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Springfield, Missouri
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2a Leader Press Thursday, June 20, 1985 7 Burial Missing Continued from Page 1A that Johns was abducted between 11:13 p.m. Monday, when she was seen at the 7-Eleven convenience store at the intersection of U.S. 160 and Christian County Route CC, and 2:15 a.m. Tuesday, McNiel said. That time has now been narrowed to 90 minutes, he said.

"We've reduced the three-hour time span considerably," McNiel said. "That's important because, we said. "Don't think I'm not" He has not slept much since the ordeal began. He rests in his clothes in case he must go out in the middle of the night Johns also goes over and over in his mind the last time he saw his youngest daughter. He worked until noon Monday at a lumber company.

Jackie Johns worked from 1 1 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the cafe, he said. When she got off, Jackie and. a girlfriend fixed his daughter's hair.

She was scheduled to work at the cafe later that afternoon. "She got home about 3 p.m., took a shower and got all spruced up," Les Johns said. "Then she came out and said 'Dad, How do you like my new I said it looked great. "Then she walked out the door and that was the last anyone talked to her from the family," he said. Waiting and not knowing Is the worst part of the vigil, he said.

Bits of evidence are filtered to him by McNiel. His daughter was struck by a tire jack, he says. He said he thought she was then thrown into the river. The search, conducted north of the auction barn, is not concentrated in the right area, he said, though he said he was grateful to those who had searched. "I think she's down south in a river dell," he said.

"That's my honest feeling." Les Johns is expecting the worst but hoping for the best. And he said he had come to grips with the fact that his daughter might be dead. McNiel is not calling it that yet and is working under the assumption that Johns is alive. Although McNiel has declined to speculate about the possible events of John's abduction, theories abound among area residents, including Johns' family. Johns' family thinks an acquaintance not a stranger abducted her.

"Whoever did this thing knew her," said her older sister, Janis Walker. Johns was pretty and friendly, said her father, Les Johns. But she also had common sense and was kind of a coward. Walker said. Jackie Johns would not stop her car along the busy highway for a stranger, she said.

"I've always thought there was more people in the car than her," her father said. He thinks there were at least two other people in the car besides his daughter, he said. "There was Jackie and one guy in the back seat and another guy driving," he speculated. The frustation was evident on the face of her father, who sat with friends and relatives outside of the family's home north of Nixa. Johns said he and his wife, Shirley, were attempting to cope with the disappearance of their daughter.

Les Johns was weary but eager to talk with reporters. He talked because more publicity might help him get his daughter back, he said. He appeared to be taking the situation In hand, "but I'm hurting," he Oklahoma and Arkansas. PFA, for which Gibson worked as attorney, went bankrupt in 1977, leaving some 7,000 Missourians with losses of more than $13 million. Gibson turned state's evidence for the PFA fraud trial and was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the case.

Today, Webster said that the cor-porate structure of Future Trusts ap pears to be "very similar" to that of PFA. Both corporations used a hum-ber of related companies for improper transfer of funds and property, he said. "We're not going to draw direct comparisons wth PFA," Webster said. "But if you look close, I think you'll see a similar hierarchy of related corporations. Anyone who has purchased a funeral plan from Future Trusts, should retain their contract and notify the attorney general's office immediately, Webster said.

The office has a toll-free telephone number, 1-800-392-8222. "It's an abyss," he said. Flight 847 Continued from Page 1A nese reporter tried to sneak aboard the plane by posing as an airline attendant. The captain and his two crew members said they are aboard, surrounded by many gunmen. Berri also said he had accepted a Swiss offer to use its territory to hold any exchange of the American i Bern made the disclosure after meeting with Swiss Ambassador Jean-Paul Ramsiere who delivered a letter from Swiss.

