The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1938
Page 5
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FRIDAY, i-'EBRUAhY is, loss ' IN HER ICCW One Of Brightest Of Hollywood's F o r e i gn Star Constellation BLYTHEVtLLB. Moves Into Movie Capital •••^••••••••^^^i-:—-^—-' --• ,- ... . •- - • . *. . J NOTE: This is tli= of several slorics uii Ihc Hillywi'ci) hnliiniiition of foreign iv-'lrcs'.cs, who plare accent on * * * IIV 1'AUI, HAUKISON M!A Strvh-c Stall Correrponilciil HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 17,-At. tho n:am gale of the Metro studio a wag pasted a sign reading in French and Cerman: "English Spoken Here." At rartmiounl a well-known native actress cracked, "1 scenk I gel for myself wan Icedc , accent—no? Xi'n maybe I have better chance to Let w»ik in ze cinema." At aoili-Fox a foreign player count51'cd an interviewer's nucs- Uon with: "Hollywood is not a uoo:l place In make an opinion of Americans. T meet Hungarian directors, German producers, Biitisti writers, i:ii(l actors and aclrefbc.-; from every country in Europe. But I do not. remember meeting many Americans." So go the. comments, mostly satirical, as movie makers continue to bring in from other lands :i nipply ot that, siren quality known in the celluloid trade as "Umpli." Umpli with an accent. Musi ]•,« Taught Every studio now has at least OMB foreign a stress slated for eventual stardom. Metro has about a dozen (several ot whom will be weeded out) and a special department to supervise their training. However capable they may be ns actresses, these intriguing Immigrants require a lot of training for they must be taught English In fact, of the half dozen most premising newcomers — actresses who were stars in their own countries antl who already arc definitely liumche-ri on Hollywood ca- i-ccrc—cnly two could speak or understand English when they arrived here. I'iays Opposite Powell The French actress with the single name, Annabella,' played leads in three English pictures - |>rrtal. J'j-Klay Feb. II. T|,c rll-uil j ,(„„, O lV Ohi e-oi, was conducted ^ tUc old mm- (,v,,ve«. norctl.y .le.m 1-o.te, tcrs of (he plyllicvlllo cliuptn-. t) <nlllll n (l jMn , Ul , scbuKi, Jam Btu'lmiinn. invsWenl, IU , An -|, ck ,,„,„ k . j\ Ml *' l Um liam™ of the ,«o- , nl , w ,,,,, wl Cralvf<1 ,. (| E. M. 'Icrry, tt ud Ngdr.i t n ,epl,er<l, MarloUe Wnrrei i c v t.. jenwrs; Joyce Sonw-v ltu-<H, unite Nelson. V«ru Cood- Lentil, Jerry Colwn ami i| c )i. tnjrclrti MIIV vin nl-, '' I Vi. Annabella has Liown eyes, a generous raaulh. slreamllno.l lours and a French touch in her v ' >«««"<.ii can"••* i-,'"v.ii iik ii\.i >v)i\,i;. CillU Was Til C actress both in Paris and London before going to Hollywood .. established thiec sohd days of tests they marts ! lures, but IDafs ,r l.niieovcc from her lock everybody from her girihood-when her father " Marina Rave to Shirley Temple, j camera fan, WDuWpend hours tow e'n A h"M C ' t1U , BOt lna<1 »^ ™mtoB her li, tie garden. ' old cm shed try her ovvn way. Aiid now. she still has to now First she washed her face, then Also she has had to take die ran a comb through her hair, lessons, not only in d icticn dabbed on ^ -•-"••- ' •,i .1 ' .U the H °f Robc> " " Dinn « and the dabbed on ^a little lipstick „„„ stepped before the camera. Studio bigwigs looked • at tliu test and agreed that lhal -,vas just what ttey wanted. Hollywood has heard that