The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT •LiTUKVlLLE, (ABE.)' COURIER NEWS ICOSTO QUESTION MARK By Cage Appe Teams in Counly iear U s u s u n 11 y Strong, Evenly Matched OSCEOLA, Ark.,'.'Peb. n.—Thri Mississippi county basketball tournament' lias' been 'awarded, again this jear to Oweola by the county athletic committee of which Super-: Intendcnt J.ohnny Burnett of Shawnee is chHlnnah, The tourney will be' run' off PiI- • <luy and Saturday, February 26 and • 21, *llh play to begin Filday/at , noon Both' boys, and gills, teams , will compete •;' ', The tournament will have added interest, this year, because It will • be run off without a laige amount ot pre-tonrney play for any of the {tains-. At.l. the teams of the county .".ave been Idle now foi three weeks -because of-the lloei.l situation In ' tills scctlo:). ; Those schools that were not closed had flood refugees housed In ;lhetr gymnasiums and were neither "able to get In games nor to carry :ont a practice schedule, The coaches will go into the meet with very little advance dope on any opponent, making an open ilel.i for.dark horse teams. In the bojs' division the Osccola Semiholes will be the defendliiR champions They have hiid little opportunity thus far to test this year's strength. Their two games split with Dlythevllle, each of which ended with only a two-point margin, indicate that the np-county team will at least give them a powerful run fof the honors. Kclser's ulrls will!defend their crown won last yeai." Manila boasts a poweifi'l team and local fans regiet that the Hood prevented them fiom .showing their ware.s here before the county meet. i Shawnee comes to Osccola next Ueek for a g?mc. If theii showing Is up to pai ulth that of recent ycar.s they ^111 be lieaid fiom In a big way when trophies are handed out. >' ,". Kelse'r has a strong team this season, with two of..the best shots la tlie county With Luxoia putting in a fast outfit this tournament \vlll oiler plenty ol action to offset a great deal of mid-.sea'son activity. By Cray son NEW YOflK.-^Iacobs' .Bench is being swept by a furious gals blow- Ing ut> from the Gulf of Mexico, and all the boys. Including the divers, are running for open water. Of course, you know what Jacobs' Reach Is. It's that little strip ot clgarel-littcred. paving .running along West. 49th street, past- M. Btranss jncobs' combined ticket scalping and promotorlal 'offices. Here all the boxing lads gather to bask In,the sunshine of M. Jacobs' smile. • . •• lint there Is no smile these days. It has batn blown off by the gale of wails .swespiiur iiu from dear old N"w Orleans, where'Jack Plillliru, alias.-Jack Willis., failed to carry out Inslriicllons. •Everything" went' 'along swim- mingly'for Mike Jacobs awl .the Hearst'newspapers' prl/s fj»ht de;- rartiiieinyns long eis Iliev reriialne.i! In their own league. New York will stand for anything, they'say. ; 11' 1 ''was when Jacobs and the .WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 193,7 Ohlci^o Stadium, but what chance did any ordinary promoter have ^« r o years ago when Jacobs rolled Into Dstroll lylth two .or three carloads of- NeV York boxing Cillers, [jotils tackled Nqtie Brown 'Hint right, and )iu handlers were. swept away by . the . big shot and show from •Manhattan/ and Nate I^wis wris left flatter (han.