Foreign Minister Pierre Aubert saying, "Switzerland puts all its potential at the president's disposal to contribute to resolve the hijack tragedy." and sell property for less than actual value within the company, a practice known as The attorney general's office has been investigating Future Trusts for about 10 weeks, but it is still too soon to say if any criminal charges will be filed in the case, Van Hook said. The probe was prompted by a tip from an individual formerly associated with Future Trusts, he said. "Clearly, there have been some, questionable activities associated with the defendants, both corporate and individual," he said. "Whether charges will be Tiled remains to be seen." Van Hook said the attorney general's immediate goal is to secure a temporary restraining order, which would prevent Jones, Gibson and their related companies from doing business. He said Webster also wants the court to appoint a temporary receiver, which would control the defendants' assets including incoming payments and protect people who have already bought the burial plan from losing more money.

Also sought are court orders that would require the defendants to pay court and investigative costs, $100,000 in civil penalties and 100,000 to the Missouri Merchandising Practices Revolving Fund, a consumer protection group. A reporter's repeated efforts to reach Jones and Gibson for comment today were unsuccessful. "We haven't had any luck finding them lately, either," Van Hook said of his staffs attempts to locate the men. Gibson voluntarily surrendered his license to practice law in Missouri in January 1983 after the Missouri Bar Administration accused him of professional misconduct in connection with the Progressive Farmers Association cooperative, and with similar farm cooperatives set up in Missouri, can narrow our search. Someone can drive a lot farther in three hours than they can in an hour and a half." An out-of-state caller also gave officers a tip, he said.

"They gave us information dealing with the actual encounter," he said, but refused to elaborate. The sheriff said some blood had been found at a river access point, but he said the blood was inconsistent with that found in the car. Two men who had information about Johns' disappearance took polygraph tests late Wednesday. NcNiel said that the men were not necessarily suspects in the case. McNiel was to meet with FBI agents Wednesday afternoon to begin the development of a possible criminal profile of the person or people who abducted Johns.

"We feel like we're making some headway," McNiel said. On McNiel issued a plea to anyone with knowledge of Johns disappearance to call the sheriffs department. Despite evidence that suggests that the disappearance is a homicide, Continued from Page 1A torney general's office'will do everything it can, Webster said. "We need a closer look at the records of these companies to see what assets might be available," he said. In one case, at least, there may be no assets to refund.

Future Trusts filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Wednesday in Federal Court in Kansas City. It's not known if any of the other companies have assets that could cover Future Trusts' misappropriations, Webster said. As listed in the court action which seeks a temporary restraining order against the companies and the appointment of a temporary receiver the defendants are: Future Trusts, Kimberling City. Table Rock Business Services, Kimberling City. R.O.J., Kimberling City.

Gibson Woods, Kimberling City. Safety World, Kimberling City. Safety Products, Jefferson City. First Security Trust, Kim- berlingCity. Jones, listed individually and as director and officer of Table Rock Business Services, R.O.J., Safety World, First Security Trust, and Future Trusts, Kimberling City.

Donald H. Gibson, listed individually and as director and officer of Gibson Woods, Kimberling City. Except for, dealings of Future Trusts and Table Rock Business Services, "the exact nature and type of business carried on by the other named corporate defendants is unknown at this time," the court filing says. "Other named corporate defendants do serve as a conduit for the transfer of funds from Future Trusts, Inc. to the named individual defendants and to other persons unknown and unnamed at this time," the filing says.

Sones "has received money personally and individually" and Gibson has received "property and money" from Future Trusts, the filing says. Van Hook said the defendants improperly transferred money from trusts and escrow accounts to buy Carol small field toward the laundry. In one report, the man was described as being 5 feet 9 or 10 inches tall, about 150 pounds, with a dark complexion and black hair, but the three said he threw his hand in front of his face as they drove by. He was carrying a coat over his arm, and tors never discovered where else the car had been. In the years following her disappearance, dozens of people were interviewed about the case, but it remained unsolved.

Carol Blades' father, Louis Horton, hired a private investigator at one point, and requested aigrsnd jurytow Continued from Page 1A a table and as her husband, slept, she took her laundry into Nixa. She was last seen in Nixa when she bought some cookies. The keys to the car were found in a field near the laundry, east of where the car was parked on the highway. An investigation by then-Sheriff Buff Lamb found three people who sd they were pnto the highway when Jtoey. sawder Twung from the south driven by a man.

