The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 19, 1934
Page 6
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COURTS?; IJEVTS pecial Train to tmLj LOUISIANA SRNATOK Norlheasi Arkansas Title io Be Decided When! Chicks Meet Bobcnls. Plans were well under ivay lo, tiny to secure a special train to - carry Jolltnvm of llic undefeated Blythevlllc high school Chicka- K>ws to Walnut lildije Friday for Ihe battle that will definitely de- (.IJe tlie football supremacy o[ northeast Arkansas. Winners of t-lBhj. straight, yanies, I the Chicks win carry with them I Ihe best wishes of Iliyllievlllr mill Mississippi comity funs wlir-n face Ilic formidable Wiilnut IJtili'c •iRSregatlcn. fint backers elnr.p to the tfiitu are Jmjmur tor .something more In the form of tangible support. :n the pr.-«wo of in least several hundred Dlythrvilli- fms nt llio game. Negotiations nre iniOerway l.yj wlilcli the Frisco and Coiton fieli railroads are. Io make Mi. h ...... offers on a special train In cunv Chick rooters io Ihe Lnwwir'c county capital. II imollirial esll- inate.s ore confirmed, II Is probable that n round irip ticket on Ihe train will be offered for oni dollar If the rnllrond running thr special train Is assured thai atj Ir.ast :I50 prissenncrs will make il»trip. Tn order to .secure the irnln, however, il will be necessary for Ihose who Intend to make the trip to Inform promoters of their Intention so thai, an iiecurale estimate can be made to see if tl»! necessary minimum number tit tickets .will be sold. Those who plan to mnke Ihe Irlp are asked to telephone Jir.s Eddie U. David nt She.rill ciur- encc Wilson's office in Ihe courthouse. No. 338, or the Pastime Milliard Parlor, 207 West Main street, No. 123. SUH!CIH.S may signify their Intention of makini; the trip nt the oilier- of the principal of their school or (lie siipi'r- InteiKlenfs office, it is unitersUicll. , It Is anticipated Ihat the trip will require a little more limn two hours each way. All)ioui;)i no definite decision has been reached us J'eL it Is entirely prob.'ibln llmt Hie, Ciilcknsnw foollmll sunnil wll! mnke the trip on the sprain) II one is secured. It Is understood that Coach Carney UislJe hml Intended taking his squad to Walnut nidge the day before t)ls , Etime but poor hotel aucominoda- Itoris caused the. Cliicl; mentor to reconsider his plans, - Tlie Wnlnm nidge I earn stands yetwee.ii Ihe Chicks and undisputed crcllonii) grid supremacy ami a elalm for stale honors Wal- rim Ridge has been bcnlcn liv Eearcy but the laticr tenm Is no't n northeast, Arkansas eleven nnil the lose would have no effect on Walnut Ridge'.s claim to (lie district, title slioutil it defeat the Chicks. Aside from li, e seavcv defeat Walnut Ilidge. has won steadily all fenson. miniumm- among Its ^victims (lie Mississippi slate 'Chamnlon of 1333. OAJCS wiio OWHQP ARE A<i OlIEP MCNToR OF W3U5ANA It IE 6UF.AT L.S.U. BACK 9.1 cm 01= [•/-? YAROS-. AW> IN AWrfON 1C. A CiRr ; AT RV-lTFR AMD R o ' , 1-lAW. A\l*F.P CYJ..V ' -«?|E'> in liM 6 T0L&H OK> IflE SCCTBE . lslnnn Mate senate after n mass e for Game of II h irys know ioolball lember. "1 bcllt've our disappointing sen- ion is a natural reaclioii [rom 'evoral years O f success," says Bruce. -Everyone Jort of l«t U u, Jellevine. Die Trojans wen- Invul- lerable. but :K In ain' oilier sport •vlien i bis condition comes nboni, somebody pops you on the etiln N'cslcclful In Sluing "The whole thing slnrled. tat iring when our coitvliltig stall iilfd In iju.v much iitlenllon to ">l pi'riod of pi-ncllee ,l>ellevin° ua most of the boys ivi>rp ivoll •minded in Uintliinmitals. <r(,-, s lid noi prove 10 la? I rue. ' 'Then, KX). our alumni had r«- JXi'd ll.s ,-lfoll.s-. I'rnc'lli-nlly ,ill lie line prep scliaol material u, ;oiilheni California lind Iwn n»r- -uatled io go ,.|se\vher,-. 