The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 20, 1934
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Served by tne United Press BLYTHEmiE COURIER NEWS THB BOMWAWT NnWAfER OF NUimOABT 4KKAHB4B ANU ««„,.„ ^^7^1, «• -U 1 -1-f ? T kj tKANBAB AND BOU'lmABT IUBBOUHI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 211 Dili? Net. Blvthevllle OcurtH Mltnialppt Valley leader Blythe?l)l* Herald BI/iTHEVILl.E. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1934 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Tokyo Willing; lo Concede Great Britain's Right to Greater Power LONfiON, Mov. 50 (UP)—Japan, in naval limitation negotiation 1 :, here, tas conceded Oie right oi; Great Britain to a larger navy than hers bui ims insisted on absolute equality with the United States, it, was reported auihoi itatively today. The Japanese, it was revealed, bad in effect conceded Great Britain's "right" to the largest navy afloat because of the size of its empire—scattered ami comprising one fomth of the land surface of the eartli. They insisted, it was said, that Japan's nnvy must Iw the same size as tlrat of die United Slates. Vice-admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. chief technical delegate of Japan, denied as "quit? untrue" rooom "lat Jnpnji sugf^sted a S-4-4 ratio. John Barnes Fields of Lone Oak Is Dead John Barnes Fields, 17, svic- cumbed at his. home in the Lone Oak community, southwest ol here, at 7:30 o'clock last night. Mr. Fields had been a resident of this section many years. Funeral services were held this afternoon at the home with the Rev. J. T. Renfro, pastor of the becond Baptist church, officiating. , n . Interment was made at Elmwood A,, thnr i M . •cemetery. The Cobb UndertakingL,,i company was in charge of funeral | Yo V Steele Man Brings Home Wife He Wed 6 Years Ago STEELH, Mo.-A marriage performed six years ago svas revealed over the week end when John German, prominent farmer of fear Sleele, returned home from Oklahoma City with his wits an>S their 3-year-oitl daughter, Jean. Mr. German, a bachelor so far as lib friends here knew, lias been living with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. German, near mire, while Mrs. German has been employed as a nurse in an Oklahoma City hospital. A new home is being erected on toe German farm an;i Mr. and Mrs. German are being honored with numerous dinners and parties. ON FASCIST PLOT As-Rooso-vcH Viewed WhcMor Dam - S. Enters Search for "Big Bill" Weiss, Held for $100,000 PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 20 (UP) --Police expressed fear today thai William "Big Bill" Weiss, abduc-l- ed from his home October 26, had | been slain by underworld gunmen Ransom of $100,000 was demanded—and reported paid —but !ack of word from Weiss led to increasing [ear thai he had met a 'horrible death." said to have been :hreatened in tile kidnapers' notes to his family. Weiss was the alleged "master mind" of a pre-repeal alcohol racket. Pear of reprisals arrangements. . The deceased is -survived by his v;idow,._Mrs^J,iiry..prunces~Fields. rjid three Georfee. sons, Jim. J. c. and . .1 Markets t*! •.» „ ' 1 wAsniwu-i'ON- NOV new York Cotton Fni11 "sourcer w the members of the Weiss family and Ins associates have sealed their ips. however. Intimated L nt gang shootings in New York, Cleveland and Baltimore c!os«ly connected itfjth the alcohol war that,led-to'.the abduc-- lion of-^Weiss. " "" Officials iriveitlgateiT a ' report that two gunmen, recently released from prison, had a grudge against Weiss aiid may have tok- err hltrr< for a ride. t V..S. Ehlers'-'Search j- 'WASHINGTON; Nov.