Annu- )lblc replacement of Simone Simon. spelling. I saw one of her lessons. , " The . Frejiclt star laboriously hail wril- > e on the very success- , Mile. Simone Djtto had been bc •• \ „'" , Tcchnicol °'-. hil ™E ™ r i' "arily and Darryl ." ss Ol; .thc^Momlng." ,Zaauck wanted to rcmina her that , 3 was immediately following,; she' was not tire onlv' >renehi<. hi tho latter hit that she was signed flickers ' " 'inn. r;i~.. ,,•,, ... ° uy i'Olh-FOx. The studio wasted little lime in bowing- her into "The Baroness and the Butler" opposite William Powell as the slnr. A preview audience found her rharmmg, but often unintelligible in this picture, and was 'astonished that slie could have had so much English-speaking experience. In about a month Annabella win star in a film based on (he life or George Sand. She is counted an established success and a permanent aiiti popular resident of Hol- However that may haw, own. (lie tyvo actresses became and haye remained closa friends. In a .'.gesture of generosity and thouglilfiilness that felt the screen village papeycci, Simone sent her entire staff of servants to Ann teila's house when the moved hers. Didn't loati "Last Saturday I children in the park ferry! cherry, merry. saw 20 happy • . . . B.crry, H*gh School Students 1UECALOC3A. Ah., ,,„. „ (UPJ-Some studcntji at the Ur.i BlytheviUe School News HIGH SCHOOL Society ll;i» Induction HHll»( Induction ritual for the noiv members 0 ( the National Honor society was held at lilt' (Icrdale, Naomi Jonn Cralj, Ruse lynti Yiilrs, Mlrlniu Tampklns, I'lu- Mnrlc Koonco, Di'lorns l's«l- ir.omts. Jiiunlci' Wnipolc-. jitaiitta (•rlwos, .Cllovlii Uuby Martin, cinnvlilll Kvalyn .lor- Rilly , 1hon»» seay, hl B li uon. Tw« u»v .«. nc y l)o< ™ M, v.wo conducted to the singe by />,(,„ ,nnc W, kman i m Kvrard Then t Ue hl s to,y 0 | whl ,V Am vMc Ti . ,1-n irah m tne. ci-Bniilnnt^n was loUV * by A lte,- f«ii| -, ViyhinVUkev 11 " ' "' llbHtclh Baxter, after which llw.'iihy ]" v '|" i.-j.,,,.., (cur cardinal principles of Ihc o>'-',t,iah i!obln.xm.' Ati'lla ifi-ril Crawford, Patricia Wood, Ala- ' ° J "'' v " Klllli i Ian Toiiijildiis mid Mnr^orlc Wur- Vlin. The. candidates were then pve- ciiitcit by the president to Miss Mu - Hnrdy, hli principal, who ll«ibeth Duster. Mrs. Fnuiirr England is dfi-'H'l- TUelr iTimhcd of (lip Uikc'," Mary Jeanne At- fllck. Tlio Jtrroiid iwrl of the program wns given over to distribution of valentines from lh« post oflici.', under (lie sii])ti'i'lsion o( I'ostiiws- ler Leon stuffortl. Doxes of (.hlliifs were I'losftitcrt to cuch limiie room president, who acted us postman for that uroii]), tuil delivered llio intill to tho Individ- imk of Ills ward. '1'lie presidents of the vnrlous elusses. ucllng us Hiswlul delivery postmen presented vnlcndiuvi from each eluss to Mlw Uosa M. llurdy, pi'lnelmi. A short hilermtelon followed tlio piogntin. OUNTKAI, SCHOOL Tin' llcst mid second snides lui-.l Vulentine iw riles. The clillilren hud drawn mimes mid made one milliter Valentines In rchoo! dur- li)« Hie past few ilnys, '1'lictiu HV;-« miUlcil and delivered Ihrougli the post office which the primary clilldrcii Inivp eomti lifted In Ihelr icr.m. liefre.shiuents were served at both imilie.'i, . imtiitci- Is Iliu "March ol Tin soi- M. to the society. After tin. explanation of Iho ;,jgnWca)icc of/lhcl Tiv-diKs IM.l luixh by Belly tberdt, Hip n«v Hi (iill • T,!,, s were pvcscntcd their •I'ry-i.uls fur places In Ihe »h|,' by fiara tvrnrd, and con-jdic ,-. ri . (>,.