The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 20, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR BM'l'flflVlLLE, (AUK.) COUKIEU NEffB THE BLYTHEVIhLB COURIER NKW8 FBI 000RBK MBW8 CO., 0. ft. BABOOCK. fl. W. BAIMS, AdrcfUUAr Sole NaUorml AdyerUUnjf -i*prtMEUtiT««; Arkansas Dallies, Inc., N*w Vork, Oblc«o, Gtlrclt, 6t* Loul», Daunt, K»r«u) CJty,Mempbl«, published Every Aiuincxm EZCCDI suimty. Entered as second u!*ss matter »v the post oillcc Bl Biythcvllla, Ar- kaiiwvB, undci act ot Congress, October 9, 1017. serve a ov yn uniuta Hy carrier in inc wtjr or BlylMvUle, !&o I*r Tcck or 0.60 per year la idvtuce. By m&U within a radius of 60 rnlJc*, f3,00 P*i ycnr. 11.60 iur in months, 85c lor ll.ree month*; by mall lit postal zones two to els, Inclusive, HI.50 |Kr ycnr, In fconr.s seven ano cluhl, (10.IW p« your, payablo In tdvanco. Picture Italy's 'Corpora/toe State' in American Terms! Il is always cask>]- l<> ligiire out wlial is j;oiiiK on in H foreign country if we tninslalu the action llic'ra into lotvil terms, Hy imagini'iitf now sonic Kimipciui program would look if it wuro being followed in America, with American actors in llu: Itadine; roles, \ve can usually gel a prc-lly full- iden of its nature. So it is with lh« luiest (levulo)i- inenl of Mussolini's "corjwrale slalo" in Italy. H is worth while to picture this in America — not only because that gives us a belter idea of Italian conditions, but also bucuusu it tihows, by contrast; bow far from Fascism our own .sol-up really is. Suppose, then, that we have this Mussolini system in operation in America, and that you are a business man : anxious to open a nuw factory to make, let us say, dollies-pins. » * * Kirst. of all, you nnisl go to Washington and satisfy Mr. Roosevelt Hint the dothcs-piiv industry needs a new factory and' v | bat you will bo able to soil clothes-pins if you make them. Voii must also permit the minister of I'OTiionilion.s— -ficiTclm'y Koper, for instance — to pnl a man on your board of directors and examine your books. Gelling the necessary approval, yo'u open up. You automatically become >i member of a [yasl corporation which embraces all ths: wood-cutters, clolhes- ,piii ' niakor.s iind dolliu.s-jiin Kellers 1 in tlie Unilcd Stales; your employes', likewise, become members of an allied corporation including all other such employes. The wages you pay are fixed by law; yon pay no more and no less. Your workers cau'l strike;, and you can't fin; them. Any dispute must go before the Labor Delations Hoard, whose decision is final. you don't like (his, and waul to appeal to Congress for a change. Congress, as il previously lixisleii, is gone. Instead, you tind a group of conijrcjssmon represoMling, not the various states, but the industries of steel, oil, aulo-nianufaclure, fanning, railroads, and so on. ; Each of these industries is grouped in a gigantic corporation— whose head OUT OUR WAY is Mi 1 . House veil, iissiblcd by threu of Jim Farley's hoys. This being the case, Messes. Roosevelt and Farley hold the upper hand in Congress. Congress docs exactly what these two wish, and no more. Meanwhile Mr'. Fiirley's men arc forever inspecting your factory l» see if yon are efficient If you aren't, they can shut yon up or make any change in your method of operations they see til. A I'iinlaslic piclnruV To lie sure. But it is nothing more than n translation into American terms of the actutil situation in Haly loday. Cation. This Tof>sy~Turt)ey World 'l'h» topsy-turvy romlilioii of I IK; world today could hardly be appreciated belter thitii Uivinigli a contrast, of Amuric.'in and Kussian agricultural programs. A Kussia'n court in Tashkent re- cenllyNpul