The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on May 21, 1916 · 16
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 16

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 21, 1916
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SUNDAY, . MAY 21, 1316- FOUR THE LINCOLN SUNDAY STAR. BEMDER DROPS WATCH FOB EZRA MEEKER AND HIS AUTO PRAIRIE SCHOONER This photograph of the transcontinental traveler and his ''schoonermohile'Vwaa made at Washington, D. C, as he started on a cross-country trip to Olympia, Wash., a distance of 3,560 miles. Mr, Meeker, who is 85 years old, has made three trips across the'Oregon trail by-oxteam. Watch for him. Price $1090 Detroit y::U AS AGGIES' He'll be in Lincoln soon. Rumor Says the ex-Cornhusker Star and Guy S. Lowman Both Have Resigned. r. "4 , ! V . y-- v i Quality First A special telegram to "the Topeka Capital from Manhattan, the aeat of veya the Information that rumor 1 current In Manhattan that Out S. Low man and John It Bndr, members of the coaching staff, both have resigned. The Capital special is as follows: Manhattan, Kan.. Persistent ru- IT 0 ' , feasor of physical education, and - Aimeim Director j. n. Dfiouur, ui ; the State .Agricultural college, : had resigned, seemed to bs partlal- ly confimed today. Render refer- . red questioners to President Wi- ters. Waters refused to either confirm or deny the rumor, stating there Is nothing to be said now. : Business men claim to have attend- ed a conference, at whkh a move-' ment was made to ft If the reslg- nation of both men. The two are , said to have been enemies ever sines Bender came to Manhattan last fall. Tha feud between Lowman and Bender has been a matter of common un derstanding throughout the Missouri valley conference. Lowman was atblet-Is director and heed of the department for several years. Bender, the former Cornhueker football star, became a' member of the coaching staff last fall taking charge of football and later the. coaching the baseball squad. The dt- i rector and the football coach wars st loggerheads almost from the start and Lowman, on one occasion during the past winter, stated that ha would resign unless Bander was dismissed. Several weeks ago the head of the institution. President Waters, announced that the duties of the coaches had been re-arranged and revised whereby Low. man was to serve as proressor of ths physical education, while Bender was to be the athletic director and head coach. This was a demotion for Low-man and a promotion for Bender. Low-man's friends In Manhattan business circles evidently have taken a hand la the fray and President Waters presumably has called tor the resignation of both officials. , vi Lowman was not the onlymber of ths Manhattan coaching staff with whom Bender was at outs. Carl Mern- . i .wu . i. ... v a a r er was i'ilbrc i tuuu -. during the past winter, but announced his resignation several weeks ago to accept a better position at "Columbia university In New York. Bender had filed charges against Merner at Manhattan and asked for the dismissal of the baskstball tutor. Ths charges never were pressed, due to Mercer's acceptance of the place at Columbia, &X , V vD T ,r'rV. r-1 ri"' "t i ii n' mi l i'i w 11 f in ---i a s ASHING QN T DH HE-TOP (Continued from Page One.) HofclttMl. lb t 1 10 0 Wlkr cf 1 0 1 9.0 Gardner, lb 4 I I 10 Jnnvrtn, ss 10 14 0 Thomas. 0 1 0 1 0 0 Affnew, S .............. 0 0 1 0 0 Cady. o , 1 0 1 1 0 Ruth, p . .. I 0 0 10 Mays, p I 10 0 0 Totals ......... "5 ir 15 "0 Boors by Innings: . , . PL Louis .0 0010000 ft 1 Boston . . 0 0 0 I 0 0 1 0 I Runs: Rt Louis Johnson: For Boston HobilUell, Wslker, Mays. Summary: Stolen base Hooper. S; Lewis. Double nlays Marmns to Slslnr. Baaea on balls Off Lavelnort. 