The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on June 28, 1935 · 5
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 5

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1935
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V DK Frederick M. Hunter, Former N. U. Football Star, h Elected Chancellor of 5 Oregon Colleges Dr. Frederick M. Hunter onco football captain at the University (.Nebraska, .and later superin tendent of the Lincoln public school, hai been elected to the position of chancellor of all state supported schools In the state of Oregon. He will assume the duties of the new position on September 1, after the close of the summer session at Denver university, where he has been chancellor since 1928. Over five Schools. In his new position, Dr. Hiinter will be in charge of the supervision of work at five state schools the University of Oregon at Eugene, Oregon State Agricultural college at Corvallis, South Oregon Normal school at Ashland, Eastern Oregon Normal school at La Grade and the Monmouth Normal school at Monmouth. Ht will be supervised by a board named by the governor, but other wise will have absolute control of the institutions, according to word reaching Lincoln. The position involves control of a budget of approximately three and a half million dollars annually, and property valued at nearly twenty million dollars. , Defer Naming Successor. No successor to Dr. Hunter has been named at the Denver institution, according to John Evans, president of .the board of trustees, who declared that "The appointment of Dr. Hunter to his new office is a distinct honor, which he is well qualified to receive. It of- TV" V LI DM. F. N. BUKTZX. the Dr. fers great opportunities in educational field, to which Hunter has contributed much al ready." He added that "Denver university has profited greatly during Dr. Hunter's chancellorship, both from the standpoint of actual building construction and scholas tic recognition, and that the board of trustees and entire faculty and student body regret that he is leaving.- Dr. Hunter's salary will be $10,000 a year, Oregon officials reported. BRITAIN SUFFERS SETBACK IN ROLE AS PEACEMAKER World War Anniversary Sees Italy Bent on Conquest in Ethiopia. , (CopyrllH IMS, by the AuocliWd Frtul LONDON, June 28 On this 21st anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Frans Ferdinand at Sarajevo the shot which precipitated the World war Great Britain suffered a setback In her role as peacemaker. Her traveling salesman of peace, Capi Anthony Eden, was back from his continental tour today, bearing a report on the avowed Intention of Premier Ben ito Mussolini of Italy to war against Ethiopia In ast Africa. Although the Italo-Ethiopian crisis relegated other questions of European security to the back ground, the British diplomats discussed four other prospective moves on the chessboard ox world peace. " . "",. These were for an eastern Euro pean pact, a Danubian treaty, an air Locarno and land disarma' merit 1 Insists on Conquest. Concerning his attempts to dis suade II Duct from an African campaign, it was understood Eden would tell his colleagues: 1. Mussolini stood adamant against any other solution of the Italo-Ethioplan dispute than conquest of the east African empire. S. Any attempt at Geneva to Interfere with that