The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1932
Page 4
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* WP! 3MTTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS , T>K OO0RHB HEWS CO, PUBLISHERS 0, ». BABCOCK, Bdllcr v- ». W v •rit'Natiou) Aflvertltsng . ...Utaww p*UiN, In;. ; New York. Chicago, 3»tpit, et, tputo, D*iiu, Kaaiw city, Little •very Afternoon Except Sunday. M Kcend cUsa matter it the post <jgf«* »t SlythevUle, Arkansas, under act ol OoD(ieM October 9. 1917. Servea By Uie United Press ; SUBSCRIPTION RATES - By curler to the city of Blylheville, 15c per week cr 16.50 per year In advance. By mail within a, radius of 50 miles. 13.00 per year, f IJO for ilx months, 85o for three months; 6y mall In postal zones two to elx, Inclusive, ItX per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Costly Controversy •^ Because members of the Arkansas Highway commission cannot agree where the money should be spent there is a possibility Arkansas may lose ;i considerable part of some $4,000,000 i in federal aid money which will rc- veii to the federal treasury if not speiit before next June 30. ; .Tijiere • are plenty of roads that are , needed, and men enough needing (he jobs- building of the roads would pro- v vkje.' But : the commissioners, or at jettst some of them,' seem more intent iipcln playing petty politics than upon getting, a' construction program under ^ay. -The attitude of Commissioner Sam Wilson, in particular,. seems (it this-distance to be obstructionist in (lie extreme: He has virtually said, if reports in the Little Rock papers are .correct, that if he can't-get the roads he Rants'for Ms part of the state he ib willing to have a largo part of tlie program., held up. : -MisSispippi county is not directly involved, because no work in this county is. under "consideration, but the people of-this and all other counties in tliu state would like to see this federal money put to work on the closing of some, of the numerous gaps in important'. :jt a be highway;;. The ccjfnm.Li- - sip'ners ought not to let personal, po- . litical, or regional differences interfere with that. 7 he Difference Advocates'of .(he proposed amendment-to the constitution of.Arkansas which would impose a one per cent tax on every sale ami re-sale of merchandise .in this state arc fond of referring to the apparent success of the sales tax in Mississippi. We thinjc the economic soundness of the Mississippi sales tax is questionable, but the purpose of this editorial is to point out that however good or bad Mississippi's plan may be it is something entirely different from what is proposed for Arkansas. To be specific: 1.—Mississippi's sales tax is purely an emergency measure and contains a clause which automatically repeals it at the end of a two year period. The proposed Arkansas sales (ax would be written into the constitution of the state where its repeal, should it prove iiiisiiti.sfiicloiy. would be (iifficull and expensive. 2.—Mississippi's tax b purely a retail sales tax, charged only once against any piece of merchandise... The Ar- kunsas proi>osal is fnr :i s^ 11 ^ 1 ' sales tux, and would In: pyramided 83 .merchandise |).'i.s>-t:l from the original producer to the distributor, to the retailer, and to tl:e consumer, the latter, of course, ultimately paying the entire bill. 3.—The Mississippi sales tax exempts sellers whose gross bu-iness amounts lo less than $100 per month or ? 