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The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri • 21

Springfield, Missouri
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0 WT em pt 4r 1 1 i Shapsert a BaUtefleld Mali last night were given a Bitsieal break by the Re-pabHt Righ School eholr, directed by Mark Other rhsral graops wilt be erformlag at the mall dariag week nights the est Iwa weeks. ti ftp 1 i t. "-'lf4(4i," It: 1 1 4 i 1 3 Zenith workers certified for federal trade act aid Dock operators push tourism over power WASHINGTON tAI'J The Ijihor Department en Wed net day certified about 7c nuh Kadio Corp workers in Springfield as well as in II iinois, Iowa and IVnnsvlvaiua as eligible for special federal assistame tMtause import was a factor in their unemploy ment The workers are eltgihle for retraining and special cash payments to supplement state unemployment benefits The maximum cash payment is 12, a week minus the total State benefit, for Tl.weeks i 1 The department said the workers were employed at Zenith plants hi ao. farts and tllenvie. Ill Spring-field.

Sioux fits. iuoa. and Waivntwn. Ia Zenith manulaiturr stereos and black and white and television! iMter the Tradi" Act of tt workers losing their jobs hevatfe of competition from imports are eligible to apply for the special hrin-fits, known as trade adjustment assistance The I.abor Department also Anhitects and Conultin Fa ginecrs. and Jim Matthews, of Matthews and Hittman Ine Sch-wl brd member Jack Cole, who is heading a committee for selection of an architevi said a decision on a firm "will taWra to the board probably by next month In selecting a firm, said Cole "We Jill try to one that confutes witl our phiLv-ophs and needs Cote and cmmiltee member Koseann Betsslev talk, to cash board im-inVr and get their opinion on hih firm hrM fib our nevds Architects edn-da told the board that their fee prb ably would reflect abcut i per cent of the total estimated construction cost tin pn.

the new buildieg nt lrn determined 1 1 1 a 1 IVmer Admnisiration and it won't do a nicki-l orth of gotxl You have to correct this throiijth li-oslatlon We have some tLOcn-ssnMn working with us now hut we wed more." The benefits of u-un-ni nmiparcd to power production shows that the prmritiew need to be changed, the dork owners said "tiriicinalls. SI'A as to pay back the cost of the dams by selling power," Stokes said. "But they made a few bad contracts and they are losing IS i million a year They have only been aN to make any kind at payment in two the years. Wlw do you think is paying for That is coming out of the tax pa rs' pockrts, Right now tourim i making profits for the gmernrnent while power production is pro ducing a Uvi "There are people oho our purpose will hurt, but it is the sld American way the most See IKK KS. Page 12 seve ral years ago Details of information leading to the suspect's arrest were not immediately dis closed by officers, who said they planned to contact Springfield and County officers this morning Police said the man was rested at a Springfield motel By RICK DOYLE Staff Writer HARRISON, Ark The Public Post Dock Owners Association of the Little Rock District of the I'orps of Kngtn-cers vowed to use their association Ui push k'K'islition through CnnCTes have tourism pbd as a major priority in the lakes system The avMM'iaiton 111H iAcdm-s day flight at Holiday Inn re "We are going to prevnt information to the community get their support to have (he priorities changed in favor of tourism." said Chuck Edwards, owner of Favrte Rwk dixh on Tahk Rwk Lake tHherwtse they will train these lakes until they are erects "Tourism has never been recoKiiied as a purpose of the White River Chain.

It has never been taken into consideration." said Jim Stokes, president of the Branson--Ijkes Area Chamber of Commerce. "You can scream at the Corps of Engineers, you ran berate the Southwest Sharo your Christmas Social Security recipient gives her share By BARBARA CLAt'SEB Sun Writer "I'm on Social Security myself," one woman told the Christmas Desk it the Greene County Division of Family Sfrrtcn Office, explaining she would like to Rive more but could only afford a 13 or perhaps ti coniributttw to one of the featured Share Your Christmas rases. The woman is just ene of many who are overwhelming the Christmas Desk with offers to help families featured In the annual program. A mother of two children, whose story Wednesday said she badly needs a car so she ran Ret a job. already has a "fixed-up" 1971 Chevrolet, contributed by a used car firm.