<„,, j,,,|,i .., i.,.,,. s .,i.,...| ducted to the prudent whereL ulrr n.^lta M • - uy lighted thclv caudles from e,- fcn , tallrt . T|iqSB culu . llv nit of Hi. pnviiovnl. As five lol<l;| T( ,||mii W vv trial* arc: Wvnetlo lie meanln, of the colors of the Uirphml, ,),«,, tT w, Ipole -- Kara Evrard !>liiiiril upon end) Initiate of the symbolical colors. At Ihe eoncinsloii of Ihl^ pure Ciiiws. Deity .lean Hill. candles added to the permanent! roll. All music for Ihc program w;i:; played liy Sue Kume.v, also nl hicmbw of the National Honor jccicty. ,„,,„ iv m be enlcrrd In the Ht- meet litlpr In (lie sprlnj. Win .Scliclaisji;|i Cup Freshmen of home room 308 wmjj 1'roKratn (iivnn 'Ilicmas Hcay was In dunijc lllc t>roen«ii Ml Ihr Sclrjirn ci Ihe scholarship cup for the bit ti\ weeks period of tho fisrl sc- sl.v weeks jicriod of the first .v> nouiiccnicnl made by Miss Roui M. Hurdy, principal of the hisli i-chool, Tuesday, Pel;. 8. This gtyiu the members of this homo room a perfect .score for Hie first semester for the retention of the scholarship oiip which Is presented each six wc?ks by the National Honor Society to tlic hoatt room having Ihc highest scholarship average. Second in rank for each period t of the first semester was the 'icii-j cd ot lukliii! IliiBcr-pi'inl.'; In' blowing through u mbtir tube" .which iror, attached to u dryincr i,,!,.. Ullf!) with calcium chlflridc v ,-ttul Iodine-. FnMowins- tlie demonstration Sn- ra Pauline'. Evrarcl reported <m Thomns A. ICdhou und Thnnvis Ecny told the process of imikl'.i[> a'diht al Ihe local Hlcc-Stlx factory: . president Jerry Cohen wcl- r| 3ipr-, a new member, c.irl Kiilc: at Hifili faint, Vuk-ntine fiir lor group of the homo room spoil-1 Lmm, van-mine was Khm fm- corcd by Miss iu ntt B. Wilhclm. ||, c llny ul Blythcvllle hl?h school ,,„„. . c ,..'l Momliiy, February M. Tlic nssem Isgnr. Scrap ,>«>«k jr|y program was n Valentino pur- A ccrap bonk containing n sum- ty, participated In by nil mm- iary of all clubs and aelivities In bcr.s ol tbc High rcheol the Natlomit Honor" Socieij:'" Th s -^'^ !;="^«f 'the .-period w« S for'the j U Jl n i>7 A •' :cra ' > bank containing a suin- c. Hardly Uo Worse mary of all clubs and activities In , I'igii scliool has been begun' "by peasant who founded the members, activities for each sc- them; Cross." •°uch replies and others .equally ni mid-term [octhci- lave lywood. rooms. Lotelli Smiled al Her Annabella The colony wasn't always so kind. Annabella came here four i aclrcrs. Her father had a r years ago for a role in Ihe French j home, a country place and an i .tiyeis alien shop . -.cjjued him ns ''the leader of Chi idjoiiiing dressing | na's military forces in the war with the'Japs." was no stranger to «nuner believed' Gclnlio Vargas. Brazilian dictator, was tlic leader oi insurgent forces in Spain.' Alliioiijh stiidenLvin a prc-mc:l- befcre she became an a iiiLauiituiu nine, sue saia. j >i»veicti auout Europe a cieat .1 diagram of i Iiavc never forgot—forgotten— ; deal, but her ambition from child-1 of a'"fish t Lorclta Young smiled at me licod was movies. Baron Moni tile set. illlfl nave mo Irn. It. Shn pel In mnn,,;.... _..., r .... r , . . . was a miserable time, "I ha Ur-sil - - . .. en the set and gave me tea. H She get to mooning and ncuiin' was the only warmth I had," ! about it sa