The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio on October 8, 1972 · Page 14
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The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio · Page 14

Hamilton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 8, 1972
Page 14
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iPageA-14 Jounut · News, Hamilton, Ohlop Sunday. Oct. g, More than thousand from Butler County on list of Ohio's 30,000 'forgotten' savings accounts recognize a name, olease Minerma: Ralrirpirioo r. in,..ii«« T ». i . n~.,_.._ r »»i_, .. ., More than 1,000 Butler C o u n t y r e s i d e n t s , businesses, industries, churches, lodges and other groups are among the estimated 30,000 Ohio residents who have forgotten about more than $14 million deposited in state banks and savings firms, according to the Ohio Commerce Department. Under a state law passed in 1967, banks and savings firms are required to report such unclaimed money so the state can try to find the owners. · The list of "forgotten" accounts was mailed to the Butler County Board of Commissioners during the last week of August, and has been posted in the Courthouse lobby since that time. Each county in the state was so notified, according to state officials, who also reported that such lists were posted at county fairs. The complete Butler County list, including Middletown is published below. Readers are reminded that there may be typographical errors in the spelling of names, abbreviations, initials and the like, due to the names being transmitted to Columbus and back to Hamilton. If you see your name, or recognize a name, please write the Ohio Department of Commerce, Unclaimed Funds Section, 366 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43215, telephone 1-614-469-4572. Abel, Edgar Mrs.; Able, William E.; Acre, Marie Mrs.; Acre, Robert; Adams, Henry; Adams, Leona; Adams, William; Adkins, Franklin S.; Adkins, Ruth, Baker, E.; Agee, Elizabeth; Akers, Worth Mr. and Mrs.; Albert, Boehner; Alexander, Sarah; Allen, Clarence Mrs.; Allen, Edna or Alvin; Allen, H.; Allen, Ida; Allen, John or Eva M.; Allen, Richard E.; Allen, W. J.; Anderson, Ada; Anderson, Isaac; Anderson, Mary Mrs.; Anderson, Marva; Anderson, R. H.: Anderson, William; Anti Hunting Club; Apperson, Luther; Arent, Alberta; Argyres, Tryfon; Armbrust, Jo J.; Arnold, B e n j a m i n ; A s b e r r y , George; Asbury, Wm. Carlos C.; Ashton, Mary. B. Barber Co.; B. L. Spillman Company; B. P. 0. E. No. 257; Bachman, Bessie; Bachman, Mr. or Mrs. Geo.; Backer, Anthony E.; Bacon, William; Baer, Andrew, Mr. and Mrs.; Bailey, Joseph; Bailey, Malinda Mrs.; Bailey, Nesbert; Baily, Carrie Mrs.; Bake, Marion M. Co.; Baker, Joe; Baker, John; Baker, Lewis; Baker, Minerma; Baldreidge, C. J.; Baldwin, Lucious, Pearl; Ballard, Samuel