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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 12

The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 12

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 24, 1012. 1 12 THE LINCOLN DAILY STAR. down, and once he liammered through the Oklahoma forward until Oiey seemed to crumble under hi tekwerful murk, and not until 1. had lor hi-1 their lust gurne as representatives of tli and Cream concluding their In Neb.aska foot- IOWA BOWS TO THE WISCONSIN ATTACK Knp thrmieh fori unTsi wan he0u 22-yard line, who returned 2 yards. Halllgan made 2 jards Howards 4, and Purdy 3. all the plays going around the ends. The quarter with the liall In Nebraska's possession on Oklahoma's 43-yaid line. Score Nebraska 13; Oklahoma 9." Fourth Quarter. Halllgan orashetl through to Oklahoma's 40-yard line. Frank on a split buck netted 4 yards, and a delayed NEBRASKA TRIUMPHS OVER SOONER TEAM Cornhuskers Present Beauti-' ful Array of Attack and Defense FOOTBALL IS NOW A GAffOf GAMES Changes in Rules Have De- veloped Efficiency of the Sport Nebraska's 49-yard line. Swanson added 4 nnd Halllgan 8. Harmon went around risht end for 3, but Nebraska was pen-allied i yards for offside. Frank hreke through left tackle, for 2i yards, being downed on Oklahoma's 5-yard line. Halligun made J. firrdy two and FtanK lost one. On the fourth, down. Halligail craahed around right end and over the goal. Purdy out but the wind carried the bull over the goal line. Score Nebraska Oklahoma 4. Reeds kicked off to Halllgan on Nebraska's 20-yard line, who returned the ball 13 yards. Harmon on' a tackle back- play made and on a fake punt Frank skirted Ihe right end for 8 yn-ds. Purdy. went through for 5 yards, but the Cornhuskers were offside and were -penalized 5 yards. Towle skirted left end on a delayed pass for 3 yards, and Purdy tidde two through the line On a forward pass, Towle to Frank, Nebraska made 5 yards. Burton was hurt, and llott went In at left guard. Purdy punted to Ambrlster on Oklahoma's 5-yard line the Sooner quarter returning tba bail seventeen yards, Lowry lost 4 yards, but Reeds made and Courtrlght added 3. Reeds punted to Towle on Nebraska's 38-yard line who ran the ball back to Nebraska's 45-yard line. Frank broke through tackle for 15 yarda, Halllgan r.etteil 7. Purdy 2 and Towle bucked center for distance. Frank aklrted the left end for 5 yards. Purdy made 5 In two diwns, carrying the ball to Oklahoma's 20-yard line. Frank fumbled and Courtright recovered the bull on his own 5-yard line, and around left end to his 30-yard lines. Reeds made 2, but I-owry failed to gain, Oklahoma was penalized 5 yards for offside. On a fnke punt Reeds tossed the hall to Ambrlster who In trying to skirt the ends lost 6 yards. Reeds punted out of hounds 16 yards to Oklahoma's 45-yard line, the wind carrying the ball over. Purdy fell, In running the right end and lost a yard. Towle alternated a forward pass but was nailed before he could fllu the pigskin and lost 15 yards. Purdy punted from Nebraska's 35-yard line to Ambrlster on his own 15-yard line, who returned the ball 10 yards. In three downs Reeds netted 5 yards, and then Reeds punted to Frank on Nebraska's 37-yard line. Halllgan failed to gain, and Frank was run out of bounds after gaining 3 yards. Oklahoma penalized 6 yards Frank added 2 yards, and the half ended with the ball in Ne- pass, Towle raced around left end for 36 yards, being- nailed on Oklahoma's 10-yard I'ne i JL. Si i FVinik fumbled but recovered. Purdy, failed to gain and Frank carried tho ball to the D-yurd line. Towle who had i replaced Potter, send a forward pass to ICrnnlr rtVee- Ihja criul Una tha hu iitiercejjiea ny tteeas, wno hioou still and a touchback was declared. Okla--homa putting the ball In play on her own 20-yard line. Heeds fulled to gain on a line buck, and then punted to Towle on Nebraska's 18-yard line who returned the ball 10-yards. Frank and llalligan maiV' Bix yards, but Howard on a inn around right end fumbled the ball and Capshaw recovered It In the center of the field. Capshaw made 1 yard. Reeds three and then Reeds passed the ball on a long flip for 40 yards to Courtrlght on Nebraska's Svard line. He was