The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 21, 1932
Page 2
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1932 SodelyCalendat ..Annual harvest.supper at I'rom- Iwd Land \sclieo! at 5->. M. .Jtusic department of Woman's clyb meeting. U. D. c. benefit bridge and rook fifty at Woman's cl(ib, 7:30 o'clock. C * -^ ^J • Bfx S^;pcr to Be ' - Gfven at Half Moon •fTtore will bo a 'box supppr nt tneh Half Moon school Saturday right, to which th.c public is invited."The procccf -will be us?2 to buy'-playground e^ taent for the sgiool. 4 - -•* • * Entertains Class ^Irs. Marvin Lane, lcac!-,3r of the Intermediate- Girls Sunday school .class of the Second Bap- tgt church, gave" riiembers of her cl*ss a party Tuesday evening at her home. ^Hallowe'en goblins and witches decorated the living room - where t?o 15 girls and boys played 8»ffi,?s. In a contest Miss Imogene Hawkins won the.prize. ^Doughiiiifs mid hoi chocolate was served with Mrs: Hubert Rild- ridge assisting the hostess. ,v •" " • • « aiigc and A fruit ^.Officers . of the Jewish Ladles Ad society for the View were igstalled ,'at n meeting Wednesday Sjenin^ at.the home of .Mrs. Jaclr Applebau'm. * these-will .serve: Mrs, k. Hnr- Jbrg, .Osccola, president: Mrs. falter .Roscnthal. vice president; Mrs. Rowland Wolfort, Eccwtary; Mrs. Sam Joseph, Ireasiitcr; Mrs. . C: E. Coulter, reporter. $rclt Will Have Elkc Sale Saturday -'Bakcrt beans, brown bread, cook- 5|s, doughnut?.' pies auict cakes' fill be sold by i circle 3 of the Woman's Auxiliary of th P First E-esbyterlan church Saturday In roe building next to Hudson Tail- ^r shop. •^ • • * Clah Guests ^Mrs. S. E. Garliiifjlon of Scarcy. Art., who is yisltlhg her sister Mrs. B. A.-Lynch. Mrs. A. O. Little and Mrs.' Baker Wilson -were Wests of Mrs. Cecil Shane Thursday when she had the Mid-Weck Bridge i club. If or luncheon and - n 9^>-d game. r'-Lavend?r .dahlias decorated the *ring room-while, the sun room *as gay;- with- the same flowers- in i scarlet.; shade. Bowls of piult J8osebiifls_ adorned- - the tables.-. A —!llow. _,lj|iichcon ..cloth went in , ;. B. A' LyrWh" -for tyub prijfe' _Jd a set of Mary. Ann measuring cups was Mrs. Wilson's 'prize for ftgh among .the guests. Honors Bride Elect ^Miss Marige Hawkins, whose {jamase to Edwin Jones will tnk.? • Jlace Monday, October 31. v;as the . west of honor' at a shower given Igr Miss .Virginia Craflon. * Autumn- flowers, ' Hallowe'en Indies and.tallies emphasized the October, holiday. The black cat {|lly given .Miss Hawkins direct «d her down a path to a pile of jackages, gifts for her. "The 20 guests played Bunco. &ter a. 'molded trull salad was an( j Mrs •erred with sandwiches, hot choc oiate and whipped cream. Piirrt Grade tnsfnts Play. Alice Disappoints 2,500 Women SISTER MARY'S In spite of the universal popularity of fruit, lew family dietaries contain enough. Usually It Is servKl only at breakfast and its possibilities for .salads anij desserts In other meals are overlooked. Children ordinarily are fond of Snilt snlads, which are a wholesome nnd tlioroughly satisfactory concoction for"Jauiors. Care-should fcc taken'that'any Inhibit .prtions". such as the seeds ot grapes, and raisins, arc removed, otherwise children need not b?, given special consideration -In the preparation bl' n fruit salad. '' ' -' J ' • Very often a salad can be made , -up of odds and ends of fruit teat otherwise might go begging, oha oraiiyc, one banana and two p^an or any equal quantity of same other •mill will furnish chough salad for four persons, but used alone the mm would bs inadequate for "a meal. Always be sure to include one tan fruit In Ih3 salad combination mis prevents'a tasteless nnlnt' 1 r- isting mixture.ana Insures a pleasing, piquant ahd/appetWiig saliX the dressing'-, i/,. O f utmost."JiS porlancc. Delicacy of flavor