The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVIIXE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIII—NO. 13 Blythevllle Courier, Blythevllle Herald, Bljthevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. m.YTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS. THURSDAY, APRIL, 2, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS JURY INDICTS LEACHVILLE Nicaragua!! Capital, Stricken By Quake Trend Is Toward More and Smaller Farms; Tenant System Growing. A fifty per cent increase in Hie number of farms in Mississippi ccunty since 1925. a 57,252 acre increase in the county's farm acreage, and a very small Increase in the per acre value of farm lauds anil buiidings is shown by the preliminary announcement of thc 1930 farm census for this county, made available today. In the previous five years, between the 1920 and 1625 farm censuses, the number of farms and the farm acreage of the cu'.mty stood still, but there wns a heavy drop in the per acre value of farm !?.no from 1320 to 1U25. so that despite the great expansion of agricultural activity in thc pnsl five years (he total value of farm lands and buildings in the county was substantially less in 1930 than ten years before. Farms Are Smaller The expansion of the county's farm acreage since 1925 has not kept pace with the growth in thc number of farms, so that the average acres per farm last year was only 31.7. compared to 40.2 In 1925 and 42.6 in 1920. The increase has been entirely in thc number oi farms operated by tenants, the can- sus showing a drop In both the number and the acreage of farms operated by owners. Total value of Mississippi county PIKIL K15 FISH Destruction So 'Kills Proposal to Repeal Ccmtilete City May Nev-j Cigar Tax; Fails to Act er Be Rebuilt. on Sunday Bills. LITTLE ROCK, April 2. (UP) — (Copyright 1931. by United Press) FLASciES CltlMIN'Al, £OUHT, Chifaip, April -2 (HIM— The <-asc of V. llrcihfrs cliarcca wllb MIC murder of Alfred J. I.lnRle, Chicago Trlluic reiwrter, uns placed in Ihr luii. Is of u jury at t:'H |. in. tiMlay after u trlul of ul- i most three wetka. 30 KILLED IN COLLISION MA1.ACA, Spain, April 2 HIP) — Thirty stctragc pusscnpcrs were kilted In the Vollisluji of thr French liner Florida and the llrltUli aircraft r;irrkr (iloriciis, from thirst that' followed wreck-1 The chief execute also placed j-ngc-of the city's water mains. ! his signature of disapproval en the Ihr caiilalii of nounced today. the Florida an- Three Indictments Returned Against J. F.-Rocler : ick and Earl Roderick. The grand jury of the prcssnt term of criminal court, which .win 1 The'-death toll from the cntamo- Burkc house measure to prescribe I one still wns uncertain. Estimates dally bag limits In Lee and Plill- ! mounted to 1.000 and more. | »!» counties and to require non- 1 Natives walked for miles Into the residents to secure annual non-rcs- ! hills and brought back pitifully tdent fishing licenses, i small quantities of water hi pitch- ! The Hardln bill allegedly was de- ers and bottles. Authorities warned signed to prevent Tennessee sports- agalnst drinking water from Lake men from fishing In eastern Arkan- Managua but rnanv persons risked sas by requiring an annual license •ill d »cto pestilence arid sought fee of. $15 in Lee. Phillips, Monroe, relict at thc water's edge. I Cross, Mississippi and Greene coun- ' Sleep Out of Doors I ties. Under the provisions of the I Marine corps officers and volun-1 bill trip licenses .would not be 1s- tcers worked desperately to rehabilitate (he water supply. Thousands . , I In the fourth day of Its invcstlga- ! lions today, returned three indlcl- IRV (JETS KATON CASK ments against J. P. Roderick, pres- I iWITT, Ark., April l i (UI'I— Went, and Eai'l Roderick, cashier,':! of the defunct Uank of I-e:iehvIllc, • It was revealed when officers sorv-. cd bench warrants on the two former bankers today. JIIRY DKYVITT Thc (ate of Mrs. Helm Siwncc Eaton, 18, jlrl slayfr on trial In-rc fur thc courtroom killing of Jack \Vorls, 22, remained unrti'ciilwl shortly before noon tndly alter Immediately upon arrest the Red- .'