4: off Kuth, K; off Mays, 4: off Park. 1; off Flncher, 1. Struck out By Ruth, 4; by Eira Meeker and I. S. Bheffer with their "schoonetrmobile" have undertaken a cross country trip of I.MO miles, following ths old prairie schooner roads that Mr, Meeker has traveled three times before with ox teams. The machine Is a typical prairie schooner set on a Pathfinder chassis, equipped with a stove, table, cooking utensils and hunting and camping outfits. Kira Mocker, who Is ti years old. Is making the trip In the Interests of a national transcontinental mili tary highway from coaot p coaat and will report the results of his long journey to Congress. On one side f ths car is a painted map showing the route to be - followed, starting from Washington, I). C., and passing throuKh Pittsburgh, Columbus, Indianapolis, 8t. Louis, Kansas City, Lincoln, Noith Platte, Casper, Bolno, Portland, Vancouver and ending at Olympia, Wasn. On the other side of the car Is tills sign: "First traversed by hearty men alone; followed later by ox team and stage coach; now destined to be thronged by automobiles, history records this as the greatest world thoroughfare of record. Tou can aid In reviving this ancient way by casting your Influence to Induce Congress to pass a bill now pending, for Inaugurating this world for a great national highway, as a measure of preparedness, of development and of duty to perpetuate the memory and to honor the pioneers who first opened the way. The picture was taken as Mr. Meeker and his strange car were about to leave Washington, D. C. Pavenport, 1; by Mays, 2. Urn pi Dineen and NsJlln. YANKS WIN RAOQEO GAME. New York. May 20 The Yanks had the better of a ragged gams this afternoon. Cnldwell stopped a ball from Wallers with the tip of his finger In the. seventh Inning and had to retire. He probably will be out for a number of days. The score: Detroit- AB. H. PO. A. E. Rush, ss 10 14 1 Vltt. b 11110 Cobb, cf 4 1 10 0 Vmcli. If 4 0 10 0 Hellmsn, rf I 0 10 0 Burns, lb t 0 14 0 0 Young, lb 10 0 T O Htsnsge. e I I 10 1 Cunningham, p ........ I 1 Oil Roland, p 0 0 0.0 0 Crawford . 1 1 0 0 0 Fuller . , 0 0 0 0 0 Harper 11 0,0,0 Cavanaugh 1 0 0 0 ; 0 Iubuo . ; 1 0 0 ' 0 0 Totals . It t U 14 I Ratted for Cunningham In eighth. Ran for Crawford In eighth. , Ratted for Bums In ninth. Ratted for Young In ninth. Batted for Stallage In ninth. New York AB. H. PO. A. H. Clllhooley, rf 10 10 0 Magee. If 4 0 10 0 Gedeon, ib , 10 I 10 Raker. Ib ., 4 1 1 1 0 Plpp. lb 4 I It 1 1 perklnpaugh, ss ....... 10 14 1 High. If 10 1 0 0 Walters, e 1 0 0 1 0 Caldwwell, p 1 1 0 0 0 live, p 0 0 0 0 0 Fisher, p 1 0 0 0 0 Totals 1 17 10 1 Brore by Innings: Petrolt . ....0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 01 New York 0 0010000 01 Runs: . For Detroit Young; New York Hnker and Plpp. flummery: Three-base . hit Plpp. fltnlen base Hlgli. . Struck out My Caldwell. 2; by Love, 1; by Flaher, 1; by Cunningham. 1. Bases on balls Off Caldwell, 1; off Love, 2; oft Cunningham. 1; off Boland. 1. DouMe plays Walters to Oedeonj Pecklnpnugh to Oedeon. t)m-pires Connolly snd Owens, SYRACUSE DEFEAT8 MIDDIES. Annapolis, Md. May 10. Tha Syracuse university eight defeated the Annapolis middles here this afternoon In a two mile brush on the Severn river by a scant boat length. Syracuse's Urn was 10: IT. V 1 ; sacisBAibKt " v Thcrt s-$c; 33.15. JCktmndibrCT'iaiBi stt.;:l3axullKtotDw$4. Wt&ettou illkist. NSba-ca&.it8je sit nihin atsarid asset m& tss max. New. Tork, May 10. Lee Ftohl declaresbut not boastfully that his Indian crew, is on top of the American league heap "because it has been playing champlonohlp baseball." - "Team work is tho real secret of our success so far," ssserts the manager of ' the Cleveland squad. "The boys all ' are , plnylng together. Individual starring Is an unknown quantity with us now. And, bent of all, the utmost harmony prevails. When you get such a conblnation you usually find a team that Is up near the top. "Our pitchers are going good. Some folks think thiey will crack later on. It wouldn't surprise me If they pitched even better baseball when warmer weather comes. Two or three of my slabmen are 'hot day' pitchers. Yet they have been able to win games in near sero weather and hold the opposition to a small number of