Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 22, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1897
Page 23
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MANHOOD |The world admlrei tlie perfect Man! Not ^ttrajre, dljralty, ormnacular development alone, tni that rak>tl« and wonderful force known u SEXUAL VITALITY which 1» the «l»ry of manhood—the pride of both old and young, batthereare tnonaandi of men tattering tba mental tortures ot a weakened manhood, ihattcred nerves, and r»inii» e*x«al power who c»n be cared by oar Magical Treatment which may be taken at home under our direction! or we will pay R.R. fare and hotel bills for tho»« who <ri«a to come here, if w* /ail to core. We hart BO frco prcscrlptionB.f ree cnre or C.O.C. fake. We •are 1250,000 capital and guarantee to cure every c«se we treat or refond every dollar yon pay OB, or fee may be deposited in any bi.nlc to be paid n« When a cnre it effected. Write for full partlculmrfc HTATJB KKU1CAX. CO., Omaha, >eb. THE JM1LF WORK. Work W hlch can he Inspected Person ally is Always Better Performed than Tbat fagged Upon From Reports. LGDD PIHSOH home forname pricouDder same eu ty, Jf yon prefer to eomebere we wiJioon- t ™ ctto .P"yrallroadfareandhotelbilH:incl .v'/i^ W8 ' "" to ?"">• If you have taken me™ , ry> ,r < "" do P°'a*h, »n« still have aches and Km ' ?* uc ° n " "tches in mouth. Sore Th rout, Pimples, .Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers on joy purtof thp body. Hair or Eyebrows falline out. It la this Secondary BLOOD POISON we guarantee to cure. Wo solicit, tbo most obstinate cages and cnalleiieo the- world for a case we cannot cure. This dHeaje h-a alwnvi tamed th« skill of the mort eSScnt p ,y»? clans. »500,000 capital behind our unjonoi- Uonul iranraoty. Absolute proofs sent sealed on pplication. Address COOK KEMKDY appl CJ Temple, CHICAGO, For sale by 0. M. Banna & Co FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These are the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of cause. Emerson Drug Co., Importers and Agents for the United States. San Jose Cal. B. F. KEESLING, 804 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. It's the dally work of the"Llttle Con queror" The workings right bere ia Laginspon. Uftlnir burdens from helpless bBcks, Rrli-.giaf'.suntblne to many & home. It's deeds that count That bricg the neyer ceasing sound's of praise. The public are learning fast Leitrnlnf? to appreciate merit. Leatninp to distinguish between claims and proof Homo proof IB the beet proof Doan's Kidney Pills are endorsed by Lo- t'ansport people. Hoafl wlitu a citizen says: Mr. Wm, Geisy, 311 Fourteenth street, flre- rnttn on the steam shovel On tho Panhandle K Ktiays: '•[ am (..lad to trive others the advantage of inr experience with Doau' e Kidney Pills ui f consider U nothing more than right for a person who finds a good remedy to let others know ot it, 1 had kidney complaint. f.jr about 5 years and at the rate I was ;,'oin# it ' would only be » short tirao before I would be ] compelled to (five up my positisn, noiwicb- ttandinir the use of the doctors p rescriptions, other medicines and plasters.! could not stoop overwithout suffering pain in t*ie small of my bactr, in fact, could not even sit d;wa vtitt eaee, Wnen I was at work and got warmed up 1 did not mind it so much but as soon as I cooled off my bacK became very painful and lame. Tne at'tinx of the kidneys ana color of the secretions were ;very irregular. When I read about Doaa's Kidney Pills I procured them at Keeslings drug store and the paiaa in my back disappeared before 1 had used one box. I continued using them a few days longer to make sure cure This was months ago and I have not had H backache since ana the kidneys secretions are regulai and perfern,No one need ever be afraid of rtcommending Doan's Kidney Pills, I am sure I am not." Doan'a Kidney Pille are for fale by al! dealers. Price 60 cents. Mailed by Foeter- AlilburnCo., BulTajo, N. Y., sole agenta for the U. S. Kemember the name Doac'sand take DO other. RELIGIOUS THOUGHT. MACCABEES. Staiaoa. B., ennsylvanialfjns Trains Hiw. oy Ceutrsi ' AH rOLLOwa; P-,Ur * Daily, «KW?t riiinattT. CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. Leave for Chioago*3:15 a m ;*5:30 a m ;*1:25 p m •2:00pm;*4:30pm. Arrive from Chicago *1:00 a m:*12:SO p m,*l:OP p m; *1:40 p m; *8:15 p m. BRADFORD AND COLUJtBCg. Letve for Bradford «1:15 a m; 17:40 am: *1:45 p m- t4:3Qpm. Arrive from Bradford «8:00ai»; tlO:20 am; •1:20 pm; t«:15pm. KFFNER DIVISION. t*»T«forKfrnert8:OOam;t9:OOa m; t2;05pm 5pm Sunday only. Arrive from BffnefVjSSiim; +1:08 pm; 12;46 p m: 8:80 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND ASD CINCINNATI. Leavo for Richmond tl :20 » m; t5:SO a m; *1:10 pm:-r2:20p m. Arrive from Hlohmond *2:56 » m; 111:00 » m *l:50pro;-fll:30pm. INDIANAPOLIS AND LOOT8VILi,». Lt*ve for Louisville '13:55 a m:, *1:0f. p m. Arrive from Loulrrtlle *S:06 a in: *1:56 p m. J. A. McCULLOUGH, Afrent, Logaasport, Ind. A Valiant Worker For the Cause of SI»c- cabeelsui'— Tent Gossip. Sir Knight Orlando E. Scrvis of St. Jo- Ecph, Mich., h;is a record for securing now members that is not excelled, if equaled, in the order, says the St. Joseph Herald. Last February he secured 43 applications in 37 days, and during a period of eight months last year he got. T8 applications. For this he received an elejrant prize badge and a $30 K. 0. T. II. chased ring from tho great camp. Besides this, his tent voted him his dues as IODK as hu lives and remains a member of St. Joseph Valley tent. Iowa Maccabees are working for a membership of 3,000 by Jan. 1. West Virginia 31,-iccabeos nrc making a lively hustle for new members, Tho social and fraternal features of the order should bo kept well to the front. Public meetings and socials to which yoc LOflAKBPOKT • O. »A8I BOUND. I N r and Boston Hm (telly). 8:33 a. n. Tail mill (dally) — 9:48 a.m Allan tic Xx.dally exovpt 8un_ 4:55 p. IT •WIST BODHD. Pacific KJU daily except Sunday..10:18 a. a Kansas City Krpress (dally) 2:40 p. u. 1 FMt Mall (dally) 8:13 p, a, I Bt. Loula Limltod (dally) 10:34 p. it •IL BIT-IH Dmuoir, wmsnmf, atrwamn LO<JA«aPO»t AUD OKTLI. WIST BODHD. Mo. U _.....Arrlvei....._ „ 8:80 a. n Mo. 87 - Arrives-...- —8:30 p. a HAT BOUKD. WO. M~ L«ave« »:OS a. m ITO.M „.—LearM f:4£ p, a VAN DAL. A LINE. Time Table, in effect Sept, as, 1897. FOR THE NORTH Ne. 6 -- • 10:38 a. m. Jt».8 — S:S6 p. in, FOB THE SOUTB. J»O. 21 -7:05 a. m. No. S - 2:25 p. m. tor complete Time Card, giving ill trains ind iUitlont, and for full information u to rtte*. through oars, etc.. addreei J. C, BDOFWORTH, agent, Logaiupon, or • C FORD, General Piuenger Agent. 8l. Louit. Mo. & W. time Table, Peru, Ind, Solid train* between I*Wrli and Sandusky »Bd Indianapolis and Htonlgan. Direct connections to and from all points in the United ItttM and Canada, BOUTH BOUHU DKPAJIT J(t> 21 Indlan&pollt Krp dallj 7:10 a m fioSS " Mall£SrpJLl:S$am (daJ'.y except Sunday) Ko K Indpl's Kip 01 Sun-_ 3 ;26 p tn »:lb p m No » Paasenc«r exeep; Sun Ho lSlRoch»«t«r local «rrlv» M p m except Sunday, WORTH BOtnm. So a . ty »»Uy> «:«p m Kxp » 8n» N« 180 Acoom eioept Sun... 1:15 a m DoM *ot ru» Bortk o^ Peru on fnnday. ttoawt ntM and^^neral inf ortaatlon'oall J. aaoatr, ttom arsat, L. 1. A w, li5u or 0. F. Dtiri ««««1 ;n«MMw«r OKLASDO E. SERVIS. Invite your friends advertise the order and tend to interest those who are not mem • bers. There is no better or safer fraternal beneficiary order than the Knights of tho Maccabees. The foundation principles cannot be criticised, and the superstructure is of tho very best. With a steadily Increasing emergency fund and but 12 assessments per year, the protection is "gilt edged. " There was no assessment called for October in the life benefit fund of the great camp of Pennsylvania. Red Mountain tent of Rossland, B. C., has adopted a plan to increase ite membership by dividing its members, the losing side to pay for the oyster supper. Gem* of Truth G-leazzed From the Teachings or All Deaoxuin&tion*. Many spend their labor gathering life's waste and throw away life's jewel.—Rev. Prank Crane, Methodist, Chicago. Skepticism. Skepticism surrounds life with fog, a precipice and the blackness of darkness forever.—Rev. George R. Wallace, Congregatioualist, Chicago. Tell the Truth. Let us tell the utter truth to the world, the truth about itself and iis sins, the trnth about God and bis goodness.—Rev. J. W. TVaddell, Baptise, Philadelphia. The False and the Trne. False religion is distinguished from true by this: The false speaks always of get, get, get; the. true speaks always of give.