'i|u s sll . untion should correrl liself (hi-; «'Ur. as Alludes is up "in anus "Irani losing so ,,, ;luv 0( „,. own in «lher parts of Hie coun- Los Angeles, of the wonderful west which never fails Io speak for itself, Ls bolllni; \vith indignalion at. losina so many of its own football distant schools. The nlunini of the Uni\-er.sitj products (o of Southern California has been call- pel to arms, and the old kick 's expected to he restored to the Trojan warliorse in 1935. We have this from Henry Bruce. comptroller and former graduate manager of the Institution. Bruce largely ivns instrumental in bringing Howard Harding Jones to th? coast, engaged Elmer Henderson. who preceded the Yale veurau, will hos a great, deal to Fay in regard to the lust mil Ion's oll'ili-itc The total 'collapse of Michigan and Southern Callfornlu, pis;);in powers of rcccnl years, is noi the least striking feature of (he campaign now drawing to a clow. Wrecked \Vltlioul Ker.nrr Hfirry Klpke nitribiites A!i.-iil- pan's stunning rcveisal of form to Bill Renncr's broken ankle, which Ieft_ the Ann Arl»r entry whlioiil a real running Ihrcat and a man Who could handle the ball ull'i the skill required in !]]•• vs j-." 0]>en passing came of today. But (hat wasn't the Iroutle at Southern Califcijnta, where the All-America quarterback. Cotton Warburton, was a holdover and which possesses another one two capable of engineering p] and tossing the ball around. Nor was the Trojans' downfall due (o Warburton and others being "Hollywood struck — toys !o some henna-haired beauty "'according to Bruce. Bruce substantiates a report heard earlier in the season which was to tlie. effect, (hat .Tones .vein- voting b0 ard, ,;lve ;1 « u 'lay while he serves. t» hnvft lost interi-sl. II (Ins s true, the U.S. (;. eoaeli has »»i:|U'd out (j[ it vvilh the scries .smackings, fur Unite relates ial he ci'rlntnly is ivorkinu Ins hai'i- »li IM- mlsihiy 1:00,1 from the frosli- "W bu.vs men.' 0'iice assn-is that life Is rather imcomforiable for Navy mil In- «rniu on the California' campus And 'the story persisls that Dick Hnnley is coaclnng his last. Norlh- weEtern team. Alnrii- this line. Kddie Jncquln >|HiiU editor of the Clininpnlpn- iji'lwiia N:nvs-c;:iv.ette. who is close to But Xuppke. charts iha' soinc of N'onluvestcrn's rough stnlf "" " i was very i" the game witli crude. Jiicquin relates tlial he hears tl'.-it llichisiiiuvill not meet Nonh- "cstern in football aftrr this year, and wonders whnt the ream can be. Can Iliis lie an insinuallon Unit iinby |, ;is inugixt his ullilett-s in (.•lay loo ioui;h? Head 'courier Ne\vs Want WAH.VING OKHKH IN 'THE CIIANCEHV COURT C1IICKASAWBA DfSTK ICT MISSISSIPl'l COUNTY. ARKANSAS. OencvlH Wilkersoii. !'li\lnllir No. 5825 vs. John Wllkcram, ncfendant •I'be (lefciidiint, .lolm wilkerson Is warned tn nppna- H-lthin thirty days In (lie court named in the caption hcreot nnil answer the H,,ta|, u O f ,, 1( , pi,,,,,,,,,- fi ,, 11( , vi ' Wllker.son. aleil »,)., 29t|, rilly nf oelobcr. R. '.. OAfNES. Clerk By Mlioti Sartaln, D c R. S. Hudson, Ally. 20-S-1S-19 WAUNINR onm:n IN .TH).; fJHANCERY COURT Cl IICKASA WBA D f a T R I C T' MfSSISSIPF>) COUNTY ARKANSAS. HeiiJa Pruelt, Plaintiff No. SBJO vs. najmond Priietl, DefetHlnnl The defendant, Raymond Pni'ett wnrned Io apjjear within (hlrtv »J's in the ,-onrt named in the niplloii hereof and answer Uw complaint of the plulntlll. uenla 19 ^'"«' 11'^ 29th day of October, R. U C1AINES, Clerk, US' Elliott. Snvtnln, D C R. S. fludstin. Ally. 29-5-12-1!) FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. MOTOR IN COMFORT Tor all Cars $1 C.45 15 Completely Inslallcd Will Von Protect Yr.ur Fnmil.v's Health This \VintcrV Then Have A Famous Arvin Dot Water »„(,,,. The (.ost IE In,v - ttl Terms of Ufnln, an d Safety. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Knrd Dealers I.i,y. MIJ- otlu-i 1 Grayson, pml Fullback, and Boycr, U. C. L A. Ciiiarc), Oulslaiiclin'g. nv mix spAiii.j)iNfi I'. C. I,. A. lleail {'oai'h; form,.|. ly of iMIiiin-solii ' LOS ANCiF.l,KS.