The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NRWRPAPRIJ nn- urinatm* en. .„ „.„ _... F**^ VOL.'XXXIII—NO. 287 Blylhcvllle Courier Blytlicvllln Dally New Hlylhevllle Herald V'-' ' .....' THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ,K, ARKANSAS, THUHSDAY, KICBUUAUV IS, 10117 SINGLE COPIES FIVJJ CENTS HOI SPRINGS INQUIRY COMMITTEE SPLITS CTV T* •> • Dig Jims Big Niht So oflen the object of ovations himself, President Frnnkllii D, Roosevelt took especial delight In leading the checr.s for James J. l-'arlcy at. the dinner In Washington In honor of the Democratic National Committee chairman who directed his campaign for re-election. Flnnkefl by his son Janus (righto happy Roosevelt raises high (he hand of. Vine President John N. Garner, (oastmaster of the' occasion, during the noisy ; Democratic victory-celebration. Known to-intimates as "Big Jim," Farley ile(t) was happy but blushing guesl of honor. Ke.-l Cross Plans Kvacua- hon of Concorclia-Cata- lioula Area Mary Astor in Surprise ; Elopement Weds Again ; ~ Gduirier Readers Are Nearly Two to Drie in Favor Burke Proposes One-Year • Time Limit on Constitutional Amendment compromise, calling for, state | convention action within a year on a proposed constitutional amendment, was advanced today In th2 judiciary reorganization battle. It was pro|x>scd by Senator Edward R. Burke (Dem., Neh.l and won praise from Senator William E. Borah (Rep., Ida.) Burke said he .probably would suggest that the one-year requirement be attached to the orouosed Wheeler.Bone constitutional amendment, which would cnipjwcr congress lo override by a two-thirds vote supreme court decisions which invalidate acls of congress. Senator Burton K. Wheeler (Dem., Mont.), co-author of the proposed amendment, said he would be willing to incorporate in his proposed amendment the provision thai it should be acted upon by stale convenlions within a specified time limit as a means of "spocdin™ up" a decision. He said, however, he was not certain that one year would be enough lime. Two years, he sai I. proh- nbly would be more satisfac.ory. Administration leaders declined '" be quoted but expressed belief lhat the one year requirement would not be satisfactory. They pointed out the requirement would rend aid to foes of the amendment * "? ^ llld delay action in the states and block lhe proposal. said he believed that If wrc required within one way of meeting the «"«iv New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb 18 <UP>Colton held steady fn a dull ses- of lowr to three higher. Most o the tradine consisted of switch ing from March to later months in preparation for first notice rtiv on March contracts, open high low close 1248 1248 1244 1248 1237 1238 1235 1237 1223 1228 12M wn' 1173 1179 1177 1H7 1181 1182 1131 1183 1182 1182 1181 1181 March May July Oct pec .Jan MEMPHIS. Feb. 18 (UP)—The! Red Cross reported here today! lhat plans were being made lo evacuate approxImatcJy 25,000 po'r- i.TOIIS In the concordla parlsli-Cal- [ahoula parish, Louisiana, areas, I due to a crevasse- which has developed In tlie levee protecting the "ica from Mississippi river/ back 1 j miters..' • , : {- ; j As ten thousand'.men were' con- : centriilcd on the crevasse wli'eir it | developed lale yesterday, [h e : ncd I Cross, said, and llinrc wps:/lpubt lhat tlie levee could be held at the. point. * : . ' j The Red Cross dispatched 75 i motor boats lo tlic area and said I coast, guard boats hnd been ordered to "stand by" for : any emergency. Around 12,400 persons would be affected bv the evacuation plans hi ,the Concoidla paihh aiea and 12700 in llie Catahoiila parish "iica, the Red Crass said. The refugees would be lakcn to Natchez, Miss, high on a bluff across the. river ( i The break occurred at Deer Park, 18 m i] es TO ,,^ h or tf n[qlle/ due to bickwaler John w Mnlonev assistant Red Cress, regional dlreclm said" his -rcanlzation Ind been asked tu 5cnd all