- SO (.UP)— justice department were thrown today into ' e ef f ort to solve 'lie reported ! •••' itiv, ItJJUJltll abduction of William Weiss Phil- NE\V YORK, Nov. 20. (UP)Col ton closed steady i —•'•• ""•*"• «* »* Jinuui WEISS open high low close pdelphia night club figure. ' • . 1229 1530 1223 1227 • Ed sar Hoover, chief of the • 1234 1235 122.5 1231 leder a' investigators, personally . 1210 1211 1235 1238 d ' recli!d 'he search for Weiss arid . 1239 1239 1232 1237 c E nn gsters who reportedly kiU- . 1336 1236 1230 1232 napcd nfm for «1M.OOO ransom. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 1204 120C 1197 1202 Spots closed steady at 1255, unchanged. !\rtu Orleans C'ofton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 20. (UP) —After a fairly strong opening today, due to small orTerings and strength in other markets the past few days, cotton prices dipped to close one point up to one point blanket. down. ' Dec. Jan. Mar. May July open high low close .. 1233 1233 1223 1229 .. 1230 1230 1228 1233 .. 1244 1244 1236 1240 . . 1241 1241 1234 123!) .. 123S 123& V232 1234 yi 1208 1208 1198 1205 !^< Snots closed steady at 1259, unchanged. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 20. tUPJ- Stocks today weathered a break of wo cents a bushel In wheat, almost that much In corn, and more lhan two cents in rye. Prices were irregular in a narrow range with volume lighter than recent sessions A. T. and T 105 Anaconda Copper . 10 **4 Beth, steel 29 1-8 Chrysler 36 1-8 Cities Service 15-8 Gon. Am. Tank 37 Oen. Electric 195-8 Gen. Motors 31 Int. Harvester 38 Montgomery Ward 29 1-4 N, y. central 20 7-8 Packard 41-8 Phillips Pet 15 1-2 Radio 57-8 Simmons BelMs 11 3-3 St. u.-S. F 11-2 Standard of N. J 42 1-4 JJttas Co 21 5-8 "• s - Steel 35 1-2 McKesson-Robblns '3-4 f. 011 ' 1 ' 37-8 u - S. smelting us 1-2 o Wheat °I»" high Dec. 100 1-2 10 07. 8 close 99 1-8 Dec. .. QQ i o . ° ™ ai) '•<' W 0 - 8i> y 991-2 693.4 97 R-8 977-8 May 855-8 Rescue 16-Year-Old Girl from Apartment Prison INDIANAPOLIS, fnd.. Nov. •>" (UP)—A friglitened 16-year-old Sin, clad only in a soiled, torn Treasury Calls Attention to Obligations Due December 15 • WASHINGTON, Nov. 20 (UP)—j The treasury, dunned the war: IT, today, pointing out thai on ' December 15 they will owe ?154,729,916 on account.. The iwelve nations to which ihe notices were sent and'the amounts due December 15 from each follows: Belgium, $3,109,454; Crechosloy- :ia, 51,682.813; P.rthonia, «531,- 3EO; Finland, $228,538; Prance J22.3C8.312; Great Britain, $111070,765; Hungary, $50,211; Hair $2.141,593; Latvia. S220.G83; Litlui- cnia, S121.4C7; Poland, 56,616,040 and Roumanin, 548,750. These amounts due arc exclusive of amounts defaulted previ- rescued from two years of imprisonment, today when police R-omen and Juvenile court attaches raided a west side apartment. The girl, Helen Mack, said she had been held prisoner for two years by her father and slep- mother. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mack. The child's parents were arrested on charges of child neglect. Charge Haupfmann With Tax Evasion NEW YORK, Nov. 20 (UP) The government today filed a Hen against Richard'. Bmno Hauptmann, suspect in the Lindbergh case, charging that $9.678.30 was due from Jlauptmsnn as income taxes In 1932 and 1933. Mrs, .Anna Hauptmanri also wa= named in ihe action. Yugoslavia Rennws Charge of Foreign Plot GENEVA, Nov. 20 (Urn-Yugoslavia's charges that King Alexander was assassinated through a lorelgn plot were made openly today In the assembly of the League ol Nations. New York Enjoying NEW YORK, Nov. 20 (UP; The temperature reached 73 short ly before noon today, th e highest mark recorded hi the history of the New York weather bureau for this