The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 4, 1936 · 5
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 5

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 4, 1936
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& i D ') I ALL-AROUND GRIDDER jrnr oxr.Ajr (a aw Ufa. Iaa. J-bara artddar af TaJcm aarfra. arrr, Ao kJoTwJ ttralatrtaf aaa. n tar. aackla. aaa hOlfcoc. wm pm Waf ta mom aaa ml tba at tat aarery ml tt aadflrn araa nwtoK ta aala (at ml faHbodn. mWttcnJtf, LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1936 DROUTH KELPS WILDLIF WATT. !- AH-Tk aroaBoa pan mam U drotrtk kcra kalpae' t onset aaa uppr avri Daa mm?. stoat (M uparrlioj, """arwr " k Bora, 'bore J MS lurk as abuadnr of Quail or lb, fctrcH la kaafthiar coadftmm.' Tat a due Bor optaM. ta the tacra4 mc Hi ad to th obr of rauu du isf (at aeetint wotat YANKEES GO INTO LEAD IN SERIES Husker Replacements Impressive as Iowa State Toppled 34 to 0 FITZSIMMONS K WHITE, BALL IN EFFECTIVE IK Sam Francis Nearinj End of 97 Yard Journcv to Touchdown 7 , Cardwell Leads Ball Carriers from Scrimmage With 8.9 Average. (Continued from Page 1-A.) tbc path a big Sam roared up the east side of the field and be bowed surprising apeed as be ripped over the tt" yards. He had to cat) for a time out to get back baa breath, carrying 200 pound in 80 degree temperature being quite a task All thru the firat half the Husk-era were depending upon individual brilliance rather than team play. The customary early season lack of eo-ordi nation was present many time when their own team mates couldn't get out of the way of the ball camera There were some lAber reasons for the Husker offensive bogging occasionally, too. and their name were John Anderson, Iowa State center; Ed Bock and Al Bauman. guards, and Harold Srhafioth. tackle. Those lads spilled a good many plays in the first half. Husker Lose Tost. TV Hunkers had lout the toss and faced the wind in the first quarter, but with their backs to it in the second and 34 points to work on, Coach Bible sent in re-lief for ail but two of the first stringers. Shirey and McDonald. This team was beading for a touchdown when a costly fumble stopped them, a pass by Ernie White to McDonald netting 24 yards, the rangy Grand Islander almost getting away to a touchdown. It was toward the end of the third period before the Hunker could rack up another counter, taking the ball on their own 20 to start the parade. Cardwell, Douglas and Francis punched and skimmed the ends in nine plays for the SO yards, closing it out with a lateral that found Cardwell racing 37 yards into the corner of ine en a tone after he bad run squarely over Everett Kischer, the last of the Iowa Staters with a chance at him, Kischer bouncing off the Hoss without even slowing the big boy down. That was the run that broke the low a Staters' spirit They never offered spirited resistance after that, the Huakers scoring twice more In the fourth quarter. After a poor lateral had been fumbled, Iowa State punted from Its 33. Cardwell whipping off on an angling run that carried him again Into pay dirt standing up. Cardy galloped 72 yards for that one, Again the reserves took over the helm and again they started rearward, this time reaching It Harris Andrews raced back with a punt and followed with a 23 yard gallop which put the Huakers on the Iowa State 9. Bill Andreson poured thru the middle for five, Dick Fischer scampered wide on a lateral for