The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 19, 1934
Page 5
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JMOKIMV, NOVEiMBKK (ARK.)' COURIER NKWB PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate |*r line for consecu- (ivo insertions: 1 (Five average words to a line) One time per line 10c Two times ncr line ner day .. 08c Three times i>er line per day .. OCc Six times per line per day .. 050 Month rate per line 60c Minimum charge 50o Aiis ayfti'tca tor l))rce or six times and stopped bctore expiration will be charged [or llio number ot times the ad appeared and adustmcnt or um maae. All Classmen. Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside ol die city must, be accompanied by casli. Hates may be easily computed from ubove table. No rcsnonswilliy W |ll i, e taken lor more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified aa. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions lake the one time rate. a Directory of PHILLIPS' USED CARS UUAL VALUKS IN USUI) CAHS '30 OHI-:VItOLKT SEDAN .. S181 '3d ro«l> CVUlllIOLliT ....' ?1!)5 '3:i CHEVROLET COUl't: .... 5133 '33 I'(HII) l)li LUXE COUl'li. Itiiniblc .Seal 541; 'Si K O It U V-8 T I) I> 0 K BKUAN SI 15 '33 CHEVROLET COACH .. SH5 TltUCKS and TRA1I.EHS TON CHEVKOLKT TRUCK S !)7 '3U CHEVKOLL'T ll~ TON TllUCK.i 151 Inch Whctl- taic 5285 '311 FOII I) I',. TON TKUCK. t'loscd L'ab, l)u;il Wheels, l.irgc Body 5185 '30 FO1U) PICK-UP. Closed tali 5185 K1NCJ H A !M TltAH.Klt. Umil Whccli. A Hur'gain ...^ 5103 Wlvl'AY CASH KOK GOOD USED CAKS PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT C'unici- Walnut ft 1st Streets Ul'HN NKJIiTS 'Til, !) ['. iM Phone 813 Autoinotivc Business Directory Real Estate SEE OUR DISPLAY OP Arkansas Pottery Lowest prices—Lovely gifts Parkluirst's Farmers! x You fiirnisli the CO'tTON. we i'ur- nisl) the labor and 8 oz. tickins and make you an excellent mattress for $G,50. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED J. W. Jenkins & Son 11C S. It, Ii.—plioiic 139 K1TK I'KICE (.'KOCKKY JIUl' GltOC'KItllJS 1UG11T A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY STAPLE GROCERIES. FBE3H MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRODUCE, FLOUR, ME'AL, ETO. in Old P. O. BtdE. Phone 231 We Deliver WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY CIRCULATING HEATERS WASHING MACHINES G;is and Electric AMMUNITION Quail, duck & squirrel loiuls HARNESS our sloi'k is IMPLEMENTS and repairs for AVERY, MOL1NE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay us a visit and be convinced PAULBYRTJM 1^0 East Main "TRUE VALUE" RADIOS Battery & Electric Sels Best Value for the Price Oberst Slore Co. Factorv Authorize:! FR1GIDAIRE SERVICE Faciary Tr.-iined Altclmnics Day 07—I'hone—Night 382 407 Main St. E. B. GEE SALES CO. Chitwoocl & Wcidinan "WINTER AUTO SPECIALS' Prcstone, Alcohol, 'Heaters, I] frostcrs, Willard liallcrics. LET US PREPARE YOU WINTER Hubbard Hd\v. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Phone 41G Phone ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues FOR FIX YOUR CAIi FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices Painl jobs, jtcp-.iiring bodies, Si- moiHiing, Changins 'i r.uisinis- sions, Wasliinj ,t Greasing willi Alnrfak Grease & Quaker Slate oil. John Hcaru—Jiininie Binkley BABNETT AUTO SALES Co. Phone 888 SPECIAL PRICES Between P. O. & Crcvrolet lildg. Phone 266 For Sale 321) acres land, just oil lllsliwiiy j'l. south Filling Stations of (own. $75 Arir— Ivusy I-'ino Terms nciu 1 Osceolii. 