Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on August 8, 1912 · 9
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 9

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1912
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LINCOLN DAILY NEWS THURSDAY", AUGUST 8. 3912. NIN3 CHINESE BOY STOLE MONEY FOR HOMELAND Admitted ThefU of Amount Touting $1,000 liad hiding Hues for It OMAHA. Nb, Aug. . An amaxing series of theft covering a. period of three years and reaching total of ILOOO.'came to light Wednesday afternoon 'when Chow Hoey, fifteen-year-old Omaha Chinese boy, admitted to Probation Officer Bernstein that he had been systematically pilfering the cash, box of a local Chinese restaurant for the benefit of the Chinese repub lie . Complaint wit made to the probation officer by the boy'a father. Bern-ateln went to the restaurant, and After a few moments' cross-examination Chow Hoev told him that he had been taking money. He said he wanted it to sendto his mother In China, for the use of the Chinese revolutionaries. Blandly beckonih? Bernstein to follow. Chow then led the way to his room and showed htm where he had cut a steel plate from the celling and hidden his '"insurgent" fund. Two $100 bills were produced and turned over to the officer. Chow has held the position of cashier In the restaurant for three years. He said that he managed to "knock down" from 5,0 cents to $3 each ny and that he had two boxes in Omaha safety deposit banks In addi tion to his cunningly devised treasure box in the ceiling. Chow Hoey only Wavered In his al leglance to the cause of the Chinese patriots when overCom by the irre sistible temptation to. buy a motor cycle, according to his story; LOST ALL NIGHT believes the Lord "was ' reallvbehiri(l It all. ... , A CLEVERLY MADE DESK. Good Housekeeping Maraxine. , A room that 1 occupied in a summer boarding house had, instead of a- bureau, a table and a large waahstapd with two long and two shor". drawers. The table was too unsteady to write upon, so I set the washatand In a good light, took out the upper drawer and ut It bark, bottom up.- When It -was rawn half out. I had an admirable desk, with the whole top of the stand for my papers. E. A. C. . WAST AD. RATES Tlx rate for tdrtnlslnf Is tira Tut Conns of toe MONDAY JOURNAL alone , or tb. DAILY JOURNAL ana EVKNINQ p. K WS Id combination. Isl noma word for earn insetrtloa ;no advertisement -tempted forlorn than is cnu tb flrM InaerMoa or iOMOti ouch subsequent Insertion. We so not mass chanae lese tba I cents, and therefore la enoiptitlac the east of aa ad. lake fTihsedd cams If 1 era ceiha,sai count ittoeaialf 8r4onta. Tb rate, therefore. (Vw a want ad. ofl word! or leea up to 20 word! would b a (ullowai , I DAYS RENT YOUR ROOM to a state fair visitor or to one of the students coming in this fall. A small ad in these columns should find you a renter. WORM I 1 1. 11 U. . H , )....... 17 !..-.. IS... JO so 10 20 SO to M a fc MM 40 ro t m aoi n j U M Ml M Ml M Ml M 40 hk 40 so 40 ) M aa M M , 70 70 78 M an Ho TO TO to no; bote r Ml to M 1 1 09 f,10S S 1 10 U 1 0011 IS I 0,1 M I It 1 M M 1 II , 1 M a t I e i iiiia Mi 1 (HI J HO 14. A1 Irrer'iar day iassrtloui to b ooatatod i Orst loMrtlon. , . CARD OF THANKS. UPON MOUNTAIN Lincoln Woman Hi Terrifying Experience While Climbing in Colorado. A dispatch from Boulder, Colo., to tho Denver News has the following re gardlng an experience of a Lincoln woman: "BOULDER. Colo., Aug. S. Lost all night on the summit of Qreen moun tain without food, water or wraps; Miss Holda Belser of this city, Mrs. K. w. Hedges of Lincoln, - Neo.; Burton Banks, .14, of Fordyce, Ark., and the Misses Sarah and Julia Graves. 11 and 17 years, of Marshall, Texas, were nearly famished when locatr-d today by a rescue party composed of Professor H. K. Bobbins of the stato university, A.' W. Anderson, a local leal estate man, and Lawrence Banks, a brother of the missing boy. "The party spent the nlght behind a large cliff known as the "Fiatlron without any food, water or covering. Alt of the party are summer visitors except Miss Belser, and are guests at the Belser home. About 4 o clock yes terday afternoon the party set out to ascend the mountain under the guid anc of Miss Belser. Expecting to return In time for supper, the party did not carry any lunches with them. They lost track of the time, and when they started to return they lost the trail. "As night came on the younger mem bera became terrified, and Mrs. Hedges -was nearly exhausted. Then. Miss Bel. art decided that It would be foolhardy toiattempt to go further, and that the nest thing to do would be for the Bartv t of huddle together and spend the night m: the hills, assuring them that there would be no danger. . 