The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 20, 1932
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u the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THETOMmANT^WBPAPEROPNOin^^^A^^S^E^lflbSi ^**-***• " W VOL. XX1X-NO. 184 uiytlieviile Daily News. Biythevliie Herald. Lender. Blythevllle Courier! HLY'I'IIJCVILI,];, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY 20, I9;i2 SINGLE CbPrtaj WE Cotton Spindles Busy it: Month of September WASHINGTON, Oct. 20. MINISTER FINK !n tho cotl'n lestila Industry «-cre shown lartay when census bureau rcj:orto:l Un" 11101? .spindles were operated diir- '"•K September than in ALaust ami July. Figured on a single shift ba=is U" nus co!uj«r«i Issue-at Pittsburgh. INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 20 (IJJ 1 ) — Tho Republican party .was charged with dangerous backseat dviv- i Ing by CJov. Franklin n. Roosevelt in his rirst speech here today. He appeared on the balcony of i the English hotel. Addressing many ! thousands massed in the huge [ space the Demlcratic nominee 72.4 per September. 193]. isl nii:l 87.0 per call in struck attain at the latest Repub- P' L, DL • • D • Mean drive lo convince the conn-1• Eighty t hySlCiatlS Ke^lS- l p ve:l at -Morning Session of Conference. trv that. Democratic success would injure business recovery. "It will be the purpose of the new administration to brinir order out of chaos, (o Institute sound economy, .soundness, and more widely distributed prosperity." he declared. trict and Northeast Arkansas M«i ical society here today. There were Roo5evelt opjiied' his sueecli .with i ?° P n l r s'cinas and their wives reg- another direct statement that the i lslcl ' c<! for ll 'e morning session and Hoover administration policies had brought "terrible retribution." "His economic heresies lhave all more were expected for the afternoon meeting. The two papers this morning ' come home to roost and this ad- '"The Common Cold" by Dr. L. C. ministration stands convicted .of McVay, Marion, and "Tetanus," having produced this brood of disaster producing gambles with national prosperity. .church. ; ABOARD ROOSEVELT SPE- j address of CIAL, Oct. 20. (UP)—The soldiers' Blytheville bonus apparently has been eliminated as a campaign issue by the Pittsburgh address of , with cn?c report, by Dr. J. H. L-unu, Paragould. The Hev. E. K. Latimer, pastor of the First Christian D. I the invocation ana the welcome on behalf o£ and the Mississippi County Medical society was given by Max B. Reid. Dr. G. A. Warlen, Black Rock, gavs the response. Franklin . Roosevelt, who moved today into . Luncheon was served at the Firsi Ohio and Indiana to continue his | Methodist church social room. assault on Republican policies. ! I'*or the afternoon program Dr. Th« governor last ni?ht reaffirm- ;W. M. Majors, Paragould, is to ed his belief expressed last April to the effect'- there should bo n3 bonus paymeri umN there is a suirr plus- in the- treasury. Roosevelt's friends held that the bonus Issue was removed from the campaign since both major candidates, while differing in detail of their utterances, are opposed to present payment. They profess not to take seriously rumors Hint the Republicans would continue to attack Roosevelt on the bonus by insisting that he be more "specific" as -to hi; views. Hits "Panic Breeders" Roosevelt not only delivered n stinging indictment of the Republican campaign management ns "panic breeders" who "spread th3 gospel of" among wags earners, but he attempted to place th" administration of President Hoover on the defensive for what he said was its "failure to balance th2 budget." The governor urged "beer for revenue." He promised to work for disappeared, immediate Jeg.ilizntion of bc.T so that the revenue might help bal- a; ance the budget. He ridiculed utterances by Henry Ford, W. W. At- trrburv of the Pennsylvania railroad, Charles M. Schwab, anci others that the reelection of Herbcr Hoover is riecessnrv to insure good prospects for business. He condemned the bonui statement made by Calvin Coolidsc in New York when the former president charged Roosevelt's silence with prolonging the depression. Promises to Cut Costs give tr.e councillor's address, Dr J C. Land, Walnut Ridge/president is to spsak. anci in ths business session.'there wi)!