The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1931
Page 6
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•'A : GH 'SIX Bl.YTHKVIU.p;. i.A 'HE'LL ! BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufcr TIKE STB IN TITLE manager of the team Ilk-lure taken In a loim? Has Best Goorl Boxers Before Says German; But Georgian Can Punch Too HY W'KKNKK I.M!I-'I:K NKA Service Spi-rls Wrilrr i 1 lad not seen Mnx Schmclin?, sln:e last June, tlv? day after he! won by a foul the heavywolplu I championship ol the world. He, to-' fether wi'lv lib; mnnnRcr Joe Jac- • obs /Trainer Max Muchon and': faithful aide-de-camp Mushkv Jackson wctt rittini; in an obscure box at -Jefferson Park track during the recent race meeting tit Xr«- Orleans. • • • "Hi. wie gehts?" said Max Schmeling. - j "What d'ya sayin'?" said Musliky '. 1 Jackson. "Hello, Pal," said Jo? Jacobs. Max Maclion said nothing. " Who do yon • like in the next 1 rare and what arc you doing in i this here sunny south, hch. hch?" I sad Jce Jacobs. H was cold, windy an'l raining. '"I don't cere who he likes." snld Jifax Schmeling. "I think 1 like this horse Blimp Knd 1 sink 1 play him 5'to win and 5 to lose (Mnxle's expression for a'win and place bcO You sec I Just liaiidlcuppr-d that one from the score card," snld Maxle. fiVffixio uses the EmSe. Meenle, Melnle, Moe system with a pencil and a racing program.) Just then the observant announcer yodeled .tlirouoh tile amplifiers that Mr. Max Schmeling and a party.of friends were' viewing the 'rare.': from Box 2. i "Here's where we scram." jnlrl Jacobs.. "IjOok us no tonight, at the hotel and maybe T'll dip up a bie scoop for you," and the Schmeling oart'y beat an orclr-rlyi retreat to the clubhouse, \vlilie a ( multitude of curious customers j surged around Box 2. The writer concentrated on the tnek of gettiivj even. A few hours Infer the interview was renewed in Max Echmclins's mcdest- hotel suite. • • •"Boy, this exhibition lonr has, been a bit; success for th" chain-! p:on. hain't il:Max, heh heh?" said] Jacobs. ' "Course, times arc toush " and-we-don't to capacity! houses every time. liul It's great! tlv: way the south lias welcomed' the, champion. ,. "What? Oil. yes, we got a bird once, in a Awhile-from some phoney that'gets in on a free ducat! but whnt chamn didn't? Didn't they boa Dcmpscy and Tooney and all ,, "What. Is .that, 'the bird 1 '?" asked Mnx Echmpiin?- . , ; '.'-The bird. Is the same .thing .as; the old berry or .in other words the' Bronx cheer," replied Jce Jacobs. ; -"On." sairl Max ficlimelintr. • "What rW- <™ thilik nlxjiit o'.ir chance rn lirk yninisr-SMhline next question-. "Ask Mailc." •• Hcl.- Ptrlbliiig." jnirl Mnxin. "T knoiv / .Srh'rn n Hii< T M« 'the "w>" hfhlt rr* Vft«r«-«. i fnp) tjrod nnd ?tron<? and I havp teen n^-in^ r^""-U' rv«ry day since we came on this "I mel SlrfWlne.In'Miami -Mid r>° i**. ^ nlr.° fp'lmv, hut I ?\n\i we* rVinrrei ™' r piin^s F»V»it that when "Boy. trial's rig*' " Jacob'; cut in. "Rav. hire's n hn> "ne fnr veil." fiid Janor-s "I read th" other dnv W.->re .lack Sbarkev wA he thinks Max will win if tlie fl'ht SMI nver 10 roimds. Hain't tha* n mm I P'ess the old KOb rmrtalkc'l liinv- Fp]f when' he mad? that rract. Von see that's exactly win! Mi>\ would have' done wi*h him It It hadn't bp°n (or that Inw wallow, hell, hch. 'And say. teforc I Cored It I want to plve you that bic scoon. "We came through Thomasvillp. Grr.reto. the 'o'her ntrht at 2 o'clock in the morning and lint is! PL«£f> Er^r.Mi SNUFF avrcAwotes AT SWE TbPVEp \Tt Ot>T OF 'ZDo "AtXJlf |.