tacklfd by Towle as he caught the ball and the pigskin was held momentarily, as the Oklahoma lack hit the ground he dropped the ball and Towle picking: It up raced hack up the field 22 yards to Nebraska's 8-yard line where he was finally forced out of bounds. On the first down Halllgan fumbled but recovered the boll for no gain. Frank carried the ball to the 30-yard line. Towle made 1, and on a fake punt Howard skirted right end for eighteen yards to the center of the field. FVank made 3 yards, Towle 3 more, and Halllgan bucked off 7 notches. Frank was good for 2 Purdy for 5 and then Hal- ngan aatim more, on an end run Frank lost two yards, but Swason made them up. A forward pass from Howard tn m-aL- nttl it i tn was on Oklahoma 13-yard line. Frank made 2 yards, to the 10-yard line, Towie could not get through center, but Purdy dashed around left end lor 9 oiit 2 sards. Halllgan attempted to buck the line but could not gain, and Okla- homa got the ball on downs on her own 5-yard line. Reeds punted from behind hia own eoal to Towle o-i Nehrosku rtis own goat, to towie o.i cenraska 48-yard line who returned 12 yarda. FVank made 4 yards, Purdy 3 and then i City. Not. 23, By score of 28 to 10 the WiscouKla Baugers beat the Calve ratty of hjw-a team ttere befcrre 7.0ou people, lowa'a Hue wits torn to piece at 4tie beginning, tlie defense being punerlese- to atop toe battering-ram iificka fmm'T ItVilierte'a" at.ilM. jn the Unit period Wlecourto scored in three minutes of ploy after smaenea by Vau Biper, Tanberg. "Fright and wlio hit the line gnloe from three to twenty yards. Gillette a arty-yard run with wonderful interference. In 'be second half Iowa made Bfty-ysnl gains be sprenil formation. Parsons and Dick v-ureil gotMl gatna. t'nrtis tackled la a atetac- ular -muntker sail averted at leant tbree touch- uiiu na for lscooaia. Wisconsin. Iowa. Gunileisoa Trk key Ha uson Houglitoa CiewuMins Kirk Boweu Curry Dick Parsuna Mdilnnis Hoetfel Kainp tlelein Tuwell Keeier Butler Dottle timet te Vaa Brlnlit Tuuberg LINCOLN HIGH TEAM ST, i Allen the Star in Game Which Went to a Score of 53 to 0 (gpedal to The Star 1 St. Joseph, Nov. St. Joseph Central biih wua helpless here today before the varied nttncka of the uenvy Llncolu high eleven ami was defeated by score of 63 to 0. The ylKltore would have rolled the score higher had It not been for frequeut iienalttea imiwued them for olfsiile play and fur holding in the u- lh hicala made their beat showing the Brat wtiuA heD tuey t.arrij tue Dall len((h of the Held on two forward passes, an end run and a punt, which Allen fumbled on his own hue. Central recovering, lhe vlB'tors were penalized three aoceessive f(Jr offslu worli Dllt WPOWred tne ball OWQ wbcn (llmbied. After that It waa all Lincoln with Allen and Wllke tbe stars. Allen's work was spectacular. The Une-up: Lincoln. Central. Hprague Marshall Like rg Hicks Young lg Gore Weatorer Wakeman Richard It gchroeder Poyle Lewis Mct'lay Prey Allen Rtankewskt tinenael rh Casteel (('apt.) H. Doyle (Capt.) lh Sbettler Wllke fb 8ymon Hubatitutes Hawthorne for Roy Poyle: ipiick fortiuenael; Watkins for Allen; R. Westover for Richards, and Pork for Gore. Touchdowns H. Doyle, Allen, Wllke, Gnenzel, 1. (Ionia from touchdowns Wllke, 5. Officials Referee, Barney Itellly, Yale; umpire, Simmons, Nebraska Wesleynn; bead linesman. Park. Br. Joseph Y. M. C. A. Battgar Crosa Hawkey Goal la Lata This Taraa Jttnutas of Play, MOT WHAT HE OKTEft BE. He dropped Into ills nall-kag seat One night In stokes' atore; Ills weathered an' bewhlakered face A and expression bore. He was a pessimistic soul, Kk Gitngy waa aware; An' really couldn't see bo good la ae anywhere. Herm Stoke, the grocer, was a man UotMt nntnred to the cose. An' allti bed word nv cheer Fur patrons ur hta atore. He asked or Amos 'bout bis bealtb, An' Ame, he soys, any he: "Although my health Is party good, "lalu't what It orter be." Herm spoke of pollertlc o' seeh Kb cheery could be; Ame made face, an' algher, an' aaid; 'Tain what It orter be. An' blxnia in or Oiiuywnnip He 'kiwett waa up a tree; "Although It's pnrty fair," he 'Taiu't what It orter be." Herm spoke nv this an' spoke that, The church an' arhool au' alt; Aine'a face took on a dlsiual look