The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, October 21, 1932
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by the United-Press .YTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER 'of vanHu fff^au^-^S^t^mmm ' *•*-* T " W VOL. x— NO. Blytheville Dally News. Blvtheville Herjld. JglMjsslpfri_Valley Leader. Blytheville Courier. ^/••- : ^!Wmim '"'••'.'- '"•''• .'', 'f''»'$•*)! :•••••':-- -^-g-& w-.--;-^ • J • . >•'. .**' ARKANSAS FI11DAY, SINGLE COPES' FIVE CEJJTS. FARM PRICES SPIED 01 | Dudley To Name Deputy Within Few Days Koosw'lt Opposes ttonus; Visits Minors Oil Tankers Have Frequently Appeared AI Scene of Fleet Exurcises SAN PEDRO, Cjl., Oct. 21. tUl'l — S.iipx hav? b?:n Iraliju Uie Uniteti Siai^s ba'.tl; iii-o; t? *:•?. curing th3 past f?w, \a~- sibly with the intent o! spying upon maneuver.^, it was learned here today. Naval oiliC'3r<; who reiosd to cj quoted have b:cn franklj' angered bv th: pii'SK'.ence cf a number of oil tankers f!vin\: a forei'jn me which have "blunderod" upaji . c ccne' of ]naneuvei'.s. Unable to escape the prying eyes naval headquarters have announced maneuvers for a certain -iats and then have gone ilirough their ox- erdse; a flay in advance. Only Caen. it was learned, lias the nf.vy b2»n unmolested. One "myjtery ship" in particular has followed the fl??t to tall!? grounds ctf San Clemenle island. State Audition Contest Win Be Held Sunday Miss Carolyn Haley, who will represent northeast Arkansas in the state Atwatcr-Kent contest in Hot Springs Sunday night, went there today. She was accomnahbd fcv tier fwcher. Mr?, (ieor^e M. LM. The program", of nine young' ladies and nine young men from'all r^-ts r.* thr> stat^ who will sing, will be broadcast over Station KTH3 at 0:45 p.m. -iMIss Haley won the right to rep- r<sent this district in a contest al Parai?ould ,T5=e'rttK-. in this contest WUllam -Trotter won secon'd -honors in lh« youns men's groim after he. and ike winner had to sing three times. Mrs. Lee and Miss Halev will vMt Mrs. Lee's uarents . at Benlonville and a relative in Arkadelphfo. before returning home. /.linomsc-.Hicm of the seledi'.., '••' " dryiity i.icseoiitor lor Uiej Jiinuary wt.en beiuer Dull::.: of \ lioro Kcuonu.'-; dislrlu prone; iillcjrney is iiiuk-ipatoil iiOOtl. Mr. Dudley was elected r.s the Demuiratlc ncminc-c for pi-iwc,!- < ; t' In i hi judicial district, '10111- l'i-ieii ci ievciT.1 counties:, :,l ilv? Auviist ;:r!niai-y. Ufa nomini'.tion i i. c i unt amount lo election, j 'Ihf Jcm-shm-o aiUTiicy, who will ibf r.!H' i.! (he youn it-si mtn over ] to li.-.til tin.- oiiici:. was here vi:s; leroi; and loitny. white here lie i c&nln-icd with a number (f local ationuys. lie Icld the Courier Ktvs that amraiiici'ini.-nt of h.'s i!c])iuy in lilytlitvilH- would be; in the next few day:.. Mr. Dudley wns to leave this altrr. con lor Osic'.la. i - Barton. TVlk Story cJ T. W.Jfoung's Death OSCEOLA. Oct. 21 (UP)_P M Barton, planter who narrowly' escaped death in lh° shooting which cast tl\> life of T. W. Young last May 18. gave from the witness stand in circuit court here today the testimony on which the state chiefly relies in its effort to send Arthur Brown. Little Elver farmer, to thp electric chair for the ki'iins of Youns. Youns was killed when he stepped between Barton and Brown during- an altercation over a hay baler between the latter two. Af- Ipr killing Youn? owned fire on Barton and inflicted Injuries whicti kent tlv. planter in a hcspilal for months. With a number of witnesses remaining to be heard it arracared doubtful this afternoon whether tl'^h case would reach the jury by night. . i ': Arknasas Will Lose Federal Aid If Commissioners Fail to Agree. LITTLE ROOK, Oct. 21. (UP)— A meeting of the state highway commisrion Tuesday probably