! the jury had deliberated more j cricks, father and son. posted bond than seven hours. i&nagua, capital city of Nicaragua, reported in flames after an earthquake which dealt I were being fed on the golf courses iand men were sent Immediately from the bread lines to work on restoring the water system. Curfew will be enforced at sundown tonight though no disorders or looting occurred last night. No one sleeps Indoors or within distance of walls likely to be dangerous. Wives and children of marines and other Americans here were given cots in national guard head- farm lands and buildings is placed | death to 2,000 and injured many others, are shown above. Upper right is the National Palace; lower at S32.52G.il6. which is" S3.073 per] left is the United States Legation; lower right is a' map showing location of the stricken city; upper left quarters. farm or $97.08 per acre. In 1925 the total value was S20.Q1G.380. or $3.849 per farm and 595.82 per acre. In 1920 the total value was S-SO,- 3M.3S1 or Sfi.203 per farm and S145.4G ]>er acre. Total value of !an:i and of buildings r,as increased in value in about equal ratio since 1925. Value of implements and machinery on Mississippi county farnn is placed at $1,340.026 by the 1930 census, an amount higher than is President Jose Moncado. LITE!! MEET ITIIOU3, Ull UlllUUIllr UL^JJCl lllllll YW\- . \V7'11 ihown by either the 1920 or 1925 Blythevllle Junior High Will Be Represented in All censuses. 1 ^lore 3Kules, Less Hogs j No figures are given on the value ; of livestock, but the census shows p tremendous increase in the number of mules on farms of the conn- Events. The city junior high school will ty since 1920, with all other kinds I en(cr contestants in every event of of stock dropping off except uairy| the "tcrory meet to be heUi^ Here cattle, which show a sH S ht gain. I™** and Saturday, Apnl 10 and There were 20,800 mules in the u - >» conjunction with tne u&r.c, :ounty in 1930. compared to Q632! neW meet at Haley Field. The sev- .n 1920. The census shows 5503 cn;h - ci = nth alld !linth S Ia(ics are included in this group. All 'Junior high-schools In northeast Arkansas, which are. included in District i of the Arkansas In- 'ids Auto of Mice by Monoxide Treatment ROCHESTER, Ind., April 2. (UP)—Discovering a mouse in his automobile when he took it out of winter storage William Baker drove the car back into the garage, closed all the doovs and windows, left the motor tunning and went outside to escape the monoxide gas. Half an hour later when he opened the garage he found 35 dead mice in his car. May Not Rebuild City The destruction of Managua, i shaken into ruins by two days of I intermittent earthquakes which continued sharply last night, was rc- i.j veiled today as so complete the i'-jclty may be abandoned permanent i"President Gen. Jose Maria Moncado announced plans are being considered by the cabinet for evac- Hcme Folks Pay Impressive Tribute, to Famous 1 Notre Dame Coach. • sued from those counties. Vetoes Cigar • Tax Itrpeal The covernor also applied . the veto to a number of oilier measures, including one to repeal the 10 per cent tax on cigars, which would have taken about.$200,0(10 from.the common school fund, He signed the 'anti-chain banking bill, which prohibits persons owning stock In . three or more banks from borrowing from any bank 'In which they are Interested, and requires a reserve of 25 per cent of total deposits. The governor permitted to become law without his signature the Oliver bill to permit Sunday baseball In counties of more than 50,-. 000 population, and ,the Honey bill to legalize Sunday moving pictures. Defines Insolvency. •• 'The so-called" chain-banking net provides heavy penalties (or officers or directors who violate Its provisions. It prohibits a bank from loaning money to any Individual to The Virginian's Captain Wires of Arrival at West Florida Port ST. PETERSBURG, Pla., April 2. (UP)—E. O. Robinson, rear admiral of the St. Petersburg Yacht club, today received a. telegram from Dr. Howard Walker, captain of the Mobile yacht, The Virginian, that he and hla mif were cafe at Sanl Belle, Fin., on the west coast, about 75. miles aolitli of t.ere. American destroyers and Cuban naval cratt were searching upper Wfst, Indian wattis to. The Vir r , of S2.000 each and are at llterty.