They said the man stopped the car, jumped out and ran diagonally across the Rv A wearing a flannel shirt, the story said. I. i never was convened. J. -OTAUft, cuiu iiau uccu unveil idi enough for 82 gallons of gas to be consumed.

Some of that gas was used getting to Springfield, but investiga- As late as 1977, a 34-year-old Springfield man was arrested and questioned about the murder. It 2yr'm 4j iWv'V II Sjt fl BATTLEFIELD TL MALL Shop Daily JO AM-9 PM jf II I FRONTAL SYSTEMS 4V AIR FLOW TEMPERATURE 4V PRECIPITATION 30 00 50 mil Showers and thunderstorms were expected today from south' Texas across southern Georgia and Florida with scattered thundershowers over the northern Plains and more rain for northern New England and upstate New York. Early Friday showers are expected in parts of the Gulf Coast region with fair skies elsewhere, Temperature extremes Maximum temperatures in the 41 con-tlglous states for the past 24 hours as reported by the Notional Weather Service ot 1 a.m. CST included, high, 1 14 at Buckeye, Aril, and low 14 at Gunnison, Colo. Springfield almanac SWIM SUIT SALE rigureo emuaiv minimum temperatures The weather elsewhere Thursday YetterOor i Hi Lo Pre HI Yesterday Today Tomorrow Yeslerdot Today Tomorrow TodoV Tomorrow Oil HI Lo Ollk 49 cdy 80 54 clr 63 crF'W-'tO clr 71 40 73 54 clr 80 17 '96 -68' Cdy 99.

Junior sizes 3 to 15. Missey sizes 4 to 18. the most famous brands, the best styles and colors 88 68 Clr 89 95 73 Cdv 95 80 58 cdv 82 1M 81 clr 107 .04 72 53 cdv 71 67 cdv 96 41 cdv 45 rn 58 46 cdv 81 63 78 56 68 49 7J 53 75 61 94 74 82 58 109 85 70 50 76 56 80 57 clr 52 clr 68 cdv 64 clr 86 76 53 cdy 76 I 1 I a- 75 54 cdv 78 60 cdv 77 62 cdv 76 60 clr 73 cdv 75 cdv 56 cdv a 43 clr 71 Select from: Bill Blass, Roxane, Cole, Rose 56 84 78 87 78 86 82 88t 88 77 43 58 47 75 4 74 it Tt 63 84 70 80 57 94 65 75 54 76 57 64 77 62 82 7) 58 clr 12 12 82 64 clr 88 66 47 cdy 64 85 59 Cdv 79 82 46 Cdv 80 77 56 clr 80 78 48 clr 74 82 SB clr 82 78 55 cdy 80 15 46 cdy 75 88 73 clr 87 85 71 rn 86 79 61 clr 84 87 67 cdv 87 90 69 cdv 88 52 clr 76 50 cdv Mane liied, La iilanca, Vonleis, Daffy 67 Clr 64 clr 86 55 cdv 75 83 55 78 54 3 62 88 74 .07 76 70 .41 55 II 56 93 67 53 clr 84 95 59 cdy 75 94 55 rn 9J 82 56 cdv 14 15 54 clr 88 82 68 clr 88 92 78 cdv 92 95 60 cdy 19 63 Cdv 78 sassafras, lieach more. EVERY SWIM SUIT 20 OFF .01 84 78 59 83 59 15 50 91 62 86 61 83 56 75 60 93 75 96 66 13 70 73 64 60 57 90 76 63' 40 71 51 84 59 75 S3 46 cdv 50 clr 64 clr 77 rn 61 clr 52 clr 45 cdv 68 clr 60 cdv Wednesdoy's high temperature (F) 77 Wednesday's low temperature (F) 54 Wednesday's temperature departure -7 Today's normal high temperature Today's normal low temperature 41 Today's record high temperature 101 Today's record low temperature 44 Wednesdoy's precipitation .00 Precipitation for this month 5.90 Normal precipitation for this month 4.44 Precipitation thus far this year 25.65 Normal annual precipitation 39.47 85 71 70 91 67 55 70 56 Albonv 'tltooue'riiue Amonlk) Anchorooe Asrwviii AtWtlto Atlantic City Austin Baltimore Billings Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston Brownsville Buffalo BurlotoaVt. Casper Charlton.S.C.