\S THE NffiO^AL • ; MEET fvT CAMP PERftV, -LAST 1EAR..... ^"''- ge ever had his baseball unl- it Olt.o Miller, coach of the U.".Dodgers, had a cute, round beard, he would look like Sergei | Kn'mikofl, the soulful wrestler. j .Im; vosmiK, who is slated to play- left l!.?)(j for the Iiullaijs. when Cliar]6y Jamie.s6u begins to weaken, Is [i nlee young man and all lliat but It will be tevcrul hundreds of ytars bfforo'lio masters the ml r.f cna'jiimg Hies-Jlkc Jamie, who learned 'his 'trade under Trls one of Ihe greatest flycatchers of them all Chff Bolton, rookie catcher of (he only bin league catcher In the -whs could' catch high, fouls down Hi; hacX of his neck. The "reconstruction '•period" is what.foiL-.ball teams, in the south been' enjoying annually' for several swings. The- teams ure- the H?d Sox, Rciis, Phils and White Sax. Somehow, It teems very' hard to get reconstructed. Connie Mack (.•[in tell you some more about that. the |Kople now call iliemselves- -the fi lends ol Grovcr Cleveland Alexander There usjU to be several ; ;he author- clssippi County, Arkansas, acting I dated Feb. umdcr and by virtue of the author-1 In Chancery Ity of a certain decree dated Fob the records' 23rd, 1931, and recorded in Chan- cause therein' eery Record —, Page _ O f . ... -,-- ... ' Missouri' records of said County, in a cause from, now that Old Pete is down smle Lifc Insurance Company, et therein pending, wherein the M r s-'. Not only Tommy Thomas but fll - w " c Plaintiffs and W. S.isourl State Life Insurance Coiii- Ted Lyons has a sore arm. This Crowder, et al., were Defendants, • pany. et al., were Plaintixs and J leaves the While Box wide openi wi11 °» Saturday, May 2nd, 1931,: E. Thrclkeld, et al.. were Oefend- for some sort of derogatory note, at lne fi ' on t door of the Court '• ants, will on Saturday May 2nd imt It Is an old axiom of-plns;-poriS!" ouso '» t!i e City of Blytheville, | 1031, at the iront door of the court lhal one should never lilt a man i Arkansas, offer for sale to the House in the City of Blytheville when .he Is down. Besides, nonlcj highest bidder the following de-1 Arkansas, olfcr for sale to ihe Bush Is a chap who can come back j scribed real estate In the Chicka-! lilghKt bidder the following de- up very swiftly. • - •• sa*bq District of Mississippi coun-1 scribed real estate in the Chicka- s'uwba District of MIssLs'slppl County, Arkansas, to-wlt: Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 22; and the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 23, Twp. 16 North Hange 8. East subject to right of way of the Jonesboro. Lake City and Eastern Railway, containing 15.50 acres, mere or •The Giants borrowed 'a. kid's bag of marbles on a rainy day at San Antonio and played while waiting for the Meld to dry out. They ousht to bilig eome of the marbles back v.1lh. them, and use them liutexd of baseballs when.pluyinj the Cincinnati Red.;. PHOENIX. • Ariz., (UP)—A race r/clween himto'rs.'a'nd hunted beasts Is being wbVi by Ih^latter, judging from curr.ejriv.'flgurei.w the activities of prMjtovy 'fyiinials in Arizona. During, n re'cen^ao day ]X?rlod lions, bobcats 'and'^wyotes .-killed 295 sheep 'arid calvc£ Huntc rs. trying to even the score, managed to kill only 153 of the predatory animals. ty. Arkansas, to-wil: Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter and the Southeast. Quarter of (he Southwest Quarter of Section 23, Twp. 15 North Range 12 East con• mining 80 acres, more or less. Said sale will be made upon a credit, of three months and the pu'rrh'nse'r 'will'be required'to execute bond.with security to be ap- NOT1CE OF COMMfSSIONKH'S ' " '. SALE . -..•-• ...NOTICE .IS. HEREBY GIVEN'., That I, (he underslgnfd as' Com- 1 "of'thb Chickasawba Dtetrict ol MIs^. missioner ol the Chancery Court slsslppl County, Arlcahsas, acting proved by said Commissioner. Said sale will be made lor'-th'e purpose of satisfying the.judgment in the above entitled ' cause. 