—Rev. FrTTUk Crane, Methodist, Chicago. Sometbi^ Radically Wrong. There is too much suffering, too much degradation, too cinch poverty in the world. There is a real and serious griev- ! ance back of the labor demonstrations of our times.—Rev. F. A. Hinckley, Unitarian, Philadelphia. Mistaken Made by Churches. There are unfortunate tendencies in churches, the same as everywhere else Churches are made up of human beings and mistakes may be made in them a •well as out of them.—Rev. George C Adams, Congregationalism San Fran Cisco. The Klondike Craze. Why are people fever crazy over this find of yellow metal in the Klondike? '. cannot account for it. It seems charac i:er and true manliness have been at a discount la.tely, while this is on the ascendant.—Bev. William Leach, Methodist, Chicago. Work For Good Government. Lot good citizens work as hard for good government as gamblers work for dollars and political influence, and there will be no need of constitutional amendments and the people would trust liieir legislators.—Rev. Alfred W. Wish art. Baptist, Trenton. Life and Death. Since, then, the union of spirit and matter, to form the composite man, is in nowise subject to man's choice; neither is his preservation in existence, which, after all, is but a continuation of the creative act.—Rev. Fathisr J. J. Baxter, Catholic, Boston. Needs of Alaska. The most "argent needs of Alaska are •the spreading of Christianity, the in trodnctiou of educational institutions, the development of native industries and a better system of law and government.—Rev. Edward Marsden, Presbyterian (Alaskan Indian), at St. Lonis. Beyond Belief. At midday, while the brilliant, warm tfuiishine bursts about ine and envelops me, tell me that I am deluded and that I grope in stygiun darkness, and I shall come nearer believing you than when you say there is no God.—Rev. C. B. Adams, Cougregatioualist, Philadelphia. Nothing Strange About It. Take that crawling creature, a frog, having a new apparatus for breathing and motion unlike its old organs, aud yet developed out of them. Is there anything so strange iu the conception that a natural man may, with newly develop- i ed functions, puss into a new creature morally?—Rev. John Matthews, Methodist, St. Louis. The Individual and the Crowd. In the rural populations the individual is the chief factor, in the city '' the crowd." There need be no conflict between these two elements if there be sincere efforts to recognize them. Indeed, there cannot be, for the individual is also a part of "the" crowd or of some crowd,—Rev. W. M. Lawrence, Baptist, Chicago. The Meaning of the World. We are living in a new world. No one ever occupied exactly the same material or intellectual sphere for two' days or two minutes, and the great glory of this time is that it is the day of the general discovery of the divine principle of development. We have come at last to havs a rational hint at the meaning of the world.—Rev. B. OUR POOR FEET. How to Care For Tfaeui Properly—To CUT* Adhine and Swelling. If the feet are neglected, the nails get out of shape and order and the skin is not as smooth and white as nature intended it should be. Then again feet are tortured into footgear that is A size too small, that fits in no particular, that presses on the flesh and causes corns, and, above all, that makes us limp and waddle like so many ducks. To put the foot in a well fitting shoe of the size that properly belongs to it and to wear low heels is the best way to preserve the foot in perfect health, aud let me gently whisper that nothing so soon brings redness to the tip of the nose as tight shoes. If you have a long, narrow foot or a fat one, yon must have your shoes aud boots made expressly for you. as ready made boots- never rake into consideration anything out of the common as re Eards the formation of the foot. If you have a flat foot, do not wear a too arched instep; if your foot is very arched, see that your shoe is made to fit it. If you wi sh the foot to appear small by perfectly natural means, always wear black kid or satin. A white shoe makes a foot look large and very wide and should never be worn except where the foot is faultless in shape and very small to look at. If