The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1937
Page 2
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iuion Divided as to Need for Enabling Action by Legislature LITTLE ROCK, Feb 18--Differences of opinion developed yes-, terdaj' among legislators nnd state officials as to whether enabling legislation'••• will' be. necessary ' to put into effect the uapportion- irtcnt amendment- adopted nt the general election last November. A group of casiern Arkansas representatives, : Including Ivy W. Cr&nfiud of Mississippi county, mid I co Nyberj of Phillips county,-Is preparing enabling measures to be introduced 50011. Mi Nybcrg sold the bill probably will ;ncludc a provision to exempt lioldovcr senators from' Imvlhg to nui again next year. Senator J. L. Shaver of Wynne auU; Secretary of'.Stato C. O. Hall they behe\e the aiiiendincnt Lawn-Mahing Is Topiq at High School Tonight Lawn-making in Blyllievllle will bo taken up tonight In a meeting at (lie high school .'library, which Is open to the public. The meeting, one of a series of ten being sponsored by tre Junior- Senior High School Pfircnl-Teach- pr Association as a part ,of -a is -'mandatory self-executing and-'that--legislation on (ho subject. .Is not needed. Governor Bailey _; and Attorney-. General Jack 'Holt,, who.'with the secretary of •state,- would compose the Rcnp- pc-rtionnieni Board created by the nhibndmenl, mu'de no comment. The Amendment directs the board to file its ieapporl!onmcnl The Editor's Letter Box DhltkcG Split Decisions' (To the editor:) •, 1 am for a change 111 the Supreme C'ourt, but-not altogether for Hi:' plan as tlu President wants It. Too niLt'li power aiuhrespunsl- pai-l of a bcautiflcalion program, I biilty on one man, ivlll be le;l by Paul Craig. Mr. Craig, who Is an expert along this line, .will discuss seed mixtures, the proper kind of seed which should be used in Blytheville, the Ill-fit Me|>s to bc s taken In innkinj! a lawn, the kind ol toc^s to be used, tlic draining and terracing of the lawn nnd ths proper kind of weather In which lo mow, the lawn. The meeting begins at 7:30 o'clock. flulicuia i\ew& Mis. Louis Freeman returned Wednesday from the Bapllst hospital In Memphis, where she recently underwent a major opera- tlon, ViiRll Utley and Bill Oakley jr. were In Memphis Friday on business. Mrs. Russell Dcvorc of Elvlns, Mo,, Miss Hazel Cohooii and Joe Colioon. wh arc attending scliool In Cape Glrardeaii, were with their tiithcr, Jim Cohoon, who Is ill, over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. 6am Workman spent Saturdoy and Sunday with plan in the secietaij of stalk's of-! Mr. and Mrs. John Axibil and fico by Apill 1 and allows 30 days daughter, Mary Joan, of Wai-dell In which pioiesL<> 01 petitions for leUsion may l)o filed. If .the board sliould fail or refuse to pel form this cliilv, the, Mr. and Mrsk.M, fill. Bailey arc with Mr, and Mrs. C. T. Thomci and other relatives in Memphis. . . Mr. anil Mrs. Harold Crawford Supreme Couit is given original 1 Miss Olene Booker. Orvllle I'mk- and exclusive jurisdiction to compel compliance