7 '' " WITNESS my hand as.such Commissioner on this 1st day of April, 1931. , . . . R. U OAINES, Comnilssloner. 1-8 Max Gives the,Low Down Hrroealdr'y Notes of A liascball Traveler ' Buzz Arletl, Ihe big ontfcldor a' the Phils' camp who looks llki n«th. should be equippec 1 with roller skates. His feet are ai Inch and a half longer than tli. ordinary violin cnse. thrtiEtu inr.y bp-proraiu- an i all ihai. bin duwn • at Clrnnvatc I HIK| 31 Bel-Air ivbere .liulge LtHi:ll | tt-ns iieraundcil with, some ctiffizitl- ! ly to pose for U074 pic'turcs the tleiire splncil me to, sec NOTICE OP-COMMISSIONER'S ,...-.. . ..SALt , 'NOTICE' IS -{IEREBY GIVEN: That I,-..the undersigned as Commissioner ol the Chancery Court •of the Chickasawba'bislrlct of Mis- j courier News Want Ads Pay. less. SAID sale will be made upon a credit bl three months and the purchaser, will-be. required to execute bond'with security to be approved by' 53id : Commissioner: Said salt; will be made for the purpose ol satisfying the judgment in i';ic above entitled cause. \ WITNESS my hand as such Commissioner on this 1st day of April, 1931. R. I.. OAINES, Commissioner. Max Schmeling, lef(, heavyweight champion, as he answered mirs- tlons put to him by Warner Laufor, liglit. NBA Service' spoils c:ir- loonlst and .writer. Stay of Pilot In Big Leagues Usually Brief Srriblin?''! homn town. Boy. there; "v?»EA Scrvicp were at least 200 people at th?j Ten years aro the 10 ma station and they set up a big cheer.! teams hart 17 managers. M>\xie was s'eeplne, but I sent • of 1921 employim c^-vll HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Here is something new—new lie PhiU ! nuf to -AT LAST! . Mushky and the sparring nar'nersldp.v only of tho r ,e 17 still kee'i on ths back olatform and boy. did trpv ; ?st a big hand!" "Bov. that's righl!" said Schmeling, "t^ey yelled so loud they woke me up." • # * "But to get back to the Slriblng fisht nevt summer," Jacobs continued, "I tell von 1 think il's go firm hand on fie imnatjerlal The lineim of m?l. es in 1!>21 inclvrlcil Joi<n McGri'v. " OibJin. . Mitchell. Will-irt Boiiinsf<n! Mnran. John EV-V ;I jui] n.rt Trvln Wllhplm. Mil'»r lincoins. _ 1-idc. Hleh D"?Tv. TV C-bb. K'-i In? to be held in Cleveland. O'eissn ond Connie MirV Only "How does that new stadium iM'Omv. Rob'rsrn w* Mvi; rc- sha>K up? Cleveland is a swell i-nnin lo tat-e crnrc? of plWiins th" fisht town and it's in a well soot!tent fnr th« bi^'shon wliich eel's right between New York and Chi- unrjrr way Anrll M Some caj!o and Detroit. And I really think that Max Schroelinn Is going to beat Slribllng and then he's bound to be a big popular champion like Dempscy, hain't It Max, hch. hell? "W». sometimes start slow hut boy, how we finish. You saw that Blimp run last at the three-quarter pole today, and then win the race, ddn't you? (Blimp won the race by business. livrs. ctlirr.- *?Mll conunrliori? oc .errint s cc3riies and others were called by the Oreat Umpire. MI1STOM, jrnT?NS nAXXED MEMPHIS. (UP)—Muslc.ii automobile horns find their kin—es- haii-st and snarl; pluz horns— l>r- so numerous here reccnllv "I Knve'sinned.- but that is nil "ast_--I Invc you nnlv." "How about- that Max?" "Boy, that's right." said Schmelinfr. Max wav patrol ordered comprised air l-orns beir.g ur«l on private cars' t i o n ' H strangest char- i ;icter—in the i mjisl thrilling j ;tnd sensjilion- j nl pii'turc of the year. wins her greatest tridmph in inspiration 1 ^f ELEVATOR "BOV BOWI.ER •MEMPHIS.' (UP) —-*Uncle Jim;Mud. Kelly. 