•- \ pending trial of their'cases. It Is regarded as unlikely that the former hankers, charged with receiy- • ing deposits while the bank was Insolvent, will face trial yjt Ihls term of court. Although charges were preferred ngainst the former Lenchvlllc bankers about two months ago when they were bound over to the grand Jury the sswciflc allegations Involved were not disclosed until the indictments were recorded- today. The' .ndiclments allege that, the Rbder- ,ckks. knowing that the Bank -.of . Lcachvllle was In nn Insolvent condition, accepted depcstts as follows: Joe Welnbcrg, $357; J. C. Glhtlns, $681, and Dr. M. E. Staudennioyer, $180. 'ihc deposits, the Indictments . set forth, were accepted on Novsm-'"] ber, n, 1 1930, the day the bank's . f doors were closed. • ." 63 Indictments Returned Twenty-five Indictments were returned by the- grsnd 4nry in opsii' court this morning bringing; , tal number oi indictments returned since, court opened Monday to Ir^the annual St. Petersburg to Hn-! investigation-were to appear before i the jury this afternoon, after which.. uation of Managua and removal of loaning money to any Indlv; the national capital U> Granada or Purchase stock. n j. bank SOUTH BEND, Ind., April 2. (UP)—Silent homage was ' paid to the ... Leon, rather than face the collcrsal task of rebuilding the city. He said a definite decision would be made In the next few weeks. The work of relief, the great task of removal and -burial of the dead, and the problem of providing Jood and medtcaj attention for the wounded, continued under supervi- ii head of cattle in 1930. compared to 0.916 ten years before, but of the 1930 cattle population 4,019 \ver2 milk- cows, compared to 3.921 In 1920. The host population dropped from 30,028'in 1020 to 13,515 in 1930. and the number of chickens also declined slightly, from 1G1.607 in 1920 hog: cow; which ended the open range. The report gives no figures on the county's cottm production. Bradford Cbitwood Arrested After Raid Bradford Chitw'ood's restaurant the great Knute Rockne today as I "ton of the.U. S. marine force, his body lay in state in a brome I '<=»• the.desolate ruins of the capi- casket encased in a gray silver!left thedesolate ruins of the capl- vau l tt jtal, which Is a scattered moss of For 20 years as a student, assist- burnefl and crumbled buildings ant coach and finally head coach, a'ong the shore of Lake Managua. Rockne's life was entwined with Notre Dame. Gloorri and sorrow grip- at - Ash and Railroad streets was ped and tugged at heart strings of terscholastic Association, are eligi- , ra id en - by deputy sheriffs last night mtn and women from all walks of ble to enter the meet which will, nn( j chltwood arrested on| a charge! life. Eight thousand persons stand- draw hundreds of visitors to Bly- | o£ in e j a ) possession of liquor.- j Ing In sorrowing silence—that was jccnnea sngnuy. irom liii.e'JY in 'Neville, j chitwood is to appear before .920 to 159,937 in 1930. Decline in Tn "* ° cal Preliminaries, hela Alexander for trial, logs and in catle other than milk pterday, *«= were winners: Dec- rows is attributed to the stock lax 'amation, Kussell Blair with John ( > Fu>s to Managua MIAMI. Fla.. Anrtl 2. (UP)—Director Ernest Swift of the American Red Cross left here by Pan- American amphibian plane today on liquor.- | Ing in sorrowing suence—tnai was Illq a never to be forgotten picture as I , "he ! Rockne's_ body arrived 'last night |KUB. expecting to reach there late ,j t*i X1/ T-i * \f «» intended swift flight to Mana- The act declared a bank insolvent when: 1. It suspends payment of. checks drawn upon deposits. 2. It falls to pay Judgments within gyp days, unless a stay has been granted by the court. 3. Its liabilities exceed Its assets. 4. Its paid-up capital is impaired. 5. It shall fail to make good Its reserve. A bill by Rep. E. E. Alexander granting the state highway department authority to make reciprocal agreements with other states in the matter of non-resident auto licenses became law with the approval of the governor. It Is designed to end difficulties that have arisen in the past through operation of motor vehicles across state lines. vann yacht 'ra.e. Winds of gale force which set In shortly' after th? start of eight ships In the race badly delayed the stragglers. It-was only late yester- thc Jury will probably adjourn un : .; tU Wednesday of next week. . ; While the • grand-Jury pursued Its investigations in Its chambsrs on -•—BO • -- •• — -..