The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1932
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1932 ,U EIS OCT. 21 Annual Session of Groups In County Scheduled Here Next Friday. ..ULYTIIEVfLI.E, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Evangelist Coming Sunday Educational leaders throughout Mlis:»ipjji county will attend Hie annual meeting of th,? county i otuncil of Parent-Teacher lassoci- alions here next Friday Oct. 28, •i'. the city auditorium. i Those things of most Interest to teachers and parents of the' children will be emphasized in an , :i!l Uav program which opens with fl meeting of the board of man- rtecrs following registration at 9:30. o'clock. Mrs. W. B. Hurkett. Has- . :(:tt. as president, will preside. Twelve talks are to be - given alone with music bv ;the Blythe vllle junior high Mother singers chorus, a plavlet by the Red Pejj- i per club of the city high school nnd luncheon, served by the city, hish school P. T. A. The Kev.l Dr. Kenneth H. MrCorkle, of Dy-' AH effort will be« ae-ord- Aifred S. Harwell, nastor of the =rsbur(j. Tcim.. wl-.i will Iwgin an • ing to the pastor, th" R-v E K First Baptist church, will con- evangelistic meeting nt the First Latlmer, to reach all unidentified duel tb£ devotional Christian church Sunday. membei's ot the clinrcli i-eslrtln* Mrs. E. E. Bvrd. Lenchville, will. Several committees are DDW at l,t le sneak on '-Why Belong to the work planning ac'.ivkies wiilcli will si(\tc and National and County"; Include a prayer circle to mee; Mrs. n. J. Johnson. Shawnee. on ; each cvEnin» b"fore the 7*?-. Sl ^ tC Mcctln ? hl Wttle'«rvice. aim a courtesy committee' ine ' ™ *ei J? rS 'i °? =a o '"'•"• .. Wl l? n> to Provide cars for those o:he.-vi-ise Services will begin each e-enins n'l Ptanris\i-d of Suncnor': Mrs. l: i la b!e to att-n-i i it 7-41 nVl,vk N. B. McnarU, BJiVhevllle. on I - .._... _. H 7.45 o clock. . "Duties of the Project Commit- t« 1 e";-Mrs. |J. s. McCants, Oxc- o!a. on •Budwts"; Mrs. E. P.. nrimcs. Manila, on "The Ne.?ds of • <*e. New Units" and Mrs. J. T. L<;e j Shawnee. on "Duty of Countvi Oouncil Contacting Old and New] Units" in "Extension Work in the Senator Speaks Briefly to Osceola Civic Club's Weekly Meeting. OSCEOLA, Ark—Senator Haitle Caraway was Introduced at the civic club luncheon meeting yesterday ami made a short mlk expressing her appreciation of liie vole nc- C3r;!ed her In Mississippi county al ! the recent primary election and pledging iicr snp|wrt of constructive legislation In the senate Mrs. Cnnuray, who spent Wednesday and Thursday here vlsltln friends, tras the mc;( •.llUliigtitslK!- or several out of town visitors al l.:c club. Others who veer*, liii'v ,, , . , services the hymns will rcBun ,. 0 featured with a large choir lead- County"; Herbert Schwartz, Lux- ofa. on ."Recreation': Miss Willie A. Tjiwson. BlvtheviUe, pn-"Inter- preting the -Schools to the Pub'(••"• Mi r s Wlnni" .Virgil Turner _ Blytheville, on 'Today's Lessons" j and Mrs: T.- E. Tfttc. Armorel. on' "Congress Publications." Hayti Society—Personal Interesting New Books at Library 'For Old and Yonnir Books for i bcth (he young are ' included in ami new books recently"Dlac'eri on the sh'el- ve,T of the public library. While some of the bocks, because of their high cost, are "rent'- ones at ter. cents for four days, there are many others which may be read bv those v.'ho.-.)ia\e.-a, yearly, membership of $2 in the library.. • ..Among those are "Rhinestones". Margaret Widdemar, "Gay Coek- ode".