75 (for 16 years elevator b'jy vounsslers in the Shelby County courthouse, is tald to be the best Informed man In Memphis on law cases end despite his age Is one of the-, city's test bowlm. . , Comedy & Cartoon Matinee and N'ijrht- 10 and 25c. K\\T,S rnu.n i FORK. rtnh. (UPi—! ?•*.<: o;d nttr.iction for : proboNv sived the life : n- two-'-car-i"!d Robert OJsr-n. Jr i u Youne Robert was In his rarcnls' ~'""„ „„,, ,„ car when It turned ov/>r. He was! lORS \\1VLS . thrown 20 feet nnd landed In a pile of mud. He was uninjured. CLARENCE BROWN'S" production with I jYIoillgOMHM'y LKWIS STONK SIARJOKIK KAMBKAU Comedy nnd Cartoon Matinee—10 and 30c t Monday | . _.. N j^ l ~ 1 . 5 . a ! ul ' 10c '. . _ in "DOC- i Corning—George O'Brien ii ' "SEA'S REN'KATM". ere. th& romance ^ Tonti of rhc Iron Hand «t up the. Post oi Accami (Arkansas). Biroh Butrop in'd i /s P^•'» rapidly''*ivii(ci(>g civilization. People were Aaron Durr flitccil swiftly .across tho »Hge with' : '. \'^ri«ngmJ5.^he^r»\Of,dfrisipri th« had met the • 1 ' ' /•<•-! ..-..-• ii i '/^first hbrttlw carriage slowly changed to nriiles ,cf toleruce ind'later to solid .belief. The luto: rnobilo hid become >n actuility! Distance Via •lojifl^ '" handicip! Trjniportatbn was revolu: ."tionizedl The history of the automobUe ntecU no ' comment. Nor does the fact that it has become ; is integral a part of the American mode of liv-'V ing ai breatj arJi*butter. Without an adequate jourct for petroJeum to provide fuel and lubrication; it-is not improbable iKat the autbrhpbile . .would hive become an unattainable luxury ; .. im}>ractical for the thousand and one' uses to .; which it his bete applied to industry and in- ' : dividual pica Jure. Along Southwestern lu'gh- wiys'Magnolia Service Stations ttajid ready to lubricate your'cir Tjith Socony Motor Oil and fuel it with Magnolia Ethyl or Maximum-Mileage Gasoline so that you may speed along to endless historical and romantic shrines which now'are easy ports of call for the modern their dreams of a Southwestern empire, all 19 be swept aside by the sturdy American frontiersman who strode westward to enter and possess this lind after the War of 1S12. ,' -" Far in the background glides the shadow ot DC Soto, who spent his last winter in Southern Arkansas anil found his last home in Louisiana; three centuries later a l-iii! -!rh v" ' • cotton, rice and oil. . . . True, a rapidly advancing civilization has rakcn much from the glamour and romance of history, but in its place Ins come a new romance in the guise of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry. Today, the annual business in oil a!one,'of'the land brought into the United States through the Louisiana • Purchase, outweighs all the commerce of the French trayinf the pioneer hhtoryof •the SoiitiiveiT, in corr.Tnemo- rjtfon of Founded' Month of [KcMlgnolii Petroleum Com- pjay, pioneer Sautliwescirrn * I) century. As the outgrowth of the tisst refinery in the Southwest, the Magnolia.Petro- leum Company has played a H.C.FOLGER. A. Foundir - -_\ * Petroleum Compioy One of ihe three owner! of ihe pioneer refintry, optriveJ bjr J, S. Cull mm Com- fwnf of Coisicini, Trial (1191), which Iittr ditelcfcd into ibe Misnolii rnrolcun Com(»ny. EUcted Pmtdeni of iht Srindird OJCofnpanrof New York, 1911; Chiirrrun of irx BoicJ, 1»?).HedKJ in 19JO. MAGNOLIA Magnolia Gasoline and Socony Motor Oil for economical carc-fr« moioring MAGNOLIA ETHYL GASOLINE. "Hills are just scen:rv" MAXIA1UM-MILEAGE GASOLINE "More Miles per Gallon" SOCONY MOTOR Oil "No Motor can brok it" PETROLEUM COMPANY Tioneer Refiners of the Soutbwctl Station! «nd Dealer, in T«xai, Oklahoma, Arkansas^ Louisiana and New Mexico I M 7-1

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