The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1944
Page 2
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IjW^jj^W*'- ft > . Auxiliary Group Names Officers < \ Jonesboro Woman To Succeed MI '«• £<j Cook As District Leader Mrs. I.. O. Beard \ of Jonesboru »as'elected president^ of the Plflh Dislflot of the American Legion AuAilia'iy at a meeUng 1 held jester- day in '^onesb^to whi'H six units were^ represented.- Mrs.'( Beard succeeds Mrs Ed B Coofc of Bljlhe- ville, retiring president; who presided over jestoerday's > meeting. Mrs? J. p.fAdklns'flf.'Han'lsburg will rcn4 as vice president. > The meetnlg, held for t ihe pnr- j oso . of election of. officers, was ] "Wat Hotel Noble Hherfc repre- tentfi'Uve^.ofMlie various mills were guests 6f" v the Jonesboro Auxiliary lor luncheon.. ' i \. Attending the meeting were Mrs. Eli Bennett, ofi Little flock ddwrt- meni of "Arkansas president. Mrs H. .Icier of Little 'Rock, 'dephrliicnl rehabilitation chairman' and jiros- ideuT of the UttleXRoek unit, iVlrs. Nciff Reed of Hebcr Splines, flret vice-president of the 1 Arkamits ae- nirmient, Mrs George Rolh lot LonSke. department poppy ehnlr- marH Mrs. Bess Proctor Of Llttlt; P.ock, and Mrs. Lowell Sowell ot Jonesboro. r i Rfeporls were given from all units in Jlie district, and, cacli racnt head spoke, of sher parfkmlar work. Afr s . Jeter told members of the rehabilitation work being carried out jn Little Rock amoiftg ycterjms of -World Wars I and'>JI, work .Uiich is made possible by 1 (he an- ]>ua£ poppy sales sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. Delegates to the meetings from Bljthe\llle were Mrs R. E.'iBlay- lodr'Mrs Joe Scruggs, -Mrs. > Jilting ^Ter(ell,' Mrs Don Eilwisrds,'- anil Mrs. Cook. ; \ (AUK,) COURIER NEWS, Heath Hears Mostly Business And War Talk In Smoking Cars !!>• S. BURTON HEATH I Fourth-termers nre in a minority NKA Staff Correspondent J In the nullman trade. Anti-New KANSAS CITY. — The smoking Dealers show little Interest In such car joke appears to be a war casualty. I don't know why, unless everybody who travels Is too busy and too worried to think of jokes. I)) perhaps 4000 mlle.s of travel through New Englajid and thus far into the midwest, I've encountered only one smoker joke-swapping session—up in Maine— and that was so mild and uninteresting that it died quickly of its' own Inanition. In the good old Cays the traveler used to come home not only with ft stock of new stores but also with a pretty good cross-section of what the country was thinking about. Today he hears oi))y one topic discussed—the \var-aind relatively few angles of I hat, j SERVICEMEN SH>' Probably half Die men In (he smokers now wear uniforms. They swnp Ideas about their different services, about types of aircraft anj the performances of various weapons, about Ihe'pecullarilles— good and bad—of commanding officers. With civilians, they are apt to be shy at first. Then the conversation turns most often to their home towns, and what they did before the war. and what they hope to do after the wnr—which usually Is Jocat hops by train today are con- • wytlilng else Is so much less 1m- r,'ected with war production. These portnnl (j 1!m i nc lvar < get together quickly and compare to go back home nnd pick where they left off. Ideological matters as Isolationism versus Internntionafem. or liberalism versus conservatism, One thing really Interested them: What He- TJ1URSDAY, APRIL 27, 19.14 IN THE COUNTY COURT FOH THE CHIOKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, IN THE MATTER OF A NEW ROAD, IN CANADIAN TOWNSHIP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS NOTICK Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned will on Ihe Ifllh day of May, 1014, new road described as follows: Beginning at a point were section.'; 22-23-20 and 2V corner, running thence due west on section line bc- twcon sections 22-27-D1-28-2Q-29 to the southwest, corner of section 20 Intersecting with a gravel road at this point, in township 15 )iortli range, 12 east. to the County for Chlckas.iwbsi District, publican could"give"Roosevelt Tl.c SfT* ^""^ ^ mK L a } K