- .Temple- Bailey, '.'KHty", War- riclt' :Deeplng. "Bitter Heritags','- Margaret- Pedler, "Jn the Mady's ' flarch", .' Buby .M. "Loya' Oklahoma Minister Will Nol Take Stand to Defend Murder Charge, MUSKOGEE, Okla., Oct. 21 (UP) —The trial of the R;v. Steven Berrie, charged with murder in t'r.e alleged poison death of libs first wife, 'was halted abruptly today when Juror W. L. Pulckett was tco ill to .resume his duties.' Pnlkeli ivas strifken with acute indigestion. At the same tlJile the 52-year-old vjrss writing pastor told the anlt- cd Press he \josmvely would not appear 85 « witness In his own defense. Judge W. J. Crumu. after waiting half an hour, announced a r3- cess until at least 1 p.m. today. Nearly a score of former devout worshippers at the pulpit of Rev. Berrie were to rally to his defense today. They- wore ready to lesi'fv the cfcrgym'an had no part in the death, of his wife whom -the state Lover' 1 , Margaret-. WIddcmar and "Glory. ;.of • Youth". Temple .Bailey •ThX riefc rent b:oks are: • "Pe)i- ing '; Picnic"', Ann fi ridges;.' "Wild Occhid"'an4 "Burning :-Busl>", Sigrid" •• Undset/.- -'arid '•"Hot' .-Water 1 ', Wodeho.use. . ;-••.. •_'; '. :.•;•••;?or.-' boys and , girls' the new bpck^'" include "The Who Wen; to' ileivVn"-, ;.Ell2abcth"cpa'tswortr!" This 'wSs, awarded the'-jbhh Newberry Medal in 'I93l' for.^the 1 year'r most .dlstin^ished contribution ti American : literatiife- '"for.' boys and girls. "Calico ' -Bush", Rachc Field, ' is a' junior . literary guili" book.' - The ; rbalhy and- -rcmanc of this story, its jsoetic appro'acl 1 and fine plot, afl make it api»al cspc'ciaily to 'older- girls,' Mrs. "H A:--Smith. : litrarlan.: -says. • Othe: new books fc,r [his age are: -"Litlli Bear's Playtime.",. "Sand", "Byrd'. Polar Expedition", "Uncle Wiggly". "Sligar Island"- and "Billy "Bunny 1 . Left-Hind Foot". The king cobra sometimes attains -a length cf. 18 feet, and : Die largest poisonous snake in the world. Famous Rabbi Conies to TJ. S. This unusual picture of Grand Rabbi C. J. L.. Auerbach, Joundei of ,th« Shaar Hasharnaln In Palestine, was taken when he arrived in Los Angelfs to hold Yom Kippnr services. Mtss Edna ^Ktiourle entertained with a bridge party at her home Tuesday evening. There, were two tables of guests present who enjoyed severnl . progressions of bridge. High scpre prize, a beautl- Jul pair of hand made pillow cas- .?s, was awarded Mrs. .H. C. Lewis. For low score a novelty ash tray was given to Mrs. A. Tucker. Mr. and Mrs.. Eriiesl Johnson and son Kennett of Poplar Bluff were the. guests of Mrs. Johnson's sister, Mrs. C. P. .Wells Saturday They also visited other relatives while here. Mrs. T. F. Glllem is 111 this week. - Sol Randolph attended to business in Memphis Monday. Charles Matthews .of Slkeston visited friends here. Sunday afternoon. _ | Mrs. Wood Taylor.of Memphis! is here her husband' this! v/eek. ' William Khourle of Rtcele visited ( his mother. Mrs. Wolf Khourlf, a short while.. Tv-jsday morning, while cnroute to Senath. ' ( - * '.Wyman Dlllman . : ,visited. at thp i Wlls Davl>, Mcmp!:is s'.'