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Springfield, Missouri
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38 Dec. 17, 1969 Budqet Arjrjj Share McCurdy Paint Company, 31U South Campbell, told police about t-wa takea- his firm, and E. R. Underwood, op- erator of Underwood Tile and Carpet Company, 3109 South ritif if 15 Mo iailtf HtM Vandals Joke And Break Up -TtONTtNUED FROM PAGE 32) Housing Work in St. Louis? and the children are staying of fruit, ready-to-eat foods or Ko'NftNtiEl KBUAl PAGE" 32) cause the probability would be good that the estimated $22,000 the SpeciaT Selection would costl could be reimbursed by the monejL lso would he appre-L "JEFFERSON CITY (AP) Court briefs ciated.

The man also expressed Campbell, said $3f. ana a tape recorder were stolen from his office. Doors had been forced clude two areas already cleared of slum buildings, one of with her mother, who works an evening shiftTindis not at homt to prepare dinner and do the dishes. A sister has been helping, but she needs some relief a desire for a clock for his "Vandals with a weird sense of humor left a small note and a big mess at the Hugh Dennis Grease and Oil Company state during the coming budget 7.6 acres and the other of 7.9 St. Louis has been selected by the federal government as the site for an experiment in build room.

open at both locations. year. acres. One is owned by the St Louis Land Clearance for Rede because she has a family to care Case 40 This family of four, presently getting by only because of the kindness of relatives, didn't ask Schaeffer explains thai the state pays for elections the county holds for it, but that the problem is getting the reim- Clay Willoughby, manager of velopment Authority and the other by Millstone Construction for, too. The mother is receiving $151 a ing low cost, mass 'produced housing.

Gene Sally, director of the Department of Community Affairs, the firm at 1101 East Tampa, Nixa Woman Stilt-Sought- Co. month in public assistance, but told police intruders forced a hurscmpnt check within the ally. called, it ciassiC-eJ windowis enter, dumped draw- announced Tuesday the Mill snr-nay some medical penses before she applied had no other choice. same budget year a thing for ers on the floor, squirted tubes Greene and Christian County The family includes the father She is upset because she of grease on the floor, walls, of ample of cooperation at the city, state and federal level. After the housing units are built, he said half of them will be rented and the other half will Cledith Wriston Tackett, 24, the man who escaped From the Greene County Jail Labor Day, received a 1-year jail term from Circuit "Judge ames H.

Keet who said the defendant "was motivated by understandable human reasons." Tackett said he fled because he was worried about his then-pregnant wife. The Detroit, man was given credit for the approximately 4 months he has spent in jail, and a bad check charge against him was dropped. sheriff's deputies are looking for fice papers and supplies, bat that doesn't usually happen during general elections. Another complication in mak and mother and two children, a boy 5 and a girl 20 months old. The father was crippled with a 20-vear-old Nixa woman who tered the keys on an adding ma disappeared Monday night while chine, overturned chairs and be maintained for demonstra polio as a boy and always has threw other business machines feels she must pay a medical bill for $71, and she can't afford it.

Case 38 This family of nine is facing a bleak Christmas because of financial hardship and the mother's severe health problems. had trouble finding ways to sup. ing local elections more expensive is the hew state law doing her clothes at a laundry. Still missing last night was Neva Carol Blades, who is de tion purposes. Word of the St.

Louis choice came in a telegram from on the floor. A $1 silver certificate was tak port his family. Recently he suffered a concussion and a com scribed as 5-2, 115 pounds, with which requires absentee ballots to be counted at the polling places on the day of an election. en from a wall, and three rolls George Romney, secretary of pound arm fracture in an auto HUD. accident and is a great deal of 6-cent stamps, ballpoint pens, a watch band calendar, an anti Creek Urban Renewal Sites in St.

Louis have been chosen as the location for 100 to 200 housing units to be built by the federal government as a showpiece for the nation. He said it has not yet been decided whether they will be garden type homes or high rise apartments. An architectwill bg chosen soon and it is hoped construction can start in April. The project is part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's "Operation Breakthrough" to build prototype housing units the first step in supplying 26 million units in the next decade.

In Missouri, St. Louis, Kansas City ond Kinloch applied for one of the pilot projects. of pain. The judge said the county plans to recruit a special team freeze tester, keys, a coin purse Admits Check Forgery, His wife had to quit her job in and other articles also were sto The father works long hours to help provide for his large family, but there's never enough money. He earns $47 gross wages a week, and the family order to care for him and the Jail Term Suspended of ballot counters to handle ab sentees this year, on an ex perimental basis.

children. The family then asked len. Most of them later were found in a creek which crosses A 30-year-old woman entered Conco Concrete Company prop for help. There is no income until the grant's approved and receives $230 a month in public "We'll know in another year if Another fatherhood case, this time involving a man with 11 children, received some courtly benevolence yesterday. Harold Curtis Wake.