-a- brok°n Woke »'lth ba<l orchis. B»»r»t A. 0. Wants Title The purpose of. the current move . to ditch . sehmcllnj; and take Jim Brneldoik-l/oiils fight to Chicago Is to give Jacobs and the, HeHarst A. C. control of the heavy-, weight championship. : Everything might have gone along .serenely-for Jacobs and-'the. Hearst A. C, control of the lieavy-i to remain In ' their own territory and been satisfied wltti a lion's share of the swat;. Their.present headache Is elue to their wanting nl! of it. Jacob.'!| tlie Hearst A. C. mov- Into oilier cities, freezing'out local promoters; They' started to tie up every "' : promising heavyweight. • Tile blow-off came In the cilse'of Jack Torrance: An old lightweight, Herb Brextle. su\v the iy>'siuili f I4s nf the giant shotptillc-r in (he man-' '.v art of maiif-llns luuvs ' NatllralI V. BroUle's first stci> was Sunn's 89 Straight Is i Stanford's Goal Reqord l!y NBA Service STANFORD .UNIVEUSITy—An- gelo (Hank) Luisetli, phengmeria) Stanford basketball player, netted 49 free throws in .succession 'In practice. He'missed the 50th. . Wondurr'ul? Well, fair—It's only fair out here. -You sec, Angclo's coach. John Bunn. poured 80 free tosses In siic- te.sslon into the bucket for the Stanford record. Steele Teams Win Two From Wardell Cagers .,,STEELE Mo.—The Steele hl»h school Bulldogs wonji, double header over Peinissot county champion %Vii|deJ| teams at Hollond Monday nlgl|t-|tJiB Steelrftglrh winnlii" Jl 13, flijU the Stetle bDys winning Tile girls''game w.iV'espected (a be close as .vyardcll'hfd w6n~elght games and lost nonc'nn'd the st ele ghls had won olgiit ana lost one However ,thc Steele bovs win wni an upset, the Warden boys, undefeated this seoson with eight \lc toiles, being big (ovorites o;ei tlie Steele bo>s v,ho had won sl\ mid lost three games n\ both gamci stcele look nu early lead w hl c h they held through out. At the end of the first Inlf in the girls game Slcele had the le-ul oi 8-6 in the bo>s game tlie score wab 11-4 at the end of .the half but in the last half Wardell made ipven points while stcele made, five Carman with 15 poinls was high point ptayei among the gnls Bales and Patterson with s points iach tied for high point man among the toys, ail three are on stecle teams ^Sam A\ery of Marston i\n s «[ Tne Bnlklogs are plnyln» the a r,°H ler ,n W ', 1<kal lo "" ht »' Cooler and w 11 paj Braggadocio here on Pnday night. If Hie Steele girls win both of ihcse games they will he champloiK of the,county league. This Shows Why Hoss Players Must Die Broke b> NF V Scrvirc SAN FRANCISCO—Some patient fellow li-]s Ilgiued that If $3 had been wogeied across tile boiid on cbch ftuouk in Ih Success with mil!: fund produc- ; lioiis. which enabled them lo get awav with anything, plainly went to the heads of th/s Hearst A. ; C.. which grew out of a very''worthy chnrltv. - The exiwse of the build-up of Jack Torrnnce may serve a Rood purpose. H may result in'Jac'p'bs anil (he Hearst A. c. having'-tn confine, their activities to' ; Bro:(d- wny, which a used to (heir methods. ' • Ticket Koaliinr Sl^m Oiil Jacobs, the old ticket scalper slepjjcd out .is a orbmoter three r or four yenrs ago when the Hearst'A (•,, couldn't get what It wanted •from Madison Sipiflre Garden. The fact that Madison 'Square Cordon wnsii reputable and long ,. : estnblislicd organization .titi'ln-.'