Jr.; Ballengee, Claude; Balling, Casper; Bandtel, Carolina; Banks, Stella Marie; Barker, Verna; Barkhau, Gladys Mrs.; Barnaby, Thomas; Barnes, Albert R.; Bartels, Edward Jr.; Bartels, Kenneth; Baskins, Olivia; Bass, Emma; B a u e r , E l e x i n e ; Bauraeister, Amelia; Beachan, John C.; Beckett, Claria; Begley, M. B.; Bender, W. E.; Benjamin, W. F. Helen; Bennett, John N.; Berezin, Max; Berk, Rehn; Berry, Georgia; Bess, Virginia Miss; Betz, Bertha M.; Bevis, Gay; Bill and Mels Garage; Binegar, Russel, Melba; Bishop, Anna; Bishop, Mary; Bishop, Nancy; Black, Edgar; Black, John L.; Black, Mrs..John H.; Black, Zelma; Blackwell, Janet; Blair, Henry; Blakney, Barry; Blatt, Stanley E.; Blatt, Stanley Mrs.; Blevins, C. V.; Blevins, Robert; Blvd. Wee Wash;Bobenmyer, J. H.; Bolgo, Anna; Boli, L. A.; Bonzains, Thomas; Borden, Elmer; Borden, Nellie; Boren. Jack; Bosher, Jennie; Bouschor, Alored S.; Boutcher, James W.; Bower, Dale E., Nancy; Bowers, S. C.; Bowers, W. S.; Bowling, Elizabeth; tri-county pre-season sale! over 5,000 designs... deluxe boxed christmas cards 99c-1.49-1.99 you'll find these same cards in our stores later at $2 to $4 a box Whether you like your Christmas cards whimsical, sophisticated or nostalgic, you'll find hundreds to choose from during our great pre-season sale. Buy now and save up to 50%! On sale only at Shillito's Lower Level Tri-County Store, October 8 through October 21! phone your order, call 671*7000. Ext. 309 shop shillito's tri-county Sunday 12 noon to 6 p.m. monday through Saturday 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. Bowling, T. or L.; Bowman, Neal Jr.; Boyd, Howard N.; Boyd, Robert, Mailsia; Boyd, Robert, Marquis; Boyle, May or Joan; Boynton, Odie; Boynton, Timothy; Brandt, Marie; Brate, Homer; Braun, Chas.; Brawley, M. M.; Breidenst n, M a r y ; Brewer Ella Miss; Brewer, Otho, Carrie; Brick, Meil;Britt, Emanuel; Britton, Virginia; Brooks, Alice; Brooks, C, J.; Brooks, Charles C.; Brooks, H. L.; Brooks, Willie; Brown, Arvie; Brown, Doris Jean; Brown, Elizabeth; Brown, John; Brown, John J.; Brown, Joyce P.; Brown, Lois J.; Brown, Minnie A.; Brown, N.; Brown, Opal L.; Brown, Patricia; Brown, Robert J.; Brown, Robert J.; Brown, Walter C.; Brown, William J,; Brown Barold account; Bruck, Lorraine R.; Brunk, Ida M. E. W.; Bruson, Sam; Bryant, Oscar; Buchanon, Louis V,; Bufler, Jos. L.; Bundy, Mary, PearJ;- Bunting, Eva Lancaster; Bunting, Norman; Bur. of Unemployment; Burer, Satoma Z.; Burg, Mary; Burgett, Rose; Burk, Howard A.; Burns, M. O.; Burridge, Calfin, Kate; Bustle, C. J.; Butler Co. Liberty Loan; Butler Co. Public Health; Butts, Sarah; Butz, Albert; Byerlein, Marg.; Byrd, Floyd G. Mrs.; Byrd, Richard. Cahill, James M. Jr., Sr.; Cameron, Sallie, Wm.; Campbell, Eugene; Campbell Card Post No. 1069; Canada, Louise; Carpenter, Fon; Carr Millings Company; Carson, Edna