The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1948
Page 8
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rxce EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK'.Y COURIER NEW? ' , TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 194 BETTER HOMES MA Advises Use OfAIIUrbanLand Replacement of Old Buildings Would Aid New Building WASHINGTON, D. C., March 30 —The -American Institute of Architects has recommended policies which are alined at urban development aided by the demolition »ru1 replacement of buildings which have outlived theh' usefulness. A four-point plan of the Committee on Urban Planning calls for "rational use of nil urban land." It will be submitted to the AIA annual convention in Salt Lake City In June for action by the membership. Companion problems of commit. nity planning and relationships of government to private enterprise also are considered In the committee's report and policies for their solution have been formulated. In 'the ciUes. there is the opportunity of "making a more rational use of all urban land." say the architects. This can be done by eliminating industrial as well is 21 Homes Occupied in New Real Estate De,velo pment With the Courts i > Chancery Ethel Mae Patten vs. Otis Patten, suit for divorce. Circuit Frank D. Underwood vs. Rcect Woolen and Armor Co.. » Corp., suit for $8,1X36 for .personal Injuries and property damages auto collision. In Real Estate, Business, Farm and Auto r. H. A. and <:. 1. Loins on Xcw unit Existing Homes LOANS For buying, refinancing, building, remodeling, jj Farm lands anil Auto loans. Quick Service. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY 166 S. 1st—Ingram Bldg.—Ground Floor Phone 51* A. F. "I)«e" Dietrich, Manager "Complete Insurance Service 1 * —Courier News Photo residential blight, cities can ne [ Shown above are seven homes built in the Jackson first Addition which was developed by W. L. Horncr created thai are efficiently plfinncil of the Mississippi County Lumber Co. Beginning at far left, the homes above are those of Mr. and Mrs. and satisfy a sense of beauty as n,,,.,,,!,^ p. aralmin, 1D21 Hcarn; Mr. and Mrs. Sherman S. Wnshbmn Jr., 1925 Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. '.veil as a desire for convenience. • ... "We shall fail in these larger Boswrll, 102(] Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Matins. 2001 Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. John C. McHancy III. 2<X>a> Hcarn; aims," the committee said, "if we ^Mr. and Mrs. James L. Vcrhoeff, 2013 Hearn; and Mi", and Mrs. R. L. Sanders, 2017 Hearn. ndopt an urban redevelopment pro- j There are a total of 21 homes In this development. The others not shown here are those of Mr. and Mrs. unridoslums;i[wennuie ! w - w - Bryant Jr., 1902 Hcarn; Dr. and Mrs. Lmiis P. Hubener. 1905 Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Neal, 1013. Inr^cr purpose we may not even «p- Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lawson, 1917 Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. Garth Castlio, 2012 Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. proach , the more limited goal of <ic- |B. G. Grant, 2008 Hcarn; Mr. and Mrs. Paul O. Bradley, 2000 Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Levitcli. 1928 Our y endo?se,nc f nt" 0 1 a'policy^u?: | Heam: «r. «nd Mrs. Richard D. Day, 10 24 Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. i H. Caraway, !920 Hcarn; Mr. and Mrs. ban icdcvclopnicnt, therefore, ! Ra y Morgan, 191G Hcarn; Mr. and Mrs. William E Vessey, 1912 Hearn; Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hyiidmati, IQM should always insist that the lar&- | Hcarn; Mr. and Mrs. diaries Hazer, 1900 Hearn. , ;. or objectives -should not be made i t ___ . _ . ____ ; _____ ___ _ subordinate to the more limited purjjose of curing our housing ills." Reservations Listed The architects, realizing • that Hie re would be no housing problem U private enterprise alone had been j able to provide adequate building for all citizens al prices they coultl afford, assert that the necessity for government Resistance should be accepted with certain reservations, in- Tdofcd to f-L tde AichUc «l your koiM, SLATS-O- WOOD *w«ingi <re 5 0dd looking, Ions UilTnj *nd economical. A phone tall will biift? out ftur dciTgnei to > S' v * V ou • '"« «tfm*tt on tKctc cuttom built lids to comfort loir living. IiATS-B-wsG'3 DEAL'S Point Store 109 East Main Si. V- Phone 4-169 FOR WET WALLS USE AQUELLA Don't despair! Abudja lias succeeded "where other materials have failed. Internationally known—nationally advertised. Sec "s for A QC complete details < 33L Bht-vt A.