^o •Bny Meadows track tins season the' a..two-year contract with the Red- j J 11 ^'"" 1 "!'elaborate'arena pay".did'! 1 player would-, have won the mnE- | skins. He will serve as general man- " " " ' nlflccnl total of $29.401 Deduct Hie elaily price of admission, transportation charges, cost ,'bf shoes worn out walking to and from the. jnutucl whlduwv etc.. and it's easy to nnclerstniiil why nil hovi liljiycis .<llc broke. Pros Get Press Agent Who Billed Leemans 1!> NhA-Scmce ' WASIlINClfoN D 0— Jack Ls IIDJ who publlcl/cl rulfj L»tmans Is going/to beat the tdrn-loms for the .Washington Redskins /of the National League of Professional Football , clubs. Espsy 'resigned as • iinullc'ity director of Ocorge -Washington University, where • •Lccnmns wild for three, years before joining the New York football Giants, user and publicity director. Dempsey Figures They'/! Must Have Been Anxious lly NKA Service- ^-!' MIAMI BEACH.—Jack Demiisey got to lulking about ills stumping for Pi-csldtnt nposevelt during; l_hc camiwign. ' • ;' T ., 'Were they really worried that lioosevelt would bo beaten " hc-"wos a.sked. They innst'vc been worried," replied the old champion, "If-.tliey asked a guy 'like me to speak. Honuncr Stjuare Mimitker DETROn—Wlmls in i nainc' Well 1)111 Bomnicr ii a priit!- fightei ff«!> Its his ical nartw and not n pre-v, agents bl iln Play Billiards! Wliolfsonie Rccrtatlon Moflerateiy Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 3'6 W. Main - Formtr Home of Bell's Pharmacy GARNER APPIJiTON MARVIN CIIAPPELL They all look alike me /s # B • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Due to ' nnprovhip conditions, one of the lare- tsl mauufaclurcrs in the wcrld has decided to grant its sd)es franchise to some qu.dific.l person or company hi Hie fclloKing (o«n: STEELRj MO. Persons to whom this franchise will be granted must be. of high, 'character and imputation and have available $6,000 or more on which (o operate. There' are Irancitises o' this kirid opfralhig and raals- Inj; money for their owners in nearly every town of any consequence in the world. H you have inonej (o in- vesl and (be abllijy (b' operate one of the most oul- sfamliug and profitable bus!n«»<a In any community, we tmite your inveaipiHoru 1 Write Box "H." Courier News, Bl>tbe\llle, Ark.' *• : i;roui: itic game starts, they, all look alike. Hut ia action—one bnslcclball player staiuls nut as a chanirtion-ln'cli scorer in lu's league . .: 11 Igli scores arc chalked" vip hy fine whiskies, too, and Windsor is a cliampion anioni; the straiglit linurbons in 'as league! Yon will find Windsor smooth, ricli anil (nll-flavorcil \viili ihe sohncl finality tliat mcr- its clinrnpinnship honnrs. IWnftsor STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY roua GU;CS TO NUIOSAI UISrVifRS 1RODUCTS CORl OR \T10S \E\\ MJHK. X. Y. bother Jacobs and the HearsJ A'C Jacobs wanted first crack .at'tick- ets/which lie sells for'two'or'three limes what'they are worth.'and the Hearst A. C. sought, control of'the teak biutln«.business and the power arid'- everything else that goes with it._ It 'was a'" natural'lle'-iip" It was when Joe Louis came'albh? that Jncobs and the; Hearst : ;A.'C saw an opportunity to seize the world heavy weiaht chnrnpibhshln nnd. build a nstlc empire-aroiind it as did Tex Rlcknrd..who built Madison Square Garden on its mer its. Male,-Lewis built Louts, In the A. C. no one knew whether Torrance could hold iu> his hands. he Ls said to have obtained a l(lr year contract at $2SOO a year; . , The rei>prt of Ihe I/)uIslana Bo.x- In?. Commission's hearln? WIs ths remainder of (he story, it imoo«:d fines of $300 each anil indefinite suspensions on t«-o managers and a boxer charged with fram'inj fights to bnlld up Torrance. \ Krodie. Mnshky Jackson, and Earl W. Hhllllps suffered the penalties. . Ix>u!s Man at B:ilon House ' .Plillllps ran out of a "fight" v,ith Torrance at Baton Rouve. He said that; the kindly folk there, treated him so well that he couldn't go through with typewritten Instructions which called for hi? falling nat 911 hi;; face In the proper JKI- sition In a -hurry. • It. Is significant dial Jackson .Is WANTED Government Loan Cotton •".-'. ••:•/; Phone 1G7 APPLEBAlJM BROS. COTTON CO. Bertlj BUf BlilhertDt, Ar*. All Chancery-No. 6377 Grassy Lake «, TiTonza Drainage District No 9 Plaintiff ! i V Certain Lands and Vf P B%1I ft iO Defendants DRAINAGE TAX NOTICF ; persons hiving or clalpyiu; an r lntcrest In au> ol the follow- described Jamji are hereby nottfle'd that siu>(!s pending in tlie Chancip'Court of I (he difckawba. Dtstnct of Mississippi Ctaunly Arkamab in t)n> case of j.Ora4s>^ Lake. *. Iyron?i Drainage Dislijii No 9 •phlnliff \ Certain Lands, and W T Bell ft al Defendants to enfoice the collection of*certaln drainage tiKes iliii. Grasbj Lake &, ryroiv-,1 Drainage District NouiS UiMheJyear 1938*on Ilier^Ublolnlec list of lands inch supposed owner havlii^ r b«n s?t opposite his ,01 hei 01 iis hinds together wlU) the amounts Overall; due- from each to-\vlt: J , Ft ol Sec N" NE iE NW Si, w of R nty s* irl £}><• NW , L Of Riser \yi N"W Name W I Bell W- P Bell L-Hf May J R'Glil J R Dill N , H L Wraj H L Wray N.W t>E Tnjlor faniith NW NE PP Louden all ofSee 26 E ofRoad FPLo«den allo'Sec 33 i. 9f Road Florence O Meukws 3W fit Tom Lxnelidj N 1 NW SW W H & Walter Anderson BE: NK M- H Robinson '... SW NE American Cent. Life Iris. Co. '.....: w of Levee SW SW Henry Purdue 2 sq. A SW Cor, ESi 90 A NE ;•."•••..Bankers Mortgage Co. .'. NE SE Bankers Mortgage Co .',..' SE'.SE . C A Rogers .... Loii 1 jt'2 KE C A Rogers .... lots 3 &"4 'NW Hnbbard-Hubliard & . - \' Stevens . ........... NE SW Dlllard & Coffin ...:..... SE SW S E Vail .'. SE NW S E Vail .... E It Acreo SW NW Rebecca Patterson SE SE Harry Taylor Nli N 32 A NW NW Mrs. Ernest Taylor .... SVi N 32 A NW N\V C Tlndal s 8 A NW NW O Tindnl 3',-j SE NW C Tindal ...-........'