-be an election of a president and vice'president Dr F. D. smith, Biythevliie, remains secretary. The place for the spring 1933 meeting is also to be selected. The two papers scheduled /or Ulc afternoon program are by Dr J B. McMroy, Afemphts, who will'dis- cuss "Treatment of Anemia.",," and "The Basic Principles of Infant Feeding," by Dr. E. B. Barrett JcncsbDro. Roosevelt, anxlouE to assure the country that he is as solicitous fcr the credit of the nation as any man. not only pledged himself to S 25 Per cent reduction in government expenditures, to opposition to any increased expenditures except to re-' Have human suffering, but h? pounded with his heaviest artllbry at the fiscal record of the Hoover administration, bringing jeers al the mention of Mr. Hoover and Pittsburgh's most famous citizen, former Secretary of the Treasury Mellon. • G. 0. P. Avoids Beer IJsuc WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 iUP> — Republican strategy, it was indicated todav. will be to hammer away at "economic Issues" until November 8. dcsolte the fact Governor Rocsevelt at Pittsburgh raised the "beer for revenue" issue and Senator Blnsham, Republican. Connecticut, promised Immediate action to get that revenue. The repeal nnd modification is- Sl 'e has been somewhat dormant -Mnce the later phases o[ the cam- bism despite the fact thnt most of the oratorv In the party convention stressed It. Roosevelt, in Proposing beer for revenue to' "em balance Ihe federal budget, ".'sensed a phase of the urohlbi- "on question not mentioned us yet .,' President! Hoover. The -president old not go £0 tnr as to ">vor rer»nl of. the 18th amendment but he did urge revision ... his acceptance speech. Traffic Sign Stolen From School Grounds Police are looking for ti:e "meanest tHlef." One of tn-o traffic signs recently erected near the Central Ward school grounds as aids to enforcj- ment of traffic laws and a saiaty campaign for schonl children liar According to reports the sign'dis- Ppcared last JWay night after a football gams at Haley Field. Th- Iron posts to which the signs are atlached v.-oro originally set in concrete bases but were later moved ami were not secured as well th» second time. v '-«- >'or/i- Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 20 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high lor close j!m G43 644 630 630 March 051 May COO July OCQ 630 Cct Dec G39 653 601 671 632 C39 G37 647 656 628 626 638 647 656 621 626 Spots closed at 635. off 10, quiet. Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 20 (UP) — Cotton dosed steady. Jnn March May Juiv Oct Dec open 041 650 657 G67 C31 635 high 645 651 662 671 G31 641 low 630 638 647 656 G15 625 close 630 653 647 658 615 625 Spots closed at 630, off 17, steady. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T joe ^ Anaconda Copper jrj Auburn Caterpillar. Tractor Chrysler 44 1-4 8 1-2 Cities Service ...... 33.0 Coca Cola ] 95 3*4 Continental Baking ." " General Electric . General Motors .., Mlddlev.-esl utilities Montgomery Ward . New York Central . Packard Radio Corp Simmons Bed s Standard of N. J. 15 5-8 13 3-4 1-2 12 3-4 24 3-4 3 7 3-4 9 1-8 30 1-4 Texas Corp ' ,, , , TT 'O r..--, Itl 1-, U. steel Senator Hattie W, Caraway Guest of Honor at Osceola Denies Poisoning His Wife to Marry Young Sunday School Teacher. MUSKOGEE, Oklii., O:l. 20. (UP) —Attorneys for a 52-year-old minister, writer of love ixxmis and clerical hymns, today energetically plunged into a court battle. ;l;ter- mined to prove Uuir client guiltless of a murder charge. The slate, which charged Rev. S, A. Berry jjoisoned his wife so ha could marry n 19-year-old Sunday school teacher, closed Its case late today and some twenty or more LC- fensd witnesses were Echeilind to tstify. Ill its first move to free the inln- ist«r the defense