40. 419 West Page, received a suspended 45-day jail term from Magistrate Orville Kerr. Wake had entered a guilty pica to a second offense drunken driving charge and said he would apply for limited driving privileges. erty at 510 Sherman, where sev assistance. That isn't much they're getting by only because a pale complexion, brown hair and brown eyes.

The woman left for a coin-operated laundry at 4:30 p.m. Monday. Her car was found abandoned outside of Nixa at 9:30 p.m., and, retracing her steps, officers discovered the clothes she was laundering still in a machine at the establishment at 11 p.m. No clues concerning the dis-apperance were discovered yesterday, and as of last night, officers had not ruled out the possibility of foul play. this works," he said.

"It will be history by then." eral trucks were burglarized and damaged by thieves during of the kindness of relatives. money for a family of this size. The children, boys aged 12, 6 The "team" would consist of the weedend. 5 and 3, and girls 14, 5 and 3, They're staying with the relatives and pay no rent. If their application is approved, their about 54 persons whose job At the Dennis firm, the van desperately need warm winter dals left a note near a type clothing.

They'd be thrilled would be to just count and re port absentees. a guilty plea to a charge of uttering a forged check as her trial on the case began yesterday afternoon. Bobby Lea Fenimore, 1038 West Tampa, entered her plea to a charge that she signed the name "George E. Batterson" to a check for $76, July 14 of this year and attempted to give it to a local metal products company. Circuit Judge Douglas Greene placed the woman on two years probation.

writer which read: "We have Sally noted that Missouri now public assistance will be $105 month. with a few games and toys. The has 113 housing authorities and broke in. Ha Ha." 14-year-old girl especially needs if the St. Louis plan is success- But at present they need and food.

Some toys for their new clothing for her first year in Burglaries also were discovered yesterday at two business firms on South high school so she'd feel a little children also would make it SPRINGDALE, Ark. A proposed five-mill increase will be submitted to school patrons here in March, the school board has decided by a vote of 4-3. more like her classmates. ful the same type of construction can be extended to other areas. The St.

Louis property in- Campbell. happier Christmas for the par The family also needs bed Don't be caught dead sitting on your seat belt Edsel Wantland, manager of And another man, found guilty yesterday by a jury of felonious assault with intent to kill, may walk off free from a 2-year sentence. Circuit Judge Douglas W. Greene indicated that he would allow Danny osborne, 31. Peoria 111,, credit for 14 months time he has spent on a previous conviction for the same offense.

ents linens and food. Case 39 This lonely 79-year-old widow er, who has no relatives in Springfield, most would appre ciate being "adopted" as a Judge Greene said that the time already spent in jail would more grandfather and being invited to than equal the "good time" pro someone's home for a Sunday meal now and then or being tak visions needed for parole from the 2-year sentence imposed by the jury. Final sentencing will en1 for a drive once in a while be Jan. 16. Id Mi This Ds The Greater Springfie Market Claude Eugene Farmer, 23 ssoura and Richard Lee Bryant, 20.

both of 1400 South Campbell, were cleared of pettv theft charges in magistrate court yes tcrday. He'd be thrilled to be invited for Christmas dinner. The man, whose only close relative is a granddaughter in St. Louis, is still grieving over the death of his only son a year ago. He lives in a hotel room, paying $52 a month rent out of his total income of $85 a month in old age assistance.

The remaining $33 is used for restaurant meals, clothing and personal needs. The man is getting quite feeble and finds it very difficult to look after his needs. He is Two youths received 30- day sentences on common as sault charges yesterday in magistrate court. The two, Elmer William Wise, 19, Bois D'Arc and Michael Van Moore, 18, of The third market of Missouri with an annual spendable income in excess of $700,000,000.00 1615 West Water, entered guilty picas to the charges, which were partially blind and walks with reduced from felony ileatdifficul from aj)erson Donald Laverne Moad, 31, of 1 4 6 6 East Trafficway, was he is mentally alert most of the time. A visit now and then, just someone to take an interest, would mean a great deal to him, his caseworker said.

Gifts bound over to circuit court on a charge of uttering an altered check yesterday. He is accused of altering a S10.84 check from the Paul Mueller to read S110.84. Peyson Trial Jury Picking Is Underway Lily-Tulip (CONTINUE!) FROM PAGE 32) nance shift supervisors, like Beckerdite and Williamson, report to Clayton Henshaw, superintendent of maintenance, rather than to production people. "Why," asked Francka, "is Henshaw consulted on the hiring of machine attendants?" "He is charged with the maintenance of all machines in the plant." said Hatch. Francka also learned from Henshaw that Henshaw signs status change forms on machine attendants when they are so created, but not on other JErMSKSON U1TY AP) Selection of a jury began in Federal District Court Tuesday for the trial of Walter Patrick Peyson, called a lieutenant of Min-uleman leader Robert B.

DeP-ugh. Peyson is charged with willful failure to appear Dec. 3, 1968, hile on $5,000 appeal bond. He as to be re-tried on a charge of violating the National Firearms Act. He had been convicted earlier.