Jest like a auller wall. "They may lie xood enough," he says. Ills natur' plain to see; "Hut all the nauis ain't none UT 'eta Jeat wbt they orter be." Herm Htokes he couldn't atsn' no more Au' brought hla flat on the counter fnod an' hard Ame Jiiiled like be was shot. "Ame Oreen." be said. "you make me tired. it klniler acema to me The world la good enough, bnt you Ain't what yon orter be!" New York gun. THE SKEPTIC, swamps JOSEPH nlastlrr, Allan, Howard, 'TIalllgan, Towle ojitl Hom closed their first year on a Nebraskii team. Pears.n. Hwanerm, Potter and Ptirdy haailed for the- luat game of their second year, and the JS13 season will probably see nil the men who represented Nebraska. In Die season which just closed with but one defeat, back In the moleakltia wrili the exception of the scrapply- little Cornhusker' leader and his teammate, Dewey Harmon. Nebraska's ret-ord for the year li as follows: Nebraaka, .81: Il' IIevue. 0. Nebraska, 30; Kansas Agglea, Nebiaska, (H Winnwila, 13. Nehiaska. 4t; Adrian, 0, Nelwaska. Mmcuutl, l. Nebraska, 54; Doane, 6. Nebraska, 14; Kjinsas, 3. Nebraska, 13: Oklahoma, Total points for Nebraska, opponents. 27. The Game In Dstall, Oklahoma the toss and choice to defend the west goal as a stiff northwest wind was blowing. Pearson kicked off at 3:12 p. m. to Courtrlsht on his own 20-yanl line, who returned 10 yards. Lowry and Couitrlght failed to gnln, and Heeds punted to Towle on Nebraska's 15-yard line who returned 5-yntxls. HalliRnn made yards, Frank fumbled and Purtly for a gain of 1 yard. Frank made 4 yards. Oh first down Purdy made 5, and Swonson distnce, to Nebraska's 47-yard line. On three bucks Halllgan carried the ball to Oklahoma's 45-yard line. Purdy, Towel and Halllgan added 18 yards. Purdy ripped through for 3 yards and Oklahoma was penalized 5 yards for off side play. The ball was on tho isltots nineteen-yard line, Harmon en tackle through tackle play made 4, fumbled the lull and Oklahoma recovered It on her- own 15-yard line. Keeds came through the line for 7 and Am-brlster added 2 yards, and then Reeds punted to Towle on Nebraska's 30-yard line who returned to his own 47-yard line. Halllgan- made six yards, and Purdy added the same amount but the play was not allowed and Nebraska was penalised yards for off side. Purdy made one and fumbled. Frank recovering the ball. Frank failed to gain, and punted to Omtrtrlght on hia own 25-yard line, for no return, Towle and Mastin nailing him. 1-owry came around left end for 1J yards. In two rtowna Courtrlght sifted through right tackle for ntne, and Reeds added to mure through left guard. Court-tight added 4 and Lowry carried the ball to Nebraska's 48-yard line. Reed fell buck fov a punt, but Instead flipped the ball on a furward pass to W. Clark for a 34-yard gain, carrying the ball to Nebraska' 12-yard line. Lowry made 2 yarda and Reeds carried the ball through left tackle to Nebraska's yard line. Courtrlaht sklrterl the left end for yards, being forced out as he crossed Vhe goal line. He punted out to Reeds ttiig heeled the ball. Courtrlght missed foul. Score Oklahoma Nebraska 0. I The touchdown came at the end of Ihlrteen minutes of play. Nebraska forced Reeds to kick off to them, and Nebraska got the ball nn her Stl-vard line where It was fumbled Oklahoma re- covering the ball on ebraskn's 23-varfl line Courtrlght made 5 yards. Lowry added two and then lost three. The ball wa on Nehmska's 21 -yard line. Courtrlght fell back to Nebraska' 30-yard line where he attempted a goal from placement. He missed the upright, th ball going over the goal line. Nebraska put the hall In play on her 20-yard line, and on the firt down Halllgan broke through left guard for 24 yards. Towle and Frank each added and Harmon and Halllgan more. Frank punted outside on Oklahoma's 15-yard line, lxiwry mad yards and Reeds punted to Towle on Nebraska's 15-yard line. He returned 16 yurds audi the quarter ended with the boll In Nebraska' possession on her own 80-yard line. Hcore Oklahoma Nebraska 0. cond Quarter. ebraska commenced at once to carry the ball down the Held. Frank made 1 through left guard and Halllgan added 5 more tlirouch the same place. Harmon iheobeA. Towle In the quorter posli Ion bandied Urn' team