the shoes are darker in color than the dress, the feet will appear to much more advantage. Yon should always have your shoes eased for you before wearing them, and be careful never to take long walks when wearing a new pair. Very grave trouble is often the result of walking in shoes that are stiff to the feet. I have known severe lameness ensue, and very great pain is the inevitable result. It seems superfluous to say that the feet should be well washed twice a day Tepid water should be used, and th heels, toes and soles should be daily rubbed with pumice stone or pumice powder. This will entirely prevent al thickening of the skin, which is so uu pleasant. Salt and water dashed over the feel will strengthen them, or a little alcohol after bathing them. The spirit should be poured into the palm of the hand and gently but firmly rubbed iu one direction oiilv. GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER METHINC pack^re of the -world's bes for a n; ( -kv-t. Still i.-rvi<rorrtviriomy i n 4-pound packet. All grocers, Mu»!o o:i!y by THK X. K. PAIRB.VXK fOMPAXY. i. Louis. New Vtirk. Boston, IT.ES.S OF ROSE-COLORED HEXHI ETTA TRIilMtJl WITH LACK AXD VELVET BANDS. i» How to Make Bottle Cement. Take 4 ounces each of common red and slack sealing wax and of beeswax half an ounce. Melt these together in a salt jar or pot on the stove. Wheu the mix- ;nre begins to froth and seems us if it were going to boil over, stir it with a tallow caudle, which should effectually settle the froth. As soon as the whole s melted it is ready for use. "When required a second time, the contents of he jar need only be melted for nse. 'his wax is invaluable for covering over corks iu sauce bottles, preserves, etc. UNITED WORKMEN. Sncceu Win Not Come Without Hnrd Work — Chips From the Workshop. Tho jurisdiction that adopw tho new assessment plan with any kind of an idea that it will "work itself" willjnake a mistake. It will take work to make tie order grow with any kind of plan.- So, if you like tie old riliui best, don't sit down and wait Until the ord<>.r pets into the "rocky road' 1 for want of work. Or if you adopt the E§TV plan, do not conclude that all your troubles are over and no more work is needed. Xo, no ! Work is the keystone to success under any plan, — Kansas \Vork- There are 75 lodges of United Workmen in St. Louis- During the 19 years the order has existed in Xew England nearly 65,000 members have been admitted. The percBnta,je of suspensions ia the jurisdiction is the smallest of any jurisdiction in the order. Iowa A. O. U. W. will have a state a«io- ciation next year, which will be held at Cedar Rapids. This will not Interfile wlti tho district association which wJU meet at Burlington. It is the duty of every lodge, both In Its official and individual capacity, to give all possible aid and encouragement to the Degree of Honor. Fay Mills, Evangelist, at Boston. Stole* fcnd £p{cure4m4. The ancient philosophers held two main views of life, both of themselves outgrowths of this fact of change. The first is that of the stoic—nothing is worth living for; no joy can last; hence live within yourselves, and the isooner the life is over the better. The epicurean is the other view, "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow ye dia" There are very few stoics today, but many epicureans.—Rev.F. R. Ferraud, Methodist, San Fraacisoo, Yankee Ingenuity, Years ago a Yankee looked on Niagara and said, "What power is there to be utilized in some practical way I "The •warM laughed. Bnt the Yankee is usually 50 years ahead of his day. Today Buffalo, miles away from. Niagara, is supplied with electric lighting and power to ran its cars from the falls, and Rochester is reaching out her hands asking for «ame of that same power for the City of Flowers,—Kev. J. O'E. Lowry, Baptist, Kansas City. Men Wanted. Men! Men! Everywhere ttie cry ia for men. Not merely tailor made bipeds, but men of soul, of nerve, of honesty, of push, grit, economy, truth, world •wise, God filled men. There is lack of them in church, pnlpic and pew who tmsel^slily and in a manlv way do the •work of the Master. In politics in vain we look lor men who love country aJ>ove party and self, not time servers, but p»ttiote. In our judiciary -we lack in many iaataaow men who dare to stand by l»w as they find it, but would rather make naw interpretations for gain and fame.