Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 26, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1896
Page 6
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A blacksmith. May aad, 1894. The Dr. J. H. McLean Medicine Co., ST. LOUIS, MO. CtMiJiAiEN: About throe years 111:0, while work;it my trade as blacksmith, 1 was taken down with Kidney Disease. I suffered severely with pain In my back and general weakness, and was compelled to quit work, I was treated by. several different doctors, who filled me full at drujrs and medicines, but without benefit. J had begun to pet discouraged when I received one ol your almanacs «nj read of ,\ case In it that was similar to mine, cured through the use of DR. J, ft], McLEAN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM, I concluded lo try ft. Tho result was entirety satisfactory, as I betfan to improve JmmedlAloJy. I used, In all. three bottles, and was able to go to work once more, and ever since h.Ve enjoyed Ui« fettt of health. 1 would be dolnf leis than my duty II I failed to give you those dels, so ttuU i may hc«r of the wonderful powers of your Liver and Kidney Balm. y> H.J. BRECHT, OC n SR QROVE. Wl« CLOUDS FALL. Overwhelming Deluge Does Muqh Damage in West Virginia, You will find ono coupon Insldo each two ouuco bag ftudlwo coupons lusldoeueli four ounce bugotBlackweH's Durluim. Buy a bug of this colebratcd tobuocouud road tho coupon—which Rives u Hut of valuable presents how to get them. • BUTTHE GENUINE THE Th»t It IDEAL AFRICANS. What »n KiifillHli WHtcr CuIU Iho Fierce MutaholeH. One of the most war-loving races o: the Zambesiu known to us a.t present •unless some daring explorer discovers .another in that as yet little-known rc- g-ion, is the Jlatabele. lie is the idea] native of northern South Africa, a superior specimen of the negro or Kafir .race. Tall, erect, finely modeled, hand some according to his t-ype, with a corresponding array of physical and mental qualities, a great sportsman, fond of uthletie pustinu'-s, recklo.is of life find limb in pursuit of his p.ission—a fight, •« ready to be killed n.s to kill. But with all these brave qualities he has, like Samson of old, in spite of bis damsels ready to ny to ins arms ana become the most, docile of wives ond obedient, of slaves, toiling early nnd late in the fields and (ending f,he cattle to enrich him that he may revel in uxuala (beer) and sit in council wilh the king. Loss of Life Is Also Feared—Untold Destruction Results from a Violent Storm 1n Ohio. Sislersville, W. Va., June 25.—About two o'clock Wednesday afternoon ti waterspout was experienced within a radius of 2i miles of this city, which lasted for several hours. The wiiter came so rapidly that it amounted i.o'a flood. Thunder and lightning belched forth at short intervals, and it. will be do surprise if 11 great denJ of diining-e is reported. Telegraph nnd telephone lines were blown down at several places, Sliiughter House run, n very small rivulet, e;une out very r.ipidly, and it. was but n short time until it had Overflowed its banks ami was doing 1 damage. It runs through a si-wer under the first trestle north of the Ohio river riiilroiul depot here, and came out with such force that it.soon c-ho1>ed tlu> sewer up and tlie buck wafer flondi'i! over a dozen dwellings north of the railroad, and washed out several onlhuildingfi nncl one sfnble con tain ins 1 four, horses. Down at Long 1 lleiieh one ':viit wns washed otit, of a railroad in sl!c, ivliich wili indefinitely delay I rains in both directions, At Friendly.another bent waswashcd out, and at Cow Tloust: r':" -he entire trestle wns completely f 1 -'iroyctl. Xo report ha* been.received nf any lives be- inj» lost. r,"osn of Lift- rrnrwi. Sistorsvillp, IV. Va,, June 2j. — The loss to this city rr.tl vicinity by Ilie waterspout \Vedr.i-sday will reach, if not exceed, $100.1)00. No trains