introduced a suicide note assertedly written by Mrs, Berry and found by her husband in a family bible while he was in jail. "I am tired of life." the note lead. The defendant's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Butli Berry, said that on .hsr death bed Mrs. Berry had said, "my husband has been so good to me." Sitting next to Rev. Berry during Uie court session was the former Ida Bess .Bright, the Sunday school teacher whom he married shortly after the death of his first wife. During the revelation of alleged intimacies between her'-and Rev. Berry previous to the dealh ot Mrs. OSCKOLA. Ark.. Oet, 20— Sen alcr j::iltlr C:ir;nvay of Juncsttaio, who is !;|^i:<!lni; a feu 1 days In Csu-cOii as lh e JJI.MI ,,f Ml*s HliiiiL'lu- Clm-t, sva:; I hi! giiesl ol honor ni n ri.'cjyil.-.ii.tcjiilsrwl y«s- luday afuunoon h/ the Osceola Woman's IJemotratlc club. l-cmccrat:i; women uf Osceola and n number of fjiii>.sl.s frum Bly- ll'.cvllle. Luxor n and Wllr.on were received In [lie si.'itcloiis rooms of the Progressive Club at the court hOLta from 3 to 6 o'clock Wid- afternoon. In the rt'celviiiu line were Miss Blanche Clccvj. Senator Caraway, Mrs. W. J. Driver, Mrs. 3. L. Uladlsh, Mrs. W. E. Hunt, Mrs. F. P. Jacobs and Mis. J. Lan Williams. Mrs. Oladlsh, Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Jacobs are district,'county and civic chairmen, respectively, of tlie Democratic woman'3 organization. They were n.ssisted In receiving Berry the present wife of the minister, showed no emotion other than at the prosecutor, County Attorney Phillip Oldham. HPITIL POLICE CHIEF Glassforctj Protests Refusal of Commissioners to Give Him Free Hand. WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 (UP) — Pelliam Glassford, dashing forrntr „ army genera! whose policy towurd occasionally to glance disdainfully j ihe bonus expeditionary force ;-rounht him Into conflict with the administration, -resigned today as Washington's chief of police. The immediate cause of his res- Ignation was the refusal of the District of Columbia eommU*loners to authorize personnel changes fje had proposed as a means of Increasing Ihe efficiency of Washington police.^ . " ••• . 1 In his letter of resignation, K sub-' mitted to the district commissioners, Glassford criticized a situation which he said "has been one of the cWef reasons for difficulties and failures- in the police departments of (oo many of pur cities." "I find myself in the position '.t SD many other police, chiefs in the United Slates, namely, hold- in» a position of great responsibility but deprived of the essential authority to discharge it without fear and without favor." Confirms Senator 'Morris Charge Against Secretary of'Labon CHICAGO, Oct. 20 (UP)— Don- lid Bichbcrg:, Chicago, attorney for labor interests, made public cday a telegram to Secretary of Labor William Doak charging that 'n a conference on the anti-injunction bill Doak asked if he would be interested in "a federal iudgeship. Kichber» also declared that he v.eiil to Washington for the conference only because Doak told him it would, be arranged by the Jiroctlon of President Hoover. He added Doak claimed he could block promotion of .federal Judge James Wilkerson to the appellate court, to which liichberg and bther labor leaders were opposed. The telegram to Doak was dispatched by Richbcrg from Liber- il, Kansas, yesterday, and was made public by his office here loday. Rtchberg is en route to Phoenix, Ariz, and sent the telegram after reading press accounts of a speech by Senator Morris, Republican, Nebraska, and of Dcak's statement replying to the •peech. Doak also had asked Richberg for a statement. A charge by Senator N'orris that Doak offered Riehberg the judge- hip in the course of an attempt lo obtain nichberg's consent to a 7cmpromisc on legislation affect: ng Ihe use of federal injunctions :n labor troubles was declared unfounded by Dcak yesterday. Make Slow Progress I" Choosing Brown Jury OSCEOLA, Oct. 20. (UP)—The regular panel had been exhausted and only four jurors had been chosen