The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE 71TKLT1 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAT 18, IMt S 5our Cream Gravy' Adds Flavor to Liver Delicate Dessert Will Bring Dinner to Lighthearted Close By GAYNOR MAIMtOX NEA Food and Markets Kttflnr L'.ver bolojiRS frequently in ihe nutritionally balanced fnmJlv menu. When servrri this way, it acids prpai- ly to family rnjoymom loo. Liver With Sour Cream Gravy 14 servings! One pound b^pf HYPI", thinly Bliccd, 3 tablespoon* flntsi. 1 ten- spoon salt, T i nwpnon popper, '* teaspoon ninrp, 'i nip fat or baron drippinps, 3-ounce ran ,=]Jreii broiled tmiMirrviim, if desired, '2 cvijt thick sour rrram. Cover livor with toiling walrr. Lot stand 5 minutes. r»niin wl). Remove any skin nr liibinc. Pin re flour, salt, popper and imro in pnper bap. Place pieces of livn In the bnc, close end of bap and phako vigorously io cent pieces evenly Heal f;ii In frying pan Brown liver quickly on both sides Remove to hot serving platter. Kmpty any flour rnixiiire leinain- ine in bag mlo fat in fmnsr pan and Mir into fat. Add contents of can of mushrooms ami the sour cream Brlnr; to boil, stirrine constantly. Pour over the liver, fitir- nish platter with sprigs nf parsley and serve immediately. Atrompany with buttered noodles, rice nr mush- ed potatoes and a fresh v PRO table. Broccoli is one of our best preen vegetables. Combined with cheej-e. mushrooms and bread rnirnb*. U ; makfs a perfect one-dish luucherm or a meatless dinner main rii^h. Hrorcnll An <7r;itin U servlnRst One bunch broccoli, 3 lable- s POOH,* butter. 3 tablespoons (lour, j 1'i cups milk. 3-ounci' can Mired ! broiled mushrooms, '-v t rasp nun ; sn J t, ' <, to asp< yr> n p P \i\ v r, v i I P;I ; .spoon puprika, 1 ,t r.up mayonnaise, I '•.' cup Killed ehrese, '•. rup but! tried crumbs. Cut brnirnli iiHo stales of eqiiiit diamotor nnd length, Cook until Just tender in boiling salted water,. about 10 minutes. Drain well, Meanwhile melt bntier in sauce- j pan. Stir In Hour. A.M milk anrt iconionls of can of mushrooms, Cook, - siirrins roust an My. unnl stnice I thickens and com PS to boil- Add 153h, pe]i]ier and pa)>vJka. Mix in j well. | *S1fr .small aimnint nf >,«ui'e ini«' the mayonnaise, then conibin^ i with the rrs( of the s.iurr. Add Crated ehense and siir until rhepM* j is alxiut meJieri. Remove from heaf. I Arrange the drained, cooked bropeoli I in n shnllow heatpj-nnT pervhiK tii c b. ! Pour paiKT over broccoli. Sprinkle [wilh buttered rrumb«. Place In pre- i hen tod broilinc compartment, 4 I inrtics from moderate heat, and let brown Hfjhdy. nlxjut fl minutes. Serve Immediately. Now Is thp M»JP tnr ripJIcatp des- j=ertA. Either nf those rerlpeie will brine your Sunday dinner to n lighlhparted rlosp. FrrsJi HlriiwlH'rry I*IP CriiM: 20 crrtham rrackerp, finely rnllcd <l 23 cup erumbst. H nip softened butler or niflrcarlnp, Vi nip su^ar. ThoroiiRhly blend (oceihcr graham cracker crumbs, NOfienert b'H- tpj 1 or mart'.irjjiP ;uifi .su^ar. Pour mixture inio H-incb pie plate; (irm- ly piT's into an even Inver acalnst bViUom and >ides of plfif.e. R.ikR in hiodr-ratelv hot oven "375 decrees F.) 8 minutes. Coo'. Fillinu: 1 quart fie-h str;tv:hec- rres. 3 lahirsfooMR rornstarcti. 1 nip sucar, jnirn 1 lemon, heavy cream, whipjjpd. Wash and hull brrries, Mvtn? three for priimfsh, Pu) half of the berries info a saurppan and crush wilh a fork or pastry blpndrr. Add rorjiKinrch, snc'ar and lemon Juice. Conk and stir over moderate heat until mixture tblckt-ns and brroines clear; cool. Cm rematnlnG berries iu lifih'ps atirl .stir perilJv into cwik- cd rnixtlie. Pour inin prsihajn cracker crumb crust; garnish uli}) whipped cu'inn and 'Al\o!c berries. Chill. <fi servings) 'J'wr? p^'g j'fjJks, 1 {nbJosnofjns AII-! car, 1 -, teaspoon salt, l i cup ground j rnffer, 1 "i, nips milk, 1 envelope unMavoreri gelatin, '1 cup rold wa- t^r. 2 CKX whiles. I cup heavy cream, 3 table.spoonfi snpar, 1 tea. -spoon vanila, lady firisers, mara- RChino cherries Rent o^g yofks. Add 2 tablespoons MJKar Rradurilly, bea'inp eonstant- Jy; add salt. Add roffee to milk, bring slowly to scalding point and strain through cheesecloth. Add to e»K yolk mixture and cook over boiling water, stirring