The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1937
Page 5
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'i'UURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 193V BLWflEVlLLE,. (ARK.)' COURIER Nl3\VS Neutrals Wanted on Paris Style Salient Here Are Scrambled Ideas for Early Morning Hostess liY MItS. CiAVNOK MADDOX NEA Srrvice. Staff Writer Marlcne Dietrich turns n neat vrlrt over scrambled eggs. So docs loan Crawford. Hut Phillips them, with minced parsley tripping iirouud tho BOlden circle. Orcoii Toppers nnd t'cramlilcil I'fISS 14 Eervings) One perfect green pepper, small while onion, » CUSS. 4 l biespoons errant, Bonsonlng. ti-ver iiu CUB beater. Real as yon, ' - . W^L™. >:°" ," st ™ f« . ?™ ' ™i 'md l c'rca,;"to 8 Xr: friends, but boat foi 1 nt loaM mltmtcs tf you wnul lUlil and tt results. Cook slowly, season with . .•; butter In pan. Pry peppc'i "I* ions, (hen scramble seasi Heat Kent ppcY aiicl on- asoned lolmes says he ninkes the best In salt and pepper, nnd just as the lollywood. "Bout your eggs for; i-inlnln rises, dust with paprika, iltecn mtnutos. That's the secret." Toast by the bttle, coffee by tlie. A iiui|)lo-llnvoml product Is the Phis tall, aerecable young screen Gallon! Oh, certainly, Murlene Is nrweit iden in cured hunts star believes that Ihe ability to a wonderful woman, but I still icrnmble CBBS nt three o'clock in claim to be n better 3 A. M. Hie munilnK Is n definite social,.scnimbler of Hawaii fcYarsi fov Orchcslr.i HONOLULU tUP) — Tile- War Depurlmcnl, Is holding In its hands the falc ot Hawaii's one symphony orchestra. Under n recent order, musicians in the army tecvlcc arc, 'prohibited from playing In civlllnn orchestras. It happens that 18 of the key members fit I lie Hawaiian Symphony orchestra lire army musicians. 1'ticcti ItiTl.itinri! At List KLKHART, !nd. <U1>> — When Levin sent $1,287 by gov- cinineut money order to lils bro thcr In Russia 18 years ago dnd It novci was dcllvetcd, Joseph as- * sumcd the currency was lost in tiiinslt. But at last lie learned lib sender's check entitled him to re-^ cltitiil the amount at the local ' poslofflce. Ho did. Proved best by tw Reiterations of mothers asset In any country. "Many n friendship Is cemented over a rhnfliiB dish while those cgys mid]own intle ' lYyln^'pini"'Hornet hinir milk reform themselves into a cony about the whole business. Meanwhile, you might like to try lliesi! two siiRrjcsllons In your lender scrambled delicacy. There is something friendly" In Ihe feelings aroused by Ihc frngrfince of eggs in the chafing dish and coffee brewing nt nn early morning Balhering. Dish Without liccliie "No 1 can't give you n spccllo recipe." the handsome young CBBS- for-raciabilKy enthusiast slates, "bul I think you should allow for each person present 3 eggs mid a little cream and milk, half nnd half, and a teaspoon of butter. I multiply ;i eggs by the number of guests and Ihe party always seems to run off (op shape." : Any cook who insists on beat- ill! Hie cgGs witli an egg-beater an never get into Mr. Holmes' lub. "Use anything you like—sil-: fer o!" wood, tin or enamel, but Hunter's Krr.inilih'd (•I servings) Three (dices ham. l-'J onion, 'i fresh mushrooms, 10 eggs, season- lug. fchco ham into very thin strips. Slice onion. Pry together In butter until brown but not leathery, then fry the mushrooms. Drain off the Inilter. In another pan, st-rnmble Ihe ci>gs. Arrange on a hot platter, the hum and mushrooms In the center, the euut; encircling A new version In afternoon hats is revealed in the model here, with its -black rhodoido handworked nel attached to a 'black fell bonnet. ' •.'; - By KOSETTE-'.HARGROVE . NEA'Service. Staff Writer PARlS.