plan would lead to a prompt withdrawal by Italy from the League of Nations. Eden was understood to have outlined Mussolini's reputed plan of action thus: An arraignment of Ethiopia before the league tribunal as "unfit" to belong at Geneva or to claim the league's protection would be followed by a demand for an Italian protectorate over the empire. With that, course of procedure falling, Italy would invade Ethl-" opla to effect a "complete solution" of the border dispute by force. In Germany sentiment was voiced for revision of the treaty of Versailles. Dr. Heinrlch Schnee. former governor of German East Africa, issued an appeal for na tional solidarity after criticizing the "inequities" of the Versailles treaty.. Delegates Will Give Convention Report at Second Baptist Sunday Misses Betty Evans and Etta BlasdeL 629 South Twenty-ninth and 3048 S street, respectively, will give reports on the Northern Baptist convention, held recently at Colorado Springs, at Second Baptist church, ' Twenty-eighth and S street, Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. The young ladies were delegates to the convention. Main speakers at the meeting were Jessie Burwell Eubank, Dr. David Jones Evans of Colgate Rochester divinity school, and Dr. Charles Gilkey, dean of the University of Chicago. Dr. James H. Franklin, president of the Crozer theological seminary of Chester, Pa., was elected head of the convention, to succeed Dr. Shaw of Denison university. Among accomplishments at the sessions was the 'empowering of a committee to study social, economic and political questions with the view of making the church more adequate to deal with modern problems. Passenger Revenue Gain Offset by Large Expense CHICAGO. June 28 (AP) Passenger traffic revenues on American railroads increased $9,- 630,791 in the first four months of 1939, but this gain was offset by a $39,896,978 Increase In operating expenses for the same period, C. D. Morris of the western fail- ways' committee on public relations, announced today. The Increased operating expense, he said, was due to higher labor costs and greater expenditures for maintenance. Final results for the four months period was a net railway operating income of almost $24,000,000 less than in the corresponding period of 1934, he added. , "It la evident that something must be done to save the roads from the threat of government ownership," Morris asserted. "The credit- of - the roads cannoLJ maintained on the net revenues they are now receiving and without credit there can be little improvement In either facilities or service." ton Lev Prieeuj SHOE REPAIR I Men's, I Wenten'e and I Children's I oak While I LEATHER you I HALF win I S0L23 ;r I Every Day Prise l -4y li I I Wrnan'e I I Leather I IV I ""esliloB I Mah I BXZL I l LIFTS I or I 'vary Day I Wider I ,r,M I l4e I MEN'S BIST QUALITY Guar BUBBES an HT.T.g Mater. Uls Every Day ant Prlte work. . man. I 24C - Taltphtna 1-7141. BaJeesenL A Death Writes Finis In Romantic Career of Robert Kt Johnson 'When the sod was replaced on a small plot in Wyuka Thursday afternoon, finis was written on the life story of a once romantic young man who came - west, fought crop failures and once rated as a prosperous Lancaster county farmer. , It began more than 45 years ago when Lincoln had board sidewalks and had not reached its