Charlton. V. Cnarlotte.N.C. Cheyenne Chicogo Cincinnati Cleveland' Columbio.S.C. Columbus.

Oh. Concord.N.H. Dalios-Ft Wth Dovton Denver Des Moines Detroit 53 44 rn 53 62 cdy 74 clr 60 clr 79 cir 60 cdy 52 clr 55 cdy 61 clr 41 clr 49 cdy 51 clr 61 clr 57 clr 69 cdy 76 clr 56 clr 75 cdy 66 cdy 55 cdv 74 cdy 54 cdy 52 cdy 70 cdy 56 cdy 50 clr 59 clr 66 clr 71 cdy 72 cdy 67 clr a clr 55 clr 61 clr 16 74 cdy 19 Omaha Orlando Philadelphia Pnoenix Pittsburgh Portlond.Me. Portlond.Or. Providence Raleigh Rapid City Reno Richmond Sacramento St Louis SI PeteTomoa Salt Lake City Son Antonio San Diego San Francisco Son Juon.P.R.

St Ste Marie Seattle Sbreveport Slou Falls Spokane Syracuse Tooeka Tucson Tulsa Washington Wichita Wilkes-Borre Wilmingn.De. 76 rn 86 55 cdv 79 48 cdv 77 51 cdv 75 66 cdv 87 54 cdv 81 52 rn 69 cdv 68 clr 45 rn 4 cdv 46 cdv 63 cdv 41 cdv 64 clr 56 clr 48 cdv 72 clr 74 cdv 66 clr 70 cdv 69 rn 44 rn 64 CHi 77 cdy 71 cdv 64 clr 67 clr 66 clr 71 clr 7J clr 69 clr 63 cdv 59 rn 67 clr 72 rn 65 clr 64 clr 54 cdy ATc: Duluth Foirtnnu Forgo FlogstoH Grand Roolds Great Falls GrnsboraN.C Hartford Helena Honolulu Houston Irtdianopolis JocksoaMs. Jacksonville Juneau Kansas City Las Vegas Utile Hock Los Angeles Louisville Lubbock Memphis Miami Beach Midlnd-Odesto Milwaukee Mpis-Sl Paul Nashville New Orleans New York Norfolk.Vo. North lotto Oklahoma City 89 57 85 69 cdy 88 58 77 112 42 51 80 90 69 .05 87 10 clr 107 74 64 tt 65 clr 86 66 cdy 73 55 cdy 67 74 cdv II 46 clr 75 S3 cdv 73 icy 65 clr 77 Sensational Summer 72 54 .52 75 82 59 82 81 58 87 72 44 77 76 54 .01 77 82 62 clr 85 59 clr 83 45 clr 52 clr 73 48 cdv 59 clr 87 66 cdv 60 cdv BJ 63 cdv 82 62 64 77 54 83 62 II 63 17 79 73 74 16 18 91 61 clr 96 -69 clr 86 16 70 clr 88 cdv 55 cdv 80 63 Cdv 92 77 cdy 19 85 51 clr 13 4 75 85 63 clr 60 clr 87 56 cdv 82 90 67 clr 99 75 56 clr 75 53 cdv SO 86 66 Cdv 92 80 63 clr 87 104 71 clr 100 79 96 76 77 92 78 68- 51 79 62 74 55 74 51 88 64 72 51 .01 17 62 76 53 71 51 79 54 50 cdv 71 clr 60 cdv clr 86 91 105 77 II 65 82 58 72 clr 94 51 cdv 12 dress 20 to 84 65 cdv 49 clr 72 cdv 66 cdv 53 cdv 63 cdv 60 cdv 7J .01 78 71 83 62 cdv 80 93 87 02 76 57 clr 82 67 cdv 87 54 clr 79 61 cdv 87 Watering guide There was .00 an inch of precipitation at Springfield Regional Airport Wednesday. It has been 2 days since tile airport recorded measurable precipitation.