with the skill of a veaeran. Catching pttnta, ami running them back wh not only the creditable work of -the little quarter, hut iie eklneil the wing and plunged through center for the neeeusa ry yards to mnke instance when the alon demanded, end flnitlly as, to brl lg a ttiotnetit's ewt to ltlforivards nnd Iwi-ka, he carried tlit ball himself for a Tl yard run, sktilliig left end for I'uit 4'liitanre. I'uptulu Krrtnk, playitig his biet game, was like his hack, field males, Hunly nnd iiTextlbie. His miuirmlng i'Uiih slioweil eloKe aii(i It to those of which his brother Owen gilbcd fame last rail, ami his return of a kick off for 30 yard, and bis plunge through tackle In the second quarter for 25 yards kete wihh-d features. Score Not Indicative. That the score Is wit indicative of Nebraska's work Is shown by the fact that the njiuaker on six rtlfferent occaKiona carried the ball Into the shadow of the Oklahoma goal. Once In the first quarter by steady march they atoud upan the IS-yanl line of the ISooiieta, where Harmon tackled heavily dropped the ball, and the wiullieniers punted nut of danger, It watt In the second quarter, after one touchdown had been made, that Ihe Cot nlmsker Blurted a steady match down the field, but were cheeked momentarily. Then In the third quarter, getting the liall. on the klckoff. they marched from their ov. ZD-yard line across the field and the irresistible Halllgan carried the bull ever for the final Nebraska touchdown. This attack was directed by Potter, who had relieved Towlet and be kicked a pretty goal. Following this up with aimllnr attack, llalllgan. Frank and l'urily curried the ImiII to the H-siner 2-yard line, ami with this distance tu make on the fourth down Potter attempted to flip the pignkin over the K'mI line on a forward pass, but 'the liall lilt the ground nnd was lost momentarily. (Jetting posses sion of It again. Towle who had been returned to the pilot position opened up with a series of attacKs that could not lie checked, with Ihe ball on the 6-yard lino Towle flipped the tall to Captain Frank, but Reeds that dark haired full- hack of the Hooners, flashed between the goal line and the Cornhusker captain and Intercepted the ball. lie did not try to run however, und the touchback gave the Hooners the ball on their 20-yard line. However it was not for the visitors to keep It. Punting out of danger undaunted the Cornhuskers again attempted to march down tho field. A forwurd pass end runs, and crushing attacks on the line brought the ball to the Oklahoma'! 10-yard line, and then to the 5-yard line where the Booners held for downs and Nebraska was forced to fall back while Oklahoma punted out of Oklahoma Score First. It was the ehnrges of Pennie Owens who drew the first blood. Nebraska had carried the ball to the ooirtherners' 18- yard Una and lost the ball In the first quarter on a fumble. Punting with the wind an exchange of punts gave the Oklnhomatis the ball on the line. Then come the first ex hibition of open play such as featured Ihe Sooner attack, Reeds executing a equalled on the local gridiron this year. forwurd pass, which has not been and which was excelled only by one later in the game. For a fuil 4 yards he hurled the pigskin to W. Clark, who In tided on the Nebraska 12-yard line, then bv the attack of lght. Lowry and Reeds, the star, Courlrlglit went over for lite fust touchdown, but goal was niissvd. Another pass was titlampWdf but failed to work, Hie Kooners depending upon their speed to get nway from tho heavier Cuttihnskeis, but they considered not the sttibbcrn defense of Frank. Ilalllgun and Purdy. siiptmrted by the forwards -l, Hut In the final quarter the OklaN humans opened up their machine. Wlthl Ihe ball on the Nebraska 4rt-yard line, lined 'again tossed the pigskin, a long, aunmtu uttti swifi inrow, arm tne Mil fell plump into the urms of Courtrlght on the Nebraska -yard llrte where Towle stood waiting for htm. A sure tackle landed the Oklahoma half onu the ground and the ball fell from hi grasp only to be raced back to the 21-yard lino uy towie wno qnicRiy grasped It as IM bumped along the ground. Oklahoma held the Cornhusker for down on thetr own 2s-yard line In the closing moment of the game. Reed