1,200 per year. Thc proposed Arkansas sate.s lax would require a farmer to take out a license, pay u ICLV tu the slate, and make a tux accounting if lie .sold a load of stove wood or a second hand plow. '!.—The Mississippi law permits the merchant to absorb the i;ix, as he customarily does on small sales, anil to make his .m-oiinlhi},' with the state on Die basis of his gross volume of sales, UiuleV lhe proposed Arkansas lax [he .-oiler is specifically forbidden, under severe penalty, from absorbing the tax. He must collect it from thc consumer on all sales .of live cents or more, nnd must make a detailed accounting of thc lax on each and every item of merchandise he sells, instead of Kcttlinj; on lhe basis of his gross sales. The Mississippi tax is a one-time tax, simple in application, containing reasonable exemptions, requiring no elaborate collection machinery, and is a self-repealing emergency measure. Tlie Arkansas proposal is for a lax that would be multiplied every time a piece of goods changed hands, with an exceedingly complicated and burdensome accounting and collection system, a license requirement for the sale by any citizen of so much as a dozen old bottles, and, worst of all, it would be written into the cdnstitulion whore no matter how little we liked it it would be hard to get it out. More Relief ,for the Farmev It seems to us (hat it is time the fnrmcr woke, iiJicl did n little thinking sine! acting on his own part, whenever the old gag is used, save the farmer's money, in putting over any kind of legislation the farmer had better look out. From past cxjicrience he can judge in the future. The farmer pays (lie freight and when some "slicker" tells him he has something which ivlll save him money he can rest assured there is a catch in the deal. Several cf Hie amendments to to voted on November 8 arc disguised in this way anil \vhen, nropsrly diagnosed one will find they will cost not only the •farmer but the average citizen more than the present tax is costing. Read these nmrn.1- meats and then vote against the majority, if not all ot ihein. —Wynne i>rogres5. Tiie farmeio In (he miik shtds of the country arc milking their cows for nolhhis. They are maintaining their amateur standing because they certainly are not bcluj; jraid for it. —Norman Thomas, Sonulist cnnditlale for thc prcsi- They think I aai cra/y, )j\r. ;iiey also thought Noah tt-ns cia/.y when he wnrned them of the P.o-d. -jclui U. Nash. Springfielcl, Mo., who prophesies n;d of (lie uorld is near. SIDE GLANCES^ By George Clark •" »*i*' VI ••-•' •; ' • .1,- •••'•'• -'•'. ,. r .''.•'-: :'\'.«9: if. S;MT. CFT.-O "i 032 r, CHURCLl EXCUSES By Gcorse W. Bariiam Since I have our Sr.turday ! Nh:ht Chit) running ;;o smoothly ; I think I will be aljlc t OK?I horns •• n bit e-arly. If i do, then I can fi.xi> Sister and Junior lo church ir.;;!-ir f.i:d will r.ot hav.? to worry the neighbors or anyone" else about, lukln.; them. I T v ,i]i ];0 Kiacl fov I love my church next to my children so you see why I wo:ik! .naturally make every cf- foit passible to get to both Sunday School and church. V/<-ll On I remember my Smith'/ PcilM! fJHYS, J t v . as [hvoUSll the Sunday School I learned, to Joi'c and appreciate iny church. That is why I ;az\ that |I must have my children relistously trained. Of course. I v.iit not OYprluok Ihei rsocial trainlu?. I get Sister In a good dam-In-? , schcnl at once: there is nothing : like training ;by a seed danelnc; , ma-iler (n qiv,-? or.s ;>:kc an:! : ciacL'ful carriage. If you' dun't be• lii-vr this, just take a sf.u in the church snail- Sunday ir.oi-mnv: and • sec the difCci/.