date. GETS TEN DC Elmer Driskill Sentenced Today for Killing Rrn«p, City Farmer Finds Body On Bar Near Cottonwood COOTKR, Mo., Nov. so - The body of Henry Alexander, 66, Coi- lonwcod Pclm farmer, was discovered this nderncnn on u siindbor Tpsiifipe lu'flt' PnflniMvnn.l n~i , . ivj|jin,o Cottonwool! Polm, where np- 'tly H luul lain since sm~ unlay, when Alexander ilisiipnsiir- —Elmrr Driskill, confessed stayer of I aim Mills, Binge Cily fanner, 'ivas :-c-ntenced 10 10 years In the ilcue penitentiary by Judge ,1. E. Duncnn following Ills plea of guilty to second degree murder. Driskill was the principal stole Winding up liis tour of inspection of PWA work in the Tennessee River and his party are shown us tlie officinl ear hailed on ihe heights 'ovcrlool-ing 000.000 project near Town Creek. Alii. The president is in ihe roar sent of Valley, President Roosevelt the Whiter B-«m dr ™ vl n "' Eckener Plans Bi-Weekly Transatlantic Service! FiiJEDHIOHSHAPEN, Germany Nov. 20 (UP)—Dr. Hugo Eckeiier nnnoiinwd today that, he proposed to start n iwo-wcekly Zeppelin service between PriedrichsliafeD and'. Ilakchursl,' N. J., via-'Miaml FJa., in mid-July. The service will continue until October, he said. witness ngninst William" •""iiicPhcr- >on, who rcrehM n 50 year sentence at Hie July term of court lllllL .,svi lor tho staying of Mills. Admitting I be held lhal, he killed Mills, Driskill salrtl Hint lie was hired lo coninill the crime by MePherson, wlm promised him five use of n n-nct of land ,nnd mules and other farming equipment. I.iTk Case Continued Trim of Monroe Leek, charged with the murder of John Jones elderly resident, of ths McRni-cy community, was continued by consent lt> Iho Ainrcli term. Leek shot and fntnliy wounded Jones In n garage here. lie | s expected lo plead self defense when tiro'uijhi to trinl but Hie state contends Mint •nn old grudge wus back ol tlie Mtlng, JOJIK having killed Jim Leek, father of Monroe, i\ number of years ago. An adjournment wiis taken tills morning until Thursday, when the murder trials of Churles Gordon D)scovery O f Body Eiicis All Night Search for Missouri Slayer ' JOPLIN. ' Mo.,V Nov.-. 20 (UP) — An ail- night search for Frank Kaiser, 'suspected or slaying Mrs. J Carrie Carney Henderson late j yesterday, ended today, when his ' body was found In a woods near a JiBoy Scout camp. I Police and county officers who, ! with the aid of bloodhounds, had ?: tried to pick up Kaiser's trail, umably had commli- Accused of Won n d i n While Boy Alter Wn - it.-u Miiciue. ing Letter To His Sister' Ka(scr - a lormer miner and Jop- jlhi night watchman, had twice lo kill Mrs. Hender- were told by relatives In a courtroom packed with while i and colored spectators this nfier-: resident ol threatened ilfce said Dell section who allegedly shot Si'iiccu. Mo. Lnter she was touni make bond lie was remanded budget is believed prospective payments debts. omit on any | \viu- Thc negro is charged with as-if.fl ! saiilt with attempt to kill lffe The ' negro, it is claimed, wrote a message to the white girl oi Mrs. Hen »tiu tv NL .« ui HIS Kive mr Mrs. Fien- •> t< ";> »« i.-.(.'unig sioicn property iderson, prcdlctctl he had ended Ills Sain MULsap, 2 years for felonl i Hfp OUR n^<nnli. mir, n« . Nab Fi% Motorists In Bad Light Drive Fifty motorists, nabbed in n ""' " u4 asriousiy. rue ue^ro (hen 'bnd light" drive by state revenue ' fled lo Cairo, 111., where was taken officers here last night, were to' 1 " 10 custody and returned here appear in municipal court this at- i ,, No <le 'ails of the charge or the terncon or post five dollar bonds j alle sed Incident back of the shoot- MIAMI Pla. (UP,_ Thc saddest Insulling n.ittire. The girl's brother sought the negro out •- 0»"3lloi, hi,,, about the letter ».,„ i,,, e nao oorne mm tic lat or wounded the white youth j including quadruplets. but not seriously. Tlie negro (hen ' • ~J • '"-'. il ii-Jl.' Ill; ^ |ta VIII.