will determine whether the emergency road construction program will be started immediately or delayed indefinitely, it ivas learned today. Tfcls will Include all projects with the exception of several under contract on Highways fi7 and 70. A letter from C. E. Swain, district engineer at Fort Worth cf th" United States bureau of public roads, which contained a IH of projects that the federal bureau is willing to approve, was received by the •commission. Eailjire- O f the commissioners .to 'ap¥S "on a "pro'gra'm acceptable to I e federal bureau probably will result in tielng up the * program until the new administration talro charge in January and that would probably be too late, as the projects could not be complete-" by June 30 at, which time unexpended funds will revert to the ' 0»rl of 19 Among Those Arrested Following Tex- urkaim Shooting. TEXAKKANA, Ark.. Ocl. ai itJI't —A 10-year-old Klrl, Pauline N.n- mull, and .icr brother, Ujriiiiin. M were umoiiK seven IH.TSJIIS miili-r nvivsi tixluy in coniH-clloi] with HP sluylnx "f two deputy .shcrllls nrar Siind Hill, -a miles suntli of Tex- nrJtnnn, .1. 0. Cmln, dcpuly, died In ii I'.osnllul hero Into lasi night from KUII wounds suffered In n gim b:it- , He wltli alleged liquor runners. ID:; i purlncr, Deputy slierlir Mi-lvln llraekman. dle<i Instantly Wcclnn- Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, en route to PlUsburyh. where he' anncmu-ed |,ls opjjoslilo,, in |, M mediate cash payment of a soldiers' bonus, v.sited in the mining dWiiel.s o wTvir ,." "e is shown hews conversing with a miner nt El,,, Grove, w. Va. The miner nrlvisc.l the Dmo™ ll prcsidcntm candidate that he worked six .lays „ *ert ' nnd w™ ' paid «o „ m *lt The n t'er'^ is sunns on RocmeU'i laji. Gronj, s n r mmcis gathered along the route to' fired noos'-vcli. Education Association Discusses Amendments HOT SPRINGS. Oct. 21. (UP)— The Arkansas Education Association at Its 64th annunl convention r.erj last night switched from it? announced objective, a stiidy of an Weal curriculum, ani attacked several proposed constitutional amendments. The council of education through its wavs and means committee de- niert that th; association was supporting amendments No. 15. th? file; tax amendment, and No. 22 the homestead tax exemoUon amendment. They also feclarar" that the amendments, if passed, "would in no way benefit [h? public schools." However they voiced approval of Amendment No. 21 which provide? fnr the si'opnrt of the common schools and prohibits the diversion of school funds to other purposes. Earthquake Shock Mi in ios Angeles Today LOS ANGELES, Oct. 21. (UP) — An earthquake ,5hock sufficiently strong to shake building was felf 'n the metropolitan district at 9-30 a.m. today. The qunke apparently centered between 15 and 20 miles distant fvcm th' Carn:eie Instlule selsmo- loelcnl station at Pasadena. San Pedro reported Ire shake as revere but no damage resultej Few persons felt it in Los,Angeles Policy for Future Remains Unsettled, Howev e r, Herriot Says. «---™ n « Th ? ry , tho debt Bailments due he United States on December 15 "i full, Premier Edouard Herriot assured Theodore Marriner. American charge d'affaires, today Marriner visited the premier after statements had been made in French papers intimating the payments might be evaded. Heniot told him. however, the govcrnm-nt had made no decision about future debt payments. As Ford Spoke for Hoover when the s h«m,, i; ac- 1 busing „," CruifM As KC\V;II-(| For |Roll Call Work A dim 1 »f the Oiivlbbcan tea nnd cvnlnil America will rcn-in-cl tin- )oiin.i uonmn of IVw Clilcku- Mittbii illslrlci who obtains lhi> most uscinl:i!i-i for (he Ohlckn- j:.ii«ta IM»trli:t chillier ul llu- Ani- u-lrun l(i:tl Crow In (hi .1111111:1! nil call. |o l>i> opened Kliordy, It WIIK uiiiuiiiuccd Uiiltiy by ,lohn A. WiiU'rmnn, mil cull rlinlriimu. 