hits and runs. "Yes, we have been getting some of the 'breaks.' But Isn't that part of baseball? Furthermoi-e, we haven't had more than our share. To some folks It seems that a few of our victories have been lucky. But those who have analysed our record find that most of the so-called luck we have bad 'has been nothing else but the seising f an opportunity when It offered and then riding through on It to victory. "Those who say everything Has broken well . for as overlook the fact that, Kay Chapman, our shortstop has been laid up with a bad knee. Chapman ranks as one o! the best short-fielders in the game. This loss naturally has weakened us to some extent, although Wambsganss has filled In ths gap very weU. "Are you fellows nourishing pen- rBv nant hopes?" we asked. ' I "Our whole thought now., is to win today'a ball game," answered ' Fohl "We aren't dealing In futures. Our business is , that of the present We are going after.' every game just as If that- one game meant the pennant. That's the only' way. "How about .Speaker? . How much has his presence meant? "Much." was Fohl's rejly. "Before the coming of Tria the team Itself ranked only ordinary. , But when Tris got into the lineup it acted like an electric vibrator on the rest of the boys. They knew what Trig could do, They knew about hla wonderful fielding skill and about great batting. Then they sat down and re-flgured their chances. "Without Speaker the boys figured they might be in the fight With Speaker they decided they Would; be In It. Trie filled them with pep and fighting spirit and the result Is apparent now In the standing of clubs. The Indians in 11 home games so far this season have drawn 94,000, Their total home attendance In 1915 was 164. Should thay- go home from their eastern trip In, first place, it Is certain that during the following 10 games the attendance surely wilt total beyond 65,000, That would mean thf?n that the attendance for 20 games In 1918 would be greater than for all the home contests last season. As a road attraction the Indians are the real thing in the Johnson circuit just now. If they keep on drawing at the present rate, they will have played to more abroad crowds by June 1 than they did In all their road games a year ago. And, In the meantime, Jim Dunn, the new owner of the club, Is smiling a smile that continues to linger. BROOKLYN TOP PLACE TIGHT (Continued Fro; 1 Page One.) a pretty pitchers' battle between snd Demaree. , Philadelphia, won, 1. Ths score: . - Philadelphia BILFCv Ranoroft, sa, ft 0 1 Nlehoff, 2b. .., 4 1 1 mock. lb. 5 I 1 Cravath, rf. 5 1 I Whltted. If. " 1 0 1 ('. Cooper, cf 1 1 1 I uderus. lb. 1 0 7 j turns, 0 4 1 10 : 1,'emaree, u. ...4 1 0 Mlll-r I to A...E. 3 0 ! J 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 ; 10xfcwaA.-N..). l.flrrsll snroftTrrtfalni ;'y "'";''- ." .' .TUQjDOQwewitse NEBRASKA BUICK AUTO CO., Supply Dept., ; 1 Totals Pittsburgh "niey, rf .lohnaton, lb. . Harney, If, ... Illncliman. rf, Wagner, ss. , .. Scaults, 8b, ... Knabe, 2b. ... Olbson, c Attama, p. ... Miller, p Ooatello W. .Cooper, p.. ..S 10 27 ? 1 AB. H. PO. A. E. 7 0 Totsls 32 5 2T Batted for Miller In eighth. Score by Innlnia: Philadelphia 3 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1-4 Plttaburgh ...000 1 0 0 0 0 01 Runs For Pltuburfth: Barney. For Philadelphia: Nlehoff,' Stock, Cravath, Ltiderua. Burns. Summary: Slruck out By Miller, V; by Demaree, 0. Rases on balla Off Adams, 1. Umpires Rlgler and Harrison. . . . Lincoln Amateurs to Arrange for Inaugural In order to prepare for the inauguration of the pennant race In the Capital City Baseball league, Sunday afternoon. June, 4, at Capital Beach, the local amateur association will meet next Tuesday evening at 1 o'clock at the Saratoga billiard parlors. President. Rempke of the local association gave notice last night that the Importance of the meeting commands a full attendance of the delegates of nil teams holding membership. The plans so far mapped out provide for a parade through the