bo-its available lo the area. "It looks like two 01 tin re'par- ishes will be inundated ' Maloney said. ''We wcie icqueslcd to send John boats and oiKboard motors at once." , The evacuation order waineil '"sdenls of Vidnln Ferldcu ami Montercv' Lindint to mo\e A qu), & Engineers Continue Watch on Levee Here Would Slore Surplus Farm • Production in Warehouses WASHINGTON. Peb, 18. (UP) — President Roosevelt asked congress today lo enact'n "program of crop Insurance and storage of reserves" for the I93H faun season as purl of the administration's agricultural prograin. Mr. Roosevelt's recommendation wns made In a special message transmitting the report of his committee on crop Insurance to Capitol "Crop Insurance an-t n system of storage reserves." Mr. Roosevelt falil. "should operate so that surpluses In years of good weather mlsht be carried over for use In jears of unfavorable urowln° conditions. Cation Later 'Crop Insurance and a system ol' slon?e leserves would help to protect the Income of individual fiivin- "rs atilnst the ha/.ards of cro;i Tlie committee, headed by Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace and Including farm leaders and government economists. rec«'i mended this five-point progranr " U—Insuring; wheat farmers a steady yield beginning In 1838. 2.—Collection'' of premiums in wheat or the cash equivalent. YUMA, Arts.,' Peb. : 18. (UP)— Mary Aslor and Manuel del Campo vorc married litre today in a stir- wise elopement ; from Hollywood P . . Mid sepiirnlcd almost Immediately, I'Cdcral Ihc bride lo return to the screen :olony and del Cnmpo to attend his father's funeral In Mexico cltv. The auburn-haired actress ac- •ompanlcd her liiisband by uiolor to the border town of 'Me.xicnll,, whore he boarded a I'an-Anierlcnn ] . 3 —Storage of wheat premiums in of Roosevelt's Court federal warehouses foi 1 release years of low production. ,4.—A federal approiiriatlon for financing adminlstrallon of Ihe piogrim 5—Extension of crop insurance eventually to corn, cotlon and other major crops.' Points to Hellenes Supporters of President Roosevelt in his proposal for reorganization of the United States sup- me court increased their lead .. New£ P°" of rrart « - — - of New York, witli eight cities re- nearly two to one today in the porting, was piling up a total of ,„.!„,. v m ,, r „„,, „, ,„„., vo , es ag(l[nst lhe pl[m of n|mosl four to one, registering 1545 for the plan, and G630 against.: Texas, starting out with a considerable lead for the plan in the 11 cities reporting, saw, the proportion fall, though the Roosevelt proposal held its lead, witli 1325 for tlie plan, iiment. The count of ballots received up .0 I o'clock today stood: Fr the president's plan, 84. Against the president's plan, 47. The poll will not be closed for several days and any who have not yet voted are invited to send in ballots, which may be clipped from copies of the Courier News of last Saturday. Monday and Tuesday. A limited number of ballots are available at the .Courier News office and as long as the supply .lasts they will be funiish- "Ti to those desiring them. Wliiie the voting has not been heavy among Courier News readers, the ballots cast apparently reflect the sentiments of a fairly representative cross-section of- the readers of this paper. Opinion on the court question, examination of the ballots indicates, divides on lines unrelated to the age, sn.x or occupation of the voter. Exceptions to this statement are found in llie case of the lawyers, who have yet to cast a ballot in support of the president's proposal and those who might be class. 