.... SW NW Mrs Myrtle Bourland ... fiE NE Jim Fowler • '.., SE NE Jim Fowler .... SW NW L Gaincs ...../... NW SE Harry Wade ...: S 30 A SW NE NW SE SE SE SW SE E V Treadway E V Treadway E V Treadway ... .... E V Treadway ...;..;...;. Salltc Adams "Elliott Orlg Siir. ... SW NW Louise Chapman South 6 A SW SE C E Crigger N of River E 7.5 A '. SE SW Louise Chapman S ot River SE SW Louise Chapman s of River E o A of S 66 A SW SW LoniM Chapman ... Fr! WK: NE Louise Chapman NE rJW Louise Chapman NW NW Louise Chapman SE NW t/)iiUe Chapman ... SW N\V John M Taylor w of Levee all SE Levee Board EVj SW S T R 27 14 9 37 U 9 37 H 9 24 14 9 34 14. 9 12 U 10 ,12-lj-lO 2P-U-JD :2«-i4-to i33. 14 10c > 3 U H I 1 14 It 1 14 12 4 14 1" 4 14 12 S-14-12 5-14.12 a-|4-12 C-U-12 0-14-12 17-14-12 .17-14-12 14-15-11 14-15-11 15-15rll 23-15-11 53-15-U 23-15-11 23-15-11 23-15-H 34-15-11 24-15 U .24-15 II 2+-I5-U 26-.5-11 3Hi-ll 36-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 3G-15-11 23-15 12 23-15-12 23-15-l'J Acres 0 <° i U T> 54 2j ^ \l V 40 40 9 JO a; w 40 "0 i 40 40 ll :2 40 4U •40.0V 101.48 ' 20.25 IQ.Ifi 31 U 38 lu 10 '8 20 40 40 • 40' 40 40 30 40 40 40 40 1.17 C 7.50 06 trustedi'ottaclie of Joe Louis. Phillips teslined that all four of Torrance's knockouls had ''been ' ' rameil. .. admitted borrowing J1000 from- Jacobs within the last few days, wlllr/a New York; Hearst sports editor standing. good' 'for the ' an... . .' ' • • ; .It was- a bit embarrassing when -he first telephone call from the iall was to the same sports editor. - "We have seen tha^t the boxing game In Ne»' York Is pne big crooked business," remarks Domtnlck I\>to, lx>iit?lana commUslaner. "Phjlllp admits that If ihe right hnd'))fen In New York he would have.'ifikcn a dive, tills Ls tlie rol- le'nest thln» I have ever seen." It seems .strange that l-v>lo, \o far 'nway,.can see In New'York boxing, and that the New York coin miss loners have yet to br^iid. a fight a . fake. .: American federal tax receipts f| increased 01 per cent on the sale of 5|>oitlng goods, exclusive of llreamis,, between 19XJ nnd 1935. Ohancery No. 0378 Suli-Dtslrlct No. 3 of Grassy". lake & Tj'ronra Drainage Dlstrlel No. : .-.- 9, Plalntifl', ...-..' ,•'•• V. . Certain lands and-H. L. Wray, et al., Defendants. ... DRAINAGl!-NOTICi; All. persons-having or claiming an interest in any of the following described lands are hereby nolined^that suit is pending in the Chancery Court, of the Chlcknsawha District of Mississippi County, j Arkansas, to enforce the collection of certain drainage taxes due Sub- District No. 3 of Grawy Lake & Tvron/a Drainage District No. 9 on the subjoined list of lands, each supposed-owner having b?en set opposite her or its lands, together with Ihe amounts severally due fronV each, to-wlt: • • . . • Name L Wray ........ L \Vray Vaylor Smith ____ .. PL of Sec. .... NE SE' ... 'NW SE ... NW NE 'P.' I/)wden I'All ;of''Sec. 28 East of Road P P Lowden ] AH of'Bee. 33''EaSl ofr'noad. Florence O Meadows '.'..'. SW SE Tom I/iveiady N^j NW SW VI H &..Walter Anderson SE NE M II Robinson SW NE M H Robinson .W of Lake NW SW American Central Life Ins. Co. W of Levee SW SW Henry Purdue '2 Square Acres SW Cor E',0 E 90 'A NE Bankers Mortgage Co 'NE SE Bankers Mortgage Co ."