with the- amendment nnd 10 levhe any aibllrarv action of the botud. Undei (urns of the amendment, lepresenlation in the House, and Semte would be ^apportioned following each federal census, with the first leapiicilionment lo be. Uon and Manford Cohoon IcIL Friday fnr Flint and Detroit Mich. Cnrl Richards luis returned ti his home nt Elolse, Term., after i visit here with relatives, Misses Wanda and Bencvn lies have returned from St. Louis where they visited Mr. nnd Mrs made this \eai. All tcimtori would i Claude Kdww-ds. .Mr. and Mrs J be elected without leteicnce to'H. Best. «re remainlim for u fe\ term, and then would determine' days until the latter who has In l\ lot which would senc two lluenzn, Is :betlci-, '. •• years and \\hich fom jiars-so thai appioxlmately half the Senate membership would be elected c\ery two ycais until (he next apportionment. Corn Gets Early Sl.ut Chinese Envoy Studied In (1. S. OBEHL1N, 0. (UP) - Ting-Pi Tslaug, newly. appointed Chines Ambassador to Russia.'was orartu nlt'd from Oberlln college in 1918 Later he look his Pli. D. at Co Mfur it A triiiT .-..-.-. . lk , luuii. mo i it. u. m YJ(| ,E " A J- EN : °° ml . WP>.-- H,n,bia_a,,d, on l,l s return to ,hi Science again ehalleiiBCs Mother Ratine, thib time in coin raising. At the Connecticut Agiicultural L\peihneiit Station coin was planted in Jnmmiy and by using nrtifieial means of prolonging the dijlight period, seeds „.„ ^ icady lor out-of-dooi planting in be May, native land, tatifihl in a universit before entering the service of th Nanking government. Bees fly iio farther for foil tba is absolutely necessary. They us ually confine their forging to a. area wlthtir.a mile or lw-o of th j| hive. 111 E Slai " . , Risht 1'rlrcs On tivcrylliiiij, Everyday We Guc Sluing Stomps — Ask Foe Tliem r.ACON Best Urcaktiisl, Sliced I,b Jowl's U. OLIVES, (ilirrn Full Quart Jar 32c 20c FANCV..K. C. ISL'liF EOASTS Pound STEAKS Pound 19c 32c CABBAGF, Tc\n Firm Heads. Lb. Green COMPOUND LARD. Pure White Ribbon. 2 Ibs. GRU'L niUIT, FIIKJ -tr; Marsh Sccdiets. 1 for ItSC P.011K SAUSAGE PURE POIIK Found MIXr.1) 'SAUSAGE -I fk ; 1'ound lUC SWEET POTATOCS, Best Forfo Rican. 11> 3k I'URE GKOUND l'<runtl BEEF STIAKS. Home KilleU. Lb. ONION'S, Large Yellow 3 I,Iis. , REIM 15c 25c lOc VORK-'SUOW.DER i; OASTS, Lb- .. . . ' BOKES,, Mc?() o Pound " O^C SPARE RIBS, , Jleatj -i 71 Pound 1/ 2 C TICKLES,, Soar or Dill Qu.irt Jar 15c ''OR S ; SAt,T !,b. TABU; REACHES, .sii In Sjrap f,- 0 . 31 SOAPS, Ci7Slal,«hl(c or ' OKEENS, Sllinarh or Tii'rnlji. 1 Hl.y'villp. Can , I'hillliis. Vcg. ur Tcmalo. Ciui TOMATO JUICK, Can 5c hctlf, Macaroni, Pottetl or Tomnlo 1'asle. H:i. FRLSH COUNT11V or DUTTliit. Lll. KVAI'OHATEI) FKU1TS Plll'N'ES, I.h. at: I'KACIIES, Lb ' Yi!.',,! AFRIOOTS, l.b 15 ( - J1II.K. All Braiuls •I Small or 2 Tall Cans COFFEE, Ltiriannc, ltilc«>r Frltc or Hnnicr l.;ui<-'. L JC FINE GRANULATED SUOAH .=- 27c: 10 5s P . Oocd Tfinirsicp. Gal. FI.OUll, (iolil Medal. Kile-hen Tixln). 