can be run south of here on the- Ohio river road for several days. It is feared several lives were lost on Middle Island creels. Si* PURELY VEGETABLE. The Cheapest, 1'iircisl < and Best 1'iiinily Mud-" icir.o in the World! AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC^ for r.i: diseases r>£ thy Liver, Stomach ne£ul,".t:o the Liver (ind prevent CHILLS AND f'EviiK, MAI.AIU-I ovs KEVEKS, BOIVKLI COMPLAINTS, KEST- LKSSKI-.SS, JAUNDICE AND NAUSEA. BAD BREATH) Nothing is so unpleasant, nothing so common as bad breath, and in nearly every case it comes from thestom;tc!i, nr.d can be so easily corrected 1C you will take SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOR. Do not nefflect to .secure a remedy for th.'s repulsive disorder. It will also improve your appetite, complexion and general health. PILES I How rr.nny suffer torture dnynftcr day, making Hie a burden ;ind robbing existence of nil pleasure, owing to tlie secret suffering from Piles. Vet reifei is re.-icly to die hand of almo.st any one who wi;i use systematically the remedy that has permaneinly cured thousand:!. SIMMONS LIVEK KBGULATOK is no drastic, violent purge, but 11 genilo assistant to nature. CONSTIPATION SHOULD not be regarded a» • trifliiur ailment—in facr, nature demands the utmost regularity of the bowels, and any deviation from '.hid demand nnvcs the way often to serious danger. It is quite as r«cce*sary to remove impure nceutr.uiutions from the bowels as U is lo eat or sleep, and ro health-c.'ni bi> expected where a costive habit of body prevail*. SICK HEADACHE! This distressing nflliction occurs most frequently. The disturbance of the stom.ich, aris. ing from tho imperfectly digested contents, causes a severe pain in the head, accompanied with disng-reenljlB n.iu.sc.1, .ind this constitutes what ispopuUii'ly known as Sick Headache; fur th.e reliet of which TAKli SIMMONS LiviiK REGULATOR. MANUFACTURED ONI.V I1Y J. H. ZEILIN & CO., Philadelphia, Pa. OVEK THE STATE. Events in.Various Portions of In- dlaiaa Told by Wiro. NATURAL MOUSE TRAP. Three Silly Wandering Rodonu Cunght l>y it tlveJj Orator. Mr. \V, If. -Marris sends us the following curiosity says the Amateur Pho- togruphep, From time immemorial the mouse has been classed with the pests with which niankiufl has had to deal. Tho little animal lias three leading aud discreditable characteristics i. e., thief, trespasser and destroyer of property. It is therefore not surprising tbfit human iugenuity lias- bc'CQ ever actively ejupl03-ed against tho unweleomo creature's life. Besides tho chemist with his poisons, and the wood .nnd wire worlier.s with their clever devices, the mouse has had a natural foe in the cat; but notwithstanding all kinds of smi.res, mice are not yet exterminated. Butsince the cre- ntion the.re has surely not been known CIr>iitJhur*r nt >Ijtri«ttj», O. Mimetl.-i. 0., .li:ne 2">.—A disastrous cloudburst passed over this section AVeilnosday afternoon, doing untold damage. railroad fraflie out the Muskingiini Valley'is entirely suspended by washouts. The nmlii oil line of the T-Inekeyt I-'ijio Line comjjany is broken and a section wn.shed away back of St. Marys. On Moss rtiii, abnni, eight miles east of Marietta, the Little Mii.skingum river is over its bnnUs and full of debris. A frame buildingwhieh had been n grocery store surrounded by boxes o[ merehnndisc, was Honied away. Xo lives are reported lost., though the exact, extent of the ilHm«ire cnnnot.be told until later in the d:iy. OLNEY RETURNS. A MATABELK BELLE, strength, a weakness, one that is not entirely confined to the black race, however, a weakness which takes the form of a plump, well-conditioned damsel or 'mtombi. A'ow the Matubele is essentially a marrying man, according to a. Writer in St. Paul's. His admiration for the dusky beauties of his people is uc- 'bouncletl, and in the mutter of wives "he will go