->'.,!! »: ' UP«*«» E. G. Robinson Lumber Company 31!) West Ash SI. Phone 551 Experts Say Lay Hardwood Flooring Last In building a new home, lumber- dealers advise. It not only is wise to .select durable, high quality floor- ins such as oak or other hardwood, but II. also Is Important to see that the flooring is installed according to approved methods. The vast majority of home builders, it is pointed out, thoose oak flooring because of its beauty and superior service, Yet improper installation can rob the home owner of the complete satisfaction he rightfully expects, dealers assert. ' One of the more important points in proper installation is its sequence in relation to.other construction. The laying- of hardwood _ „ floors should he the last constnic- matter can well make their invest-] house and lot cost from .$5,000 to , designed by an architect and a 1 tion operation in a house Plumb- mcnt an unprofitable one, aiicl i $10,000. land should cost 13 to 15 . builder in Illinois. The partitions: ers, plasterers, etcctriciaas, paint- a burden they may have to bear ! percent o[ that amount. If over j are built of corrugated asbestos ce- '• crs and so on should have their lor years to come. 510,000. land cost may go as high {incut sheets, a material long used ' work completed before installation 1 Facts on How to Buy or Build \Home Vital in Today's Market How lo buy or build n home In there Is a handy rule, (he result of today's market is a problem con-, years of FHA experience. If-house fronting tens of thousands of, and lot cost less than S5.BCD, cost Americans. I of land should not exceed ten to Haphazard decisions on such a | twelve percent of that amount. II 'Open Planning' Colls for Use of Asbestos Panels Door-high partitions are used effectively to divide one large space Into a living room, dining room and kitchen in a modern home recently If youhavA neglected to paint your home them past few ypars — because of imposed wartime restrictions — you ow« _ it to yourself to paint it now. A few fundamentals lo guide the [ as 20 percent. ; in industrial construction. This type • of the finish floor begins. Sub- prospective home builders or buy-i Important budget advice is con- °f "open planning," the designers floors serve as satisfactory working ers. and help them avoid the pitfalls I tained in the article which advises i sa V. n °t only cuts costs but gives | surfaces for those tradesmen. of unsvise decisions are contained : that you total all the costs in terms | a feeling of spaciousness as well, j When hardwood finish floors arc in an article £11 the April issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. After you have decided on what kind or a dwelling you want, the most important factor is the cost. The corrugated sheets were paint- I installed prematurely, dirt can be- cd to harmonize with the decgrative The di" ati j plans ~of the rooms, urges, i . . . . of monthly payments, equivalent to rent. "Include estimates .„, .„.«.....£. i ..-.....- „,, , water upkeep" the article urges 'j "'Sat'oiis themselves lend an unus- The wood may even by dented or "Your total monthly ownership cost i ual and P leasin S 'ouch to the in- j gouged by the dropping of tools or "Find out what the house would; 5 hould not exceed 15 percent of '• terlor . • . | 'he movement of heavy machinery. cost," the article stales la part, j yollr ne t Income- "preferably- It! Th - basement of the home Is The result is not only extra work "and don't be surprised If it Is | should be under 20' percent BS' net : 3 ' v ' cn over almost entirely to a and expense, but filso^possible per- morc than you expect. Present prl-i i,, CO me we mean what you have < ces are almost double prewar. Visit i e . L a(ter yO}i i lavc paid your in _ your baiikcr or bii!lditig-and-l/an come taxes- 1 ' association executive; tell him the' savings you have available, how \ much you earn; ask him how much you should spend. If your income BrickWHlTE Bill Seeks Repeal of federal Gasoline Tax the total cost 'to one-and-one-half to twice that figure; i( your income WASHINGTON, Mar. 311. (UP) — exceeds $5,000. one to one-and-onc- ! Rep. Alme J. Porand. D., R. I., In- half times is prudent." j traduced a bill yesterday to repeal As a means of determining how the one and one-half cents come ground into the wood and paint and plaster dropped on it. hobby room. The heating plant is . msnent damage in me form of housed In a sniall closet, at one end dents or stains which' may be im- of the room. At the other end are I possible to remove. If you are build- closets and space for laundry equip- | Ins a home, therefore, it will pay ment and a dark room. Another! you to see that your contractor novel touch is the use of an open ' follows the approved practice of stair to connect the hobby room installing hardwood finish floors Al! over, the nation the old American pride in a clean, beautiful looking home is vigorously asserting itself. 