much that an inriucn Her real name was Anne llellc tial frieurl of the family nolic-d CarpEiitier. and tier lather, now it, heard the story and got hr-% retired, was a magazine editor. In test al J'oinville,' Franco's Hollv private life, slic is Mine. Jean • «'oo;i. U was as easy as that Murat, wife of a French actor. Hairs J'o-.lng for Slills ' ' Professionally she'll always be ... Annabella. . and wind (shc drives in an open car) have streaked her hair in different Miarlcs of brown. lias brown eyes. mouth; Annabella says that she isn't temperamental in the sense of tang mean and eccentric, but admits she can get angry and stick " P J Cr m r tieh(s as she sccs "«m. She likes any sort of - role a-. .M-i' tjvo, ,& svnviukui muiui:. ss any sort of- re wears flat-heeled shoes, tailored | long as il's substantial she con suits and almost no makeup. j skiers, a lot of interviewers ire U's whrn she's working on a set. i ™de. or stupid, or both, or trip-ping at the Tree of an eve- I She hates |x>sina foi- still nic- ' ~ • ' lhal. Annabclta's "umpri" Her contours arc streamlined, thoiisli they had a hard lime posing her in a playsuit to Ju:l Wfml They Wanlcil There was a solemn conference of makeup experts when ~rmo here a few months ago. -.,-.ilcsnuieu, celebrated jurist, vras rallc.,-1 both "one , ., of Ihe men considered by the president for the Supreme court." am! "n man jailed in Florida for s iinclcrwator lots." Taste alone docs not utctl for n short program portray- liifc "Romance Through tlu> ARCS." Heroinci; ol Id.'lory mi:) Iktion Wandered down Memory I.anc a.-, they were cajled lorlli by Nc:lrn Ked nicst cr of tlic school year. Then pages will be provided for wluiljand Bi-rryiimn. To Iho J^-.i^ played by Suo 'Ramey . . • ^ — -—<-|uim Honnic Jeanne Hiicahnuii ; ;,' al 'n f o'.mallou ami pi=- ( !hcw wcmt-n sln.llrd alone ra/-li PrW S vvh e , "n' f rS i m!ly ° ilre lo ! ' lol " )lllE lcll!: cno »i rh to '«» «•'«• atlrt. When the book is completed MOW of ; w r life. 'Uir order In it will be bound and presenlcrf to which tUcy apr.rarwl ,W" ''M (1 ^.^ t >^*:W:*«* "' ^ PCW." «p4iied by DoX Crocs; "Helen of Troy," Anita Faye Beck; "Cleopatra," KnMilcen Ashley; "Isolde." Churchill Buck; "Carmen," Frankic liyrd; "Elaine, Ihe Lily Mnid of Astolot." varioi's school activities. Teachers i-; a li .FonMboro School C. Nonnan Guice assistant prin- ._ ^ l( „, „ ,.„„ of ilic high school, and S. Mavic Kooncc; "Poeabonlus." Mil_ Garrctt, principal of junior | drccl Muir; ••Kvaiigclluc" Marjo- high school, visited lire Jonesboro ric Mays, und "Ellen, from Lticly school system Thursday,' February "um.i,,«iy 10. Tlic purpose of this visit was to observe and study the n:lml:i- istration and class room procedure of tire The I'uplls ol the mini grudc went to l.ungc School last Frldav to visit the primary pupils .mil I'l'iseiH u piny for iheiu. They iuid dramatized "Snow While and Ihc Seven Divarfs" which they BHVC for the Ungo School class, Then the little Ltmge boys and girls gave "The Three Little 1'lgV lor their visitors. It was a beautiful spi-lnj! day nnd lh c children rnloyril ihi- outliiu very much. On I he way back lo their school Mary Ixiu Joyncr's mother stoppiHl (in- childiTii und imuli; plclmo.s uf liii'in. « ...' t 'Mie fourlli guide' nili'itnlned Iniir innlli«r» Wednesday with 11:1 - iiilfri,;!!,',! -ino[;ram culminating 1 Ilirlr null, ol work on Africa. i'Hvnily nii(,:;ts wero present. j 'llic clilldivn of the lomm, ' tilth, and sUlh guides huvo bouglii a volley ball und posts for tho nei • have Ixen |>ul up reai.y for play . PS soon iu> Ihe weather Is wilt- iillc. 