two more and Andreson did a swan dive ever the center for the necessary two yards. On top of the individual efforts of Cardwell and Francis, there was a newcomer. Charley Brock, who was doing his share, ripping thru to make tackles behind the line, intercepting passes and once showing that he hasnt forgotten now to run with the -tall since his high school days when be snagged a Cyclone forward. Harris Andrews Shines. Harris Andrews was another who stood out as a ball carrier and passer, pitching one strike that could have been a touchdown mighty easily. Ernie White's coolness under fire for the first time, also stood out George Veenker. Iowa State coach, paid the Husker line a high compliment, "W e have a better line than we bad last year but Nebraska sim ply had toe much in the way of a line in Its own behalf, be staled. This was evident on several occasions, when the bard charg ing Huskera would move over the entire aide of the Cyclone line, . permitting the ball carrier to dash into the secondary untouched. Coach Bible thought the play was spotty, altho be said in the second half the Hunkers appeared more decisive in their team ef forts. There were some rough spots but these always are pres ent in the early season frays. Four Out at Ft vs. Sam Francis converted four out of the five extra points. Bob Hills' effort after the last touchdown was blocked. Ia individual efforts, Cardwell was the bigb average yard maker from acrinv mage, carrying the ball 14 times for 123 yards, averaging tX Harris Andrews was neat for Nebraska getting 40 yards in five tries for an average of yards. Francis, not counting that 9? yard ( Continued oa Face &-A, Col 6) 'ht ,Jf Xi f a i Ml TT77? s hM " t I, i' ' 4T hi . tri"t , L: ft -13 J!: rt Aw i 'I - ; s, :. it - i -. f ' A , 1 1 , - - I ; x. .... c ,v ., i 4 . orataft'inm- fc umi& jaiiitai "i a lain "j i t '7 w -xn -.-a . a fr A i! A N .W dW " i . t t. w it v WdfcWai-.jii.' ' ti'i e 1- Bar ,taamM" ... n . y. '--, ' : . .. ... .... - AV 15 LOSER IN SPUE OUR GAM "Murderers' Row' Shows Can Win Without Flood Blows. BY ALAN COULD. NEW YOllK 1.1 The grentert ) crowd Ui world wnoa historj-, ;64.M2 Janp w he filled the Yankee Studium n-ariy to ca- paii'.y. suw tbr Yanketn capitalirr the brek!:s oi I lbt vU;rd I ip mmm i in New l ork IV. V I I nam iitii i i a i il RM!urila lo t r a I t h G;htil 2 to 1 d e a p ) I e t h Rfx-i t a c u 1 b r four hit fcurkr of Fred Fit-n m m o n k year old Arcadia , Oiilil.. chicken farmer and exponent ol the b a 1 1 1 n t knu(k)e 111 FitZKimmor.i; rated one of the tFt fieiJmg piti her lost a heart Ties BREAK LOOSE AFTER TUTORS HOLD -O Big Sam Francis nearing the end of his PT yard journey to a touchdown in the first quarter against Iowa State. Charley Brock is turning to cut down Tommy Neal, last Iowa Stater with a chance st P.amb!in' Sam. Brock showed judgment not present in many blockers who get out in front of a ball carrier on plays like this, instead of covering him from behind. Sam's was the longest run of the game. UNTIL THIRD QUARTER Score Twenty Points Less Twelve Minutes When Get in Gear. MAHLEY IN BEST DASH Fcatball SCORER STATE RlOB SCHOOL. COLUMBIA, Mo. (JP). Cape Girardeau held Missouri University's Tigers scoreless here Saturday for two quarters before the Missouri backs got in the clear and scored 20 points in less than 12 minutes. In three plays after the second half started. Frye and Mason rolled up 46 yards to place the ball on the