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ET.KVEN" fHE LINCOLN DAILY STAB WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 191,8. fifteen players, and stood for the doptlon of the Eton system of eleven GEERS WARMS UP I -layers on a aide. Tale also objected Panor Shoe to the American innovation of scoring by touchdawna, and held firm dr the old system of counting only by NAGS LINCOLN TO Jn the Princeton -Tale game, 1 Company Will A tk- TT1 1 IN teas 'j Edited By "Cy" Sherman A fjvvi Ml JIUWKril, VII a M4l made tw touchdowns, but failed in the ensuing tries for goal. Prlnoeton made neither touchdown nor. goal, hence, under an-agreement made be- Two heights in a Veteran Driver -Writes Favor smartrollfrpntstyld fore the contest, the final score was ably Concerning The Triumph and Columbia Fire, Jr.

0 to 0. Had Tale admitted the prae Reduce Stock War Board Says Shoe Stocks 'L WillBOyReduced. mil ftnbaugh to the end position, formerly played by Stoll. while Lyon was stationed In the back field, in the Tuesday scrimmage, the flirt team reeled off several touchdowns and held The second team scoreless a workout that lasted over an hour. Barring the loss of fetoll.

the Red and tlce of counting touchdowns, the Ells, would have been the victors In that contest In some compilations Tale Is set down as the victor in the and 1KSS games, but both of these were officially declared tlea. These games 0 CLASH TO COLLARS ristve exclueivelya The Triumph, one of the HIS trotting sensations In middle west harness racing circles, has already madea hit with "Pop" Goers of Memphis, into whose hans Owner E. O. Bohnn-an of Lincoln B'aced the hTre two weeks ago. 1 shipping The Triumph to the Memphis track.

Owner Bohanan also sent Columbia' Fire, for a course of training under the most celebrated" of all drivers in Orand Circuit clrclea. That Geera likes the looks were called on account of darimeaa, and although In lead in both -cams, the rules of that time required that a' championship game should cttuaut of two. full forty-five minute halves. The intercollegiate convention the supreme court el foot Promoter Charley Read Concludes Deal Providing for Contest Tuesday, Nov. 26.

Departure of Schellenberg Blow to Nebraska Team on Eve of Kansas Game. ball, upbeld the declnions et referees Ja giving ti decisions. Black team 1st in prime trim ior next Friday's clash with Omaha Central on the state unlversify 'gTidiron. Lincoln high school students will stage a "pepp" rally Thuprsday and con-elude plans to attend Friday's combat In a body. Dr.

Stewart's Camp Gordon Soldiers compiled a victory 4n last Saturday's gridiron battle with Auburn college at Columbus, Go. Ths score was 14. to in favor of the Stewart eloveu. Auburn getting Its touchdown by Intercepting a forward pass." The Columbus school had a high rating In foot-boll last year, when it played -0to tie with Ohio State, winner of the of the two Lincoln horses la attested by the following letter, received, toaay bv Bohanan from Ueers: Buseball Prospects Owen Daily. Kearney county's wrestling wixard, and Adam Krleger, well known Lincoln welterweight, will re Bltep and Rest One of ths most common causes of Insomnia and restlessness Is Indigestion.

Take one of Chamberlain's Tablets immediately after supper and sea It you do not rest better and sleep better. Thoy only cost a quarter. Advertisement "Hundreds ef thousands of dollars' worth of shoe stocks bought by the retailers in good faith, and a large part of which were purchased to retail at prices higher than the III maximum Cied by the new regulations, are on the shelves of the retail 'stores and unsold. The war Industries board has specifically requested shoes' retailers to liquidate present stocks ss promptly sis possible at a normal profit, and has given retailers until June 1, 111, to dispose of all shoes (or which the retailer must get more than newly fixed prioes." 1 The Pan or Shoe Co. will start at once to make big reductions en 'prices to reduce" tholr large'' stocks, Advertisement.

Hazy, Say Magnates he Nebraska Cornhuskers have Jost the services of Halfback mainstay of the backfield and one of the two' veteran performers on Jhe Nebraska football squadv' Efforts by Coaches Kline and Bchlssler and fra 'l have started both horses a little since they have been here and like them very much, especially the bat horse (The Triumph), lie Is about as Rood-gaited a horse as a person will nee. What ie his breeding and win- at Peoria Meeting new their grappling controversy In a mat combat dated for Tuesday night. November it, at Tort, Neb. tally wa victor over Krltger la a bout staged In Lincoln last April, but the local boy, persisting in tha aasertlon title In "Elg Ten" clrcues. race record With kind regarns, iim.