-,, ..... j ™.-. . jm uaujjrtviuiia in ua k;iniLULA;ia uu day the Scimitar III. of Doytona I u le second floor of the county court Beach, Fla., found its way to Hn- house, the trial cf Alonzo Matth- vana after a 96-hour battle, and , CWSi negr0r was proceeding this ' today the Cynosure of St. Peters-1 morning In the criminal courtroom burg was located oft Key West. on the third floor. • • - :Evidence In the case was con\- • I 1* i D * r' J plcted about 11:30 this morning. Joliet rnSOn utl&rd .jThD negro was accused of burglary Ait 1 -J I. l-™«»»-i a nd grand larceny in connection Attacked by Inmates wilh tne thefl 0{ya ton of c6tt on ! seed, property of E. V. Treadway. JOLIET. 111., April 2. (UP)—Un- I Arguments by S. L. Gladtsh, dls- rest in Joliet prison flared up mo- i trlct prosecutor, and defense coun- • mentarlly today In an attack by! se l, Charles Partlow and Marcus nil.- cuulllj a *,VUJH OLtXluUl-Uifc. which will be published la IT hut; shane ' Hossle Burkm and shows a substantial gain in pra . jMon-ls nlso entering; piano, M McDowell second; reading. Margaret Shaver with Jane Kochtitziy second and Laura Crowder. Patty I.ila Mirga- Vir 8 inia Marlln ducilon of com nnd hav thc "two ! Ietl shaver mth principal crops other than ccltDn . i second, and Patty Shane. Estra Liv- A tabulation on page three shows in sslon, Katherinc Walpolc, Er.r. in detail some of the results of th2l Sn5 ' der ' wlllie L > nn Edwards . Wa >' 1D30 farm census, in comparison i Be11 Sr> W<x and Do!a Harwell also with data compiled for 1920 and entOTms: oml Ell § llsn ' Dorimio i 1925 | Coulter with Armar.da Thrasher I ! second and EfTie Moore also enter-.I ing; boys' voice. Boyd Godwin with !. 1 Max Watson second, and N. B. Me- i favor of the youth"s father, Dr., 'been > ^ rwn Chicago whence It had corns -, weather permitting. Ordsrs Gland Treatment from Kansas. i He wns piloted by F. Culbertson 1 Rev. Charles I. O'Donr.ell, presi- of the Pan-American Airways and •dent of Notre Dame, was at the| w »s Rcconvranied bv one regular : station to meet the Rockne cor-! passenger. He carried an emergent i tege as an official representative j supply of relief matTials for the two prisoners upon a guard who j was beaten before rescued. courl stenographers, recenUy , admitted to the bar as attorneys. The guard, Edward' Keegan, war; were closed Just before noon. The set upon by the convicts when he ordered them to work. Another young lawyers were appointed by the court to defend the negro.' At 1:45 o'clock this afternoon .the guard whose name was not learned also was attacked by the prison- j Jury returned a verdict of guilty on ers when he attempted to defend!the grand larceny charge and not I Keegnn. Names of the convicts were j guilty on the burglary cliarae: 'A sentence of one year in the .state not revealed. Warden Henry C. Hill revealed | prison was recommended. to Check Bftv's Hrnwfh of thc unlv «sity. The funeral has! earthquake-stricken c!!y. 10 VUU.R ouy !> urowm ; ^^ tentatively arranged for Mon-1 i Borrowers Must Observe Report Slight Drop in Arkansas Employment .... . _ after the attack that 20 convicts I Friday was set aside earlier .in LITTLE ROCK, April 2 (UP)—A ', had been locked In solitary con- j the v;cck for appoal cases from Ely- decrease of one per cent In the: flnement as punishment following I theville police ccurt, but a number number of workers employed by the recent riots In the ncniienti- • of felony cases were also scheduled Arkansas business concerns for thc . arics here and at Statevville. ! for tomorrmv's session by the court LOS ANGELES. April 2 (UP)— Adolpiie P.oome. 14 who weighs he!d Saturday If a special dispen- 23D pounds, must submit to p tul- • ^ {m can ^ obtained from Bljh- tary gland treatments in an effort to halt his unusual growth. NoU , p t w d , " f j I! i C ' f UO tO Hot .Wrings for In deciding thc unusual casi Su- 1 c __ : U J lerior Judge Tester Roth ruled In ! JCrippS-HOWard Farmers of Mississippi county who perod is shown in a report of thc as compared with the preceding period is shown in a repirt of the Bernarr Macfadden state bureau of labor and statistics. ore borrowing money from Uncle i ment decreases were noted ' Sam must abide by terms of the Contest! Miss