Teachers' 18 yard, line, and after Mason smashed the line a IS yard penalty placed the ball on the one yard line. Frye plunged over for the score, and bis place kick was good. Heinie Mahley, flashy Missouri halfback, raced 61 yards for the touchdown feature of the day, when be slipped off bis left tackle and got awsv. sidestepping two Cape backs. Frye place kick was good, making the score 14 to 0. Cape Girardeau s passing anaca was erratic. Mahley intercepted A. Popp's pass to give the ball to Missouri on the Cape 39. Lonae picsea up is yaras Dei ore Godsrd, Teachers' tackle, stopped him. But Ewing rounded right end for U more, and then Londe went around the other end for a touchdown. Missouri failed to make good the place kick, and the scoring for the day stopped at 20 to 0, The lineups and summary: Crnpt Onmiaau snamm 'OttM ......... 9. . . . .. QoOdai ....B Canna . Ham Yt . St, A. il. TMH 1. Ik. Lwip lt t. ( n-lchlua i:. Ham . aaadotpk M. Btaeuitk-M a Laam M. Mayar . Kimrr 1. BIih nllirtia 1. Mnibiiim Si. Suaniua t. Aam M, Mia . ( It. HnMtercr tint (mmt 1Z. beam O. UlHtfleM . aavaua Ur aflrtmna a, Mwn4 Uri WUMarvtUr II. Ollora t. KcalkUa it. Cmmi t. Klrai It. Wolharfe t. lMt It. tun 'ill mu frrm Prrp li. WrHMl I (Mr BWck I!. tattlrii t. WUbcr t. mtr IX, M. raMeki M. ia. aiTOavt a. lurfc aa, wiim irwv It. Ortraaa 11. araaahar S. Hataraak M. lacHaaaa . Malar S9, SVaaMir, Kaa. t. Haaartar K, Bm i Umt a. Vtaaama It, tMn-haraual I. Klaara a. Maataa rrlraiaa ha tl, Ta (mtanl It. raaea a. laws laa( St, Aahnaka Daaf . Ihteq) 11 Jeffaraaa S. state roixe&E. BcKMI ElnDaos .. Barar . Rau . Plapar ... Fry Oaaaatac . Londc . MUOC OfflcM.hi: poan Lrwla. WMhtmnon. nf-ar: Jack CrancK. llltDott. utnalra, C A. Clmramal, Onirai. aaartlltnamar ; C. C. Brmkkaaet, Tlald jada. Raman Bart . ... StnrifMld Ball a. Puna Partem . ...n . .. .Tl..... .. ".'.'" 7.1"' , .. .hb. ...... ,...BB...... ........ N.Y.U. FLOODED UNDER BUCKEYE DELUGE. 60-0 COLUMBUS; a CP!. New York university felt a nine touchdown sting of the "scarlet scourge" aa Ohio State beat the Violets 60 to 0. A crowd of 72.M8, the greatest opening day attendance in Ohio history, saw Coach Francis A. Schmidt's Buckeyes run wild. Thej scored two touchdowns is the lirst. second and fourta periods. and three in the third. "Jumping Joe" Williams, who scored 10 touchdowns for Ohio last year, and Nick Warylik who comes from New York univeraity'i own back yard at Astoria, L L, led the scoring parade with two touchdowns each. Five others carried the ball over once apiece. INDIANA OPENS YEAR IN 38-0 WIN OVER CENTRE BLOOMTNGTON. Ind. VFL Indiana opened its 183 football season here Saturday afternoon by crushing Centre college of .Danville, Ky. 88 te before a crowd of 17.500. the largest ia opening day history here. Indiana scored in every quarter with the most sustained offensive thrusts coming in the final period when the Boosters cored U points. Jr. aauVaT It, Ikaaa a. ran Mar MUM St. aatraa 1mmt 1, BIO SIX. St. lava KtaW I. It. Waakhara a. SI, Okafcama LI Al S. Caawaa. t. M, Caar Ctn-areaaa S. BIO TZX. II. Miralcaa 1. It. lawa 1. Otna tHaar aa. V 1. I . a Maraaanr It. Waaaaua a taaiuraat tl, Cktraca a. muaaj It. vtaakaiaiaa I. 1. laaaiaa at, Caatn t. EAST. Tate St, Canal Bataara 11. laartatta a Bukulil St, eaeraa a Matr Craaa SI. fmllaa . Harai a , BUraai a. Ml lataa D. avfiilaiailila . rmakajo S4, Vlcat Vacaita a. Nataa Dam II. Canafki laok t, ' hmrf IB. PaaWaik a. rittMaiak II. . UUaaa. a.naiaai SI, Oarkaai Vvaalaraa t. CaauirWial Statr . fiaaajUaaal St, Latarnr a. 1, SVaat Caanar lafcm. a. Friendlv Enemies This Week 1 J ; j i wry 5 t , vW I - le.'