The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 20, 1934
Page 3
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PAGE THREE USEFULNESS Decoration Not An F.ncl lo Be Sought Rni a To Be Ur,ecl The desire lo live in a 1 .,, decoraied home Is as old as ihe cave man who adorned the walls ol ins dwelling place with crude drawing and primitive paintings, nesplu- 1ts age, however, and ilie universal talKffi in Ii, interior decorating has remained n confusing subject ro ihe general public. Tlie very name is misleading! For ihis rea- Eon It is ihe- purpose.of this booklet to make clr-ar the underlying principles of home furnishing, and to give a tew simple rules to be followed in decorating a room KO mat it will impel admiration because of Its inherent good taste whether Ihe amount spent on Its furnishings be measured in hundreds or in thousands of dollars. Good Decoration First of al) il must be recognized iliat decoration is not an end In itwli but a means to make a room fulfill its purpose in thc most useful and most beautiful way. For example, in decorating a bedroom il must be borne in mind that it is a place in which to sleep ami rest. A bed and comfortable chairs belong in a bedroom, of course, btit the moment you hang up the stuffed head o/ the elk your Uncle Jim shot on his famous hunting irip you have ruined thc bedroom's atmosphere of good taste and may . have contributed to nightmares rather than to pleasant, dreams. A Practical Test for Home Furnishings Most of the mistakes that are made in furnishing a home would be avoided if every article were given (he following decorator's lest: l Is it useful? 2. Is it suited to (his particular room—in size, color, style? 3. Is it siiitoif to the people who use It? 4. Is it beautiful? The Cost of fioou HEcoration '' So it can be seen at the outset that il is not a difficult, ihing to apply the standards of good decoration. Do not even bemoan the fact that you have a limited amount of money to* spend. That is apt, to be a help rather than a handicap It will keep you from buying too much, which is a common fault. Good decoration is no mm?, expensive than bad decoration, indeed, it ir, less expensive, for it dor's not have lo be changed constantly. How to Analyze a Kooin Don'i start decorallng your home by going on a shopping Irip! start by analyzing carefully the room liEclf. Ls the ceiling high or low If it Is a high celling, (lie struc tural aspect is formal and you decorations be in keepin" will that spirit, if >(, j s „ low C eih ng your decorations can be as informs as yon like. Is the room light o rather dark? Thc answer will de tenninc whether you should havt warm colors in your furnishings These arc things over which yol have no control- unless yon are for tiinalc enough ( 0 have an architcci designing a home [or you—bu which you must lake into consideration. Always remember lha decoration must be In harmonj wilh structure. Decide Upon a. Toinl of Interest Just as every painting has ; point or Inlerest, so thc composition of your room should be planned to place emphasis n one par' ticular thing, u ihere is a fireplace in the room, nine times out of ten that should be the main poim of interest, or perhaps a rare oU hanging or a grand piano can be jJo placed, with other furniture •-•iroiiped around it, ihnt ii Incomes the center of Interest. After yon have established a point or interest ihe problem is to bull;! a pleasingly balanced room around n. The necessity of balance cannot oe over-emphasized, for nothing so makes for rest and composure n a room. 03,, yol] , tol „,,.,„ i«g into a room Dial positively il'ls- lurted you because all the rtirni- tt:re was on one side of thc room? Even if we do ,,ol realize it consciously W c are suVcoiisdousli aware of feeling rather topsy-tur- vy In a room that has been furnished without regard to balance Balance should be Judged from tlie center of the I0 om. From this point consider carefully whether the room has an equalization of interest »s well as mass balance. Tills docs not mean thai if Ihere Is a chest of drawers on one side of Ihe room [here tnust be some large (jbjeei opposite ii. A chair and n table or a Inmp and arm chair can be uted subtly to maintain balance