The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 29, 1920 · 12
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 12

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, October 29, 1920
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THE LINCOLN DAILY STAR FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1920. iln the Realm of Sport Edited by "CY" SHERMAN : HUGHIEJEilS t A BIG LEAGUER la MtK ! ATLANT IC COAST llinimn nrr rnn .huskers on their eastern. Invaaion was JIILiLUL 1 1 1 L LMU Un doubt until Friday morning. Dana 111 III l" lin 1 1 1" i" iMFl ''aa c511 Wednesday night to Ma lUUIVLllU Ui I I UN liomo in Fremont by the illness of I ma momer, Mil tne e remont noy re-' turned to IJncoln Friday, after being; assured that her condition had ma-jterially improved, and the announce-I mtnt was made that Dana would be a member of the Cornhusker party. ; Prior to his Thursday afternoon de- WphraSka'S Grid Team PlillS Pirture for Ithaca, Head Coach stiff signal practice, the Huakers working on a aeries of niew plays designed for the Rutgers and Penn Slate games- , . ' ! In Cornhusker circles, the hone is Twenty-five ' Cornhusker footbul. .trong that the Srhulte team may warriors, representing the I'nlrerslty "elean.up" on Rutgers, but aa to the tit Nebraska, 'will swino: aooaru a . " umci m grurru iUtirlirigtoii train 1-Vid.iy afternoon at UUl IU IVIIA VV I Lll llUl'Jtio and Penn State. i;Vi in.i vo ' ---- ot the Atlantic -coast region ever j i, i. .i-nVinakiif tf rid iron nr- lla-U3 j - fwri riff their eastern junket, the fcCprnhiisKrrs wfH nafin wun ine nui- n..4, . 4onm Tnpi!nv. NoV. 2. at . i . t)u ".mm, la Vw Vnrlr fit v. ;;,nd wlthj'enn State eolh'fiW. rated as nf tha moat powerful teams in the east. Saturday, Nov. 6, at State College, yn. In departing Jrom Lincoln, the Cnrnhtisker party was in . charge of Kred W. fcuehring, director of athle- pullin tics at the state university. Head1 ins, t that the Nebraskans will go against one of the most formidable teams In American football, and that the Huskers will do themselves credit it I'enn State is given a hard fight and held to a close score. The Cornhuskers' Itinerary. The itinerary mapped out by Director Luehring and HeacT Coaoh Schulte provides for an all-day Saturday Fto in, Chcago, where the CornhtjHkers will stage a practice workout in the morning and attend the Chicago-Ohio State "Big Ten" conference game In the afternoon. ig out of WMiieago in the even- ine. tue Nebraskans whi arrive in Coach flchulte pulled out of Lincoln . Niagara Falls Sunday morning. An-late Thursday afternoon, beading for j other all-day halt is on the progrnm. RUTGERS CHANGES TO BLflGKJERGEYS Coach Sanford Grants Huskers Exclusive Right to Use Scarlet Color. Former Detroit Pilot Rated as j Wonderful Performer in Diamond Sport. Ithaca. N. Y where he will scout the Cornell-Rutgers game. HchuMe will Jol nthe Nebraska party at Niagara Falls Himday morning, Nov. 1. I'uul J. HchlHsler, coach of the Cornhusker freshition, will scout the Pennsylvania! university-Pent! Stale game at I adelPhlft Saturday, then gointr to K York to rejiort to Schulle on trie I'enn State system of play Personnel of the Party. The Nebraska kqiuuI, as announced Friday morning by Director Ijueh-rlBff. will include: Captain Day, Puce-11k, Wads Munn, Monte Munn, Swan-aon, WelleV. Dana, Newman, Wright, Hartley, Ilnhku. Mooi-e. Ifassrtt, .'Young, Trlplett, Wcnke, Kclmrer, Ho-warth, Schoeppel, Dule. Thompson, Xtnlliin.tAri llnv lrfMH(ll nn,l fjtrtfn Coath Srtiulte was anxious to take thirty players on (ho trip, but the number was restricted to twenty-five, due to-the heuvy exprnne. While tlie Rutgers and Penn Htate managements have predicted great crowds at both Nebraska games, tho Cornhuskar managws were compelled to keep in mind the fact that the-guarantees bf (i,600, for the two contest will fall short a Irmst $1,000 of covering the lotttl expense. Dana Rejoins Huskar Squad. The ability' of llfrb Dana, varsity right eud, to accompany the Coiij- . , uiiLaRa, jjuriy win ungrr ' "n'Liork until Wednesday evening. 