The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1932
Page 6
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Sutherland Is Champion - Hair .Splitter of Dizzy Grid Experts.- : -'' -'BY DR. j. B. "JOCK" SUTHKKI.ANI) , . - Fcctball racli, University of .. .-:,•' Pittsburgh (Copyright, I93Z, NEA Service, Inc.) . - ^Champions of the various sec> J -;f6rs of football will be decided 'during the next few v.-cc'ks. In the games cf Saturday, Oct. 22, ' some .sirens tiains are opiwscti, and close scores forecast. Here arc my guesses al die ro- , suits of Saturday's games: yALE-AUMY—We [beat ArmV - last week, but had a strenuous day doing It. Yale has not shown .enough, in my .opinion, to defeat . Army. DARTMOUTH - HARVARD — Dartmouth gives evidence of having a powerful team, but I think Harvard lias too ranch steam for the New Hampshire boys. PITT-OHIO STATE — Pitt Will meet the lest here. Ohio State showed more against .Michigan than the score indicates. I think Ohio Sfate will win it. - NAVY-PRINCETON — Navy ivas beaten by Ohio University last Saturday, and will be anxious to rc- ijeem Itself agalml Princeton. I pick Navy. , COLGATE-NEW YORK U. — The New Yorkers, working under a new system, may not be far enough along lo hold Colgate in this' game. I fnvor Colgate. - MICHIGAN STATE-FORDK.-.. —Fordham looks to me like a de cided favorile in this game. ."' CHICAGO - INDIANA — This seems to be Stagg's'best team in years, bui : the same is true of Indiana. Indiana is loo powerful for Chicago. KANSAS-NEBRASKA — Despite the one-point defeat by Minnesota, Nebraska looks for a good year, and should have not too much trouble beating Kansas. , OKLAHOMA-KANSAS AGGIES .-^Oklahoma has a fine team this year and should win. COLORADO - COLORADO AG- GIES—Colorado seems to have the. edge. MISSOURI-IOWA STATE — I pick Iowa State. Panthers Stop Army's Victory March NEWS Tearing through the 'heavy Pittsburgh lino for repealed gains. Ken Fields, Army's galloping halfback, save the Panthers trouble aplenty fat/ore tlie cadets Kent down to an 18-13 defeat on their "home field.' Papooses Give Chicks Stiff Workout; Fritzius in Backfieid The Blylhcvllle Chickasaws went hrough a scrimmage session at rlaley Field Tuesday in prepnra- ion for Friday niyht's game with lhawice high but it. was the STATE-PORDHAM C ^ s ' " ll !? brothers, the Papooses. . .. ,.-..„ „ ^«_ *no stole Ihe show yesterday. After more than an hour spent i drilling his charges, pnrllcularly n forward pass plays. Coach Kramer cnlled the 1'apooscs over o provide some opiwslUon for his TEXAS CHRISTIAN-AUSTIN— It' would not surprse me lo seo Texas' Christian win the conference championship this year. And surely beat Austin. BAYLOR-TEX/'jS AGGIES — This one appears to be already won by the Aggies. '.GEORGIA - VANDERBILT — Two well-malched teams. A tic score would not surprise me. TULANE-AUBURN i— Tulane will have trouble beating' Auburn, hut r think will win by B close score. KENTUCKY-V. P. I. — Both teams are unusually slrong, but V. P. I. impresses me as the stronger and therefore the winner. FLORIDA-NORTH CAROLINA STATE-North Carolina Slate by a good margin. - TEXAS-RICE — Texas should win by a good score. DENVER - TEMPLE — I pick Temple. CARNEGIE TECH - NOT HE DAME—Notre Dame, with a decidedly better balanced and slrong- er team than last year, will be too much for what looks like n powerful Tech team. I figure Tech will hold them to a low score STANFORD-U. S. C. — This looks like Stanford's year. Stan- lord gives -evidence <1f having about the best team In its history, and will want to win this game. 1 pick Stanford . WASHINGTON - CALIFORNIA —If Ihc California cripples nrc back in the game by this lime I think Califcrnia will win OREGON STATE - WASHINGTON .STATE-Oregon State. PURDUE-NORTHWESTEKN — This game is a toss-up. I expect a tie. ' IOWA-MINNESOTA - Minnesota gets it. ILLINOIS-MICHIGAN — Michl- lerc you see the Army forwards opening a wide hole for Fields, Indicated and Army men strewn along Ihe way. by the inrow, PIU Rabbit Defeats Dog in Fight :harges ilenty. and they rcs|»nded with The junior high team put up a iluubovn defense against the Chicks ntnl frequently smeared ball car- •lers on Ihe line of scrimmage. A •hoe string tackle by n hard cliarg- ng junior linesman laid Tommy Short, ace of the varsity baclc- ield out with a temporary Injury o his side, which, was hurt In the Tech game. The grass cutlers finally shoved over a touchdown on the juniors, after they had relieved the first string varsity, with a blocked punt paving the way. The Papooses appeared to know as much or more about this game called football as the varsily as far as.'yostcrday's play goes. In ail endeavor to get more clocking and driving power in the backflcld Coach Kramer has shifted Charley Fritzius, hard charging guard, into the rear works this week.