1 -' fled as large fanners or planterv. who so far are unanimous In approving the plan. Business and professional men, with tli c exception of the lawyers, appear for poll, not one vote for the plan had been registered, though 64 disapproved. Many communities ran consistently as high as 10 to one against tile plan over several days' polling. The El Paso Herald-Post, which received Its votes at polling-place instead of through the mail, reported that "one polling-place in an exclusive residential section peopled by prosperous business and professional men was the only box against the reform plan, going two to one against it." fo the most proposal. , part in favor of the . Mast of the ballots, as Ls natur- , r- al, are from Blytheville and the rural districts served by mall routes out of this city. Holland, Stecle, Cooler and Carutherevllte in Missouri, however, and Leach- vlllc. Manila, Dell, Burdette, Luxora .Osceoa and Baf.setl are also represented. BY WILLIS THORNTON NBA Service Saff Correspondent Copyright, 1937. UEA Service Inc The first 30,000 votes In' the nation-wide supreme court poll being conducted by NBA Service and the Courier News showed a majority against the president's proposals that came near three to The exact totals were 8349 for the plan, and 21,668 against it There figures include early to tats from 74 cities i,, 2 6 stale.-: K - f - 1!H?'J? d /wt" nj > »g l poll had not yet reported at all s= . '« «» -posed „,, to , alter the personnel of the natio highest tribunal. . rhei I east or here, has fallen five feet j Mow the crest stage reached ten days ago. army engineers will nol m's! reltlx their watch on the levees for some time to come,- It was I&MIOI. Liiuiiuiii. i >"» auiiit; nine to come - It was President Roosevelt's home slate (stated today at, their oll'ice here r N»«, v^.v- ,_i.v .,„ The river is, continuing to fall but there is still six feet or more , 1099 against. of water against . the levee «•„ most points and a constant watch is regarded as a necessary pro caution. coZc^g Th Dead Transient Suspect In Mattson Kidnap Case ing down alif., Feb. 18 i nt of justice, fresh lead in the kidnap-slnylng of IC-ycar-old Charles Maltson of Tacoma. Wash, today ordered lhe body of a heavily bearded transient buried in potter's field. Tiie order came from Federal Agent H. A. Smith cf San Francisco after he had taken fresh fingerprints, cut the suspect 1 .-; heard back to a two we"ks' growth, Mien strapping the body in a position ns lifelike as photographed it. authorities were increas New York Cotton NHW YORK, Feb. 18 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close March 125G 12GO 1255 1257 May 1240 1243 1230 1240 July 1225 1232 1225 1229 Oct IISO 1183 1180 1180 Dec 1175 1178 1175 1175 suspect officials have turned up thus far in their attempt to solve the case. Mr Roosevelt.s 'that the i .—* -"^n5\^V' l V lllll legislative program should bs '-""u^ effective for the 1038 crop year. The insurance program, be-"said, should apply first la wheat and their lie extended later to other'commodi- ties ' : Mr. Roosevelt said Ihc crop Insurance plan would aid not only fanners but consumers and business nnd the unemployment situation ns well. , ' "U would help." he sold, "to protect consumers against shortages of food supplies and against extremes of prices. •..•••• ."And finally it would assist In providing a more nearly even flow of farm supplies, thus stabilizing farm buying power and contributing to the security of business and employment." plane for Mexico city. Miss Astor returned here, where she boarded i chartered plane for the return li'lp lo Hollywood. i Miss Aslor scurried Inlo the plan; when she saw reporters approach i She refused to discuss the romance ' which look all her friends by surprise. It was shortly after •midnight that Miss Aslor -and del Campo motored lo the union Air terminal tit Uurbtink, where'Joe I*wls, a pilot, had a plane waiting. Arriving here they aroused John lletlon- ilo, the airport manager, with the| request that, he help llie eloper; i hum up 11 Judge. U wns not altogether a new experience for Miss Astor. . for she chose Ihc same town wlicn she eloped six years ago with Or Franklin Thorpe, wlih whom she curried on a bitter child • custody light last August. • " On the marriage license Miss Aslor listed her a-gc as 30. bsl Campo said he was 25. So, secretly had they made their plans tl(at:Dr, Thorpe knew nothing-of the'romance. He was ure- piirlng for a hunting Irip to Arizona with Clark cable when news men tok' him the news.