1 - ''The party arrived home at 4 o'clock this afternoon, accompanied oy the res cuing party, little the worse for their thrilling experience." Mrs. Hedges Is- the. wife bf E. W. Hedges; a railway mail clerk' of this city. The Lincoln residence is 1127 Plum street. DR. COOK MAKES DEFENSE AT TEKAMAH CHAUTAUQUA TRKAMAH Neb.. Aug. . Tester. day and today have' been the biggest nays., 6f -. the Tekamah Chautauqua since it opened last Saturday. Yesterday nine thousand and over heard Dr. Frederick A.Oook, of North,-Jie fame. recount his experiences In the frozen north and tell of the polar controversy. He presented a strong defense and ex ploded tne Mt McKiniey story in an .interesting ana fascinating manner. - Today Ex-Goveror Jos. W. FoUt of Missouri Attracted a big crowd and l'stened to him' while he delivered nls present day speech on "Civic Rights eusness." ; He gave a lecture on the corrupt rule this country was under and the fate sure to follow. Graft and Is sstsm came in also for a grilling. He paid it High tribute to the Nebraska statesman, William Jennings rfryan. who he said. was more responsible for this era of revolution than any other man. . Theodore Roosevelt also receiv ed praise for his refusal to bow to the rule of theft and corrupt politics.- The assembly closes Sunday with two en tertalnments by Chapln, the imperso r.ator of Lincoln. . An auto accident 'occurred north of Tekamah a mile at T o'clock yesterday rr.ornirrg when a big automobile containing Barton Welch of the Welch garage and a buyer. The buyer a Mr. Hue. was learning! to run the car. When thsapproaohed a bridge he become confused and turned the wheel the wrong way With the result that before Welch could stop the machine It. had - tipped toward the b,-.r.ks and run several feet before tt Unally went to the bottom twenty-five feet below, but -right side up. 31ue escaped injury but Mr. Welch was pinned under the fender and step of thy machine, and all but. covered with vatfex. A rib was broken, as was his leg.; Also he Is suffering Internal Injuries. He is now in the local hospital. .-.- !,.....,,, , MR. JOHN GRANT PEGG realizes rniun drpoM OMAHA, .eb., Aug. a. John Grant Pegg, city sealer of weights and measures, believes the Lord Is good to those whom he loves. -- For Instance. Pegg Is a deve. t member of the First African Methodist church. The church congregation is going to have Its Hg annual picnic at Fairmont park in Council Bluffs Thursday, and he, with his family and the brethren and sisters, are all figuring on going. But what is a picnic without fried chicken? Mr. Pegg asked himself this question frequently. He wanted fried spring chicken i.t the picnic, but decided he couldn't afford to buy enough fowl for all his friends. And salt pork didn't seem sanctimonious enough. - He had about decided that several venerable roosters would have to do. But suddenly an expressman arrived with a box of six fine, beautiful plump spring c'.ilikens. Thev had been sent by his brother. Charles T. Pegg, a Kinkaider In tho colored colony in Cherry county. But. dlsregardlhr brother and expressman and all, John Grant Pegg MR. and Mrs. M. R. Fuller wish to extend their thanks to their friend for the klndnens and sympathy shown during their late bereavement. WANTED SITUATION. LADY with furniture for 2S rooms, woul 1 liku to figure with som fraternity o oroneiy. Am a gooa housekeeper, aiu a fine cook, capoule of handling , anv number. Would divide . furniture Into two houses and rent same If desired. Address No. 110 Journal. WANTED A position as chauffeur by young experienced man. Bell A-9&& YOUNG man with experience want steady place on a dairy farm. Call Bell F-1684. v POSITION aJ bookkeeper or clerk experienced: references furnished. L. C. Fuqua, 812 Q. Auto L-22M. WANTED Position as cashier or book keeper; good education sjd am quick at figures. Address 106 Journal. WANTED A good position along musical line, either piano or vocal, can give references. Address 100 Journal. YOUNG lady with some experience woi;ld like office work: can operate typewriter. Auto B-9lol. WANTED Situation by an experienced traveling xalesman and collector or as grocery clerk; can give gilt edge references. Address 101 Journal. WANTED Situation, experienced girl would like position for general housework. Address 102s Bo. ith Bt LACE cur'xLis laundred by Mrs. Oldt, 4I So. 31st street. Auto, phone B-3SS1. WANTED MALE HELP. WANTED Live wire to solicit insurance. on commission basis. , Address 109 Journal. SALESMAN wanted to represent New York and Chicago 25c neckwear houso In Nebraska and Kancas. Take as sl'le line or srivo full time. Address : 47J3 State rit., Chicago. HARDWARE talesman; wholesale hardware house in Des Moines, Iowa, wants reliable . and experienced salesmen - for road work. Must be thoroughly jiosted and well Informed on prices. None wanted except successful -men. Addrees In own hand writing, giving time of service previously rendered and for whom. rJtate age. whether married or single and salary expected. Iowa territory. AddrtKi P. O. Box 936. Des Moines, la. WANTED Man to tend threshing' sep-.: erator. Call Auto B-9484, WANTED Young men for canvassing and advertising; work. Call H. Smith, Pelavan hotel, from 12 m. to 2 p. m. WANTED Tew good husky Amerlcon laborers to handle lumber, In Lincoln. Car. work Wght to twelve hours a day If they desire. Wages twenty cnts per hour. Steady work for 60 days for good men.- ; Woods, Investment Co., Lincoln hotel. . WANTED Salesmen to call on. farmei In Iowa. Portrait work, expenses al vnnced to right party. 