320 acres land, Well improved. $75 Per Acre— liasy 'JVnns Store building and 5 room resilience on .same lot. West Main Si. Wonderful location for j;r u - ccry. Cost $lj,750. First oil of $1750 ON TEKJIS Will lluy II I'honias Land Co. Southern Service Station Slcclc, lilo. PJ)illij>5 t!f} J'j-OllllCIa ANTI-KNOCK GASOLINE TAX I'All) IF 21 Hour Service Shoe Repairing Simon P. Lee r,hoi! maker in county "Trade Willi A Pioneer" 111 S. Hailvoad Land Buyers Opportunity Singly, when undeveloped lands in some sections are wiling (rom fail :o 540 per acre, with hither t;ixcs, lends outside of Levee lit $10 to $15 per acre, with taxes about 20 tc 25 cents per ;icre, und lands lhat are rich and prottucllvc must bo a good buy for any one wlio wanL-i undeveloped land. Come in let's talk it over. W. M. Biii-ns Agency Grand Leader Building • Phones 243 and 212 Position Wauled Will do STENOGRAPHIC work nt night. Reasonable rules. Call 3M or 132. Reslaiiranls Best Oysters Si Itivcr Cat Fish Chicktn Dinners Every Day Jitmriie O'Brien 105 s. Second Jlny \Vc I)yn Vour Shoes? SKIS OUH SAMPLES 1:1 E. Ralctiff Acroiis from Hnbbanl lldw. Co. WINTER 18 HEREI ''III your bins now with (lie Fu'""us M»VII« lied Ash Coal-hlth "| tiKil, low in ash; or Majestlu i(ii:iiily circle Illliiois Coal, brst Willly from W'psfmi Kentucky. FEUD-SEED UHY H'OOO-KlAJULINa We solicit your imtrormgc on Hit! basis of high quullty producls, low cash prices, prompt service Hurt honest ilcnllnt,'. • Voit^pei what you Day for here. Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. '. W. I'nrker, prop, phone 127 T'oi Sale I Try our 3000 mile BOLES—proof of Hie pudding is Die entiiif. When you get a good thing remember where you sol it. I'ROGllESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 South anil St. W. J. KNOX Having iiiiido : ,n k| nt | s O t ahuc.s for ALSNORMAL feel, can rcpulr shoos lo correct ABNOHMAL fed. BARGAINS In Used Heaters. Huhbarcl Hdw. Co. I'oit SAM: AH purpose White Marc, fill, 825 iwuntls. Excellent qualities; fine lor small children lo ride or drive. l 1 . O. uox 873 or can be seen at 'Wl Holly. Help Wanted Goal & Wood Jly Coal Is Illark tml 1 I real you J!' Combination NURSE and COOK (o work in afternoons and two I evenings encli week; small house. I small tumtly. Only experienced [wed apply. Mm. Samuel p. Nor- iis. Courier News. the complaint of Die piiilmnr, jiutli 1'ruetove. lliU Mill day of Oclober IO;M. C. !•' it. L. CAlNIiS, Clerk. l!y F.llloll Sintiiin, l). c. Coojicr, y. M-b-li-ID WAKMNC! OKDKlt IN TlIU CHANCERY COURT, CHlOKASAWUA 11 I ST It I CT. MISSISSIPPI COUN'IT ARKANSAS, Cllii/inoi- IJ, I.oi'dl, l>liiinllll. No. 51)18 vs Mnrjoiie laveit. Dcfr-nrliinl. The defendant, Murjorle 1/ivi'll, Is mimed (o upimir wtUiln thirty 'lays in the court immed In Uu> caption liircof and answer (In; complaint of (liv plaiiilltl, Cluil- mcr l). Lovcll. Dnli'd tills 23lli day of OctoIxT, If. L. O A INKS, Clerk, Uy Kllloll Sarlath, 1). c, C. !•'. Cooper, Ally. H'ARNINC Olt»ER IN Till-) CHANCmV COUI1T. C'HIC'KASAWHA I) 1 STU ICT COUNTY, AR- KANSAS. Ktithryii Wcslerlletd, I'lalnlill, No. 5»20 vs. Jw P. Wc.sterlii'ld. DefciidinU. The di'toidanl. Joe l'. Wp.Mi'r- fli'ld, Is ivurned lo apirar wltliiii llilrly (luys In (lie couit named m Ilic cnpllon tiereot mid answer the complaint of the iiliiliiim, Kmin-yn Wi'stcrltglii. IliitiMl ihl.s 211(11 day (l f octoliur. li. L CiAINKS, Clerk lly KllioH snrlnlii, n. (:. Cooper, C, I-". Ally. IN. TDK tllMNCKRY COUliT C1IICKAHAW1U nirt'l'K 1C)-. 