fifi coiton farmers on trial for 1 licit- lives-. They are accused of having grown only lit) per cent, of the amount of collou which the. government expected them lo grow this year; and if tlie court finds out that (hey limited production on purpose, all will be, shot. Contrast that, now, with the American farm program, which aims al cutting production rather Hum expanding il. Laying aside the blood-curdling savagery of the penally involved, Hie contrast is illuminating. In Uussia, Hie farmer gels into trouble for not raising enough; in America, lie gets into (rouble if he raises too much. A mad world, this? And-Or Usually, it. Is Ihi.' liiymim u-ho gnasUcs Iccili nml I cars Ills hnlr lit, the moiislroslUcs of leyal vcrlilnfc, most lawyers Ijclng inured to the MrniiKc and verbose patois Hint chillers up IrRiil dfluumcnUs oC all binds, federal Judge Davis, however, fnnLs Ills skin creeping under the touch ot (hiii lesalism, "iind/or." "And/or," says the judge, with obvious restraint, is "useless modern Itingiiiice." In overruling a motion lo dismiss a banknipir.y petition, lie said Ills decision would liuvc hccu otherwise If Ihe motion hud been bused <m ihc use of "iind/uri 1 in (he bankruptcy petition. We. tloiibi, however. \vhoUirr ib(> Judirc's oiillmrel will have much died. If I be Innfiingc of the Intr muyor incdlciiie were reduced lo simplicity, practitioners \vautd lie losing ;i piece of imimbo-Jmnbo very vahmblc m Impressing the Biomutlhigs. —St. Louis I'ost-DispuU-li. Fascism wm continue to iorge ahead nmlcr the motto "Justice lor the 'people and power for the- lathorhnd." —Premier lionlto Mussolini of Italy. * « 4 Since the- wur I have had lu live pretty much HI top speed. -Admiral liiclvml E. Uyul. 1 dn not object lo any mini biiUdluc up H great lortunr, provided lie ean do so without Injury to nthers. —Secretary of Interior HaroM (ekes. MV GAWSH, \" (CK [ \ AIN'T \ By Williams 1 -, V?Jlfe \\*$S$- . ARp MAD^-NDT BoRKj. « s '" i! '\T 0*f. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Uiiiiu-.s, what diil you drink of that dress tlio husles THIS CURIOUS WORLD ?. William Kerguson THE SONG, "DIXIE; WAS 6V DAN EMMETT, WHO WAS BORN IN THE NORTH, WHILE THE TUHE TO THE NORTH'S . BEST CIVIL WAR SONG, "BATTLE HVM(J OF THE REPUBLIC" WAS WRITTEN BV V/M. STEFFE, BORN IN THE. SOUTH/ FLAT, RJJBBER CHANGE PADS ON C1SAR CASES HAVE A "WEIGHT;' IF LIFTED AT THE CENTER, OP ALMOST 75 POUNDS/ THERE IS NO MOSS .IN A MOSS AGATE/ THE MQSSV OESKStlS APX CLUSTERS OF MANGANESE OXIDE, IMBEDDED IH THE STONE. Danlol Kiimictt ii-rolc! "Dixie" merely as a number lo IK sums in a minslrcl show, but it turned out in ho the most popular son!;- of the soulh, and was SUIIB for tlie first time by Confederate Hoopers, ou September 11). 185S. N'K.XT: why diil Indians, in (lie early days, !;|i;m- (he lives oi Most Defects in Spcccli RcsilH of Menial Causes MUlililS I ISIKIIMN • iru;tl (if (In- Anin ii.iu • Hycria. (lie Hrallh .M.i-iirim- : Detect ol spi-orh i.- a mental. : rnuitioiKil, social, iimi economic I handicap. It imnf-m, with our I _, ucilt.s nf Mfr. it .jntei- 1 feres witli our ability to eurn .1! llvftiK. It raiises ' i inharrass- I ami rttsturhnniTs lu fain- iiy. industrial, mui political life. Tlu organs in ihc body con- cmictl nidi sprorh mrludc the i hps. the tcclh. the tongue, (he | •illy It [l-liumlnl j.'i.oii to a ri;;hl- li-iiicltd on;; iniiy he awociuted with 11 defect like slutleritig. Ainnns! tin- iw.;t common ot Jpn:t-h <!iirir:ulit.-,s ;dc. of course. hspini! ami Miitfniig. Lisjiins K tin' cinulitioii usually callod "iiiihy talk." It reprcHiils an inahilily lo pninouucc u- t t.. vs or CPr iain comhinalions nl Inters. Tlii!- hahit is .