- Whether Fritzius will be tept there is a matter of conjcc- :ure but there Is no doubl lhat Krnmer needs a back with his drive. Frilzuls, who returned to school this year after being out a year or two, developed plenty of push as a broad Jumper. Kramer still has the problem of a weak pass defense lo contend with. The Chick backtleld looked bad on passes in the Tech same. However n charging Hnr has long been considered the best pass defense and the Tech passer had plenty of time to spot his receiver Friday night. The Chick backs, playing far back usually hud to stnrt out, on u fast run forward when passes wer c thrown. Its more than easy to run la front of an eligible man In this manner. Then if the man catches the bull he has clear field for a touchdown. This hnp|>cncrt more limn once last week and Kramer hopes tc knit his defense closer together looking forward not only to the Shawnce game but the Jones- bom batllc TULARE, Cal. (UP)-A snorting, wild-eyed rabbit, who defeats dogs 'n fair combat, has been dlscor- :red here. The rabbit, which weighs eight wunds, bared, 'his teeth and dccls- vcly vanriuished a dog who was umoylng him one day recently. The "battle," nllliousli It could mrdly be termed thru, came after the rabbit had tired of playln» vith tile dog. The canine, after feeling- the •abblfs teeth once, left the field and ran, yelping into the M E. Jones residence. The Jones family own the rabbit. Everything for Your Entertainment and Comfort RITZ THEATER Last Time Today"The Crash" with Uuth Cliatterloii and .George Brent. san, with its brilliant, victories to dale, should have little difficulty with Illinois. Read Courier News Want Adji. Thursday and Friday Atlm.—Matinee—10 and 25c 'Night—10 nml 30c See . A romantic, dramatic storj of three men and two glrk righting desperately to rout the mechanism of unseei forces. In 'Madison Square Garden' with Jack Oakie, Thomas r han, M a r i a n pictures of Slagg . . . i In (iiL-lr sadness . . . ' tiller II was announced lhat the veteran football coach of the Uni- vcisHy of Chicago had been l.cushecl aside by an aye limit and his brave declaration (hat he v/ould carry on in the. v.ork of coaching-. . . his reason ...."I went Into alhlelfc work be' It ollcied the large-si opportunity for service through «jii- lacl with young men. No scheme of life which removes lhat con- iict would meet with my ainbl- It i.s the same old story . . . iincl I can tliil sou Uoinpscy, cruuched at the ringside dining Hie Hfhmeiinij-walker fl K ht . . . nervously fingering his chin and j fuel 1 , and glancing urnuntl with that strange panther look of his and Dan llowley, just lie- tore it was announced lhat he would not manage Hie Cincinnati Reels in 1033 . . . n mil-end club, the Reds . . . but Dan's team, just the same . . . and framed, In a way . . . in Ihi.; way, Joltnson being supposed to go easy and let Kttchel make a favorable showing . . . the sudden lushing out of Kelchel's fis!, fis a. lioldc-n opportunity presented itself . . ;,..-i Johnson . . . grinning with fury , .- . comii b'U'k Into the ii.ulle . . . and knocking Kctchcl cold with a icir;tful [much . . . after Ihe M'ilit, in Johnson's dressing room - . . plucklm- KeU-hcl's front tu'tli out or Jack Johnson's eluvc- . . . now, Johnson earnim; his living ar, host in madhouses .iiid uljjht clubs . . . nmi clown- in,' In front of a ja>v. u'cliesua. of . . . Ills work in life . . . even If they did lc:;e .so many tough games by one run . . . they were still his ball club. Willurd, the Too old Ilounccr .it comes to us 'Ihc Itunleri Tco old . . . . . sobbing Ili-ferep Donovan my Mcl.arnln's Yc.