.V BERNIE SEES HUSKERS. SQUAD PREPS FOR EM MINTCEAPOUS. While Ber-tue Bierman watched Nebraska ojen its season against Iowa State at Lincoln. Saturday. Minnesota s varsity football squad worked secretly in Memorial stadium hp the Gopher Reervet and freshmen scrimmaged. The varsity polished its of fense and drilled defensively against Nebraska formations in the stadium under direction of Bert Baston and Sheldon Beiae It was the season's first workout in Memorial stadium. Ann St. ataaaainaa I la I. aaat aar . WanaM Miami a. Cmm t (atbaar V. SI. HaMwaa. Mi. St. raraaam at. rraaktla rnaa Marava Battala Mr lata a. tkla a. Aaartoia C. S. Staraaal X. a. la. a. (aa Pan B, duaiaai a. trflaaap t. laaiaaa Mur t. Iliana (laitk St. Maa a MkMMharj a. aan at. rnaa . IHaai V.iaiaa ta, Pava m. La nan at, ytararrt lKIoaa 1, . Araakt 18. MarMrtBk a )k-a SI i laaalw . Batra . (uH X. Kiaaaii I - r k a Ji fHataa I Tiaatr n. Bamtha a. , . r. a. a. MaryW sa, I paak S. SI. Ckarfeaaa S. . Sa. aBtai S. nalinat Zl. Ma STiaajiaa lark Antra turn rmmu naa, a. It. LaaHl a. kk a. VkrkMa Caaaa m. laar rarral at. Bcaaa 1. Vlrnaa 1, Wttttaa a auav (mm. t. ) e. t aa. Siiwaua, taarnHaA. 1. BaaSa Waat SaM S. faer 14. AUraa a. It, MakMMsaaaNki tMatk i , loam. IB, 11. ' , aaaaarat C aa, tMaa . r. . Aif tat. a ba.t St. Slliii Bank Team, a arttaat Tckaa. M. BUarrBIa BkaM a. C C K. X. a, Braaktoa a. Oraaa Cagr la. CaaMa t. uanaa Taacam It, Mkaaaaa. P. a aat Team, u, Team. J. K, U. Banar U. Biaara lrarm. arranl saawisT. WW 1 1 il ll t M. Waaaa, t. laaar I . la. Blifa.a a SHaaia Bkanat It, Akaaa a Ml ii ii ka. laam. a. SI ii Hi ait T M. I ' . St. l aaa a. Wl una a O iil.a Taam. a f aaaVaaTaaaaaasa aMia aaVfJVes rwVaa"JVJml 4) twaaa uajt IB. Ckamm I aara. . Caitilia . SUaaa A CaraaB SI, Cuakial a. aUkaaj rn.UA, MM When the Iowa State-Nebraska game ended, Bernie Bierman, maestro of the galloping Golden Gophers, made his way to the Nebraska dressing room to congratulate Coach Bible. That's a crying towel they're both holding, neither quite sure which will need it next Saturday when Huskera and Gophers play before 50,000 at Minne apolis. When the photographer asked them to doff their respective nats. it revealed Bierman, prematurely gray, and Bible, bald as a peeled onion, indicating what coaching does to the hirsute growths. MtaataBHatl'l MaaVafV tit McKflatpalFfV ft. Iixra Htatr Team. I. brauwB a. It. WMtnrater 1. VPhaBrtawa 34. Battlaraa a. IIIMam avnavyaa 1. IllaHta f aknar T. 11. Weama aua a. Kartaacat ta. Maalaa Haaar a Taakaaar 11. Bawart a. HitlaM Tara t. to. Marr S. Una 13. Btaffua t. Ialaaa Tram. a. Lank Haaaa Team. . Jr. 5. Vkita it. a. Jkartarra tl, AaaaaS a haaraa 1. Halaraak a. HrMHaarc la. aat maar S. atrai Hi mini I It. BaU Stat a lM-raaar St. 4aa;laa r a. fc.aap.IUr Call. 13. Baap Pah 1. at. uau aa. BUoakjatar S. auua f ran. It, MamHar IB. Tarrr Swto Team. a. Maaaaer a tliaaa 1. CaaMal . 1. Taaa , Caatral kJa.l Trim. 1. Biaiaia Hiatr Iran. it. MIIHiaa 1. inpaaakaraB Team, It, awa&ara a. Baanta Kratarfcr X Praaklla a Waikaeh IB. tarthaai a kaaa 1, Piaaipa a. linha Team. It, Ka at 1. Panaaa . Saatfe Babata 1 . 