- 'I' Holly nloiie In the world wus Warn- Hen, Stnedley' h BmleV" ed for his act. Alexander leaves one son, who Is nmrrled nnd 1ms n Inmlly. Buddy Abbott, n small toy of ths v » . uu » Collonwood Point community, lo lmv;| ipld (omul the body while on n fish expsdlilon. nnil Walter Tiill 01 A. D. Young, and the trial accountant, b connection with the theft ot J51 000 in drainage district uonds nro scheduled. Tomorrow sheriff j. E. . . will tnke 18 prisoners to the penitentiary, Including Driskill and 11 otlim who entered pleas of utili- ' ' dls- ty yesterday. Forty criminal crises were posed of.and trinl dates were n-i for a number of civil suits by Judge John E. Duncan at Ihs opening day of circuit court here Monday. ... ., • ' ;. . 11 Prison Sentences Prison .sentences were given "17 . n ivho entered picas of guilty. Judee Duncan also heard 28 parole cases and revoked the paroles of Henry' Jackson and Buddy Barnett. Doth R-ere previously sentenced to two eats. Those sentenced include- Ben Conley, 2 years, grand larceny; Robert Barnes, juvenile 5 years In reformatory for felonious nssault; Joe Brcedlove, 2 years for grand larceny; P. rif. Bishop 3 years: for forger)'; Ronnie Holder) ,„ .1 years for grand larceny; Tnfi :o Simpleton, negro. 3 years for ul ,,,d burglary and Inrceny; Red Morris rhich nll(l James Alexander !i venrs - - each for robbery; Henry Jones i years for grand larceny; Sam , s Harris. 3 years for forgery; Amos , e 'taylpr. 2 years for firing into dwelling; George Goodman 3 fo rselling stolen property ous assault; Elln Homer, 4 years for firing into dwelling; Virgil ; Buddy . _ story police here have heard came Barnett, 3 years for burglary and [rom n negro woman, whose htis- larceny; and Forrest Thorn nsnn • band ran nway and left her niter years for grand larceny and ra She hail borne him 91 ^hlhlron rr.l^rf J "" |)3 ' — - --•- ••— -....vt 1.111 11 mi y mm Lt^l LT Utr llllt:! I J t 'It fit ajotit the letter ami!sh c hail borne him 23 children, rclcd. MHted tllP whit** vnnt)i i iiM^lnH.,,^ ^,,nj m ,«im^ ' rt __ to l)s forfeited. Three officers of the 3 ^-- ...W.VII.IIL. UMtK Ul IIIU I ing u-ere bared in court this revenue!! 100 "- Tiie n *Sro. through bis at- Claims Conquest Of Dread Disease — ^v, ^^.^,..0 UA me revenue; " lt: ""-sro, tnrougn bis at deparimem stopped motorist after i wrne >'. R- B. Alexander, waived ex- motorist here last night as part I "mination and no evidence wa' of- i ol a drive by revenue officers lu! Icred - Actlns Jut',^ V O HolUnd i every large city In the state at! or< tered him held to Ill8 : t "HP CO tnft ll»no ilitV Ihe same lime Mother of Nine Killed in AHic Still Explosion' Philadelphia Plans j Unusual Art Exhibits! MILWAUKEE, Nov. 20 (UU)-i V.,,.., „„ ex , 11D |, s w(] , , , ,,, , Explosion of a still in the attic i during d, e nm „ , l ' of her home resulted today In, the galleries of the Ph ladenlila tnc death of Mrs. Ethel Kaqhikiis.l Museum of Art mother of nine children, and lien The fust will "depict (lie sueces- 10-vear-oM daughter, Frances. islvc periods of cvSoti In the 'ned men Happier , - - -.. .„,,. UBlorc Than Married Womeni hl %'^ n d^,t\i;?t co,, „.