2223 Q St., Bell F-2145 .. WANTED first class canvassers, for country work; expenses advanced to right party. Inquire forenoon, S03 Funke. WANTED Janitors at once, for block: good wages 10 right party. Address 96 Journal. - ' , WANTED Men at 6tn and Randolph, at asphalt plant. Able Roberts. LEARN to repair automobiles. We teach vulcanizing, bracing,-driving lathe and drll! presa work; free catalogue. Lincoln Auto School. 2846 O St., Lincoln. N.b. WANTED Solicitors to work for prominent Lincoln retail store.- Will pay $25.00 to I36.M per-week. Address Journal 86. - -v! -'.' WANTED Men to learn the barber trade. Few weeks completes. Another rush for barbers this season. .Beat trade In existence today, . Good money, light, clean Inside Work. Write for tree catalogue. Moler Barber college Omaha, Neb.- ' '.-., WANTED I made 150,000 In ' five years with a small mall order business: began with Send for free bobklet. Tells how. Heacock, -4028, Lockport, N. Y. TR1-CITY ; Barber college Learn barber trade, tools, furlilsned. Wages paid. Big volume of trade; hydraulic chairs; electric massage, 1032 N St., Lincoln, Neb. WANTED Men and women for government positions; ' $0 month. ' Write for Urn n...itUr. ...At I ..... t tute. Dept. 2U R. . Kochestar. N. Y. WANTED FEMALE HELP. WANTED 2 girls for dining' room and ironing. Bell A-167T. AGENTS WANTED I want twenty-five good live men to sell In excluslv. territory, tn. best and most ratable artioi. In tne market looay lor 'armra; agents are earning 'ib a week; met me at Lincoln hotel, Lincoln, Frida-, morning, August 9, at 10 o clock, prepared t beg,u wuik Immediately. Don't tall to timet me as 1 lii omy be U town one uay und you can't atiord tt ir.irs investigating 1ms proposition. A. W, Caul, oen. At. ; itlfcrtK Is money In health and accident nibursnca. our agents make big in-reiue; liberal pollens; new features, highest commissions; insurance .xpsri-nee unnecessary, writ, to Ureal Wanton, Des Moines, la. WANTED ROOMS. WANTED At once, nice furnished room tor two who are employed; ooara tor one; close to Prescott school. Address 107 Journal. WANTED 2 or 3 unfurnished rooms for housekeeping by man and wife In south Lincoln not further out than F street or further down than Uth. Call Bell A-2M6 after 12 o'clock. WANTED Three or 4 heated unfurn-Inhed rooms south of O. Call Beli F-H40S. WANTED-HOUSES. WANTED To rent by Beptember 1st, furnished 7 to 8 room, modern house, for the school vear by university professor. Auto B-904J. WANTED To rent" a furnished modern residence for boarding bouse. Inquire at Savoy hotel. . . . , . WANT to rent a house; close In from 10 to 18 rooms. Call B-3572 or 130 No. Uth. . WANTED TO BUY, WANTED To buy a 1st class Jersey cow. Auto 9356; Bell 682. W. A. Woodward. WANTED To buy second hand furniture; must be good and cheap: rug, dressers, rockers,, etc. Address 111 Journal. WANTED Men's castoff clothing and shoes. Auto L-84J1. BeU F-6m. Man call. - - - -- WANTED LIVE STOCK. t WANT some calves from one day to t months old. Call Bell A-3I0J. WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. ANOTHER consignment of HH. roods to ship to California. 'Carter Transfer and Storage. WANTED Concessions for three day carnival. Aug 14, 15, 16. Write Geo. Slote. Litchfield. N.b. WAKTEDr-Buyers for our "Prld. Flour,'; at 81 .85. Every sack gus.ra.n-teed. grnllh-McCaln Co. WANTED Merry-go-round. Concessions and amusements of all kind. Fifth nii'ii picnic, Eagle. Neb., August 15, 1011 Ueo. Trumkenbolx, Com. on Concessions. W. P, Yoko, Com, on Amunenvj'Uj. Eagle, Neb. WANTED Hammond " typewriter; must pe latest model, Adcresa 628 Journal. WANTED Second hand lumber and all kinds of building material. ; Buildings bought ' Tor "Wrecking1 anywhere. Trester Wiecking'and Salvage Co., Lincoln, Neb. FOR RENT ROOMS. FOR RENT Two furnished rooms in modern house,': for light housekeeping. 1611 8 street. ROOMS for rent tn modem hom reasonable; board If desired.- 1726 Q St FOR RENT Three unfurnished rooms, . first floor, modern house. 927 J Bt. FOR RENT Fine rooms, nicely furnished, modern, close in. 1739 L Bt. PEERLESS modern outside rooms. - 229 No. Uth. Mrs. J. T. Clark. FOR RENT room modern house, ltl Cherry street. 2-50 per month Auto 1,46: Bell 645. Key at Wl rlret Natl Bank Hldg. FOR RENT 7 room modern house, lawn, on paved street. Call Auto B-3741. FOR RENT Nicely furnished modern rooms. No children. 2J01 Sumner Auto B-1604. FOR RENT-1410 Sc.. 18th. Modern I room, 4 bed rooms. Yul. Bros. FOR RENT room bouse. ITU Q St FOR KENT New 6 room cottage, bath, water, k. hard wood floors, cement basement, idy for furnace, cement walks; mar new high school and Antelope park; 2 blooks from car line, 937 Ko. 27th; small payment down, balanc. monthly. & Ledwlth, Bankers' Life Bldg. FOR RENT Half double house, ( rooms and bath; all modern, 1SJ0 J St.; II per month. i- FOR RENTrA 7 room house, modern, on car line, but In walking distance. Call B-20S4 er at 113S G street. FOR RENT rurnl'hed liouse, 6 rooms. modern; close to car lln. Auto B-4466. FOR RENT Six s room modern housi, large sleepisiit porch; rl.iwn stairs bed room and batli: cemented basement: full lot. On Randolph line within block of church, school and store, J'hone B-14?, FOR RENT 8 room modern house; desirable location. , 2727 O. Auto 6408. FOR RENT Houses; all kinds; 110 up. Phone Mrs. Courtney. FOR RENT Six room cottage. 