'I'lic lour, v hlch will take \a Jays, will In; aboard one. of the spii'loil. 1 . nnd comiurtablo liners of Hie Unllfil I'mii company'* "ureiit whllu llvl" which ply litlween New Orleans ;uul G'enlial Ami-rl- cuii (joiUs in thu fruit (rude, Co.sL of the tri]> will be du- fmycd by ;. (! rou|i of Blytheville m mis „ us Officers claimed the girl confessed driving the car from, which shots- were flrcd. Her father, JCM Norman, niul brother, Herman. 14. were wild to linve been occupants of the air. A search Is being made for Jnmc* Ci-Hblrec, alleged moonshiner who was rtamctl by Crain before L-.c dlwl as hnvlng been In the en „ ccnlillmtlm, '"" "'" C '" W stood In Ihc ,-oiMl and ordered tr.c car to hall. Others arrciied me Percy iloo- per. John Walker, Lester Qlvons and Jell Westmoreland. Should Not Cost Over 50 Cents Per Day Says Osceola Grand Jury. OSCEOLA, Ark, Oct. 21-Circuit Judge Nell Killough commended the grand jury,, which made its final report yesterday, for their painstaking' inspection of tlic four county Institutions in south Mississippi county. Too often, he said, this inspection is a matter of routine nnd the report follows a sterotyped form. Separate reports were submitted bv the jury, of .which Major .T. P. Jacobs was foreman, detailing conditions and' making recommendation? regarding the administration of the county home for tte poor in Osceola, the county jail and court house here, and the county farm near Luxorn. The jury inspected the jail at dinner tin--, took note of the foort served and estimated that feed- •• ,, _ -, in- the prisoners and paying the : Henry - F °«l.'Mrs. Ford and his son, Edsol, are shown here In iailer should not amount to more: of th « few pictures ever taken of them -together The nvent ^ n :™ . c ™ te . R" da 7 Per.prlson- .Ford's address -in which the motor 'magnate declared -tha dent Hoover should be rc-clcctcd on hid rccoril- ot ommcndcd that th» allowance of of 2 ° addlttoal Will Revive Payment Bill Phoenix Gin Fire Causes Damage to S^CottonBales Atout 32 bales of cotton, valued at between $900 and $1,000. were da'inoged by fire at the Phoenix Gin en South Broadway last night about 11 o'clock. Firomen succeeded in confining the blaze to the cotton hou'c vhcre it originated. They poured water into the cotton house and kept watch at the ein for about nn hour after the blaze started According to reports the blaze started when a gin employe brok" an electric listht globe, the drop cord falling in the C oUon aiid e hot wires igniting the cotton. There was some danger at first that the blaze might pass through pipes lo the first gin stand but 'ho bale unJerway was promptly Sinned out and the spread O f flames averted premises, but the growing "crops at the county farm and expressed, approval of the operation of the farm and belief that it would materially reduce the county's expenses. They recommended improvement of sanitary conditions of I tho ncjrro rju.irters. Mrs. Webb was commended for her management of the home for the poor and particular mention was made of tte orphans' quarters on the first floor of the build- Ing. The jury approved suggested ilnni to make the home and Hie county farm a single unit, but recommended that this not be done until lights and water were ivnilable at the farm. They found vine court house in ".naA condition with the exception or mi™- repairs, which w.:rc recommended. . ilss., Oct. 21. (UP) Representative John E. Rankin ot i * r """'-5. chairman of t'.:c veterans : committee of the national of representatives, announced he would be a candidate for speaker of the next house anil lint he would reintroiiicc the S2.300.03S veterans bonus bill as soon as congress convenes. Mississippi