present Important place in the world that Robert K. Johnson and two brothers, Charles and Thomas H., came to Lancaster county and took farms. , Charles "burned out" in the summer of '93, and returned to his native! Indiana. Thomas, too, ' couldn't make it go" and pushed on to Grainger, Wash. Robert "stuck it out" and was quite comfortably situated until after his wife died. In 1927. After that, most of his savings were lost hut he kept on and managed to care for himself in the community that he adopted and learned to love as a young man. When he died Tuesday he wa survived by two brothers, Frank of Jeffersonville, IncL, Thomas IL of Grainger, Wash.; a sister, Mrs. Sadie Bennett, also of Jeffersonville; and a nephew, W. B. Johnson of Indianapolis, Ind. A PMLEO flttele. IkHn rrarHta Aai lltokiui taid tlml Baeerta. DR. IL C LEOPOLD SPECIALIST SSS-Stt Sharp Ballilag LtMdg BASEMENT GROCERYTERIA FRESH! Large, Sunklst ORANGES Doun 39 CABBAOE Solid, crisp Heads, each.... POTATOES Callfnla new white, pack.. TOMATOES Rip. IWMt S pounds .. PEAS New. freah pound . CARROT! 5 33 170 50 Crisp, freah for. ,10 ANANAS Golden, ripe 4 lbs. far... 23 Watermelon 0 Rip, eweet lb. LEMONS- Sunklat, doe. 17c. 3 dot.. 33 15 BAKED GOODS CAKE Coooanut e h I f f on Sf...... 39 LEMON ROLL Each . CUP CAKES Choeo late, with 15 CHEESE BREAD SS ...15 COOKIES Special aaaortment, doaen . ..... 10 down 17 HEARTH BREAD White ml whole wheat J per loaf Of5 BUTTER Meadow Gold or Roberta, mm per lb 7r BUTTER DeJry brand per lb 25j RINSO Granulated Soap, ST.;. ... 19 , PALMPLIVE 3&.....13 MEATS BEEP " Tenderloins, mm per lb. 7r BEEP Trash fround, ao Per lb. I LAMB Shoulder mm SteaJu. lb.... y BACON Swtn's mm brleket. lb... Ay LUNCHEON MEAT Spiced. mm Per lb....... jif Yellowstone JULY Choice of 4 fla-Tora. atrawberry, red Raapberry. Loganberry, Blackberry. I ounce Tumbler 100 Street floor and Basement SUGAR Granulated 10 tb. 56 MILK Roberta Evaporated Tall mm cans. 4 for MATCHES Carton of t boxaa... AAfJ M. J. B. COFFEE The Quality Coffee of America! 2 pxd' 57c MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing 35c QUART JABS , , SODA CRACKERS Salted. 4 . lb. Caddy ..: jV0 FOLGER'S COFFEE Mountain Grown Pound Tin 57 The Coffee Deliciout! BUTTER-NUT COFFEE POUND tut 57' UBBVS FOODS PINEAPPLE Llbby'a Cruahed or Tidbit, oa. tint, each CORNBEEP Llbby's U oa. tins, each OLIVES Llbby'a Queen, qt. Jar PICKLES Llbby's Dill, 33 oa. jar .............. PICKLES Llbby'a Sweet Mixed., 33 oa. Jar MEAT Llbby'a Potted. hi Una for PEACHES Llbbye helvee or sliced in eyTu'p'....... 2 Una 35 PEARS Llbby'a fancy Bart- ml gi totu. i Una ... r FRUITS FOR SALAD Llbby'a No. JH tin .7 160 35 15 13 .25 29 MEADOW GOLD CHEESE Punlento, .. 25 American Brick, 2Llmburcer, H 1. Isa. . uis: i " iii I 1 3 Saturday in our CAFETERIA . tfWi Stew: Buttered Was Beaae: Mnlcaa Cole Blaw. narat Itotl. Butter. Choice ef Teflr' Drlak mmqM Rout tola ef pork with dreariaij n. - Buttan new earretas Onaa aa tnpalrolt ealaa; Hot ua wu; ana utter; Ratal ate. f V Choice ef aria Dowa atatt. STORE YOUR FURS HERE. SATURDAY STORE HOURS 9 AM. to 9 ?M. Celebrate Here Saturday Fino Fashions for tho "Fourth11 at Thrifty Prices V o WASHABLE Suits Lighter Cooler 7. 