•JinuHimrs devci- ojh'd iiy K ji].s. iiarticnlarly. who Iliink it U "fin-." but occasionally TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20,' 19 The Clew cif the '"."'".••....rm, i,,,,,,;,;;, . ,; ;* t" lid r.,lli,|y ntld Ili-ro,,,,,,,, ,,, ",. " tlrl mllfj ,,A1ll HUl'c.Vs! ' I"K )l..r.l,,,, «m| ,„,, „, . mi*. HI..«,VI:III: JIAI.OM; i,,, "hum M»S, I:ATIIAV iimi c\m IHI-IXK. drli-rllvr I,, h,, r ,;n,,l,: f ', """ '•«• ..... «ri- ..... K . ...... .,,,/d - rrTiDU-M In tjilk. Crllt mill Hlri-liiT 1 li I'll- (liirj llrlft,. „„„ u I* Slcllu Jliii'lilcy, !• .In.ljiu. -- - ! lli.' . 1-hr Kl'l Irll. ll.r,,, '"l,t-r.. ,,,;,,,, I i mi,,,, ' 31nlin,c null Cell! mill Uh-vU^i vin *i» llir nlllcr «it v^ln^-^lil) .w|in.- l.lXdlir. Itlllril .111 Hi,. ,,lulii ..I Ilir loj|,i>.liir'« iirrt-«f. SliHlh,{:l,j •« f-rrtrlnrr ll-ll. lltrm lltr mill, ivlin hlrnl SMIIImih, M .l,,,,l,,,r »I'IX- nxNATi nun" i,>.su\. mmi;- * . AS Iho two men cllinlietl Into th lavlral) iileeker iiourcn (nrt Miw no n.v WITH TIIic STHIIV CIlAI'TUli XI.I tlie rth eauer imesllous which, tor Hie most [vut, llio crlmlimlnglsi nnswe-rcd In shoit, terse, senlcnces. "What was Cathay's Interest In "I dnulit K he hnil any." "U'Jiy ivas he poisoned theci?" "flu lock llio doso of poison do ll|ier.ilely," Ilia crlitiliiologlsl remarked. ".So that ho would hhve an alllil." "Au alihl (or wlial V^ "Why. for hl3 whereabouts when ftlorddci ivag murdered." "He knew, then, that Mortice, was to ho rnnrdcred?" "Yes." "Hut whj dill ho tako imisoii lo glvn liliufelt an alibi?" "(lo wauled lo lio III In lied. Ho got na ovc-rdoso o[ Iho drug tic took." "You mean II wag administered to him purposely '!" "Yes." "Hy whom?" "Tlini." Crift said, "remains to ho determined." "What aru your plans?" "\Vo ai'c- Bolni; 10 try in iireu'in aimlher murder." "Airs. MilluneV * "No." "Oil. you mean the chauffeur"" "Nn." "Who then?" "The young woman. Slella Mock, ley." "Why KhiiitW Blie ho miirrlen<ilr~ "IJirauso sho is toil diirigeruns a witness to leavo ,11 larte." OI.KICKKJ; sfnrcff for ,1 moment nl the crlmliiologlai. seemed on Hit txlJiit or mnfcinj; some rf'torl, ihuu dioi>petl back to tlitj cushions ol the cad anif remained milII dip call liail taken a position In frunt ol tliB holol where they had locatoil S>!la Mockley. * "You'va sot J'Olli Eiml The one lint I eavo you?" Griff asked, I'.lcekcr nodded. "Do wo wait licio'?" lie asked, "Yes." TJio mci) worn elletit for ( U j| y 15 niliiutca. Then meeker Bald, "Bui It's been proven dint Cfncln- nail lied had a gray Cadillac coupe iviili n denied left rear fonder." "Kxnelly." OrifT said. "Then It must liavo hoen J.nm|v son or ono ct hts men who killed Shillluc.liy." OrIB shrugBcd Ills shoulders. "I nin very Entry." lie ealil, "luit I would nineh ,, rc r cr lo ,|,| ll|(i Wo can mill Intor." "Hill," Illcckor ualil. "I [ CC | Hint J'OII OWQ IHO. . . ." lie luoko off na (!rl(T smldcnlr sliot out his loft hand and crisped Hie imlillslior's kneo. tilrekcr fol- loived llio illrectlon of llio crlm nmlosisl'8 oycs. Slelln Mnehtey wns iust Ifiii-lns ilin liotol. sl.'nplns Inln a inxlrnli which raino fonvnrd In rnsiiimso to n signal (roni tho door- inn n. "Uhl you know that was going lo nanpon?" nsVcil llleol;er. "I surmised It." Criff said. He leaiieil forn-.-ini and nrtrlressod lio cah driver In n loiv tone, "h'ol low Ili.-it oilier cad." lio satil. "Inn hrst let me uel up In t|,o front of Iho cah ivltli yon." "Whal's tho Wear 1 asked t| lc cab driver. "Never i.-.lnd tho idea." Crin told him. "H'j imtiortant Hint you follow Instructions. I want to lie un lic-ra whoro I cnn eco what's golnc on." Ho cllinhed Into tlio front ol the --->>. 