.srtwy. Circuit JurtR* Nelll Klllough of Wynne, and Fred Stuckey of I*- IMtito, district deputy grand lec- luri'r of the Masonic Irlge. I'iosecutlnj Attorney S. I,. Olad- Ish and Miss Blonch; Cleor; both were called on foi sho:t talks. J. T. ciston, recently named 131 fiiairmau of Iho Rod Cro<s. -,~>- llcltrd and received the Civic club's eucleisement of I'e fovthcoinhn rail call ani drive tu ralsj Ss.ftOfi for I lie national lied Cress [iiiul. Si>?aklug also In si'.;iuon jf Hie R<'il Cross drive were C. L. Mow! mid Mrs, W. E. Hunt, Tiie club voltd to s;msor n triul?s ilov In conncrllon with the iiimual 4-H club AclilOTinem IJ.iy which Is sst for November 5. ami i <-«iiu«(Uce composed of I.onls Lti- p;<U-s, lien Uutler, E, M. Jnflce. o. K. MabEengill. Nalhitii W-.-lnbirf "n.i s. D. Cnvprnter were namod B -•yininlltec on arrangements. 'I charges he poi'onel to b= free t-o ! home of the Rev. and 'Mrs. J. H. 1 marry a 19-year-old Sunday schoo! ' " ; "'-" — - ' ' v ' - -'teacher. Toledo's Historic Church Closed by Bishop's Order TOLEDO: oTarpy-Sl '• 'Mary's i Wednesday ,erenlng>-; ... Rhurcl). Toledp landmnrk for more - • - ' Biilllneton thls-^ck. : Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Sanders nnd da«?ht?r. Vireuijo.. 'attended the Baptizing ,at. Kenne'tt- Sunday at-- leriiDon. .' ".,•'-.•;'••'.!•" • ' • .'• • Miss Mary .'Deweese i and .Willie ylsltEd;-,-in' Portageville , . TIM ^ s -; Sam Nethetj- •and.Mesdames H -' c -' LewK'apdtC.?. Wells shop- than thi-ee-huavtevs 'of a r.-nturv . Is closed- and members • will vi>r- ' pct '" K P n P? t .'' .Tuesday afternoon. I shin in St. Mary's Chapel.- • | v •-, ; ••.. • The Episcopal maiidatc for clos- j flff 0! ' JHK Wins -' ' Ing the slniclurc was issued by .1 nr ' ' »«A n'^x n Bishop Kari ,1 Alter, who was! Woman $30000 Estate bjptnzc'U'in'-thi old church; s't'iidi- ; ' in $t. Mary's school • and. sans'(•-OAKLAND. :Cal.-(UP)^-Thc- age first Mass beneath..the vaulted [ pf .ink- on two wills.- both dated ' the same, -won Jor .Miss o- June 5, 10M.' The • church -'was built In November. 1853. when some 200 German Gadiolics, . members .of St. Francis DC Sales' Parish, wishing i church of their o\vn, petitioned for permission to build the structure. ' • . Thousands of church dignatar- •i?s and laymen withered nt the church in 1010 during the cele- biation of the 50th anniversary of the Jesuit order In Toledo. Scouts of Troop 37 Will Hike to Big Lake .Victoria Novell -the .£10.000 estate of her sister. Miss Novell, under pwripr court ruling. , When E. O. Hdnrich. Berkclev prar-hologfat -ani • criminb!a?ist. testified • before Judge Linc'oln Clmrch that the shorter of two "'ills, kavtnfr. everything to Miss Non-ell, was a later dote than one dividing the estate with cha>tty th/. judw 'ruled in favor of the dead woman's sister. TWO CAPITALS The Union of South Africa is unique in that it has two capitals A hike to Big Lake Saturday j The Ie 8islature sits at Capetown, where they will enjoy fishing, swim- .' vl " L hc rp " t of «ie government ming and boating was planned by members of Troop 37. Boy Scouts of America, who met Wednesday night In the scout room at Sudbury school. Tlie scouts will leave here at o'clock Saturday morning and will spend the day on the outing. Scoutmaster Charles A. Stufcbs said the v x>ys would also take this oppor- [ tunlty to complete sDmi cf their outdoor wrk in .sccutcraft. At the meeting it was decided to order six scout manyels for use at headquarters en qualifications advancement. Toe prospects for the scout football team were discussed, and after th? meeting the bays played Indoor baseball in th; school is at Pretoria. AT THE FIRST SNEEZE ME ON VOMI HANDKERCHIEF ANO PILLOW rrs Jobless Enroll at Continuation Schools HARRISBURG. Pa. (OP)—In- -rcased employment In textile centers of Pennsylvania Is