1-ist l-'rlday llu- lltlh umde used 1 their druwlns; and ri'tidhig period for milking Valentines. Colored Pupirs und pnterns were given oitl mid the children mudc whaluvei- uipy c'iireci to make. Atlcr this (he room olub met and Heard n proHruiu of ttorlca iiud songs. La- vcine Russell surnvlaed th.n mmlis by sevvlny rcfreslimcnUi O f choco- lules. On Monday ulternoim Iho Vnl- ciitine tox ^IIK opwied. Jack Smith and Jackie. NlcOliee vfcve mail clerks uuii Jim Kmavl and ircnv ritzjjcuilil were postmen wlio do- |llvcre<l the Valentines. Gnu group ot Iho fi(lh grutle »u» given a rending ncliloveimm list TitcHlny. The other group will bo given tliclr lest so.qn.'-Thl test (s Iho one sent out by "Mj Weekly Reader," the school HE; puptr. which this grade takes! Tills class has two new pttpils Margin Lcc Thurmond cmnc froii Luxora imd Utlia 1'earl Herring from Matllcsbiiig, Miiis. The Book oinij of tho s)xtl grade held tlicli- regular baslnos! incetlntr last Friday aflci- whicl Hie. rnllowing puplla prcsenlcfl ,ir Interesting program: Irene lilcc Kny 'Iliqmas, Byron Doss, Ray Gil,l, Everett Peterson, 6klppy Orcok, Betty Jane Matthews, Connie Dcnton, Juno Mniiln, and Joo LlntzcpJch,. This class look a period Monday nioriilna for the making of Valentines nwl had n Valentine box Monday afternoon. Winnie Virgil Turned Ms glv*n achievement tests lo all the children of the sixth grades. i>ou. TUijrm,o«d U. t> ww pupil In this class. Marie W)ilt!s- fcor is still absent because of the illness of | gfatirtmotlier in Mississippi, Billy WUson is atae/tl bccmtso o( nit Injury to his les received vvhilo sauting. Caruthersville Society — Personal \\Vthu-sila.v Mrs, Lloytt ROKei'ii wsis hostess to Die Wednesday Night Club, nntl one tiiiml, Miss Oollyu HoWnson, »t lier niiitftinenl Wednesdiiy evening. Mrs. Jtu-k Downing ijplil liisli score v Miss Dollye Robinson sci:- oml high, und Mrii. cico Goodwin wus low, til tlw conclusion ol the Jelly tllih MVK. o. K. Orei'n was liantcss to Iliu nicnibci-K of tlic Jolly Mntrons Club Wcdnesilny nttcrnoon. There wore two tables of plnycrtt. Mrs. Virull Uiivls livlil hlfli score and received liiinil iniulo pillow cuses. MVB. Ct'dl UiulspiUli held scc- oiul hlijlt uiul w«5 given « Ivumli- ecn clotli, uiul Tor ran Mil n lion Mrs. Olurii 1'iinkoy received liol dlsli liol<lcrs. Miss Hetty June l.iiiiisai'n ' en- Icitiiliittl (bo tlilrtecji iiicmlic'fs of Hie T. N. T. Clnb with 'n rook imrty ut her home Monday 111101-- iioon, Belly Jo received candy In u Valentino box for lil(-h sccre and Uctnetva naker vms (ieo- onil liluli (ind received i»\vcler. Uotty Jcini TUinnn received u- randy bur us booby prlno. * • » Circle Mrcls jWllli l\lrs. Kvcnson Mrs. i,.vdlii Kvcnson etitcrlnlncd the .Unit Roberts Lawrence Circle of the W. M. U. of Hie Bnptlsi OlHtrch nl her u|iartmi>nl Monday CVCII|«B. Mrs. VliKll Davis led nn InlciTstini; jiriTijrriin on "Sheaves Wltli RcjoicliiK in the Ucuu'iaiid." She wus assisted by Mrs. S. 0. Stephen, MM. Kvcnson. Misses Alice (Allen uivj Vlotu- Nichols. Mrs, drover LudbeUrr led the devotional. During tlto Ijuslness session two new members were welcomed Into tlio circle. Mrs Hnndull Mcndo and Mrs. Stewart Nnylor and Mrs. A. B. Abbey en-L