3!aslrer lonned forward and snhl aniliorliallvely. "It's all rij;lii. I I'm Jlloeker. otio of the publishers ot Tlio Blado. This man Is a detective." "Okay by me." ths cah driver "You EC! twlco Iho amount ol llic meter." nieotor said. "But don't lose that oilier cab," ' They swung oin Into traffic, men- Ins nl a reasonable rat- ol sneed. Tlio cat) ahead turned to a side- street and matle Itmc. Tho driver shortened tiio sfince lietwcon them. nieofcor leaned forward niitl -|i|icd o« tlic glass. "Tlila Is the' same street wtipre j Sliilliiigfiy was murdered." he suld. Urifr noddeil. i • • . ' A '^ swunr, atviund a slile sireet hehliid thcun. "Pull lino Ihe curti us HioiiKh no were stnniiins." (liifj mid ilm drlv er. " llrnl car behind 113 gel alioad." 'I'lio oilier rar slid siuoolhlr |,y wilh continuity aecclernlcd s!ii>ed. It W.1S ,T jr ra y CadllbO fOII|lB ( y||I, a denirrl i c fi rear (emler. "dnlrk!" t!rlrr shonted, S|irliiijh]» llo tlic ninnlns tin^rd o(,tlio liui. loib. "Co ofler th'ai ear. Glvo II : ci'in yllilii^ you'vo I;D[." I lie. renclicil to Hie sbniildcr hoi| sler which wns susiiemled under jliis left nrin-pll nml imJleil oul o I lie;ivy caliber pnl.mialli:. j "Step un il!" llio crlmlnologl;! j tranllcaily. "He's gol loo o( tlio first lailcab. it III lo Iho riylit, until U 3 r | g[) "fog tioard was crowillog n tlio running hoard or llio cab loue (igirre in the driver's sea cd its position. "Look out!" yelled Grift. Tho Mrs! cab slowed, ''lam from tho eldo of Hie gray Ca Griff pressed the. trigger "•capon. Tha c out threo shots. Tho tailo n'hlcli Stella Mockley was wns hraltcd lo n sudden sir Sray Cadillac Bsvcnl on. w. slleliHy. wero two fashes ot llro from tlio Ca Iwo more, thundering shots Iho erhnlnoloalst's oiitnmali, Cadillac swerved sliarply. cl a cnrli. crossed n sidewalk, ci through shrubbery, swims; dn ly Imck to tho Blrcel, sin afialnst n llBhlliiB llxturo nnd over on its shle wlili n cr.i Orin swung (roni the ru iMwri) irlK, tlio grace of a man luratilng from n niovln} ronil coach, llo was Just al at tho first Inxlcnb. ^S tho crlralnologlst's , touched tho pavement, tl in wlileh ho had boon riding >< nnd swerved as tho drttor a Hio l>rakes. nicoker lugtcd (ho catch on the cab door. "Are you hurt?" Grltf shoii Slolla Modiley. ^ Sho Keomed an ono In „ For a moment ebo didn't nr I lien her hand f-^oMod wit door catch. Grltf jerked the open. "llo lilt mo once," she t.; don't think It's serious." Orlff Inspected tlio strc hlood. "Just (hroiigli tlio shoulder." ho said. "Wo'll g to a hospital. You'll ho all She Hitched forward In a Into (ha arms of (ho crlmlno Old carried her across to Hi cab. put tier lu tho feat. "Stop bcslilo that talllla, said, and Jumped to Hio ri board. Ttio call mnveil slowly foi Listen, linss." said tl, c cnh < t <loii;t Miow whnt this about, biji , .- ." '('hey came, abreast ot tlio lac. (irltr jumncd to tho nim Rleokor was liohiml him. A lay twisted \nuler Uio st «'heol ol the wrecked Cn (Iriff produced a flashlight. lje:ini strncU the calm fenlur necderl liul n glnnco lo BOO Ih man was quite d«a«l. "Hood heavens!" Ulcofew claimed. "It's Charles b'h lawyer!" liriffs voice was quick wl illtiica "U'lio Ilia hell d! think tt .n'asV 1 ; he nskeil. There wan-tlio sound nl n a uolli-o radio cur came n down HIQ avenua "'Around tliat corner and hospital." Criff tohl tlio call i "and ninkn il Rn;ip|iy." (Ti) Jin L'nncliiiled) sra; Cadillac Utavr nhrea.n iu,u Inrmn Dcplll ill'isioii ! dentally. Is M;,x neither, which M n •• T' • «» - lllC!lra I!cll y I! °oi> nnd Popeyc to llOW "OSSlblC III lYlOVlCS l" cllll( > audiences today. I For uvo years Fleischer, who is NEW YORK. <in 1 )— Tlic illusion scmewhal ol an clcclrician linelhod will show u|j even I'-vith feature pictures. f depth on the picture screen, list. and whiil-iiol scicu- IrionccM- nim well as :i strip creator, lias been wiirkiug away on his own jirci dimrn.sioii tii^ory wherein , cchnically known as llurri dimcn- ion, Is no longer an ijiiiBma to lit; film industry. After sclciilir.!