js'-e'y-' ssntlal in order. not to ove the taste of the fruits The Twenty-five hundred women volsrs giitlierc:! ll> Indianapolis . hear Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Longworth take the-slump for • President Hcovcr. • But Mrs. Longwortli, after being introduced refused to speak and walked out of the meeting. Indiana Republican lenders offered no explanation 'Jor her refusal to spsak, Arm- week when she also had for her guests Mcsdamcs T. H. Haynes, W. S. Langdbn aud J. H strong. The lii ing room hnd boumiels | of fall garden flowers for decor-) /\tlons and tha tallies were in or- ' salad, sandwiches coffee was served nicer several progressions. Students to 1'csc. In .developing a study ct. well inowri pictures students of thj art clara ')!pf Junior high school" pose.i for '' 'familiar stiulies y?s\«rdii>" ' tmd ' s^ )\»ses ... vs" say, .Betty Sue Atwooci and E!iz'- abath Edwards pased, Mary Catherine Lindsay psied for "Th2 Gong of. the Lark" and Frances Mcllan- cy and W. Loon Smith jr., hai their pictures taken for "The An- Canithersvillc Pastor.lo Make Exlcnsivc Tour Osceola Society— Personal Mrs. -Rex Wheeler cf Marlon silent a. few Hours in Osccola Thursday morning visiting witli Ssnatcr Hattlc Caraway who was ihs guest of'-MIss BlahchS Clesr'e here Wednesday and Thursday. The senator was accompanied to. Blythcville Thursday-.ftttetiiboi)! by Stiss Clcere aflcljlljs. J;-. iiati !WU" " she was'inet'.by : friends boro CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — Rev. nd Mrs. J. 11. Marion, the tormar being the pastor of the local Presbyterian church,- loll Sunday' far j Charlotte. N. C., where ihsy will visit relatives of Mr. Marion until from Cairo, III, for „ .„,, „„.,., visit with relatives and friends hero. She is accompanied by -icr siniMl »n Billie. Mrs. Homer Quinn lias us her guests for an extended visit her sister, Mrs. L. s. Minor and iier t'.vo children, from Mineral Point. Wis. Mr. Quinn, accompanied Ijy Powell Hale, drove to the Wiscon- lOivn Tuesday to tring Mrs s. ».«.,„« nance, . OI Kipiey. MISS •Minor and the children hero. T>ey is the guest of his sister, Mrs A arrived hero Wedn arrived hero Wednesday night J. B. Bunn, B. H. Bogan, I. D. ies and B. R. Moore drove to ot of . Vhic-h Mrs. Eileen elements is! f ather, gave a piny this sfierncon the school in which the "Safety Hrst" p.-ogram was featured. The flass has observed Satcly Firs'. Week with numsrous activities. "Those taking pan were: J. T. El^Is, Bennett Hall, Pa.-ham John- spn, Rondell Borggon, L'.iiian Ak- «rs, Raymond Bell, Mary Lynn Jackson and Raymond CrawfcrJ. Training' Class, Girl §ccuts to JIccl Saturday. «The training class for Girl Soul *aders will Jiave its first session Saturday morning, 0:30 o'clock, a; Sic scout room in the city hall. ^Tnis will, be the first ot three ir.eetinss tomorrow prior to tli3 ot>- SJfervattce of National c«:rl Seoul week here next week. At 1:30 p.m. all the Girl Scouts of the city will joect at the .scout room to "greet Miis Perrine Dixoni field staff representative for the Dixie region, ana Jltss Lyle Stanago cf ths Msnuvis wganizatlon. . * Work in traininj Itader:. w 1 ): ^^ BOnducled by Miss Dlxsn anri M : :l fitanage in a meeting b:-3inn:n;; V' 7 o'clock. Knlertains Wives of Visiting Physicians. 1 Mrs. A. M. Washh'jrn jir.r-.-tah-.- Od informally at licr home Tliurs- jay afternoon for wives ot in; pay"" ; who were here yesterday f-j: uicilor North qerman Lloyd line for Ch;r- From Paris tliey will go through ;v.it7.srland, ani thence to Italy *lierc trey plan to visit in Ploran. They will Tuesday evening school of ._ to attend a con- — ^...i, .ii_iunjA ui ui^Lrucu'Jn conducted by Baker Clark, grand lee- hiror hril a " d M 8 " dcn " il ^ «n™ushVtd Z?