-nr-c i-i tip way a ; well trained dancer and one iint, i so well trained walk down the L_- THIS CURIOUS WORLD WH5 o , Our OF HIS WIN1 HR. HIBERNATION A WCHS-OLE PEEIS FSCW.THE F6CT ANO A NEW, SOFT, HO=a« R y LAYER IS E " )ty nn. MORUIS FISI111EIN Clubfcol was first describe.] by thc father of sel2ntilic medicine, the great Greek physician Hippocrates. He recommended that'a child born with its feet twisted be subjected to rapeated manipulations and that bandages then be applied to hold the fool in place until it healed properly. As time went on various surgeons studied the question more scientifically with a vi;w to producing not only a foot that leaked well, but nL>o a foot that, woulj be as useful as' possible. The msthcds of treatment o! clnbfe=t have varied ami changed from c-arly operative methods, which involved removal of pnr;iou.-; cf boii= and cutting cf tendons, to manipulative methods which involved forcing the foDt into yirsp- or position, and Hnally to a gradual change In the position of the foot brought about by a serus ot plaster casts nn;l wc-dgings. Today, hundrecls of children bcrn with clubfcDl have been treated by the modern methods with e.\-c:cri- Ingly succssful results. Tile exact cause of clufcfcsl n nc: known. Apparently heredity b 3 j i Eom? Influjiif; in lhe 'matter. b»- ' cause it, is round in some -; ).-.cent to 5 per cent of the cas?s Lin! -someone in ir. c family has hi" trouble with this deformity ore-' viously. IJr. J. H. Kite believes that u i-,' desirable to handle thj cases .->•-., parly as possible because molciin-l later 1 "'' 1 Si '" plcr earl >' '" lifc ll ">" ! Each year after a child has b->-' EUn to walk, a longer and ' SAN FRANCISCO. Cal. An encounter with a ; wlijilc W3K the- only Carl A. Ericknon, 31-year-oM Alaskan seaman, said lv' exper-:' . ienccd in navigating a 2R-foot ! i ci.'en uoat from Dutch Harlxjr Alr.ska. to San Francisco. ; j The I'.ardy Vikinu niidecl i i 'n, littlrj craft into Sun Frai-.clsro : •. Br.y, concludine a 2.300 mile voy- • I age alone in 27 days. '• a loud sv.-ish'.iijr off; - — -.ight." he said explain- ' i in? the only "excitement" of tl' n thna is required to correct this ty;>? | hr/arrioiis trip. "There. snoring ' of deformity. Children treated dur- ! al ™J'. was a whixie. He woke up i , ., we buy " ne "' car r te hi no w, what will the chsiuf- feur think, after those salary cuts?" Early Treatment Essential . • ; J«y. conciuri in Straightening Clubfeet a -V' h " ° • stern one Hi; UNUSUAL OCCURRHNCE FALL IN EVcRV STATE IN THE UNION ON THESAMC PAY TKJS IS BELIEVED mS. TO HAVE HAPPENED Kga. ON JANUARY M-, * A tOAFGFB&EAD DOES „„. TO INCREASE !N TFMPERATJR5 A- iT_HEAT6" RAPIDLY AT FlSSC, ^ •IS AT AM WEN TEAPE i) "a? PV 'AM SM-K-; i:.