Alberta Ross and C. V. Sebaugh will go to Hot Springs tomorrow where they will take mv Williams and Wo:xl-! Adolphe E. Koomc, ST.. who sought Hughes also entering; girls'I the treatments in order "that the! voice. Jewell Russell with Ine/c | boy may enjoy n normal life." Thompson second; spelling. Jean Armnntrout; composition, Sara Jo at E! Pa*n Buv« Rival ""an contract regarding the grow- made in five. ai «UT» ; ing of food an(J teef) £tu[I In Bn announcement made today by A. B. The average weekly pay check, for "the period was $17.29. Employ- decreases were noted in classifications and gains were _ .. ... . ,. ,. • Little; algebra, Mitchell Johns; Lat- Friday night in the state public [,„, ^^ mutte; violin. Lloyd Al- speakir.g contest sponsored by the I n v anr j rr National Electric Light Aviation.! In thc fo!k dancc lhcrc wm - os a s repiesentativcs of the Arnansas- ! M . lrt h a Ann Lynch. Jane Brnns=n. M ^L r ' P °;^,. con ; p ? 115 :^ iRhema Hargett. Geneva Carter. Winners of the state contest will ; on to a national contest with S1000 each for men prizes , i lhe: ly Ann Buck, Virginia Martin. Lsggett. Jessalyn Blomcyer. Mary Lynn Burnette. Frances Little. ly Jeon Secoy, Doris Dobyns ..._ __'tie Lee McCutchen. | The girls glee club Is composed Ml " ^lirv'c^t'^h 0 ent " of ^U 8 Harwell, Patty Sha.^ Co- InUv'w n h'deTeated ?£ £ \ n **»** Tl1 ™^ «»^ S ^» Vi ,"' wnlinV aclc:uea JUs s En- rcVf Kain^.e walpole, Mary E11-- EL PASO, Tex., April 2. (UP)— I i.The El Paso Evening Post, one ol j)hc younger members of « the Buys Liberty Magazine NEW YORK. April 2 (UP)-Lib- _.....„... . . . .... erty magazine, beginning with Its | burglary o( the wholesale office of this afternoon, Jimmle Jones Indicted Jimmle Jones, local man. entered pleas of not guilty to charges of burglary when arraigned In court this afternoon. Jones was charged In two indictments with Fairfleld, chairman of the local committee In charge of the loans, i and J. E. Crllz. county agricultural I were warned CH.nytK.-nuiMiiu Kiuup UL m-»a|iu- ,.._. .„„ farmers wcic xuiin-u' i ----- ----.— --- pers.^ today announced the purchtse J a j a in^t cimmlttlng nn oftense of WASHINGTON. (UP)—Clarence [sold to the publishers of Liberty,! A numbtr of defendants held in the government. Suprcrac Court Orders New Trial for Pantages'of its evening competitor, the El' thls klrd l^n^l^ 0 ™ UleUnd ^-! The money must be spent as SAN FRANCISCO. April 2 tUP) ' —The state supreme ccurt today, . , _..,- ... granted Alexander Pantages, multl-1 P 3 Pe r s will be published as the El j grow cer t a i n April 4th issue, will pass Into the r (he Gulf Refining company here, ownership of Bernarr MacFadden, | On the night of January 4th of publisher of 11 nationally circulat- j this year the ofllce was entered ?d magazines and eight daily, nnd approximately £90 removed WL n i T 'I J I ncws P a ! )ers ' u has "**" announced. | f rom the safe. Eleven days later Where IJOCtOr r filled | The MacFadden publications, it! the office was again entered and Firemen Succeeded was learned simultaneously, have | $124 removed from the safe. j specified in the application, which Beginning tomorrow the merged | ai^, 5^.5 that the borrower will Holmes .two a ring by his years old, was Riven I who also publish the Chicago Trl-, jail, who were i fatter, but It didn't • bunj and New York Dally News, i grand jury now in quite fit. Once Clarence got thc; the Detroit Dally, a tabloid, of De-1 ralgned in court, this afternoon. s. I gn !- ,-n indicted by the session were ar- assaulted Eunice Pringle, dancer. amounts of feed and D. Rod-; No trouble Is anticipated In car- 17,' erlck, who has held the title of res- ; rying out this requirement except [ ', Idenl publisher, bought the morn-; that some farmers do not seem to I and Sunday Times from hli as- understand that it Is compulsory ring on. he couldn't get it off. Soap j troit, Mich, and hot water and even a hospit- j Most of the group were u:isb*e to ; make bend and their casts will be i tried as soon as possib'.e. of the men arraljned In Jenkins and Mrs. Marie Hickman, who will return Sunday. -, Evle Lou Hawkins. Virginia Davis. Mildred Lou Hubbard. Vlr- jginia Durham. Emmalir.e Page. Lu! la. Marie Rlgglns, Nancy Claire Mc- _ ,, ,, . lax LollectlOnS iCauley, Juanita