at 2 o'clock this afternoon fo: the trial of Arthur Brown, charged with the murder of T. W. Young and assault to kill P. M. Barton A special panel of 25 was called, and it was hoped selection of th; Jury would be completed this afternoon. Brown Is being tried separatelv from his wife. Thelma Brown, who faces similar charges. She is alleged to have handed Broam the gun with which he killed Young and seriously wounded Barton. Tlie grand jury submitted. Its final report shortly before noon; returning eighty true bills. Dr. Wert Attends Clinic Dr. Alva Wert left Thursday night to attend a three day clinic in Little Rock, conducted by the chief clinician of the American Optometrlc association. He expected . to be back In BIytheville 38 1-B | Monday. Phillies County Salary Slash to Go on Ballot ; HELENA. Ark.—Chancellor A. L. Hutchins Wednesday sustained the light of the people of Phillips ccjunty to vote on a proposed initiated aut | iucing salaries of county officials al the November 8 general election. A demurrer to the injunction petition of Mrs. Bob Langston, a taxpayer and elector who asked that the Phillips County Election Commissioners be enjoined from placing the proposed act on the ballot, was sustained by Chancellor Hutchins In chancery court be- fere a court room packed with representative taxpayers from prac- 'Ically every section of the county. The defense demurrer which Chancellor Hutchins sustained rft :ut that even were the allegations of (he plaintiff true In regard, to he alleged unconstitutional manner of presenting the proposed act '.o' the voters, that the officials who would be injured by passage cf the act would have full and adequate remedy in a court of law lollowing the passage of the act. SOLD MANY and In quick time, tool The advertiser tells us that these few words— FIRST CLASS water proof covers for trucks and wagons which are running in the "For Sale" columns of the Classified Ad Department are brlneing him excellent rc- iulls. He's told on advertising by the month what he has to sell. It costs sixty cents per line monthly for an ad which may net you many dollars. Just call COURIER NEWS Pliant 3W> "ml cnlcrtulnliii! liy Mesdumes Il.iK- .lad'.Kon, C. J. ixivvrancc, Jr., i; li. Other, Ik-ilx-il Hlilppi'n, Until Hull- Carlysle. W. W. I're- ttiu. J. II. Lovewcll, 11. L. Driver, .!<:<• Croniur and L. S. MilchHl. Mrs. James n. Drlvrr nnd Mrs. IV. a. Dyc.v; |>DUml lea :it lllc txuulfiilly appointed lea lalili*. ami id-vim; sandwlclie.s, candle's and individual cakes with lo' creiim «vie Mi'Mliunc.s' Milton Pope, i>. j iv-ninirs, Jr., A. W. Unwell. Ond- l'i-y While nml Misses Catherine H.irv/i'll und Mary Louise Hiunp- toii. The club room was artistically (li'cciiik'd for (he; (luciision wllh u inclusion of nutiimu Mowers. A cater scheme of' iimuu 1 nnd noli! «as carried out In Hie General llecciracl<</ employing luiai&okls In li'inon yelkiw and orange with ivc colored Mlctmi'limis daisies UKcratum against a background of ivlld while hardy asters nnd « wealth of autumn leaves. Tlie tea table was beautltully appointed with sliver service, a lu»' silver bowl of pink roses for Hie centerpiece and pink KIIH.TS l)i .silver cnntllc sticks at either UK] of the table. Music wa.s reiid- -•reil throughout the afternoon iiy Mrs. J. W. EdHnglomnml Mrs. R S. Driver. Among the out of town guests attending the reception were MJS- dnmes James B. Clark, Joe p. pride Ho»-ard B. Proctor, M. FU>l m - mons and Mis* Cora.Lee Coleman of Blytlievllle; from Luxorn Mrs Sue Brown, Mrs.'Jesse Brown and tho laHer's guest, Mrs. J. p. Cugk Williams and iier guest Mrs. Edmtston- of. Louise, Miss., and from Wilson, Mrs. John Merrill, Mrs. J. D. McKlmlc and Mrs. ft L. Roach. Mrs. Caraway arrived yesterday jnormuff fro m Washington en route to her home at Jonesboro. She was *rt in Memphis by Miss Blanche 1,1 nnd Mrs - J - kin Williams I" 1 ^',, 8 "" 1 $ 'uncheoi* when •MiT " nlso ™ ! " r ' n| ned"Mr, and Mrs. L. 8. Mimhell,.T»iss Em-. ">a Opx, Mrs. Ernest'Pearson. Mrs '. B. Swift and Mrs. W. L. Moore Mrs. Caraway talked this morn- hUS l *1 , Mh001 C "" drcn at th « *ceoJa high SC hoo! and nl noon today to the Osceola Civic club She will go this afternoon ' to Jonesboro. where S he will be until »""- the general election In No- ".