Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 6, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1895
Page 5
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Holiday Novelties! Neckwear! Handkerchiefs Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DE THE HATTB GOING f\WfVY, • Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR I •^ stick to him. You Suit me to a T. E. PLURIBUS UNUMI TUCKER &YOUNG, THE, PErtRL STRBET TfllLORS. DAILY JOURNAL j WITH A LIGHTED PAPER I WEDNESDAY MORNING. FEA 6. THE PJ>6ER OF FA'IB. I Polotert Ani»ll»y Out 10 H-iinncl Inn Diemnmid «o H»«" tor Jler— They Arc .Vo\v Out 1 . A matrimonial agency has brought I about tbo glueing logeiher of two that palpitate In unison, and the job v»s done with nil the ronoan- tlo trlmmtngtt iooluded. It appears to have boen a g»od job. Four months ago Misa Anna May D-eppard of Flora, lod , and Sum C. Thorn poon of L»ke City, Fla., bogan to correspond, IbrouRh a matrimonial agency. It got to where photographs "ero ex changed and then Anna Mny and I Samuel begun to yearn (or each othor 1 la a manner ttut did not consider iho I 2, 000 mile* that sopurated tht ra When S'irnuol began to dream I Of his pen and ink sweet (heart and had her pointed out I to bltn during one ol bis epi-lts, he I tumbled io tho conclusion th^t Anna I May Druupurd was mount for him. IToen Samuel sent his Booster corros Ipondenttbo tickets anU cash 'or tbe (long journey to L'lko City.. Fla , at plttca abe arrived Saturday. hompson met tho young lady i«y are now married and living Jin a little hou^e in Suwanoo county, I the land of oranga blosaoois, WIT- en Knowlm i-tlll Improving Warren Knowles is said to be stead* Illy Improving under the care of the at St Joseph's hospital. AFOOBVEAR OLD fciIRL IGNITED 1IER BABY SiSlEK'S CLOTHES. And Ihe Ht'le Oo« WIIH no Jl-rtly IIu ned Tlint Sue J>i««l Tw« Honrs li»t<-r— K«v, ll«rluu Who Wan l»rlv liic by *..«• ihu »uiiik» mid Uxiln lieFiaiuen ^Vnhn lilunket HUH Wchoul Hei>i<>r» »nd Ja« lore. TDO «enior C!»BS nf the high school IwlH eniert»in tbe juniors at tbe High (ilreet home of H«rry Tousley tonight. A Saloon AblnjiP. John Fox's Buloon at S'ar City was amaged to the extent of $250 by a ire Monday olght. The bullclng was A FIRE WADE WITH 1UNDS. Therein It««»on to Think tbe Bl»e •I the II -m* f John «tl»inK«pW-ii Htm »,,h ,•„ Jur,. *-"""<" *r«-*» "••The damage *utt of Edward LEW. Between three and four o olqck yes- Irenoe v* Dr Z. D. Loop for $5 i 00, terday morning the fi>e. department (alleging malpractice, wan given to the was called to the home of John GU •jury j-«» after noon yesterday, and up alngar, oetween Heth .and Wilkinson •to midnight last night the dozen were Bireet* on the West Side. A fire that threatened serious things wcs .burning the woodshed and kitchen. ; Considerable trouble was experienced of the llTlog .(limes Shortly before 4 o'clock yesterday af ternoon a» Rev M. A. Harlan wts driving past No. 117 Washington street, he saw smoke issuing from a bouse Thinking tho bouao was on fire be rudhed in, to behold the clothes of Inez, tbe 18.tnonih3-old daughter of Joe Malon«, colored, the Murdock hotel barber, on fire. The little one was sitting enveloped In a maes of tire. Mr. Harlun smothered the lUmos with a blanket, but not before tho child had ^eea fatally burned. Tbo mother had left the three ctiil- dren piiiylng in the bouse while she hud gone on an errand expelling to return la a short time She came In a few minuies afier Rov. Har- Ian hud smothered the tire. Tbe oldest child a boy about 7 j ears od said thathis younffar stater 4 years Old was engaged in lighting paper in tbe tire and