-us . iJenny Ixxinard In the arms of . . . after Jim- swishing gloves .. the news dispatches cany ;i little story from I.os Angeles Jess Willnrd, one-time king pin of Ihe heavyweight flghlers.... reelucecl In his own Vine street, market to tho role of mincer . . . al n salary (hat is said lo he S15 a week.. ..taken tot a shave, haircut, massage nnd that . . . while Dcmpscy sulked in his tent, growling . . . ivilh a week's whiskers on his tanned and rugged chin. Johnson, himself ... a black adie . . . symmetrical perfection— a study in ebony action ivltli white teeth shining liis elestruction of Stanley Kcldicl ... a fight (hat was had brought back lo the old man the burden of his years . . . Tommy Lnnghran . • . . insisting thai he could carry on a while longer . . . after he: had been knocked out by men who couldn': have laid a glove on him a few' years earlier . . . and Ty Cobti to court for a $292 plumbing debt • . . yet ho'.v magnificent ho ,musl have been that day under •'" the Havana sun when lie de- HCN there, Mr. Referee. Didn't you see that guy ,eave his feel W liui he tackled Warburton. Trojan back? F.yin, cackle, | are arrec ,,,b year, yuh know, and ,his picture shows one a, big ,as We, il,e tackle occurred during the southern California-Loyola 'Los Angeles) game. SoLilhern Cal had a tough time winning ihc score bemg 0-0 until nve minutes before the game ended The Trojans then pushed over a touchdown to win 6-0 Nixon, Zasu. Pitts & 1 William Collier Cartoon and Coniedv T^H E hat shown li called t SOU- BRERO. COLD chisel In the correct name of tin 'ool shown. p E N N S Y L VANIA hu th» citlw «. COMING ATTRACTIONS j AT THE RTTZ-- I Sim.-Mon. — "Blonde Venus" ! with Marlene Dietrich. j "Successful Calimity" w'ith George Arliss. Also IN SERSON—the Only MALE SIAMESE TWINS In the Work! with their wives "Kongo" with Walter Huston and Liipe Velez. "Smilin' Thru" with Norma Shearer. "All American" with Richard Arlen. SEE Gillette BLUE BLADE • Try the Gillette BLUE BLADE and see what extra- ordinary shaving comfort you get The sensational quality of triis Wade has made it first choice of the nations ehavers. Be, good to yourself. Buy a paciage of Gillette Blue Blades. HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 26c See HOMICIDE with MARY BRIAN and NOAH BEERY Fox News and Comedy stroyeel the mylii of Jack Johnson's invulnerability! And Willard's supreme confidence in himself at Toledo coincs back—how he went to a barber shop in the morning....ami and Tris Speaker, in iheir lait .rajjic year of baseball at Philadelphia . . . stumbling around in the outfield . . . pretending Hint they still had all the qualities lhat made them flic greatest players in the- game years before ..tco old! Tt comes to all of us....Stagg and Dempsey and Willard and Johnson and Leonard and Cohb and Sneaker ... age inevitably can dims the fire of greatness. • Slagg, in his dreams, see the gi'eat Eckersall . Ftrcaking down the field . . '. Dcmpscy can see Firpo falling to Ihe canvas under a shower of blows . . . Corbett can see old John L. unable lo rise Johnson can sec Jim Jeffries, Ihe white man's champion, bowed under the weight of years and Johnson's own destructive blows Benny Leonard can look back, too ... and -in his reminiscences sec Lew Tendler beaten just as he was about to crush the great Leonard, one of the finest lightweights that ever lived. And Cobb and Speaker can look da.vs of brave deeds . . . Cobb matching his cunning against a catcher's wit and arm Speaker running far bnc! to the flagpole and leaping high to spear a drive from Hcilmann's hat. But now, too old mind, Stagg . . . us all. . . never comes to CERTIFIED, same quality^same size *. same shape . r now 5c straight.. 3 for lOc We are very happy to make this important announcement to the millions of smokers who want a fine, long- filler cigar of modest price. Certified Crcmo at 5? has for years been America's greatest cigar value. Now at "it STRAIGHT—3 for 10?, Certified Crcmo ushers in a new and still greater cigar value.This is made possible by our tremendous reserve of fine long-filler tobacco, our modern up-to-the-minute methods of manufacture and our large volume sales. The great savings thus effected are now passed on to you. No matter where you live, in city, country, town or village, you will find Certified Crcmo Cigars of the same fine uniform quality that you have always enjoyed ... the same in size and the same famous perfecto shape. Finished under glass for your sanitary protection. P. S. — Litten to important Cremo announcement, N.D.C. network, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, duringLucky Strike Program. PRESIDENT...THV AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY Cttr.. 111). TH InmcinTotKffi 0»

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