The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1932
Page 4
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Classified Advertising Kales Minimum Charge S" 2 ^vii.ii 5 Average Words to a Line Mean i-.uc per ime, per Six inr.i!,, iwr line per day . OSc i^'H 1 :' uijifs JJLT line per nay OCc '•"•f itnia pel- JiJie -luc <ni j.ds run m'cyularly lake •w uu-j tune rate. 5-iU-zoc Store. O. CJU»C * \YJ1.%. 'ML'- ft. UCl ^0 RADIOS REPAIRED. Work guaranteed, estimates Irec. R. L. DEDMAN, Walpole Electric Shop, Phouc 314. Up-kll-U QUICK SERVICE on all typo.s ot radtcs. Watch for our advertising cat, I'arkhurst Co. Plione 57. 18p-kll-l8 TAXI IN A HURRY? CALL STKJKGEB TAXI PHONE 279 18P-K 11-18'citizens of this community. News of Blytheville Schools of liuv COAL AXD WOOD Tranthnm Coal & T\'ansfer Co. Dealers In Kentucky nnd Sunlhtht Coal , . , -To .overhaul your ,<lec- Sycamore & R. R. St., i-hona 304. their cases heard. Generally bet' — ...... The newly organized traffic pol- ter order In the organization lias, ice squad at the Sudbury School, Is resulted from „, u>BI "" alU011 "" doing Its; work, efficiently. Tlic • • boys have succeeded In decreasing' The 3 u rooir traffic risks very markedly, with- school, with Miss UiclUs AmslroiiE I bu " D ' 1J ' I 1I0 8">'» "for "(he "chapel out undue friction with the motor- as teacher, has recently held w I " ; ' ll ' !spSi Eclcctlons were given as Ing public. Their success is largely Indian projccl The miulls ' '""' ""'" "—••-due to the respectful attitude to-, discussed Indium, llic cu ward Oils new .effort by (He p»t- and tvadlllons. A tiUjlc was set rons of-this school and the oilier aside for'Curios re iling to S-'teens of thte community. , dlan , ife . Tlu . fot ,;\\! f l ° " , The police boys «so assist with contributed lo It th,> milclcs nam- the maintenance of order In Hie e d: Botly June DI-BK c n n mlr building and on the campus. Of- - umrdin, a jwl) fcndcts against the general welfare are brought Into "police court" at the close of the day, to have Fifurei Show ConrkU Could Build Own City JACKSON, Mien. (UP) —Someone wlili a flair for iUllsllcs j nw ., ,., , . • advanced figures to prove his con- On Wednesday, Oclolicv la, the tciillon that-the innmliis of Mich- p-.i|ills ol Miss Alum Peter's {>¥*» Stale Prison; here could i>s- KIIVO an Interesting Coluin- | ' H *> llsl » a" 11 Mid lllelr own prison mnlcs of lliu prison, could survey HID land, rive lrun»t« draughts- men i-oiild draw plans" (or ttio island city. . Mclfll lo construct the bulldliigt coutd bo mined by nine Uimnic miners. The ii,9)u DOT'- 'laborers could assist In can-) ing 'out' the In- "October's Hrleht' to slruotUms of 27 brick on nn Island ln-Lakt Superior, cnrpcnlcrs, 31 decorators Amunij lhc - 6)700 pHjouert. lho primers, no electricians, 13 , 100 Farmer* 126 sylvaiiia's deer kill during '& Wmber, part of thV-cloied seuon, cu: veiiy juiie ui'nrden, a iialr of moccasins; Dilllo Damon, birch canoe; Hnivcy Morris, rork n.xcs; Milton Patterson, birch cnnoc and beads; -"" 4C-K H-4' 2M-K. Oci FOR SAF^E— Good dry wood, Phone NEW PORD BATTERIES. Rcntjl ~ * batteries, recharging and repair- Typewriter and adding mai-ninc repairing. U.' a. cnsnip, lie K. Uuse. 1'honc 1C-K 11-J HOMECRAFI FOR SAt/t;—Home made quilts, S3 apiece. Mr&. R. O. Hill, 1 house north Camp Moultric. 19p-k;K HOTELS •;i'he ,.aoll, H's a good hotel". ji-Cafe- In connecticn. Xic-k Oct 23 KESTAUKANTS BEST EATS in town. Open day nnd nlglit. Urecn Beetle Cafe. Mrs. J. W. Wl-iyht, Prop. 23j)-k Oct 23 v ' T GAHAGES EXl'ERT MEUIlAiMCU and Wrecker Service. Peoiites Gavagc. Phone lifis. 