^Most of. the clothes created for-ithe cooler seasons are meant to-be worn and seen by artificial light. The 'social whirl in Pails really starts after four o'clock, and there Insid Is 'nothing, 'dull,: nothing neutral In jncl the fashions which.I'arlslennqs'are green now wearing for end-of-thc-day functions. 1 . Accessaries and hals are more colorful ithan-they have been in years and scintillating embroideries are'revealed when coat or jacket is removed. Besides this, unusual fabric combinations contribute a note of unexpectedness aiul fur trimmings are generous, to say the least. : • GAYER NOTE Smart .teas and bridge parlies concert, art, shows, and literary con gene rally show n gather ing of women dressed in black, with enougly-vivid color to ollset severity. The ail-black ensemble, or that old-time favorite, black and white, is not consjdercd elegant- any more. - .Gold'thraid or gold prullcte cm- broidery lend their sparkling note' in tho form\of embroidered revcrs, pockets or plastrons. In , the ''midst. of. this : somber background, the cheerful note of a burgundy ;-rcd or. bishop's purple dress—for the woman .who knows her colors—stands out. ' •. - - - =t • 3 : DOUBLE USE . Black wool, whether, expressed in dress or suit, Is worn by many smart women. A five-strand pearl necklace, three or four diamond bracelets, a breath-taking lint, and a couple or three silver foxes arc inclined to make the black wool or cloth ensemble a neutral background. Silver foxes are now being worn •n such a manner that they hug the shoulders, or they .are made up into a short, straight coat, with- out a collar, on a supple chiffon base, thus solving the problem of daytime as wall as an evening wrap. A very successful Molynetix afternoon ensemble seen around Paris is nmdc of (in; black angora wool. The straight dress opens onto a crarlreiisc green cre|>e slip with a dull olive green crops waist, sash finished oil with twin tassels In the crepe. The 3-4 jacket has mi Inside edging of the fi Thi« 91J Treatment Often '• Brings llnppy Relief Mftny Mlffcrcra lelirvo nn^Rmi; tj:irl,iuho quickly, once tlu-y tliacovcr tliauliu ri'.il eruua oE iMr trrmlile tuny tic lire.! Milncj-n. 'JJin kiducyanrc Nnluro'actiiel M;i>-<jf l.tliinu Uio ciccsa otuli uml w^iMo mil uf lt;o ti]n,),r M^l tiroplo jiasi about 3 (tints t\ t!.-v>- tr ntouL y nounila ot waste. Frequent or ncatity iiauacra Mtli pr- -tinK Diitl buTliiiiK GMOU'.i tficio liuy lie ftG!.. u tliLni; \\ttlt your , An cicc-'-l of nriib or jioiRftu in your blnwl. ju:il klilnoy diiirnjcrs, in:iy LCIX duo (o lu]Kt]uii:il D Ulo C.1U5Q of H:iB sins, luiuliigo, Icy ^ •"" KCttiny up nlgl'li. of jicji nji.l ••"•"• V"" "" "I-?: CCttinB ui> niBlilJ, BitrllinK. |iiillincu green crcp? i ucil^r Ido eyes, lipuitsflicx uml dizMtiw*. TnM 1,1 Km tJon't waill AaV your [lni|!cL<t lur Dtnn'si lect hi the | ], a i S| aml , U n. eM , u (t y | iy ,,ijiT5 M r,, r O y f r .iu thin braided cllect outlining Uts underarm:; yara.Thiy -'earns. It Is finished with n liny collar and culls of black astrakhan. i years. 1 [icy KIVO linjiliy' rpliet mill will help Ilio j I lli milej ol Hiilney luliei flush out |i«i*ni>OL:« WBJto from your LlooJ, Ctt Doan'a 1'ills. j WE ARE 'AGAIN OPKN FOR BUSINESS Several weeks ago wo temporarily closed our store because we wore going out of town. .We have now vetiirnei' and wish to <i!i- lunincc thai we arej agai t opcni and ready ""W'scrvc yblu- (trujfjilncl '1 "cscrii)tioii : '{iccds t ^ r -- I'HONE Ml F 0 W. L E R. DRUG STORE J. M. Fowler A .1. \V. Ilolman - H?S. I'liarinacisls .don't pout .tomorrow! For-wear under a fur-coal, this springlikeViIrcss of lightweight black wool ITCJJC is suggested. The edging antltliandkcrchief are of mitlti- colorcil crcnc dc chine, underlined with >a irlcfinitc wliifc bias, black fell hat is (rimmed irilh! a wliitc orchid. Your' MANNERS Tcr.l your knowledge of correct social usages by answering the following question-, then checking against Ihc authoritative answers belniv: 1. Must, one answer an invitation to a tea? 2. Is the first or third person nsod in issuing a formal invitation? 