ronstflntly, until mixture cents .spoon. Sprinkle eelatin on cold wafer and dissolve w hot cnsfard. Cool slightly, neat cev, whites sliff and fold In, Cnnl. Whip cream, add remaining stJ^ar ami vanilla and fold in, Line sherbel, v,-ith lady fingers. Fill with t-uslard mixture. Chill until firm. Garnr-h wirh additional 'A-hipnen 1 cr*am and maraschino cherries. GET SPECIAL PACKAGE HERE SAVE Use coupon on back and save 10* on next purchase of Tide OFFER LIMITED -BUY NOW Sausage Is Solution Sausacp Is a sr>od solution to a lunrheon prrblom. Heaf, plump servinps of eonntry-M.yle sau^anc in 2 nr 3 taMe?iwnnx nt wafer, covered, for about 20 minutes. Then remove cover ami pi nee canned peach halves in ihr pan tn lightly br'VA-n- Cook sansage and peach halvo.s In center or a chop platter and arrange, hot .sa>.i*>age arcund them. rtpad Couripr N«ws Clnssiftrrl Ads 'Western's Spring Favorites Whet) fhp family appetn e seem-'; to have n Utnth of spring fever, try a fe\r rooked wj^-rei'Ji sandwiches. Served with a Inr^e pitcher of feed tea, the sand- \vichP5 are certnin to wake up the lagplnc appetite.s. M'eslorn Sandwich, (Timkrtl Tnke H ixmnd raw ground «!Vuick steak, round or sh'loin. Add n little olive oU. a few drops of vineear, a pinch of English mustard, salt and pepper to tnste. 1 tablespoon grated onion Rnd yolk of an egp. Mix nil togelher lightly and shape into two thick patties. Cook lightly in butter. Place between slices of buttered roll or whole wheat bread. Instead nf the grat- «d onion, slices of raw.' sweet onion can be placed on the cooked patties. Quite different, bul al^o likely to wake »p the lazy appetite arc these little numbers: Sausage Pineapple SUck-nps Two pounds bulk pork snnsnge, 8 slices canned pineapple, prepared mustard, pineapple .syrup. Family Needs One Egg Each Day Per Person Every homemnker knows thnt Jn her meal planning she should include almost an cpg a day for onch member of the family. Finding ways to vary egtr duties is not hard for the menu plnnner, because epqs lend themselves to n wide ration of tempting foods. Here's a IIQW cce. recipe you're certain to like. 1 e?E per person 1 tablcFpoon mmf-d baked ham per es? 1 slice toast per PC? Mornay or cheese wiuce x margarine salt and pepper Prepare Ihp tnasl. Spread with margarine. While the bread is toast- Ing. separate the encs, Leave the yoik Jn onp-hnlf of (hr ecc shrti fnr ease In handlinc. It can be Kiippori- eri by plnclnp a2nin.=t n pan or dt?h. Beat- the whites tn a stiff frnth. but not until dry. Fold in the mine- ed ham ano* season with salt and pepper Pile the mixture on hot marcarined toast and make a hole or depression in the center. Drop the rc£ yolk into the hole. Bake in a moderate oven (35ft drerees F.I until nicely browned and set. This ftill take 10-15 minutes Serve, hot with cheese nr Mornay satire. So Potatoes ARI scarce -You can substitute any one of the RED CROSS MACARONI PRODUCTS and have even tastier, better meals! Form fnusaae into eight, pridies, a little Inraor than tlin pineapple Mire?. PartiiiUv rook pa Mies in a skillet, brov/ninR lightly on both sides. Spread -pineapple slices lightly with prepared mustard and oj) ihe»j [ny Oin sau.^acp rakes. Bnke in moderate nvrn i^f>n deRre-e,s F.I (nr half an hour. Bn.ite durinc cooking with a lit- lle pineapple syrup. ,.,_, ^ it rains Plain or iodized VICTOR — GUARANTEED NONE BETTER FLOUR RADAR BRAND Pork & Beans 3 H23 C SLAVE OVER A HOT STOVE! JUST SERVE CRISCO 3^75 Home Grown TOMATOES pound 18< No. 1 New POTATOES 10 Ibs. 89* Sliced BACON pound 39< Froth SHRIMP 5 Ib. box 2.39 BACON Swift's Sliced LB. 39 HENS 44 Duncan GRAPEFRUIT 6 for 25< U.S. Good Chuck BEEF ROAST pound 650 Home Grown RADISHES bunch 50 Pascal Tender, dressed LB. CELERY 2 for 25< L.4ON Tender CUBE STEAKS pound 89< Streak «' Lean SALT MEAT pound 250 I'.S. (loot! ROUND STEAK u, 890 r.S. (ioiKl.liccf Hih or Brisket STEW MEAT ,,,.350 U.S. (;»(ifl Chuck BEEF ROAST lh 650 Snowdrift. Swiricning or CRISCO 31790 H & M Kincsl While MEAL 25i1.42 I'alm Fioach whole hoan COFFEE «;;;"';;' ,,,690 Toilet Tissue Special FRf-'K when ynu hny raml Snftex Tollrl ii« 2Rolls21c \ mil FRFK wbrn ynu buy i ro iu nf Io« price - . . 1 Lb. 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