21P-K Oct. Ul FLOYD HARGETT'S OARAGEf CHRYSLER SPECIALIST OPPOSITE CITY HALL 8p-K 11-B DRUGGISTS FOR DRUGS go to the St. I-Yan- cis Drug Co, Now located on Ash Street near 5th. 23c-K Oct 23 1'AKLOUS IK. Cocke and Gllllam. 12C-K 11-12 COAL at !ow ciwh prices. Phone 48. Projupt Delivery. BI.YTHEVILLE COAL CO,, Walnut & Railroad Sts. ing-. 777 Tire ROOM & HOARD 5c-kNOv5i SHKUBO—an prices, we sei mem 1 j out. Healer's Fruit and Produce. *>i:ll "The Poem (lint l-uiii'i!on" by several pupils; "A Skiicii of the Life of Columbus" liv Anita Fay Heck; SOUK, "Dip, •Hoys, Dip the Oar," by OH pupils; Vocal '.solo. "Columbus and Ills Sailors" Tom lid Cllflon; it point* out, are 13 _ cutters, jailors who could man the Uonls' slenm the ptIssuers to the smiths, Nino civil engineers, In- weed workers. Island. ' workers' and 33 | aggregated. 128 animals, ' accowi '"8 to stst« records. Tito |kWs .were, .reported :-'l 3'farmers, who ara privileged,' crops. Read Courier New§ Wiat MRS. T. R. WATSON—$5.50 weekly, m li. Cntiry. riionc U02. WEEKLY, Also Housekeeping Hatchery, Blytheville. frog Pond Cafe. l'Jc-tl DRESSMAKING SEWING, alterations, mending. Cheap. Mrs. E. A. Pisher, IDS W. Kentucky. 15C-K 11-15 DRESSMAKING—Coats relinr-i, alterations a specialty. R n [ 1\ Thompson, Golf Hotel. 20c-kll-20 FOR SALE PILLING STATION, dwelling house, 3 storage tanks, all combined. Good business. Will sell cheap, Address "HA", Courier. 7C-K. 11-7 AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE A\RKMO LUMBER YARDS 23C-K Oct 29 Will sell cheap a Simplex New Per- . •fection distillate or fuel oil burn- j cr heating stove. Call 202-W 8x-ktf EXPi-RT BliAUTY Service. ' I'er- ' rr.^r.ems ?a.30 up. Powtter Puff Beauty Purior, 21P-K Oct 21 WE . HAIR TINTING & DYING- NELL'S 'BEAUTY SHOP, aoc- CLEANSIS', TAILORS " HATS'CLEANED and' rc-shaiKd, 75C. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 53. 12C-KU-12 SUPERIOR DYE WORK ATTENTION — Men's overcoats cleaned and }iat s blocked. Ladies £ur trimmed coats our specialty. Call Unique' Cleaners for prompt Service. Phone 171, Gp-K 11-fi DON'T THROW THEM AWAY. We re-line, re-model and repair coals nnd suits for men and women. Experienced tailor and experienced dressmaker. Hudson Tailor Eiicp. 12C-K ll-Ti DAIRIES ATTENTION HUNTERS. For Sale Out-board motors, good as new, i sizes. Boone Hall. lOp-k Jl-10 TOR SALE REASONABLE—Slightly used portable typewriter. Call 368-W. • ." FOR sXLE^Good 7 drawer Singer Withfr«rch*ap? See Sirs. Elma Archillion, 712 w. Main; FARM LANDS FOR SAI.K—53 acres in cultivation. 3 houses, big barn, in 6 miles of Blytheville. 1 mile of good ;chool. $25.00 per acre, .'hone 887 or 8B8. W. T. Barnett. 6C-K-TP FRESH—A Grade Milk delivered nighi r.nd morning. O. W. Lewis, Pliouc 877. 1CP-K 11-10 ELECTRICAL Dust-proof bags. Brushes and rubber-covered cord for your r!ec- tric sweeper. Heffncr Electric Service, % Gillcn Furniture, Call 680. 13c-klll3 ELECTRICAL, APPLIANCES, fixtures :nd wiling. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP, Phone 31-1 CALL WIGGINS Eicclric Shop lor repairs and estimates. Phone 412. 10P-K 11-10 ^_ .PLUMBING RRDUCED 'RATES on plumbing work done bciorc cold weather. A. G. AitkiMi. Call 8Q-1W. Hc-fctl-14 GKEEX t.K\f CAFE & FIHHT STAND Regular Meals a Specialty. All you can cat 25c. with drink. Complete line of Fruits & Vegetables. Sec me for wholesale prices on apples. BUCK MEHARG, Proprietor We Deliver ' .312 E. Main OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs "witi-kef Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'iionc 810-777 SECOND HANI) FURNITURE . See Us First R. J. Dodson 301-303 K. » See Weisburd And Sec Bettor