Ymm trulv. F. GEERS." (Associated Press.) PEORIA, 111., Kov.jl. The haaeball outlook for 119. as viewed by the national ANluwtjilTmi tt ftmfMMlrmnl Ahltle Director Scott -of the Unt" The deal between Bohanan- and nrativ nf Nebrask announced today Driver Oeers specifies that the latter tasehall leagues.

In session here. Is that he had sent xormai noxrce 01 la to train The Triumph curing tne that he has the gobds to reverie the KODAKS Lincoln Photo Supply do. EASTMAN KODAK CO. 1217 ST. extremely lmey.

Intimations were given today by so mo of. the members that no- concerted action concerning April result, mads frequent overtures for another whirl at Daily's ffame. winter on the Memphis preparing the Bohanan horse for a whirl at the racing game In the Grand Circuit of ll. The Triumph, which won seven or eight races during the season, has a win-race record Efforts by Rny Page, local promoter. srneduiea would be taken By the as-soclatloB.

but that each league, would be loft to settle Its own difficulties. 10 arrange a second match were futile on account or his mammy to come to financial terms with tha two 1-4 quarter on half-mile track nis mark betnr made on the oval at' Bur wrestlers. Promotion expenses In Lin lington, lu. On a mile course. The Accoraingir.

H. Baugh, president of the Southern announced that he woold call a meeting of the club owners ot that circuit December 15, at Birmingham. Most of the mornlnr wai spent by the magnates lu eight seeing trip In automobiles. Triumph established a wln-raee record of 1:16 3-4 at Sodalia. Mo.

coln are sky high and Page declined to tackle the match unless assured of eomtng out even, on the venture. Char-ley Read of York, anxious to elnch the bout for his town, stepped Into the negotiations a few days ago, with the result that York, where theatre rent and other promotion expense are at Columbia Klre, is a four-year-old trotter without racing experience, although the horse has been jogged more or less on tha Lincoln track during the past two seasons. Slfrd by Columbia Fire, dam 8ally by Wooillawn, the Kire colt has shown great speed rock bottom, has landed the matcn. The contracteaiis-Tor-a-Dout possibilities, having been timed hi IS catch weights, with a side stake of 1-4 for an eighth of a mile. Daily is to pull down $5 per ternity brothers Vonvlnce Schelly that he shoald stick to the Cornuusker cause until after the Thanksgiving aay game with Notre Dame resulted in failure.

The ex-Beatrice boy had applied and qualified for a course In an officers train Ins school and he. departed from Lincoln early Wednesday afternoon te take a course of military training: designed to win him a commission as an officer Uncle Sam' army. Schellenhergr's departure, coming; on the eve of the annual gridiron battle with the Kansas Jay hawkers. Is cerlous blew to the Cornbuakers. Schelly -was the only veteran player In the Huskers' back field and the coaches must depend on first-year material to do the ball lug-gin In next Saturday's combat with the Jayhawk.

The Husker first-strlnarers and the second team mixed Tuesday afternoon In a scrimmage workout. Sche'lenbere; was missing from the lineup and Jobes filled in at left half, while Ho-warth. Lents and Hartley rounded out the back field. Before the end of the drill, Martin and Reynolds also were1 given a workout as back field performers. Coaches Kline and Schlssler got into (football toga and lined up with the second team, 'making use of the Kansas formations.

A series of Kansas forward passes, harled by Kline, netted the second team a string of three touchdowns, but the varsity men ultimate iyliojved the JayhaWker passes and the aerial attack of the second team thereafter failed to gain ground. Meantime, the varisty men peeled off a half dozen touchdowns, chiefly as a result of nabbing second team passes or by taking advantage of second team fumbles. K. U. Bear Dope.

cancellation of the game arranged, with Northwestern university for Saturday. Nov. IX Tha Evanston authorities insisted on tha full guarantee of 14,009 and would not consider a counter proposition to fix the guarantee at $2,500. with he privilege of 50 per cent of the jrross. As matter now stand, the Cornhuskers probably will play no gam The Notre Dame game Is dated for Thanksgiving day and Coaches Kline and Schlssler are not complaining over the cancellation of the North-Western booking.