1 'h"-T Thursday and Friday Workouts ew! advance of the I'enn State gam ' after which the Huskers will depart for New York, arriving jn the latter city early Monday morning. 1 After the Rutgers' game, the Ne braska party will linger ' In New The in dyanee of the I'enn State gam will be stagtd at a country club, located eight -miles from State College, the seat of Penn State college. The Penn State management has arranged for the Cornlmskor players to establish living quarters nt the country clib. Departing Saturday n'ght, November . from Slate College, the Cornhukers will return to Lincoln Monday morning, November 8. ' ' Center to Pull Big Crowd at Atlanta (AsHoc'ated Press.) NEW YORK. Oct. 29. To avoid confusion that mifeht reault from tha Nebraska and Rutgers football elevens wearing, uniforms of their -lentlcal college color, scarlet, the Rutgers players will wear black Jer seys in the game at the Polo Grounds next Tuesday. Some of the patriotic Rutgers students raised strenuous objection, but became reconciled when Coach Foster Sanford urged that the visiting team could not be expected to abandon it color?,. Luehring Wires His Thanka. Although Nebraska's colors a,re scarlet and cream, the 1920 Corn-huskera have been wearing scarlet colored jerseys and stockings. Th South Dakota Coyotes, who performed In L'ncqln last-; Saturday-wore scarlet Jerseys and stockings, and the 'Comhuskers therefore changed to the blue jerseys worn by the Nebraska freshmen the Nebraska management conceding that this courtesy was due the viaitlng team. I,ate Thursday afternoon, a message came to Athletic Director Luehring from the Rutgers management asking that the Comhuskers - wear black jerseys in next Tuesday's game-in New York City. In his reply, the Nebraska director sug-cested that the Comhuskers .preferred to wear their regular jerseys. The announce-ment conveyed in the Associated Press dispatch to The Star disposes " of the color problem. Director Luehring said Friday morning that be would w re Coach Sanford thanking: the latter fnrh's courtesy. V (Assocated Press.) ATLANTA, ia.. Oct. 29. Oorsta Tech- athletic- aulhorit ! announced-today that 15,000 reserved seats had been sold for tomorrow's game here between Tech and Center college. Kxtra stands have been built, but only standing room tickets were available "today. Attell Agrees to Return and Testify (Associated Press.) StONTEAL; tJet. 29, Abe AttaH. former pugilist, named in connection with the 1919 baseball scandal, will return, to the United State voluntarily and give testimony, he aatd last night. "W.'V,j. t m is(1v." Attell aid "T I will go back of my own free will 'and tell all I know. Rack In 1891, in the summer time, a young chap with red hair and a face spotted all over with polka dots, was catching for the Leighton club of some little league in Pennsylvania. A travelling man, who was a friend of John Chapman, manager of the Louisville club of the old American "association, sent John a tip that this catcher was worth going after. John didn't hestitate, but sent Hugh Jennings a check for $100, with instructions to report at once. Hughia thought it must be a joke, but he, found tha check to be genuine, so he reported.' To make a jump from a regular bush league club to the major league, on such short notice, kind of took Hughie'a nerve, but then he figured that ho had the 100 bucks and they would have to give him a chance to work it out. This was the begin-j ntng of the -roroafkable career of Hugh, Jennings, one ot the greatest I infielders" and batsmen the game ever,' had and, later, one of the' ablest! managers In tha game. 1 t-anstad at First Sack. , Hughie'a days as a catcher e.ided the moment he donned the uniform