EVF.s TESTED FREE And Glasses Fitted 1AVE house and lot to trade for Farm Lnnd. Eddie Burks, 130 3ougau. " 18C-K24 Mr. Bargain Hunter Now is the golden opportunity lo ouy a 40 or 80 or larger farm, 'im- .,1-ovcd lands can Is bought at prices ranging from $15 ;jer acre, cash or terms, ouy a liomc this Tall it will in- ;rcase • in value, pay a good divl- .icnt and help make a living. We ;an locate you, write or phone. G. G. CAUD1LL Box 1S8 1'nonc 737 LIVE STOCK jOR SALE—Jcricy Milch Cows wilh young calves. See R. M. deck at Harris' Barn. 19p-kll-19 FOR SALE—t patr mules, ages 4-5 yenrs, weight nbout 1300 Ibs., J275. C. G. Daniels, ',« miic North jf Yarbro. 19P-K22 MII-CH COWS lor sah or trade. Hester's Fruit <!; Produce. . Iflp-klllD FOR SALE—Cnr !oacl~of Jersey Milcli Cows at barn South ol Canning Rnctory. Ulythcville Od 22. Sec O. F. Wear, Wanlnlingri Hotel. 20c-k2T FARMERS having livestock lo sell or if they desire to buy they) will find it convrnient and economical to use Courier News Want- Ads. AUTOMOTIVE FOR SAL&-N'cw and Used Auio Parts. Jackson Aulo Parts Co 2020 W. Ms!;;, Phone 66. 3c-K Nov 3 FOR SALE—Model "A" 114 Ton Ford Truck. Perfect condition very reasonable. John c. McHaney. Jr., "The Monument Man". 23c-k-TF Sinclair Gas A: Oil. Orea-sln^ washing. U. S. Tires. Day and Night Service. 555. 24p-J(Oct 24 WATERPROOF Covers fo~ trucks ' and wagons. Carney Awnlnc Co 113 S. First St., Phone G«. ___ I7P-KII-17 • WTUl 'SO Prrd. Consider equity In new Ford Mtae is paid for. Write Box 1.2, City. . AW—I \T, UNCL6 'BESIDES, IT "DON'T PUSH ALLTH' WAX IN LIKE. IT USED TO "Columbus." Verium Dcodlnu, "die WHM POSSESSft) VOU TO oi Columbus" by Jack Utllo; Sonu, "AiHcrlcn 1 .by Iho School. OUT OF THE Ife NC7T .BECAUSE OP VALUE THW I IT is MY ONLY MEDIUM TOR. MUSICAL room lins mndo pic- Libraries Oct Nnv llnoks 'Hie Junior nnd senior iilgli school have received inuny «( lures of Indian life. Some of- the best reproductions were made by Woodlc Sims. Indian head dross- I lie iv?w books ordered, (lie junior is were mode by each pupil to be ijecclvlni; nliout 50 TREES, SHRUBS books, and the other iitioiil The lolloivlii!! have wililcn t he- best Indian slorlcs: Lurn D,\vls, Wccli'lcinns nrc busy Instnllliig Hii- HglUS In /(ho Ccnlrnl School The Cent nil i 1 ,T. A, as- in the in- Wnr ":" IDE 573.00." """ i bl "Red Wing"; Donald Douglas. "Indian Story"; . Chiefs Poscy, "Ii\diau BABY CHICKS, all varieties. Cus- 'jmzw&r tom hatching solicited. week was test week \\\ Iho junior and senior high schools. Ilcnorl cnvds tor the first six .The 3B room recently held a health bicakfnst. The pupils r.?nl wtoks term will be sont out this invitations to the children names they drew. Every cutlet cut out pictures of health foods from different i TRADE for set of children's books or sell, cheap;- a complete set of Alexander Hamilton's business books. Address "H". Courier News 28X-K-TF The High School Ubraiy Is the recipient of a set of Collier's New These foods Jwerc spread on the through the courtesy of the lilythevlllc Lions club. WHAT HAVE you to swap? Get results—It costs only a fcv; cenls a day. part In n makc-bellcve foods. \ Central Ward School assembly period In Central The pupils ol the Wnrd scbool Krlday was conduclvct Miss Ruth Matthews have recent- by students in Mlns Mnvy Oulluw'a ly bcen'weieliod. It was found that l*ulse Rus'.cll plnycil n vlo- LOST — Tarpaulin on Barfic-ld road. several were underweight, as a re- H-H-H-H.