The Iowa Hawkeyea are perking up, since thelrTecent triumph over the Minnesota Gophers, and! newspaper dope comlns out of City is to the effect that the Hawkeye management is angling for a Northwestern gave on Nov. 13 on a $4,000 guarantee bails. The "Big Ten" football championship will be at stake in iwxt Saturday. clash between Ohio and Illinois at having whipped Iowa nd Wisconsin. Is the favorite, although the Zuppke team has been warned to Keep close watch on Halfback Dfvlos and Quarterback Wiper, stars of the BucK-yes' back Held Another important gama in middle west circles is scheduled for next Saturday at Ann Arbor, whern Mic higan and Syracuse will collide in one of the few big inl-sectional contests of the season under A.

T. C. regulations. Syracuse has been cleaning up in its games with eastern opponents, while Yost's team per former dliuDDolnUnely against Chicago, Clay County Treasurer Recovering, Not Dead Reports from Clay county on the ienth of Clarence P. Avery, the aewly elected county treasurer, seem to have' been "great'y exaggerated a Mark Twain would say.

Mr. Avery has been, very with Spanish Influsnsa, but he Is not dead. On the contrary he cent of the gross receipts, win or lose, while Krteger'i share Is t9 per cent The articles specify that the contest TIGERS TRIMMED Is to go to a finish, two falls in three. Promoter Read was in Lincoln Tuesday afternoon and Manager Ed. A.

wood, acting for Kxieger, approved Ms recovering, -and will doubtless be the contract, which Dally had pre 1EBAIM73 M-L-R -Silk Finish Fibre Shirts viously signed. The selection of a referee has not been announced, but 'Farmer" Burns of (Omaha probably will officiate as third man in the ring. Lincoln wrestling fans, being so. well Sons of Nassau Defeated Eli acquainted with the prowess of Dally awe to take his office in January. The report ot Ms demise was brought to Lincoln by resident, of, F.dfsr, who had heard It there.

Clay county people at the state cipitol were Informed by him that Avery died last Saturday morning, and they In' tur told reporters for the newspapers. Now that the treasurer-fleet Is en the road to recovery, the dispute as to whether the old official would con-tlnue In office or not Is settled with, out further argument. and Krleger, win take a keen interest In the Tork bout and a. delegation of several 'dozen local bugs un In First Gridiron Clash 45 Years' Ago. doubtedly will make the trip to see the Kearney county athlete and the Lincoln grappler settle their dispute.

The first gridiron contest between THESE "silk finlgh" fibre shirts will give von ss much satisfaction and more wear thai the silk ones. They're not silk course, but If you had one on, yon'd be about the only one to know, the difference. Beautiful woven patterns; new A A lot just in PieUV, Princeton and Tale was played at New Haven forty-five year ago to morrow, the Tlgors winning by 1 goals to 0. This Is generally constd winning: by a mere margin of two touchdowns from the weakest team Btagg had put in the field in the 25 years has been in charge of football at the Chicago institution. TODAY IN RING ANNALS.

Bear stories from iawrence are ered -the first of trie great classics of American Intercollegiate football, WAR CABINET TO MftT. LONDON, Nov. 13. The Imperial wur cabinet, Reuter's, Limited, loams will soon resume its sittings In order to deliberate 'on the terms ot peace. There also will be Important confer enftes and discussion In London between the imperial and dominion statesmen.

which Include Tale-Frlnoeton, Tale- KANSAS COUNTS Harvard, Army-Navy and contests between olher great' Institutions of 'earning In the east It was forty- three years ago yesterday thnt the first gridiron clash between Harvard Sullvan-Rysn Battle. John Sullivan knocked out Paddy Ryan In the third round at Ban Francisco thirty-two years aso today. This was third and hut meeting between the two great Irish fighters. Ryan was champion of America when he met the "Boston Strong st Mississippi City In mi. Paddy was knocked, out In the ninth ronnd end John-L.

became the king of American pugilism. Rysn tried to regain his lost, laurels at New York in 1886, but the police stopped telling of a. lack of weight on the Kansas squad," Assistant Coach Schlssler Bhl today, "but the Cornhuskers are no better off than the Jayhawkers so far' as pertains to beef. The bach; field that Nebraska will use next Saturday against K. U.

averages only 160 pounds. Our line average is 178 pounds. "Most of the coaches in Missouri Valley circles have been appealing for sympathy becauae-of the transfer of players to of fleers' training schools, vory few. of have been as hard hit as t' Nebraska squad. Since and Tale took place at New Haven, SPEED BACK FIELD and In this historic contest the Ells were again vanquished.

