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Lincoln, Nebraska
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SIX THE LINCOLN STAR THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20. 1938 the automobile industry's reccv ery. Packer declared. A Snyder Indicted ness rates about the same as when we hit that drop, but the trend is up instead ef down." Increased sales in "conservative small towns, and "good Used HARVARD BOYS POKE FUN AT Dakota State at Brooking, six from Omaha university, and several from Iowa State and Iowa U. Chancellor Boucher will address the group Friday evening on "Professional Education." The general program starts Saturday at 8 a.

with the business session and election on the morning program. Roy Courage: The quality that results from having the biggest club Engineering Society Convenes Here Friday 100 Educators Expected At Kansas-Nebraska Section Sessions At N. U. By Grand Jury csr situation," have contributed to 'or a clear conscience. 1 Green, Lincoln engineer, is also CITY DEMANDS slated to speak.

The conference concludes with a luncheon at the Union building. Cambridge Plan To Oust Tax-Exempt School Starts Fun Fest Ruthie and Ruthie has been kinder to me than anyone in the world." Snyder, before going off to jail emptied his pockets of cash and stripped a gold watch inscribed "from Ruth to Moe from his wrist "Well, the little lady hung another one on me," he said, but I can take it now because I guess all the old fires are dead." "Col. Gimp" did not testify, on advice of his attorney, Jerry dealer, but indicated he acted in self-defense. A process server took the opportunity to hand Miss Etting a copy of the $150,000 love theft suit filed against her by Alderman's second wife, Alma, who later announced through her lawyer that she wished a reconciliation with the 30-year-old shooting victim whom she divorced last December. Miss Etting, who divorced "Col.

Gimp'l-last Novemberafter 17 years of marital partnership, told the jury her true name is Ruth Etting. Police nreviously had reported it as Ruth Etting Alderman. She and Alderman have said they were married secretly last July In Tijuana, Mex. i The annual meeting of the Kansas-Nebraska section of the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education will open on the University of Nebraska campus Friday and continue through Saturday. Over 100 are expected to attend.

Prof. D. H. Harkness, In charge of the program, said in addition to delegates from Nebraska, Kansas State and Kansas university-members of the Kansas-Nebraska section five delegates may come from Kansas State Teachers' college at Pittsburg, seven from South Packard Plans To Double Its Force LOS ANGELES, Oct 20 (AP) William Packer, general sales manager of the Packard Motor Car said today a force of 12,000 workers at the concern's plant in Detroit may be doubled within the next few-weeks. Ruth Former Husband Under $50,000 Bond In Shooting LOS ANGELES, Oct 20 (AP) "Col.

Gimp" of the Great White Way, Martin Snyder, again oc-cupie da jail cell to lieu of $50,000 bail today while the state moved to try him quickly on charges be kidnaped and attempted to murder Myrl Alderman, his successor to Singer Ruth Etting's love. The original charges against "CoL superseded last night by a grand jury indictment voted after Miss Etting. testified that he shot Alderman in the music room of her Hollywood Hills home last Saturday night The indictment permits the case to go to trial "without a preliminary hearing. Miss Etting, 42, flaxen-haired and visibly nervous, spoke to the ROBERTSON OFFICER NATIONAL BEN HUR CRAWTORDSVIIXE, Oct 20 (AP) John C. Snyder of Craw-fords vilie will serve another four years as president of the Ben Hur Life- association, with headquarters here.

He was reelected at the two day quadrennial national convention, which ended last night Others elected included: William Robertson, jr, of Lincoln, Neb, past" president; Walter Bowen of Baltimore, Judge; Mrs. Ella Keener of Schenectady, N. Y. teacher; Dr. H.

C. A. Beech of Columbus, keeper of the inner gate; Walter A. Holliday of Battle Creek, Mich, keeper of the outer gate. PALLADIAN GAVEL CLUB'S ANNUAL PROGRAM "FRIDAY The sixth annual Palladian Gavel club program will be held at Palladian hall Friday evening, when installation of officers will be included in the evening events.

The society is made up of former presidents and vice-presidents of the literary society on the university campus. Mrs. E. B. Perry, president of the Gavel club, will respond to the greetings extended by Will W.

Reedy, president of the actives, and br. Paul Bancroft will be installing officer. Mrs. V. R.

secretary-treasurer, will give an inaugual address, and Mr. Seymour will present iace Dmtprf A4 yoai 4ott, tod prtiuM Cro'l new perraaM csa tioa as quickly as poaajba siasr las trmttirmtil deboc is Paris! Daatfsr dire different fee yoa wbe dx oousuaJ It's emoeiooaiir courageous, tcnaliy sairoio. VTer ZXaafsr tW sod at wtx yam baat dot saf didn't wa yot 'We have recovered from the fall skimp of 1937, he said. "Busi- BEN HEITKOTTER'S B1273 ejessskkk 1450 "6" GIRO'S hw frtwm DANCER 27 Cr4rt DellTSTT la Reach ly Bras. Mary Carlisle Has An jury in trembling voice of the EAT MORE FISH shooting scrape.

She said Alderman drove up to the house with Snyder holding Herthera Ballktait, Channel Catltih, Ik Sfe Be Salman, Is. Fresh Balibat Steak, Ik rrastB UaUbat, Ik if I-ks Troat. Khica FUk. Ik HaMsk rillau. Ik fillet at Sale, Freak.