tcrtalned the membere" : pf the Beltel U. Bennett JAU^ionui'v Society ofl the Melhodlst Church «t the Frey.l tag homp Tue*4«y evening. Mrs,! H. II. Slrathman, Mr». B. B. Ropel n:id M(B. Stephens w«r* guests I Mrs palph Baker hsp; pharge ofl Ihc Mission Study bwks, "Songs! In tho Night", which the groupl has been studying for several! weeks. Mrs. John Ellis, president,! presided during the business ses- loj), • . : ' R. M. fierce, Superintendent £tl city schools accompanied by $ El Simpson or Hayil, b, L. Pierce I Kcnnclt. T. s. Pierce, Holcoml)! and A. L. pierce of Cl»rkton. at-l tended the annual slate meeting ofl school superintendents at Colum-l bin, MO. x i I Mrs. joe Roach and son, Joe jr I of Memphis. Tcnn., are spending! several days here as guetts, of her! fallicr, J. w. Wood and wlfo.-Mts.l uoacli Is the former, Miss Nellie! Wood, who WIKI prominent In lilBliI scliool circles In (h| s city a fovJ years ago. Mrs. John lioscli of l^ii AJUiii., left, Wednesday mornlngl for hov homo nftcr, spending sov-l t-rnl days hero with Mr. and Mrs! O. C. Nelson and other McndsJ Mrs. Rosch Is tlic former MLssI Ollvq Felt who was head ol thol fciiBllsh Dopnrlmcnt of the CurJ ulliersvllte Junior Cpllegc for scv-l cral years. Mis R. L. Wnr<l Jr., who ha been in a Memphis hospital fo. several weeks as the result of an automobile nccldenl has returned home. Mrs. Bennett Ucrpsifcl has or wl home, from 11 Memphis'hos Jillnl where slm lias been conflne for scveiiil weeks . following atitoniobilc nccldenl. ' Al Zanf(er spent from R'| U(WI ""111 lucsday in Jelfcison CltyJ Mo., where l\o attended, to busl-J "e-te matters. Curl Richards of Canton, N. u. will spend n month here with his sislciB, Mr,,, vii-gll Davis and Mrs J. ^. Clrecn. Mr. Richards was m. an automobile nccldenl several weeks iigo, receiving seUovis In-T ucles which will keep Win fi !i°» k , f ° 1 ', ? om ' n .' wc<;1[s ' UC11CC visit lo liis sisters. Mr. nnd Mrs. Harold Bryant an announcing the arrival ol a bet j torn Febnroy 15. at woo a m] Mis. Bryant anil the new soiij Joseph Harold, are at the home IUT parents, ^fr. and Mrs. j. Headrlck In Kcimctt, AJ 0 . iL.f !rs 'r,, J ' R ' -Stopliens, the foimo Miss Charlhie NfoCord. c vllle, Miss., Is a guest-In (iirls (lice Club I Aniioumcit High, school girls who are in the] Glee Club arc: Kalhlccft Ashley, 1 give iho i Betty Jean Hill. Betty Dugan. *t>tit,. muiic v |i J*-^ "v 11 H IVL LILL i "viiy ji'iui niu, licny uugnn. Mi- full navor of what we eat. The | ry Lynnc Jackson. Peggy Whitj, Ilavor Ls divi:le<l into 25 per cent, ; Mary Nell Patterson. Tommic "feel." 5ti per cent odor and '.'5 j Dean Hatcher, Dorothy cross Mll- ' ' • -- ........ pcr cent taste. Courier ftovs Want Ads. . drcd Muir. Marjoiie Mays, /'-it (Wise. Sue nmncy. Mary "Francis 'Gucrin, Miriam Smith, Carol l/ui- V,, t"^ 0 " 1 , 0 2x<1 2x6 alul Zx8 tn 'flvc ! .uiu louriccn fcp| long C3-nrcc« tfir sale al ffia,50 per thousand ' ncd in Blylhevillc. try ««r NEW SENTRY COAL this time It's prepared in America's Most Modern Preparation Plant. We Guarantee Every Ton. GAY & BILLINGS PHONE 76 FREE! FREE! License time is here, only a few more days left. We will buy ijwr M38 stale license for amj car listed below— No. No. No. No. ^o. No, No. No. No. No. Ato. i\o. No.. No. 8— 193IJ Chevrolet JWaslcr rnupc ........ S;IS5 i:i—19;j(i Chevrolet Master Town Sctlan S115 33IA— 1035 Chovrnlct Conns— real buy . ...5a»5 38.'i— 193(j Chevrolet Town Sedun . :'. ..... S375 ,in.'»