--BiiM)y Olny-'.on. .Stanford fullbnek, and Vcrdl Vioyer, U. c. I.. A. nuard. are'Ihe t«'o outstanding players on ihc I'aeilic Const this season. Willi Oray.son and lioyi-r. I am ittinu on my first All-Coast, team m MoMTlp, Stanford, mill, Or;'r;(in. end..;; llol) lieynolds. Stun fold, and 'I'heodojjitiis. Wnsltliif- tcti Mtuie. tackles; Kaiindcrs, of I,(is Anijejiv,, reiitvr; WnMiiniitun, in tlie' Biiaril; Arli'lgli WiDliinw, (• iilii, iinartiThaek; and Olmck Clie- i'. n. (;, \,. A., jind Col; Hatii- l!ton. Hianlord. at the lirtl/ljjick- 'i'lils tenm would have every- Hiing. I named Ornymn la^. [loimd flyer in his junior' year, 'iipuiln. inn) he I'oiild tnl) slgnah' loin rnllbtiek. which lie has done 'or the remarkable Stanftird vnr- Ity for the pnst two seasons. It will !«• noied tjinr, f Jiavc re- ceted four Cardinals on my nist sound. Well, die remainder of them were not. edged out by any Si'i-ai margin. As u matter at fact. UK- whole Stanford outfit, would not make n bnd All-Coast team, "-: Its unbeaten record Indicates. 'ro/jds- l)d ,N'o[ "I'rall My second All-Const cnmblnn- on Is composed of Erdllln. Saint Mnry.s. and Jones, California •"(Is; Ulliii, Wasiiinyton, and ilaf-' «r, Southern California, tackles- •ftojnk and llayduk, the Washing t'li Slutc nali-, 01, the. miard po- itlons; SlemineriiiB, of Sun Pi-an- 'k'co, center; Hcd Franklin, Ore- ran State, quarter; Sobroro, San» Clara, ami Al Niclicllni, Saint ;'ai.y's. halfbacks; and Sulkoskv uislilngton. fullbnek. The second' team perhaps is as ooil as the fust except for Grayon and Boycr. Prunkovllcti, of 0. C. u A., nnd lemens. of Southern Cnltfornln f-'e splendid backs, and yoiim.' Hill SiiaiilcliiiB was right up tliere mill he developed a trie): knee C.rayson Williams. Hamilton in Cheshire nil kick nnd w , S s. •iver and all-round performer Mosenp | S one of tlie most nc.-' i-mate plncc-k)fkc-rs In the conn- ny. metis nil (lie requirement,'; of a formidable wlngman '"'•yao'ils Is prominently men- iioned us an All-America tackle nnd ihe 2jn.pound sliotputter and javelin thrower, Tlinodoratu? 'unn'r ''"' ""' Pfll " Aitorln ' s ' liuyer Upset S.iliH .Mary's I H was (he stout play of Dover! (.lid Wendell Womblc, guards thnj > named the University of cali-| , iiii'ittn m LOS Angeles • to i Kami Mmy's, fi-o. Boyer olid ; wwiiWc iverc bloi-k houses on tho 1' in mat Armistice Day Saunders has Ihe accuracy of tlie reliable center. As reined In the foregoing only (lie Individual brilliance of Uriiyson gives my nrst team backs I'liirKin over of the second i MiAl any coacli would .settle for 1 .. voinbliiHtlmi like I'ranklin. Robin Tj, Niclicllni and fiiilkosky l-'innklin always is n IhreaL hi tl.e. open. II Robi-r-ro does uny one iliini! i'i more extent limn 1111- Qiher it is passing, Njehelinl is On- liiii-rt-riinning spearhead of fi::mt Mary's breiikuwny aaaek !-nlkosky cracks the line like Die Twentieth Century. •It is Indeed hard to keep ends like Krdliix nnd Jones arid far- i-'ards like Ullin, Harper. Stojaek llayrtnk, and .Sieiiimerlne oft* any lirsi team, but ll seems Dint these mythical arrays hiive to lie picked, and when it comes to druwln" Hue, 1 hnve io string with, mv first squad selrctlons. As io All-Ameriai players on Ihe Pacific 'coast, just/two qualify m my opinion-Qrnyson, the grey-, liound of the grldiro nd Boyer who does ni> nfiei-im«,i'o „„...,. ...I ALLEY 001' STBALINI, 1 THEIR STUFF! B rrr ' M JUST Bv N Ao,- M WWHWK, IKAT so-jws JUST &, S N-MA- NOT ATEACH OTHER. 'Ji.iK.r : sense TO ^—~GSt WK, YIKAT ttf Hanili \ M£; Cl5v/f'l) JtJR F(f?«=i'f ^ ur f A <nuve ro f?c- \ J sx^fi^ m&-<m , r«Tx l '-.--'-'^uf'\l { ^~ F*OT /\ \ > / X "'" ,/> 'I'M 6OHMA TPr rpUH POWM ACI.UG . wvv AM'WIIII.R I'M POIM' /•'- ^—. 71 (AT, YOU FEU.GR-3 ^ OKAY- N. SCOUT AROU^|[I> Al^Jy RUT f--Of-rTd-IA I SEE WHAT YOU ( TKY PULLIM' J CAM FIND./ - A OFF ANY / ^ -~-'\] / MONKEY ' V I BUSINESS/ who does an afternoon's work tn' the hm>, where, an ririermxin's work counts most. I-'inST TRAM .Unisp, Oregon |,.].