- During the As tor-Thorpe thai Miss Astor's diary,.penned in purple ink, created a sensation 'K named numerous celebrities; Incllid- Ing,. George -Kaufman,' the .playwright, with whom -she had-had numerous romantic; adventures The ginry, was Jnippimdcd-by.lcomi.or- .der -and,Minder :lernis of. the 'final settlement'Miss Astor was'granted .custody of-lhclr dnugh'ler/Ma' " ' ; _ • ....... e .. fc »- t( »»idi iiyti. for nine months of the'.ye.-.f- mid Dr. Thorpe for the other 7 three months. July Chicago Corn op:?n high tow close 1083-8 108 1-2 101 3-8 107 1-8 104 104 3-8 103 3-8 104 1-8 f r I'LL T€ LL Will Succeed Circuit Judge James A. Reeves Cauilhcvsville of Wa BY BOB BURNS World Against Launching Arms Race WASHINGTON, Feb. 18 (UP) — Prrsldcnl Itoosevell, acting •'liuilly after announcement or Kngln mi's proposed 57,500,000,000 dcfi-nse program, called la naval heads today (o discuss 'means of •-e-ilfiie American naval con- Miuclinn. WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. (UP) — Foreign nations, expanding their navies beyond the standard of recent treaties, received notice today lhat they can expect the United Slates to match their construction. The Information went out not In I a carefully worded stale paper but In comment by Admiral William D Leahy, chief of naval operations' on Great Britain's proposed $7 600 000.000 five-year armament program, which Includes plans lo start CAIUJTHBRSVII.LE, Mo., 'Wb. IB —It \\us gcneially umleiilood In Informed clicks hoije. today 'Ihat Louie Schult, velcmii court renoil- crjmdjittoriicy, will bo appointed hy'Ciov Lloyd C, Stalk to succeed Chciilt Judge James A Rceveslof this cily wild yesterday icslgned to resume lhe. private practice of law. , IV «(is reported limt Schult hns bblalneil'pracllcally lhe unanimous endorsement of Ihe Dcmocraltc coinily;comn!(ltecs of Pcmiscot and New Madrid''counties, which compose Ibis Judicial district; Gov. Slnrk Is expected lo make formal announcement of Ihc appointment of Schult later this week, The appointment will ba effective until the next general election In 1938 when a Judge to serve out the remaining two ycay.-i of Judge Reeves ' uncxpircd term will be elected. Judge Reeves was elected In 1034 for a six-year lerm. While the former circuit judge jChaiges Hot Springs Jur-,1 isl With Dumkenness and Neglect of Duly L.ITTU? HOCK, Feb' IB (ui>>- ; The house of leprescntallus llve- ' man committee to Investigate alleged gambling and law '(violation In Garland and Montgomery counties submitted Uo reports when the legislative body icwmed its dellueiutlons at 1.30 _o'clock this afternoon. ' ' The committee submitted 'a report' uy l|ie majority of llie mem beis niklng thai Ciicult Judge Eail Will of the eighteenth Judicial dlblrlot be Indicted on four charges; (he second icport, a minority one, asked thai llie investigation be dropped. Makes Four _ Charges The majority* report, signed by Reps. W. M Thompson of Bates- ' ville, Lee Nletiols ol Booncville and Iki! Mm i ay of Foidyce, uig- cd the house to return Indictments against Jqclae Witt ,on the , following chaises: I.— That tho Juilst was guilty of bringing disiespecl to his office by apiieailpg in public while n an |nlo\tfcattd condition. 2.— That, he had presided In' court >wlille under the influence of llqiior, • 3.