9 MEN here's how you can bs dressed up, and suu not feel that way! Suits that hold their shape, yet are cool, light and washable! Have a good tune bver the holiday, and know that your suit will come thru the wash like new. Many styles, single and double breasted, all sties. Genuine Palm Beach Suits. .$15.75 Tropical Worsted Suits $18.50 "Dapper" Tone Shirts Chocolata or JVavy That amartest shirt to wear with white. Navy or Chocolate broadcloths, the newest and snappiest smrt ror to Sale! Straw Hats Come In and get your hat for the 4th! Flex brims or Sennit Sailors . . . light weight leghorns or Oriental Bangkoks, each $1 Men'a $1.65 Sports Slacks, sanforised 91.19 Washable Neckties, a fresh one each day, 39c, S for $1.10 Snug Swim Trunks, high waiated, good fitting . . . .. . Men'a Supporter Shorts, abbreviated, cool, light, 3So, S for $1 You'll Be Socked Right In These Las-tex Top Anklets, pair 25o etreet Floor- Men,i White WALK-OVERS Air41ondilioned Regularly $6.50 495 Street Floor. SPORTING EQUIPMENT SPA.LDINO OOLP CLXlBS WILL HXLP Imprera your (emtf Steal ahattet al It ataet ahattaA mm woeda afeoef Irooa epee LONOTLm OOLP BALLS, B 1 1(1 luanateed sot to cut.... tot V1"" TBNNIS RACKETS ...una tannic . . . then we have fee. racketl Special purchaae of "Kant" racketa, to aall at . $2.95 $3.95 aM?lJ)3 aw-4JtrMt sTlouf . lot your feet breathe ... In our Koolle penoratea waic uvn, ipeciauj pneeu lor Saturday. Heyl Fellowut Get into a new Wash Suit VALUES TO SI est Lou of "Pater Paa" and "Paerlaia" mod ala i , i aad a a r Mother knowa that . meana thryil wear , and waah! Pnpllna, lina, broadcloth! . . . alaea S to I BetC BaafeHaef "ill Maeka . . . alaea OTI S to . ........ ?J.eeaf Bora' OMea fUlf-ea BkMe Blue, Mack, tan, to la. Snort . l iMTta for ? Bori' Pale KMrte, Talon alp-pr BKka, ret. It. TAak Slaee I to IS r Bore Laein Caff AakMa, Reg. Me to Me. aiaae S to U .. ar- 9 Street IToor. Mor& Fun for Your Money! Holiday HATS 49 ACTUALLY . . they're worth a , because they're ao flatterlna, ao bewitching. In their droopy summer manner. Wide orima ... or If you prefer . . . snappy little brims or turbana. PLINTY OF WHITS FELTS, Id this holiday group 1 Others $3 Up. Smart for Street or Home WASH FROCKS 1 95 Whether you're celebrating at home or abroad, you'll want a wash frock for the day I Theae dainty dotted Swlaaea, aeerauckera, voiles or ball stea will stand up under any kind of celebration, and wash like a handkerchief. Slaea 14 to (3. Others $1 and $2.95 SPORTAIXS, the S-pleee larment for plajr. BIoum, ahorta and ..all APF eklrta, aU tor tJleUe Otfcera, fS.SS SPONOB BUBBEB BEACH , sandals, .see MOULDED BVBBEB BAIH1NO shoes, .sea Others a We i aeeoad Floor Saturday Specials! TOILETRIES 1 at Roila Nortbara Tisane" al lea Toilet Paper TA S9f 8 BOXES R ft O Claaaalos Stf, too to boa ? R. ft O. Tooth Paata, 1 0at aa. m.t KCONOUY KOTEX, 41 to box. ' Choir, of S kinda. PKTROLAOAit, au ainoa, Jf par bottle rP EPSOM SALTS, 1 0 at S aound baa PtPSODENT ANTISEPTIC Lun hottle yij Ban Lux or LlfiBuoy J aaa Bare CAMAY or Zl PALMOUVE SOAP. MINERAL OIL 0.89 o.$l.C9 Street Floor. 670 If the Holiday meant a trip buy -SILK-SLIPS Hundreds of silk or rayon slips for Saturday at SI. Tailored or lace trimmed! Wherever you so, you'll want a new, pretty allpl White, tearooe or pea- tela. Hi tea m to . $1 k large group ot many kinds of ailk sllpa . , . tome with aecret aervico pan els, lonnntting aupa, witn or without shadow panels. Tearoee, white, brown, navy, black. Slsea S3 to 1 95 2 for $3.73 Second Floor. rxs DRAM SALE of PERFUME Just a drop or two behind the ears will set 70a up for the day I Priced by the dram as follows for Saturday 1 Cofy Ciro Xmeraule ... Paria ........ L'Orlaaa .... L'Almaot ... Chypre La Poustrale Stya ft Suma Guerlaln Shallmar ' L'Heure Bleuo Jaamla Sana La Vent Liu ...Cite ...Me ...SM ,..SAe ...SSe ....St ...SI SI.SS ,...41 :.5 Raflexkna Burrendar Doux Jaimln , Bnuquet Antlnua.. . , ., Chevalier da la Nult. .SI .SI Sl.H .. .see .-..fl ....ft Corday Toutoura Vol ta ertalnal dram bottle SI.SS Orchldte Blu. In orfelnel ' dram bottle ,:.....' Jean Patou Vaeancei SI.SS Invitation fl.S Ilomnt Suprtme SI.SS CockUU Dry SS Caroit Bellodxla ll.SS Knavlaa I Nult da Noil .....St.SS Acackwa SMS Bourfoit Bpiinrtlma to Parle.. SAe Erenlna la Parte tee Fiancee ..See Kama eoe Voyage a rails.... IMS Chanel Ho. it No. SS IMS Yardley'i Fngruiet ., e eeWf Houbigant ' Feettval ISe Qualquae Eliura See Ideel .... Bolt Dormant ........... OotH Wok .........ISe Richard Hndnet Oermy ....SSe r. Mulot Onpe de China ...0a Bhwrr ft IliUel rieora D'Ameor trmm LaaTfeiLMt Baal....fe Brealk et Bprlaf Street Floor FIREWORKS ' 5 : (iMtee of many. Buy fire wrack-era, eeriMnt hate, iparklara, ruby drone, draaoa whwla, torchee, laaka, ate. FiaKWORRS. Mrfetaa, araMaiepaf, aeyettke. raby draee .etc, 1. RwMlrtde mere at a. ......... .lea ri-AnH rap riaroia . .,,.. toe SIX HHOOTKR rmruLS. see Bart at r uroLa. ie Baujle abet eaaa, bei Sa ' Street Floor. Hour Sale to JO 4. Jtf. Sttntiuf Only BnaS tota. atakea alaae, add ewaatltlea. STREET ROOR SUPERIOR JELL CANDY Halt pound 60 JOHNSTON'S INSTANT FUOOB No cooking, just add water, lb... TF WOMEN'S SILK HOSIERY IN reaulara of 11 qualltlea. Broken color and aiaa aeeort- mggt mailt. Pr 3VW BOYS' WOOL IATH INt TRUNKS Reg. 50c Green, red, blue, 9 A at 8laea 1 i. t Vjf BOYS' QOODKNIT BROAD- CLOTH SHORTS. Keg. SSC. Vat dyed, balloon aeata, 4 am moat alaea, pr 7r BOYS' BASEBALL CAPS Many colors, all alaea, 4J mm res. 3Se V MEN'S 150 COLORED BORDER HANDKERCHIEFS Adf cotton, aa 7F MEN'S SRo SUMMER WASH TIES Plain or patterned. hour.... 3 for 350 MEN'S $1 BROADCLOTH PA JAMAS v-nerk and coat atylea, this hour. 890 TOYS Choice of II tennis rackets or II Miller doll beda. Afi and rubber tnattreaa, oa. 7 PIQUE AND LINENS YARO GOODS For frocke ana sports togs, white only, M in. mm wide, this hour, yd f AIR LITE POLISHINOAND DUSTING CLOTH ft double running yards to pkg. Ideal for autos, homes, officea. Pkg 140 STEVEN'S ALL LINEN CRASH Tows. i. a 17x28. uoioroa oora-era all around, 120 s TWO-DROP HAND LOTION. ' bottla. . ... 80.r2rorl50 : RUBBINQ ALCOHOL Pint alas 100 SANITARY BELTS QA Narrow, adjuatable, aa.... Oyj WOMEN'S LAROC HANOKER- chiefs Lawn ana linen ew.4 print Special IT SS WOMEN'S HANDBAQS White and colore, 1HA ellahtly aolled 7f JCWELRY-Dracele t S, beads, cnpa, pins. ' , Ea. 100 TABLE OF ODDS AND ENDS Package envelopes, bridge acore pads, ate S0 TABLE OF ODDS AND ENDS ? Truo-Vue films, photo 4 albuma. etc.......r...... Vy, SECOND FLOOR 5 1S COTTON SEERSUCKER DRESSES Plaid. 1 i Broken slsee It to 42.. 9 DIAPERS Birdseye or flannel-ette, 27x37, first quality. Reg. 11.35 doxen, thia hour , aoraa with halter strap. 