Burton . . . Both report they are well satisfied with everything ... PROFIT— Thai basketball can be developed Into n profitable sport is evidenced by the successful season ot the Joncsbmo Golden Hurricane NEW YORK (UP)—Baseball's iirmdmir pilots sadly pi-edict tluiv the pennant hopes of the Delrolt Tigers rely on the-doubtful rc-luri to form of pitcher Lynwood "fii'lioollioy" Howe. Hut—Manage: Mickey Cochrane and Company point to the Ifl other pitchers id on their roster for 1938, cross their fingerft nnd chorus, "There', our Jlngi" Taking Coclirniic al hts word, a survey of the present pllchhn lineup, will) a nucleus of four veterans, shows thai even If Hove docs fall, the Detrolters' hurling crops shape up o,s the .strongest' In the American League. HIlilithaiHlers Eldon Auker inJ Uoxle Lawson lO]> the quartet on the basis of Hie averages. Anker, who won 17 and lost 9 last year, topped the slafr In the earned run ratings with a murk of 3.88. Lawsen, with 18 wins against 7 defeat*, had Hie lilglittt percentu^e with .720. Unrl Year fur Bridges The slender veteran, Tommy Bridges, and Vernon Kennedy, for- tus Poffonbergw tint) Jake Wnde. GUI turned In 11 victories to lop the group and should ho a iwtent factor In Hie Tiger drive. I'offen- bergcr, who is already listed ninoug the Tiger holdouts, won 10 nnd lost 5 after Joining the -.•In)) In June. His admittedly good wo:k last year made him cerlatn of a starling position. Wade UPsei Johnny Allen Wade and Coffman each won 7 saints. Wade's chief claim to fame is his one-hit, Kfl victory over Johnny Allen in the last game of Ihe season In 1937. Allen had won 15 .straight and was flltemplin^ to break the league's consecutive victory record when he was hailed by Wade's brilliant cfl'orl. Hoffman, bought from Toledn, shows definite starling ability hut will probably be assigned to relief voles for another season. Several rookies will be on hand at the flyers' spring training ramp, the most promising of whom appear to bei Al Benton, a right- hander from Memphis, wllh, 1111 earned run mark of 2.84, ami Joe Dogalski, 11 no thcr righthander from Beaumont, who won 17 games and turned in an earned run average of '2.8H. Stanley Corfoctt,, Woodrow IDa- vis, Curl Doyle, Hurry Eisenstnl, vlio liad n ti-lal with the Broo'.c- yn Dodgers, Robert Harris, John rohnson. Edward Selway and Paul front arc Ihe oilier recruits who vill get a chance to c-nrn regiiiir berth.';. Coach' Lowell Manning told against Luxonvlhey may turn tide. Die Injured Youth Conquers Odds To Run Dashes MINNEAPOLIS (OP) — A year ago B physician shook. Ills head sadly and told Eric Hopley, Washburn high school athlete: "I'm sorry, Eric, but you'll never be able to run again." Hopley Imd suffered n severely torn cartllege in his knee while • playing basketball. "Not run at all?" almost sobbed the boy. "It's possible," said the doctor, "but the odds arc against it." It was n bitter pill for a star high school athlete, but Hopley didn't lose hope. Tlie doctor didn't know how lie felt inside. And when a fellow feels that way, anything' can happen. Now Hoptey is a freshman al the University of Minnesota and this is what did hiippen. The injured leg responded to treatment readily, and by the time he was gradualed from high school last spring he was able to walk around pretty well. Feeling physically able, he re-, ported to Conr-h George Ollcrness, in charge of freshman Irack candidates, last fall and Olterness picked him immediately as a likely prospect. On Dec. 9 the boy who had been virtually a cripple a year before ran the 60 yard dash in :06.4 lo win that event in the Frcshman- Vnrsity meet. I A few days ago Eric flashed across the finish line in the 60 yard dash indoors in the unofficial time of :OS.3 for a field house , record. Head Track Coach Jim Kelley las his eye