1 MISSiaSII'I'I COUNTY, ARKANSAS. • Millie Chrl.sUi])])i'r, I'liilnlill, No. sum vs. Lrwls ChrlstoiUu'V. Defendant. 'Ili<' (Icfoiuliinl, Luwis ciirislo- plier, \a winiu'd in appear within llilrly days In Die court numcd in Mil 1 caption lieri'iil niul HID ciirnpliiint of (lie plalntlif. Millie Christopher. Haled nils SDIIt dtiy of Ocfobor, ia:n. I!. L, OAINKH, Clork. By Killed. Kurliiln, u. a. C. !•'. 1,'iKipc-r. Ally. EAT is Tin; I-LACI; Will-1(1- YOU CAN OUT ANYTHING YOU WANT. I'Ycsli C'viippie, I'Voni Ucclfoot Luke Oysters JJijjli (Ji-mle T-JJone Slcaks I'rictl Chicken Koiusls of Alt Kinds Cold ,1'liile Lunches UlIAN'titi Ol' 1 MKNU DAILY CiKOHGK WKIGliT, CHEF HARRY BAILEY'S State Line Service Station BOOTS AND HKR \Yhilr, Fill up now. JOHN HUCIIAN'AN - 1'llONE 1(11 For Rout room FURNISHED Aparlmi'iil near school. 9H Jicnrn. inji fclffi Hardm-Barron Coal Co. Yards nt Slcrnbery Gin I'honc I IB HIGH GHADE KENTUCKY COAL, all sizes; ALABAMA I!ED ASH & QUICK FIRE ALAUAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, COliN, llA'Y If you are down in Hie month, thl'nk of Jonah; lie cninc out alright." 4 Rooms and Balh. WAUL) Aparl- incut on W. Ash. Furnished. Vacant Dec. 1. Call G50 or 0611. life ktf UEDKOOAI, stcimi Men preferred. !)ll 5BO. liiNil, f;ur»j,'<:. W. Asli.,r;all 8ck-l! 3 room rURNtSllliU APARTMENT, garage. 1315 Vf. wain. Call 335-W. 2-ck-tf FURNISHED /iPARTMlSN'T. 10R W. Kcnlncky. Phone ti!):i. 27c klf BEDROOM; adjoining lath. Men preferred. 312 W. Kentucky. Telephone 980. 'e-ck-lf TWO nicely FURNISHED BEDROOMS, moderately priced. Mrs. E. A. Fisher, 101 E. Davis. 2-t-pfc-20 VVASH~T'' : RHS" ""WELL, GEE WIZ? IF WECAWT BE OF ANY HELP, JftDA, V/I-W'D SOMEBODY S5MO US PARKS BROS. COAL CO. IMIONI-; 977 FOR "JIi-I,o Aliibiittiii" ! "Energy Illinois" "Jllfich Ito.i'.-il Kcnlncky". CLEAN COAL LOW PKICED See Us Aliiml Your Coal Blylhcvillc Gin Co. ' PHONE OG-I "lifulianl Ahiljiiinn" 'Trcmiiun Kcnlncky" CALL 214 Porpoises swimming in Single file rcsemhle a lingc, winding serpent and arc believed* lo liave been the cause of the ancient sea scr- il .stories. • JI'ifMill MEN to assist district „... Must, have (act. good appearance and come well recommended, from $25 to $35 per week lo start. See Mr. Jalonlck, Hold Noble, WARNING OKUKIl IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CIUCKASAWBA O I STRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Hclla Conner. I'lalntill, No. 5817 vs. Virgil G. Conner, Defendant, The (iclendanl. Virgil o. Conner, is warned to appear within thirty <lays in the court, named in the cnptlon hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, lielb Conner. Dated this 2!)lh riny of Octolxir, 1934. n. L. GAINKS. Clerk. By Elliott. Kiirt.-iin. D. C. C. I-'. Coopt'r. Attv. WAKN1NG OftDEfl IN THE CHANCERY COURT. CIIICKASAWHA D I ST K I C T, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Ruth Tmclove, Plaintiff, No. 581G vs. | Rictinrd Tiiiclovc. Dafentla'nl. The defendant. Richard Truelove, is warned to appear within thirty days in Ihe court named in the caption hereof and answer Read Courier :-.cws Want AU.1. NOW. I.KT'S SKI';— Kv Mart BJ MONA , TVV ' ' . tV OOM'T COMMOM TO VOt MORt W WWit TvVKVi Ct«.TAH-i. i33«e»ncA service. INC. ;.