The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 1948 B1ATHEV1LLB (ARK.f COURIH*' NEWS PACK, -iTOtCB, 4.3 <* Russians Using Scare Tactics To Keep Scandinavians from Alliances With Western World •}• m>n»)d J. Ronulrc V WASHINGTON, March 30. (U.P.)—Diplomatic. Rtitlior- ltie« today viewed the mounting Russian pressure on the Scandinavian countries as an effort to frighten them away from the Marshall Plan and from any possible anti-Soviet alliances. + Hen«, th« 8tat* Department expect* lerm« o( Ihe Soviet-Finnish »re»ty being negotiated in Moscow k« b« particularly Imrsh to serve as » Russian "go-Blow" sign to Noi- pfcay, Sweden and Denmark. Some diplomatic officials believ- »d lh« Soviet-Finnish pact would b« n«»rly as stiff as the treaties •isrned by Russia with the former »xis partners—Bulgaria. Romania »nd Hungary. They provide for mutual aid in event of aggression by Germany or any country united with Germany "directly or In any ether form." Russia'* apparent efforts to throw * scare Ink] Scandinavia are not expected to .succeed if coun tries get assurances of military as well R.S economic aid from the U. S. According Lo official reports received here, Russia so far has exerted no direct diplomatic pressure on Norway. Sweden or Denmark. But the current, campaign is regarded a.s « WHrning that formal demands are beinrj considered. Of the three small nations, Norway is In the most vulnerable spot for Rwttian maneuvering. The two nations have a 100-mile common frontier. Norway's rugged coastline is regarded by Russia as a western landing area, in event of war. of this, Norway has tak- fn extraordinary precautions ta avert "incidents" on the Soviet- Norwegian frontier. Officials .said Norwegian farmers and villager.* residing within 12 miles of I ho border were moved back some time •po. The action followed Soviet detention of Norwegians who were searching for cattle that had strayed across the border. Some formers were held several days, questioned and released. The State Department so far has jweceived no unnsim! or alarming re- ^K>rts of .iiepped-up Communist activity in the Scandinavian countries. Possible uprisings and demonstration.*; were believed to havjr been discouraged by announcements that the governments would halt them by force. McKellar Seeks Funds From TVA Tennessee Senator Wants Profits Paid Into U.S. Treasury WASHINGTON. March 30. CUP) —Sen. Kenneth McKellar. D.. Tenn. today continued his campaign lo convince Congress the Tennessee Valley Authority should repay lh» government the money it make* 01 federally-financed power projects. He said lie was ready to conduc a lengthy cross-examination of A Chattanooga, Tenn,, city officin who opposed his bill to give Congress claser supervision o( the government power agency. S. R. Pinlcy, superintendent of t the Chattanooga Electric Power ( Board. told the Senate Public Works Subcommittee yesterday that McKellar's bill would be ''disastrous" lo TVA's long-range program ot developing the entire Tennessee Valley region. Doctor Tries Murder and Suicide Puloski Divorce Muddle Back to upreme Court lilTHJ! ROCK, Alt., Mar. SO.— UP) -The tsiijlrd Pulasltl Chmi- eiy divorce situation «*<-nifd eaded back to (he Supreme Couit ortay for Tli« complications followed « court decision of J»n. \'i, i which Ihe coun voided th« conn- y's special domestic rflMtonj court nd Invalidated some 11.1M dl- orccx granted by Mrs. Hulli Hale. The court will be xsked lo rule Hi whether or not lho« mine dl- orce* would b*com* legal Ir tlxii- cl by chancellor prank Dodge, nx- HR Mrs, Hale'* decrees lu recoiii- nciidatloti* of a master In chan- wry. ' U waft it .Judge Dodge'i v«mr*l hat I he 1947 Lrglslntur* created Mr«. Hale'« court The Supreme Court mint Ihnl Ihe Genera! A«- ipmbly luirt no power to Mipolnt her ix chancellor. Attorney Geotiie Slicpliwet suld le would file tin test case, In which Judge Oodge has. alrendy the decree, late, thU week. Ife salrl he would also a.ik the court to advamv Ihe cant »« t mutter of public Interest. Shepherd * WH.