failing bulk as for a punt flashed II yard around right end to hi own 411-yard Hue. and then Courtrlght fell back for that spectacular forward pas. A brilliant run on the pert of Capahow at full speed saved Ihe thrown and as the ball come over bis shoulder deed It, making 37-yatda on the brilliant play, the most spectacular seen here tills yutr, but time wa called a the play was completed. Oklahoma netted thtflr three polnta In the third quurter when a fumble gave them the ball on Nebraska 30-yard line anil by shift rushes the liall wa carried to the Nebraska lo-yard line where, after fulling to gain, Courtrlght fell back and swung hi toe against the ball for goul from placement. The crowd that witnessed the gams wit estimated at about 3.0(H). ecotul in lifce. for the season. In till battle. Captain Frank sod Tackle Harmon pluyed tt 5 I I I Oklahoma Able, to' Strike Through Forward Pass Score 13 to 9 ITATI8TIC1 OF THE GAME. Kick.IT. Neoranka One, jaola. Oklahoma -Kite. H1 yarda. R.tur Kicks (, Nebraka Five, Hi yanla. Oklahoma (me, 1 yards. SHinl. average. IB 6 yard. -a- okilMDi, au'WK-. 1 yards. PliaU. Nebraka Four. IMJ yards. Oklahoma -Ten. 4NI sm. Schra-'ka. Tcnige, 3 Jards, Oklahoma. veiare. 4.1 yards Balurtt Pants, Ten, SI Jru. Oklahoma Four, ifT yarda, a. Nebraska, aTermte, 8 yanla. Oklahoma, irenf, 7 rarda. FasaJtta. Nebraska Fenr. yarn's. Oklahoma Five. 2.1 jaola, forward Pass. Vtawti-Tried, worked, 30 -a. Oklahoma- Tried, worked, 111 yVira-ka. vers ire ffallm, 12 Oklahoma, average gains, 37 arla. Nebrakka-Dowbs, 472 jards. Oklahoma Ikiwua. a4: ir.t) jards, average, about 4 yards. Oklahoma, average, alsuit 8 23 Without forwurd psmi: Nehraka lolia, 43fl yards, Oklahoma liowna, SO: 1 1fi yam. NeltraHka, averaae, nearly 4 yarda. Oklahoma, average, nearly 4 yards. -4 aUalallanaoua. Nebraska Hold for rtowna. 2 tlmea. Oklabixiia- Helil fiir I tm. a. Nrliraoka- 1 ball on fiiiibh. (I tluiro. Okluucina- l-oal liall ta fumble, 1 liuw, -4 Nebraka -Maile Brat 'JH lliaea. a tlkLauuiua Mnde flntt ikiwa, It tlmea. Weithta. 4 Nebraska Jkrernfe. 17 (tutintls. UklabiuiaATeiiie, iuula, A new fixilliHll team, one that rliungwl ullli a new vim, one that worked like a and One which broaifht re-rncmiiinnrea of the, teama of he old days represented Nehi ajtka on the grld-lron Buturdny orternooti Irt ttie final battle, of Hut Beufson. and In a ume which rexulted In BUirmB triumph for the 1912 t'ornhtudCHra oer the Okla-liome unlveislty -eleven by' a ncort! o( J3 to tin this etune mmhlne, CMinched ly "JumtMr' Stlehm that put Into everay play a punch- that echoed In the Hluiiendcmt kii'iih made, on "svery down, and ut a crimp In the asplra-tlona of the Bonner achool to a. repre' atnnllon In thfl Mlxaourl valley confut" eenne. The work of the Nebraska forward. buck" and the entire teiim aa an- piiinl after thn flist few dayt. It was a iJifferent leum eitHlrely ao much hi inukeiip but in work from the one which repreaented the acarlet and or am ehnol in the memorable tmtlle agtlnul Kanxa a week tuto. Every man winked with hl( teammotes, and In perfect machine like order they marched from one end of the field to the other on (tlx uilferent ovcuslona. The acore does not Indicate, the work of "Jumbo" Btehin's eleven, "thily the flKurea enn ahow what Nebraska did. The flKurea do not mate however one feature of the iraine and that wna the costly fumbling of the It wan not as thev received, the ball that they dropped It but liiKtend when they were tackled. The Okhilioinan'g Invariably tackled In audi a manner a to ratine the liall to fly from the Corn-tiuaker'a lunia and oj wild "t'ainlilo would fo'hiw. "Punch" Wa There The punch, the kick anil the fight wax Haircut In the team Saturday It never has been liefoie this season. Hul-llitaii playliiK In the full liack position waa a demon on the offense and ft stonewall In the defense. V4i dy awiimlng Inlo his old style name, as in the Missouri and Minnesota, battles, charged the Oklahoma line like a veritable lettering ram, and FYank, jiiKainK the ball, skirted the ends, and cut In behind the forwards and tlirotiKh the secondary defence of the Sooners as never before. The line oharued In perfect unison. Opening; up boles for the bachfleld men the forwards, for