uocldently set tho little one's clothes on fire with one of ibe UK hied pieces of paper. When the ohild'n clothes brgun lo burn the other children became frightened and ran out of ILO bouse. Drs. Stevens and Bui-jihn were called in but found the little girl so badly burned that it was impossible to s*ve her llfi. Sbe expired at 6:80 o'clock. The child was silling on » piece of oil cloth near tbe stove at *,be time or io all probability the house would have taken, fire. _ w ^ f ... • w. •- ^ lltlll deliberating. Awarded | Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; POHDfR wr»CT PPPFPrT MAD MOST PERFECT MAD in wakening tbe members Gllslnger family. Mr Z >bar, across the alley, first sa* the and sent la the alarm. The damage to the building' is covered by Insurance. It is suppo3sd by some that the buildings were fired to shield a theft. At any rate a number of Articles la cludlne garden tools 400 pounds of fl mr a»d a barrel of pork were missed at the time of tbe lire, and suspicion points to the supponed ihiaves as the authors of tho attcjmpt to destroy property and pe'haus human life. of Wsi William Hoskeii, form ny employed in Brooko' picklog bouse and memher of Waba*b Lodge 18S1 K. of H . and Wea died LEGISLATIVE NOTES. A Fee and KaiaryB>ll B^portfd by ihe tiou>e 4'omruitH'O—«*"ldit"r's Hume JJ.Ll 1'nMHrS lll« Senate. .Indianapolis, Feb. 5. Tha fee and'salary bill prepared bv th« House commlnee was introduced yesterflay Tne bill ra.Ues tbe Sdlurlcf of sheriffs acd recorders and al=o tba Bulai'y o 1 auditors in a few o' the «oi:o ties Tbe commltiee decided thut State officers tbould b«ve DO pereocia use wbitiever of fee?; thai tho inter- eflta of iho people demanded fair and equilnblo i-alaries. wii.Lout any f^ee or pKrq.nsiie^ Wi'h tfcis rule Su mind, tverv < Ulcer of tho Staie v/ai put on a. ntraiacii salary, and i he llmh of ne.la.ry wbich he Phall pay bid deputies was fixed. The comcni'.tie believes thai b- this net ibere will bo a i-aviug of $75 000 u. $100 000 to the St-ite TLe brtUry of i.he Attorney- General ie flxrd ai $7 500 and it makes It impuhi-ib e for him to secure any feet-; the ealary ol tbe Auditor is fixed at $7 500. and the tnlar-y of thu Secretary of Sttile at §ft QUO Tto liovernor'a i-alury WHS not chaDsed, aod the salurles of the suboiiinata otHcerd were not materlully chui ged. The committee save that in agreeing to abide by tbe rule that no fees shall be received, it is guided by Section 118 of ibe consiiiution of the State, wnlch, it bellevt>8, prohibits the allowance of fees to officers. THREE MASKED MEN Commit a Duriug: Robbery Early las * Ijrht. COHERED WITUTHKEE REVOLVERS J E. EKWlS IS EL LEI) To G'.v Tj> All ill* i In lit* Po l<> Ovrr O" Vl'.ll -» •' Senator LaFolleue will Introduce a bill 10 investigate the Indiana School Buok company. The Newa eays: The opponents of the school book company will ask the cotnmltiee to luquire into ihe reports thai the Indiana company belongs In fact to the American Book Company, tomposed o( Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co , D. Apploton and other large concerns that u-ed to supply Indiana with school books and that are now In a combination. These concerns, it ia alleged, have everything to do with the school book supply ia Indiana, working through the Indiana company and allow it a large slice of tbe profits. fha quality of tbe booke ia also to reciive atteot on. and the rival companies promise some interesting reve aliens They claim that the B ;bool teachers are almost solidly with them, and that tbey do not criticise thtt law so much b.a the books. f » * The militia bill was debated at ength in the House