any le.ng-th, lie will beg, steal, phi rider, kill, nay, even re-sort to work, in order to obtain the wherewithal necessary, to buy as many us lie feels disposed to marry. His courage iu this rc-spect is truly marvelous; in fact, it is difficult to decide which to admire most, his easy assumption o£ such varied matrimonial responsibilities, or his capacity for unlimited honeymoons. Perhaps the absence of that much-abused personage, the mother-in-law, has somet-h-ing' to do with the cast:, since it is a rigidly enforced law that, the mother of a man's wife- never Sure show her fiici 1 to her son-in-law. Although in the cane of marri.'ijre a young 1 Mntabdo jrirl is the property of her fathei 1 , to be disposed of to the suitor who can offer the greatest number of entile, goats or othi-r property in exchange for her hand, she has a voice in the matter, and can reject or accept n.s the humor suits her. i This in a privilege, rarely if over denied her; in fact, it is looked upon w/t.h a sort of superstitious respect which, enables the women to keop a quiet upper liaiul, so to speak. On the other hand, a girl will, in nine cases out of ten, yield to the wishes of her father, and tnarry •whomever he may select, without troubling* herself over those complex questions of heart-affinities, marriages preordained by Heaven, nnd kindred-soul business, which so agiUite the peace of jniiid of her civilized sister. But Iho Matabele gi.rl is not devoid of sentiment; on the contrary, she has tlio greatest, pride in the exploits of the man sho marries. He may be old, toothless, with one leg- in tbe grave, n-nd -the other feebly tripping a war dance, but if he can show on his assegai the blood of ninny victims, he is the greatest old bean in the kraal, with not one, but a score of, teijder j-oung Will s»y Nothing Kegiirillng Ills Myn- terlous AI>KCMI,-<! of Several D«yn. Wufilimjj'loi). June .'-':<. — Si;i;ret;iry Olnuy returned to Washington Wednesday nijrht «.ftor his mysterious absence of several days, If he had been conferring: wish St-nor Uupuy de Lome, the Spanish minister. In Boston, nobody at the state department will aifmit it. Thnrsdi'.y .morning Mr. Gluey received n number of foroign ministers, Thursday Ix'ijif,' their regular reception day. Sir ilnlian J'auncefot.n was one of the i:ai!ei-s ami it is understood that he presented a request, from his g-oveviiment that Jlr. Olney would use his good offices to bring about a friendly settlement of the trouble over the arrest of Iliirrison, the British surveyor, by Van- c/.ucliiti police. Senor Andnule. the Yencs!ti<;l;iii minister, was another caller and presmnnbly came on the same business that brought Sir Julian. Secretary.Olney said Thursday morning that he was not yet aware of any decision of the British government tc juake public the correspondence between her majesty's minister nnd the state department, relating to an agreement of arbitration, synchronous with its publication in .the United States, 13urnuto And IJl«t Landlord, South Africa, naturally recalls Bar ncy fiarnuto, the "diamond king-," who w rthin ten years, has risen from acircos clown 10 a ninny tini'.'s millionaire \Yheu he wusjust beginning to ;un riches ho rented a house in -N'atal and spent considi.-ra.ljli- money in improving- it.. • But Uie landlord would not do his share, so .Mr. Onriun.o decided to move, licfore doing 1 so he took means to pet even with his landlord by iiiscrt.inq-t.hiB advertisement in the local p.'iper: "\Vanred, 100.000 block beetles, by a frentleniaj.i who has :if, r repd to leave his dwelling- house iri the condition he foi;ml it." Tlu>;i fol.'owty] hi.s mime ant] nrldri'ss, and i-he ln.ndlord's fceling-a nisii' be im.'ig-ine'.!.