with the chest, you wiil find that absolute balance—a chair for a .chair, a lamp for :i tamp— glivs a decidedly formal reding. Subtle ratlu-r than obvious balance tends lor greater intimacy and a more livable atmosphere. When you have completed inc furniture- diagram you are ready to solve the problem of exactly wtiat ine color scheme will be. llse of c.'oJnr in Vonr Hume Color is the greatest single lorce in (iecor.'iiing. Consider how the color yellow can bring cheer lo the dreariest room hi the house-lion- a deep ilch red gives the aspect ol cosiliness to a most inexprasive chair, certainly it B well lo know- color so Unit yon can iak- advantage of this poient force. Too many home decorators ar? afraid of rotor. They think ihat if they forsake tlie softness of browns and sr»)'s tlity Kill noi have a rest fit! loom. Why can't they remember ihat nothing is so restful as -i garden with all iis riot of color? Bin ii happily enough, Die modern' „.„' i ilency is to abandon the drab taupe-, ' of yesterday and substitute lively! glowing colors. Sometimes il t', a' 1 ' struggle, but jvon will find thi't your home is a happier looking place if you give serious loiisld'-ra- tion to the buildlnu of color ichcmes. Volumes linve been written on the subject or color, but here we can only tone)) on the .scientific phases of color which will give you nn jmdcrslalirting of its ».%• in the home. Srlrctiiijf Fin-nil, )re You have made out a list of the )ieces of rurniture your room rt- liilrcs. Now the problem is to K et be most, comfortable the most Jeamiful, tlie most lastim- lurui- urc your bud«ct will buy How can •on? To get the mot. comfortable is comparatively easy. Never buv a chair, no matter how attractive it twins, that you do not lake comfort in silting on—that's the of Improve men t Saves Home *^'^"*^-—'— ~~" ~—" - - do not buy ,. found it comfortable to usc'ioi writ ing. The tests for beauty are more- complicated. As yon look at the article yon are conteinplatin» buying, consider first whether or not It has an artistic design, is the piece of ftiniiture in scale wilh your room? is the shape pleasing? Are ihe sizes of the various pans consistent? Bv that, it. is meant Tho " dilapidates Blniclure ehown in the lower lllustra- j (ion became (he one pictured above trcoujjli modernization. Similar transformations lire taking place nil over the country as (hd Wetlcr Housing Pro- Emm gains EJO, of repair last summer. Study the way the piece of fur IO,0(Hi,uOO. repairs, ii was cstinuit- nllurt has been put together. , could save 13,000,000 from rnp- the drawer;; slide easily; the idly accelerating depreciation various members that have been joined together fit closely! Keep Electricity about tlie structure ? "T "" "' |B lo '"' ml " rc Ollly from that." n «t fmjil, J Furniture Ariailgi'incllls N(f mutter how fine each individual piece of iurnilure is, the )oojn ns n v.'liole will not look well unless the furniture Is related in design and scale. Nor will it look u-ell unless it Is properly grouped. 'I'o achieve a most home-like atmosphere put the furniture in little • groups '' enough- to support' 'flic're^t oi'The i!,°'. "^' , 1!o *' eVBr - iL is impr,i-la.u "tide, ,he anns nU ,™, "^ '»' ° f°''gel the sirmi,™, fsp-ct . thougli th arms look as icy were pan 0 [ the piect - -j -— |j...u ui me piece of furniture nnd not Just stuck on. Even the upholstery must pass iht of scale—is the large or small for palltrn ion ';lnirMirnl Special Prices J*l us Upholster iinil "Rfpair your Furniture. tall Us for Estimates J - W. Jenkins & Son f'honc 129 ^G S. Railroad of the chair? Another delail lo give careful scrutiny j s (b e ornamentation. The btsi fiii-niune depends upon its beatili/ni proportions for decoration, and ornamentation is incidental, while badly designed furniture Is apt to have •> great deal of ornamentation to detract from its poor proporlions. If you have not given much (taught lo beauty of design and wish to cultivate a greater appreciation, it will be helpful lo study the various designs or period furniture which are described bricflv elsswhcre in this booklet. Tlieir beauty has teen tested by tirus- Tlie next problem is to b^ able 0 recognize lasting, wcll-binll f,,,- 1 'tine. If the finish of the wooJ snows a beautiful grain with a soft mslcr, u is obviously butter than wood wnose grain has been completely concealed varnish. V tile room in grouping furniture Remember, if the room is a inliarmoiiioiis lo piu imino, chest of drawers, or tables diagonally across :i roriii-r. RII» S placed obliquely on HIP flnfir are siiiiiliirly inlianiionioii'; "illtilig Fiii-nlkire of Various Peri- Contrary to popular belief ii (.; not uree.