after wblch ir, »»s recommitted to the committee on military ulTalrs, wlih instructions that ,be amo'int t-llowed annually be fixed at $45 000. the mttxlmuno number for hch company be fixed at fifty Sve, ,nd tbo section proposing to exempt members of the 'militia from taxation >e stricken out. <c + * The firemen's pension bill was passed. The vote was — avea, 81; iayn, 8. It only applies to cities of iver 30 000 population. It levies a pecial tux of ono tenth of ooe par ;ent of all tbe taxes assessed annu- ,lly in anv city affected, and enables rustaes of the pension fund to receive louatlons. * * * Tbe bill providing for the Inspeo- ion of sttam hi bers was warmly debated It was^o'eated by a vote of to 15. Tbii tri'il b«s been before be Legislature for several' Bessl^ns. ,ast tesalon it came within one -vote f passing the Houre. * * * The bill for a Soldiers' Home at jafayette passed the Senate by a unanimous vote Tbe bill apprporl- ies $100.000 for 'he purpose It ill probably be amended in the House. * * * Senator McLean's bill providiogthat be State Normal School diploma shall ntltle the holder to leacb without xamlnation was ordered engrossed. * * * Senator New by today Introduced a illl to require the ifJVcte of intozl- ants and oarr-oiios to be taught In the ubllc Bchools rtnonil Cornell' «n s gre»tly enuancea by » finsgfeet of eeth. On the other band, nothing so elracta from the tfftct ol pleading matures, floe evtd and a graceful uure, as jellow tee'b Tnat popular oilet anic e SOZODOST checks their ecay, and renders intm as white -a?' now. Hilnllrnl JJ.illi.r-. O .Id Wiiicti j-ml Kevnlvr— CoolfNt HJcco <rf « 01 U by itulibi-f * Till. «'HJ T..r JZ«»y Y- arw— Tin- li per-'iln st tt.iHl L'i> 11 it.ri-nrtt-r fur Drink*. 1J. f,.n- .i ti in;>-lii!: llx-J »< Krwl '»— Ktirrii. M<- IilTor.» <t < Om«-f.s-> li.-K. b!> r- Lo-vr- ih'« :xi Oiipe-Olli.e-» »• Hie Stirrobii-il TuWuS uii i lit- lioolionl, One .of tbe coolest pieces of work ii tbe criminal line ever cone In tnl section was successfully ucoooipli&tu-: bv three unknown men at J. E Er*in's drug store on ihe corner o Pium and Miami streets abuut 8:4 laet night About '9 uVluuk Mr A S-.ldt«r on Slcfc Bart Stuart, one oi toe Lo^ansport oys who attencs the Culver Military .cadtmy, Is at tbe home of his on Erl R'Ver avenue. and is Tribe !70. .roer of .Red Men, Ibia city savefl Hammond WFrKU,. . Wonging. Iron, id to be tick frum the tffects of the xposure resulting from the fire at he academy Monday. The ooya from very loir of jfaelr flames. Erwln told his story to Officer Hough ton about us follows. He was engaged In making up tb< pash for the night when Ibree men entered He paid no attention their appearance or actions, being absorbed in counting the cash, unii he looked up to meet the open muz zlee ol three revolvers Aod tbe slnis ter glances of thrte palri of eyes, leering ' at him over three dirty black cloth masks Toe three tough looking ci izena did not keep him long In suspense, hut intlmalfrd that they were after all tbe money he bad, There was a 34 call bre ' Bull Dog'' revolver In reach of his hand under the counter, but his visitors had -suggested ttat he hold hia bands toward heaven, and be did as be was cold. They secured the mono', about. $100 In all; a gold, open faced watch, E trio movement, worth $80; and Mr Er- wlu's revolver, and then pasred out with tbe statement from one of them, "He's all right, we've cone aim." James McCombs, who lives above Erwln's store, bad heard the noise In the room below- and ha stepped in at the front door as the robbers withdrew. In company with drupe's-, Erwiu be went in ee rch of a police man and met