on Hopley. Kelley doesn't make any predictions about what his boys are going to do. In order to keep myself off Ihe well known limb and as a matter of record. I'll say here and now lhat 1 do not know who will be among lhat group . . . Manager Herschel Bobo insists he doesn't know, nnd I believe him . . . -It is highly doubtful Ural even Bill Terry or Hank DcBcrry arc actually certain ... No doubt they have n prclly good idea, or have plans, al Icnst . . . nut there's many a slip between the hip and the lip. or siimpiu' like that, and young ball players often develop over ulght . . . While they might have planned to send certain ones back for more seasoning, the decision nctiinlly lies with the kids . They can umke 'em change their minds . . . GUESS—Some time ago William Harold (I'm not so terrible) Terry, during a conference with his colleagues, Bobo and Secretary ' Fred Saliba, said he had released all "bill five or six" of last year's Blvthc- ville team . . . Bui he did not name them . . . Venturing a guess, based solely on lasl year's records. T would sny lhat those kept were: Frank Mancuso and Woodrovv Wills, catchers; George Pratt, first baseman, Hfll Cirubcr, second baseman; (Bobo. of course), pitchers Clyde "Spot" Reed, Ben Llngle and William V. (the ol' lefthander himself) your correspondent recently that he expected to finish the year with more than $2000 profit ... he Pine Bluff double header netted $400 . . . Former N. E. A. Umpire Named Compress Manager CARUTI1ERSVILLE, Mo., Feb. 18—Robert M. '.'crip" Armour, who has been employed for the pasl few years at the focal compress, has been named superintendent of the compress al Ilayti, according to Joe Hill, superintendent of the Curuthersvillc compress, under 'horn Armour worked. Armour bean his new duties* ycsteilay niorn- iiB. He succeeds E, 0, Cain. Armour, a- native of Amory, ,Iiss., has been employed as gov- mmcnl weigher nt the local com- HTS.S for the past few years. Last uminer, during MID off cotton cason. Armour served as mi em- ilre lu the Northeast Arknnsas .(•ague, of which the Cnnithcrs- 'illc Pilots are a member. mer ranking righthander of the Chicago White Sox, complete Ihe Big Four. In 1937 Bridges had one of hLs poorest seasons in his eight yours with the Tigers. He won 15 and lost 12 and finished 18th In league earned run ral- ing.s. Kennedy, for whom Cochrane traded the popular Oerald Walker and subsequently weathered a storm of tibusc from Irate Detroit fans, should easily be one of the best pitchers In the loop In his freshman year with the White Sox, he won 11 games and during the next season—1930—was a sensation. He won 21 and lost !!. to finish second to Bridges in Die "games won" column. Not grouped as established veterans but nevertheless among the more experienced h u r 1 e r s are George Coffman. George Gill, Cle- Steele Boys, Deeririg Girls Win Cage Games THE AGE MAKES IT A FAVORITE-SO DOES THE PRICE! Caruthersville Wins, Is Second In League CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Feb. 18.—Carulhersville boys' basketball team ended their 1338 season Tuesday night with their 12th consecutive victory, defeating Hay- 11 there 19-17. Out oP n 14-gnme schedule, the boys won 13 and lost but one this year, finishing second in the county league race. Steele boys emerging victors due to having WOTI tivo or (lirec more games than the local boys. Each team losl one game during the season, Caruthersville losing to Braggadocio, and Sleele losing to tlic locals on the Caruthersville court. He's impressed ever. with Hopley, how- WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Clcmmie Braddock, PlalntiH, vs. No. S615 Lindsey Braddoclc, Defendant. Alexander . . . Pete Pnvlch. shortstop, and Jack Kelly, pitcher, mid Rip Collins, pitcher, belong to Jersey City by virtue of sale nnd recall ... it has been learned that Collins bos been released MORE GUESS—In my humble opinion it Is doubtful thai ellhei of Ihe catchers will be scut buck to Class D ball In '38 ... Wills the more polished and a good hitter, but nt Mint he docsn'l pack (lie power at the plale that Frank dor . . . Mancuso lias his faults behind the plate, bul he is vo'.nv; an should improve . . . 