The trial was brought to Jefferson City on the defense argu ment that there had been too much publicity about the case in Kansas City. Peyson, 27, and DePugh, 46, were captured July 12 near Truth Or Consequences, N.M., after being sought for nearly 17 months by federal authorities. DePugh is scheduled to go on trial in Kansas Citv Jan. 19 on 1 170 MILES TO KANSAS CITY KERRY C-' I Clinloa BERTOR 1 I Deepvfatet Warsaw MILLER iM i ov LrT I 2 Osceola Mlftnnv I HICKORY Carndenton 1 Hst James. I VERNON ST.

CLAIR CAMDEN PULASKI Mai J-1 Hermitage Nevada dorado' LJ Richland mm Springs nillJK Wavnesvills 1 Humansville I him i j-t Le0Qard Wood I Stockton v. I ,1 I LelxxQoaN. CEDAR -n Bufkdo i BARTOR UCUM LL -J I Lamar. DADE POLK I I Greenfield UfCttCTCD I TEXAS 1 Golden City WtBiltK I I Lockwood GREENE MarJeldWRISHT mu I Carthage. LAWRENCE v.

M. RepuSc JfCT Eminence. Tii; fLRogpiUa Mansfield (Shoal NEWTON AjS-? 1 0zark Ata WilW Springs. View mm I 'Monet! Crane CHRISTIAN DOUGLAS I Galena I I BARRY I I OREGON 0 txtnor WestPkdns. W-JIK e.Tfillt?' IUBt TAHEY Gainesville.

0WEU ---i-iRi mmm 1 BENTON I ,1 Rogers. Berryville. 4 Safer. I SrJ CRR0LL IVLm I I innmV I ,1 H1RI0R Farstwvnk i- TV rvito poJta- WASH1RST0R M1DIS0R M'to rj toto LAWRENCE Marshall I Mountain View I 1 SHADED AREA SEARCY 1 i MM I I The Greater METROPOLITAN AREA A AN A SI Springfield Market I' 'I 1 I I. 'J 227 MILES TO LITTLE ROCK 1 1 1 Machine attendants from various departments who testified yesterday for Francka included Benjamin L.

Scott, Frank W. l'ierce and Ezra Edgar Wilson. "I have more bosses than anyone else." Scott told Francka. Scott has been a machine attendant since August, 1953, and also told Francka he is required to furnish his own tools. One of the jobs of machine at-1 a requiring several hours, is called "conversion" of machines, and Pierce testified that production people did not help with conversions.

In questioning of Ezra Wilson, John S. Boyer, NLRB hearing officer, brought out a reply that, though machine attendants sometimes must be disciplined, they arc never disciplined by the production department. An additional company wit two bond jumping charges. Both Peyson and DePugh also are to go on trial in bank robbery con-s i a charges in Seattle, and on violating the Federal Firearms Laws in Albuquerque, N.M. Judge William H.

Becker, presiding at the trial, earlier dis missed efforts by Peyson's at torney, Donald L. Mason of Kan sas City, to get the trial delayed further. Maryland Store Contest Veto Is Overturned ness is to be heard when the hearing is resumed at 9:30 a.m. todav. The intervening union also has a right to put on wit ncsses.

France, Morocco ree to Resume Ag Diplomatic Ties PARIS (AP) The Elysee Palace announced Tuesday France and Morocco have agreed to resume an exchange of ambassadors, after a period of almost four years of cool dip lomatic relations. France recalled its ambassa dor to Rabat on Jan. 23, 1966, fAP) -The Maryland legislature voted Tuesday to over-ride a veto by Gov. Marvin Mandel and re-enact a bill that will eliminate all games and contests conducted by retail stores to attract customers. The vote in the Senate was 28-13, and 113-26 in the House both more than the three-fifths vote necessary.

The bill, which becomes effective immediately, prohibits any retail establishment licensed or regulated by the state from using any game, contest, lottery "or other scheme or device whereby a person or persons may receive gifts, prizes or for the purpose of promoting the sale of any product or service The 1968 legislature had passed a similar bill that outlawed games and contests only at gasoline service stations. That bill still is before the courts on constitutional grounds that it discriminates since it applies only to one business. In an effort to rectify that objection, the 1969 general assembly enacted the bill covering all such contests. Mandel vetoed it, saying it was too broad. The legislature overrode him when the bill jjvas resubmitted at a special sexton.

with an angry charge that Gen. Mohammed Oufkir, Moroccan minister of interior, and two of This great market is most effectively covered by the Daily combination of the Springfield Daily News and the Leader and Press, and by the Sunday News and Leader his aides apparently had been directly involved in the dis- appearance of Mehdi Ben a a Moroccan opposition leader. Ben Barka was kidnaped fieldl on a Paris street Oct. 29, 1965, and never seen again. pel img Ths French government put Mewspapers, Dime.

Springfield, Missouri out arrest warrants for Oufkir, Ahmed director of the Moroccan internal security ser Dial UN 9-4411 vice, and Lardi Chtouki, chief of the secret service. Dlimi came to Paris and surrendered, then was acquitted of any complicity in the mm 4 -V -v.

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