—B«r. W. B. Leach, Methodist, Chicago. How to B« Prepared for Accidents or Illucos. The careful head of a certain family has a novel plan for speedy relief in case of emergency. In the storeroom hung a huge card with the title "Accidents!" It hung upon the wall like a map. At the top was printed in big letters what to do and how to do it. At the bottom was the name and address of several good doctors to be called in if the case warranted it. Between followed a list of accidents or diseases that are suddenly developed aud common among children and what to do for them. The first on the list was bites in plain, large letters to the left of the card. Below this and to the right were •written in a plain, large hand the remedies. Then followed the other things written in the same way, so that the list of ailments and accidents stood out clear and plain and could be read at a glance. Among them were broken limbs, bruises, burns, fainting, convulsions, croup, cuts, fits, falls, uose bleeding, poisons, scalds, sprains, substances in the eye, nose, etc. Beside the card hung a big bos fastened to the wall, containing all the remedies needed—bandages, lic^n thread, cord, needle and thread, pins, court plaster, absorbent cotton find lint. The soft, pliable Henrietta clu;h k-m:> tsclf happily to pretty pull? ;util nicks, .ence it is an admirable fabric lor fiiiidri'ji', nesses, which arc- always daimicsi and moir uitablo \vhcn madi. 1 \vhli an al'Uudaijce c: rnatiiuiuui feature; 1 . A :cv-v-eo!oreii l!V:ir;' ua i.-? pictured in a. dress that appeaipa in u late number u£ The iJrliiu-jt'jr and is altogether- cJwruilii?. li:ivii!;j ihe fasiiioiiulJe punch fnnii made additionally decorative l,\- pretfv crosswise tucks. The lack is pulled <!o\rn ijpht and trim, although it -'i!so I;a.< fulness ar- ranirfl :it cadi side of the dosiiiir. Breleiles icrossiiii; the shoulders stand out over puffs placed ttt the top of the closed now to Keep Lettuce Crlip. Place the roots in water. Do not immerse the leaves, but let the water reach them. When read3" to serve, wash it leaf by leaf in a pan of cold water; then drop into another pan of ice water. It will become crisp in a few minutes. Shake the water from the leavee before serving. How to Prevent Sewer GM From Keep the stoppers in the bowls and 1 clean wafcer, never waste water, stand- tag over them when not in use. 1897 OCTOBEB. 189* Su. 3 Io 17 24 31 Mo. 4 11 18 25 Tu. 5 12 19 26 We. 6 13 20 27 Th. 7 14 21 28 Fr. 1 8 15 22 29 Sa. 2 J^ 16 23 30 .. l!^d SHERIFF'S SALE. THOMAS A. BPBV VS. JOSEPH W. ET. Ai, an appearance of breadth that is very becom- jupr to proivii!jr girls. Simple ornaments of this sort are so easily arranged and are so (improving: that all girls' dresses should have a fancy collar, epaulettes. Bertha or some '•such accessory to obviate severe lines, and •designs for these adjuncts are so numerous that no difficulty tt'ill be found in miikinjr each dress different. The skirt is a four- gored style that will please little girls on account of its smoothness at the front ami sides with gathers only at the back which give it a suggestion of the ;l grown-up.'' Specially prepared for us lij Th 'j &>.. (Liinihff). a^ssT AFTERXOOJT TOILETTE L'-,).MPR],Si>;0 A PLAJD SILK !JiriKT--\YAlST AXD BRAID- TR'I.V.VED CLOTH SKIRT. The shirt-waist holds its own at all seasons, nd is now nj.-ide lo partake of the leading characteristics of the most popular styles. The woman who would consider herself well- d:'es,-r(] will at this season unite a shirt-waist of riilk, fi>:'i.(i!roy. velvet, velveteen, satin or flannel with a clutii skirt. In silk the favorites are ii stripes and plaids, rlio plaids bei sober or gay to suit, al! tastes. In the t shirt-waist the blouse droop is seen. rlic-'.'c i.