1961 Fucllil; fine slindo. one of the prettiest streets In Llrcoln. Right price to reliable party vno wants a long' lease. Apply J. C. fleacrest, Journal office. FOR RENT Five room modern flat. 1S44 L street. Auto B-2924. FOR RENT Elegant comer. 6 room flat; modern, second floor; large porches: root, shady; four room flat. Inquire 1711 N St. FOR RENT BU8INE83 PROPERTY. FOR RENT Two good oilic rooms. S. cu'rlty investment C".. 148 So. Uth. OFFICE rooms In Brownell block j very low rental; steam heat, water, electricity; janitor and etevaior service free. See H. J. Hill. Brownell block. DESK room In large light airy office for rent. Can hav. part of stenographers time; terms low, 227 Funke Bldg. Phone B-1040. FOR RENT In Press Bldg.. elegant of-flees, single or In suites. WsM and sll modern cnven!ences In each room. Presa Publishing '."o. FOR RENT Three office rooms, 13th and O. Apply Dr. Hilton FOR SALE CITY PROPERTY. FOR 8A1,E Brand new 6 room all modern bungalow. 3231 Q St. Iss than cost, leaving city; make offer. E, A Gehrke. 133 North 141th. FOR SALE All modern house, six rooms, la rare closets and alcove room; full lot, southeast, $2,900; 1700 cash. Address 111 Journal. FOR SALE Cottages. 6 rooms. 6 rooms, 4 rooms; each close In full lot, 3250 cash, balance monthly, Folsom Bro. Co. ' CAN YOU BEAT THIS? Eight room all modern home near Seventeenth and Garfield, fine lot, beautiful trees, cement walks, barn, full cellar, attic, asphalt paving paid out, $3,6u0. FRED D. CORNELL 122 North Eleventh. FOR SALE Practically new residence. I rooms, entirely modern oak finish, pol-lulnd floor, shade, fruit and aarage, on paved street. B. A. George, owner. ifit Vine. FOR RENT One. two or three rooms on ground floor furnished for housekeeping, modern. Phone L-8945. 1637 R St. FOR RENT Two nicely furnished front rooms - In strictly modern home, splendid location, breakfast and evening dinner it dt sired. Gentleman preferred. Auto. B-1080. ' ' ., FOR RENT I very desirable unfurnished rooms, newly papered and painted. All modern. 131 No. 18th, . FOR RENT Two modern furnished rooms. 433 So. Uth. FOR RENT 3 furnished rooms, for housekeeping, at 610 So. 18th. FOR RENT Two furnished rooms; strictly modern; light housekeeping if desired, KB E St. FOR RENT Housekeeping apartment),: furnished or unfurnished. Call Bell F-J336 or 1301 L St. FOR RENT Two rooms furnished for housekeeping. 1416 O. FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished rooms for housekeeping. ' ll'il y. FOR RENT Newly furnished rooms in modern home, close In. 1637 N. FOR KENT Rooms and suites, all with private bath rooms; monthly rales to permanent guests; dining room now open. Delavan hotel. Ill .So. 15th. FOR RENT Elegant furnished front rooms, single or en suite; flrtt class modern horn. J510 D. Auto B-?13i EARN 110 weekly addressing- postcards at home. Bunch of cards and particulars 10c E.. B. Postcard . f'o... Rlatlnn D282. Grand Rapids, Mich. I . WANTED Competent" girl for general housework, .small family. 1109 F. WANTED-Experlenced girl for general housework, small family, no washing. 256 So. 27th: WANTED A competent girl for general nousewonc. mis. c, ti. Kudge. 1824 C. WANTED Chorus srirls, experience unnecessary. Call Sear'e Employment bureau. Bell phone F-1898. WANTED A girl, one middle aged Apply 318 So. 10th St. , . ' WANTEI-Experlenced lady stenographer who has had some experience II uvurcciiih, ..,oi IT udii In own handwriting. Addrebs 97 Journal. . WANTED Experienced cook; no washing; good wages. Mrs. Dan Lauer, 1905 C St, LACE curtains laundered with cars at zi a rrmne xseii a-ys. , . WANTED AGENTS. WANTED Bright, energetic men and women to lake orders and rollect from professional men In Nebraska and d-jolnlna- states. New, high class proposition very successful ln east. All or pari time. 850 a week and exoehses easily made. Younar attorneys and scliool teschera eligible. Experience not sb-solntely essential. 85. 87 or 8S.60 an order. 8500 property bond required) Give run particulars first letter. Box 84, Grand Island, Nebraska. ' FOR RENT Close In, modern furnlshej rooms, flee them. -1117 H. Auto B SS9t. FOR RENT Newly furnished room, also . housekeeping r- lte. 1436 M St. . FOR RENT Rooms furnished for light housekeeping. 600 No. Wth. Auto B-95-2. FOR RENT Suite of 1 rooms with private bath and sleeping porch for one or two gentlemen. 1230 L FOR RENT Modern room with sleep Ing porch, for gentlemen. 1230 L FOR RENT To lady, furnished room In strictly private new modorn bungalow. Phone Auto B-4875. FOR RENT A -suite of three rooms, good screens and new awnings, inquire 310 So. Uth. . FOR RENT HOUSES. FOR RENT room, all modern flat, with sleeping porch and garage, in south Lincoln, on paved street, 835. Strlne A Schroeder, 1025 N. FOR RENT An t room modern houso nicely ; finished splendid floors, - uil neat and'clean, large lot, good barn. eat front, rental $40.00 per month. John S. Reed, 124 So. 13th. FOR PENT All modern, 6 room hou'e. 2311 Washington; 20 month. O W. Palm. FOR RUNT From 15th, 8 room, modern house' See J. R. " Allen, owner, 184s Q Bt. FOR RENT Lower flat. 1816 M street: strictly modern: five rooms and bath. Mary A. Hooper. FOR RENT All modern, flat Apply 1337 K. - oak finished WANTED Live agent for Little Won- oer rasoilne llshts: exclusive territory! sells on slant: hss