_l<):j.l ChcvrolnJ Muster Coach .....'. §157!) '128— iy;j(j chovrojct: Master Coupe ........ $3!>f> .tfifi— 1035 Chcvritlsl Coacli ............. ?a!)5 478—1936 Chcvrolci Master Town Sedan 5 4A— 1931 Ford -Sedan ................... $1IW It 251-,1935'Ford V-8 Deluxe Sedan ...... S323 'I72A— tfl35 Ford V-8 TourinR Tudor ...... 520'J 48i—1935 £)e[ uxc j.vd \'.g Coupe ........ 53:15 —TRUCKS— ~~ 193 ' ! Chovrolcl C.C. rifkup Truck ,...Sai. r 47— l!)3fi Chevrolet C.C. I'irk-iip Truck ....5325 2-l|)3fi ^ord V.R Deluxe C.C. Pick-up TiMck SS25 GiHjCp 1)ick . un Tnic k ........ 5335 Ki is.v G. M. A. C. 1'ayment Plan Vuur Present Car as Part or All of Down Payment It's Time to GO AHEAD r: with a New FARM ALL to Help You <Yi Kljthl Club ., U1VJ . « 1 Mv. und Mr. Clyde Harper were " C "U" Qalllan who has sncnt Hi J a?ElEht tl S,, 1 . nen ; b H S1 ° I lhoE '8l't i,-? nEt ITV "}i h '»'Fprt Lauderdalol at, Jitgiit Club at their apartment **»•• as the guest of his ^ktcrf rucsday evening. Cwds fnnilshcd: Mrs. oirurd Cajiilian" anil family! the, llr I1C Dill rllvnrclm, n t n,.. _... hue ,-r,l,,,-,,.,.l i_'__ ' ""'" '"'IUIJJ the nrlnci(>iU o{ the ove- . ami Uiere wore I\v4,lableo of P (>yers. Mrs. Leiisdy Smith and fell Lookacd held high scores und Mr. iintl Mrs. Oeorac Aiitrphy held low, Ttietiostcss iirescntctl each member with « comic Valentino which caused nntcii -merriment. - * * . » Belle ||. KtnwU C'lrcio afccls Mr*. A. L, Frcytag, .Mis., jj w ,,,,. has returned home. *l n? <he ope,ung of PARKER'3 BAKBERSHOP . Kart E. Parker. Prop. 'FIDDLE BOTTLE" NOW IDENTIFIES BARDSTOWN'S FINE WHISKY Makes it easy to buy this Kentucky Straight Bourbon ... made the old SOUR MASH way We're proud of the whisky vc.mike litre it Birdstown, in Nelson County. Kentucky. And we're proud of "The Old Kenlucky Home" nfjich stands htte—and which SttpKcn Foster imtnoitil- izcrf in Sis famous ballid. So wt do honor to boii with our new "Fiddle Bottle." Far 1 18 yfarsthelimcsionc wittrof our Boutfion Springs h« ken widely known for the Distinctive . cSaticlcr it gives to whisky. Today, with Ihis stem, ingly magical w»le: and selected grains, we make whisky by the jime slow Sour Masn method our . fathers used... and mature it in Nature's own way. ^ —in heavily charred new white oak turrels. The result uj full-bodied drinking whisky, sraootb and mellow. like our B/RD'S TOWN >nd BOURBON SPRINGS Kenlucfcy Straight Bourbon Whisky. Ask for it in the "Fiddle Bottle" it your package store or btt. BARDSTOWN DISTILLERY. Incorporated ; I Bourbon SftUjs. Nelio« County, Kc«t«\T P.O. BirJslowi. Ky. No man wanU to mark lime today. All America is marching forward again. In agriculture, all eyes are. on Ihc new power, the new method, and the new machine, , , , and it's considered gpod business to turn out a good crop at a low cost. ' Trie McCormick-Decnng fARMALL is heading up the BELTA WLEMENTS, inc. Distributors for the McCormick-D«ering Full Line of Farming Equipment 313 South Second Blythevillc, Ark new program on many farms in this community. In fact, we can give you iho names of users wlio say they couldn't get along without a PARMALL. Ask us (or a list, And if you say the word we'll give you information and a demonstration that will prove the FARMALL is by far tl\c best buy in the all-purpose tractor field.

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