... 'SE 3E C A Rogers ...... Lots !••&-.2. N.E Lots 3 & 4 NW Frl NE NW. Prl SE NW C A Rogers S E Vail . S.E .Vail S E Vatl .. Prl E 11 acres SW.NW liebecca'Patterson .-.. SE SE Harrj' Taylor N!i N.32 A NW NW Mrs Ernest .. . Taylor ..- sVj N 32 A NW NW C Tinelai S G Tindal ... . C llndal Mrs .Myrtle Boiirland . Jim Riwler Jim- Fowler '.R L Gatncs .Harry Wade S 30 E V TreacVway E V Treadway E V Treadway ..; E V Treadway ..-.--... Sallie Adams Blfott :•. Sal lie Adams Elliott .. Sallie Adams Elliott .. Sallle Adanvi Elliott Lot'2 SW-NW Sallie Adams Elliott : ' :"•'. , Orie. Siir. ..-....:..:.'.; SW'NW. Louise Chapman .. S 0 A SW SE C E 'Crigger N of Road F 7= A SE SW Louisa Cliapnmn S of Road SE SW A NW NW '.!; SE N%V . SW NW .. NE NE .., BE . NE .. : SW NE . NW SE A SW NE ... NE SE .. NW SE ... SE SE .. SW SE . NE NW ,-NW NW SE NW SW SW NW.NE SW NB f?W N^V sw: inv John \r Taj lor W of I/-\ee -\ll SE Iy\ee Board BJ! £.' "3W M Turner Louise Chapman Louise chapman JJouise Cha'pniail Louise Chapman Louise Chapman Chapman fi. T: 11. 12-14-10 12-14-10 20-14rlO 28-14-10 33-14-10 3-14^1 1 12-14-11 4-14-12 4-14-12 4 : 14-12 5-14-12 5-14-12 5-14-12 . 0-14-12 C-14-12 14-15-11 14-15-1114-15-11- 15-10-11 23-15-11 23-15-11 23-15-11 23-15-11 23-15-11 24-15-11 24-15-11 24-15-11 '24-15-11 2G-15-11 30-15-11 30-15-11 30-15rll 30-15-11 30-15-11 - 3G-15-11 3Q-16-11 3C-15rll 23-15-12 '3 15 12 23-15-12 24 15 12 'd 15 12 26-15-12 'C J5 12 26 15 P 20-15-12 ^0 15 12 30 15 12 20 15 P 26 15 P 35-15-12 Acres 40 40 40 0.50 27.91) 40.82 20 40 40 35 If. 40 40 49.C4 107.48 11 31 11 38 10 1C 8 20 40 , - 40 40 40 40 30 40; •'4040 40 40 - .40 40 38.83 1:17 G .'7.50 G 20 20 17 40 40 ' - 35 - •' 4P 28 24.C7-- '75 10 . Tux 9.12 11.40 20,23 7.G1 20.1S 7. ia 3.70 .56 0.33 fi.OO 5. CO . .20 3.92 3.93 5.G1 42.83 • 1.25 2:05 1.80 5.12 2.5fl 1.28 2.50 5.12 3.20 3.20 3.20 3.20 21.00 0.08 D.08 0.40 C.40 19.24 19. 2J 18.46 20.20 .40 .48 .CO .90 4.99 .•i.9'9' 5.00 1.13 3.94 8.33 1.G6 To,' 1.42 88 3 11 2,35 63 7j20 7.'0 8'l6 U83 e'ot 1)20 2,88 3 81 5 33 1 79 4.68 4.."68 8.'55 18.51 . 1.70 1.32 2.58 .81 2.4C 1.50 , 1.50 •I? .M • ".93 2.34 3.84 3.34 3.23 6.48 6.73 V.20 6.72 7.20 .29 .3 .30 Leiee Board Irl N 1 L of L J 1 Johnspn ' ' Lot 2 NW All peisons and corporations interested in said lands are hereby n&tifled thil they are required by lav, to appear"vtitiim four weets 1 iuid'nlak'fc.defehser' : t6 .'said suit jor the .same will-be taken for con- fes^ed krid Juial judgment v»OI be enteied directing the sale of said lands for tlie purpose of collecting said taxes together with the payment of interest ]*rmlly ftn j costs allow Kl by law. Tills 2i(d ; *d4y of February, T.. Coston, Altornej 1937.' H 23-15-12 5 ,53 26-15-13 37 2.34 26-15-12 W 2.81 26-15-12 40 2.81 .26-16-13 35 . -. 2.81 26-15-12 40 - " 2.80 M-15-12 28 3.45 M-15-12 24.57 4.1 B»rron *' LUly Sob-Division to Bljlhevlllf Hattie Oillcsp'.e ; Lot 15 ', . .09 All person.? and corporatloas Interested In said lands are herebs notified that they are required by law to appear within four weeks and make defense to said suit or the same will be taken for con fessed and final juelgment entered dlreclliig the sale of said lands for the purpose of collecting said taxes, together ^Ith the i»y- nicnt of Interest, penalty and' costs allowed by Uw. WITNESS my liand and seal of office on this 2nd day of February IAO1 ' - / ' ' ' ' " - 1937. J. T. Coston, Attorney. H. M. CR,Uq, . Chancery Court Clerk, By A. P, Smith, D. C. M. CRAIG; ,. . . . Chanceryi: Court Clerk, By A. P. Smith, D. 