-i.sary to have a roiim eom- furnLsheil in one );eriod. In- ovvijiglj- n-illi furniture of viri- oiis related periods is mor « ,.harming and ceilaliily mori! distinctive than a loom done vvliollv in on style. • ' Furniiinc of many periods ma\ be combined so long colors, and forms ar It is generally accepted, however tliat furniture of mnho^anv and oak should not be ured in the M, W room because of Ilie diifercnce in the texture nf the wood. Both look - <"-\v Home I'.asl ot To\vn ft'" 1 of A Numlw Now Under Ooiisl me lion '''"i 1 building of several homes "I i.ii'.iiior.s siuii'iiii-ei; mid |m- "Vi'ineni of oiheiK. Binrtui this " 1J: . hus caused a small con• lll " 1 U«:i) teo,,, 1,, my,|,evd|e ,„>,, Vlrllllly. her rack bungalow i s | 1P |ni> lu'ie, with c. M. Abl-olt "WMr. Contract for (lie Pnj- '-tyle honst. (o be eircled on linker form one mile nisi nf " on ilio norfield mad, hni " lit 10 fi«miun llalseil V Hall, of Ash Dai. Ark,, who Krno.-.t Holsf-ll'E liniise and C«rage, 1ms ihe coninrci for r«-k woik. The six room Is to have a roniposl- "<"> roof. It will cost }.(,S(ltl nml rrady for occupancy, | n i;,) 'Wlitialely $3.SOO I", lo Inin remntli'ling Hie [•; p lllonieyer resilience on Henm St.! w 'is l)u«Ily damiiKcd hy lire ni;o. The hvo slorv house Mil have lour bedrooms mid two toll's. U. S. llransoii Is )v • It will be in southern style with Oregon red mini- shini!led roof mid win U1 . painted while with green shut, Amom; the changes lo be made win i, e , h e nd ( ||(|oii (l[ ., Ibri-akfasi room nud ch»ii"ln<r (he 1 Mali way. The Blomcyers "]ilun lo niuve early In JujiniD-y. I 1 . Uurlon. of Osccola, has leased land ai ihe Missom-j ,,t,.,t? me, from Mrs. Cecil l.ce. anil ..... lllls nlreiwly started 'on n iiii'ig station and re.stannini "iiililiiiB. Mr. Burton, who oper- «ie.s the- Terminal Oil company HI Osceola, will operute tlie Million ••""I jiJims to lease thc reslnur- »»'. The nation |. S within the 200-foot zone and purchasers of Basiillne will V ay u u . MIS, SOUI .| —".>. »v>,n.iu:a unu oiiucis in' Al " llhtT count ry home under the proximity of bnthliilK, wnsli-I >oml "'« l O" Is Hint of .1. M. Uimch, bowls, and sinks. Switches should ^"rliro, who is bulldine a be. located al the door .so thai tl)ei^^!!l ll<nlse - ™ c f ™'n« tiii"d- hShL may be thrown on when entering and need not be lou'clicc again until leaving. are possible when iiHJ, lo be palmed while, has n lout sweeping front porch n,u| ., r.umller porch at ilie buck. Oregon red cedar shingles ore being used for the voor, Alxjiil $2,01)0 is la'- '"S spent, Miss F.'hnn Lowery is having a Iniy loom I'oiinje, win, ,inui'! u >;l 6'iingi', built un a iluee anc ului mi North Franklin. The white Inline slrnclmv Mio hiive- n green ei)iii]ioslll(in i(x>f nnd [jiiii, froju. I rear poji'hi'5. The iwi will I.' 1 approximately }7:;u. The (lleni'ia- hotel, now iiiulw ;-w imiiiugeiiK-ni, Is lo have some •mialcbng done which will Inehuie new rooi, painting inside and il-'lilc, nn<l rhtinijinr- l'ie entrance. Ih'imtin O.slKirne tr, having n iiew eoiupostilon roof put on his '"me, which Is aho being palntsd. A iieiv healhiy t plain has been installed In Die ImUilhu; owned 1>V Mrs. .f. n. .'iiuibury Hhlch ifi'.'i Ihr- Pnsilme nillhrd hail and u iiumber ol n|mair:> c.lftces. lU'llnlshlni; I'loors Old paint Is tomi'times removed frciin rioors with ihe use of a n- Hiovc'r coilliilnln,! lyo ,,r some otlior slrniil! nHtoll. The (-fleet of r.ucli slroj)|f .lolHtloii.! on the wood should bo counteracted by brushln R the .iimncp aftorwaj-fh iniit it cont of tilioiij; vlni'ijai'. Tlicn tlioroiiglily. wash iho 'niii; U v v.-Jlh ««(«• ,,„<! "How It to dry bi'lor,- reliuisliln a . Kili'licn Ahnli- I'li-asanl Whcihn oi' not wtnuan's place s In the laichcn. ,,t least mo ,ie m buildmt; h,i s n , r j t , | his |M|)] u h] . miir.' pleasant pin.