merit of superior onsllty and simplicity. Little Wonder FOR RENT J ruom-cottage, modern' ex iia"i vu, cir. nsuic jnu, . criri fieau - AUtO a-Kal. FOR SALE 8 room modern - residence nesr 1.1th ,ind U. Full lot, good shadu. $1,000 down, balance easy payments or will accept south or southeast Lincoln residence lots. Owner. Address 106 Journal. l YOU " REACH ALL CLASSES through the paper publishing both morning and evening editions. ! Most business - men, professional men snd most men of means havn more time and Inclination to read real estate for sale ads in the morning. i They ars buyers of the better 1 class of homes and Investments. Their minds are concentrated on - -business and they dually act at once on anything they see In their morning paper. , Those who hae(p6 time to read . before the day s work commences or during working liours are . rsached by the evening ar.d 8un- . day editions a paper publishing a morning paper or . ever. Ing paper . only cannot reach, sll classes et-fectually. If you want to reach and sell property of any klnu to any class, see that your ad is in The Morning Journal and Evening isews. All ads are Inserted In both the morn-, Ing and evening editions or inn ; one price. Rates One cent per word per os-y. , ..'-.: v.- ;.t FOR SALE By owner, modern house at 2641 N, 8 rooms, , barn. Shad, easy terms. Auto. T82S. 't . . . .. . FOR SALE In clout. In university location; new heme of 12 rooms; i bathrooms, hall and closets. 1st floor oak finish; 2d floor maple, attic, hard pine; cemented basement, furnace: aras and blectric lights. Leaving city and will sacrifice at $7,600, half cash. Address 7 Journal- -. . 7 FOR SALE Davenport's modern lots; easy terms. Auto B-3S99. J. Stevenson. FOR BALE Two 2S foot lols. near Uth and Vine $1,200. , Auto B-3899. J. Stevenson. ' r r - FOR SALE Brick flat; rent $146 month, $16,000; long time for quick, sale. 81 Journal, '!,'' ;"' " FOR BALE New 6 room modern cottage, full let, walks, bseement; six room bungalow, new. oak finish, northeast; part terms. Owner, Auto 6578. FOR HALE Very desirable Unlvemlty Place lots: reasonable, - inquire of Mrs. L. P. Brooks 1027 Se. 16th. FOR SALE Belmont block. 2 story and basement, pi eased bfk'k building; suitable for factory or similar purposes, $2,500. Fred Cornell. n No. Jlth St. FOR SALE 6 room house and lot; fine shade, near state farm, $1,600; $P00down. balance-$15 monthly: no interest Ad-dress R. O. Warde. 1206 O bt. FOR SALE Eight room house to move; modern except heat. 2211 Washington St Inquire F. B. Harris. 1137 O St. FOR BALE Nearly new room house, all modern except heat, 193 8. Auto 7790, FOR SALE BUSINESS PROPERTY RECEIVER'S BALE. The Farmers A Merchants bulldlns; and the adjoining building, located at the southeast corner of 15th and O streets, wll' be offered for sale st publlo auction at the of.ce of the receiver in the Farmers .t Merchants building, at two o'clock p. in. Saturday, Auguat 10. 1312. The property has a frontage of 60 feet on O street and 142 feet on 15th street, - ' Here Is a splendid opportunity for the Investor to acquire one of the moat dealrable pieces of business properly In Lincoln. A full t a lenient of the Income from said property can be had ' by applying to the receiver any time prior to the aale, The aale will be for cash to the highest bidder subject to the confirmation of the court. The rtcht to reject any bid la reserved. For additional information apply to, CHAS. T. KNAPP . Receiver of Farmers Merchants insurance Co., Farmers A Merchants building. Lin-coin Nebraska, FOR SALE Or rent, 20 room modem brick building suitable for rooming hous. or residence. Address 104 Journal. FOR SALE SUbIJrBAN PROPERTY FOR SALE At bargain prices. foul College View lots; 1M) acres of land In Kltcarson county. Colorado. T. A-Young, 1907 O street. FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE A new 11-2 h. p. gasoline engine practically new; also t hay baler, good as new. Auto 9356; Bell 62. W. A. Woodward. FOR SALE-Good stock saddle, weight about 36 lbs. Also riding bridle and set single harness. Auto 3487. 1601 C. FOR SALE Nearly new Buitows combination blllard and pool table, standard slse with all equipment, a bargain. 1735 Euclid, phone F-25S6. FOR SALE Cheap, sewing machine, iron bedstead, mattress and springs, chairs, sanitary couch, rockers, other things too numerous to mention. Auto 6788. Address 2233 O St. BARBER shop for rent on O street. Address 94 Journal. FOR SALE-6 H. P. motorcycle, frse engine, magneto; cost $286; will take tlOO this week. Auto L-8191. M. A. Wilson, 1426 So. 14th. FOR SAI.E-Burrey, range and dining table, 2137 E St. Bell phone F-1811. FOR SALE 7 year old mare, sound and in good order; one rubber tire stanhope. Auto B-2389. FOR BALK Three six-foot floor show cases; also one four-foot floor cigar case: pratlcally new. Baker's Pharmacy. Havelock. IF In need of flrat-elaas Bafe, or VAULT-KHONT don't fall to get my prices. . Flak, agent. Savoy Hotel. FOR BALE Queen fruit jars in all sUes at special prices. Wittman'a Hardware, 140 No. 10th. FOR SALE-Lawn swings at reduced prices. Wlttman's Hardware, 140 No. 10th. OUTING policies, $1,00 a week for accl-dent, or sickness. Death benefit $2,-50c. oi', fine pocketbook, card, and tag thrown In. 1'iemlum for one year $5.00, See Flak, Agt Savoy Hotel. RIVAL Herb tablets for sal at SOS So. Itth BL SQUAB PLANT Containing loo pairs of Homers. Will sell whole outfit or let single mated pslrs go at 76c each. Wayside Pigeon Lofts. P. 0. Box 1198. Lincoln. BEE the linen drawn work from Foo Chow, Chins, at the W, F. M, tent, assembly srounds. " FOR SALE Two lots. Northeast Lln-toln; $ioo down, balance monthly. Address 60 Journal. FOR SALE-Improved $ 1$ acres; 10 minutes walk from car; very cheap for quick sale. 00 Duroc pigs and sows, sll eligible; pedigreed Scotch Collie pups; small ma re. Route 4, Box 107, Lincoln. FOR BALL FARMS. 