Sales Tax Receipts Take Jump •'ACKSON. MUsToct. -21 (rjT) -Returns from Mississippi's two flVSf-"** 0 Salcs Ux »w toe fl'st 21 days of October ha\> ex «eded $200,000, breaking a *l records to date, It u-as announwdby the state tax commission today The largest bronze statue in (he world is said to be that o? ,,' statue cf Victory. nc "p England, 60 feel in heigrtt Oldpst Evangelist To Preach At Courthouse Heat and Moisture Popped Ear of Com WABASK. fnd., (UP) — While 'vorkinR in hi< garden here. C. 6. Lehman found a partly-popped car of pop-corn. Except for the salt and butter, the grains wer? T«aciv to pick oft and eat, he said. The natural phenomenon wns "volaincd by County Agent W. K. Delarlanc who staled that the combined heat and moisture in the eroms probably caused them to burst. lo be the oldest traveling evangelist i fn the United States, will preach' Sunday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, on the lawn of the court house. His subject will be: "Christ, the Wonderful Healer." A special Invitation Is extended to the sick and af- I meted. The Rev. M. Munger Is conducting .in evangelistic meeting at tlu , Church of God. Short Uft for Vegetable Thieves New York Cotton NEW YORK. Oct. 21 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close 620 620 Oct Dec Jan March May July 627 033 640 647 651 632 035 C47 656 C64 616 619 624 633 643 652 612n 610 C24 634 643 652 Spots closed at 030. cfT 5, qnkt SAVANNAH. Ga, (UP)— Thieves ire now rioublv convinced that they should not Invade tha garden of Tom Vernal. Henry Oalnes. 54, was shot ,to death by Vernal, who charged that Oaines was stealing oitra from his garden at 2 a. m. Two years ago, Vernal was exonerated in the fatal shooting of a .man stealing .vegetables. NEW ORI.FANS, Oct. 21 lUP)- Cotlon clofed barely steady. Oct Dec Jan March May July open G15 630 637 646 656 high 017 032 637 645 G53 C64 Inw 615 619 023 G32 643 652 close flllb 620 625 633 343 652t Spots closed at 625, off 5, steady. Mutinous;0utario Convicts Isolated From Food Supplies. KINGSTON. Ont., Orl. 21. ttJP) —Guards tlffhlcnerl their line' around the Kingston penitentlar to^.i;' to enforce a stnrvatian sicg is I "210 mutinous convicts stil' holding out afte-r a series of riot, within the gray walls of the prison .Ignoring shouts of ihc convicl 'hat they would xct fire to the prls On unless ground favorable term of surrender. Brig Gen. D. M. Or mond directed his men in cuttin- off tho convicts from all fcod sup- piles cxceiit a few loaves of bread Trc convicts have had no IDCC! s.nce yesterday nt neon and authorities b.'liev2d they would surrender soon as there are OS6 convicts including th mutineers 'n- volved. Closing Stock Price? A. T. and T 101 1-8 Anaconda Copper 83-4 Auburn 401-4 caterolllar Tractor 8 Chrysler 13 1-2 Cities Service 31-4 Ccca Cola Continental Bating .... 5 General Electric 15 1-8 General Motors 125-8 Mlddlewest Utilities .... 7-16 \fontromeryWard 113-8 New York Central 22 Packard 3 Radio Corp 7 Simmons Beds 85-8 Standard of N. J 29 Texas Corp 12 3-4 U. S. Steel 35 WilUPostponp Naval.Build- : " mg m Hope of G«$epl Agreement. •!"••-*; . (l ; ' WASHINGTON, Oct. 11. (W)— The state department formally announced today that It had decided to accept the ulsarmfunejit' conference's projiosal to extend the' International naval holiday four months beyond Nov'einbjr 1, (g March 1, 1B33. - ' A note .signifying acceptance 13 being sent to Geneva. Extension of the holiday Is no{ expected to curtail the navy's destroyer building program. It will, however, prevent laying the keel of a 100,000-lon cruiser niitliorl/.od by congress until alter March 1. Twenty-five other po-scrs liavr ir-ceptcd the proposal. They Include GrcH Britain nnd France. Official here do not know