Mrs.; Carter, Charles, Nell; Carier, Lewis; Casey, Thomas F.; Casey, Thomas P.; Cash, Buford; Casillas, Carlos · Lucio; Casperson, Arlin; Casperson, Arlin; Castator, C. E.; Castle, Laverne; Caudil), Delilah; Cavender, Kentleon; Chalfant, Sophia M.; Champion Papers; Chandler, Ray; Chapen Charles; Chapman, W. P. or M.; Charles, Mary E.; Chavis, EUiot; Chesterton, Jennie; Chestnut, Anna; Chicago Markets; Chicago Markets; Christy, Irene; Cimmino, Angelus; City Attorney; Clark, Argyle; Clark, Barbara Ann; Clark, Caroline F.; Clark, Elizabeth A.; Clark, Hannah; Clark, L.; Clark, Mary; Clark, Ragsdale; Clark, William; Clawson, Hiram; Cloyd, H. C.; Cloyd, S. G.; Cochran, Barbara; Cochran, Edward; Cochran, F r a n k l i n ; C o c h r a n , Margaretta R.; Cochran, Mary B/, Cody, Maurice; Cohen, Rose; Coldiron, Frank; Coldiron, Riley; Coleman, David; Coleman, Elizabeth; Coleman, Jessie; College Men's Club; Collier, Thruston; Collins, Edna M.; Collins, Marie; Collinsworth, W. L.; Columbia Mach, Eng. Cor.; Com- missory [ m i g r a t i o n ; Comstock, Pansy; Conley, C. H.; Conner, Harry; Conner, Robert; Conorroe, Roy; Conrad, Jacob; Contiy, Mike; Cook, Lucille; Cornell, Chas., Jennie; Cox, E. E. and P. R.; Cox, Edith, Raymond; Cox, Ray H.; Coyler, George Mr. and Mrs.; Craft, George A.; Craft, Mildred M.; Craft, Mildred M.; Craig, Chester T.; Craig, Kenneth; Crawford, Percy B.; Creech, Effuse; Crescent Aid Soc.; Crowe, Ruth; Crozier, Mabel; Cunningham, Gussie Mrs.; Cupp, Dorothy M.; Curtis, Ernest. Dadabo, Mary; Daisy, Carl; Dakin, Cleda E. Admrx.; Dakin, Harry; Dakin, Patricia A.; Daley, Robert M.; Davidson, M. Arden; Davis, Benjamine, Jr.; Davis, Edith; Davis, Eileen, Hilda; Davis, Foy; Davis, Hazel or Louis; Davis, Helen; Davis, John H., Mary A.; Davis, Mabel C.; Davis, May; Davis, W. L.; Davis, Warren T.; Dawson, Janet; Day, Joseph C.; De Bolt, Sarah J.; Dearmond, W. A.; Debolt, Adrian, Edmund; Decasillas, Marta E. P.; Dees, Elizabeth; Dees, Robert M.; Defranceschini, Cesare; De John, Samuel; Delaneyv Abbie Eleanor; Delaney, John, Bernie; Delmer, Carrie; Delta Sigma Suite Fund; Demoret, Joe E.; Deneen, Russie; Denman, Louis, M. Jr.; Dennis, Stanley; Denny,Guty;Dep. of Legion Cont.; Depew, Lloyd; Dewitt, Minnie K.; Dick, Ray; Dickerson, Kufus; Dickson, Moses; Diefenbacher, Mary; Dienia, Carrie; Dillard, F. H.; Dillett, Cecelia "E.; Dilorenzo, Amedeo; Dir. of Internal Rev.; Director of Int. Rev.; Dix, California; Dixon, Anna M.; Doan, Arlie; Doe, John; Donges, Anna Eva; Dow, John, Laura; Doyle, Virgil; Duellman, Katie; Duke, Ernest; Dunn, I. E. Hamilton Sales; Eagle Savings Loan; Earl Ivie Healing Campgn.; Eck, Jack; Eck, Jack Richard; Eckstein, Christine; Egbert, Clinton; Ehle, Clarence; Ehrat, Alfred; Eichelberger, Mary E. G.; Eiehelberger, R. S.; ElectroluxCorp.; Elizer, J.; Elliot, C. T.; Emerson, E. A.; Enger, Robert or