—Golden D;i3's. Tlie .Mule Itloirfil Flnt. A np^ro was Kick and a friejidly colored brother came, in to sec him am] osketl what, wns the cause ol' his illness. The darky replied: "I's fcclin 1 poorly. My nniii* done gone ti.nd got sick a.nd t went to de. hoss doctor and he tole me (cluit to do. He tole me to g-it er tin lube an' put. tie lube in de mule's mou? nnd blow de met/cram down his froat. I pot everytihiuff ready to blow, but de mule blowcd fuss, and I tell yer, brud- tler, dnt ar inuln.racdcrsin wns too much for dis here niy-iTfr." Tho rrolilblllonlnu. .Indianapolis, Ind., June 20.—The first womt^u candidate for a state ollicc iu Indiana is HcJen M. Gotig-ur for attorney general, she being- placed on the prohibition brood gunge ticket Wednesday. When the prohibition state committee met James .7. Kingsbury, candidate for governor, and nearly the entire Bt.itc ticket nominated in May, resigned and organized in sympathy with the bolting- prohibitionists who walked out of the recent national convention of the party nt Pittsburgh. The slate committee also resigned, and two separate organizations quickly followed. The bolt- ers were renominnted as broad grangers mid Helen M. Gona-nr given a place on t)if> ticket, which is,-is follows: For Governor—Jamos J. KlnRRbury. For Lieutenant Governor—S. J. North. For Secretary of Slate—James E. Ellsworth. For Auditor—H. C. Hanson. For Treasurer—Sylvester S. Johnson. I-'or Attorney General—Helen M. Gou/jar. For Slate Statistician—Jorni E. Woodward, For Reporter of tho Supreme Court—V, P. Kirk. For Superintendent of Public instruction —Cyrus V, Hod;;ln. The old fun-row gauge state committee made J-'. T. McWhirtcr chairman in place of ,1. M. Dunlap, who went with the bolters. The vacancies on the narrow gaug.: ticket were then filled a.s follows: For Governor—I,. M. Crist. For Lieutenant Governor—William Ed- perton. For Auditor o£ Stnte—S. M. Thompson. For Statistician—Klwootl Haynvs. For Reporter of the Supreme Court- William N. Lenfelstcr. May >ot Slgrn the .Sew Scale. Anderson, Ind., June 25.—The Amalgamated association has served notice on Indiana tin phite manufacturers that the new scale presented two weeks ngo must be signed nnd delivered by the first of the month or all of the union workers will walk out for good or until they sign. None of the Indiana manufacturers has yet signed or showu a •willingness to do so. On tlie other hand, Manager Donner, of tlie National, of this city, ajid the managers of several other plants have indicated that they do not intend to sign. It is thought that this is a united .action of the Indiana manufacturers. , PROOF IS_POSITIVE 0 THAT lA'DlA E. PINEIIA3PS VEGETABLE COMIWJND Is Daily Curing Backache, I)i7zincss, Faintiicss, IrrcguJarilj, and all Female Complaints. I [til'ECUI. TO OUIt l.ADT RCAnKr.fi.] Intelligent women no longer Joubt the value of Lydia K. Pink/iam' s Vegetable Compound. It speedily relieves irregularity, suppressed or painful menstrua- lions, weakness of the stomach, indigestion, bloating, leiicorrho-a., womb trouble, flooding, nervous prostration, headache, general debility, etc. Symptoms of Womb Troubles ar^ dizziness, faintness, extreme lassi- tu.ie, *'<lon'L care,"' anJ '• want to be left alone" feelings, excitability, irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness, flavii- k'licy, i.'iulanclioly, or the "bliie.s," and b.ick.icliR. J.yilia E. Pinkham's Vese- tal/le Co.'iipoiind icill correct all this trou'oia as .sure as the sun shines. That Htiiiooii rticlnic In ParlN. EaJloon racing is the latest form of Ijet.ty gambling in Paris. A number of toy tallooiis ,-ire set off at the same time, each bearings postal card having on it the timpire'i address find a reques: to tho finder to note the time and place of the. balloon's arrival. Bets are paid and the stakes awarded on the results of the replies received within a week. Tbt> balloon that.goes furthest in the shortest time {jets the prix.e. nrltlnri I.lfi-hoati". Great Britain's narionaJ lifeboat Jn- gtitntion had 303 boats in 1805. They were launched 137 times, saving 533 Jives. The average cost of a station is $3,250 and the cost of maintenance $COO. Prnncher Fu-llii Amon Brazil, Ind., Juue 25.