1. Maaat Plaaaaat Team. XX, Fanrn last, a Alma ta. a tkannmfcT St. a. St. ark an at, MMk-Saa. Took a Maarlnalin ta, St. anarnb S. Urtal B Team. 5, Efenhamt a MJaat Team. It, MarHllr Trart. S. aaqr Cttr Toa. a Vlekmaaa Tram, a La.nau Tara 1. raa Baiaaa r. SJu lakai Bumt Teart. a, Baaaaer a Uaraja Ii. OMa ".rah-yaa a. I aw naa 1, tarass a. mail Hk (S. Tram, a U. Saata Maraal a Talraa BZ. Daaaar B. Braatr 1, Eareka a Umrnm m. tan PaBa S. M inanilli IB. Saatfe Bakatk StMr a. ovim. Karth CataBaa M. Tim u a fc alaukj SB.y. .SL L . M ii U Team. B. tBarfe a LaaarrkBr IB. t aaa (a a B inn in aj 1 Taaaaaai Tack a Flinaa Bk, taiaaa It. Maaaakaai taaa- SB. BaaktS a Wi IB. r aiaiia a. iB.WAaasB.I, T. C Teat. M. MUMaja a . Baka tl, Haatk CMrnUaa a. Ktramaaa rnnua a. rVrat Vkrcbila Statr II. BaaawOIr S, &vfc , BMbaa a. Woftard ri. PMllaaat t. laar IS. MkHMalaal 1. C. S. ii Inn a. aimaiaii k. .lram.) Iran, s, Wrat Vtraiala Team. a. Marrar fS. 14. Mmrrkral 1. Taakaarr laat. tl. Itawanl S. faYsasaTaf Si. rsfVaaalaaTeaa Tm Tank St. tauaaana City V. t Texaa IX. ana Sena i.aa r i iiiaat IS. riaati aai Bcaay 1. Bakr Panat a, anfe tanaaai Mala S. I.i lalini A. T. SI, (JkUaa a aaax 1. Malkraa a. laryvBle It, Taaralam a aaa 1, St. Pam a. aa C. 1, Mm. tttakr Traeaen a T 1 ' i a lia tnaw Seam, a S("TW EKI. rrar II. Aaatla S. aa a Trua . I. BU Ina A, II a. t. ia Art. a .a. A. M. B. Man ItaS U, Whajaae T. Taaaalaa SB, Uarar S. Prana Vlrw S. Treat Caft. a AssBTal a&a feaarthfaTsl fta iai laaiy la, Baylar a El Paaa Mba It, fitm Mnrtra M. i. a C. B. kvkn la. Bheaaia Team, a It, a. aura a. PAS WEST. 14. Btantar U. C. traah 14, t, C. L A aa IX. Waataatrtaa M. laaa S. Caa at taaaa It, saatara Ompaa ar-atal a St. Mam It. Cantanak a linallii ia Cantanua at, Oresaa a fcaata Barkara It, Araaaa Mate a araaa Ma IB. Bllaanara a Paelfir ( . aa art Lnrla J. faa Oiraa I, Oi. katal S. tat. Orraaa kanaa ti. Paelfir CarVar a BOTSf MOmTAIK. aiiaa.a Statr IX, Cafcamoa BUaaa S. 1 tak It, Araaaa a Sikikaia Taaac la. M alm atatr a aararfiak h al IB. Bxcta B. ... . taaaaaa fttatr a. Mralra 1. war Mratia lekn. It, .Ma aaBear a Uj Trtnataa. Cmm. . 0NOM1EES AS TRIUMPH 31 TO 0 Wes Fry Tosses All Shot His Locker During Runaway Game. TEAM WELL BALANCED in baseball. breaking duel to his right hanaed rival Irving "Eurr.p" Hadley tx-cajht- lie failed to hold a siiiirpU- hit grounder by Frankie Oroaetu in Uie ( limax of the eighth inning rally that gave the Yankees their second s' might triumph and a 2 to 1 lewd in the current cham pionship struggle Home runs into the right field stands by Lou Gehrig, t!h Tankee captain and Jimmy Ripple, freshman center! it lder of the Giants, carried the mom exciting match ol the series all square into the eighth inning be! cue the las; of a series of tough break turned against the National ieag;ue champions Fiusintmotis already had cut off one run at the plate, on Pinch Hitter Red Ruffing's bounder to the box. There were two out. with Yankee base runners on first and third as Crosetti laced Fitzsim-mons After takiiip two called BLOCK PUNT FOR SAFETY Btrikes "d nctly "in the bole." . the Yankee shortstop slashed at a LAST QUARTER Bo Hewes Comes Thru When Rocky Mountain Champs Watch tor Breeden. STILLWATER, ard charging, well balanced Wildcat eleven from Kansas state pushed the Oklahoma Aggies all over Lewis field Saturday and trotted back to the big six conference with a 31 to 0 victory over their Missouri Valley neighbors. Four thousand fans came out into the bright autumn sun and watched Coach Wes Fry hurl one team after another against a Cow boy 11 which was outclassed. The Kansans scored