^ith the exception of short - h friends over the stale - a -trip to Llltic Rock eorlv in ^nTX^rthf 0 wm ^" the state federation of clubs. Hedges New | York's Loyalty to The Roosovcll- Garncr Ticket. NEW,YORK, Oct. 20 (IJP)_A1- fral K. Smtlli has entered (lie 11X12 campaign arcim with Ills iilcciRe that "(ho loyalty of tills city (will be exerted to the la.s 1 ! degree in favor tif the elrr- tlon of Roosevelt nnd Clamor." 'Die Al Smltli of ol<! cainu bark to Tammany Hall last night to the KtrnlTO of "Tlw Sktawnllts of New York" and "A Hot 'nine In the Old Home' Town ' Tonight." . ire proudly greeted fellow mem- piers of the wlRwam. Then In ilml hoarre voice so characlerlstlc ot Smith he shouted: "The brlghUtlar guiding us Into u harbor and haven of repose Is complete nml full Democratic victory is in sight In November." • Former Armour Company Officer Leaps to Death CIHCAUO. Oct.' ai) (Ul'i -- mrf,K M, Wlltotls, r,r,, rccenlly '••illiiied us a vice proAldml of nronmr ami eoinpany, lc«ivcd to ,''"••111 ic-tnv limn « wlimn-v i>f "Is Rimrljiidit on ihe eleventh "onr of n noitli side iipaitmuiii . liiilldliiij. i Ills wife wns In t), u apartment. i She MI|<) Wllli>tt.t wii.s (It'siwiident over injurliii lnciirre<l In nil nuto- inolille iicnldnit mate limn a year :iU» which forced his rctlreiiieni. Kiwii iiflcr iii ntlcmptcd to re- Kinnn his duties six iiiiinths ai;c. Win HoW Funeral of A. B. Fowler Tomorrow 76 ' JSUCC "«bed at ' Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at .2 o'clock at S tfCCt Mcthodist « the nev. W. J. Le Roy p^. tor, officiating. Interment wllf^ rn>l e ,? 1 Elm «'<»<i cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company Is In ch " arrangements df f e dent of this city for It j^arj. He h'i b , y hlS WldOW ' M » h Fowler, a 'daughter, Mrs rJ 3 5 0dwlni and slx £ons . Fred and Albert Fowler of tYi L ' Ll :Towler of Mcm- a "d , Clayton and Mlllon Bruce Fowler of Dj-ersburg. Fletcher Fined S100 on Second Conviction Howcll Fletcher was Hned $100 *"**' c - A - Cunningham | n municipal court Wednesday afternoon on a charge of illegal pos- KMlon of liquor. He was £lso Darned bv the court and the prosecuting attorney .that finding of more liquor at his place would re- lm* , *) rcfiuc:st of thc clrcul t urt to Issue padlock order. Fletcher wa s fined »50 last week on a similar chanre. He contend- M »t yesterday's trial that wine, B ' "Idlng party wai only h»d b«n oi'^r looked by the officers on a previous raid. The fo «e staged B raid on . Place on ths Clear Lake road Friday mornin? and airaln Baturd&y nloiht. Officers t«tmed the varlon, liquors found on (the ««ond raid were not there tf.ien about 75 quarts of beer were si,iz- l In the first r»ld. E. s. Esdy of the Qosnell coi i- munity was fined tloo on a chart c of transporting liquor Virgil potter of the' C-osnell sec- Hon was fined five dollars for disturbing the peace and his wife was fined one dollar on a similar charge. • oe Jeffcrs A mono Deleto Pre-Millenial Meeting al-!Fort -Worth. FORT WORTH, Tex.. Oct M (UP)— Nearly 500 minister* opened their .bibles here today to ascertain fust when Onbrlcl will nick up his trumpet nnci herald the doom of earthly, achievements. Among "end of the world' 1 prophets due at the second annual conference of . the PnsMlllenla! Baptist church was Rev. -Joe Jef fers, Jonesboro. Ark., evangelist. A yehr ago Rev. Jeffars ndrlw his congrcimllori to wind up their enrthly nffnlra. right • soon. The world . will. come to an end, he nnld, late In 1032 or In /the early part of 1933. Delegates to the convention to- dav elaborated on the forecast.' Revelations promlscB 1,000 years of neace when Christ and all hl« saints shnll reign on earth, : thav pointed oul. An angel shall come down from heaven, a koy and n chain In his hand. The abyss shall be opened, sntan chained and thrown within until the 1,000 years be finished. Methodist Church at Keiser Names Officers KEfSKR.