- !ieym»hls, Slauford iMwbii, Washington Pamiiim, Loyola ll.n.s ',' Hnyrr, U. {,'. I,. ,\. Tlieoiloratus, Wash, siiiie .Stanfonl Williams, California llainillan, Stanford Chesbire, |1. o. I,. A. Oraywin, Stanford SKCOND TI-AJI !><"»/, St. Mary's i p Ullin, WasldiiBtoi, .'.'.'.'.'.'.;.' l''.f i.S'iojaek, U'astiington Stale .. 1..G Sicnimrrinjf, San Kranrisrn C llayduk, Washington siali- Iff; i >OPf^"" M^ f> x/;-t4xWv fee; I..T. I..C. C. K.c;. K.T. ft.K. Q.l!. l,.ll. R.H. i'.ll. ROXY LASTTKTODAV MAT. « NITE_10c - 25c I'AlJI, LUCAS and - W\NNH (JIKSON in 'I GIVE MY LOVE' eilv - Novelty Reel . Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. li:ll|)fr, Soulhun r'alifnrnia Il.T .Icincs;, California ij i/ l-'iaiikllu, Oregon Shite .. o'li' SoliriM-u. S:in(a Clara ... I,]]' Mclielini, M. Mary's K,n.' Sulkosky, Washington ..... I.'.H] KESTLING I -Sisler's Son Slars on Gridiron ST. LOUIS. iUP>-Tli c name of j Cicorgo sislev, once outstanding name in basL-tal). j s being klanti- licd with another sport, \ n g t . Louis George Sisler jr., son of the former slugging first baseman of the Brownies, is .starring-. In footbnll with Burroughs Hifh sciiooi. AUMOR'Y, MONDAY NITR vs. IUIFKAU) ,|OK Imli.lii tVililman TWII out „( -rliree i-Vill s , Two llcmr"Limit" iii' 0 -' »UU. MARTIN l.illliuuni. MO Two out of Tliree rails, One Ham f.unft r An army List Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-250 Nile liMii—10-35c '15 MfiHTS IN HOLLYWOOD' JAMES DUNN, AT.ICR PAYK jMidicll and Durant and .(olin (irndford I'll ran i on nl Np\vs Color Classir— "I.iltlc Dutch Mill" Alusiral Short wilh Lit lie Jack t.iifle helps Molly Maloiie serve your telephone Tuesday - Weds. Hnnhetl Ry Ho(| 3^ m&*a*&. ""wd» "^ kh cor*«r— tleclrilied world in /Morning Glory. With. . BENNETT P A U I, I. u K A S I' R A N C t; S |) !-• K)H,\N May Oliver Vloujl RXO-_SAOIO PKJURE 1'nramoiml Musical— "Ladies Thai Play" with I'hil Siiilalny and His Musical (Jitcens Musical — ".Mirrors" wilh Freddie Hich and Orchestra D ARKNESS falls, and Molly Malone, telcplione operator, yocs on duty. Through tlic night she will keep the voice paths of the telephone system open. Rut . . . slie will not work unaided. Back of her labors nn unseen army, without whose help her job . . . and your telephone service . . . \vnukl become infinitely more difficult, more expensive and les;, satisfactory. In a distant city a scientist bends over a delicate experiment. He is one of -J.OOO workers at Bell Telephone Lal.or.itorie,, research imi' of the Bell System. ' i i Workmen draw bark from the r.|are of giant furnaces. They arc a part of Western Klcclric, (he organization which buys or manufactures the 100,000 parts needed in the telephone service . . .and sells them to the operating companies of the System at a cost in most cases below what S O IT T II W R S T K II X 11 K I. I. would have to be paid on the competitive market. 111 A watcher keeps vigil at a lonely "repealer" station of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, parent company of the Bell System, where weakening voice currents over llie long lines that bind together the 24 oper- ;ning companies of the System are strengthened and sent on their way. 111 \jA\ Laboratories, the research organization ... \\ estern Electric, the supply member... A. 1. & T., tlie parent company of Ihe Bell System ... every unit which makes up Hell Telephone service has been made to contribute toward furnishing you good service at low cost. This is a, and enduring policy in the telephone service. Behind it lies the belief (hat in an undertaking such as this, planned for the long run, what is best for you as a telephone user becomes in the end 'he course that will bring us the sounder, more enduring scccess. T K 1. K l> U 9 X E C O M p A ;v v H. J. KIMBRO, l)istricl Manager

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