Moore. Inez M!HV • Thonipson, Lorraine Secoy. Eula Millions ; Judd. AUa Mae Judd. Kathryne . jPosey, Margaret Shaver, Anna Mic WASTUN'GTO>f, April 2. (UP)— Jones, Joan Aldridge, Constance Income tax collections for March Smith and Ruth Virginia Alley. were Ihe lowest in several years. Members of the s boys glee club Complete returns fcr the month are: Roland Bishop, Mell Brooks srow collections of S334.830.214. the I jr., Joe Burns. James Guard. Rouse treasury department announced la- ; Harp. Raymond Johnson. Francis dny. Tills Is nearly $225,000.000 less! Lang. Mauvice Luttrell, N. B. Me- than tost March when collections nard Jr.. Herschel Mosely, J. W. totaled $559,553,703. iFurtle, Albert Ridings, William The higher courSi found errors i committed In the Los Angeles trial soclates. The negotiations were [and not optional, court where Pantages was convict- ope"^ slx months ago by Gene od October 27. 1929, were import- j Howe - f »™ous editor of the Ama- ant enough to warrant a new trial.' rlll °: Te! J" GIol]i! News > on behalr of the LIndsay-Nunn company. TASTE FOR MUTTON GROWING PHOENIX. Ariz.. (UP) — Shipments of 17.500 Arizona lambs In one week this spring Indicates that America is developing a fondness for mutton More than UO.OOO head were shipped during the spring direct to Services at Little Rock Granted Divorce From Serge Mdivani:~J|^.! hlsa " MnoonaailtlMir P !eM Nelson Crow, forgery and uttcr- T W n iL I vcstlgate.Fircmen used a large lennesseean near Death Unite to cut the ring from ciar- His parents called Ihe police and I In a few minutes sirens were heard 1 . for Worts away and the fire res-| pAKIS Apl n 2 . (UP)—Pola Negrl.,. - - rf cue squad, a new ambulance, »nd; fi]m actrcsSi was dlvcrced tcd9y ln | ..?, guilty, John W.lsori, Brand two radio patrol cars arrived to ln-' tne ^ ne lrlbunal from the ,. 5cont j ; larceny^two^ co.mts,^ nct_ gui.ty. Prmce i knife to cut the ring from Clar- Mdlvanl The divorce was grantsd After Shot from Ambush ence ' s flnE -' r - William (Continued on .ary^ot gml- ge Throe) MEMPHIS, April 2. (UP)—Victor Today for Fred HciikdT ST nat * %&{£rjlS& . i from snot gun wounds received LITTLE ROCK. April 2. (UP)— ] near Locke. Tenn,. today when h? red Helskell, managing editor of • was ambushed. His assailant re- m<xt nf thom c.nir,<r' the Atta nsas Gazette, who died.; leased the entire charge In his « citv Mo i Tuesday night, was buried here to- [face. " ' day. . . Wilson's 18-year-old wife told of- Hundreds of ne»-spaper men, to- fleers who were searching for the Stewart, Earl Snyder, John Sparks. Dick Tiplon, Herman Turner, Earl Williams, Lloyd V. Wise r., Maurice Relchel, Paul Rorle jr., and Max Watson. gether with many state, county, and city officials, attended the services. Burial was In Ml. Holly cemetery. Kelskell died of a heart attack at the age of 55. assailant that following the shooting she saw Paul Walker, 19, a tenant, walking away carrying a gun. She said Walker and her husband jhad some trouble recently, Month of Wedded Bjiss Enough for Stage Star CUERNAVACA, Mexico, April 2. (UP)— Officials of the local divorce court said today Betty Ccmpton, musical comedy star, war given a divorce decree from Edward D. Dowllng March 21. The couple were married In New York February 16. The divorce was granted secretly. WEATHER on the grounds the prince had abandoned his wife. Miss Negrl sailed from New York aboard the liner Paris yesterday. She maintained an attitude of al-1 most studied Indifference during! ARKANSAS - Cloudy, probabl? the divorce proceedings. Her lms-| showers tonight and Friday; some- band. took no action to prevent the!what colder Friday. ! dlv ' or< *. ! According to the official weather | Pola Negrl gave Incompatibility; observer, Charles Phillips jr., the . of temperaments as the cause of j m : n ; mum toipsrature here yester- | her marlUl differences, : day was 46 degrees and the maxl- • "A woman's place Is In the home I mum, Sa dcgecs, partly cloudy. On 'and Pola did not seem to know it," the same day a year ago thc mini- Prince Serge told the United Press I mum temperature was « degrees as his explanation of why the ro- and the maximum, 65 degrees, mance was wrecked. ' cloudy with .01 Inches of rain.

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