* nco, u. s.i/.vr.'of r. OP TVffi: 8\-\ wt TWO &\RS_I, > t^v\ vwa. TOO "bVAtvax \o O \\ta WbVNVOE. 70U Trtt TUt iATTSJt svvow &.V.V AUTO GLASS AUK.-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 PEKMANENTS None Bctlcr - - Special Prices Barrett's Beauty Shop 600 N. 5th - - Telephone 560 HAVE YOUR BATTERY RECHARGED BEFORE COLD WEATHER J. Ben Chine UATTERY SERVICE At, Tom \v. Jackson's Station Ash & 2nd Phone 8—Residence 277-W •'£$£•>, Poultry Buy FRESH EGGS the day they are laid. At PICKARD'S store, lOI-t Chicknsawbn, or direct from our hennery. : GOOD 1100 pound MULES. i$ce Starlin Bunch. Yarbro. I9c k26 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Thane 26 FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OP ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDER VOU DIPNT \ IF I'kWEW WHO SIGNED MY MftMETO SEND IT, VOUR HIGHNESS, J THAT STUPID CABLEGRAM, I'D THROW 1KEM M A DUNGEON. WHOTHt BLTOES DID? THK_CAT'S OUTA THK KM','. " '1 SALESMAN SAM • JS/ ( OH, PEARIE-WEflRY'MEfJ~ > / —• ? gE HERE. DUMA. DID YOU , DIDM'T MER^ AMV H^RMY- WARMV. ] OMLV WANTED TO' MEET THEM—THEY'RE SQ DASHING, AMD ALL THE NEW I KWOVY ARE SUCH NJITT 1 /- WITTV STICKY- WICKIES. j f) 131^ BY NEA SCRVJCC.I.VC. « \ V nrc U.S.PAT OFF. TO EXCHANGE IT FOR OM«r HE FOR/ -^ I W.atitcfl WA.NTKD—Hags—Jlmt lie free ol ImtltMis. No iiTidcnvrar or old panls accepted. Courier \eus. For prices on Pecans sec Wolf Allan. 128 E. Main. 1-lc kH WANTED: Men roomeis and liomders; twin beds. Cnlt 82-l-J. "3 Holly. C-ck-lf. WANTED TO RENT OR BUY— •iD lo BO acre [ ar m. Absolutely sober. Care for place and business. Fur- Hwli self. Write P. O. Box 761 H-Vk-22 BARKSDALE & PAGE 200" N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEWING WATER SYSTEM. $10 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. . SAW FILING . of all .kinds With nnlomaltc flUns; 'machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 W. Second Persona] .- REWARD For infortnalion leading to Iris ar- resl and coiivjcHoii of paiiie-s «'lio Miiashcd Ciiiard's window Monday. Nov. 12. V. E. Tomllnson, ClUcl ol Mercliant's Patrol COJ'I'EH WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at small cost Arkmo Lumber Co. A TOU(;il TASK! ^U *i—. - .JS ^ WHY, LADY, THAT'S OILY HALF OF )OH,YE«H?CUEU.. TH' LICORICE STICK[ VOU'LL HftVE ) VOO MAC3E TH 1 TO RETURN ALL OP IT BEFORE f /MISTAKE — AM' IF CANJ MAKE AM EXCHANGE.' ,/VA WANT THE OTHEE __ _^_ _ HALF •oaf Uy Smu 22* $J£ri> *s za^i. ??*s &-/*< c ^~. /?"«» S./ H&kl H/= FRECKLES AND HJS FRIENDS BHAOVSIDE IS ALL SET TO TACKLE K1MGSTDM, OW THE GRIDIRON, MINUS THE SERVICES OF FRECKLES, SWADYSIDE'S STAR G?OA[?TER- B&.CVC! ^c=.-\ Q 0 AHEAD AM 1 GET IT ' J ^ij, Lost LOST—Clarinet, black lluntlelli' case with red sticker. Reward for reliini lo Hurcle Mines, Kennett, Mo. 17-pk-2! PONT FORGET THE KISS YOU PROMISED, FOR A TOUCHDOVW, BETTY! I'M THE GUY WHO'S COLLECT! \_ - THE I-OW-DO\V_NJKKKL1NG! BUT, FRECKLES,WE HAD RESERVED SEATS...AND THESE SEATS AREWT NEAP THE FIFTY-YARD LINE AT ALL >. ~:.J -XW. BETTY. BUT ^="'"' I WAV1TED T& GET AWAY ^, ;;tjoM THE MOB...OEOPI.E ^£| ACT A3 iP tM ft ~ /& URIOCrr,';; j-A — :3x_-^ _^-^--^'' By Blosser I'M GETTIMQ A RSPOTAT10M ,*V?OUWD ^r'ECef^ AS 7H^ STAR QUARTERBACK VrtfO R ^K' THE WRo^JC5 WAY \ EXAMINATION.'.'

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