whetier Japan has accepted. The holiday Is bcln prolonged in the hope (hot by n;y March 1 progress' will hiivc bsei made toivard a genernl dlsarmn menl agreement. P«(s Out Fire With Watermelons HELENA, Mont. (UP)-lf a fire starts, and nclllicr nromen nor an extinguisher are handy _. try a vnlermclon! n. J. Qiiigley, Helena, drove hlg auto over a bnnk while nltr'mpU Ing to avoid a collision with a ™w. Tho car caught fire. Qulgley remembered some watermelons In the back seat. He hurled tlicm at the fire, thus extinguishing it. Bulldln t Bought for a Dollar MANISTEE, Mich. (UPJ— At 8 public auction here, George O. Nye secretary of the Board of Commerce, purchased a three-story factory building for Hi* city tor $1 He wns the only bidder. SOLD FOR CASH This monthlv ad Is wonderful results at a small cost to tlic owner. This Is doing the work— FOR SALE—Good dry wood. A fesv words will bring you many dollars. Advertise what you have to sell in the Classified M Department of the COURIER NEWS Fhonc 306 WUIIHMI In all part:; of tin; Clllck- iiERWua district, arc eligible to participate in tha; campaign. Those •us invited to ,ii!l In tWii with Mr. Wiitcnmin at once, as the roll — _., The award will be based solely on •h'< number c r Hcit Cross memberships obtained. The vesccl on which the trip will lie made will leave New Orleans January 14 and will return I" thnt port 12 (lays'later. There will be stop-overs at - Cristobal, In tlie Panama Cuiml Zone, at i'ucrto Union, (J.ista Fiica at Puerto Ccrtez. Honduras. »••'• M Havana. Cuba, with op., far slghl sceln^-nncl Jor~ihori'1ir- laud [rips. - V, : Tho winner of tho trip win be accompanied by M?. 1 .. »nd Mrs. •Tolut A. Waterman ihfljMr. and Mrs. D. A. Lynch. whd^h»ve already made reservations for the cruise. SPRINGFIELD, ill.,' Oct. 21" <U!')— Fundamental cures which ic iiioiwics fi.r the relief of th« minor vere r. illlned In n speech by Gov. FrunkJiii Roosevelt. Dcma- T.iclc ciindldnd! 'for prcaldenl before mi audlehrs iicre today of more than 0,000 Dcmncrjls. Roosevelt, arrived at the armory wlirrc ho 'spo>e Just Ijcforu noon "f"~ his -, ill to (he Lincoln tomb. Al his rbquest the visit to the tomb was made, us Inconspicuous us possible. He declined to Imve photographs tftken Inslilc the tomb. Hi-rnif> cnlerliiK, however, he was wckoincd by Oov. Enimerson to Rfiowveli dc-tercd hc had always' drawn Inspiration from ihc "Immorlnl Lincoln." Must Injure Fair Price Roosevelt said 'in his nddnrwthat the three great steps which \vc must takti are: 1. 'The 'federal povcmmint owes It to n»rlcullure to sec that It Kels ii fair price for 1U products. Thnt means that the price of farm' mocliKte must be raised nbov.5 the present ruinously low levels to which they have inllcii. A proncrly sdlusted tariff can do ninth In this direction but the present UHlf policies of the Rc- i,_...,i.. : ...^__. /iintlon' have done prcclstlv the oipposlte." •••'.-• 2. "There _miut 'be . Ill led ' : from the b*ck of every farmer tho heavy .k»d of. Uxitioh whleh tb- " rhide un of <hr« p»r£s. the'locsl,' > : ' Osceola Physician Elected President -at Meeting Here Yesterday. -:• ' Dr C. M. Ifsrwcll, of Osceoln. was elected 'president of tlic Fhsi Councillor District and Northen^i Medical society In thc'semi-annunl "cctln? here yesterday. Dr. J. E. Mcaulre, of Plggott, . was. nam^d vice president Dr P. D. Smith, of Filythevllle, secretary, and Dr. W. M. Majors, Paragould. councilor, remain In office until the spring meet- Ing. This will be hclj al PlgsoU, There were 85 physicians present from clay, Crlttendcn, Cralghead, Greene, Lawrence, .Mississippi, Potn- selt and Randolph counties in Arkansas, which comprises the association, nnd visitors from several southeast Missouri lo-.vns, F.vrest y, Little Rock nnd