reflected in Increased enrollments in -or.tinualiou schools, the state ^eTitmont of Schools reported here. Boys and girls between U and ••: mutt attend schcol at least one •"y a week while working In in- iustry. Ten years apo thete were »,OCO enrolled in the part-time schools. Last year the number propped to 21,580. A considerable increase is expected this year according to early reports of reals- tratkn. courier ;,-e«rs -rr J Or.PauiF.McCutchen Dentist STEELS, MO. Phone 85 Mirrors exposed to strotiy sun- and imule s!:ort talks wercl'shi will become cloudy. Off Again-9n Again If you have been temporarily lured off the "gold standard" of value by no-name "Bargain" clothes — here's a safe guide 1 back to standardized currency called "quality." Now they're better and cost, less ALMO topcoats The alrno topcoat, is made of a combination - of the hair of the Alpaca and the. Ki'd-mohair... the Alpaca belongs- to the cam-. e! : family ; and 'is found 'in. the; rhpjiin'tains 'of. •;Peru'- jri.- So.uth America.;:. :';/: ••' - : . -~'r' \~'.i'..: •'•'•'.• The Kid'-mbh'air is • raided -in Texas and grows .a long,' .fine, hair. .. . •.•'•..••--• •-...-..; The'combination of these-,two fibers produces a iabric 1 with a 1 fine sheen and silky feel. ...''_ HART SCHAPFNER& MARX made it a great value last season at $35. Now it's : 24 50 That Isn't All Now we can give you Young Men's Suits $1Q50 meeting our standard of quality .We never did soil anything in this store we couldn't stand back of. These suits put Mead cafety in every man's reach at a new low price New Mead Clothing Co. lilac Biuh Geti SeMons Mixed • SAN MATKO. C«l. (UP) - It'fl spring In the front yard o[ Elnur. Krlckson ullkough the air Is nippy j and most follnge Is turning scnrlct I nnd yellow. ; Erlckson's "springtime" Is 11 Itrge purple llluc bush wlilhc willed to bloom Inst spring but f(iv sonu uncxplalncil reason Is now lit full blossom. PAGE THKEJt ;Rcnd Courier Nu»'« All ! Dun' i M then I* * ttnnfk liulJ. Fi|)n ««•» quick};. Geuniwion COB- bioM I In 7 bet! hrlp*l>now»1eiaej«u ••we. 1'inmftil liul humltM. HcuanS I* I*!K. N» ii»r«xlc». Your tlnifcta will mttmi l»m if «nye3u0!i«rrnut 00 miller kow loll* maiding Is n« re- U«rad by Cmultk*. («i!r.) You Couldn't Make a Better Buy Than THE FAMOUS SAHARA COAL "Hot As the Sands of the Desert" THE COAL THAT SELLS ITSELF Distributed Only By SUPERIOR CO ALCO. Phone 123 Phone 123 FREE DELIVERY PHONE 603 McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY SPECIALS for SATURDAY and MONDAY Peaches 19c Coffee I'urc I'i'iiberry 7 Llis. $1 Large Hunch 12 TURNIPS Nlcc Home (ir ir 2 C GRAPES Nkc Frc8h Tok iT 8 C GRAPE FRUIT 15 for 25 C Sugar 10 Ll>. Cloth BiijfS Limit With, 01 her (iroccrk'8 Nice Size Red Ball; Butter Pure Creamery Pride of Arkansas Ib. 22c dozen llic CHUM SALMON _ . ..Hoitte. Grown EC ' Large Hend . . , Each CELERY '. Calif.'Jumbo Stalk 9° MUSTARD Fr ° ncl '' sCt T f 10 <: 1000 Sheet Silk Tissue Per Roll 5c hvaporated Ml nrunds Tall Can DIIrWEB UIII 1>ure Cream Chocolate I^C |5UiM\£il nlLL Pound Package if PEARS *'•""" N.. 2 c...lo c SPAGHETTI or Macaroni 1 AC 3 I'kgs. for 1U OATS Chet'ker 1CC 55-Oz. ('kg. SEALOX for 2fl c Camav •1 Hars for 15 Cans BIRD SEED French's 2 for COFFEE Old I'ountl Can OU Spare Ribs PORK BRAINS I'oimri BEEFSTEAK Pound BEEF LIVER Pound Flyers Fish Oysters Sausage Pure Ccuntr y p ° rk Ib. 15c Hind( l uart ei' & 12c, Forequarter Ib. 7& Stew pound

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