of the Colonels, for Manager Chapman didn't just know what to do with the carmine-headed busher after he had him. Taylor, the regular first baseman of the team, was out that day with an injury and Chapman planked Jennings on the initial sack and in that position, on June 7, 1891, the great Jennings began his) march to the highest pinnacle In the great national pastime. The first big league hurler who faced Hughle wasn't very big a little bit - of a left-hander named Madden was the hurler. Louisv.Ue made only four hits off him and the recruit managed to got one of them. Jn his next game Hughle made thrfi' safe drives in four times up off the curves of the peerless Jack "Dumplings" McMahon anl from that moment the boy with tha strawberry colored hair was a success. Deal Dazzler at Shortstop, H. Jennings found his true position when he landed in the position of shortstop. The moment he began playing that position he made a hit and columns were devoted every week to the brilliant playing the It is about time for winter suits, overcoats, stockings, etc. A few days like -thee will make the boys uncomiort-s able in their summer togs. r Boys $1.50 Blouses Stockings for Boys Mail a of splendid quality, light or dark pal-tern percales. Hlzrs 5 "i'o li years. " 95 Lxtra quality 50c school stockings, triple knee, reinforced foot. Sizes t " to'iO." X pairs for $1.00." 39 Boys $2.00 Blouses $1 45 1 Made of good quality percales and madras. Light or dark patterns. Sizes S to IS years.. Boys $2.50 Blouses $195 1 Win ter Unio n sui ts for Boys $1 65' 1 Good quality, ribbed Union ; Suits, slightly fleeced. 24 to 31. Made of ' line quality madras, reps and ox-lords. Silo a to IS. Pajamas for Boys $945 Stockings for Boys This lot Includes auch" makes ns "Brighton"' "U u 1 r e r s a 1" a n d ''Simons" ISr.'iiidn. Woolen Unionsuits for Boys $O50 t (loud warm Vnloh Suits, closed crotch, to 84. w inter ribbed; Sizes 24 Warm Mittens for Boys Splendid quality school stockings,. heavy Tib, reinforced toot. Siies i to 10. ' 4 jMiIra for $1.00. 29 Warn! leather mittens, lined with good durable cTTtton fleece. 50 'i '- t TRIM CLOTHING COMPANY Ndbtrsslka's LauresH Esdouftre Mob's mi Eays Stors A w l hasher vai pulling off in every contest. From 1892 until 1900, anyone claiming that a better shortstop than Jennings could 1 found in civilized baseball would be to'-'ind erazy, for Hugh Jennings, the soar-lct-plumed Hibernian if ihe oid Oriole team that won threw pennants in a row for Baltimore, was the choice of all the knowing fans of that period and every one of them, to a man,' singled out H. Jennings as about the lust word in shortstop-ping. Hughie waa . brilliant, dashing player and his, name is listed with the great p,r'ormers in that position. The name of Jennings la linked with the names of Honus Wagner, Jack Glaascock and Edward McKean aa the only shortstop of the game, or in the history of the a;ame. who had a life's batting average of .S00 or better. Hughie likes to ttl the atory of how he had the pleasure of facing the great John Clarkaon in the earlier days of his career. Clarkaon, who was known as the "Wiaard of the Diamond" and easily the equal of Christy Mathewsen. in 189! had a DO-ijt game wall rt hand. In fact he had dispose! of 28 batsmen gout in the ninth, Clarkaon pretence of a base hit. The twenty-seventh batsman was a tow-beaded youth named Jennings, who had been brilliantly upsetting- things around the circuit. The great Clark-sen wanted that game to go on record -jm a no-bit affair.. With two men gone In the ninth, Clarkaon prepared to do thlng to the youngster at bat The first ball pitched, Hughie cracked out for two bases. Clarkaon disposed of the mr batsman easily. Yea, Hughie Jennings will be missed by tjia fans of Detroit, for many seasons he was the attraction until his popularity was dimmed brother stars, but for several years people attended the