the first time this year, were able to tear thronirh their opponents, and open up trie path tluoiixh which me miu was to oe But cre1it should nut all (to to the Wink of th t'ornhuskera. In the back-, field of the Sooner team were three men, Keeils, fomti Usht. and Lowry, whose work In the secondary line has 7 been surpassed by but one. net uf backs this year on the Nebianka field, and the supreme trio were their upimnenta paiuruay. tvansas was an my. Mlnne-sHa was clever, and Misoourl were demons at plunging, but never did Ne-braakn meet In their apponents Uaik-fl Id this year such a variation of aoec.i. attack, chiiige and eruHhlnint power as was combined In Courtrlaht, Reeds and IJtwiy, That they fore.J, the Corn- huKkers to be better than themselves was shown by the speed which Ne- branka developer! after the Oklnhonian bad earrted the hall across Nebraska's goal line for the first touch down. Two styles of Play. The name early resolved Itself an two differ, nt styles of play. Propelled as ir i rum the mouth of rauuon. Hal- llrpm. Frank nnd P.trdv bit the niiln boma forwanla with mich crushing force tnat tney were eomtielled to give way Frank played bis best game of the year, J'uniy. handicapped by bis week knee. saved Nelirasku the ball a numlier times by his quick eye. and catlike anility In recovering fumbles. While ILtlllgiin there wan the football player. It was Haiiigan, iUlllxtin. Ilalllgun. A smaah at tackle, a plunge through guard, and burl himself with a crush through center men tne. fornnunkers rillback would for gains of from 4 to 12 yards at a Gat youe RADIATOR and LAMPS Repaired by the AUTO RADIATOR REPAIR COMPANY, 2020 Firnam OMAHA Variation in Play and Use of Speed Have Worked Marvels By W. W. MACBETH. New York, Nov. 23. A game that Is a game Is the general verdict on football as played' under the 1912 rules. The gridiron sport pleases first of all the spectators; it pleases the coaches, the players and the great student body. It took a great deal of tinkering and experiment to resurrect the blood-iia-rling autumn pastime from the debris of popular disfavor following the crusade which wrecked the good, old fashioned game of six years ago. The new "game seems to have been well worth tho -wait and the trouble. The old game came into disfavor because of the dangers incident to it. And these same dangers had a discouraging influence on the element most ditoctly concerned the student rjoay. Kro.n getting right down to cases, it was a test of muscle and brawm and not a competition of skill. It was smash, s-msh, smash through the line all the time with now and then an end run or a variation, worked in just to keep the on the anxious seat. Naturally a human battering ram would pick out the vfak-est spot in tho line on which to center an attack and woe betide the object of the charge. Speed, under the old rules. a natural advantage but not necessarily a vital issue. Piute strength came lirst, last -and all the time. The primitive qualification of class was stamina to stand up under punishment; pow to grind through a' wall of human dist ance. Under such conditions the game nat urally devolved into a survival of the fittest. None but a giant mleht ulsy with any amount of safety. Weaklings nan no place on the gridiron. Speed and cunning comblaed counted for but little unless, supplemented by exeimunul physical power. -Objectionable Features -Abolislnd The. game as played now sevias to have eliminated all the object imable features of the old style of plav and at the-same time retains all the more deelfjtble fundamentals. It Is quite ue that football was never meant for invalids. It is a game that requires cer tain physical perfections. But no 'anger is bulk; and beef the first requisite. Speed counts as much us brawn ami the agile, light fellow if perfectly sound has a better chance to shine than the big slow thinking giant. Modern football more than ever a game of skill. One of the greatest objection to the old style of play was the fact that the general attack was confined to mass formations. There was practically open field work. It was Impossible riom the stands to follow the ball Jay by play. Invariably the man carrying the spheroid was completely secreened