best fight-might even defeat him? tillon tor the establishment of Usually the question Is phrased: "Cnn Dewey beat Roosevelt?" You might expect to hear much grouching about rationing, particularly about, gasoline rationing out here where distances begin lo grow expansive and where there has been a recent reduction In allowances. Perhaps such grumbling takes place, but I've listened for it and I haven't heard It even when — to see what would happen — I've sought, to provoke it. PAKMEKS AKE WOltltlKD The farmers arc worrying lest the lust of their experienced helpers be taken by the draft, and whether they can get help to meet peak labor needs, nut they tlon't raise the question. Tlicey merely state facts'when they are asked. I talked with n keen local observer, an old time newspaperman, about this: conversational situation. ' "I sometimes wonder," he snld. "If this war has got so big that it acts as a sedative thai has lulled 41 Members Of Squadron Get Good Conduct Medals Forty-one members of the 702nd Flying Training Squadron received Good Conduct Medals at a chicken dinner at (lie Hotel Noble Tuesday night. Capt. Henry R. Well, former commander, added his congratulations. Following the official part of the commanding officer of the squad-1 program, n brief InterniLssion was ron, presented the awards and I laken so that, the men could call Cant. Joseph C. Irons, present I for their dates. A little later danc- ing began to the strains of provlcde by a , seven-piece ' danci , orchestra from the 651st Army'Air' Forces Band. Head uoimer wew» nutit Most civilians making more than up everybody, so that we Just go on doing thts, doing that, taking livings as they come, because ev- nt'tes on materials, labor, govern- nemanil for Coast Housing mint restrictions. They discuss sup- • SAN FRANCISCO. (UP) — Foi- pliers and contractors of whom. every seven, persons who leave Call- they have mutual knowledge, anil fornla, 10 persons arrive antl start 'After one of the hottest elec- lion contests in the history of the Daughters of the American Revolution—a three-way fight that necessitated two ' ballots, Jfirs. Julius Young Talmadge, ibove, of Athens/ Ga., was .fleeted president general of the organization. (.. Election took olace at D. A. R.'s 53rd annual Continental Congress,' in New ~~" put \ Ihe finger on competitors, wlxj, in their opinion, are chiseling an government edicts. 1 It Is Interesting to note thftt ouly honest, contractors travel by train. Thoselln the smoker and (he diner nlwnys';know about chlselors but/are greatly shocked by such lack; of ethics. Leaving personal and business tapics; r thea> is one subject tit which such conversation usually arrive eventually—Ihe coming invasion of the continent. Apparently 'It is not uppermost In most minds, but, seldom fails lo come up in course of time. There Is mild curtoity why General Omar Bradley chose to predict that Invasion fatalities will be light. The average civlllaii gossip doesn't believe that. It Is Uiken tor granted that Hitler has ' fortified the Invasion const inton.'avely nnd extensively, nnd pullmaii, car stra- tegists'can't, see how we''are going lo break through to a .beachhead without extremely heavy'losses. AGKEE ON FINISH FIC.HT Almost everybody has iieard from ™od authority—often a'high Army officer—that it may take until 194G to beat Hitler, and two or three additional years to whip the Japs. Everybody dreads such'a long war, but there Is complete agreement that however long It lakes and however must .It costs, we must stick to the Job mitt] both Knzls and Japs are utterly, finally and permanently defealcd. For a presidential election year, there is amazing disinterest in politics. But once the subject is brought up, everybody lias Ideas. looking for homes, according lo Eu (fcne Westori, Jr., regional director of tlio National Housing Authority Weston satd IS.OOO eligible war workers In California, Arizona and Nevada have applied for 4,000 available housing units. J. C. Bills Mrs. J. H. Ball E. M. Rcgcnold E. L. Hale R. b, Banking M. 51. Itoblnson Mrs. A, M. Butt Mrs. T. J. Mahan It W. Scott Win. K. Scott, AT