The donors preferred to remain anonymous. The Queen City Linns Club and Lionettes "adopted" 13 youngsters, boys and girls up to age II. The Lions are taking them shopping for new clothing, and the C. Penney Store on Battlefield Mali is giving a lo percent discount. The Lionettes will provide toys for the children Jan Uhlmann, social service supervisor who is coordinator of Share, satd another volunteer, Carolyn Scheiderrr.

has joined other volunteers in answering the Christmas Desk telephone and performing numerous other chores. Cash contributions are beginning lo arrive, and IJSi was received in one mail delivery Wednesday, Ms. tlhtmann said. Some was marked for specific rases, but some was just designated to be used where it is most needed. Monetary needs are extensive this year Five case histories a day are being featured by Springfield Newspapers in cooperation with the Family Services Office oT Greene County, 12M E.

Trafficway Offers to help may be made to the Christmas Desk at Family Services. M2-I7II. not the newspaper. Today's cases Case No. 16 The young man in this rise has been in foster rare because of his father's death and his mother's illness.

The youth, who has made an excellent adjustment, will graduate from high school in June Mis foster parents have provided much love and acceptance but haven't enough money to provide various extras for him. such as a class ring, yearbook, invitations and funds for a new graduation suit He ll also be looking for employ went Case No. 17 The young mother in this family recently was divorced and haw spent the- past year struggling. to support herself and her 1-year-old daughter She has had to deal with emotional problems and the adjustment of herself and the child to a different lifestyle and income. After searching unsuccessfuly for a job for several months, she finally was forced to use an Aid to Families with Dependent Children grant to supplement her income.

She did finally find a job, but due an accident was unable to continue working. She receives a child support, and her only income at present is the 1161 a month AFDC grant After paying food and shelter expenses, there is no money left. The woman very much wants to spend Christmas with her parents, who live in a distant town, but neither she nor her parents have funds for transportation Her father is terminally til with cancer and isn't expected to live much kogrr The parents live on a limited income in a one-room apartment About KM wvuld enable the mother and daughter to make the trip and would pay for their lodging Cose No. 18 This rloic knit and religious family of six has been enduring various troubles for some time, and their mother may not be able to spend Christmas with them The mother age XI. has been kospitaliicd again in an attempt to control bloodrlots in her legs.

She has been under a doctor care for phlebitis since 1175 and has required extensive medical treatment. She is hasptlahtcd about every two months and sees her doctor weekly She is confined to bed when she's home Her husband. H. was employed steadily until suffering a severe heart attach about three years ago The family survived on a meager public assistance grant fur two years until they began to draw his Social Setunty They now have a gross monthly income ot 144 in Social Security and veterans benefits and receive no public assistance They do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare The children, ages IS to t. help prepare meals and re good at taking rare of themselves Rut they'd love a few extra treats for Christmas, and cash to help the parents with the medical expenses would be appreciated.

The family doctor is continuing to treat the mother, although they have not been ante to pay his full fees. The hospitals also continue lo admit the mother, and her bills continue to grow. Hospital bills total about txm Cose No. 19 The father in this family of ftve is working only part time at present but is actively seeking lull employment He is temporarily disabled hut Is getting help from two agencies. He in very worried and upset about not having a full time job The mother ts employed but now la working only part time.

The mother has bee ill, and there have been many medical bills. The family gross monthly income ts t-iSl. including in AFDC and KM in wage. The parent are very upset because they have no money for gifts or Christmas treats for the children A daughter wants doll and crib and could use clothe. She wears sue JSshwrs, I slacks and 7 shirt.

Another daughter just wants radss, but the also seeds robe, gown and slippers. She wean tut II U. Their II year-old ton baa asked tor car and race track net or walkie-talkie radio. He also needs Four architects are interviewed in planning for new cify school Staff photo by Steve teller hurt by foreign competition Officials say the proposals 'uld sharply increase- the money available, for communities affected by imports and shift the emphasis from direct cah payments to laid off wtirkers The suggest ions, given to the president in late October, include low-interest loans to companies seeking ti modcrniw their facilities, hisher retraining allowame for displaced workers and aid lo cities which have imt in diistry. administration aides have.said AUftouL'h the school board has nut set a rtist figure for the new school.