A.; Ennis, Alex, Anna; Eppler, Hedwig; Estell, H.; Evans, Betty Mae; Evans, Ronald G.; Evans, Rose M.;Ewait, J. W. Mr. and Mrs.; Ewen, Billie Louise; Ewens, Cornelius W.; Swing, H. D.; Ewing, Hazel; Explorer PostNo.25;Eyler,Gramfe, H. F. Fagin, Elizabeth; Fanney, Willie; Farm Bureau Insurance Co.; Fauver, G e o r g e ; F a u v e r , Georgiana; Fed. Reporting Adjust; Federal League; Feltner, Wm.; Ferguson Britton Blors; Ferst, James; Ferst, James; Finfrock, W. W.; First Church of God; First National L. A.; Fischer, Kate; Fischer, M. J.; Fisher, Elizabeth; Fisher, John J.; Fisher, John W.; Flanagan Mae; Flatley, Margaret, B.; Fletcher, Chas. W.; Fletcher, Jackie; Fletcher, PaulF.; Fletcher, Robert E.; Florence, Andrew; Flowers, Ada; Flynn, R,; Fogle, Malinda; Foreman, Doris B.; Forman, Doris; Forster, Robert; Foster, Mrs. James; Fouts, John E.; Fowler, Addie; Fowler, William; Fox, Carrie Estate; Fox, Wayne; Fraley, Robert; Fraley, Virginia; Franz, F. W.; Frechtling, E. H.; Freeman, Julia A.; Freeze, Pearl M.; Frey, Edward Mr. Mrs.; Frisby, Carl; Fristoe, Ruth or Mary; Fry, Samuel; Frydell, Gil; Fryman, Emma; Fryman, John; Fuhrmann, Charles; Fuhraann, Margaret. G. A. Rentschler Co.; Gabbard, Randy; Banter, Mary; Ganter, William E.; Gardner, John T. Estate; Garlinger, G.; Garner, Risa J.; Garnett Jr., William; Garrell, Forest; Garrell, LuellaMrs.; Garrod, Mary; C a r v e r , A m a n d a ; Gasticoraiber, Henes; Gates, Alice Miss; Baunt, Ulric ,or Mattie; Gay, Harlin; Gefahart, Louis C.; Gentry, Cable O; George, Louella, Paul; Gesswein, Bessie; Gibson, Rosa; Gibson, Vivian Miss; Gilbert, Frank; Gill, Frances Marie; Gillespie, Amanda; Gillespie, E. W.; Gfflespie, Ray F. or L.; Gilliam, Kermit; Gihnore, John J.; Giordeno, Gaston A.; Gleason, Anna; Gleim, Imogene or Paul; Glidwell, G e r a l d ; Glindmeier, Louise; Glins, Anna; Glover, Gertrude; Goebel Anna K.; Goeller, Carole; Goetz, Josephine; Golden, James Mrs.; Goode, Eddie; Goodman, S. M. Mrs.; Goodwing Babcock Attys.; Gorrell, F. 0.- Cowing, 0.; Graf, John; Graft, Lillie; Graham, Ross R.; Granata, Betty; Grand Theatre Wax Tax- Gray, Foister; Fray, Herbert- Gray, Leslie; Gray, Walter J. Jr.; Greene; Esther; Gregory, William Jr.; Grenacahes, P. j. ; Gresham, R.; Grevious, Samuel N.; Griffin, J. N. Mrs.; Griss, Karl; Grogg Edith L.; Gross, Edward; Gross, Homer; Grotn, Mathilda M.; Grubb Jeanette; Guth, Vincent C.; Guty, Adam; Guyler, Katherine. Hacker, Daniel B Hacker, OHie; Hackney, James; Hackney, Sam; Hackney Bros. Co.; Haeckl, Corinne R.; Hagaman, James, Mary; Hager, Howard; Halaby Edward; Halderman Charles J.; Hale, Russell; Haley, Buerl; Haley, Nadeen; Hall, A. T.; HaU Samuel, Hattie; Halsey, A. R.; Hamberger, Igriatz; H a m b l y n , R i c h a r d ; Hamilton, C. C.; Hamilton Bldg. Supply; Hamilton Co. Navy League; Hamilton Co. of Rel. Educ.; Hamilton Local No. 49; Hamilton