— Thai Iho accused man had I refused -to Issue orders* lo con- I slaliles! ftnd policemen to sauch~ ami' seize all Rambling devices nnd I equipment |n the eighteenth ju- dlcinl district In compliance with slate .laws 4— That he had refused to Investigate election fraud in the 'losing Stock t'rice; NFW YORK, Feb. 18 (UP) — Stocks made gains ranging to more than two-points today whih Ihc main Ihf. repis'prnrt r niall advances In light turn-over. A. T. and T. American Waterworks Spots closed steady at 1297 O frl Anaconda Copper '• Bath. S'.cel Chrysler ! Cities Service Spot Average Is 12.75 | omes OLTVICC Tlie average price of 7-8 Inclij Gcneral Elcclr 'C Genern1 Motors 116 1-2 25 5-8 59 88 1-8 132 4 1-2 60 1-4 67 middling cotton on the ten del-i -• • - ignatcd spot markets todiv was! Il11 ' Hnrvcsler 1041-4 12.75. according to the Blythe- j Mc Kesson-Robblns 141-8 villc Board cf Trade. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III. pcb 18 (UP)—Hoes: receipts, 9000 . Top. 10.25. 170-230 Ibs. 10.15-10.25 I.-foht .weights. G/70-fi 90 Bulk sows, 9.40-9.65. Cattle: receipts. 3,000 Steers, 7.40-10.50 f'niwriter steers,'6.00-12 75 Mixed heifers and yearlings] 6 50- Montgomery Ward N. Y, Central Packard Phillips Petro Radio Corp St. Loiits-S. P Simmons Beds 63 3-4 45 1-2 12 1-8 55 11 7-8 4 1-2 53 73 7-8 19 5-8 Standard of N. J. Sltictcbaker Texas Corp 54 3-4 U. S. Smelting 00 7-8 U. S. Steel 107 1-8 Warn;r Bros 15 1-8 Zonite 8 I think •an 'give a boy is lo leach him to the best education you think for himself. It's alright for the father to be the guiding spirit 'f the home and to correct the toy when he gets off on the wrong ' construction on three shlps about April ]. b.itll-- Leahy said it was Ills understanding that this nation was definitely committed to tlie maintenance of a "navy second to none." To maintain that principle, he declared 'it would become necessary f 0r the United Stales to build new ships If irick. but It's, a whole lot bettcT'i ~....m -j.ui«> «j i -P let the boy think and. get the I "'her powers did. wrong answer than not to let him The British plan was viewed In think at all. [.wine informed quarters as a move I hnd one uncle down home,'to fll <l ni ' super-armament pro- '.vho was a tyrant in hts own. grains. house. That was my Uncle Snnd j — . Barlow. Every time his ,boy would I .. come to him and say "Paw. 1! 1 Ills Pilot S Defense was In Jefferson City today and members of the firm of Ward and Heevcs, local law partnership, said comment would have to be made by Mr. Reeves, it Is understood thai lie will re-enter the linn, in which he was a Junior partner at the lime of his election. The serious illness of a senior member of the firm. R. L, Ward, who Is no longer in aclive pracllce, Is said to have caused Judge Reeves to decide to return to private practice. Mr. Schult Is a native of remi- scot cou nly and an ex-service man. He has scrYcd as court rc|H>rter under Ihree circuit judges, Judge Sterling McCarty of Caruthersvillc, Judge K. C. Ulley of New Madrid He Is the son who was mar . . and Judge Reeves. of Ulna C. Schult, - shal of Ihc state supreme cou.'i for many years. Income Tax Man Will Be at C. of C. Office Trnger Freeman, slate revenui department field auditor, who wil bo hi Blythevlllc on Wednesday February 24. to assist residents o August 11 pi Unary after Infraction! of law hnd been colled ,lo / his attention - ' . • •• ^ ' The lepbif'sald -that- evidence- hnd > been, submitted -lo' tho^coni-r ceilain, Hot >.».*> i. .H*; 11 ' ^t"UUU L nut -KSpllUgo clly employes and rctatlvef of) clly official 1 ! were given employment In Ihe various gambling establishments of Oailand county, operated by W. S. Jacobs Tho majority report stated lhat due lo llie lack ol time no In- vcstigallon of gambling and law violation hnd been made of Monl- eomeiy coipjly but It was undci- llmt slol^^wc.hlnc'; had peiated within'the bounds |tbe resold; itood been ope of lhe district unlil tlon asking for ... 