The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 29, 1950
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JULY 29, 1950 •LYTHEVfLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williorm OurBoording House with Moj. Hooplc PAGE SEVEN VS. SOPS/. THE HOR/SE •WENT DOWM AND SOU STA"/ UP.' I THOUSHT SOU WERE A BETTER THAN THAT, SODA WELL, l-UH--r THOUGHT I BETTER. STAY UP so i COULP see WHICH WAV THAT WIUP COW WENT. 'S A DULL EVCI41W&,' wu« New CARD GAMES ARE POP ULAR is> Tue ABOUT THKT H VMHECE'S I tb~50ME 6TAT6S?ASABOV <S [OWED "THE DECLARATIOH OF _. IWDE- * PfiMDEKlCe I President, Cabinet Discuss Home Problems WASHINGTON, President Truman ami his cabinet i discussed problems of the home front in a 45-minutc session yesterday. Vice President Barkley told re« ers that the meeting covered phases of economic controls" in a general way. Here's One Way To Save Money Ifl LTCRS QUSLITY SHO€ SHO1 1 Zll W M a I N ST. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of casei invest!, floted in several hospitals and clinici, jubnormal Kidney function wa« improved. Bladder pain and .discomfort reduced after ihe use of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor hoj diagnosed your condition ai Functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try ii for a few weeks. It ii delicious, pure-lasting, and may be consumed freely. Crassfown Whiskey Shop Main & Division I'HE STOItYi Bill JnrvlM, rm- Knicr if <• Krt C<j tiller, blh bo**'* dNUjchlrr, U NprBtllnc a week mt • • tvanL me at Ion re»iirr • » K«*-»< *l hfa Bane*-r-'« parent*. He »rf > » * pretty elrl at tfcr rr*ori mm* mmm IcariK-d (bMl thU Klrl. Hilda Sandk. la It* rthjrc'l OT a -'MmrJir fan*- p.ilen" of maHi-loim ^n»*lp lie liihrovrrv lb:it »•.«• oifarra In Bcv 1 * croivd *( Ihr p1:ic<- nr? [nolined to he « parllrularl? TamllM* MUTT. Itev'jt clou**! frtrad. aad 111 RILL begged oft from playing In the bridge game Bev Coulter organized later in the evening and. lighting a ciRarct, he took a short walk on a path which led to the Inn's golf course. He was still thinking of Joe Coulter's inquiry about Lloyd Williston. Bill bumbled along the path. more and more convinced that Joe Coulter was involved in some father-to-father proposition. Coulter might even be considering taking Lloyd into his publicity bureau. And wanting to know from Bill. Lloyd's contemporary, how Lloyd ticked, before committing himself. Aagh, there wasn't anything to il. Nothing, anyway, that concerned him. He . . he stopped short. The movement that halted him nad come from a short distance beyond a little flag that marked the 18th green. Springing up, with a little gasp, off a garden roller left near the green's edge by some workman, was a figure in light-colored crepe or chiffon. The girl took a few uncertain steps oh the opposite side of the green and BUI said: "Take it easy! [ won't hurt you." "Thanks!" The word seemed to come at him like a steel butlet. And then he heard, even though her voice dropped abruptly: "That makes you practically unique around here." • • « J".JILL ignored that addition. It bad been spoken involuntarily. Edwin Copyright IKO kr NCA Snyki, IM. almost in an aside. It hadn't been meant to reach his ears. "Sorry il ! scared you." he said. "I was Just browsing around.* 1 "Well, go ahead and browse." Hildy Sands said. "Don't mind me." Her tone carried a trace of truc- ulcnce at which Bill didn't wonder. Probably, with thai scurrilous rumor abroad, this girl had a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude toward the world about now. "Look," he said. "I know we haven't been properly tntroduced- But I saw you play tennis today. And someone told me your name. Well. I'm Bill Jarvis." Hilda Sands came slowly around the green. "So I believe. You 501 a fair amount of advance publicity." Bill laughed. "You can't keep women from talking." She peered at him. He had an " — —~ • rneaiiaieci walK In th ^L r TJl n ^" lde _.? J : C . S ' ha '""e hl given