Movie Makers Cb.; Hammerle, Frank; Hampel, Ruth; Hancock, Vena H. Mrs.; Haney, Jack Jr.; Hanger, Chat. Phillips; Hanger, Miriam; Hank, Anna; Hankins, Alice; Hanlon, J. W.; Hanover Farmers Inst.; Hardin, Tbelma R.; Harding Jr.; Justin; Harding, Herbert; Hardy, C. D.; Hargrave, Luclnda H,; Harking, Glenn D. or A.; Harlan, Rose B.; Harlow Jr., James R.; Harmon, G r a n t ; H a r p r i n g , Elizabeth; Harris, Emma; Harris, Eugene; Harris, F. K. or G.; Harris, James; Harris, Raymond E.; Hart, Orear L.; Hart, Roy E. Mrs.; Hartman, John C.; Hartsough, Claton; Hartzog, Grace; Harvey, Saratee; Harwitz, F. B.; Hathorne, Steve; Havens, Emma E.; Hawthorne, William H.; Hay, Donna G., R. C.; Hayes, William Heinbeck, Carl; Heinzelman, John; Held, Philip; Helton, Irene M.; Hera- steger, A. J.; Henderson, Gussie; Hendricks, James E.; Hensley, Constance; Herman, Christina B.; Herold, Elizabeth; Herold, Geo.; Herron, Fred; Hershner, Hazel, James; Hessler, Charles; Hetzler, L.; Hickory Flat Cum. Preach; Hieb, L.; Higdon, Elbe; Hill, A E.; Hill, Elmo U: Hill. Lulu; Hills, H. R.; Hilltop Cleaners; Himes Connell B.; Histe, Harry; Hodge, Homer; Hodge, Homer; Hodges, Jeff; Hodges, Mary Mrs.; Hoeming, Samuel or E.; Hofs, N. C.; Hogan, Catherine; Holbrook, Ada; Holbrook, Woodrow; Holbrook, Woodrow; Holdefer, C. L.; Hole. Harriet; Hollinsworth, John; Homes, Catherine M.; Home Land Realty Company; Hook, Walter B.; Horther, Mary; Horwiti, Anne; Houk, Donald E.; Houston, T. K.; Howard, Dillard; Howard, Edna M.; Howard, Frank A. Jr.; Howeil Son Co. TV; HoweU, D. L.; Howeil, D. L.; Huber, Emma; Hudson, D. A.: Huelsman, A. I.; Huffman, Elizabeth J.; Huffman, Elsie; Huffman, Z.; Hughes, Edison C.; Hummel, George; Hunt, Clifford T.; Hunter; Christine; Hunter, John; Hunter, Mattie A.; Hurley, Harry; Hurley, William C.; Huston, Joseph. lezzone, Gabriel; Ihle, Eugene M.; Indep. Paperworkers Un.; Inloes, Alfred; Inman, William; Iris Maxwell Warmegton; Irwin, Donald; Isaacs, John; Ivanoff, Eilenann; Izaac Walton League of Am, Jack, Anthony E.; Jackson, Ada Mrs.; Jackson, K. L.; Jackson, Leonidas F.; Jacobs, W. R., M. D.; Jeb Moores Garage; Jeffries, W. H.; Jerdon, Billy; Jersey Creamer Company; Jewel Box; Johns, Melvin or Helen; Johnsey, Lloyd; John Shillito Company; John Shillito Company; John Shillito Company; John Shillito Company; Johnson, Anna; Johnson, Bernard; Johnson, Delia Mrs.; Johnson, Dorothy; Johnson, Earsel; Johnson, Elmo; Johnson, Henry; Johnson, Isaac; Johnson, Julie B.; Johnson, Lawrence; Johnson, Mildred; Johnson, Robert K.; Johnson, W.; Johnson, William; Johnson, William A.; Johnson, Willis; Jones, Alice W.; Jones, Charles; Jones, Cornelius R.; Jones, Douglas; Jones, Elvidora Mrs.; Jones, Fannie; Jones, Forest; Jones, Francis J.; Jones, Haltte Lee; Jones, Harold E.; Jones, Hazel Mrs.; Jones, Linda Mrs.; Jones, Mary L.; Jones, Mr. or