-Ark.—The fourth nunr- terlv conference of tlip Kclscr Methodist church was held a' WJlson Sunday night, October 18' In conjunction with the .lolnni nnd Wilson conferences. Dr. Jnma r A. Anderson of Jonesboro. the presiding elder, wns In charge. Following -routine business nnr' the reading of the fourth qnnrter reports the.following officers wer<- elected: stewardship chairman .Tohn Walts; district steward Hnrry Dunavnnt: charge lay leader, Lee William. 1 !: church lay lender. John Walls: Roldeu cross dl rector. R. L. 'Kcrsnv: misslonar committee, lee Williams, Mrs. P H. Robinson. Mrs. John Lowp- Sunday school superintend™* John Watts: stewards, Harr rjunavant, ,W. M. Taylor, Calvlr Lowe. R. H. Rohtnson. LOP V7C 'lams. Mrs J. T. Pnlk. Mrs. I!'irV v Watson, John Walts. IWss Adc?. Smith. R. H. Bowdcn of Joiner was elected recording steward for thr charge, Lee Wllllnms R'ns nctlnr secretary. Bandits Take $2,000 From Louisiana BUNKIE, Ln., Oct. 50 (UP) — Two unmasked bnndlts robbed 8 branch bank of $2.000 here today and escaped In nn automobile. The bank Is R of the Avovellos fTrust nnd Savings bank of Bunkle, Onuthler Coco, cashier was locked In the vault while th« men looted tlie place. A tx>ssc wns organized to hunt for the bandits. Teachers Gathering for Education Convention HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Oct. 20. !UP>—More than 2.000 teacher.' from over the state were gathered here for the opening of the Arkan- aa Education association's unnua! convention today. The keynote of the meeting will be a close study of the curriculum of ihe public schools in rte state fts the changing political, social, and economic conditions make n reorganization of the public school curriculum imperative. KSULTTBKHI Poo! Hall Scraj^e aJ Manila Brings Fred Bethel Into " DiPDII, I OPH1IEI; 1'iTtl Iliithi'l, brother of Fnink Another Officer Seriously Wounded .as Truck Crew Resists Arrest. TKXARkANA,.Ark., Oct. 20 (UP) —D«|iiity Sheriff Melvin llmckmitn; •13, is dead, nhd Deputy Slierllf j. C. Craln, 43. lay critically wounded liorp today from bullets fired by Jiquoi truck operators they had Hopped wi a highway. 35 miles south of here 'In tlie nig Soring urea of MlBfcr county last night ., 0m! of tlM! threo o=«ipants of ' lllL ' c " shbt lllfc °mcers wwi» DW- uly sh * rl(I J - A, Hill chased a , fourth ,*ho l;ad Jumped from the cnr nnd tl * <! - Tllc ofttciri hnd - parUj , b[OMad . d I he road with Brnckman's cir As Uw truck swung Into a ditch one by Cwinj before going on the net over lo Ihe grand Jury . Municipal Judge O. A. Ciin- erninig table «a)d thr. nfn .at^'iKr ,"„ ? u r ni Cij'^^r r^? ; .».ved „„,„„,„„, , WBrhls „-„, r,£u-^n,s m oniy baud w ,, s set n l jr.uo. ^^ Brackman Is survived , '""" and Crsin HiHhcl was arrested following o Cody alwut the head wllh n knife In nn argument over a gnmb- llnif debt. Frank Bethel and Mike Wallace wore once sentenced to death In a mpc Case In circuit court here which allractcd stale, wide attention. Thu Biiprcmo court ordered n new trial, the young men were given 18 years each and subsc- quenlly,emerged within a . couple of years by the pardon or furlough route throu«lk Gururiioi llarvey Parnell. . A charge of attempted robbery iptnst Emerson Farmer wu dls- ilisscd. Police said Uie compUlnl Charges of frequenting a disorderly house ngalnst Eddk kenzle. ?oe Ohltffood and Ross Younger vero nallo. pressed on motion of lam Mnnutt, city dttom'uy. Three men were fined »10 each or public drunkenness, Additional Saturday Postoffice Service General delivery, stump nnd Parcel post windows at thc'nost- ••uflce will be kspt open Saturday afternoons until four - o'clock It iva.i announced today by ,1, H ' El- Wns. iMstniaster. who snld he, had Deceived minicrous requests for : his service from farmers and ithers who.were unable to get to the posU>f(lcc before noon, the i!os!ng time on Saturdays hereto- 'oi'e. The new schedule will be main- Mined for an Indefinite period by 'ho present clerical