* , ............. ,. ..... „„ ,.„._-„, ^ lv , u;u:IJ , intl large picture producers havi j Ihc ciimcra perspective is short- co-operated lutilcly, expend!!):, | cued. Physically, the cqtiliinicnt •housands of dollars in Hie hunt i looks like a ton of metal carved :or a new perspective which woulc, j into hundreds ol small gadgets. change the movie business aLi Unlike oilier inventors who radically as llio introduction of i claimed they had corralled the :alkics, a cartoonist is today ac- ' mystic illusion, this man Fleischer Inally delivering Hie coveted illn- 1 waited until he had tested it out, sion in sonic of Ills drawings. [in several cartoons, "Little Dutch How he docs it, will remain a | Mill," in VKivlicnlav. Now that lie secret until he gets complete pat- i is satisfied that it works, Flciscli- ciit inotection. His name, inci-!cr meagrely reports his process Wedding Advertising Stunt for Mows J-ONnON i UP) The wrl Hie Duke of Kent, and Marina of Greece, Nov. provided the London newspaper. The Star, with i tcrpi ising adveiiisini; slm I H has started a conipcti jwhicl! readers are asked from eight designs' the .si cling gowns they like lies prizes are 1,000 free foal. I the route of the royal | procession. OUR BOARDING ROUSE It | O Anytlitu? thai iiii.i-i tores wilh; llio integrity and nwu-,:il character of any of tlirfp „,,.,-,,,,, , vi] , n; , t ,, r . j ally ailrct speech Thcrcfors. Imi-ebp, mirsiiig teeth, too widj Hie iretli. adciioiii:-. feclioii in Hio ,.„., finu^i'.s. nodule;- mi UK- vocal aira;s; or paralysis nf n,r meal cords will! seriously nfloct a ,>,,:.„„•,, .speech.] :-i»cUlg «f i (aronic iii-j iu Ihc! vocal cords majority ot speech, , l-.own tha! very (hf- till- Sew tlc- the t\\-f ( (lenities inllin- il>:u tkvli;p,v Their pcopl- iude:d who h.iv,- serirji ffi'Us ti( M,o OISKIIS „. speech, iwie are. liowrvtr. a cousid- Piable ntimlipf ol IIHIUJI pr cmo- Uonal twins o,- frju O f various IliniKs which i-cH,]| n-cnitially hi speech Qifticuliy. All aiteiujit to rh^n •« ,-> r?'.n live jwia-ininii of sounds wlicu yi;un^ or 10 the ])rc.seiicc of ana- Icinic abiiornialitii's in the 5))^ec!i; i| lls 1;;, C |, faff., and discusH-d manj . (j, ucs i u those columns. i» c ,- 01 - y casc FtiKiy should b- made to determine whether the .-nilteici is stilli from uervmi;. exhaustion and. whether il]r, v , s ,„„. jn h(s millt j tome block \\hirh vellccts i i difliciilty of .sjn-ecli. To ,iir| die stutlcrer, oil defects of his «iq,:ius ,,f speech that can br- n.mrdird slionld. be properly (rental. Parents and teacher's ."hoiild irlrain from ridiculing rhilrli™ »•((), speech defects, whirh n..,y intonsKy tin- cjuilcully.! Murli may bo rfone |-,y tr-achiug a conrrt tt'duuc in tac Use ot tlie| V'I'MY. i:i;i nf nieatcst importance i^ Ihp tJi'vrlopniciH o( conridence! in the ability (o speak easily, Any difliciiHy ii (he adjii.slments and rela- tu-uiMiip;. that can be fouiifl rcnvcr.ri. in a considerable num-! V';- rt < 3;is, '.vili result in '•"•'•'', '.i ::v. complete cttic. TALKS TO ABOUT TH KENTUCKY ' I Tov.t Ti-f ONL.YV HIS NACi CX)UI A"ROUNT THAT WITH SPRINKLING CfX THAT CuD 1?ACE HORSE SURE- is TJOIKIG SOME %•/ HEAVY 6RAZIM6 OM i; WHtN TV- V«'ORST OM CAM y/s^ THE MAJOR'S -J5AMK- TiOLL—^- AMOS HI& IN A, TROT/ HIS POCKETS WERE NEVER LOSS ,TO KEEP THKT SPAVIN IM OATS UNTIL

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