0 , had been Introduced in)lliq house.' Witnesses llaml 'Picked •' Tlie minority report, signed' by* £]Vi J Fred Jones of Mt Ida and Pat Robinson of Lewlsvilje, charged that lhe Investigation wf- not fair .because witnesses been "picked,' "We feel iliat from : the trend 1 of. the testimony the' witnesses brought befoio the committee were. CL u n o"*rf • ' ls '" cll!U S° of tllc revenue onOUla Be OllltlCICnt Partmcnt office here. "'- Freeman had planned de- think—" my uncle would cut him off and say ."I'll do the thlnkin' I pround here—Yon Just do wliat r 'ell you." I JERUSALEM. Feb. 13. (UP)-An Finally one day. Uncle Snad; Rtvptlan airplane pilot, reprimand- was called to Chicago on business cd by his head office at Cairo today and before he left, he called his for landing at Rutbah Writs ye boy to him and said "Now. I'm' terday In a sandstorm, replied- - - - ?oin to the city for several days." "It was so bad that even Llml-1 of hls vlsit llorc tl was s rrangcd Slaughter heifers, 6!(X)-10.50 Beef cows. 5.M-6.0H • --" Chicaao.Wheat op;n high low close r 1181-2 119 I-l in i.j 119 i, He says "Now you be sure and bergh had lo land" . water that, prize bull—that's the most valuable thing I've got." The boy says "AII right, paw. i win.- [State Spreads Gravel Well, my uncle went to the cityj U' L 10 r- and after he was there two days,. On Highway lo to Last lie jot to worryin' about this bull | and he sent a wire back to Ills' ..„..„,^ ,.„„,,, , lllu!> „, yl ^. boy and lie says "Did you water vcl will be used by '.:ie slate lilgh- carcfully selected for the soie pur- J pose of attempting to Impeach . the circuit Judge of the eight- > centh judicial dlslrict," Ihelr rc'i port stated. They urged that further action: on Ihc matter be Indefinitely post- • ixmcd. In the senate a measure to hike the liquor tax 25 cents per gal- lin was pussed, 31 to 4, following hci.lcd debate. The bill .was in- • troduccd by Senator Joe Steel Hall, Scotland. - Opponents of tlie bill, prin- 1 cipally Senator E. c. Galhings of West Memphis and Senator -R. n. Thompson of Eureka Springs stated that • .increasing the tax would lower the revenue because bootleggers from neighboring stales now purchase Arkansas liquor. We as a state should not conspire wllh bootleggers,'' Senator Hall said in defending the bill Addllionnl revenues would be divided among Corjfccjerate pen,- ixSsSasSs ~ - - - z -" ,•::£ r':u'-S''-E«i:;i „?-=•-'•«•=„„ occupied attention of the Senate during most of the afternoon session yesterday, ^lore than half of the members presented their views . on tlie slate's tax assessment and , collection needs. , '• Passage of a House bill creating a Tax Supervision Division in the Arkansas Corporation Commission followed extended debate on the effect It would have on the state's tax machinery if enacted Into jaw. The bill Introduced in Ihe House by Brickhouse 'of Pu- laskt and others, providing for (Continued On Page 3! llie Chamber of Commerce office at the city hall, it w?s announced Hits morning by R. B. Stout, who Mr. Interview local revenue office taxpayers In the to at the Ingram he sent a wire back to Ills' Five hundred cubic yards ofgra- and lie says "Did you water vcl will be used by '.:ie slate lilgh- (he bull?" The next day he got a way department In reconditioning [Wire from his boy and the w-lrc State Highway 18, east of here (said "Ves Sir. I watered the bull The work, already Sir. I watered the bull Tlie dry again—what will underway, In building, but in view of the fact ""' " prc-deadllne auto II-' will be on nt the time .... ... .1 here It was arranged to have him be at the Chamber of Commerce office instead. ay es. 1 tllnt " 1C : cense rush Manila Paving Project MANILA. Ark.—After much delay Ihe. \VPA projccl for paving Ihe' • curbing on Main street in Manila I Arkansas—Fair and warmer to- na s been approved and actual work night. Friday parlly cloudy. «•-,« !,.„,.„ ,.»»^,., „... „...,. '' WEATHER was begun Monday. Jim David. WPA. foreman, iias charge of the work.' He also has charge of,similar work In Leacllville, Memphis 'and' vicinity—Fftfr and somewhat warmer lontght, lowest temperature 45 to 50. Friday "partly cloudy nnd n firmer.

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