„ • i |xxsod entirely O f Soviet art O f the DALLAS. Tex. (UP) - Married ! Post - Romanoff period This first men are Happier than married -"' ' s " r women In (his city. .Such at lenst is the conclusion of a survey ^- - , " ou ' vu,v cujiipicica rec Lhicago Corn i, Coimc " of churches. ^ ^^Vl»- T!i c RllWftx, ftlcrt Alc^l^ open 85 high low close 85 1-2 83 1-4 83 1-4 88 81 84 1-8 recently by U. i n V '""" ii i^t">v. mis iirst public showing or paintings etchings, drawings and lithographs will not Include work by emigres The collection w ns obtained from the Institute of Cultural Re- ip. """'"-« <" v/nurcnes. i"""i i"e insuiuie ol Cultural Fte- Uic survey also disclosed . thai i l «ions in Moscow, known i, the nnrrlages later In life are "not- ! "V. O. X." and will be Lhlbl ed «»'y happiel- than earlier ones," j >'»<!er the auspices or the Russian- ....K!/^.! VIHUL uiirjicr onefi, '""'t-i im: auspices ol the Russian- that young people are not American Institute ol Cultunl De- properly educated" for marriage.Jlntlons here, conquered by discovery ot on Immunizing seriwn which he Has produced, Dr. William H. above, of Hie New York health department, announces, declar- 25 children already been Itioculaieil succcssfnllj-. Tha One murder charge was dismissed, that against Fronkte George Jr.. held in connection with the slaying O f William p. 0 ycus country store oivner- O f the Davis community near Braggadocio Dycus was shot in tlie back as h e sat on a counter in his store. The trial of Jim Slavlngs rlurged with murder In connection with Die death of hts father- Inlaw. Everett Baird, who died in Ihe Blytdeville hospital wounds inflicted during gfe between the two, «- a <, ,„.,„„fed until the next term of court at cost of the defendant, upon application. T),,, i j— iu iiiarcn on wasnins- ipe body was Inkcn to Car- ton nnd overthrow the Kovern- nii>r«viiii. cnt. For mere LhKii three hours Butler was questionsd pr'lvntely by Ihe committee, presumably oiv what he knew ol n purported "MOM- nn " ••'-" lo make him a fascist _ r. recess Representative Snintiel DicJcjteln, vice-chairman f the committee, said: "From [ircsent indlcntlons G'cn era] nul.ltr has the evidence cor BIO 01 SE 1- Its Observance Price of . Recovery Cooperation Says Federation Head WASHINGTON.. Nov. 20 (UP)— ;n of President \yilllnm olt;lrl , „, lni American Fedi-rallon n f I.nbor today set compliance with Section 7-A of the NDA ami decisions enforcing it as tlie price f cl - bor's support of the , )e iv busings- drive to co-opei-nte with President Roosevelt toward recovery ••neforc labor tun accept the olfcr c,r the Chamber of Commerce to co-operale with the government In the promotion of ecoii- onylc . recovery," said Green, "It must ymbllely- announce Its (vllllnir. ness to comply .with Section 7-A aw Us wllllii0riess to abide bv i mi d " lsk " ls of 'I'"!' constituted aut hor ties set- ,,,, by a,t of con fr : , "?'' ,", 1C P " rPOSC Ing Indiislrlfll peace. Urges Hendrix Sludenls to Cullivale a Broad Outlook e r CONWAV, ArlTwov. 20. (UP)- N '" York >ndus- ncler, today ureed and tetter tvorld-wide at the cm,,, r' nn " cl> " 'ns'i'ale himself e tier from the world's successes or Its failures," Young declared as he called for n broader vision ad deeper (hlnklng on Ihe part o my , P ma " y - " a " 0lls ' ' * languages and their many he mi( |, - is thal at , a "> a " allko - In reeds, - y »»<«- ations you can casll S J t , J , point or view If you will onlv liango chairs with them 5 "ft Is tlierefore necessary for you o widen your understanding and sympathy and int erest _ forg a ™ ™ iT^f " i° r no ° Ther «" ri ni ' deperd5 not alone on hat your community do=s what U?| l V nd n ' tlon *«• ^'^ n aha! the \vorld does" Young corffatulated 't Two Seek Divorces Nannie A. suit for divorce Stolen Slot Machines Found Rifled in Fields Two money "Jack-pot" slot machines, of a type said to be p re - , f ,„ „ . , mlent In this section, have bee,, ' e « ln B «»t her husb round rifled and abandoned hi ^ r a .? cr .. lhrce w «fcs of fldds near here by officers recent- One, said lo be of the quarter trustees. of Reynolds in chancery couvt' hero oi~ ? , Mrs ' Ml A - M«ssey> Mme; NlnB that her husb" d teert'd ?