The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1938
Page 7
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i938 BLYTHEVILLE (A15K.)' COllJRlEH NEW*} ,' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate' |Kr line for consccu- v6 insertions: \vo t tli)ie.s / per |ine iicr day . . .Q8c hre'i tt'nfes' pc"(' lino p6r day ,.i)6c ,x times per. line\ per day ....050 lonth rate per line .^ Beards of TliaAks : ,...-..50c & 75c Mlntriuijn cliarjc 50c Ads' ordered for ^tfirie or 5lx niei and stopped before cxplra- 6n will bfc charged for the mitn- For Rfeiit i furnislicd rooms. Reasonably, Phone D7-J, 313 No. 6th. 17-i)ki4 FoV Rent — ' 'i light housekeeping rooms, furnished, call after a V. m. 6M W. Ash'. 1'7-ck-ai Comfortable d'cdroom for gcntlc- ^)8.n.- Phon'e 277-J, Call nt (J25 W. MaiiY. n-ck-3-17 Sleeping rooms furnished. Plenty hot water. 115 S. Division SI, n-pk-2'4 Unfurnished four room apartment Nmvlv Decorated. 1120 W. Ash For Sale | J!ot I'birtt Range. clreulfilliiK heiit- er, U-biirner oil Dealer, l-'rlgltl Qther Fu'rn. Girls' hlcyclc. I'honc 701: 17-pk-21. •Throiigli Frittay nucl Saturday Only! Three Thoroughly Reconditioned singer ttrendlf) Machine's, Priced From $15 to ?i5. Kmstf Sen'lnff Mai;!ili\i' (.'p. 108 \V. Main Dio'jic , r >:!5 17-ck-L'i For Sale— ICOO varrt's EOCX! carlli. Pcfsonai Sirby's Mm Liver Pills AfoBs6 Slugfish Livers h^i,]Hcliop. ActLrt) l.l^or' I'lllA get n\ ih'r '4'ir/ i]rAlfrin o^ >ur|Uu«, tiuiAon* .'*'i^l -^llil &t «tl Klrty DruK Btoii'A. MEN OLU^ AT 40! O&'J PfeP: Nisiv Oitrex TA'nlc Td6iets coh'talii raw' oyster invlgornlors nuil otlie'i 1 stimulants. One dos6 starts nav |)i'|>'. Value Si.OO, Special price 80A. Call, write Kirby Bros. DniR Slors . of bill, m'ade. ( All.; plassiffeil AdC'eVtising cops suim'uted; by persoVis' residing otit- ' of the tlty muft, be nccom ' pant&l fey c?'sh.. Ra'{cs may be easily computed from' above talile Advertising ordered for iiregiilar insertions takes,,.the one, time rate No|. r^spoA^lbility will,, b'6; fakci for ififtrt th'aVi <5hc. inc6¥re"ct iteer- tioft 6f any ilassirtetf afl. Bf/sin&s £Jifect(% HARRY BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE A i;in.vslu)i)|)or's niuutli Newly Dec9ralcd. 1120 \y. Ash pWoiie" 58'2-M. 17-ck-ir Store buildiiiK. GooU repair, South Lilly. Georgia Fra'nlf, liW 23, Eleele. 17-pk-H Tlirce-room funilslicd apartment, 713 Chickasawua. E. M. Eaton. Nicely fufrteli'M ^ IjcArob'ms. Steairi; ' '•'•'•' to bath'.. Cai) 15-CK-3-15 Is below Us cliltV. yife'rl brick'. Liii'nbcr. E .V. Bird Construction Co; New Kress BMfc. Hemorf Ii6id s-Piles dmfcb WITHOUT SOHGEKY & Sifr, Kiirn »ii<l with less diitonirorl. Ail illwasrs ;iiiil cc,iu|ltlon» of ntrvou's otlltn, cured a( our cllnlo. foul iillnionts ami nkln cancrii treated ftnd OKS. NlE'S\.