'C. Sub District No 4 ol Chancery No..0379 . . Grassy l£ke : &• Tyronsa Drainage District- :No.' •9, Plaintiff, • . - • v. ' •' ' : : ' Certain Lands and.H. L, Wray,.et al.. Defendants. . nRAINAOK NOTICE Alt persons having' or claiming ah interest in any of the follow- 1 Ji'g; described landb aie herebs notified that suit Ls pending In the Ctiancery Court of the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas,:-to enforce the. cullrctlon of. certain drainage taxes due Sub-District No. 4 of Grassy lake & Tyronza Drainage DLstrict No. 9 i| n the year 1936 on .the subjoined list of lands, each supposed owner having be«n.set opposite his of.her or its lands, together with the amounts severally due from each, to-wit: Name . Pt. of Sec. s. T! R. Acres Tax H L Wray' ; NE SE 12-14-10 40 9.10 H L Wray NW SE 12-14-10 40 12.14 Florence O 'Meadows ..... SW SE 3-14-U 40 8.08 Tom Lovelady ...... N'.-i NW SW 12-14-11 20 3.38.- W'H '& WSlter Anderson .. SE NE 4-14-12 40 .M M H Robinson '...' SW NE 4-14-12 40 9.81 ' American Central Life ins. cp. .:';•.->v or Levee sw sw 4-14-12 15 8.12 American central Life Ins. Co. '..V. W of Levee NW SW 4-14-12 35 12.00 Henry Puixlue 2 Square Acres • • ' i In SW cor. E'.i E. .90 A NE 5-14-12 2 .21 Bankers Mortgage Co ... NE SE 5-14-12 40 12.30 Bapkcrs .Mortgage Co — SE 3E 5-14-12 40 12.37 C'A Kog'crs,•.'... lots 1 fc 2 NE 0-14-12 49-04 5.88. C A Rogers Lots 3 & 4 NW- C-14-12 107.48 3.G5 E V.Tteadaway NE SE 30-15-11 40^ 14.36 E V Treadway NW SE 30-15-11 40 14.36 E V .Treadway > SE SE 30-15-11 40 14.55 E V Treadway SW SE 30-15-11 40 H.55 Louise Chapman .. S 0 A SW SE 23-15-12 B • -70 C E Crijger N of River E 7.5. A .......'. SE SW . 23-15-12 7.50 .95 Louise chapman S of River SESW 23-15-12 o .'*" Louise chapman S. of River E 5 A o: SO A- .... SW SW 23-15-12 5 .63 Louise Chapman NW NE. .20-15-12 2n 4.03 Louise chapman SW NE 20-15-12 17 . 0.69 1/oulse Chapman NE NW 26-15-12 40 7.86 Louise Chapman : NW NW 26-15-12 40 7.80 Louise Chapman SB NW 20-15-12 35 '- 37 Louise chapman '.... SW NW 26-15-12 40 7 - 81 John M Taylor W of Lcvce All SE 26-15-12 28 1-4J Levee Board E'.O SW 26-15-12 24.67 7.24 Levee Board Frl NVi E of Lake 26-15-12 75 7.25 j T Johnson Lot 2 NW 35-15-12 10 2.62 All persons and .corporations interested In said lanes are hereby notified that they are required by law to appear within fo'ui weeks and niakc defense to said suit or the .same will be taken for con- fcsstxl and final judgment will be entered directing the sale of saw lands for the pin-pose of collecting said taxes, together with the payment of Interest, penalty and costs allowed by law. This 2nd day ol Kebaiary, 1937. It. M. CRAIQ, . . Chancery Court Clerk, , By A. P. Smtlh, D. c. ' J. T. Coston, ' '•''"" Attorney.

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