in every period as two brilliant quarterbacks Leo Ayree and Howard Cleveland maneuvered them thru a series of scoring drives which caught the Oklahoma eleven flat-footed. Ayres, the 150 pound Scotter, opened the scoring in the first period when be slipped around his right end for a 37 yard touchdown gallop. Cleveland tossed a 26 yard pass to Barney Hays who took it on the 10 yard line and went vore for the second counter. A 50 yard run by Cleveland placed the ball in position for Bob Douglas to drive over from the three yard line. Big Red Elder, whose line smashes diversified the otherwise wide open attack of the Kansans, collaborated with Ayres in one run from the Kansas Staete 36 yard line. Elder wiggled thru the middle of the line, and ran 34 yards before be was tackled by Ray Bradley. As Elder went down be fumbled-and Ayers scooped the ball from under the noses of two Aggies and scampered SO yards to the goal line. Another 35 yard pass, Cleveland to Hays, accounted for the final Wildcat score. The lineups and summary: Kaow Btata Oklahoma A. m at. BOULDER. Colo. l.f In the last 20 seconds of the game. Oklahoma Vniversity Bmashed the goal line defenses of s ragged but surprisingly tough Colorado University eleven and won 6 to 0 in an ; intersectional game here Satur-i day. An estimated 7,500 persons watched in the rain. a . With the timer's pistol upraised. Elmo "Bo" Hewes. Oklahoma left j halfback, blasted thru center on a spinner for three yards and a touchdown. Until their touchdown attack finally meshed, the plain boys of Oklahoma faced the prospect of descending from the mile high mountain country with only a wry okia m Ahiiijj.r: ?rid.of The two points were made on a safety in the third period when the Oklahoma forces blocked a Colorado punt and punched it across the C U. goal Hewes. 175 pound smasher from Wsyne, OkL, earned the honor of the lone touchdown. C U. had been warned to be especially watchful of Bill Dreeden, 210 pound Sooner fullback. Woodrod Huddleston's place-kick for the point sliced to the .right of the posts. The lineups and summary: Hemptiill ......... la Hamaoa It....... . Wllluunt i VhMrtv - - f . . iMnrja Knllana .......... .T( .... Cbeakra Muhlhrim .rt-........... . Wyatt Han . Tft .. Aabum Ayar . .. ,tb. .......... Omaar Ikbt ... Bradley Vina ............ Ilk. BawrH Elder tk. ... Web Kanaaa stale IX T II Okiabuna 111 a t Euui Stair acortnr:: Toucfadcara, Aym X: Ban 2: Dauriaa Pout attar touchdown, demand lead ml. iMfieikla: Raierae. &. C WuiKler BL Uary'ti: umpire, John Old. fKarraati; bead Unertnan, Grady fUJUern 'Oka Bomai , field twice, la a. lUfcHtOHrajucn) Oklahoma Tonne ..... ElkrwoTth . Ahrant . . . . . Conltncht . . Ball R. Broani... Smith ..... Br ...... Hrwat A. Corrotte Breeden . . . Oklahoma . Colorado . a. . It. .l(. . .e. . . .rf . , rt. . .rr. . .qn. . .hb. ..hb. . .fb. Colorado' linear . . J. Brown Roael ...... B9oorr Smith .... Boimet . larineton ....... White Ollbert ...... Kuua) Cbaney 0 0 1 B I . . . ..DOS Touchdown, ' Eewat ; OklkhomB Korinc: amietv. oy white. Subatitutea: Oklkhoma. Bright. Caaer. end.: Walker, cruard; atrCuhuufh. quar- terbaok; Huddledon. halflaok : Colorado, duw. Bardv. Cunpliall. enda; Lrvtne, tackle; Boyd. Btrrena. fruarde; K.oehler, center; Trachaal, Antuniti, Shivek, Wuln-ton back. Offtcuua: Bramahan. retarar: Juleerud, umpire; Allen, hnemiao; Atolea, fMid Judsa. OREGON U HANDED 26-0 'DUCKING' BY TROJANS LOS ANGELES, tn The Tro-jens