— Eev. Andrew j^rry, of Hoopcston, 111., believes there s much nacd of saving grace in this state. He came here to Jnbor with the ni regenerate and bring tidings of great oy to the denizens of Staunton. He topped with n prominent member of he congregation, and while he slept some one filched hia trousers from the room and departed with his money, watch and valuable papers. Xot long Ego a minister in this vicinity Sett his best clothes on a fonce while he bap- ti/ed a number of converts, and during his absence the clothes were stolen. causiii!; pain, weiglil, anil backache, is insiaiilly relieve:! anil pi;rnian«ntly cured by i;.s nsi\ Umier nil ciri'iinistances it acis in perfect harmony with Hie laws thai s;ov<.'rn t!;,-; fiin::ile system, is as harnilcsi ,is water. It is wonderful for Kidat'if CoiHiiluiula in cither si?x. Lyaia E. Piiikli.iiti's Livei- Pills work ill unison tvitli [!)<? ("ompoiinil, and an: a sniv. (•::;••! for coii.stipr.iian and sick- hi'ndncli". Mrs. l'i:)kii;iiii's S.inalive "VV.i.ili is fi'c |niMi;.Iy foi:nil of i^reat, value for loc.il applieaiioii. Conx'sponilcnce i3 freely solicite.l by llie Ly.lia E. Pink- )ia:n Mc'licine Co., Lynn, Mass.. ami the strides!. <?on liil'MVO assure;!. All ilrug- p'Nts ftiill L!I<! J'inkli.im n;ine<li'!s. The Vi'^i'taM-; roiii'iHinnl i:i three forms,— Liquid, Pills, ail.) Lozenges. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC • >• >-TAKE OYSTER AND MICE. a more curious enemy to mice than the ci:e that has recently distinguished itself at the fishing-metropolis (Orims- by), on the night of March 28. An oyster was on that, day placed on a jn.ntry floor, ncd during- the night (feeling thirsty)- it opened its shell. Three silly, wandering' mice wore near too, and smelling- fish, alt placed their heads just inside for a taste. The intrusion was instantly resented by the occupant of the shell, and hastily yet silently a relentless grab was made, and those foolish mice were suddenly executed prisoners. Such a thing has been known on oyster boats here as the capture of a single munsi: by on oyster, and rats have suffered injuries to legs, ct.c., but the trapping of three mice- simultaneously is a record for an oyster, which I think nt prcaent, is acknowledged a-unique fc.it. Tins the oyster firmly conspired to oust the cat from the legitimate occupation for which it has so long beeji renowned ? Thanks to thenrtof photography, our readers an; able to see an exact picture of the captor and the eoptivl-s just aa found. Sy»tcm or Snhnmrlno Cable*. There are under the ocean, spreading to almost tvcry part of the civilized world, no fewer tlian ],10T submarine telegraph cables, having 11 total length o£ 142,790 nautica.1 miles, a.nd representing a capital of'nearly £40,000,000. To keep these cables in repair requires the 'exclusive service of 27 specially constructed and equipped telegraph steamers. Will Shoot .-\KiiliiMt » Swiss Champion. jXew York, June 25.— Gus Zimmer- mim, the champion rille shot, sailed for Kurope Thursday on the 1'uerst Bis- i/iarclr. He is going to shoot a match with L. Ar.ghern, the champion sharps-hooter of Switzerland. The contest \vili take place some time next month. Mr Uiminennnii will also compete in the international shoot at Versailles, France. Zimmerman is in great form. At the L'nion hill .Schueteen park, recently, he scored 150 ball's eyes in aa many shots. A H»l>y'» JHlrxcn.'oiu The two-year-old daughter of JI. J. Preston, of Worcester, X. Y., fell headlong from a second-story window a few clays ago, turned a somersault and landed on the stone pavement 10 feet bek'W in a sitting posture. Rushing down the mother found the youngster uninjured, chewing gum which she had In her month nt *ln> time she fell. foreign tin THE 'jinrP* l)n'ry Tmporr*. p.