force, which ^fr. Elklai «ald he wns not allow•d lo, Increase for the service. The motiev order and iiosta! •avlngs window will continue to •'cse at noon on Saturday. Claims Credit for Silver Conference BUTTE, Montana, Oct. 20 (UP} -Vieorously dofendlnn tho 'admln- trntlon's attitude toward an In- •"mtlrirml silver conference '"•sirtcnt Koover today wired "1'i'to Republican headquarters he '•i»* forced /agreement to consideration of silver problems at the forthcoming world economic conference. "I made it a condition of our icceptnnco," thff Inresldent sattt Concerning American participation 'n the conference, "thnt the whole silver question should be put In the apcnrta of the conference and fully dealt with. That has been •'greed to 'and recently I stated that I would appoint a member of the delegation to the conference representing the silver Interests ot the United States." Will Hear Evidence in Rate Case October 31 Presentation ot the city's evidence In the power rate controversy with the Arkansas-Missouri Power company will be given at R tearing before Master V. O. •Holland which has been set for Oct. 31st. Th« city was slattd to pre.-,snt Its case on list Monday but asked for postponement of the hearing a week in order that Us survey •' the power company's properties could be completed and iu engineer's report submitted. Power company counsel was unabje to agree on opening of the hearing next J so the Oct. 31 j t date w, upon, . Brackman | s survived bj- tils " cloven Gewje Abbott Held Under Bond of $5,080 Ocorne Abbott, alleged kev" I]! 1 "?!* P lotto .P"» < = yeat.jrday before United Slntes-Comrnlisforier E. L., Westbrook. Jr., at Jonesboro. Unable' to make bohd set at »5,000 he was ordered held In Jail at Jonesboro pending^ a. MMlon of the f«er»l' gr*nd Jirry. thtre n»xt ; month, Abbott TO« the lut of four men Involved' in .the plot to -be «r-' , rested «nd rirralgnedi'A.-Q.'i Tfhett, -\ A. D.-.Snyder »nd--'. ; j,'...w^<CinAiJF { bell, nlso of this city, ware oid- cred held to the grand Jury^TUes-t -. day. Wheat »nd Snyder have conr fessed their p«rt • In the plot «nd Implicated Abbott and CsmpMl, both of whom dtny all 'charges. K\\\fA Wjfe in Own Defense, Negro Claims George Raines, negro gln : em-, who hit ills wife over the heart with a board last nlgSt, raining fatal Injuries, wns : takerC Into cuslo:ly when he appeared. p.t the Joke Ungnr gin'this moraine for his pay check. The negro slruck his wife when sh; appeared at the gin where; he was working. Raines claims.tha woman had started for him brandishing a razor when he hit :'her v.llli tho plcink. Raines disappear?ed and his wife. died about two hours later. - . . The negro told Police,Chief A. D. Owyn when laken Into custody (hat he had planned to surrender nfier evading arrest last night'. Tie was placed in the county jail'. The negro and his wife had been: havlne considerable trouble lately according to ofTicsrs. Chinese Bandits Free British Man and Woman MUKDEN, Manchuria, Oct 20. 'UP)—Mrs. Muriel P.i--!ey nnd Charles Corkran, young Britons Captured by Chinese bandits on September 7,- have been relsised and arrived at Panshan today. Mrs. Powlcy and cor!;ran pb-: tnined their freedom through negotiations by British and. Japanese authorities. It was understood s small ransom was paid although tte original demarfls of ths bandits- were fantastic. Andrews Infant Dies The 21-day-o!d Infant daughter' of Mr. and Mrs. At. N. Andrews died this morning at tho family home southeast of this city. Funeral services will be held at 4 o'clock this afternoon st San.V Ridge cemetery. The Cofcb Undertaking company Is Jn charge cf funeral services. The deceased Is survived by her parents and several brother: and sisters. WEATHER ADKANSAS-Fair, colder with probable frost in north ani west jrtlons tonight. Friday fair. According to tl» official wenth- er observer. Charles Phillips., the minimum temperature here yes- Jnaxltnum. 8ft dcirrecs. detr. Today a year ago the minimum tern- maximum, TO degrees,

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