„°w T*$' « A ' Wa " a<?C ' Mer .hrtt- or^n,. n _. . " u^tit^a in wells. S. R RPX-OTIJ « a l>lalntlff. hlch ts seeking a divorce g a vorce fimn George Rich in another ac- sarlcly. was discovered several days ,• „ „ by Arch Llndsey. deputy sher- Personal Indignities arc lift. It was reported to have been £!!'"'?, " s « rmm ^ for. the action. , stolen from a local drag store and h ™,V Co °l» r Is atlorney for the "jack|X)t" removed by the Sl a|X) remove y the thieves was estimated at a size- Rlch. able amount. .... — % . . -, "*i;iiiHai& iiiiu viuinr.y—uccasion- Tbo one found later by Tiiur-' " row S 110-Lb. Putnokin a! ral " ^'"sht a »d Wednesday, man Atkins, poViccnvan, was re- old " W«i"«day. ; ported of the nickel type. Tlie quarter machine had been forced COOTER, Mo. 110-pound store here. 0 If ORB fli AIL,, Alleg-, eel Plan lo Seize National Capital NFAV YOTUC, Nov. ,20 (UP) ipckon former mnrlni; command?!-, vent before ihe cotijvesslonnl com- nitlee invEstienllng un-Americnn and was reported ., ..—. how he declltud lo organize »n army 'of 6DO,0(» veterans . Washing- 000 plot' cucliitor. During rcctly. coinmlti icc's agents ' . n linve been checking for' some weeks en i he evidence presented In- the Bcncrnl. ' We Have about 15 witnesses under subpoena. "Tliere nre indlrallons thnt tomb rather luiparlaiiL p»rsoiiflges Imvc been setting forth idens that are distinctly un-Amcrlcqii." Burlier Ocrald P. MncGuire, Wall Street bond salesman, denounced ns "absolutely ridiculous" published reports Hint lie hod cxmfsrr-'d with Dutler as agent for n group of wealthy Neiv Vorkers ' who wanted the rormer mhrltiD olticei lo Isad a fascist dictatorship movement in the United States' U. S. Will Buili New Levee Near Knowlton MEMPHIS, Nov. 1!0. (UP)— United States' District Engineers her* today announced a new levee project which .will gjvebmploymeht 2 50 .'men for : The. project will begin one m tl e southeast of Knowlton, Ark,, and will extend three and one-fourth miles .up the Mississippi river It will cost between $350,000 and $400 000, according to unofficial - estimates. , ; Elds K-era called today and onei- necrs will o wn them .at 11 a rn Decembsr 7. The work must 'be completed by Uovenrtwn,, 1935. Wrestling Immora! Says Head of Toronio Parks TORONTO, Ont., Nov. 20 tUP) -• BcemiBc lie considers ivrestlfnV immoral," Parks Comissloner- Chnnifccrs refused today to "tent ,-v building for an exhibition of the 1 sport. i In his report the commissioner staled that In Ills opinion "wrestling Is Immoral and against the : policy of the department." Members of the Toronto board of control do not agree and have crdered the commissioner to explain. Students Drive Police from New York Campus NEW YORK7~N6v. 20 (UP) Flailing fists of dozens of students drove a score of policemen from tho city college campus today " n two-hour strike went into :ct in protest against the ex- PtiWon of 21 students for participating m an anti-fascist demon- -'"Uicm last month. Red Cross Drive STEBLB, Mo.-Mrs. A. D. Aber- athy, leader of the Red Cross organization here,, hfjs named the foli ° R ' ln £ to assist her In the an- Wells, S. B. Br)-ant, H. B. D. A. Collins and Miss WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, probably rain ontglit and Wednesday. Cooler In lorthwest portion Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Occaslon- maximum temperature here N'orrls, official weather oBse

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