FIRST 666 TABLETS. SALVL NOSE DROPS All the name implies' Piillels ntul cockerels In a group of newly hatched chicks are readily plck«i out by poultry specialists or scstlng experts. BACON SlICID fltvtr-rith- Vilamiii-ritli MEMPHIS PACKIN6 CO. ^MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP i« B. Ftmt Phone 2532 Bring Us Your Beauty Problems By Appointment BINGO Catholic Hall Thursday April 27th, 8 p. m. Mm. 35c Benefit of Altar Society w /r DOESN'T MAKl StNSE TO PUT UP WITH WORM LOSSES WHEN YOU CAN DE-WORM SO EASILY AND SAFELY WITH 7*0*.' JUST CHECKER fOURNAMENT will be held at the LEGION KUT THURSDAY April 27th, 8 p. m. . An>one wishing to compete call John Foster t the Police Station. Yej Sir; the new de-worming agent, TROL,knocksoutlnternalparas1tesinjlg- time...soves you tlme,work and money! We have TROl. Pick up a bag today I No need Co pue up with internal parasites in your sheep or swine... not with TROU handy! TROL is il,c new, safe, thorough de-worming agent tint you /„./ yout ammals, lusrlikc regular feed! When you de-wonn sheepor swine with Woi,you on forget abour fuung an.malj... drenching aninuls indmduiUy mixing separate b.ttchcs...»ll the oiher old-fulnoned time and hbor-wasting troubles TKOL is quick, safe, thorough. Animals dc-wormcd mth TROL p,ck up weight quickly... look ar,J ace and are more, vigorous, m a hurty. And most important of all, when you knock out internal parasites the TROT way, you'lf put mote value on cwrfminul you own' Stop in today. Pick up a ssck TROL-SWINE Contains! Phenottilwtae Copper SuMate , Nicotine Digest Tankage,^, with Bone, etc. I ! O ne 25-pound big ot TROt s "** *•* r . i .« ^Aimile nr 1UU TROL-SHEEP Conlafnj: Phenothiaiina Nicoline Sulfote Sofutton, 40% (equivalenl to 8 groins Nicotine) Copper Sulfote (Blue Vitriol) Dry Grewsler's Grains, etc. Ccnetil instructions: Put TROL-SHFF.P in feed trough and spread so each animal gets apptox- inucily equal share. Then spiinlile a iiule regular feed over top. Give no other grain feed until sheep have eaten this cniiie m,S, ur e from trough. One 25-pound bag of TROI trcais 200 lambs un.l« 50 pounJs, or 100 -, shcepovcr50pounJi.Seedos- •^s-.-^--^." 3 ^ age on the sKk. : -$j$£^ ij you hav» [ U ,i q r. w Ih ,,,, •trench tticm with PAR.EX. Easy to fix... just add a pound of PAR-EX Powder to \y t pints of * 3( "; 7»"[ - ll he enough for IT. ajult sliccp ot 4-1 lambs. i on can also get PAH-EX URfNciialready in liquid fo jrn . Wlicn you sec us almii rtOL, isk about these, loo. L. K. Ashcraft Co., Distribute SPORTS CALL FOR Block South of Frisco Depot Phone 493 IS I . New Super VITAMINS ARE A MUST FOR ENERGY! CLOCK BREAD'S NEW SUPER THIRON GIVES ME MORE ... NJ X^S^ 3 B VITAMINS IRON.HELPS K ME IN TRIM F SUMMER FUf> WESSON HUMKO SHORTENING JUNE PEAS EZ Doy GREEN BEANS <»<* EGGS POUND KT n OUNCES I'REM <>v TREKT ««c Pull, rich flavor means better taste with less coffee! , Grade A large 0 pis. Do*. PLAIN CLASS ftftc (i FOR £0 n Pts. ALURE Cc HAR w ft pis. OLD DUTCH iCc 2 FOR Iw 0 Pis EATMORE |-fc 35* PRESSED HAM LUNCH MEAT fi Pfs. X Pts. ASPARAGUS CORN FLAKES STAR 12 OUNCES K! 1 12 OUNCES NO. 2 STANDARD NO. 2 CC ALL'GREEN CC 6 OUNCES RED/RIPE, FINE SLICING QUALITY inn GREEN, WELL FILLED PODS, MISSISSIPPI GROWN SWEET, JUICY, FLORIDAS IN MESH BAGS iSIEDIUS FIRM, GREEN HEADS FRESH, GREEN CURLY MUSTARD & TURNIP, HOME GROWN FRESH, LARGE HUNCHES FOR SMART SALADS LARGE, SNOW WHITE HEADS JUICY, MARSH SEEDLESS U. S. NO. 1 NEW CROP LOUISIANA 2 POUNDS POUND BUNCH BUNCH EACH HEAD POUND FIVE POUNDS l c 2 c c c BEEF R0ASI, Grade A Ib. lit OISD BEEF, Fresh Daily, 100% Pure Ib. I ,Rindless Sliced Grade A Ib. 3 , Center Culs , . . lb.32 EF, Grade A Brisket . Ib. SALT MEAT, Best Grade . , in the piece Ib. K ROAST, Shouler cut Ib. 33^ Mr. \V. R. Moore Is Now Market Manager At Our Piggly Wiggly Store "^r™ JS®gg|DOllBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ^«5«oifi7oo57Buy »ny Kipger brand Item, take It u well as or belter Ithsn »ny other, or retura unuaed portion In original eonUlner »nd we will 'give yon double your money back.

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