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The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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i. THE LINCOLN DAILY STAK FEIDAT, NOVEMBER 1, 1918. FIVE Advertising Drive for United War Fund is Planned Few Cases of "Flu" Reported at State Institutions Marshal Thanks American and British Armies for Fine Work. November Records Tbe'lnfluensa situation at Nebraska AND GENUINE Institutions baa Improved, aocordlng to reports reaching the board of con Si LETTER NO. 5 Dear Voter: I do not have one ef those many planked "wooden" platforms, so many of us statesmen (save the word) stand upon.

Mine Is a platform of three utterances enly. and aybe that's 1 too many. I. Efficiency and eoaemy la tate and County Administration. 1 8upport of our War Pron-rem nd president until tape la played orer the last Hohenaollern.

I An Industrious. Intelligent, eooa-omlo and moral reconstruction sifter the war. trol today. ,1 BAN WILL NOT BE LIFTED TI WEEK City Council Holds Quarantine Until "Flu" Outlook is Brighter, i 1,900 New Cases instate With 63 Deaths Total is Now 55,517. There are fewer cases at the peni tentiary than any time since tbe epi The advertising campaign preceding tbe united war work drive In Lancaster county, for the week beginning Nor.

11, will start next Monday, with boy scouts and Victory girls distributing posters and literature throughout the city. Although the quota for the county is $60,000, workers expect the community to go 0 Pr cent over, or The big day of the drive la Nov. IS. Croatians Proclaim Union With Italians demic started. Warden W.

Fenton reports. Dr. J. Case, of the Lincoln VICTOOLAS 25.00 up to 375.00 ON VEEY EASY TERMS. ROSS P.

CURTICE CO. 1240-42 Street. asylum, reports three deaths at the institution of which he is Nuff said. Tours for Victory. Supu Clark, of the Kearney Industrial school, has notified the board that the disease has reached th.ra.

There are seventeen oases In all, he CLARK 0BERL1TS State Senator, taneaster County, (He was square before.) Watch for Letter No. a. reports. He has quarantined the boys who are ill and doea not axruuf COPENHAGEN. Nov.

1. Crostfcns. who completely occupy the naval base i i I 1 i i further SDread of tha it I At Nor of Flume en the Adriatic, have proclaimed their union with Italy, aocordlng to a dls' from Berlin to folk, the superintendent reports four eases of Influenza and ten Inmates 111, with symptoms resembling influents. ih Berllngske Tldende, HOUSEWIVES secure all their domestic helpers throughthe WANT ACS. Be Patriotic Do Your Christmas Shopping Now! "laV Bit SBaaw 11 New Shipment of Hi a p0 Aiw(D)i I a IUmM(Dff-inms Field Marshal Halg, the British commander In chief, recently sent a communication to the commanders of the British and American armies which took part in recent operations.

Marshal Halg wrote that he desired to eonvey to the officers and men of the ranks his appreciation for their "magnificent qualities which enabled them, against powerful resistance, to advance more than ten miles and take more than (,000 prisoner since Sept. J7." i indications today did not, point to tarty lifting of the Influenza ban on schools, churches, theatres and publlo gatherings In Lincoln. In special session Thursday afternoon the city council refused to III any definite time for raising the baa and a policy of "watchful waiting" was adopted. Tbe commissioner voiced the opinion that It waa unwise to open these Institutions at thia time and It ta not likely that the Ud will be lifted be fore Monday and possibly another week. The commissioners are watching the situation from day to day and If the condition becomes favorable authority may be given any time for the the-atres and schools to open.

John Wright, commissioner of public safety, said Friday he believed the council did what was best In refusing to lis any definite date for lifting the ban. University to Start. University authorities will carry out their order Issued last Sunday and olasses will be resumed at the state Institution tomorrow. Frank D. Eager, speaking for the theatrical Interests, told the commissioners that the theatre owners were not urging opening of the shows until the authorities felt that there was no danger of spreading the disease.

He said tbe theatres were not asking tor the opening order until the conditions Justified It. Pointing out that the epidemic has affected adults more than persons of school age, W. N. Watson, vloe president of the Lincoln Business college, wss of tbe opinion that business colleges should be permitted to open. 66,517 Cases in State.

With MOO new Influenza oases reported the last twenty-four hours, the state board of health has recorded a total of since the Spanish Influents tpidemlo started, Reports from the state at large show an Increase of over too new cases over yesterday, when the total waa for the preceding day, A falling off In the number of fatalities Is Indicated by the announcement of slaty-three deaths today, com-sared with 111 the day before and lit od the previous day. City Health Superintendent b. Chapman bis issued the following report: "Tbe number of case reported yes-firday was the same as the day before, namelf. twenty-one, The death certificates filed numbered three, or eight less Inan the day before. The ages of thise dying shows that the present epnemlo Is practically confined to alulta, ranging between 10 and 40 yen.

Practically speaking, slx-seventls of the deaths resulting from Influinsa developed pneumonia. The great number of these cases comprised types of an atypical form of the dlwase. "TTkere east! te ae ta.atsfat. a( Ksr r. wmt lnm, tuia.

an iia.e inia.atSrom.Wa Ik area naa areas Ik Uom4 V'. tnm kir wan-tUriWn aad MMd. Jiactetij BraniH Uniforms Ii. I aiwiTi iasiM that mj patients tike organic iron for S. A.

T. C. Men and Soldiers 0TT Uniforms befitting the officer and gentleman are those made with the Society Brand Label in them your guarantee that they do more than live up to Government specifications. TT The exceptional style that distinguishes Society Brand civilian clothes is in themtailored into them by hand. Where other uniforms leave off, Society Brand style begins.

IT The officer knows that among qualifications for pre-j ferment right personal appearance counts for much. His soldierly bearing is best brought out by a Society Brand uniform. That is because it was designed and tailored always with the fact in mind that military carriage differs so from that of the civilian that uniforms must not be built on civilian requirements. TT Society Brand uniforms are designed especially to fit the war trained man. They are ready for officers in all branches of the service.

Suppose you call today to see them. We are sure to suit you. Military Gilt Headquarters for Regulation Apparel DuxilM iroe (not metallic boa which often corrodes the stomach end does more barm th.a sood). Nuxated Iron is easily asaiml lated, does not blackea nor injure the teeth nor a pact the stomach. It will increase the strength and endurance of weak, aerroas, irritable, careworn, haggard women in two weeks' time in aiany esses.

I have used it in my owa practice with most surprising Ferdinand Kini. M.P.. well known New York Physician and medical author. (Sticf.ctKo cuarantead or money refunded On sale St all goad The War Industries Board Washington, D. C.

Requests The Public to distribute Its Christmas Shopping over November and December, In order to relieve the transportation facilities of the country from a congestion In December, which would be so hurtful to the Interests of the Nation that it cannot be permitted. That customers make selections In tha store whenever possible. That children be brought to the store to be fitted. That shopping be done during tbe early hours of the day. That far as possible customers carry their own packages.

That merchandise to be returned for credit be In tbe purchaser's possession not longer than three days. That deliveries be reduced to one a day. That Special Deliveries be limited to very urgent cases. That shipments of Christmas Gifts out-of-town be made be illlilHIIilUiillUiil HL fore December i. Getting Value Purchase of inferior goods merely because their price Is low la false economy.

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