160 acres two miles from Green- wood Neb.; 20 acres pasture, balance In cultivation, rolling eoough to drain well; new 8 room house, clsterni orchard, large barn and outbuildings In fair condition, ""his la one of the best farms In Casa county. This has to be sold this month as the owner is sick snd has to leave. Price, $130 per acre. 80 acres one-half mile from a good town, Lancaster county) 11 acres alfalfa, 4 acres pasture, balance In cultivation. 4 .res alfalfa ho tight, very frood $ room house, with water -n the house, barn for 14 head, and good outbuilding-; gradual slop to the north, trice $12,000. 140 Seres Valley county, 30 acres alfalfa. UtO acres In cultivation, balance pasture: good barn and granary. Crops on this place are very good. This In a good opportunity for one to get started In (lie ranch business. Price, $40 per acre. W. A. HARDING CO.. . 201 First National Bank. OPPORTUNITIES For men of moderate means In southern snd western Minnesota are tinsur. passed. W rite for our list of rare bargains and arrange to so with us next Tuesday. Special daylight excursion. Fettermsn Brothers. Lincoln, Nebraska. LANCASTER COUNTY FARM BARGAINS - i, '" SO acres. S room house, good 'outbuildings engine, cross fenced, young orchard; five sores alfalfa, only $Sj pur acre. 120 acres near "Woodlawn, 6 room house, large barn and outbuildings. 600 bear. in; fruit trees, fine farm, $14,000, . 160 acres near Wavely, $ room house, fine Improvements, 80 acres alfalfa, 10 acre orchard, second bottom land. $17,000. 688 acres 12 miles from Lincoln, can v, be cultivated, good Improvements, big snap at $60 per acre, FRED D. CORNELL 122 North Eleventh .... FORTY acre school lease land near Havelock; all In cultivation; wants to sell lease and buildings on place; will consider some trade. Herflck i Spencer, 218-219 Funke Bd. Lincoln, Neb. - - FliOltlDA giove, larm and truck lands in best district. C. tt. Bukey, lilt M St., Lincoln, Neb. Fhone B4224. FOR SALE Harga Ins in Und In Slier man, Buffalo and f Custer Cuunties. Write First iMtli. Bank, Laiclifleiu, is0. FOR SALE-$25 land on big Camts prairie Idaho, Just tapped py R. R., Ian. I eub-irrlgateo, sure-1 advance; no crop failures. - See A, 11, Hutton, 1517 No. 29th. . Phone B-2447. FOR SALE LANDS. .. MINNESOTA Special rates to the Famous Red Rlvsr Valley and Southern Minnesota, via 8U Paul and Minneapolis. Where the best crops of wheat, oats, corn, rye, flax timothy, clover, alfalfa, and potatoes are being grown in the United States today. . We have a good' list, and can sell in tracts of SO. lfiO. 3a), and larger. W'rlte for booilet "K." ' Krclal rates to you, sir. rrospeci, : Make the trip by dsyllght. DAY A NIUHT REALTY CO.. 103 Bunkers Life Bid., Lincoln, Neb. LANDS FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE 60 acres of choice Irrigated Colorado land for trade for Lincoln improved or good farm land In Nebraska. r. . i ti i i i . n 1 1 i rAtriTo rr 139 No. 14th St. Lincoln, Neb. Auto B-1907 FOR BALE Improved half section farm ' land. - Frontier county, Aoaress uwne Box 24S, Palmer, Neb. CALIFORNIA. - Improved level farm lands, (30 to $90; -located 6 to S miles from Stockton; best farming region of California: M miles from San Francisco; good market; cheap frcUui. For description and photo view, address. u 110 E, Main St, Stockton. Cal. FOR BALE LIVE STOCK. FOR BALE University Place. 10 room house.' 'acinar campus: two lots, larra t rees. ha rn s- mcdern conveniences, .Auto phone si i J. FOR SALE By owner, leaving dly. 8 room house snd hsth. gas. electric Hants: corner lot. Call 1319 North 22,1 street - ABSTRACTS. FOR SALE A fine driving or r-rood i ....a nhmlnn wnnA mm nw .l.n l m i iirnn nu ....... ..... n.,v.. - - . .... also one rubber tired top buggy In fair condition ana on. "ien nam uukrt, auua as new. John B. Reed. 124 So. 13th. . FOR SALE Young high - bred driving horse and aulky. Inquire 837 O. Auto B-1557. E. J. Francis. FOR .SALE A No. -1 family horse and carriage, outfit complete; bargain, 2520 T. Auto 6308. r -it Klin K A RSTRACT CO.' SI Rich ards Blk. Prompt attention to orders. (Auto B2940; 1618 W, St. FOU BALE Fine driving horse, 1150 lbs.; city broke, gentle for lady, good buggy, new Harness ana cutter, juv, FOR SALE 100,000 feet lumber, $12.60 to $20 per 1,00(1; 60,000 brick; 60 loads brick bats; doors, windows, (furnaces, mantels; 300 perch stone; loo loads kindling; gas and water pipe. Trester Wrecking and Salvage Co. FOR SALE-One-half price, grocery and meat fixtures. 1701 O Bt FOR SALE All the furniture of a IS room rooming house. Close In, south side. . Excellent location. Auto B1626. i FOR SALE-Cheap S large fire proof safes. 