streets on the fenaugural day, while other features may be added which wfll dd to the interest in the opening games. The opening day card calls for a doublcheader at the Beach park. Th"5 The Moose and the Cushman Motors are to collide at 2 p. m., while the second half of the double bill will be put on by the Lincoln Cleaning 4 Dye Works team and the Kansas City Llfes. Purdue Wins In a Tight'Game Records Are Made at Des Moines In Spite of Soft Track Des Moines, la., May 20. Despite a soft track, records went to smash In the twenty-fourth annual Iowa state field meet here Saturday. Ames won with 67 points; Drake, 42; Orlnnell. It; Iowa IS; Cornell 8; Coe, 8; Highland Park, 6: Des Moines, I; Mornlngslde, 2 and Simpson, 1. - ' Threatening weather kept the crowd down to 2.000, but these saw Charley Hoyt. of Orlnnell, step the 100 yards In :09 4-3 equalling the record of Bush. In 119T. Lighter, of Coe, set a new state mark for 200 yard hurdles, doing It In :2S 1-5, breaking the former record made by himself a year' ago of :25 2-5. i,- Dutton, of Iowa, made a new record with the discus, setting the mark at 129 feet, inches, breaking the record of Swift of Iowa, in l03, of 115 feet. 1 1-2 inches. Ervin. of Drake, broke the state pole vault record when he cleared 11 feet 7 Inches. The old record was held by Haggard, of Drake, 11 feet, Inches, made la 1907.. Chicago, May 20. The Maroons took the Purdue university baseball team Into camp here today, 2 to 1. George, pitching for the Chicagoans, was given poor support and pitched hlS' team mates out of several tight places. Purdue scored their one run on an error. The score: Rk H. E. Purdue ......1 6 1 Chicago 2 7 4 Batteries Soy and Watters; George and Hart. Mahan's Delivery i Too Much for Tigers Princeton, N. . May 20. Eddie Mahan's delivery was too much for Princeton today, even If the Tigers did amass ten. blows. The Crimson team found the Tiger Fllngers for nine hits and made each of these hits count for a run. Prlncton's defensive work was ragged. Score: R. H. E. Harvard .........9,9 S Princeton 10 Batteries Mahan and Harte; Link, Harte, Thompson and Douglas. Cornell Was Easy for Harvard Eight Cambridge, Marni, May 10. The Harvard eight drove Its shell, to victory over Cornell on the Charles river this afternoon, winning by a length and a quarter. Lund, of the Crimson stroked a good race but finished exhausted, bending over to rest The Harvard YOU CAN ALMOST TALK TO HER THIS 3400 r. p. m. CHALMERS ' They're buying motor cars today as they're hiring men on ability. " Blue eyes, brown hair, a rugged jaw, mean something but not so much as they used to. They're seeking ability. And that is not always measured in stature, weight and reach. Likewise in a car. They look her oyer, learn her wheel-base, note the tire sizes, ask the bore and stroke of the engine and then They make her perform. They make her hit the trail, they roll her up the stiffest hill. They let her out on the straightaway; and they make her accelerate at slew speeds. It's the only' way to judge a car. And we're partic-ularly glad, because we have in the 8400 r.p.m. Chalmers a car that answers erery human wish. You can almost talk to this animal. You can lead her anywhere. We know of no one who has ever called on her for too much, nor asked of her anything she couldn't deliver. She's like a -yottng-ballplayer who keeps driving 'em ' over the right-held fence. ; She's theie, And the reason is her magnificent 3400 r. p. m. engine When history in our business is written, 8400 r. p. m. wfi -occupy a thick chapter. Simply beoauBe at the lowest speeds she saves her energy, turns up only 500 r. p. m. at 10 miles an hour, ' and 1000 r. p. m. at 20 miles an hour. Thus vsng only 18 per cent of her power at such speeds and saving 62 to 80 per cent for winding, hilly roads, bad terns, and on occasions when a little extra power grws you possession of the road-One ride erf fire miles behind the wheel and you'll own it. Ask jow dealer about Chalmers service