SUrtma. Ik St Appendicitis Operation HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 20 (AP) Mary Carlisle, blonde film underwent an emergency operation for appendicitis early today. Her condition later was reported satisfactory. FRESH OYSTERS SHIPPED DIRECT CAMBRIDGE, Mass, Oct 20 (AP) Fun-loring Harvard mro, who prize pranks above all else except gridiron victory ever Yale, reveled in the ruptured relations between the university and the city government today.

Inspired by a city council resolution demanding separation of tax-exempt Harvard as a "distinct municipality." undergraduates proceeded to make merry. A secessionist society sprang op. The Lampoon, undergraduate humor publication, demanded a plebiscite. Someone penned an extravagantly-worded resolution demanding "a buffer state be set up between Harvard and the Cam bridge city halL" "Storm Troop'' to Farade. Other undergraduates announced a "storm troop" of seven men would parade to assist the "minority's" demands The Lampoon announced "a dem-onstration and speeches In Harvard yard, and a sham battle.

Meanwhile, with City Councillor John J. Toomey protesting that his "separate municipality" resolution was "no clowning," Mayor John W. Lyons announced an investigation of alleged illegal registration of voters In wards surrounding the university. Harvard officially had no comment on the Toomey resolution but friends of the university said that although a large proportion of its property is tax-exempt by law, the university nevertheless pays $63,250 taxes. Building Record CHICAGO, Oct.

30 Statistics from targe Cltlu en building activities in September compare with prcrlotu September 1t the following ligures tram leading western aitlei: Sept. "38 Sept. IT Kansas City. Kai 22.345 37,370 Kansas City, Mo 8,800 225.700 Lincoln 127.73S 131,059 Omaha 170215 820 435 Sioux City 178,885 33.300 Topeka 114,048 101.245 Wichita 498,028 151 887 worn' pistol against his back. Once inside, she said, Snyder told her.

Alderman, and Edith Snyder step-daughter, that "I'm going to kill all of you." One bullet from Snyder's pistol went-wild, she continued, but the second struck Alderman in the abdomen as the lights in the room went out. She told of running into 1 the bedroom to get her own revolver, struggle with Snyder for its possession, and of Edith, her the weapon from the floor and firing at her father's retreating back. Miss Snyder, who emerged from the jury room in tears, said she "just shot in the darkness" because Snyder "was chasing Marriage Delayed HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 20 (INS) An attack of influenza today prevented Peggy Montgomery, once a sensational child star of the silent era known as "Baby Peggy," from getting married to Gordon D. Ayres.

r-r The pair, whose romance began while they were working together In a musical comedy recently, had planned to wed yesterday but the doctor said the ceremony would have to wait a few days. cMinerva's eMail TAKE YOUR TROUBLES TO MINERVA SIDES CORN STARCH I i vi a aa I a aw Divine Son of God, and I feel He is my personal Saviour, but because some other mortal has different views and a different faith is no reason I should condemn them to the ash heap. What do we poor saps know about God's business, anyway? CM A atVC Sanshlna uos.4 ii 0fr Brn (I VJHAW TOMATOES And, yon can save enough on your regular grocery purchases to help pay for the apples, cider, doughnuts and a few decorations. First, find the food store that really saves you the most money every day. The only convincing way to do this is to make up your shopping list, visit several different stores and write down the prices of each item on your list.

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B. I shall nave to find out definitely some genlune source of information before I can answer your question. It sounds to me as though you had a real prize, but I wouldn't be able to trust my own judgement in such a case. As soon as I know mwho can give you "the information, I shall let you know. to aPleaaa Blossom Family ENTERTAIN IN STYLE AND COMFORT I Potatoes Apples Lai.

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Tllsna-a Maybelle -aar Jk Lbs, 250 FRESH KRISP Full SfC I Pint I Long Shred (Qt. 8c) Bulk Kraut i ALL BEST ARM CUTS Corporate Articles Of Two New Lincoln Insurance Firms Filed Articles of incorporation were approved Wednesday by Charles Smrha, state insurance director, for two new' insurance companies with headquarters in Lincoln. He approved articles for the Great American Health Accident company, to write Insurance on the assessment plan. The incorporators are: Gilbert C. Duling, H.

M. Vosburgh, Michael T. Thomas J. and Anastasia Dr. T.

J. McCarthy, E. E. McNamara, B. E.

Boyles and Ralph Odle. The company must meet the requirement of producing 100 applications before a permit is issued, and such other requirements as the department may' set up. The otehr company Is a burial association, the Lincoln, Benefit Life Insurance company. The law requires $10,000 capital stock and the association is limited to policies of $500 or less. The incorporators are Joseph and Herman Ginsburg, C.

H. Sharrick, O. Copeland, Dr. H. W.

Orr, E. A. Kremer, B. M. Murdock, and A.

A. Ashworth of Lincoln and J. S. Jones of Wymore. Oratorical Finals Finals in the state oratorical contest sponsored by the Nebraska Young Republicans will be held Thursday, night at the LindeU hotel starting at 8 o'clock.

Finalists are: Willard M. Wilson of Lincoln, University of Nebraska law student; Leonard Leon of Omaha, Creighton University law 'student; Harold Struve of Deshler and Miss Hazel Hill of Stromsburg. Judges will- be James Lincoln lawyer; Elizabeth Nlckles, librarian In Lincoln; and Prof. White, debate coach at the University of Nebraska. John B.

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