offijer Hnugtuon at tbe corner of Johnston's drug store. Then followed a search ot • three hours and more, prosecuted with judgment aod perseverance by H'iu£bton, who wasjjlned by i-ffiser Burcb, and lattr by Capt Tnomns and patrolman Gribam From Erwiu'd de-crlptloa the men were roughly drersed. their triads being grea«y and unclean. T*o were tall and oce a short heavily built njan. Tbe latter wure a cap and a abort double breasted coat. The tall pair wore slouch hats and one of them also, wore a thort double b/enS'ecl coat Ibe trio was heard from at P B Titus' ealonn, at which place they had ordered baer without paying (or it, addressing tbe bir tender. Cbas Berry, in very impolite tones, and mnking a big show of will end woolly brav.ido and recklessness. When they raised their masks to drink tbe beer given ihem, one of the tall ooes disclosed an unkempt sandy beard aod mustache. From Titus' place the three wont directly to Erwla's drug store, secured tbe loot under the u>se of lh« proprietor and his neigbbosr, and disappeared in the darkness It was a fit nlgas for the commission of jast such a deed, and for a Successful esoaoe from poss ble ^ur suers. The officers made a careful search of tbe Vandtlia vards, and the entire neighborhood, goln'g even to tbe home of a man who was for .the moment SUB pentad of some connection with ibe daring hold uo One party went north and one south on the Van- daiia. officers Qougbton and Burch met with tbe first clue at tbe junction of the Fan dandle aod Vandalia tracks west of tho city where' tbe watchman said he bad especially noticed three" rough looking men, who had passed near to him. some time before. They seemed to be to a desperate hurry, an are no Ordinary tramps, and he beard one of them remark that arter they got on tbe firm track they could -'go JiVe . ." . His oei-crioilon of the man tal'lted exactly with ih*t given by E'*ln, and the i-ffi-iers a'ter carefully examining tbe trail left ia the enow by ibe three men came to the conclusion thai they were on iheir way to mcr's station, where they expected to Caleb a Ireight train Incted it was thought they h'd caught the south bouoa Vai.dalla freight on tbe hill itis Bide ofClymers. Word was at once ' eent io Marshal Bird at Frankfort, and another to The Indications Are That Walker & Raucli nave the kind of Rubbers and Overshoes you want. Try it on. Wf\LKER & RflUOH. 420 Broadway. For Fine Printing. * • You wi!! find the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER HB^OS INVITATIONS lEriDS, PROGRAMS, STATEMENTS, GfVRDS, ENVELOPES f\ SPECIALTY. You get our figures and we'll do the work. Do not-fail to call on the JOURNAL for Job Printing. See The Specialists For Ciironic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that has given wonderful result*. D MJ'C for^e- that r.hfir vapor treatment for all Chronic Luna: Troubles uer.s th^> rpiupdi"8 to 'be di^eaH^d spots aod cure» when everything else faiU. Call acd investigate anyway. It eosts you nothing for consultation. Drs Ctiristopner & LongenecKer, At 1 be Medical aad Surgicalllnstltute. 417 Market Si, Logansport. Ind. Mader at Delphi, in case they should have taken the Wa-'asb, and w;tb the assurances of those officers that the men would be cured for, ibe night pollcirm'n ceased iheir pursuit. The boldness of tbe robbery, In a civilized community, of a peacable mercnunt behind bis own desk, when friends vfere at his call, is what most surprises one. The police are of tbe o'ulnioa tbat the banditti were mporttd stock, and that they hud been in the city only a few bours when tbe startling rob bery was committed. They are .bought to b<j from Cblcago