3. If the names of two or more IiOotcsics.appcar on an invitation. . to whom. should the reply be sent. 4. May informal invitations given over the telephone? bo 2.!Third .person. "Mr., and Mrs. Howard Jonas rcciuest." 3. -The one afwhoso:house the party Is to'be given. 4.--Yes. 5. Yes, with .name-but no further address. Best. :'\Vhal Would-You-Do" solution— ib). 5. Should the inner envelops of a wedding invitation or, announcement, be addressed? What would yon rio.if-. You have accepted an invitation ! to dinner and a few minutes before the lime'set for the dinner party romsthtng happens -that will make you an l;our late— ia) Go as 530:1 ,1 S passible and apoligizc to your hostess when you arrive? <b> Telephone to your hostess Immediately: and explain the situation to'her? (c) Decide that, you will miss Ihe dinner aixi apologize the next day? Answers I. No, unless tr.e tea is small and informal. I Goodnight' Time,'Argued TORONTO, ,0111. '(UP) — The Rev. Douglas Davis'.-•declaration that midnight "Is.', quite late enough" for-a suitor, to i stay when calling on his;glrl has-aroused .local; damsels. Most of the; margue any hour they decide is appropriate for their -cullers Ho -- leave soon enough, but :12^o'clcck'is s ,"loo early,", unless.vlhcy' add.'fthcy' are bored. . • " • • Now Open for Business Our-New Service Station > 2-J Flour Service : Tircs .Kepaircd -. Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Litlle Chevrolet Co I'lionc 633 Says one caVIooking,much boroft, "l.feel I've only one life left." The other says, "Jf, brother mine, You'd called for CAWERT, you'd have nine I EXTRA! EXTRA! 10 Quart Galvanised PAIL It ilia lirsl JO tilslo- r"M ;il(rMi!lii r , Hits Eiili: en cip'lllni; day we will sell ;v full she lo- qtiat I pail fcr only .... ELECTRICAL NEEDS Choice Each Cord I'nitr-olinr; Clrl|) Cap II-Way Cube Tap .. T\vo-\Va'y I'lujj .... llMlsr Swllvli flag i)c Duplex »(-ci-|ihicle J'lalc Vccfilo Switch 1'liUu Ue l''i{vlluu .Tajie, -l-oz. roll l>ui>Ie.v I-'hish (tccpplacte . t)c (luaranleed »)n|( c c || s , % Cur \l<- I'hish 'I'ncglc ..Sullen !!e Traps, 4 for !)e M in. Filiro Chair ooats .Sit- in. Smi'o liriis'i HL' JO'.'i in. 1'i ,i'e Vi iisli! lliisIiL-l !)c Slaiulnrd Mop Stick lit- Sturdy J)i si I'ltn lie •1 in.' Cli llu-s 1'ins, (id for He "/lie Clollti-s ['ins, 18 fur .... He licri'crs, cttch : !)c 12 in. liaslinjr Sjiuun J)c 2-Ciiii Stiic I'iiiui' Siflci . ..Do Heavy Wire I'otsilo nlnslici !)c 51/2 i". Vcgctalile IJrush- i)c •I iii. Cnii Opcnur ... .. , . i)c (i 7/8 in.. Sled ['lying 1'an . ; 'Jc \Vi nl. Aluminum Siiucc 1'iin' He Hiatidiird i'urcnlator Toys, 4 foi . .. 'Jc 1'opular I'lin -.Cluunci 9c Disoorr TIKE, MEC iix Xl 3-11 E-2-CUT CAKE TIN U Inches acros. 1 ; COOKIE TIN, 0 3-1 x 13 3-1 x 5-8 Inch 0 in. BUTCHER KNIFE'' Tctnpcnxl bladf.' JY.RING KNIFE, 3 Inch cUinlesr, slcel 9c 9c 9c 9c 9c 81.0'i'l'EU CAKE TUSINEU 13 3-1 in. COOK'S FOttK 13 tl-'t inches loilB . SLOTTED SPOON YJ. Indies long .... DIE It MOi 1 Larg^: fiiy.c PLATE KCtl A I'EH 5l ; j inches loiut" .... 9c 9c 9c 9c 9c HANDLED STRAINERS A 4 or 6 in. diameter "C TIN, 0 cup si7C 3. x 1 1-4 Inches LACE LDCiE BOWIS Oil 1 . Inch slue 'lUMBL/nitS, ne\v pallet n Full Co/3 for Vcgelablc Oralcr and Sllccr 9c 9c 9c 9c "I ft , iJC. CLOTHES LINES, hrilided, strong, while colic-. 