& NlES lo riiyslclaiu OH Blytlicvlllr, Art. G,66tl flooriiiB and hinibc'r cheap, ^r^.s. Henry R^fdmnn, • lD-pk-22 5 I'oqin Stuc'co Bungalow al b;u- gdin;. Newly nnish'ed, 2'2'li E. Ua- vls. Owner iliniigliig lofca'tioA. Ca|'l Nicely furnished sleainhcated !>cd- room. 003 W. Main, call C42. M-ck-a-M Comfprtable bedroom aflipmnig ^.t'ath. GeiillemqiV only. I'll \V, Main, phone 806-W. 7-ck-tf Good Food :il Good Price ^-Art Rin'Js' fe ftWtf Fresh Crappie Cfgafe^ ^ for 25t ' HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. P'Ho'riek K-F-.1 &' 878 3 Or f rponv fuVnishecl ap'a'rtnic'nt, rent reasonable to permanent party, 200 W. Kentucky' PlVoric 65-W. 2V-cK 0 Acres land. Require stock,' feed, tools. D. R. Garner, Armorcl. DUPLEX— 3 & 4 ^ room furrife apaVtmcnts: Private batbs. cat! 80. 2C-ck-tf <- Coal ..My. \Caaf i's Bl'a'c'k. ii'i f f rcaf You Whl'l'c. idcAL HAXJLING ' John Btfcbanan . Bly'heville,' AVk. r fiofie 107 Sisrvice EXPERRADIO Complete Line Of PARTS, TUBES, B'TBRIK Hardawa'y ^pplianW Co; J£am' * jf iV WERNEli rnoile 23' Uvhig I'obhV,- .I;cdr0b))i and Kitchen furniture. Stoves. Phone 912-j. Mrs. Bclvie Morris jr. M-ck-3-. r > Burke HarthVMi'C fixlnres for sale, Sox "B", Courier l'i-ck-3-H J)ATr,H .1. 6e Phone 8 :il Tom Jackson's and Boa'fd Stcnm |ica'l«l rooirV with board SOS W. AstV. pliohc i6t. Porcupines swim lii^li out of Iho water, for Iliev wenr 11 nnliiriil life bell. Tlieir quills are filled with air. Nicely furnished room entdriiiK In- -—,—— lo bath. Innerspring mattress'. ""'" "'"' Will Rive, 3 meals a day. Call 636, 818 Chickasawba. 2S-da-na Comfortable bedroom In private home. 115 East Kentucky. "s2-ck-tf Furnished comfortable bedr'obrnj 515 Walnut. Phone. 351. 16'-ck'-' Or\b comfortable bedroom. Mrs. S. S. Sternbcrg, 984, 1203! Holly. 28-ck-2-28 .To lc-l us, KMIOl' youV ! i('»r in .shape tluin it s to repair ii has! lirdlion down. !rt- i'i-0asci (lid vnliic' Of yot'i'r (•;»• niul hK'I'tlS Ifl-JKf T IN A-l (-ONU'JflDN. WELDING AT BEST .PROMPT . Barksdale Mfg. Co, rices Arc Now' Jfeihg filtered ua "AH Winter Auto Accessories Vinit o'u'r; modern p'artrf & ii'cct'K.srin'OH ritori. Here you' \Vill lind cvcr.vthiri'K tin displi'ty to cniililc you (<>' rViak6 chyy KMedi«rtH (if your iHirticulur riueds. Sponsored By llainlltoii Depositors Corp. Hubert Utley's Statiori Bind Cafe All Lrailliif of B(«i', Whiskey, Wine, GIAs > And Cordliti DEAf.tIR JN Now Located at l6l NA'ri'i titcofn. ADDING MACHliVE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIJWAKUS, Pi>opria» Ctlcnl'alorK—RcpaiVlnic—V«rt»-Kliil)«rij innkn'of ItcbulK.Typewriters, Artdlnj Machine* in( . <!alc»lal6rs—Itciialrliig—i'arts—Kibbiini LfiriA For S^Icf 120 A. R miles west of Hollanfl, house' &~b'arn. 35 A. cleared $1800 cash 1 . S A, V E fW -top', of. TptVr 'FiiMHiire ' . With' Glass All designs cut & finished.. ..... ,PA1,L US., .; • . ' Blythevuie Faint & Wallpaper Co. Phon'e 880 .. Ill S. 2nd ff6; A\ 40' A. cleared. House Ban). Whef'e lli'6 new .t'ovfn. of Rive's,,,ivfo.. was layed out. $40 an A. 1-3 cash. IGlj A. 0 mitts No. of Biythevilfc. 