3''Liint comes first in home improvements. It's the answer to a cheerful, gracious home and better living. Paint not only beautifies, it also preserves tue surface and halts depreciation. Don't let your home go too long without repainting. It's good business sense to paint frequently to safeguard your investment. : / Be Wise — Specify ... VAHE-CALVERT PAINTS 1'C MADFS? '(ZnunUea* &£&£( !%**£• &*S Mute, C ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY "Friendly Building Service" 319 West Ash St. • •> Phone 551 and I lie main floor. Marriage License* last. much you should pay for the la'fd, gallon federal tax on gasoline. comity clerk. Daniel Russell and Miss Lorene The following couples obtained' Reagan, of Blytheville per j marriage licenses yesterday in the Jesse Eubanks and Miss Sue 1 office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, Long, of Blytheville. nple BONDEX Treatment Gives You Enduring Beauty Bondex gives brick the charm and distinction of whiteness. Stays' on without peeling even aver second-bond brick. First cool Bondex Primer. Finish cool Bordex — D i or sptoy. lb. plcg. makes about om oallon, whits * (cofcri iCghtly h^ghet] , /) C BONDEX THE J?afe*ifett Cement Paint Color Styling Idem in Ihc BONDEX Color Churl. Free, from... HDBBARU HARDWARE CO ARKANSAS PAINT GLASS 2U W Slain SI * WALLPAPEB CO. E. 0. ROBINSON LDMBER CO. HISSISSIrPI^COUNTT DUMBER CO. 319 W A»h HiOl \V ,M»m st BONDEX NYDRAUIIC CEMENT eluding: s j 1. Limiting the degree of assist- j ance to that necessary to reach the ; desired objectives, ; 2. Rejecting compromises that are ' half-way measures and offer only the illusion of approaching such adjectives/ I 3. Careful consideration of the m- : •turc of any controls that may K suRRCsted. The architects must op- , pos r, proposals thut result ) n excessive staiidardiKation of ideas, melhwls and planning. They le^l they niust support ideas that permit variation, experimentation an'l initiative on the part of local communities and individuals. 4. The scckng of simplicity in administration by avoiding red tape. "Those results," the Committee c.i Urban Planning .said, "will not bo achieved by wishful thinkinp. "If. through indifference or 1103- li^cncc on our part, we allow housing legislation to be initiated bv people who do not understand o'ir prob'ems, we can only blame ourselves. By planning, which Is merely another name for forethought, wo may, on the contrary, devise the simplest and least burdensome as well as the most effective forms of control." NEED PLUMBING? NEED SERVICE? NEED FIXTURES? CALL "PETE FETE THE PLUMBER 109 North First Prione 2731 SPRING SPECIALS! CLEAN UP! PAINT UP! Red Oxide Paint .......................... 5 Gal Cans Per Gal. $1 .25 feu barns and onlliuildings Aluminum PainWPaste & Liquid— Mich Onde .=> (;;vl Cans Per C,n\ 2.7."i for mclal roofs and all buildings While Creosote Paint— High Grade .......... r, Gal. Cans Per Gal. ?:U:5 for fences and all IniildioKs Black Screen Painl— Painting Wire and Kramcs ............ Per 01. 7lc Soihx ClcanCr ........................................ Per Hnx 25c B * llsCleancr ............................. .'5 1,1,. Can Per Can $1.00 Chamois Skins — High Grade — Good Si/.c Stepladders— 6', §5.95-5', S.l.ns-V HAVE YOU HEARD? uni-h s ( (s Kilch ?xnr> MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY 1801 West Main Street Phone 4445 PHONE 2993 SMART BUILDERS CALL CHARLIE for ELECTRICAL WORK.. FASTER SERVICE! , X. "SERVICE IS NOT OUR MOTTO; IT'S OUR BUSINESS!" CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC 116 No. first SHOP Phone 2993 ENAMELOID Brighten up — inside and out — with sparkling NEW all-purpose Enameloidl One coat of this easy-brushing, high-gloss enamel gives gleaming new beauty to woodwork, furniture, toys, autos. Dries in a few hours.. . protects against wear. $^00 WASHABLE WALL FINISH! SEMI-LUSTRE Fresh colors, amazing washability make this finish the housewife's favorite fof kitchen, bath. $453 DURABLE VARNISH! MAR-NOT A lustrous finish that resists scuffing, scratching, staining Dries quickly. Gloss or Satin Finish. $489 489 $r I Q* J HANDSOME, ECONOMICAL! HOUSE PAINT Ccasclcus research now gives this famous paint NEW coverage, durability. beauty, economy! 55 Gal. HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME Of FAMOUS BBAMDS 126 W. MAIN ST PHONE 515

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