him a chance "Just what do you know?" She had him ofl balance »nd a momcm dragged by "N-nothing," he muttered, finally and a\vkward- ly "Forget It!" "Listen. Mr. Jarvfs!" Her voice crackled. "Don't cc afraid to com* out with it. They've probably told you. already, about my ta- ther. And now you ought to know that it isn't the—the thing to associate with me." Bill was glad of the darkness, hiding Ins crimson cheeks. dope. Grade A." he said. since I've put my foot in it. 1 did hear some gossip. But it wasn't malicious." * "Not malicious? That could onlj be Mrs. Faskcr Did she tell you?" Bill nodded uncomfortably. Hildy drew a breath. "Well, 1 don't mind so much, if it carn« from her. She's an old dear. would have thought, though ." "Nope." He anticipated Her and scotched the idea. "Nobody else said a word." "Don't worry." Hildy said, a little harshly. "Somebody wiU. • • • T51LL felt helpless. An unpre- ~ meditated walk in the dark had have been gray and clear in day light. "So." she said, "you're just her please old lady Fasker. Bui he hadn't meant to gel involved, embroiled. "Why wouldn't 1 take il seri- Bill. eh?" Being'nice to this bitter-voiced! girl could be quite an assignment. I .. Wnv wouldn't 1 take tl se, S, , > g " CSS y ° U m ' Bhl put " ously? And. seeing you know „ mat way. much, you may as well know nstanty she made an apologetic } else. I Oh. what', little gesture. "Oh, darn! It was ; the matter with me? You're not a menn wav of milliner it Tho i^. 4 i n _ menn way of putting .it The way I said it was mean. I'm honestly -sorry. And, since you saw the malch, I'm sorry too lhat I wasn't kinder lo poor Muriel said judicially. Gray don." "Well." Dill . . "they can't hang you for playing to win." Hildy's lips tightened. "I really was going to band her jfames, at first. But then the , rs. u en . . te | crowd was all with her and against interested." "But I am." It was. supposed to be merely a polite conventional reply Bui right there Bill Jarvis made a disconcerting discovery. He really was interested. Unconsciously he took a step forward. The moon threw an opal shaft across Hildy's bright hair and the pine-scented breeze whipped little tendrils of it around her forehead. "You're just being nice." said. "But . . well. 1 was trying — ----- „ -----me and 1—1 got sore." She gave a short hard laugh. . . . . Bill, striving [or something to make up my mind to go home ! sympathetic, let his tongue slip. Why I'm telling you. though, I'll I I know." he said. j never know " I Her body seemed to stiffen. I (To Bt Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores ^""^^^^^^^^•••••^^^•^™ Chrysler • Plymouth flWNFDt EXPERT SERVICE VYVIILKJ EXPERT REPAIR T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main SaleF Service Phone 2122 SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDf Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. 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'Vour rr:cnrtl\ SluilrtMfcrr Dtalfr- R.K. & Ash Phone 688P I'KISCILLA'S I'OI Make Hers Vanilla BY AL VKRMEER TONIGHT WE'LL FAT BV CANDLE LIGHT I AND VVHM'5 WROMS WITH LEFTOVERS, YOUNG LADY HMPH/ LEFTOVERS ALWAY I NOTICE WE NEVER WAVE ANY LEFTOVER OH.OH'A THAT ( MEANS'] WE'RE J HAVING LEFTOVERS' CARROTS OR CABBAGE OR SOMETH1NS Birds of a Feather U Y MICH A BL O'lM A t .LEY and RALPH LANS >txj SOTTA oruei; ,X VOU'EE EISHT; I KNOW i ceossea YOU, BUT ->ou NAW, THEY CANTY HEAK CHS STY, HONEY I CAME OUT IN MV , AWO 1 TOSETK6K OVN PUT THE •OTTL6, BUT NOW I SWEAK I'M THJOUSH WITH CHEST BATE FEET ANP NOW iVfe «UM OUT OF SUN OIL. (UE.TW6YI7E SUH 8ATHIN6. fF THEY WALKED" fWST IN TWEIE WOODEN CLO&S,I'0 HEAK THEM A MILE Off CAPTAIN EASY Dawsou Flics Off UY LESLIE TURNER FMHEE! MMBE DUEL TROUBLES LORENZO'S WAS SEEN AT THE PUEBLO FELIPE GAECIft SEEMS TO BE HlGHLV RESPECTED IW ^Hl$ REGION. DAWSON. MOW COME V£s A FR1EWD of A SCOUNDREL VDU ? I DON'T LIKE VEE IHCIWERATIOWSi ME BUCKO! 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