The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1954 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1954
Page 13
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1954 Blytheville Firms Launch Novel Event 'Get Acquainted' Is Contest Theme This section is a personal invitation from a large number of Blytheville businesses to enter into the theme of "Get Acquainted" week by viewing their staffs through a cartoonist's eyes. Such cooperation is only expressive of the basic friendliness of Blytheville's business folks — the owners and managers of our business firms. This degree of cooperation on ehandise creations more appeal- the part of these businessmen is ing. And special values are yours indeed indicative of the value the> place on the cooperative effort of their employees, their personnel in the daily business life of Blythe- vill*. In the operation of' any business has there ever been a substitute for loyalty on the part of employee to employer? $100 In Frizes And, through this cooperation of the business firms which are listed, this "Get Acquainted" contest feature is yours. A total of $100 in cash prizes will be given to the four winners: first $50; second $25; third $15; fourth $10. The rules of this contest are on this page. From the president to the maintenance man, the men and women who serve your daily needs each are presented to you with a desire on the part of their business owners and managers for all of us to get better acquainted. " Not Pretty Cartoonists have given their interpretation of your business friends that this feature may have a "fun theme" and be entertaining.. Yes, you'll laugh and enjoy each ad on each page. No attempt has been made to "make them pretty." And comparing Blytheville personnel and their outstanding service to other cities, all of us have reason to be proud of our business friends. This "Get Acquainted" contest ushers in "Get Acquainted Week." At our stores you will find attractive window and store displays presenting to you the newest in merchandise. Never were the selections at our stores more complete. Never were the styles and mer- as a "Get Acquainted" attraction. our places of business will wear name badges during "Get Acquainted." week. Nothing .vill be left undone on the part of business folks to get to know more folks; likewise, for the customers to get to know more of them who enjoy serving your needs. Blytheville is a friendly town! Blytheville folks are unsurpassed for. their genuineness! • : It is of commercial and social importance to Blythevjlle: for all of us to think in terms of making our city the friendliest" city in all of Arkansas! More folks to know more folks and it all adds up to "Let's Get Acquainted." ,.. , <?H< <fJ jWHOJWHO- H THE (AW($>MST W *l n HOW HAS IT BEEN DONE? — The cartoons of-members ol business organizations, professional and social leaders of Blytheville, the personnel of business establishments has been done by artists with only one picture of the individual to follow. • Pictures, were taken, sent to the artists and from the pictures miniature cartoon drawings were made. In analyzing the "faces," the drawings are merely outlines of the faces. Complexion tone is entirely absent — no attempt is made to shade it. The pigment of the skin as it reflects light makes the complexion tone of an individual's face and this is not-shown in the cartoon sketches. Friendliness Is Church Attendance Helps Increased Service Aids Teachers, Parents Acquaintances formed during school days, growing into life-long friendships, have been the experiences of everyone. "Getting better acquainted c ; a n mean a better understanding between the students, their parents and our teachers," W. B. Nicholson, Blytheville superin- ten dent of schools, said. " We in the schools are indeed desirious of better a c q u a i ntance- ship, and this pertains to all activities of the schools. "I obtain guidance and inspiration No place affords a greater opportunity for getting acquainted than "at church." Blytheeville churches e x t e n d , most cordial welcomes to our newcomers and to week-day visitors to our city. The desire for an increased number of friends .can be fulfilled by regular church attendance. The Rev. Harvey Kidd, president ofthe Blytheville Ministerial Alliance, said, "I know of no life that from many of the persons I have met here. It seems to me that the privilege of knowing and of sharing problems in good fellowship with others 'is one of the greatest of American assets." One's service to others can automatically be greatly increased and become more enjoyable and efficient through getting acquainted with more people. Expressing this idea definitely in his i m p o rtant work, W. J. Pollard, Chamber of Commerce president, said: "Through acquaintanceship .1 can serve the neeas of the community better. "I need to know every merchant Citizens Encouraged To Meet New People, Make New Friends "Get Acquainted" is a term due to receive much emphasis in Blytheville this week. Because of the importance of people knowing one another, Mayor E. R. Jackson has proclaimed this as "Get Acquainted Week," and has called upon residents to erase the meaning of the word "stranger" in the city. Object of the week is simple- just as it implies. Everywhere people are being encouraged to meet new people and make new friends. There will be occasions for people to get to know their schools and public institutions better. Merchants are seizing upon- the week as a chance for people to know their staff members and modes of operation. Faces, Faces, Faces Through the novel approach of photo-sketches, hundreds of faces, many of them familiar and yet not associated with a specific name* are presented in such a way to be of maximum. interest. Back of it all, however, is the purpose of stimulating interest of people in people. Out of the week community leaders hope will come a habit on the part of all citizens to be more friendly and more forward in meeting people whom they do not know. Blytheville's reputation as a friendly city has arrived at a critical point. The., rate of turnover has become, so steady and rapid that many of the long-time residents Let's Get Acquainted Contest Rules Are Explained Here Here it is — the ABC's of your friends, the personnel at Blytheville