- bec"ining fulness at each side of the isii:g. which is made in the usual way through, a bos-;-Iuit at the center. n:;d lie By virtue of a judgment and decree and Order of sale issued on a judgment rendered in the Csss Circuit court, of Indiana, on the 23d aay of September. I&87, acd to mo directed by the clerk of eaid court, I will ofl'er for gale, at public auction and outcry, to the highest bidder, at the door of the court house. In Logansport, Cass county, Indiana, on Saturday, tlie 23d Day of October, 181)7, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m, and * o'clock p. m. of said day, the rents and profits fora lerin not exceeding seven years, of the fellow-lag described real astute, situated In Case county, in the stole of Indiana, to-wlt:i I/otnumber ninety-two (92) Jn John F. Johnson's Hiversioe addit on to tho city ot Logan 8- port. in Cass county, in the sta'e of Indiana. And in case the rents and profits fall to bring the amount demanded to satisfy the judgment and decree aforesaid with interest and costs. together with all accruinj? costs, I will at tho game time a.nd place, and in like manner tie al'oreeald. otter for sale at public auction and outcry to the hig-heet bidder, all the right, title, interett ana estate in fee gimnle of .Tofeph W. .Tones, John Myer.lda J. Jones JU)<3 Abraham L. Jones, in the aoove described real estate, or so much and such part thereof as may be Deces- sary to satisfy the judgment and decree aforesaid, which is in favor of Tbomaa A Spry, and atrninst Joseph W. Jones. John Sf3'er, Ida J. Jonte and Abraham L. Joneg. Said real estate will be sold without relief from valuation or appraisement laws of the State of Indiana. CJIAKLES w. BOMBUHO, Sheriff of Ca8S County, Indiana. Charles E. Taber. Attorney for Plaintiff. September 28, 1897. Sept S8-d<w. ASK THEM, How to Clean White Shoes. Put a dime's worth of pipe clay in a dish, dry and with an old tooth, or nai brash which is stiff brash the shoes hard, but always the same way as the grain of the kid or it will make them rough. Another way is to rub with de odorized benzine first and then put on a coat of pipe clay and let it remain on overnight. Arthur Vltzhuma, a. farmer of Fairbury, in=., committed suicide by taking a dose of poison. CARTE ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE cured by these Little Pills. "tbey «lso relieve Distress torn Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A per. feet remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Dnnrdi. OCX, Bid Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tonjno P»in in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Kepzlate the Bowels. Vtuer/ Vegetable. PHI. Small Small If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agents of tbe :Penn8ylvani» LInei •nrin furnisli information regarding Home- Seekers' Excursions to various point* in the Northwest Wegt, Southwest and Snutb. It will pay to investigate if you contemplate a trip. Appiv to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address W. w. HJehard«on, District P«j;aenger Agect, lndJ»n*poliij, Ind. jack I.-* .-m.i.i with a faccv 3~oke at the top. The c,_l!;ir c: the correct waist is. of course. if linen, arid '.he fancy just now is for a tie if the traat material, these ties being merely .oubicti strips pressed or slip-stitched along tlie lower c^<ige and about thirty or thirtv-two inches long. Tho closing plait of some waists is covered with linen- The skin of the toilette which was taken from Tne Delineator of recent issue, is of brown cloth tnmmea •with black braid: it is in three-piece style and has rhe fashionable fan back. Specially pr< -pared for us fry The 'Co,, (Limited). All the Way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, the'Wabasb Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. Having leased the tracks of tit Grand Trunk Bailway between Detroit and tBuapeo- ilon Bridge and those of the Kite B. H, from Suspension Bridge to Buffalo, 'he WabMh R B •will run iu own trains from MCuieai City Omaha, Des Molnet, EL Louis, Quincy, Hannibal. Eeokuk and Cdicajroito Buffalo, being th« only road frem Missouri and MiniMlppi BlT«r points having its own line and trmin* running IntoBuffeJo. Through oars from KarouClty. St Louli and Cbictgo to Buffalo without change JOBS to'fe Tennessee Centennial The TrameMee Centennial and IntRBMMMl bpotitiaa will be in progr*w at KaakrOto, TaoiL, trom Kay nntfl October Icolttlr*. Special low rat* round trip tickets wfll b* MM rla fenruylvanln Unet'Uor thl* vrcot. PttB putVmliin oonoemlnr ;far«. datM of Unie of tratoa, etc, mar be obtatoeO appHoatlon to Detrert Zickdt Arent, well, JMMlMtPMMBCW JLftnt,

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