Mrs. Chas.; Jones, Robert; Jones, S. R.; Jones, S. R; Jones," Simon, L.; ·Jones, William; Jones, Wilma Willis; Jordan Farms; Junk, Rev. Walter, Cpps. Kahn, Felix; Kaiser, Otto; Kalamar, Joseph; Kammerer, Chas.; Kar- tiner, Robert; Katona, Gabor or S.; Kay, Clarice M.; Kays, Mary; Keller, Samuel; Kelly, Louis; Kelly, Robert, Mary; Keltner, Irene; Kemp, S. L.; Kennedy, J.,' Loretta; Kennedy, Mary; Kenney, OttoC.; Kent, Max; Key No. 6; Key, Willie J.; Keystone Fruit Pro.; Kidd, W. 0.; Kimbrell, Christine; Kimbrell, Christine; Kinchloe, Tom; Kinney, 0. H.; Kiser, Fred W.; Klatt, Wilda Mrs.; Ktein, Fred; Klock, William Mr. Mrs.; Koehler, Anna E.; Kohler, Katie, Martin; Konrad, George A.; Koontz, Ralph; Kopp, Alma E.; Korblith Co.;KordeLAsaM.;Korn, Bessie; Kora, Nettie; Korn, Nettie; Korn, Nettie; Korn, Nettie; Korros, Harry; Koshofengas, Peter; Kraft, Adam; Kraft, Ralph J.; Krebs, Bernard; Kruse, Mary B.; Kunz, Emil A. Lacock, Florence A.; Lage, W. R.; Lake, Edward Scott; Lake, Randall Joseph; Lamb, Gene; Lamke, Elizabeth; Lampe, Grace; Landi, Raymond; Landson, Raymond; Lane, Burnett, Anza; Lane, H.; Lashhorn, Rebecca; Latimer, T. P.; Law, Delia; Law, Sallie Delia; Ledfords Drive In; Leeds, Mary M., Turn to pace 15 current cro/tic/ By Sylvia A. Levinsohn Fill in the daihei and tramfer each letter to the matching aumbtnJ jquom. Ward endings ore indicate J by block tquores. The complete croiric contain a chimerical nwtuoe. A pittiy phrote describing the theme .ill appear by reading vertically the fint letter ol each of your arK»en. Hint: Clue» h ttie subject of «ie punle are indicated cy asterisks. A. Haberdasher i ·C. ·D. E. ·f. C. 'H. *l. ·J. K. ·I. M. N. 'O. · "f ·a. K. S.' T. U. V. W. 'X. Y. Z. Assassinated Premiere of o Shaky.. Monarchy (lull name) Bedouin characteristic iw so jai 31 n t in i ' 2b--vfT s '. Call in miner . Reddish yellow hue of high . brilliance 5I ° " ] '** " ?w ai Underfoot empire . l» tH »7 " 3J~~ M~ Realization Glubb's monument (? word^) .. no ?n ; w ju 7j3~ T77~ ^v-T~"J7--~~~ Re 11 den Is of on ancient Palestinian . lingdom tu ifi' in ei ?n Vt« "« 77T""i7j~ T^-Pilgrim f m ii w TiT Exercising VibiTiing power . II? 1J *a M 172 11 J B T|~ Eastern gourmel gadgets ,. "If you were Queen of Pleasure, and I were King of Pain;We'd Together." Swinburne "A Match" Pwordi) Victimi of erasures Former barrier between Semites ... Allah's domain....: ^ _ * ^_^_ ^ ^~ ^ ~ ~ ~^ Revolulicmory minions Development. Marsn motlow...... " " m uT T7T One who relies on practical not theoretical experience 1--·-·-= « M n, j, ,,. T^T -- Singular Otlroil development (H3w °; d1 ' J "" -*-~~ ·^TTTT-- -- -XT noggiers reward , ^ WestainrsterAbbexoestoetic...," '" *~* r ^-~^~W «roft(2words) ' · irTHTHrW^--; Caucasian Jordonion tribesman... '" " " "* '" " '" 1M ~"""

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