20 Llis. PliKE I.ARD, In Cartons SI 1 l.b. I5c; -I I.lis. aOr; S 1 SALT. In Sacks 251b 23c; SOlb a.ic; 10511) FI.Ol!!!, Jcrsry Crcnin S. It. 4S-Lb. Sack SAI,M> OIL, In Water n r hollies. I'l. IDc; Qt. Ot)C IIROO.MS, A Gcnd Me Value. E:tcli Crisp. I.I), Ens. Fresh nnd -I r 2 Lbs. IDC PEANUT BUTTKU Finl 15c; Qu.irl 25c CANNED FISH CHUJI SALMON', Can .... 10 EAliniNES, I.gc. Can ... 7'. SANDWICH MEAT SPREAD: Asscrtcfi QO Can' On; Do/en "OC , • i,- T^ However) It !s\well known that,0ie courss of legislation through'Uht- court as now constituted reuuirfs very long limp, Adding now blood to tlic court and probably younger! men, would ul least'.cxpsdiW.rhlt-. ters. ' • •..; -'- ( . . -. ; This Is now a'much larger coiih- try llian it was'at Hie'eaily Whsn i>i>v Jtnlgc that the prcsl- eiit :ip]iolnts has served ten years :',-J lui£ r.'achod ths age of seventy, ve lo the President and Con^rass it! right 10 retire him on half pay, ny time litey sec lit. All JuUncs must retire at the age ( eighty on half piy. Some men ave more .sense anil judgement at / than otliers do at .sixty-live. Jse tiie ones thai arc (it and rare the otters. Whi'ii is Jud?c In (he rctlvemant »c la^2H tiivcc months from the .eneli. because of .sickness, Ihls u?l)l to retire him at once. I do not like these five ami four etlsiotis. Get, the law amende;! or hangeil s/jinchow, so that it will e ecven ihulsics to declare a law mconsliiitional. otherwise, the act f Congress remains ns passed. We require a unanimous, vote In 11 other jm'iss, why not, ut least, i even to two on l\r: Supremo I nencii? iicv. M. N. Johnston. Not a Move lo "Pai'k" Court To the editor) Enclosed you will find my ballot .vorhif,' t)i3 pyoposition advanced >y President llooscvelt In cohnec- Scn \\ltli cnlarHln^ tlic supvemu :ouv!. People seem to me to liave he wronj; opinion ol this niovc- nent. as 1 do not se» how it could construed as a movement to 'l.ack" tlis court In favor of any particular Ueas or theories. It must IJB imdsvstc.Dd that in chooitni; new members of the csurt any appointment by the pi-.eslilenL is merely u rccotnnicnciation. antl it Is necessary for tlis ssiial-2 to n tlie incmlur thus appointed. 1 dn not (liink It Is any.inference that present membsrs of ths court are iiielllcient or not Iruslwovlliy. lion of Hie court and very Important legation Hint has to wait for years for definite action should be speeded up for 'the welfare''bf v 'the country and nil'concerned. This docs not. mean that bccuim a judge Is seventy or^njorc years of age .that, he Is distiuali'fled.' by age. As a mailer of fact the most vltilo Judge en the prcwnt court, iiiia one whose decisions "ait not controlled-by any insliliious influences a's against (hs ganeral ^-el- fnre of the people. Is Juclga iziiiis firandcls at 80 years ol age. It is not as I .'untlerstand Ihe • prcsli)enl's plan any ''Intention of displacing Judge Hrandels or any othsr judge: on the present court oil '•ncc.qujlt of age, but' lo 'provlilj asststanda In hanclllii)! tlic mass of cases that in' due course,of tlni3 conh bsforei'ih"- court. - - - ' ' • ••'>•:• .-,.