After tha first game In 1S7S, the Tiger snd the Bulldog did. not meet on the gridiron again until 1878, when Coach Mof Jayhawkers Figures About Croup. If your children are subject to croup, or if you have reason to fear their being attacked by that disease, you should procure1 a bottle of Chamler-Iain's" Cough1-Remedy and study the directions tor use, bo that in case ot an attack you-will know exactly what course to pursue. This Is a favorite and very successful remedy for croup, and it is Important that you observe the directions carefully. was the winner.

The contest of the bout before it had fairly started. They wore then matched by a Ban Fran Cisco club, but poor Paddy waa" only the inauguration of the football sea-J the following year was a tie, although some tables give the' game to the Kits GobTGothea-ffothing Else Perfecting Interference for End Sprints. a Kite for the voracious jonn u. ttyan fouirht only one more battle, when he by i touchdowns -to 0. Tho old In was whipped by Joe MoAuliffe in New tercollcgiate Footba'l association had been the previous year, but Tork.

I'afldy hailea originally irom tip-peTary, but settled In Troy. N. where ha died. He attained the cham (Special to The 6tar.) Tale had refused to Join. The rules adopted by tho association were a LAWTtENCE, Nov.

13. "Kan pionship in 1810 by' whlpDlnc Joe Cos in a terrific eighty-seven-round battle modification of the Rugby Union code. sas laid all her cards on the table Saturday. We were, holding nothing IT at Collier's StationA Va, The Gils proteuted against the ruin requiring that each team consist of Head Coach Jay Bond will in fall charge of ths Kansas university squad whlcu is to invade uncoin next ttaiur- back, if vwe make a showing against Nebraska Saturday, It will be because of this week's practice, plus what the men learned in the Oklahoma game," said Jay Bond, now chief mentor of the Javhawker squad since son, meoraska has seen five- players of the Cornhrisker squad pack their belongings and head for O. T.

C. Previous squad losses Include Breotel, Slmpklns, Cypreansen and Bassett. The departure of Schellenberg rounds out the quintet" Manager W. O. Hamilton, in charge of athletics at Kansas, has written to Wrector Scott of 'Nebraska that.

In case quarantine regulations at give permlxslon, a' speolal train vill start from the Jayhawker camp Friday night, bringing the Kansas team and two to three hundred rooters, i The corps of officials selected for the Nebraska-Kansas game includes J. C. Masker, Northwestern A G. Reid, Michigan university; C. B.

McBride, Missouri Valley college, and E. C. Qulgley, Kansas university. flay. W.

O. Hamilton, manager oraui RUB BACK! YOUR letlce at K. departed Tuesday for Princeton to take a two weeks' court In community athletics training, the sum-J the departure of W. O. Hamilton for Princeton, where he was ordered by Take Elevator Save, $10 ties.

Take Elevator Save $10 STOPS LUMBAGO the wsir department to take a course ct training for athletic directors of The Kansas Aggies and Tommy Mills; Crelghton crew will clash next Saturday A. -T. jCi colleges. on Crelghton field In Omaha. The Aggies lUilJJJl jo There will be no sh.ike-up in the Jayhawker lineup and the team will iter lineup ana nave played but one game tms season Whlle the-MIHs team has mixed In threo appear against tne tjomnuwiers "--ror four games, on which basis Crelghtou Don't drug kidneys! Rub tbe pain, right out with old Jacobs Liniment" urday just tne same as I probably will have the edge.

for the Oklahoma game. mis was stated decisively by Coach Bond last nisht. The line, though it needs beef, This is no time for nonsense in clothing. What you buy this year to meet your Sporting Squibs Stomach Dead Lwlll have to do without beef, because there Is no beef available. The heav lest linesmen the Jayhawkers Man Still Lives clothes requirements is largely a decision this year average only 171 pounds to the man.