140..'A. cleared $40 an A.)cash. PUBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn .Hatch6ry. Bly.thSville, Ark., H.W. 61 North', Phoh'6 742. leather folder witrV .2 keys. Owner can have same by paying cost of this ad. Black leather key holder containing one My. Qwrier can liaVe samo^ by. paying cost of this ad. Courier Ne*s. Metal key ring with 13' keys. Found near pigh .School. Owner can have" si'm'e by payin'g; cost ot this fid. •80 A. 2 houses and 'oar|i.- Cnt- .-iver land. $30 an A. $240 cash Balance like rent. 200 A. Woortlnnd -at. Pascpla Mo.. Small down payment arir reasonable terms. 20 A. all cleared west of Portageville. .Also 40. GO. 80, & 160 acre partly cleared at Poffageville Small down payment, Biiltmcc l& reftt. .40 A. on gravel.road 1 mile fr< Parma, Mp,, 6 rpbni. hoillse *fc Fenced. All cleared. S55 an 1-4 and terms over 10 years We have many olTier fanns from 40 acres lo 2600 acres. Ii. M. BECK 103 Eou'th Second, Blytheville, Ark 15-ck-l Lost A geographical mile length of one minute ; 6f latitiio'c. I man. Call 347. Green tarpaulin 'scl\vcen VA'ilso tlic I antl Tmr'cll. Reward. J. H. See 11-pk-l Special Used Car Values 1935 Ford V^8 Tudor Sedan tAlirf fci'fttfn. '/{ steal ;xt f!his price. ONLY . , : ... 1184.00 TefrWs: |6Z down, $13 per month • ' ' ' '. < ' — ALSO — 1932 Crrttffolel Cftaoh 1 ....'.-. .......... S 'mil y»'3(i G. AI. fc. TrA'ck ............ ...... $335.U"0 Many Ot^r Models & types PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th 1 & Walnut .l'K6rte' 810 MULES FGlP( COMPLETELY .Soybeans— Oafs Corn— Sijjoh Cows Arid Tractor . Work. Sfe W. L: Tate. Armorcl, Ar'K. Repair Shop We Can Meet Your Every Automobile All Work Guaranteed tompietes 10 volume set of S?ah : - dard Reference fi'poSs with lodsu leaf binder. Call' 'xi> or 792. Pair clean; 4 ych'r old mare mules. Re'a'sonatle. Gene ftra'clbin'y. ?,','• ' ' ' f •Posts, . 12';>.c fn'elV. jcfi \t. 16s, Rt. 2, Srnilhvillc, Ark. 0!(tsni6lii!e &• .(J.M.C. Trtldw Snlos iirid ISO? K. rilain SI. States (15 riot provide th"6Tr , 6'vhV , _ v,hcn interin'g the Whitj! ' ai; : COBB FUNERAL HOME , lYouse. Tli'c gordtnmcnt provides ii. 1', CA 6OOD AS MEW.' REAOV TO POLV. OUt Kays You, Wash' IJY IlOY CRANE KINDA FELLA HIS JEST CANT TftyST HECK WE SENDS "^ TO Et HOYO, TO A.LU «7ASH GO ^TO EASS HOWE TOWN FRKCKI.KS AND HfS fr'RfRNDS SERVICE. INC. .T. M.REC. U. S. PAT. 0?F. Jq fo and Hcnpltl! V^HA~ TI«E DOES ME E/OT ) LUWCM? MB DOESv ' OKAy....i'LL BE: OVER YOUSJC3 CODk ! I HIM TO SEE WHO'S BEEW MIM ALL THIS MOk'SY HELLO, V/R SLOOTH! i ib CALL AWD LET YOU KWOW- YOUR MAW .IS HERE !

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