- , .: ,Jo A. Parker ; ' Bly'llicvlll;,' /irk. ' ; Announcements The Courier wows has Dcen nu riiorlzcd to iinnounco Ihe fvillow ing candidates for Blythcvlllc mil ilclpal officca, lo be cicctcd on •Vprll Q: ' • I-'or [Mayor MARION > WILLIAMS W, • W. IIOljUPETEft For Kirit Ward Alilernnn J. L. OUARl> For Alclcnnnii. 2nd Ward FLOYD A. ' Us :"Cool Glass" Discovered F»RAOUE lUP')'—"Siimiiicr 'g s'hlch absorbs the .iieat ' of mn while letting lliro'ugh .„ llBhl, has been discovered in Nor- Ihcrn Ilohenila,' It'is said. Tech-' ilcians long have been 'Interested In lieat-absorbliif ' (jliiss, but .'had liltlicilo been baffled by the urob- ! lem that the greatest part of • the- sun's cncrey. lay in the visible' Gpeetnim. : ' ' ' ! Read Courier -ficiM, Want Ads PRICELESS INFORMATION f those BUtfcrlnB frein STOMAcii , Dim TO . . Explains llic mnr\-o!otij \Villtirit Treatment which ta'.btlngrnE airoifnc tdJef. KolJ oil 15 days trial. . .- ICIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. i ROBINSON DllUG CO., Inc.'' MANILA: -.. • ' ;; , PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE ,', "BEUNAT" KNITTING YAKK' PREB INSTRUCTIONS'; Ne'.v spring and suinine'r -yiirjis Latest Styles' Classes, Friday, 2:30 P.- M. OIKS. MiSUE Il'OOI'EIl-;-.. 1100 Chlckasawba' Phohe : '1!)2 WEEK BLUE ENAMEL W&TERPAIL Bright blue, white speckled, enameled pail. Use your old pail for washing windqws. the car, etc. Save this for a "good" pail for kitchen, laundry, or other needs. Seamless steel shape. 10 qi. size. Limit 2 to Customer Solid copper belt rivets and burrs. Size 9, assorted lengths y s to % in. 1/2 Ib. box. LACE LEATM £ R Farmer's hondy bun- dle.Contoins assorted sizes, lengths and a small piece of leather for general use— making washers, etc. I Ib. bundle. HARNESS' SNAPS Plot- spring. C a d m i u rp plated for prolccfion against rush Guarded spring of olum. inized steel is rustproof. CURRY COMB Heavy b r a • c e knockers, shank, through black enameled handle and rivefed. 8 bars, lacquered steel, extra heavy, without mane comb. Closed bock. .1. \V. Slionsc .-Henry "The Progressive. Slore'! I'hosic 35 Wilsim Hi'iirv •.'hlURSDAY, FEBUUAUY ,& i^t -'ft OWKST PHICKS IN ..TOWN. DM W. MAIN ST., HLYTHEVILLB, ARK. SPECIALS ; ;KOK FRIDAY and SATURDAY Mor Juice Dozen 15c 5 l Loaf 5 ( JMEflT BREAD ,„, 5' 1'ackagd of 8 SALT MEAT Best 21 C STEW MEAT SPRING LAMB " G " 27 SHOUU)KK, FRYERS Full Dressed 1,1). 33 C lozen 15c . Garth's QV 'No. 2 Can HENS Full Dressed LI). Wisconsin Ktill Cream LSVE Nb.J Beef Chuck, Pound ...16c Thick Rib, Pound C ,l$y z c Sheiilder Clod, Pound, -I'. 25c 'SSI' Ail I'Mnvore EC, :&il.v.'': 1-kir. 3 Fancy Sliced 9/li C PIG TAILS' Lb. SAUSAGE 2t SLICED', Lb.- HOCKS, Ll>. Ific anas «JI A Can ^2y Lge,Can Vigu.or Smarly "" ' " EC. .3 Queeti 38' Tall Can T POTTED irJEAT Standard ft 1 C Can L 2 LJ). Red fitted No. 2 Can 2 1C 2 Golden Ripe Dozen U-Of.. Kolilc (Jnarl Camphell's Can Quart 13' Phillips Can BXED" VEGETABLES 10 10 Texas Green Pound No. 2 Can 2'/j (''I!" 2'/i Can Large Can ;i for School ))iiys. Fctii i'ois No. 2 Can -frtC Can U- Till! Can FKKSH COUNTRY PORK LH. 23 C Lli. M,. 02 1,1). Li). * 2 ^ ''& 1*

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