TQO trio has four good revolvers and probably other defensive weapons; ,bat they have assurance and unlim- .ted nerve they have proved. Two tramp* were searched by Thomas and Graham in the Vandalla ards here, and at Frankfort tbo same pair of unfortunati 3 fell into tbe :luich(rs of the officers on the look. out for tbe three bold robbers, and were again given a severe examina- ,ion on suspicion. They were re. eabed later. It was discovered by telegraph that ,ho three desperadoes bad parsed .brough Clymera on the V^ndalla relgbt train No 61. Tne officers coofiJently look for tho ipeeay capture of the gang. Th» Modern laraUd •' , Has tastes modiciaally. ,ln ..keeping *llh other luxuries. A remedy must be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely whokson-e la composition, ruly beneficial In effect and entirely •ee from every objectionable quality. f really 111 he consults a physician; f constipated he uses the gentle 'amily laiative Syrup of Fig*. Friday night tbe It nights and Ladles if Honor will open Lodge at 7 o'cloclr, .nd at 7-30 the doors will be open to t he Knights atd Ladies and their gue«is iLvitert to meet the Grand Pro- t-ctor. Dr. W. R Francis of taa>-ion l.ch lady IB expected to- bring a taaket of lunc.b for two The funeral of idb late Sarah Conad was held from tbe home of her on, Wm. T. Conrad, at 2 p. m. jeu- lerday. Tcere was an unusually large ittendo.nce. in aplte of the bid weath- r, of the frieods, neighbors and ear relatives of .the decciucd. Toe __r. C. A Spiti'er of ibe U B. Jourcb, conducted the services. 'Tne ud? wa« placed to re*( in Mt. uemeiery- TO ANOTUEK FIELD. Or. J,J. Itartoo, All IIIw L,lfe Idcntl- 11 o(l tVnlt CiMK Couuty'n lateroMIfl Move* to ljulwn City. Df. J. J. Burton of Royal Center, went to LJaion City yesterday to locate perminently ia ibo practice of medicine. HJ bad practlcad hU profoi- gion at Royal Canter for ten years is a C*ss county boy, and graduaied from tbe hlffb scaool bore. A numner of Royal Ceotoc citizens gava the physician Lho following tribute as a farewell. ROTAI. CENTEK, Feb. 4. 1895. To Dr. J. J. Burton: Aa citizens of R iyal Center, appreciative of ttto valuable services rendered in your official capacity and the use of your press lu behalf of moral reform an3 tdo municipal government of Soyal Centre for the past three years, vro extend to you our heartfelt gratitude for tbe faithful and foarlesa manner that you have discharged your duty to behalf of good citizenship in eald capacity, andadebt,of graviiud-j by all good cUtzans is due you. for ttre earnest zeal manifested io opposing influences that had-for a long period of years corrupted the morals of our community. Mny your unflinching zeal and untiring energy ever be found on tHB side of rlgat wherever destiny ieadl you. AHIGHWAEMAS BLUFFED. An Attr pt !• Bold Up Wllll»«i r frozen Gn««e«- •-InC While Wiiliam Ganger w*.« OD hif way home Tuesday evening about 9 o'clock be was confronted Dy a mm ia the court bouce park who demanded his moaey Mr. Ganger made ft motion as if to draw a revolver and told tbe hiehwayroan to go about b (9 business, woicn be very promptly did. Y-nUre. Rev. J.jnu Rcia. Jr., uf Great Falls, Mont ,recommendec Eiy'a Cream B-Itft to me. I can emptiaciza his states, menu "It i» a oorllive cure f«ir cat- rrh if uted as directed — Rtv. Frnnclft W, Pcole, Pastor Ct-ntral Presb.) teriah Church Helenv Muot. [i U tbe medicine above all others for catarrh, aod 1* worth it* «elgat in ; golc. I can a»e Ei>'<» Cream Balitt «ltb safe'.y aod li does all ib»t .If claimed for it— B. W. Sparry, H*rt- ford, Conn.

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