by his interference. Except for a punt, a criss cross, an end run or some of the few variations from the battering lain style of attack, the spectator was in a sea of bewilderment from start to finish, The forward pass was mapped orig inally to open out the game throuna the necessity of scattering the defense. In this it served its purpose to some de-was looked upon with great disfavor by the coaches. There were too man. restrictions attached, and penalties its failure to be properly completed ma le It a rather questionable weapon. Forward Pass Liked. This year these restrictions have lain eliminated and the pluy has nnmed'at ly come into great favor. It Is very i-pcc-tacular and appeals to the general pafc-Iice. It leaves an opening for a lipht team to make consistent gains it would be utterly impossible to 'aln through a heavier line. A team uo.v I rs four chances, without penalty wttii -vor save tiie loss of the ball In case of absolute failure to make the necessity ten yards distance. One properly executed a forward pass Is good for doi'b'e or treble this amount. With any decree of proficiency a well schooled olven should make good on at least one four attempts. Undoubtedly the forward pass Ins revolutionized football hut It has riot yet been developed tq( i(s greatest wo th. The further it is perfected tho will be the possibilities of unexpected scoring which adds the spice of -'tieer-talnty. and makes competition all 'hit is to be desired. Wonderful intl-ed Las been the progress under the new so far this season. It looks as it the present code is bere to slay. TAIRBURY DEFEATED. The Nebraska Military academy ycKtonltiv defeated Falrlalry hlgn achool by tla- s-ore of 2ti to 8. Full-bury g-it their one loilcliiloivp in. the Anal quarter. The line-up follow: Kan-bury: Voueor. Forslund. Wind, Glebe, furry, foleuinn. Ade. Rrodley, c. liullrleiw, rg. Felili i Benney, rt. Nebraska Military Academy: Hettsir. Smith, le. Welael. Jenny, Ih. Daniels, Ferris. Cael. lg. Jouca, c. Uuehr, rg.j Cleveland, Hoyt, rt. Referee, Dick Weatorer, fniplre, H'oomi rOUa HA? FLAYERS HELEASED. Cleveland. Nov. 2.1. ('lovelnm: play-era were released today. Catcher N'sglesuu und Pitcher U'ali-b go to Wntei-bsry. (i'll-Oeliter Hunter tu Flint, nnd l'llcbcr to Toledo. Victory for Ootntr Ssoond. to The star.) Beatrice. Nor. 2:1. Coiner iinirersltv second football team defeated Kwtrl.e s-'vond eleven today by aoore. of 7 to 0. Tbe feature waa a 411-yard rua by quarterback Mlru of Cottier. BRAVO, MARY! Mary had a III lie rote. Which ewrly was aouxht; But 1 wsa very Kind to not It nerer could be bought. From Jndg. afiikSZBU I FREE PANTS WITH SUIT OR OVERCOAT I Midwest Tailors 1408 STREET. "Lefty" Flynn, Yale' wonderful back, running through the Army team for 50-yard gain in first period of the game, Flynn at close range. btaska's possession on her own 47-yard line. Score Nebraska Oklahoma 6. Third Qaurter, Play was resumed by Reeds kicking off t'o Frank on his own 10-yard line. The Nebraska captain ran the ball back 85 yards. Halllgan bucked the line for 5 yards, and on a split buck, Frank rashed through left tackle for 4 more. Halllgan carried the ball to Nebraska's 47-yard line. Frank went around left end and dodged back of the line for Swanson failed t4 gain. Halllgan fumbled and Purdy recovered. On the fourth down, Halllgan added 5 and Harmon carried the ball to Oklahoma's 38- yard line. Purdy waa good for i yards, and Frank I. Halllgan netted 4. Purdy one Hnlllgnn added 4 more. On the next play Halllgaa, crashed through center for yards to Oklahoma' 7 yard line, and then added mare. Potter bucked center carrying the ball to Oklahoma's 1-foot line, and Halllgan carried the ball over. Potter kicked a pretty gwal. Bcore Nebraska IS: Oklahoma 8. Heeds kicked off to Howard on Nebraska's 27-yard line, who returned the ball 18 yards. Purdy bucked the line for 8 yards, and Swanson on a tackle back play carried the ball to the center chalk line. Frank added 2 yards and Halllgan 4. On a split buck Frank ripped through the line and past the secondary defense for 24 yards to Oklahoma's 20-yard line. Purdy made yards but Nebraska was penalised yards for offside. Harmon netted 6, and Frank carried the ball to Oklahoma' 