Precipitation for. the month is S.90 inches; normal rainfall for June is 4.66 inches. 81 65 73 52 II 60 90 69 Clr 94 71 52 cdy 79 77f 57 cdv 80 71 63 85 69 .01 81 52 83 66 .69 48 92 59 clr 84 91 clr 92 Sun and Moon Data 40 OFF on every 7J- Springfield forecasts TODAY Partly sunny. High in the low to mid-80s. Wind south 10-20 mph.

Tonight, fair. Low in the mid-60s. Wind south 10-15 mph. FRIDAY Partly sunny. High in the upper 80s.

Friday night, scattered thundershowers. Low around 60. SATURDAY Scattered Scattered showers ending Sunday. High in 80s to. around 90, low in 60s.

June 18 Water supply Levels below spillway McDonlel 000 feet Fellows Lake ..............0.00 feet Gallons In storage McDanlel Lake 1.115 billion Fellows Lake e.070 billion T'al 10.185 billion Percent ef co pocity '00 10.15 billion gallons Every summer dress in sun-backs, dress and jackets, flower prints, solids, plaids a Sizes 4 to 20, 3 to IS July 2 June 25 July 10 Sunrise: 5:53 a.m. Sunset 8:37 p.m. Moonrlte: 7:35 a.m. Moonset 10:55 p.m. At lakes in the Ozarks II Summer Pants Summer Tops Summer Shorts From 9" Missouri zone forecasts WEST AND SOUTHWEST Folr tonight.

Low In the upper Wind south 10 to 20 mph. Partly sunny Friday with a 20 percent chonce of a late afternoon thunderstorm. Hioh In the upper Ms. NORTH ANO NORTHEAST Portly cloudy tonight with a 30 percent chonce of a thundershower. Low In the mid-eOs.

Wind south 5 to 15 mph. Portly sunny Friday. High In the mld-IOs. CENTRAL Folr tonight. Low In the mid-AOs.

Wind south 5 to IS mph Partly sunny Friday. High In the upper 80s. SOUTH CENTRAL ANO EAST Fair tonight. Low In the upper 60s. Wind south 5 to 15 mph.

Mostly sunny Friday. High In the upper 80s. SOUTHWEST Fair tonight. Low In the mld-60s. Wind south 10 to 15 mph.

Portly sunny Friday. High In the upper 80s. SOUTHEAST ANO B00THEEL Fair tonight. Low In the upper 60s. Wind south lo 15 mph.

Portly sunny Friday. High In the mid- to upper Ms. More weather For an up to date weather forecast, call 869-4491 for a current, recorded forecast. A continuous National Weather Service report is also broadcast at 162.40 megahertz on the radio band. This frequency is not receivable on a regular radio, but can be picked up on a scanner with the proper crystal or on any radio that has a weather and police band.

Loke Sfooe PrPoot Beover 1123,5 1120.00 Bull Shoals 61.70 654.00 Stockton 169.0 167.00 Tonevcomo 702.15 700 45 PommeTerre 843 TobleRock ttl.M 915.00 Trumon 71I.W 704.00 Nor fork 570.2 541.05 Lake of Ozarks 459.50 440.00 The take levels tor the dorks' takes are measured by the Army Ceres of Engineers. The levels are computed by automatic recording devices installed at each lake. The Lake Stage figures are the current take levels measured from mean sea level. The Power Poof reading Is normal level at the multipurpose pool ef each lake. By cemparla the current stoge to the multipurpose poet, you can determine It the loke level is higher er lower than normal.

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