'Iliere is suspicion lurking (hat Pratt vvil b« our first baseman and Gmuei will be alongside him with Bobo a his old post nt third . . . Then seems to be an opinion that Grub^ was to be released because of hi lack of hitting . . . But walla sweet fielder, boy oh boy, and even if he couldn't hit the si/.e of his i hat he could play on my team . . . "Spot" Reed appears ready for at: least class C . . . Next lo Spike Hunter, he was the best pitcher in the loop during the second half . . . His earned run average of 2.82 wns fourth best and topped Jack Kelly by .14 ... He won 12 and lost 2 tifter Ihe salit season . . . His control should get him by many lough spots, but another year under Bobo wouldn't hurt a bit ... Its a tossup. but t Favor his return . . . Lingle had an excellent winning average. n-l>. bul inntnes. hlshl?i-> bascon tails mark. comparatively low strikeout record do not recommend him too highly ... If he will snap out of his. er-er-uh, shall we say "uncnergetic- ness" instead of comln? out nud say lie was just plain lap.y. he can make a'great pitcher . . . Because of his gas business at the state line. Lefty will serve up his southpaw slants for dear old Blytheville . . . R1FFERS BACK—After a ten STEELE. Mo.. Feb. 18.—'Hie Steele and D c e r i n g cage teams divided honors on tin- local court Tuesday night, the Uccring girls winning. 19 to 18, and the Steele boys, 10 lo 17. The Decrlng girls an- undefeated Ihls season and winners of the Pemiscot league girls' trophy. The Steele nnd Carulhersville boys have lost only one game but the Steele boys have played more games and are the winners of the boys' trophy. The games were the last for Sleele before the county tcuvney. MELLOW | SMOOTH' STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY Nnw 2 Yrs. fi Mas. Olil RONNWOOD \J BRAND • STRAIGHT mm* WHISKEY Tills WMskey I.I L' Yrars C. Jfoj. Old 90 PROOF H1RSCH DISTILLING COMPANY KANSAS CITY MISSOURI Be Ready FOR Spring Driving With a New Ford Radio INSTALLED In Your Car For Only - - - $41.00 EASY TERMS! Take Advantage Of This PRICE REDUCTION NOW PHILLIPS 5 Hi MOTOR CO. Walnut 1'lione 810 Tile defendant Lindsey Braddock Is warned to appear within thirty days in caption the court named In hereof and answer the the days layoff the Chickasaw Athletic Club amateur .boxers went back lo wo'k this week, and a full program is in store for them . Stuttgart complaint of the plaintiff Cleinmie Braddock. Dated this 28th day of January, 5938. H. M. CRAIG, Clerk By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. C. P. Cooper, AUy, fo; Pltf. Oene E. Bradley, Atty. ad Ulem. conies here Friday night week. Fcb- nrary 25 Matches due slated with Little Rock, North Little Rock. Bauxite, and possibly Pine Bluff nnd Clarksvllle . . . Then there Is the Arkansas A. A. U. championships at North LUtle Rock, March 17-18 . . . Joe Craig has issued an open call for more .boys . . . some M-1-11-1& have gained Ihe impression Special Used Car Values —FOR 3 DAYS ONLY — 1935 Ford V-8 Tudor Sedan Color Green. A steal at this price. ONLY .... $184.00 Terms: $62 down, $13 per month — ALSO — lf)32 Clicvrolel Coach ................ S M-™ IMfi (J. M. C. Truck .................. $3:55.011 Many Other Models & Types PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY !>th & Phone 810 EMEAD'Si At Miami Beach it is Gaberdines! At Palm Beach it is Gaberdines! 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