-ivs $7fl.oro. r -nn yearly- for MARKETS. Gruln, Peculiarities of the Truffle. The most wonderful vegetable in i\te world Js the truffle; it has neither roold, stem, leaves, flowers nor seeds. ITTLl; IVER PILLS iHlonn, £tc, ChlcaRo, June 25. FI..OUR — Was dull ar.d unchanged. Quotable as follows: Winter—Patents, K.4WS&.W: stralphts, $iGCiI(13.20; clears. J2.50 02.60: seconds, $1.9Ci5>2.00: low Kradc-s. J1.75 SJ2.W. Spring—Patents, f3.,15g>3.75; straights, J2.WJ3.20; bakers', $2.10@2.26; low grades, W.50@1.75; Red Doc, 51.20(0:].40; Rye. J2.00 (P2.20. WHEAT—Moderately active and easier. June, C5V4®C5%e; July, 55!,i<ii>0r>%c; Septenr ber, 5G%ig:57!'HC. CORN-Weak. No. 2, 27«?27^c; No. 1 Yellow, 27Vf,®27%c; July, 27«(5)2?%c: September, 28Vfeiai2SV4c; October, 2S-1ic: May,- SO»i@31V4c. OATS—Weaker and lower. No. 2 cash, 18c; July, 15-)4@lGc; September, lC%S)'16%c; May, l^i^lD^c. Samples Vic lower. No. 3, 16rginM;C; No. 3 White, 17ft@19c; No. 2, KJ^^tTc; No. 2 White, l.SVi@]9V5 c BYE—Dull and weak. No, 2, to KO to store, 31e: Hample lota, 32@32Vic; September delivery, 32»4c. BARLEY—Very quiet; only a small quantity ottered and demand llg-ht. Thin, 22(iJ!24c; fait- weight, but ort color, 23©27c; good color, Calr to tfood weight, 2ii@'23c; choice to fancy, 30©33c. MKSS PORK—Offerings only moderate and Oemnncl fair. Prices steady. Quotations ranged at $7.0007.05 for canh: J7,00<i} 7,06 for June; t7.02jiS7.10 for July, and I7.2(l®7.27 1 /i for Scptnmber. I.ARD—Demfind fairly active and offer- Ings free. Prices eualor. Quotations ranged at S4,OOf(N.(ffiH for cash; KWM.02V4 for June; S4.02V2@^ti5 tor July, and $J.l"V4fp 4.20 for September. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, rather tr.me. Creameries, 10@]')Vic: Dairies, 3@1.2c. LIVE POULTRY — Only moderate demand. Turkeys, 7«K)c; Chickens, 7Mi@Sc: Sprlnfi Pucks, 12{j)l4c per pound; Geese, per dozen, $3.00(3)4,00. Finance* uud Iln<4 Shelbyville, Jud., June 23.— Prof. E. T. Jordon, of Jlorristown, engaged in n heated nrgiiment over the financial situation and routed his opponents. While on his way home he was waylaid by several men, who assailed him with eggs. He pursued them and was knocked senseless with a stone. Jordon was formerly slate gas inspector and is well known all over the state. The men who assaulted him have not been apprehended. Striking Hoyn Cuune a Klot, Muncie, Ind., June 25. — Seventy small boys at the Hemingway flint glass works struck for 75 cents a day. They have been getting GO cents. Others, who refused *c quit, were caught going or coming- to the factory and assaulted. A regular riot was on for some time, and tin* police had to be eniled to disperse the youngsters, some of whom are but seven years old. The factory will have to fill Coo places or close down, Munlc Tcachem Eleet fltncer*. Terre Haute, Ind., June 2.1.— -The Indiana Music Teachers' association elected the following officers: President, W, J. Stabler, Richmond; secretary, L,, D. Elchborn, Bl-jftton; treasurer, LHJian G. Smith, Lafayette; vice- president at larue. W. E. M. Brown, KnlRhtstown; chairman executive committee, W. T. Glffe, LOKansport; chairman •ludltlng committee, J. T. Reese, Con- nersvlllc; chairman public school committee, J. M. Black, Washington. Falrbankn OPOHH tho Campaign. Ligonier, Ind., June 25, — Charles W. Fairbanks, temporary chairman of the St. Jx>uis convention, opened the campaign in this county by delivering an address at Albion, He pointed out the evil effects which would follow the adoption of free silver, and paidaglow- ir.g tribute to McKinley. MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThoOmtttt Ptrfectlon vctitteloed la Bomt ConttrucUon— Luzurloai Equipment, Artlnlc Purnliblnz, DecorMioo cad Eflldut Service, TO K the bighMt degree of COnFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. Foun TRIP« PEd WEEK BrrwEtn Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETOSKF.Y, : 'THE soo," MARQUETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATE5 to Plctuictqn* Mickltwc ud Return, including ru«l« and Berthi. Prom Clevelud, $18; I ram Tolcd*, Ji J ; from Ottrolt. $13.50. EVERY EVENINO Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting nt Cleveland with Earliest Train* for all points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit for all points North and Northwest. Sunday Trlpt Junt, July. August and Seatembar Onlj. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay / Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet Address A, A. SCHANTZ, •. ». A., O1TBOIT, MICH. Tue Detroit and Gieveiami steam lav. Co. Positively cured by these Little Pills. They also relieve E. .stress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Orowit ness, Bad Taste in f he Afouth, Coated Tongue Painir the Side, TORPID LIVtR. They Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. PHI. c.nsll New York, June 25. FLOUR— Quiet and easy, unchanged. WHEAT— No. ( l Red steady, moderately Hctlve. July, eSVt@82 9-16c: September, 6:Wfi ) i'3%c; December, 04 1 /i@"34%c. CORN— No, 2 dull, easier. July, 33%c: Beptember. 3.1«@34%c ; No. 2 Corn, 3-l@35c. OATS— No. 2 quiet and steady. July, 21 @21 l-16c; September, 21c; state, S^CVsc; Yr'egtern, 22li?26M;C. PORK— Quiet. New mess, JS.50i0S.T5; old mess, tS.000S.2C. I.ARD— Quiet. Steam-rendered, $4 30. CHEESE— Quiet. Part skims, 2!fj>4>£o; full skims, l&@2e. Live Stock. Chicago, June 2S. CATTLE— Market steady to lOo higher. Fair to best Beeves, J3.50@-l.50; stackers and feeders, $2.30ig>3.S5; mixed Cows and Bulls, ?1.40©3. 70; Texas, J2.50Stt.90. HOGS — Market generally .'5c lower. WEht, I3.2CiffiS.C3; rough packing. J2.S00i2.9B; mixed and butchers', J3;05@3.40: heavy packing: ar.d shipping, J3.00ff3.2G; Flf. *2.W S3.W. i \Vubash, Ind., ,7une 25.— Henry F. Harris, of, this city, has purchased a quarter interest in the Leader of Bloom- iiig-toj), 111., and secured 1 an option 011 another one-quarter. He was formerly manager of the Elyria (O.) Republican and the Warren (0.) Tribune. Churged with CnuntcrfeUinj;. M'nrsuw, Iiid., June 23. — John C. Donaldson, a farmer near here, has been. arrested on ;i charge of counterfeiting. There is a large number of bogus two dollar bills in circulation in the vicinity. Cnuffht In iv Belt. Butler, Ind,, June 23. — While thrashing Tuesday a.r, the ftirra of John I!olan, northeast of this city, Joseph Parks was caught in a belt and instantly killed'. F»t*L JSxplosion. Anderson, Ind., June 2j. — Walter Stephens, n young shovel polisher at n. factory in this city, was killed by the bursting of an emery wheel. l>rown«d Himself. • Atwood, Ind., Jane 23.- -John Gorton, of this place, committed suicide by drowning. ' He -was despondent over financial difficulties. POZZONI'S COMPLEXION POWDER hri» been tho ptdndnrd for fort;- roars is moro popular 10-0,17 Hiun ever before. POZZOM'S IB L!IO ideal complexion powder—bomicifyinr. f clcnnly, llOAltlirul nQd hnrmlei A d«!lcaeu, Invlpiblo nroUicthtn to the face. M'ir h PT«TV kH>x o(l>OZZO> ra a matt- ninront .Nrovlir» GOLD PUFF BOX la Kiven tree ol «hU(«. A.T DEUGOISTS AND FANCY STOEES. ioing For A ,ake Trip? You'll fully onloyall of ItsdeliKht.- If you take one of the AKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SDPEWOJ! TRANSPORTATION GO'S 1EGANT STEAMSHIPS. .Sailing! betwetn Chicago end Mickliutc Island four timn every week. now steel st«amshlp "M»nlton" Is a " pftluce. Travels 'twlxt Chlcngo, voix, Hurbor Spring*, Petoskcy, ac tiland, etc. • Write for our readable reading matter, free, or ask your nearest aRCnt. ' Address Jos. Berolzueim, G. P. A. LAKE AllCH. AND LAKE, SUPERIOR TRANS. CO. Ruth *nd N. Wrier SI, Chicigo,

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