-e. ,0-11 During the time tlut o. boar FtcnOs in hitri-n.i'b!) lh e <- 0 i c - of M- Iccl continue to thiekcn so that when spring comes they arc ecvcu-H v,-m, a coarse la.vjr cf hard skin. But bruin needs soft cushions'on his fee, in order (hat his great weight can be carried noiselessly Hircusli the rcivst. Only a , cv , „„„ 0[ „.,,..,„„ ^ ^ ^ . t!,c-,vs and rain, and off comes the dead outer covcrin". islaml is gradinlly sinking rnlo (he sea? . Ing the first year of life couH hav ilieir treatment com pis tod within 23 weeks; the' second year of life, I . v.'ith n bans and his floundering almost capsized my boat." . year, weeks, and the sixth year, .11.7 , IVCckS. ; Out of several hundreds of chil- i dran studied by on? special's!, 88 i per cent htul the condition success- ' c ; fully corrected without operations I through regular moldflis cf the fe2t I n ' in io|jsated trcr.'.ments, using casts' *' and wccglngs. ! :' It is one of th? marvels of mod- i avn Esieiicu ihat- children \vli3 \vcu!-:i formerly l-.avc hcb'okcl through lit-? th? subjects cl pity, are now on- : ab'.cd lo walk a'niit with fcc-t that • resemble chose of the normal child, ! - nn:I arc thereby jjiven cpportuni- i ties for success and happiness. I Birds ResemMe -Snow Storm in Missouri ; <'i"3AS CITY, Mo. fUP)—rea- t riai " gazinj up a( ihe bril- .'iilv-lightert tower of the Power " Kansas Ghost Town i Back io Farm Acreage ! ^UBLETTO, F;an. (UPJ—Santa ! Fe has ample tradition to back up i its title—"thr ghost town of Westi orn Kansas." -. For SI years there has been , no 5!:ch a 1 ; ~ : maii-mal-.ers and ! the contrary. . Once ii[:cii a time Sanla PC was tile caunly seat of Hnskcl! Comity. Coat Saved Kansas Farmer's Life AURORA, Luck cert air Kan. (DP) _ Laa'y ly is on good terms ... Cote, fanner living near here -niita 1'C, Kan..ISM- dark clouds appraacliin" as statisticians to; lie worked in th: field. Dwidinj to quit work, he started drivin-j his team horn?. , .. - ——• -"...,.j. Suddenly he remembered Icav- ig here one ni^nt New it has c?ased lo be, both fac- i ing his cont in the fi?!d H« went •• tnallj- and technically. Practically i back for it, leaving the horses. In Hurry of nil of thc townsite has gone thru | his inoincutary absence a lightnln* Ihe legal machinery that has j bolt struck the team. Three I'.or.-,that a transferred it fiom city lots back ' cs were ki)'?d. Cote received only ,' -- -light shock, been attracted ' n ,nmu n i e t.iOtt-fiaKcs. Invesligation revealed that a arm of mi7rati!)g warblers. ' to acreage. a souih-bound. had been attracted Thi cnly liinfc of a town that ! i»- u'-' lights ai;;| hnd stopyed to : once- liar! a ir circle the buiiamg for an hour ur the Ws a,,,; i lie a &f 1,500 in crumbling Eighty p^r ten; of tiip worin"s motor-cycles ar^ in. Eurojp. birds departed only when house, a fillcd-un well . . bricks, the foiindafion of the court Germany «-as 7G0.003, Unit'-i Kin°n , ,- > -- , c-im we an nils am . e flood Ightsj'rcrcjstingulslie^ahat oi:cc marked tl:c main str?ot.. Italy 95,500. and mis dDm 640.000, France 409,000. and \vliu :irp Kont lo chi-i-k itrlitlllrj. [Ir.ll »:IJN I:;. l : , n i-iH-p]:. ISi-lo l:1} -» lie v<lll -11- prtvcnl II. (!|u m - OUT OUR WAY By Williams .. . l:i-!ii-n J.'.il-iiUT, lit- (il> firr !il» I.i-.-l- ill.Jtrii. nii![.i:v »i:ilj JJniin. PIII-.T i lllv>7< In crl 11,-l . H Hi::::, ~ r |s »lf.::c'il. Deli, in r. llj-. lisr;l liinli . i :n: ( l ft Trci HO\M DO MOO V<MO\.V CbMiHlC-r! gt sou GOT' UP -TO >s FARM PRODUCE.