games only to sfe the red-headed leader work as only Hughie Jennings couH work to lead his men on to victory.' He has had his share of the plaudits which go to the victor, he has absorbed about aa much of tbe royal , purple of the great national 'pastime" as any player or manager, the game ever had. Yes, the fans of old Detroit like Hughie fo; his aggressiveness, for, his earnestness, for his honesty-of purpose and for his red hair. Chicago Cueistj Now Amateur Chair pion, Enters "Pro" Ranks To all .appearances Dave SntcAndlesn, of OhicaKO, who ior the la?t three years haa been a wizard in amateur ; tik line Millard ctri'io. will e Keen in ine preliminaries of the nntional balk line tournament to be held In San Krancaco. This oung star recently Joined the professional ranks and has' been rJayinK such an exceptional game that he figures be will initk a rood (-showing against the top-notchers in tiia rrwo a:(ir, and aa a consoquence haa sent in hi "entry aa a participant. MacAndlesa will, no doubt, be the Chicau representative, an Ueorg Bugler Sutton, former champion and "Windy City" reprnentatri for many years haa aignified his Intention of not being one of the startera in thla year'a clasvfo. Dave made his first appearance In the national amateur clans 1S-S balk line championship, which aAn In 1918 at the Kecreatlon theatre, Detroit. He finished second that year, also having thai high run of th toursAment. Th following aeanon found hint winning th national amateur title, and aince that time hia game has improved to such an extent that his many friend hove been after him to cast hia lot with the pro-feaalonala and strive for honors in this new field. He has for the past few weeks been playing exhibition gamea in Chicago and New York, and recently averaged 62 In a 250-point game, giving his opponent but two buttons. - MacAndiess will find himself pitted against a field of veterans in Cochrane. f-Yhiufer. Catton. Mornlngstar and Vft-mr.dr. Whether or not be will show we'l in hia iultja! I'ffort against tbee utara remair to he xeen. but the billiard furta throughout tbe country r hoping that the newcomer in the pro-filonal rankivWlll be among the Winners when the curtain is run down on tlta preliminary event at Frisco. Squalls in Sight ' for Halifax Race ELLIOTT BROS. TAILORS MAKE SXAt'PY TAILOKBD CLOTIIKS 2nd Flor Bed. Wut. Life Bldg. (Associated Press.) HALIFAX. N. S.. Oct. L'9. Forecasts of ra'n and stiff southerly winds rendered uncertain early today the trial spin of the Gloucester fishlag schooner Esperanto in preparation for her race with the Dela-wanna. Nova Scotia's entry, off this harbor tomorrow. The Dflwanni was scheduled to fill this morning from Lunenburg and wyw expected to be fanned in to port here late thii afternoon. The skippers of both craft announced that their vessels are in first class condition for the contest. The course will not he selected until tomorrow morning, when the committee will be guided in its dec sion by the prevailing weather conditions. Elaborate arrangements 'have been made for keeping the cqurse clear of spectator craft. See V ( Our ) O) Win- J Y dow Special Star Drop Kicker Barred by Drake U. ..1JES MOINES la., Oct. 9. Walter Brindley, star Drake quarterback, has been found guilty of professional football charges, which were made by the authorities at Grinnell college. Brindley set a Missouri Valley ree-v ordVit the Kansas-Drake game at Law- V rence, Kansas, this falhwhen he made I a drop kick from the 65-yard line. I IN Wool Slip-Overs With Roll Collars 12.50 for. ....... .7.9.95 8.50 for. . . . .... . . . .6.95 o.OO Cotton........ 2.95 It is now .time to get your winter supply of Underwear $2.00 and Up f4 or jt mm mr- jaw . j formerly Omaha HatTWr- 11307 0 Street 1307 u street rBig onth-End Shoe Men Reduced to NO WAR TAX C Lasu-IUck Clotty. Hula kr IocaU. 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