Turner has indicated that construction of the building would not exceed tt million for Jl rooms. The board in September purchased more than 18 acres of land on the north side of Highway in the southwest section of the school district for construction of tje school. Cost of the transaitww was Its 47 The deal began a lengthy process whu is aimed at re-I let in overcrowding in the district southwest schools Accwrdtng to II administrators, a new elementary school aKe mill eliminate the need to bus some students in the Cherokee district on the city southwest side to Pershing, See ARCHITECTS. Pace 13 His mother. Peggi.

and Fd ward who also has begun preaching, sat across from him and answered questions or commented in a soft. Georgia drawl They are from Columbus and Atlanta, and Ime a "mis -jor for under privileged children in an Atlanta ghetto his mother said Fdsard satd. interrupting the' interview as the food arrived "Do you mind if we All joined bands around the table and Michael offered a blessing over the food Michael has been "spreading the word of Jesus" throughout the I'mted States, including Hawaii, and wilt go to Trinidad in January. Germany ia April, and England in the fall, he said, double-checking the dates with his mother He has a wardrobe of tuxedoes, some in velvet, and often wears ruffled, formal shirts with bow lies, "tart's see. I have the green tuxedo, white tuxedo, a black woe, a three piece while suit be said.

"Ive seen Jesus in churches," be said "I saw See LITTLE. Pa Tt Springficjd man arrested in Carol Blades probe said Wednesday it had rejected applications for eligibility under the program frm another Zenith oorkerv in Indiana and lVnn) The lelrii'in mamfactur ilia mttustrs is asking for ad-diUnual gernnienl help, a feqwM rcnted labor is back 111 it The arter administration hs been cun-sidertng propo-salt to expand by to ItSI pi the government program to help cwn) panics, markers and communities The fur f-naiM sere required lo submit to a ries of questions compiled by schtl board members and other school administrators before Wednesday interview School board President William Turner said the pur-pm of Wednesday's meeting sas to tie up Ionise ends left unanswered in the question naire ih consisted of a list of about 2 items AmiBg them were ques-tifis relating to the firm de-ten philo-wiphy. design devcl-npmmt. and emaneeriog, ac-oirdmg to Dr Kuklens-ki ap rmtenden! of -hoots we bwK ally wanted to kmm where the) iarth'tcctsl stood in regard to cnero use and conservation," and post coflirurtiofi otiligations to the school diN-nct huklen-ki Liille MKhart" lard od told mt I wis a special child Staff phwu by Jaae Makaeg handle the young evangelist's bttstnes affairs. The elder Lord alsw was a minister.

He eoutd marry you. let you have the mold for your kwneymaonv sell yaw your ear and your insurance he could really fix yoa vp," Michael satd wver kit juice Lord spoke to me when I was 2' Its JOHN ROPKINS Staff Writer Members of the 13 Board of KducatiM say they have a number of tasks to complete in upcoming weeks to finaliw plans for the district's ftth public elementary school, among them, selection of an architect Board members met in pe cial session Wednesday after n.n" at the AJmintstraiUe Vnice leff. son to interview four Spring field architects, finalists a lineup of city firms tw cirlii kBdicatcd they were in tcrested in carrying out the district's specifications Architects who oere inter swwed Wednesday were Paul K-h. an independent architect. Harold Casey, of Harold A Casey and i ates, Rich of Hood Rich him He doe wot remember where he was at the moment God spoke, be said, aD that was years ago') but he rentembers that God Mid hint far was special child." And, indeed bt bean little New developments a Christian County staying led to the arrest of a 34 year old Springfield man Wednesday night Police took the man into custody on suspicion of first decree murder at the request of Christian County authorities investigating the death of a Niva woman, Carol Blades.

The ly PtX. SORIC Staff Writer His name could not hav been belter for the businevs he's in He shares one name with Michael the Archangel and his other name is Lord Ten Michael Lord, child evangelist, is in and will be preaching at 7 tonight through Sunday at Faith Cathedral Dutreach. Benton "The Ijord spoke to me hen I was be declared at breakfast this week in the coffee shop at Howard Johw-son's, where be is staying wild his mother, father Michael Lord, Sr. I and younger brother, Edward, who seven.

"He told roe to be preacher. said "Little Michael. as he is known on the southern evaBgeltsnt circuit readers of News-week; The National Enquirer and other widely rtrewlated publications and also lo viewer of Tom Snyder. Mike Douglas, Phi) Donahue and David Susskmd. 1 name a tew of the pc-pular television shows on which he baa bee a ts accustomed being 1 5 'i I 1 interviewed, tar admitted, a bttle sleepily, lie had slept deeply because of tong swun the sight before, be said In his tested mil, with a bow tit that matches the lining.

Michael rdered watmeal and answered questioM about Cod't first direct memagr to rewembLiwce ta mst 19-year-Id boys one meets Whew fat aegaa tsu peeMh- teg career at age kg years later was finally allowed tut father gave up setltag ttxswr-iH-e, real estate, and cars, xnd managing motel, to See Page 22.

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