— HE DOES HI f CO/OS-?! ST.ITW- O- 'c SPIIMX Knin ADVANCE. UoTi . MONTGOMERY pletely to the realizalion Hint was utterly in lovj \vjth Doiin. They cut b.ick, doilsitis; in and oat | for several miles, livery striilo of i the mare carried them into territory that deadly for St.iu but lie smiled grimly nnd ingcil the I liorso on. As they entered the cut- over ground with its scant cover he bcfian to whlsllc a hit of a luiic under his breath. Dona wag silent lint slio let him hold her firmly when tiicy crossed washes anil fallen logs. a • « r pnFA T were mr^in^ a ilasli across *• an ojicn sp;:cc when a rifle icjarlxrl lo tlieir right and a spurt jof dust rose- almost ur.clcr Hie flying j lini.fs of tl;o r.-.arc. Stan - grimly. "There's one just ahead in [Hat iiatch of limber and there, is another just above us." * 9 • r\ONA did not reply for a moment. 'Til get down and walk out into Ilic open," she said firmly. ' l l luve something to say to you," Stan interrupted. "Not now!;' Doru ivns suddenly afraid of what be was about to tell lie.-. "1 liave to get it oil my chest," he insisted. 'Cut you arc litcr,:m- surrounded sl:e bad just Quitted tnS 'j:-gan to circle around it. Dona pulled up and Miched ihcm hemming in Ibe spot where she l:nd loft Stan llall. With wildly beatins heart she waited At thai moment she realized tliut Ball ssScd her to ride away with him she would have gone. AU1DEU burst from tbe timber an.i galloped toward her. It *vas Dudley aud he was disheveled ami dusty, tbe first time sbo bad crcn him EO since coming to Three Rivers. "Dona!" lie shouted. Tbe girl faced him mechanically j u-.. t.. ui t,.« i,..lit. .Jltiii c;;'mx.- ^... JIJU £11 « IJlrL'II lilill Li IV^jliLIl IL.ll JJ i sliarjily cud 111? litl.c animal .brk-U '.,' •' l:c El ' ot at n "- v minute." aiu , h ca(](! j t]lc i,; Bc:i I113r< , iri Ili5 ;-.<) tiie side a-;<i ] L arcd into a thicket ,!"" ' A " 3 °i ; tc Vcr3c ot "ervoas | direction. At bcr side, Dudley .'.f nliler ai:d b.-rri- Imslies. l-'roii: I I,,. 1 '" 0 i -" ::1 "- "leaped from his saddle, jfuis cover Sir.- rout |-,or iwm^in.p'. .,':' l'.^' 1 '? ll "' 11 l»»c!:cs. Tills "Arc yc-.; hurt?" lie rrlcd. iinlo a dciif) growth of aspens. I' .,'. ,"'" :ul - *''•'" smiled evenly. Sh,o looked Into his eyes nnd sml- GKR.MANS ARlv TRLTE On Oct. 21, 1918, Germany su •grated to ['resident Wilson :u- cinciKs for nn aunistice an- iioiinccd that her submarines would he i-cslrictal and told of govorn- meiit reforms. Tha allies advanced ou a ri'i- niilc fro.'H from the D:ilrh liort!.-:- to th c Oise. cast of St. Qucntn; Germans in northcrii Uclgiij." were forced back upon Ghent aii '• the Sclietdl. I'.t tile T)alka:vs. French tree:--. reached thc I)annb r near Vidiii j shelled an enemy monitor aiiri (hove it ashore. CjTAX KVKSS f.icius his i"-;ro::or. "net- u-r sit down and a few mill- UlOit." ||f ,- l; ;l| l):>!:a rat dnv.-n an:! propped bcr cbi:' in b;-r !,,".:: !;-. to bcrsell. She cm:!,! nnl I >.>:; r,.i]| i:i ibc face, the <lid i:til rc:;rct for a mtin:cnl cavin:; In'in f;;mi tho n.ob tint into a dcu^o growth uE aspens. Uoiirt batl sinidcniy Lecomo vcry niiirli alive. "Please slop!" sbo b?s.acil. Slnu pulled up and rfid lo Ibc ground. lie jc-rke:! out his gun aud ready lo v.-nr.l off an attack. 1 1 jilrl Kn::'. sluv.-ly. "[ intended to Id them c'liturc i;s." Rlio iuot Stan's g.izo fnr U:o firsl lir.ic. Suddenly ^.-bc burst cm anrriiy, "Ydn'ci tide ilKht into ramp wilb me:" llc-r iiji? trcmblci!. He ' "Xl?. I f:U:> til taliC VDIJ tO Illli CdgC iif the <-!ca:-in~ ;-.i; ( ) tUeii make my :;ct-an-ay. 1 .jnn't to commit suii'ide. no-.v." His grny eyes lisld "Von are uoinr, to leave me -Tftkc tbe horse am! make a break clenly rToTabc'canic'rcpoiiti-int.''^'^!