of Southern California aimed a double barreled attack at the University of Oregon Ducks and cameout with a 26 to 0 victory before 35,000 football fans Saturday. Southern California chalked tip 239 yards running against 43 for the Ducks, who didnt scare a first down until the first half w nearly over, and added 142 yards by passing while the Ducks' net yardage thru the air was nothing. Wins Belmont Classic. BELMONT PARK. K. T. (TJS) Pompoon, brilliant son of Mighty Pom pry, Saturday took uncus' puted possession of the 1936 two year old bampionship by blazing to a two length triumph in the historic Belmont futurity and shat tering the track record while do ing so. Pompey won the futurity knuckle ball and hit it sharply to the right of the pitcher's box. Fiti Muffed It. Burgess Whitehead, second sacker of the Giants, probablv i could have handled Uie ball easily ! for the third out. but Fitr darted I for the ball and got his glove in I the way of it. It was so hard hit, sthat the ball caromed off and be- hind the mound. Before Fitr could I retrieve it. Crosetti was safe for a scratch base hit and Jake Powell was scampering across the plats with what proved the winning run. Fitzsimnions threw his glove to the ground in sheer disgust as he saw slip from his grasp the fruits of one of the best games he ever has pitched and one of the finest performances ever to meet reversal in world series competition. It was the biggest "break" of a game that saw the Giants outhit the Yankees. 11 to 4. only to let scoring chance after scoring chance escape the National league champions, due to their own poor strategy, lack of a wallop in the pinches, or the defensive skill of the home club. Better Defense. The team that simply slaughtered five of the Giants' pitchers Friday to the record breaking tune of IS to 4 won the crucial third match of the series because it was the better defensive club. Th home run hitting hero of the second game, Tony Larreri, became a defensive star by a Jumping stab of Joe Moore's line drive, with two Giants on base, for the third out in the seventh inning. It was another great day for the Italian triumvirate as Joe Di Maggio, the brilliant Tankee centernelder, had another superb afternoon on the defense, and Crosetti came thru with the lucky hit that tallied the deciding run. In short, the American league's famous "'murderers' row" demonstrated that it doesn't always need to ride the crest of the basehit waves to win and that it's able to grab the breaks with equal success. The outcome of a game that was a sharp and exciting contrast to the previous day's slugfeat puts the issue squarely up to the celebrated southpaw of the Giants, Carl Owen Hubbell. The Oklahoma master of the screwball, who beat the Yankees so easily in the rain drenched opening game, last Wednesday, win return to the box after nearly four full days of rest Sunday. He will oppose Monte Pearson, erstwhile Tankee invalid, is quest of a victory that would put the Giants back on even terms with their Bronx rivals. Pearson Named. Pearson was named by Manager Joe McCarthy to start the fourth game, instead of Red Ruffing, who opposed Hubbell in the opener. The former Clcvelander, who won 19 and lost 7 in his first year with the Tankees, reported be was completely recovered from the lame back that handicapped him in the latter stages of the pennant i Continued oa Page 6-A. CoLl.) , 1

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