_ - ^'"relive fruit • s$i 'Huffman: News Johnnie :\vobb spent the Bits oj Neucs Mostly Personal vor, the fat light and plcasin-ly jioutrable, and pj p llcr Bll:1 ,„',. tard used spAfinyly. Special <!r"s- J«(?s can bs made of whipped cream u-M.wlth standard dressings to sain tlic blandness so desiritb!-' The ci!stom-of combining whipped'cram with a mayonnaise or rich coakcd dressing makes a dressing that, Is c,vceeaiiigly rich. While suiiabl- for a luncheon salad It's a bit too heavy ipr-tlic dinner salad. French dressing-made with lemon,." oran»6 or grapefruit juice In place of vino- gar is always delicious over fruits. . The foitOKing rule is for a dress- '»)g ( 'specially adapted to fruit sal- Bds/ It uses tfca juice from canned iriiil to advantage with ijmon juice -added- for piquancy. Slightly salted whipped' cream can bo added as a enruudr when the salad is ready to serve." ; i'rdll Salad Dressing 'FBiir tablespoons pjar, peach or Pineapple juice, 4 tablespoons lemon 'jiilcu, 3 tablespcons sugar j.g teaspoon-.ialt, 2 oggs. Brat 1 eggs just enough lo blend whites and yolks. Add sugar, salt .jnnd;.^frtill-. jptces, Cook in double ^olierj^stirfttig • constantly, until thjckcned. The mlxtjre should coat ft .metal spoon. Remove at once from hcst'apU cc-dk quickly in a pan of I ;Cold --water. -.... -''.TaniJrr'ow 1 !; Menu j.-.'BREAKPASTi Baked apples, ce- f.real,- c'rEam, crisp broiled bacon, .corrinieal' pancake's, ' syrup, milk. ..,, i. : L.ONCHEOl>f: Criomuil. oysrers •v.'ith';-niinentocs -o|>' toast, date and and family who.liavc been hi Misslss- ippi for ;ippi for Monday. some lime returned . R. L. Perry left Monday. evening I for a MMiphls;!. Hospital; 'He w'ai accompanied by br, Owen of iAf- ccl In a critical condition, mnahevernl etao shrdl cmfw slinu Aftor spending 'the week-end here on Stevens Island Ranch. friends of Mr. and Mrs. R. W.>fii Stevens from Illinois, separated Tuesday morning for 'Florida. Maurene Harrison was the! guest of Gornldine Crabb Tue5d:iv I night. - '•;.- ' | Lonnie Nance, .of ,Ripley. Miss., ! U Beavers. iurer. New Liberty '~. and other ciiics rich in br: 1 if the early Christians. alt?r which they \sill journey to Egypt. Plan Slay a( Jpriir.ilcm Next they will visit Palestine «'l:ere t!ip longi-st stop cl llvlr trl;> will b: made. They will lirs: step, ,, il:ic wlli „ a: JOppa !m d will I ravel trotn '• school Frldny nfeht ny rail to Jcrusalsm which will cc i """> night. i.'icir iiosdriuartcrs for tho Hires or ' ri ~ ~. . . ." four mor.ihs (hey cxp;ct to spendl HOSpUal -iVOlCS Hi ;ne Holy Lincis. Th:y expect to! moved to the Home.- Spr.iybcrry Miss V. C. Sprnyberry ns (he weekend (jncst of Miss nmh Wright. Mr. Cook has sold his f.irm to n "lan from Mississippi. TJ'.erc will be a pIc-sirppDr at tlie Arkansai era the meeting of the First Cou Mstricf-and Northeast Medical society. .. The 18 guests enjoyed games ami •ontests in which Mri.-J.'SV. Elders B Harrisburg and ifrs. Paul I," JCipton won prizes. ' -Mrs. Gordcii Evrard and Mrs. Tiplon aisisted the hostess in wv- fiig punch and cake from 311^;..- Iractlvcly arranged refreshment ta- ge 'fhsrc \vas a centerpiece of Jink roses and sweit assy'um ana yisters 'of cosmos, dahlias, cSry- J^nthcmums and zinnias were ar- ,»ngea In basket's an 1 vas:s thru- -*t.thc entertaining rooms ^mniii i>i Jerusalem until April or i:3-=.'ib!y latc-r. wren tiicy will auain cmtoir's for a t:at trip r.n tho M:d- Jiirnn. (his thus sailing ii s P!1 . | length across to Spiin w!::'rc ; . ivill si^ntl s;ivral weeks wliih ' Mr. Marion will invcsti;nt- tl-.i'-i .tii.itio:i there ns !o vurch ai>:l | M? relations'i-.ip. They will spot!:; t :vc-ral weeks in England and Sc:;- i •"•J s. : .uo\ir-.g morlcrn preaching ns | •'11 return n America. The e'n'ti: :ip will ronsiinic bccwccn c nsis'.hs nr.ri n year. Awarded I'cllnwshi(i ='™^^ ri c 11!pn ; n i lon ^, Admiited: Mrs. c. O. Graves ":.v. FT. H. Williams. Luxora nsschargcd: Miss Pauline Grcer NuiiiL-cr Nine.' i "• " fl . r «»-.i3lHmdic.ucin.. U! ivi- ugn lands. ' Mr. Marion came to Caiut 1:2 Scp-.cmbor 1. l;,io. " f i«r his gi-aamlivi Etartcrs r.ere discha their job;'. When' to tta ; Thursday Rook " C [ U b s;three. The Popular New PKR'MANENT $3,50 Fully r.uaranlcccl I5KAUTY SHOP I'honc 43 Bennett's Pasteurized Kilk 10c Ql. Delivered Phone 7't Bulgarian UnUormilk- lac Q(. \ -i-.Goato .Church Sunday There arc 373 waterfalls in I5r.i- ! :il, 1G4 of which have a potential | lower of at, least 5,000.000 hors"-1 power. ^BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE AS42 YEARS AGO^ bubleTestedf Poablt MUUONSOF POUNDS USED BV OUR GOVERNMENT TOTBALIS' 'OK LITTLE FELLOWS OQC : Each 0" ELECTRIC CANDLES Each ML WESTS TOOTH i'ASTJi New for COD LIVKlt Oil, 8-0/. §1.00 1B-0/. §1.50 SUPER D ° GEMEY PERFUME IJoltJc 55 C Pound KS OQC d Oe? RUSSIAN SQUIUitS. UQUI]) ALHO- MINKKAL OIL LK.\| V , NOKWICH HAUVERCIL BRILLIANTINE (it) Times As Strong As Ca<! f.iver Oil 5(lc 25 l I'inl 23 i; PENlPliNCILSET S2.0fl Value LIBRARY NK\V HOOKS KVKRY \\KV.K 10c Up - 3 Pays BROS. DRUG CO. DRUG CO, ~ Phone 23 Airs. H, Hlghfill and Mrs. Frank HliihDll weie in Memphis yesterday. Those attending the meeting or Uic Arkansas Education Association In Hoi Springs (Ills week are: Mr. nnd Mrs. Crawford Greene and son, and Miss Willie A. Lawson, who wont over Wednesday, Mrs. Nell Little Banister. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, Miss I,n- cile Armstrong, Miss Mary Outlaw, Mlbs Nettle Gray and Itfrs. Mary Spann, who Imotored over yesterday. They were accompanied by Mrs. Joe Crow Duprcc, ot Joiner. Miss Uiwson Is -to sponk 'nt a meeting of the county superintendents' division. Mr. and Mrs. Clarenre Voilmci- arc In Dooncvllle, Mo., for several days. The Rev. | and Mrs. Marsh M. Callaway, Mrs. W. A. Douyns and Mrs. Fred Sandefur motored to Memphis yesterday. Miss Belle wiiitsltt had as her dinner gu-^ts lasl evening Senator Hnttie caraway, of Washington, D. C.,' and Joneslwro, and Mrs. Joo Trice, of Joncsboro, nis- ter of Miss Whitsltt. Mr. and Mrs. Hiclmcl CJunlir McCool of Boston arrived las', night to spend their vacation «ith Mr. McCool's mother, Mrs. Edith McCool, and his uncle, Dr. P. A. Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Loc Walton will nave as their guests for the weekend Miss Rose Bobsin. of Chicago. She will arrive tomorrow morning. The chestnut blight Is the most virulent and destructive disease of forest trees that has ever been recorded. PIEDMONT,:6. D. (UP>— A noise in llieir chicken coop, recently, led Mr. and Mrs. J. W. nichard to an Investigation. It was dark and they tl-.ouslit a raccoon had Invaded th- coop. They killed the iviil'i clubs, dragged It Into the lialit and found that it was a bobcat." ' U NIQUE Cleaning Service for - -DRESSES -COATS - FURS -SUITS - TOPCOATS -RUGS - DRAPES --DYEING Phone 171 for Prompt Service Unique Cleanerg Jack Findley Robinson, Mgr. Bargains for Friday, Saturday and Monday SECKBONES Pound P1CIWER Beef Roast OYSTERS From Baltimore p ffit % 1u4e BACON G'nutI in-1C JUTu,. W I VEAL STEAKS Thkt S W HENS Veal Rosst, Oranges Potatoes FRYERS - FISH Thick Rib, Ib. 121c 50 Oranges 50c 15-ib. Peck 27c BANANAS ''""""• "",'1 4 C LETTUCE Large Head JTC Ench J SRAPES ,,,. fiRAPES Tokavs l,hs. APPLES Jonathans - ans - 77C r, LIjs. Li 8KB OUR PRODUG'K DISPLAY Sugar, Pure Cane, IQIbs. 42c Roseehle C3H Marshmallow Three Toasting Forks J''rt'(; . COOKIES i\. H. Co. American Pride ^Lge.Box29c Chocolate Drops The Old Fashioned Kind :Lb..lCc - BUTTFR spi ' itisbrook - Aiwii - v f Frcsh 22 c PRONKS' Pound PEACHES Evaporatfil Pound Counlvv Ciub Pound (';»n S (11. Can HOMINY Slokley No. 2 Can Sc APPLES Kvaponitcd Pntmds PEACHES Ubbv's BeLux Can CATS 55-Oz. Tkg. 2 for 2Sc

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