1245 N. Auto B-2,,7: Bell 1967. FOR SALE-Household goods, by owner, lesvlng city; kitchen cabinet, china closet, Tiuffet, stoves, etc, cheap. Call 1319 North 22d St. FOR EXCHANGE. EXCHANGE $900 equity In $1,600 lot In Franklin Heights for ood roadster automobile; must be In first class shape, E. A. Uehrke. L3 North 14th. FOR EXCHANGE One 10 room house, 1st class condition; one 6 room house, 1st class condition, on the best street In Havelock, for Lincoln property. Autu 935S; Bell 682. W. A. Woodward. FOR EXCHAN(JE-$.1.A00 stock of ladles' and gents' furntshlns; goods. Want cheap western Nebraska land, 821 Brownell block. I passenirer Bulck auto-will sell cheap or trade for lot or small house. 321 Brownell block. EXCHANGE Equity In quarter sectloa irrigated land ror gooa suiomooue. aox 146, lndlnaola. Neb. . WILL exchange my II rat prise winning trotting stallion for good real estate or. farm mares. H. C, Wlttmana. 140 Na. 10th. FOR BALE or trade, grocery stock and fixtures, at 1701 O Bt FOR EXCHANGE New flat, best location, will take smaller bouse, long time. 923 Journal. FOR EXCHANGE Flno horse, buggy snd for equity In lot or Small house snd lot. Auto BiHt. FOR TRADE 160 acres land, Furnas Co., Neb., for acreage or for modern residence In Lincoln, Address 63 Journal. AUCTION. FARMS at auction. Best way to seli a farm. Ask for book tailing how, G. 3. Mauel auctioneer, Lincoln, Neb, NEBRASKA'S GREATEST LAND , -AUCTION. 6.000 ACRES, The most glgantlo auction sal. of high class corn, wheat and alfalfa lands ever held In America. 80 acre tracts, 120 acre tracts, 160 acre tracts, 240 acre tracts, 820 acre tracts, 640 acre traots. All Individual farms having their own Individual Improvements, consisting of house, barns snd outbuildings, all fenced. To be sold on AUGUST 20 and !1 AT AUCTION, at Havelock. Lancas ter county. Neo. EASY TERMS. LONO TIME. LOW RATE OF INTEREST. For further Information address FARMERS' LAND COMPANY, 417-18-19-30 First National Bank Bldg., Lincoln, Neb. Col. Z, S. Branson, Auctioneer. K. K. Frants, Clerk. AUTOMOBILES. FOR SALE One 6 passenger touring car nearly new, self starter, 4 doors, fully equipped, cheap, Can be seen at Dahsen Macnine itepair to., m do. sin. FOR BALE 4 cylinder 6 passenger ear for sale, new, (or quica sale, x. Call Auto B-2126. FOR SALE or trade, 85 H. P. Rambler roadster, 1228 P. BICYCLES. FOR 8ALE lver Johnson bicycle, sound condition, new tires. $10. Nelson Shirt Co,, 1421 O. BUSINE38 CHANCE. FOR BALE Meat market; will rent tools and bulldlns. Only market In aooJ eastern Nebraska town. R. V. McDonald, Greenwood, Neb, FOR BALE Rooming house, 16 rooms. 924 r street. FOR SALE Lumber snd coal yard In a-ond countv seat town of 1.500 copula tion. Address 96 Journal. RESTURANT for sale or exchange: well located and well established; reasons for selling old age. Address 61 Journal. IF OU want to buy No. 1 restaurant; a-nnd Incatlnn. Inaulra at 910 P Ht owner leaving city at onoe. FOR BALE Bargain. U. 8. cafe, doing good business. - inquire 224 No. 10th. BOARDING. DKLAVAN noon luncheon 25c. 6 o'clock dinner S5c. Sunday dinner Hoc: hon e cooking. Mrs. Fife. Mgr.. 119 So. Uth. CANCER SPECIALISTS. DR. T. O'CONNOR, 1106 O St. Cancers cured without using knlte. iteferencea. DRESSMAKING. KEISTER'S LADIES TAILORING COL LEGE, low O. write tor information. FINANCIAL. FOR SALE A mortgage of $300 on 40 terest. Call Fulk Clothing Co., 1284 O. WANTED to borrow $2,000 on ttiooo city nrnnertv from orlvate nartv. Phone Auto.B-9181. THE- preferred stock of the Lincoln Trac tion company is an investment inn psvs regularly 8 per cent In quarterly Installments and taxes aro pah1 ry the company. A limited amount Is offered for sal. to provide tunas tor extensions. Inquire at the company's office, 940 O afreet I" iATHER" RENOVATING. RENOVATED by steam,- 2024 4tTeeJ Bell 134; Auto B-1674. " f - 1 LOANS. LOANS on farm and city property at 6, 5H snd ( per cent; o-tlonal payments, mortgagee bought and sold. Lincoln Trust Co., 126 No. 11th. ,$50,000 to loan on city a-id farm property; no delay; optional payments. Union Loan Office. 1245 N. FARM and city loans and privilege of payment befora due at 6 and ( 1-1 per cent Interest. Security Investment Co., 148 So Uth St . , FARM and city mortgages, made without delay; lowest Interest and optional payments. The First Trust company, basement First National Bank. LOST. LOST-Blank leather hand bag In Lincoln or on road to Havelock Tuesday afternoon. Universal Vulcanlxer Co., care State Journal. LEFT On Capital Beach car, Thurs-day evening, package containing 2 table i cloths. Finder please phone Auto B4461. LOST In Miller tt Palne's cafe, Monday noon, a cameo broach or pin. Please return to room 203 Richard's-block and receive liberal reward. . LOST Type shuttle for late model Hammond. A. G. Chapman, Hammond Typewriter Asency, 146 Bo. 13th. MACHINERY SUPPLIES. 1 - i HEADQUARTERS for shafting, pulleys and bolting; largest stock; lowest prices. R. L. Smith. 