inspection coupons, negotiable at all Chalmers dealers everywhere. This system is a most important consideration in buying your car. IW-Passengor Touring Car, $1090 Detroit Twa-Passenger Roadster, $1070 Detroit Three-Passenger Cabriolet, $1440 Detroit Color of Touring Car and Roadnter Oriford maroon or Meteor blue. Cabriolet Oriford maroon, Valentine green, or Meteor blue. Wheels standard dark, primrose yellow or red. Wire wheels optional n Roadster or Cabriolet at extra cost. Lincoln Mr. W. L. HUFFMAN AUTO CO. DISTRIBUTORS Omaha Lincoln Sioux City Sioux Falls Hastings crew took tho lead from the start and raced the Jthacans off their feet, winning easily. The time for the one and seven eighths miles was 9 minutes and 47 seconds. Tinker in Game to Give Pepp to Club Chlcajo, May' 20. The Chicago Nationals, although winning a greater percentage of their games so far this season, are not showing the "pepp" which Manager Tinker expects them to. For this reason, he stepped Into the fray, In the first game against the Cubs' old rivals, the New York Giants. Tinker's presence put a new spirit Into the players,, and kept them on their toes. The grounds were muddy, but nevertheless, the manager was satisfied that his players have the 'stuff if they will only cut loose with it. After the game he said he was pretty sore about the legs, but was going to Jump Into the past time every time his regulars showed Uck of "pepp". Tinker's arm seemed ss good as ever, and he seemed to have his batting eye, although he did not get a safe hit during the game. Thorpe Making Good With the Brewers Milwaukee. May 20. Curve ball pitching the thing that drove Jim Thorpe xut of the National .league, is no longer a dread to the famous Indian athlete. He has overcome his inability to meet the benders squarely and Is hitting at a .2X0 rate with the Brewers In the American association. Besides, he is well to the front In long hits and is leading the Association base stealers and is playing a fast game in the field, MIDDIES WIN AT TRACK. Annapolis, Mr May 20. The Annapolis track team closed its season today with a win over Georgetown In their dual meet. 0 to U. The Middles and the University of Michigan drew at tennis, each winning two string of singles and one of doubles, CRICKET EQUIPMENT ON WAY H. C. Maycock, of the Bona of Bt George lodge, cricket team. ha received notification of the shipment of cricket paraphernalia from London. Eng. The team Is getting In fine shape for its game wtth the Omaha Sons of St. George lodge, to be held Decoration day. v - . Makes the Best Motor Better 1 XM0T0R ' 1 1 fuituk iku KM V. Ill V IMI 11 1, . j gSsw i . pi infyrr'. : YouH get wr Power, mors miles per oat of White Star Extra Quality Motor , OiL w . Senna it contains no free carbon to "coke" the cylinders or foul tbs spark pings. . , Because it bas the body to seal the piston clearance it makes ell the gas vork all the time. Stranger thaa aay claim we night make is this Ford letter: ' - ' - ' ' ' x ' at After cartful expriment$ ana teats, we have adopted White Star Extra Quality Motor Oil here at the factory and for use and tale at our branch houtet, ae bett adapted for Ford cart. .Signed) FORD MOTOR CO." Buy White Star Extra. Quality Motor, Oil next time and you'll realize that your Ford gives you more power, at less cost, than you thought possible. Sold in standard sises and the special six gallon container by Omaha White Star Co, State Agts, A G. Hebb Auto Co. Lincoln, Distis AX I iJrV ' W J V10T0R l OIL I Bliaieaw-- iffiHOHiiisnisiffliiiiiri Tapping Wins Golf Tourney at Garden City Garden City, N. T, May JO. Henry -1 JT. Tapping, of the "Greenwich. Conn, .... .. - r -. : country club,. Saturday won the annual golf tournament f the Garden City club. ; defeating Gardener White, title holder, bv 4 to 3 in eighteen holes. Fred . Herreshoff; Garden City star, who qualified In thfe second division, barely von that set, defeating A. B Bourne, one up.

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