-THE MAJOT2 HID VMST20U. OF MONEY IN CONCERTINA/ ./?rX° llu solo, nccompunled by her moth sult of which, It was decided Irn Gray, Phone K2. er. Tire 3-D class pvcsjntud n piny "Health" as th<j .subject of entitled "Good Health," Nine moth- their first project. hnve found pic- FOR KENT— Seven room house •JIB West Ash. Phone- isi. tures of foods and fruits tlial should be eaten [or brcaMast. Belly IJrooks Lsnncs mid Sara Lou These pictures hni'e been classified! ;McCutclwn wore given prlzrs L! n nnd arranged into iv very atlrac- ( dolnr each for selllns more tug^ on FOR RENT— One small furnished WO'H'A GUY I apartment; two 3-voom and one Lunch nnd dinner charts will al- l.Ilowcvcr, they each donated ti'.elr so be made, after which a health dollar lo the P. T. A. Kent reasonable lo satisfactory ten- houso, mftdd entirely of food will ants. Frank 0. Doilglas, Phones : Underweight sludJnls in Mis! ;Outlawb room arc compctlnc for The.lA and IB children of Miss , pr | M which will be given the slu- Mary Hublcr's room hnve been d( ; nl niaklng lhn bcat „„!„ lu examined by Miss Rose Hess, the dwl|lg tll(! munth olMr lreallh uc . county nurse, nnd reporls 01 the UvU , es lncl , ![lc XOU CANT" HEL'Y on "For .Rent the pup.h are making and sent to'tlic parents. : Safety First -]>osters which arc bc- ces Sims, Lavcvinc Gbff, Frecda '. Stinnett, and Ruby Lynn -\yright- were the only ones havltig i»ide-" f,;cls. • • \YAiNTED.TO BUY licnlth work, the pupils of Hatchery, BIylhcville. Nettle Gray's room are preparing to give n playlet. Rehearsals bo- WE PAY CASH lor old cook stoves Tlw cast of char- and used furniture. Dor.'t throw them away. Dodsou Furniture Co., Geneva, her little daughter, by Marie Hopper; Health Fairy. EH(y Jo Hnrgett, various wholesome foods will be reprcscnled by other bovs nnd sirls. .: r -,Gladys Johnsoi), Marie Hopper: 31)1 E. Main. Phone 155. HELP WANTED OH .vcxi TWM '. \ WANTED — Ml-. .^. w o m e n f'i n d so. many uses •/or the w»nl-ads. Sclllnj old fnrnllurr, getting household help, apartment hunting. Just fhort. 306 fi >ou wnnl result*. Hncbsl Forsytlie each made eneral house work. Apply to Mrs. perfect score In. the recent test on the multiplication tables which have been .studies : this year. Miss Hess, .county nurse, spent one entire -day c\amfnhsg the pupils of ijrs. Spain's First Grade WMCiV TO voi".'!!! SITUATIONS WANTED YOUNG LADY COLLEGE GRAD- loom. Reports of all defects found UATE deslrcA position. were made &nrt sent to the parents. It -Is hoped that nil "chil- enced in general ofDee work, dren who arc laboring under phy- restaurant hostess and in COURIER NEWS WANT ADS sical handicaps inny rccciv,; caring for children. Willing lo work tlin needed medical or dcnlnl aid without delay. The Hnllowc'nn idea is receiving social emphasis in grade IB just now. Tiie story of "The Magic cheap or for room ana board nnd small salary. Address "S" Courier News. 0-x-tf Ginger Bread Boy" is ustd as a a result producing service at low language, and [of handwork. KASY STALlS! it usep sonie's orrriN HE WON'T FAVNT. BUT « ft L^ST PAVQR, SIM, UK6 'JUST ONE SMOKE. OH HO 1 . SMOKE PIEWTV VHHERE VOU'RE V UUSH Votf D ASK w!»,Stt To VR6TTM QVP, ftjlU SORE. -e\& HEWTEP, \ KI'S ME, \'U EVEM \ ft PlCTORe. 0' TU' BOZ7ARDS SEITIN' ./ BLOOW1N 1 •Tf HSTlNttlVEtY, He , HOPING THKT, SOMEHCVJ, TO 5(\\!e' ^ SIGH Pf QOOP OVt> VASWE IS OI'l'OUTUNITY! COME DM.-WE'LL. GO OUT CM FIELD WERE THE Boys m£ <SOIM<S TWHODSH STUFF 1! LISTEN, Boys i LOOKS LIKE A PROSPECT.... VJAWT YOU TO &o our GIVE HM A 600O ROUSHISI6....SEE WOW pur \ SOME ) AMD BLOCK IMS... HE WON'T FII2ST OF AU_ I'LL FIND OUT IF TWIS KID HAS ... DOHT SHOW OP FOR COACH ..AFTER TWAT TALK. I'M TO COULD pLA/ FOOTBALL... LAOS OH THE S106 TEAM .'.' 15C-K 11-15

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