243 Bo. 9th St MEDICAL. DR. E. R. TARRY cures piles. Fistula, and other rectal diseases, without surgical operation. A cure guaranteed and no money to be paid until cured. Writs for book on rectal diseases. DR. TAKKY, Be Building, Omaha. PA8TURAGE. GOOD alfalfa pasture, S4th and K. Aut 3899; shad. PATENTS. W1LLARD EDDY, solicitor In U. 8. paU ent oldce. City National Bauk, bauU PERSONAL. IF THE old soldier. G. A. R.. who so ' gallantly gave an old woman a good chair whil. be sat on a poor one, coming In after seats In front were tilled at the Epworth asaembly of 1910 In Lake park auditorium, when asked why he did not occupy the better one replied, "I saved that for you," reads this 1 would Ilka to hear from him. Address 108 Journal. DR Wehner, strictly private licensed eon-flnsment home. 2618 Davenport Omaha, MAGNETIC PRACTITIONER 820 No. 20th. Mm. A Gates, B-44T1 Auts, POU i. f RY AND 1001 $8.76 buys I mated pair of Homer pla-eosa, If taken at one. Call Auto 8ll of writ 881 Journal A PRACTICAL, helpful, Illustrate! monthly poultry paper, two years, i6oi three years 6oc; order now at this out price. Address Poultry Topics, Lincoln, Neb. Extra postage charged city auh-scrlbers. SINGLE Comb Whit Leghorns, old and young, tan give you good bargains . and Just what you want. Box 1198. Jo, Seacrest Auto 8137. Winners wherever shown. Look, up show record. , RUG MAKING CLEANING. PHONB or write for descriptive booklet of rugs made from carpets. Lincoln Rug Factory, Lincoln, Neb. 8TOLEN. $50.00 reward, stolen from the farm of Frank Haaeew, 8 miles north of Lincoln on August 3, 1912, chestnut sorrel mare, weight 1,200 lbs., age 7, whit hind font full length wblte stripe In face; bridle without throat latch, and saddia, $fV0 will be paid tor the arrest and conviction of tne thief. Both phones. Gut A Hyers. Lincoln. Nebraska. STOLEN Chestnut sorrel mare, eight , years old, with saddle and bridle. Wtute stocking right hind leg. Biased fac. '' Weight 1,200. $60 reward. Phone Black ' 6701.. August auisoaux. TYPEWRITER RIBBONS. WHY pay more than SO cents for tnsi writer ribbons T W furnish them fof th. Smlth-Pramier, tiemington, Oliver. Underwood and all up-to-date machln.s at this price. Our "Parfactlon" ribbons giv Muiisvuou. uii swiur nosga sue postpaid; two color 15 postpaid. Stat Journal Co. TYPEWRITERS. ALL makes sold and rented ' vary-where. Supplies and repairs. Nebraska Typ. ' writer Co., (Inc.), 186 Ho. 13th, Llaooln. ' VETERINARY SCHOOLS. r. VETERINARY college begins Sept. 16; no profession offer equal oppor tunlty. Catalogue fre. C. keen. Pra " 181$ Market Bt. Ban Francisco. . MISCELLANEOUS. I WILL hang wall paper through An ' gust tor 10 cents roll; painting. C. T. Bteften. Bell F-3094. REMEMBER the nam "OJO tablets" tor dyspepsia, heartburn, aas on th stomach, flatulency, belching, pain before and after eating. By mall postpaid v or at your druggist 60 cents. Instant re- ' lief. Writ us for a free sample. OJO Company. Friend. Neb. - - ARE you trodbled with constipation or, ... a bad llverT Bend for a free sample of OJO liver and constipation pills. OJO Company, Friend. Neb. ' ' - "7 CEMENT works. JOth and P. a full line of cement blocks, on hand. - Call and , see us. H. H. Corner. Auto $216. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. Dally. tDally ex. Bun. "Sun. Only. Burlington-Chicago via Louisville. . Cm. Flyer via Omaha.." Chi. Llm. via Omaha..." Chi. Exp. via Omaha.,," Iowa and Illinois local.. t Omaha Flyer via Ash'd." Omaha local via Ash'd..'1 Omaha local via Ash'd.. t lianver Ac Hast es Fly.- Denver 4s Hasi'gs Flyfr Denver & Hast'gs Flyor" Hast.-M C'k-wray wear Sutton & Fairfield local t Leaves 12:16am 4:30pm 6:30am Ii:lopm 7: loam 10:46am 6:00pm 7:15am 6:00pm 1:16am 11:00am Hastings-Kearney locai.tH:00am 1:25pm Seattlo via Hillings N.l." Seattle via billings G.N." Broken Bow-Seneca Lo." Giand Island local Bui well Sargent Lo.t Columbus via u'piant'nt St L, Ht J., K. (J. Ex," St. Louis & K. C. Ex..." Table Rock local.. t Nebraska City local....! Sioux City local Beatrice t Wymore Lo.t Beatrice At Wymore Lo.t Beatrice t wymore i,, 6:15pm' 11:00am 6:25pm ll:ouam s:iupm Arrive 7:06am' 10:10am 6:46pm 1:06am io:45ani 9:16pm 8:16pm 5:22am 1:26pm 12:05am 4:00pm 8:10pm10:16am l:oupm - l:6oam12:06arj . 4: loom 10:30am 4:10pm ... lii:26aui l:3opmi 6:40pm ' l.loamj 1:10am . S:20pm10:15am 8:3opm10:46am 1:40pm 6:30pm ' 10:20am j... , 12:40oml 1:10pm lu:56axu j . ....... , Beatrice & Wymore Lo." 4:10pm Beatrice & Wymore Lo.t 6:50pmj 9:65am Schuyler & Wahoo Lo..t 4:3opmlu:loam Rock Island Leaves Arrives Rocky Mountain L'mt'd"12:30am Chinaan IJmited Chlcago-Neb. Limited.." Colorado Express Chicago Fast Train.,..." Kansas, OkL & Texas.. ,1 10:45pm 12:30am 3:16pm 2:uaura ; a:vDpoi 9:40am 1,0:46pm 4:0tpm 2:06pm t:oopm Kansas, ukl t lexas..- t:uvpm s:tuam ; Omaha & Co. Bluffs Ex."! :4ua.m ?:0upm Union Pacific.. Leaves I Arrives Manhattan A. K. Clty...t 6:45am T:30pu Omaha and Wesl .-.'rj &:45am 4:50pm Beatrice Passenger 4:60pm 8:45am Beatrlce-Linooln Motor.t 11:05am 10:30am Beatrice-Lincoln Motor.t 7:10pm ?:40pm Lincoln & Grand Island 2;45prn 11:00am Lincoln-Central City..." 7:80am S;30pin Missouri Pacific . Leaves Arrives Kansas City ft Su Louis 7:00am 7:05pm Omaha-Falls City S:00pmll:40am Kansas City ft St. Louis 10:0Opm 7:45am Northwestern Leaves) Arrlvss Omaha Bonesteel Landerl 7:30amll:45am Omaha and Deadwood... 1:50pm 6:15pm W ahoo. Freem t AlblonTl s.uopml. i.iu, pm j aa

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