450 BRASSIERES-Small lot, uplift stylea, neta, lacea, hroadcloths, reg. to 6k. . Aej Thia hour.............. TF SANITARY BELTS Choice 44 ot S atyles, ea 7F SILK CREPE LINGERIE Special lot dance sets, chemlae, aVAe pantlea, this hour...... vyy PAJAMAS FOR WOMEN Includ-Ing 1 pr. allk, 1 black corduroy, S rayon crepe plaid prints, l J3.85 and Sfi.95 valuea.... Z THIRD FLOOR JCo GRANITE BASTING SPOONS. 100. ELECTRIC LIGHT ' fjfg BULBS 40 watU' 3fOrM IRONING BOARD PADS , 1X0 11 ICE BOX SETS Rose colored enma. o-o ana in. aaie of 8 bowls, with cow..wnrj NEW BARGAIN BASEMENT SPECIALS! I,," m r Silk Frocks 4-44 Teatlve dreaaea . . . flne enough to wear anywhere, la silks that are cool and good-looking! AU the new colore end styles, in sixes 14 to 48. Buy them (or the Holiday. Girls' Frocks .77' Clever - little wash frocks for glrla. Made of sheer fabrlca, with dainty ruffle or lace trims. Broadcloths, percales, ate. Siaea etois. Shadow-Proof Slips Rayon taffeta alios that wear nA wear! Manv with rip-proof aeams. Fink, white and tearoee, elsea St to 44. Wash Frocks 9? Women's good looking waeh frocks, of novelty fab lira, per-nlea, dlmltlea, lawns, etc Juet the thing far the 4th ef July eutlngl Slice 14 to 62. 1VHITE DRm sOPPERSi PUMPS STRAPS TIES 1 1 a ,tr a 13 va Cuban and Spike Heels Sizes BEDROOM SLIPPERS Special I sixes All Colore CHILDREN'S WHITE & PATENT SLIPPERS MEWS AND BOYS', LEATHER VENTILATED OXFORDS Leather Black olt Brown . . women'e fill Whlta Temila JQ4 Shosa erAxferda, pr.n.vjf... Vocien's HATS 3L-00 wt - ... rse WMMsiwI JJUT Bit IICW SiSM. IVI WW a Whit or pMtel ihadei in ttrawf, jrou want, 10 go wun your om-Eitl Really remrkabl valuei. SILK HOSIERY -4 mmmmmv ' mi wmm WALL PAPER, ROOM LOT-10 rolla of side walls. Enough for 13x14 room. Sold with border - to match at le a foot. aOet Reg. si.60 BASEMENT 72 BOYS' SHOfTS Hlgh-Orade, full cut. 1 Afj Slsea 13 and 14..'. 123 SILK AND RAYON gS-fl ORESSES-flliea 14 to it 9A WOMEN'S NECKWEAR Piques, organdys, neta, novelty mt rayons, this hour JT 39 CHIFTON AND SERVICE weight allk hose, irregulare of so much better hoee . . . that you'll love their sheer qualities . . . their smart colors. Sixea !' to .10. RAYOII UNDIES Saturday S p e-e i a 1 I Rayon bloomers, atep- Ins, ehortiee . . . all tint quality. In nlnk and tea. rose, or white. All alzsa. INFANT'S HEAR Choice ot baby's dreaaea, ahirta, y ... gowns, gar- V trudea, bonneta, AJ M C etc., in dainty. attractive pat- I 1 U terna, i . MEN'S SHIRTS ri Tea, air... they're dreeay ahlrla of fino broadcloth, all preehrunk and hi colore you'll want for holiday wear, 8isea 14 to 17. . " , BaeetneBt. RAYON UNDERWEAR Panties, bloomera, veats, iQit email, medium, larne.... T WOMEN'S AND GIRLS' WHITE AND TU-TONE SPORTS OX- ' FORDS Sizes i'i to B a4 and 1114 to 1. Pr LETTUCE, solid crisp, head .... 40 CARROTS, fresh e . ra home grown.... m bunenee jf LEMON8, Sunklst.. 2 dei. 190? m TOMATO JUICE, . m 10 OS. tin V HARD WATER TOILET SOAP, har. .....4 ITALIAN PRUNES, Mo. 10 tin 290 ttm PICNIC SUPPLIES ea Tw vervr IaaalBtee Jnci I sal. .i wun SukrU, with eover Eketrle Cooker, while solng to picnic L'nivenal Botlle, quart alia pint aixe lea Cream Frenere, S qt. (aivaniied iron... 1 quart wood tub ...... EWtrte faa, 8 loch Hammeeka, from 41 91 ........ 75 keeps food hot 9.93 .C3f n ...92X9 .91.25 92.75

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