- !id-!! P '" D °" n 3ln:osl I'« had suffered duriiis her absence. P '?.\-'.'' ,, 1 that was certain. .Not iinltl t lc!t you." lie. held her in the paddle wlien lo siidc lo tho ground. slic started * r.ogalivclj'. pvaiilc.l tr.ns and the i:at»;-.v crcnpe this man li.-id from lyncbing were ticmiin:; before lit-r eyes. She did rut cjirc ivliat ho was or what be \Vitli HH ii!ir(-,i;oninc r.i'se Doua , Tlic fi-nl tl-al f.ivd at us can Jake wo in." l).i:i.i's eyes lowered slis 1 flushed deeply.' "It will t: C wortli tlio trouble to lake you I-:,? re?; cf llio way." yiaii Krisuifd. "Tiie lady and I" (lie uio . tioiinl l,> |;j ? hors:) will enjoy a bit more exi'ilcir.cnt." , „ , rase) did bate to have lo admit ll'.r.t she could not KCI U'roiish wilh ; lbvr::l lo rxncl the btnvkst pc-inlly cf bi::i. Her weakness ot Ibo past hour irritated her and miv'ic bcr i!c- trriaincd (o b;:ip Kt,->n nmre Ibor- onsld;.- tl-.nn ever. Slio kiijvv Ibis would to Imporfible if ilie lo-kcd at him cr Icl him make her talk. Sacral minutes p:-F=.-d. Dona raid In a Io\v voice. "I am icr.dy new." Kta:i fill up and ivlii;:;>-d roftly to the blacl; inaro. Ho InljiLd Dona tnti) His saddle and she willingly ac- ccr.lcd ibis a«s;st:'.nre. Leajiini; mi behind bcr, Stan ln.;u!cd.;;ie mare around lhe slccii slope, for lie would have to lako a roundabout rouio to (he timber camp. Only Uio foolhardy darius of bla errand could cave li'.m. llo was worried, loo. for mnrc c.nd w,-,a iryinc I fear Ecmo cxcila'jlo ]u:r,licr man' Sinn cli.iiiscd ti-.cir course la Itc icpen tbcy't,. mlglu £oe lhe black ruaro EIHI lake j right up lhe sloro where ihoy |lih!lr.s ,-i::d' n shot nt them, Injuring the girl, i cor.ld keep to cover. Finally to t!-.«y s,a-.v i v For Elan bad glvea hla-telf ux com-[pulled -jj aaa wilatled sofily, jiurnccl tr.c;'i to escape unbrirniod. "I (oiildifi ^ot a. 109 yards on i'""0.i:!cl;." Ib!l spoke c.'Umlv, louk- i.-: up at l:tr. "iluiry! Ti-l! me." sbo cried. "1 ^'i^c \-uii my promise on oalh lo leave tills co:i;i(ry and r.ot to rc- tur.-i." be r.-.{<]. licMIng her cyca. R: »' "Tlicn go:" she nrpcd. "-'II s;n,I you down lo (ho c.lmp r:i Uie marc bal I'll have lo liavc bcr to set away." lie hesitated . second tbea hurried on. 'Til come 1 srentcst caution. i!ov.-r lo (lie p.-ilcii of ti;f.(icr behind Hie ImildliiK tmilglit at!). Can "I'm all right. How Is Dad?" Slio Ecoko rapidly. "He's running around like a wild man. We'd belter get rigbt in bo- fore ho burns down ihe camp." Dud- Icy was bpginniiiK to regain his cora- posnro now that be saw she was not banned. "Has be been riding?" Dona asked contritely. "Ail uver Ibe laonnlalnl you'll r.cver know bow glad I am lo FCO yon. I could no n-.ore handle him thai: 1 could a wounded tiger!" Duu.'sy was plainly relieved lo havo Asper off his hands. "U'o'll gallon rk-lit in." IJoa.i said. She cast a hst glance up Ibe sl'.pe srbcre thc posso was forming around the dciiso growth In which flic left -Stan Ball. The circlo had lighlencil and tlio men now ivcrf crawling (orwai-d niih iho Dudley morircd Ilia face wltii a silk handkerchief as he jolted along at her side. "Hns Swergln !i:cn t;i with any . Di>nn asked. 'Wo hrjven't br.d a word about Dud- !ii:;l several men wcro hcl onj .".!iil I'.ill leaned up lulilnd ;l waik." :•: 0 insisted. her go alone ence. Dona was suro there woaltl ba a scene when sU» ssplalnci! tbe r.ear lynching. <1o B«

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