It was puncturca witn ease by the Oklahomans for the first two People who suffer from sour stomach, fermentation of food, distress after eating and indigestion, and seek relief In larara chunks at artificial lees tors, are killing their stomachs Inaction Just surely as the victim of morphine Is deadening and injuring beyond repair every nerve in bis body. What the stomach of every sufferer betwen your taste ana your conscience. But whether you buy little or much, both patriotism and self-interest insist in strongest terms that, above all considerations, you should secure the Kind of Clothes You Know Bef ore-; hand Will Give Service Back hurts you? Can't straighten up without feeing sudden pains, sharp aches and Now listen! That's lumbago. Hcintico, or maybe from strain, and yi.i'il get blessed relief the moment yuu rub your back with soothing, pouetrating "St. Javobs Liniment!" Nothing elso takes but soreness, lameness and stiffness so quickly.

Tou simply rub it on and out come tho pain. It Is perfectly harmless and doesn't burn or discolor skin. Umber up! Don't Viffcr! Get a small trial bottle from airy drug store, and after nslng It Just once, you'll forget that you ever had backache, lumbago or sciatica, because your back will never hurt or cause any more misery. It never disappoints and has been recommended for 0 years. Stop drugging iWney! They don't cause bachachwt.

because they have no- nerves, therefore can not cause pain. Advertisement. from Indigestion needs is a good pre-scriDtlon that will "build ur his stomach, put strength, energy and elasticity Into It. and make It sturdy enough to digest quarters of last week's game, mir siu-fened and was able to hold repc.tedly in the last -half. Bond believes, that, despite Its lack of weight, he can make the line he has do for the season.

The result of next Saturday's game all depends upon the speed that can he developed in the back held during this week's practice. The Foster-Londborg-Jones combination Is being looked to for gains In the open style of play. The forward pass may be used to an extent but no stress will be placed upon practice along this line In preparation for the Nebraska game, 'It's kicking that we need and Interference for our end plays," said Bond. l-e. hearty meal without artificial aid.

Tne best prescription ior indigestion ever written is sold by druggists everywhere and by Hurley Drug and is rlartdlv to build ud the stom Charles N. Moon and James E. Reltxer. Lincoln men with a hankering to take a whirl at Western league ball in event the minors decide to operate next summer, headed for Peoria, 111, Tuesday afternoon, as forecasted in The, Star. The Peoria pow-wow, which started Tuesday night, Is being attended by nearly-fifty minor league moguls and press dispatches from the Illinois City are to the effect that-the magnates are in a.

mood to resume baseball cext spring, providing Uucle Sam pulls out of. the war gam at an early date, thus permitting the return of semi-normal business conditions. Moon and Beltzer are now on the ground 1n Peoria, prepared to bid for any Western league franchise that ma be offered at a reasonable figure Both are convinced that Lincoln Is ripe for the fawumption of professional baseball, following the year's layoff during the season, Right End Stoll. one of the three veteran players on the, Lincoln high school team, has been laid off the Red and Black squad because' of studont-ship delinquencies. The faculty decree barring Stoll waa handea down Tuesday afternoon and Head Coach Beck promptly shifted Halfback Per- ach and cure Indigestion, or money back.

This prescription is nemee jii-o-na. snd is sold in small tablet form in large boxes, for a few cents. -Remember rocSeMor the name, Ml-ona stomach tablets. They never fail. Advertisement.

ir Same Old Location 2nd -S6 Men's Suits and 1,000 Carpenters, Laborers, Second-Class Riggers, Sheet Floor New Terminal Same Old Elevator Ride That Saves Building at iAr FrnRf. wifl Koon make vou feel the need of an overcoat. Quality overcoats topperheavy weighterulsters; staple and novelty Melal Workers Operators THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT POWDER PLANT, near Nashville, needs construction labor. Every man not engaged in essential government work honld jtunp at the chance to help build this enormous plant. UNCLE SAM NEEDS THE POWDER.

MjjA 1 lltf frr materials, ior dress or uusuitca wear uowm wuoui.u yiwxivw the annoyance of a try-on. Better values because of our small store expense. Hemember Our Low Overhead expense save you $10. I Transportation advanced, also meals ewouW. flood living quarters, and meals furnished vat hw rate oi to fT per weeic jsnipmem leaves DON'T DELAY.

APPLY TODAT. 219 North 11th Street NeV Osgll 4 zsosTptri Corner 10th and 0 St. 2id Floor Terminal Bldg. 'Opposite City Hai 7.

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