Memphis. '•ays Al Smith Campaign to Republican Committee NEW YORK, Oct. 21. (UP)—The tlon lemocratlc national committee today made public a letter from Jas. Decry, city attorney for Indian- ipolis, holding the Republican na- |lonal committee "no doubt" sanc- 'ioned a plan In Indiana to have voters write in the namo of Alfred E, Smith, Democratic nominee • in 'VS. on their ballots. Postcards urging this have been circulated In the state. Ocery charged. The cards were mailed from Chicago and "no doubt" were Candidate . Also Pledges Tax and Mortgage Relief I to Farmer's. . . rfay weHhs tinon Him: Thf< \<n<i ii" '' »t»tc. . , nd n«H(m'il.»nl|8 > . A*. : Pitts-' I biriUhf(l" : >the -posi/lori of '' wlllfin *i ^h« -micstRh- . nf • lhft honest talsriclni! of.tlio federal liudtr^* (tnd.-'tho Imiv!raflve'ri.t1'{l-of ''' " ' . .- . .e?«»mv'lfi'-n'RtIOrial "ex- '-- n"iwllfi'rra. -I'nVo rNlcrnV now mv iriiini.w to .I'verl all' "ynllnbln In-' fl'iiencp In tbi po«lMon as Dfesi- dcnt tovat-d th« rirt'ictlbn of air state sin'd : lb<;ii! taxes." 3. "We come to -tjie vastly 1m- norlant principle concemlm; . Ihc burden which farm mortsa"es noy tsar ; on every- anrloultural . crmi- munltv. It la my mirnose when flcct^rt to direct nil th" of which I ,nm rnnable lo nrolects to relieve that n m riistrrss to ' .. !t"=l«t. fiiat fpdnta' crrdlt. bj- '-.ex.-' tnnrt"d to banks. Insurance . nr^nros lo^n comi^n'p'; ^nrl romnnnle.-! or cnmornUon'; trlat hnhl (nrm mort°nt»es atiion'<t their n<set»i. hut Hint '(HOT c'-'-rtlt'; mipt be made on the m't^ltlon that evorv lynsonnb'n a'slstanro bn p<v- pn to (the n»o«-l. n nror.s. wb^r<> the 'nani arc wiund. fnr the purpose of preventing foreclosure. NCWH for Rnpsivel*. vriRK. <Vt.:?1 (UP)— Tlie v«w York fViHv N?ws favors T'rnnwin D. Roosr-vslt for ' 'thj "i-estHoncv. it flnn'nnnivrt todsv, rtfclnrlnK thnt the New YorX "ov- "rno»'s bonus statement nt Pltt-i;- *wri!h "cuts awnv the l9<;t. valid argument" against his elec- Dallv News already^ 1 had nnrnimced Its simcort of the Rc- n"bllran candldotr: fw governor n! New York, Col. William J. Donovan. Wins Prai« of W. C, T. U. PINE BLUFF, Ark.. Oct. 21 (UP)— United States Senator Hattie CarWav of Arknn?a s with the sanction of the Republi- orilisKi by t*ie W. C. T. rj. as it "-• ' ,. I clrsed its 44th annunl state convention here yesterday, . . The voman r.enator was lauded for hnvln? wild "the platforms of.- the mator political parties 'ure not binding upon anyone except the president^! and vice presidential candidates," and that the 18th amendment would nover be repealed bv her vote. Only candidates «hn declare for rrtnntlrm ot nrohlbitlon will bc. supported by the organization. can national committee," bejry to Democratic national headquarters. He pointed out that writing on ballots in Indiana constitutes mu- lilatlon and voids the ballot. Students Will Inspect Flues for Fire Danger High school agriculture students Here have been given permission by Mayor Nelll Resd to conduct a personal investigation for faulty flu-s In the Blytheville area as on alt! In better observance of Fir^ Prevention Week. From time to time the school his endeavored to promote partlclp»- t'On of the students in this pro- Bram. This is the first time, however, that a p«rson«i interest been taken. ARKANSAS— Pair, warm;r In northwest portion tonight. Saturday pirtly cloudy, warmer. According to the'official weath- • observer, Charles Phillips pr., -v minimum (fmocrsture here yesterday was 40 degrees ami the a-nrir ... ,maximum. 77 degrees, clear. Todny rortlnr, „? A i J* Un l e di '' ft « ar a 8° the minimum ' i nt .hi 2f. ' Krtm * r ' 'o 0 * 1 ^ad | lure was « denrees and | o! me Future Rarmcrs of America. Irnum, S2 degrees, clear. WEATHER

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