places of business who serve your daily needs. In each ad, you'll see your business friends IN CARTOONS! Beneath each cartoon — there is a letter of the alphabet. is as rich as it should be — the resource we all forget is friendship. Friendship does not just' happen, it grows. We pluck this fruit only from the tree of acquaintance. If we want to enjoy the fruit we must take good care of the tree." I work with before I am able to do the best job for them as C. of C. president. Knowing many people helps me to know the needs of the community better and helps me get greater satisfaction from my work. "I can't imagine living in a place and- not knowing as many people as possible." If more than 26 in the firm's personnel, the alphabet letters "double" after Z; that is, AA, BB, CO, etc. In each ad are the personal names of the folks at that office ... or, at least, that place of business. Please do NOT confuse the alphabet letter" with the ''initials" of the individual person beneath each cartoon. A. Give the advertiser's firm name •-as that place of business, or office—or, individual — advertises in this "Let's Get Acquainted" feature. Every advertiser must be included. Before you decide your entry is complete—double check against the A-B-C's of the sponsors (the business firms) on the front page of this feature. Be sure—that you have EACH included in your contest entry. . Names Count B. Then, with the advertiser's firm name—give the correct personal name of the individual person, corresponding to the "alphabet letter" beneath the individual's cartoon, ' In some ads, you'll just see one cartoon—obviously, just one alphabet letter. In others, youll see multiple cartoons and multiple alphabet letters. OK—the correct firm name as advertised; then—just give the correct person's name with the correct al- phabet letter beneath that person's cartoon—simple, isn't it It's fun —and, $100 in cash prizes. Be Neat C. Neatness, attractiveness and originality will be taken into consideration in judging. D. No purchases or purchase of this newspaper is required for one to enter this "Let's Get Acquainted" contest. You do not nave to be a subscriber to the Courier News to ^nter. You do not have to purchase an individual copy of this newspaper. You may come to the Courier j News and use a counter copy of this ' edition. E. Contest is open to all except employees of the Courier News Company and their families. First prize $50; second prise $26; tbird prize $15; fourth prize $10. P. All answers must be in by I p.m. Sept. 27th. ' . G. All contest entries become th«l property of the Courier News. No contest entries will be returned. H. Address all entries—or bring them—to "Let's Get Acquainted 1 ? contest, The Courier News, Blytheville, Arkansas. are seeing faces unknown to them. They may be on the same block— in the same office, shop or business, but they are strangers. The specific remedy is "Get Acquainted." And this week, everyone is urged to cast aside timidity, 'reserve or undue dignity and boldly try to meet as many people as possible. ; An Important Thing Acquaintanceship has its big meaning in having more friends in every field of endeavor. Friendship means a lot in meeting and serving the public,- says E. R Jackson, mayor of Blytheville. "As mayor, I must meet with merchants and the general public in determining their needs and wants. "It seems obvious that an increased acquaintanceship, a closer acquaintanceship between me and other citizens of Blytheville would make for an understanding of great value in terms of what the people expect from the city government. "Getting acquainted and having more friends is one of tJbie most important things in life." Officers May Help , You;don't have to be a newcomer seeking directions or a law violator to get to know the policeman on, the corner, according to Police Chief John Foster. , " '. •}.••, '•:.. .;; It's as easy to become acquainted with an officer as it is with-your neighbor or ths lellow. with, the familiar face you meet every day on the "street; Chief Foster said: include policemen on the list of those you are going to meet dur« ing; "Get Ac^ quainted Week."! Chief Foster said that a good policy to be pursued during the .week by everyone as well as omcers is to try to make visitors welcome. People will like to come to Blythevillf. if they know they're welcome, h« said. ..'-.••.,...;,,.:',.,...;,/:•' .•.. / ; _•-; The police official believes hi« department is making lots of friend* with newcomers—friends for Blytheville. • .' • 0> 'V ; ;'. "Hundreds get their only "imprest sion of this city-through the;officer from whom they seek directions or ask advice,", Foster stated. "It's part of bur job 'to matt that impression highly favorable." HERE ARE THE A-B-C's OF THE FIRMS N "LET'S GET ACQUAINTED" CONTEST Chuckful Of Reader Interest and Smiles.... Ifs The A-B-C-s of Your Business Friends! CASH PRIZES CASH PRIZES Phillip Applebaum Liquor Store Adams Appliance Co. Allen Plumbing Co. Ark-Mo Power Corp. Austin-Wicker Paint, Glass & Wallpaper B Black & White Store Blytheville Sales Co. Blytheville Water Co. Buford Shoe Repair Shop Burnett's Royal Tire Service Family Shoe Store Feinberg's Fashion Shop Delta Lumber Co. Ore if us Jewelry Co. Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Guard Jewelry Store General Hardware Store H Halsell & White Furniture Co. Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. Heuer's Shoe Store Home Service Co. Hudson, Tailor, Clothier, Cleaner Huffman Bros. Lumber Co. R. D. Hughes Co. Hughes-Brogdon Drug Store Langston-McWaters Auto Co. M Martin's Men's Store Mead's Men's Store MidSouth Plumbing Co. Mississippi County Lumber Co. Moore Furniture Co. Montgomery Ward Co. J. C. Penney Co. Peerless Cleaners Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Phillips Motor Co. R N New York Store Noble Hotel Nunn Provision Co. Jimmie Edwards Furniture Co. Don Edwordt Co. Electronic Laboratory K Kelley's Shoe Store Dick Osborne Furniture Co. Ray's Floor Center Ritz-Roxy Theatres Rose Sales Co. Rustic Inn inoe DOX Smart Furniture Co. T. I. Seay Motor Co. Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. Superior Termite Co. W Wade Furniture Co. Floyd White & Sons Whitsitt's Shop Wilson Auto Service

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