18-yard line. Mastin was hurt, but remained In the game. Hnlllgau crashed through center for 8 yards to th Oklahoma 8-yard line. Purdy made 1 yard, Hulllgan added another, and then smashed- through left tackle to the 2-yard line. On the fourth down Potter attempted a forwurd pas over the goal line to Frank, but the ball hit the ground, and It was Okla 2 more, and Frank aded enough to take the ball to Oklahoma's 35-yard line. Malligan netted 4 yards on a slmip off tackle, Frank carried the ball to the Oklahoma 20-yard line. Frank waa hurt but stayed In the game. On the third Towle attempted a forward pass, but was naied before he could get the ball off for a 4 yard loss. Howard waa unable to get another pass off on the fourth down and Oklahoma got the 1 all on downs on her own 28-yard line. On a fake forward pass Keeds dashed through right end for a 12-yard Bain, carrying the ball to his own 40-yard line. Courtrlght fell back for a forward pass and flipped the pigskin S7 yards to Capshaw, who running at full speed received the ball on Nebraska's 23-yard line where he was downed time was called. Final score Nebraska 13; Oklahoma 8. The Una up: Nebraska HollandN Holland It W. Clark Burton, Hott Mulligan, Howard Swanson Freitag Allan c. Pearson rg. Harmon rt. Mastin re. Towle, Potter qb Purdy lh. Spears Berry G. Clark (C) Ambrlster Courtrlgh' Frank (C) Hulllgan Lowry Capshaw qb Ueeds Touchdowns Courtrlght: Halllgan 2. Goals from touchdown Potter. Time of quarters 15 minutes. Referee (irovcr, Washington. Umpire Dudley. Dartmouth. Head linesman and time keeper Irwin, Chicago. -a- rOOTBAtX RESULTS. At, 1.1; Oklahoma, ft, At fit. Joseph Lincoln High, 8t. Jo- seph Hlnh, O. -a. At New Haten Harvard. 20; Tale. 0. At Went Point Army, aS; Syracuse, 0. At Annapolis Navy, 8M; New fork e- University. O. At Ktnn Lrblgh, 10; Lafayette, O. At Hprltiuflelil arllska, 27; Hprlngneld Trnlnliul School. HI. At rmTblenee Hmwa, 21; Norwich. T. At I afavatte- Pnrdiw, X4: Indian. 7. At ItOrainv t'ltlraxo, Minnesota, a 'At Kranatoo Northwestern, HU- ttola, 0. At Lawrence- Kansas. 12: Missouri. H. At Iowa City VV lscimlli. low. 10. At Balllmore 18; Hop- klna. 14. At Pea Molne Ilrake, Amea. 23. -a- At t'lerelaisl Case, )3: Illram, 8. At Mmlrnrd Trinity, 10; Tnfts. 0. a- At arllula Dlekioaon, I 1 1 I mm 0. At llorrl.tuirg Bis knoll. 3S; Gettya- -a Intra, -a- At Wanlnti Wanhlngtnn Jeffer- a- ann. 87; Bethany. At IhrfK.ketv Hungers, 2tl: Rterena. 7. -a -a At rtitrtmrxb -4'aruegie Technical, Ifarrwfinl, 7. At Botttr 'olorndo School of Mine, 24: t'otors'li Itnlverttty. 8. e- At Crete l.ane, BelleTtte, 8. homa's ball on her 20-yard line. Iwi-y was good for 1 yard, and Court-right raced around left end for 19 yards, carrying th ball to the Oklahoma 40 yard line. An Oklahoma forward pas. Reed to W. Clark hit the ground. l.wry wa thrown back for a 1-yard loss, and Oklahoma wa penalised 8 yards. Irrwry could not gain, and Reed punted over Nebraska's goal Una. The Cornhusker put the ball In play nn' their 20-yard line. FYank made Pttrdy and Halllgan 1. Halllgan failed to gain on the fourth down and Nebraska lost the ball Oklahoma getting It on Nebraska' 28-yard tine. Courtrlght raced around left and to Nebraska's 20-vard line, fapsbaw replaced Irfiwry at right half, and Reeds made the distance. Courtrlght wa good for 4 yards, but Reed thrown back for a 1 yard los. Oklahoma waa penalized 5 yards, but Reed ripped through for 8. and then Courtrlght fell back to the 20-yard line, from which point he booted a pretty goal from plneement for 3 point. Score- Nebraska 13; Oklahoma Reed kicked off to Howkrd, on th cried a hen. In tone of alarm. "Vbat tmw will become of tbe tiock aed lie farm? I aes by the panera that some men declare will be picking ergs out of the air Cah-rah:" nd tbe ben to thia added "Tutl CarH-ah-cut -eut-cut-cut-eiit rah-dah-cut AO old roler smiles jo-t aa old moatera can "You're a fool:" be declared, "and another Is nianl He can hatch exsa. I know, by tbe lee of hot lr; But their making Is surely another affair! A ml what about broilera, and pomls fowl, too? i Vek alMMl le doil do-e-o-ol" J. A. In Judge. on a tackle back play carried the ball to

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