-e u> wuik In. Tlic np-to-duli- kllchi'ti Im-i ivalm- foiin s on ilj,. «.„»,:, HI? IIOOl . ,.. ()f llll " u or mlirr coninsiilon pos nrc hidden uwuy and the stove | S a moilcrn _ in sll i al( ., ; | ™ The wainscoting , t , , lslla ,, f -j "Aerial (hut will not w "r p cor ro« e or slain 01Kl hDS „ J',,J« llnlsli. If tin- kitchen is | aIY( . '•nuiU'li, a breakfast nook m one comer contribute., added charm and convenience-. Ftoelng Wcrlrlc Oiillei, Tho most logical location to- ,| in '•« room efcclrlonl convsiilence ont- Hs Is in Ihe wall nearest the hostess chair. Appliance.'! can then la Paced on a tea cart which is b»- sidc Hip hostess during ,,<<. anil against, ,„«- wa n at other LOVFXY, SIJIIFACL — no unsightly ittmls Away From Water When modernising the home, I due attention should be given ihe danger arising from the location of electric switches and onUcts In i the proximity of IjnthliilK, «.,ish-} bowls, and sinks. Switches should ',vct hands come In contact wilh electrical fixtures. 'A person standing m a bathtub and touching any "Shi fixture is in grave daneer ns t>e water completes n circuit ilmi the body |o ihe ground. The lighting clnailL ihoi-ld be arrnn S f.d it, the : safest manner pos- h 'l*. There arc various types ,,f ety receptacles, sockets nnd lcli»s on the market which mlglu be mslalled in balhrooms and kit- Thin la The ENJOYABLE LAXATIVE ddirioui mint <ti,,.inj 10,, no lm,h. upi.nii,, o itiir-tlftci diicofnfort ynut fivoriu turn. Tin mion o( F«».i.inini il .lu. ,„„ CHEW i.. Sil.r, jaia, ,!,,, Jo ...j,), yullr ( 00 J ,„,! Ihr s V "'m ;inliull r . Thin )„-„ Ya(1 , „„„ ...jj,,,, (hlJu . l thoioujlili' . Ullliou the s«i',s liarmoni'jiii; Certain-feed Universal Shingles VfVHAT son of a roofing have you in mind? Is it an aiirac- " mt, fireproof, durable and ptoleciing shingle roof? is ii roofing of complcrc single or dm,t,|j mm,,,, os rra iuimiul as " " L?7if [" a " y S*% ' llc Ce """<-"«< Univm»l Sliinglc l oifghlv fills the nwiThe Univmol u „ d*,mn\ asphalt ihinglc, umcjue in atiisiic design. Right Over Tl,e 01<i ^oo/7 You need not tear off t!,e old .oof-for UnivmJ Shitttfa an be laid ma the wornout Wood shingles v,l,h absolute .enuily- ihui providing a quicker and more cvonon,i«! way 10 le-riof E. C. Robinson Lumber Co Phone 100 mini [< jj foe pl.-Jun E Up HI JO ijj,( UJ . j[>p,|i ^U>, ToJj>-, grt l,j^ on utt W.iJl dtlifiQU. I, , He «nj ?>r, c c c WITH Till.; C;URKEi\T J ON THIS WKSTLNGFIOIJSR AUTOMATIC EI.ECTHK; HA NCR Kconomical in I5v«ry Way— Kast Clean and Rasier lo Operate. Walpole Electric Shop IJiinKirniil liyliard knuis.iliu HOIIHI Slnmlu-iim Ahdli-i..^ pn: . si'ins :i lii-:ui(ifii[, cvuii aspeit l)irnii|;li special cyi'lct lulling. 'J Ins infllng curds m u luachino inu and lied, giun-anii'dng imj. furnijty. Henuly is nlsn iiddi-d l)y ilio rordccl side walls, so sli oii(;ly i c- inforced that lliey will not s.igur hreakduvvn. 'I lie uxcullcnl iiiiicr-jpriitfc cnnsii'iiclioiiof llic Uumu Slinu- IIKI-OII In; Id \ (-riiciil in units <it four.jno- viilcs ixjiial resiliency ai ulltimuj ihioiighoul il to emirc mnttri's?. No hiitiitual hollows will Ijo formed, and nflcr ycais of service, it will still retain uniform smooth surface. i Just compare the. Horn.:- Slum-; heron Mattress \vitb oilier IH.IH iresses. You svill [lien welcome ii in your home, i| will provide ilia most ref rushing, rclaxiiig l)ti yon ATWATER-KENT PRECISION RAMOS MODKI, 112N Twelve tuhe, All- \V'.'iV(> A. c. Cnii- s.olp Is u truly Him rei'elvi-r—the hist word in clr- cnll ileslBii.-in- cnrpm-nllng every known Impiove- inenl—True high lidi'llty rc])iMdiii:- llon — Sensitive, (inlet. In oiwrntion — JMlnllc ; ten kilocycle selectivity. Ifcifltry Sols (or 1'iu'tn Htiint's NV o h u v c ii ))<.'rm:iti(!iU service man wlin < ii ti iironerly rcpiiir y n u r I'iiilin. CAVITT RADIO CO. K.vfhi;;m> Dealers l>l "" le ? ;l3 CIIITriril Ciivill, Charles -SL' Lemons SEE HOW f3AS/LY IT MAKES LINOLEUM LOOk L(KE NEW. CANT HARM IT.'f New. Al nil els Now On JUST THINK OF THE WORK -IT WILL SAVE./ DOUBLES LIFE OF LINOLEUM/ HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Blytheville, Ark.

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