40 feet . Aluminum Clenncr, ti mixture . i went and soAp. Box of 0 pads WH1KK BROOM, well bouiul, B : !i Incites ovenill, double sfntn MOP HEAD, 2 ply white yarn 9 ounce size SUCTION FORCE CUP, 6<i incli dliunclcr 24 inch handle THERMOMETER, outdoor or indoor. ,0 inch. Blue, rose, green or rnunry PADLOCK, rustless brass plated cnsc. Ilnntcnctl steel shackle FLASHLIGHT, black iluco finish. Aluminum hcnci and end. Without battcrie.s . FUSE PLUGS, when fuse b'.ows colored dlr,c show.T up. 15, *0 ur 25 Anip.t. j for . LIGHT RECEPTACLE, with pull chain switch, porcelain. For 3'i inch box 0 FT. CORD SET, non-breakable rubber plug. Tor irons, toasters, etc COFFEE CUPS, hard White, lictivily glayx 3'-: iu. diameter, :i in. high. -I for ACID CORE SOLDER, 6!i It. self-fluxing n on wooden spool V ** DRAIN CPENlifl, Comet. Clears clogged drains In a jiffy. Box 19c 19c 19c .19c ,19c .19c 19c 19c 9c WALLPAPER CLEANLR, cleans inigc areas n quickly nnd cnsib Can »/C PUTTY, full pound can. Get a can now at this lovr ]irlce HOUSEHOLD OIL, best quality •1-oiincc. can SKAHPENINCi • STONE, one side fine, One side :nedlnm RAZOR BLADES, double edge. Vitr, nil old and new dctilile cdsc razors. 5 blndns RAZOR BLADES, single edge for nil'old and new Gem or Ever. Ready razors. 5 for RUBBER SOLES, lor .shoes Packaso ion tains paid of soles scraper a'nd cement FLANNEL GLOVES, 7 ounce Canton Ilan- nel, seamed back pattern, knit wrist:, SCREW DRIVER, of special screw-driver sUcl. H. 'I or G-inch size WRECKING BAR, made of steel, ono end pointed, other end claw. 12 ineli PLIERS, drop-forged combination gas pher, A wire culler nnd urtncli 6 inch «7C HAMMER" HANDLFS, of immd forest, hick- n ury. For I or I!.-inch hammers 2 for «»C TOILET TISSUE, £ofl white absorbent Tissue. 3 rolls for I'APER TOWELS, 150 sheets Tixll inches >'cr roll 9c- 9c 9c 9c 9c 9c 9c 9c 9c 9c 9c Decorated Clothes Hamper E'ron^ a n d .sturdy. (Icublc braided. 'JA'- S In. high, 12'i by 10 Inch •Mil. Handy Family Scale 89e Weighs up to 24-'ll)s. hy ounces. 8laiillni; cntimcl dinl. Green or v.-liite. .19c *\n J»/C MIXING UOWIi, ^falid.1rin red Popular 10-inch size IJRASS WAEHBCAHOS, IO X 10 3-B .single vvnphin r ; Mtrfacn, .'jtrongly matb PRUNING SHEARS, 9 Inches Wtlg, tcn]|>ercd -stcol blades HOUEEIICLD SNIPS, of rolid forfifd steel. 7 inches long " PROFESSIONAL BUTCHER'S KN1I-E. band forged, hand ground. 6. In'blAdc . «:SORTEU SCISSORS, of Icrgctl steel. . G, 7 or 8 Inch. 76c value WHISTLING TEAKETTLE, 2 n.L. aum) . inum satin finish, black handle. CUST MOP. large heart-shaped oil mop. Green enamel handle and plate CCCOA MATS. fi;u. quality woven, c:;lra thick, heavily bsund .MIXING BOWL SKI', brightly glazed TQ green, ycliow Of blue, o'i, 7'-... S^i in: bouls I t) C KITCHEN LIGHT. 9 in. opalescent white glass rfiadr. pull chain type .39c nn /"C 79c Elfctric Iron A llcmarkablr. Value! Full S".; lb. weight. ll]!-np heel sUtnd. 550- U'ulls. Operates on A. C. or D. C. current. Modern Electric Toaster Luxuriant chrom i u in and black, sclf-ttirnlng, attached cord included. .59c ,59c 59c :,'!": 59c 4'i Ql. TEAKETI'LE, vride flared cotwm, CO- r,nub spout, heavy aluminum DUC ALUMINUM ROASTER, round, IHi in. diameter, self-basting FRENCH FRYER, 3 ql.. tapered sauce with, close-fitting basket COV!CRED 'KETTLE, 6 qt., aluminum, rece&sed coyer, 3-po5ition handle ... ... DOUBLE' noiLER, straight side, 2 sntig fitting inset .'/,.'... ; ... 8-CUP PERCOLATOR, fast healing hot-, CQ r ten), aluminum, delnchablc covtr —.: OVi- WOCDEN BOWL,'smooth parafine ilnlsli, CO A 13 in. diameter ..... 3 <3\ UTILITY PAN. of Ivors' enamel v;ith green OQ-, bead trim..14 x 01-8x2 1-16 in LiH, NAIL HAMM1TR. lorgcd steel, hickory on. handle, 13 in. Ions, 1G oz. head tit/C WASH TUB, large galvanized, 22 inches fift-, across, II inches deep UJC ROLL COVER BRKAD BOX. Ivory and CfiA green. 3 1-2 x 12 :< 8 1-2 Inches '.... U«/U .). W. "The Progressive Store' 1 I'hnrtc 35 Wilson Henry

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