% icpi-«eiiliii|< El- mft Pope, who for test purpose's, Is contesting ' a divorce granted by JudKM Hale and Dodge, to Mrs. Goilrurie Pope. When he signed the dcx-rco, Judge Dodftp attempted lo dutc It hack lo the lime It win signed by Mrs. Ilille, but also Frank Manico Director of Vit Camp UTTi.E ROCK. Mur. ao. tup)— ft-Aiik Mmuwo of Little Rock, * former state V. F. W. commander, liss been nominated by a upeclitl Advisory Commuter n* director ol the VelV- Haven Memorial Cam|> for war veteran* nt Lake Culhsrine In Qnrlnnd County. He would succeed W. H. Holnmti, who has filed Ills corrujK practclps pledge as a cmultdme lor Secretary ol Slnle. Advisory Commlllre Chalrninii W. J. Smith of Utll« nock explained hat Hohnnn Designed to prevent any connection between vets' Haven and polities. Mauasco'ft nomination must lie approved by the. Bonrd of Directors of the camp, Gov. !>cn l.nney. and U. S. Senators J. W. PiilbvliihL *tid John I. McClellan. Wiener Neusladt, In the Soviet »on» 30 miles south ol Vienna. H« said Ihe Ministry of the Interior did not know why the Soviet soldiers, who arrived at the dance In im army (ruck, opened nn. Austrian Minister of Interior Of- , car Helmer hu ukat tor tMfVt ' from Die Soviet hljh nnnriii^nliM ' ffr Austria, the »pn)r*«nnn Mid. • DREIFUS is FAMOUS for FAMOUS WATCHES .x Vetf Wont lifcnhower .WASHINGTON, Mar. so. A group of veterans bent on dratt- lus Gen. Dwlght n. Klsenhower for the Democratic prcKldential nomination opened national liend- quartet'n hnre todny. Russian So/diert Kill Two Austriani at Dance VIF:NA, March SON. i\jp)—TWO Austrlans were killed nnd 15 crlll- cnlly Injured lust night when Soviet soldi™ firert into H dn . puny with submnrhltie nuns, a ;)iovldcrt thull siwke.smRji for Ihe ministry of the It should become effective as of the date of signing, If the' high ] The spokesman said the shoo 1 ,court »o ruled. ing took place HI JoscpliKberg, near f ' inlcrioi said todny. lj " ' --•' "First" Restaurant The word "restaurant," in Us modern sense, first was applied to an establishment opened in Paris j about 1166, according to the En- | cyclopedia Britanntca. uled to follow Finley as witnesses. They were State Rep. Minis Rogers of Florence. Ala. site of tin famed Muscle Shoals dam; Carter Pittman of Dalton. Ga . representing North Georgia Electric Membership Corp.; Dr. K. T. Hutchlu- son, Murfreesboro, Tenn.. president of the Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corp.; and Ken Whitaker of Chattanooga, secretary of the Power Distributors Information Committee. McKellar said he thought the bill would correct many "abuses" uf TVA management and bring its policies Into line with those of similar government-financed projects. His senate colleague, Tom Stewart, D., Tenn., oppose* the measure. So does Rep. Bstes Kefauver, D., Tenn.. one of Stewart's opponents for the Democratic senatorial nomination in their state. Central Emergency Hospila! in San Francisco. Her husband, Dr. Bernard A. Cody, was hear death himself as was his mothcr-ln-law, wlio was his other victim. He hit both women on the head with a 15-inch pipe and then slammed his car at high speed into a stone wall. tNEA Tclcphoto.J Store Managers Plan Conference In Blyrheville Managers lor approximately IS J. C. Penny stores, from neighboring lowns, will meet, in Dlyiheville 0:1 April 7 and 8 for a regular group meeling. W. 'P. Pryor. manager i»f Blytheville's J. C. Penny store, said today. The visitintr manapers will meet in the Noble Hotel for a two-day Arouses Navy Ire .. ... .business session, concerned chlelly: me t bv Meanwhile, Chairman Georse W. • with the buying of fall merchan Malone, R. Nev. said the subcom- ! disc. mittee probably will not Announce until next week the schedule for its proposed visit, to the TVA area. Thief Uses Phony Cose Of Mumps to Rob Boy LITTLE ROCK. Mar. .10. (UP) — H you are planning to pull an April Fool's Day stunt thai has something to (to \vlth a phony case of the mumps, you'd better stay away from delivery boy Ramsley Wheeler. Wheeler stalled out from h'rnnk's Grocery yesterday with a $5 package o[ groceries and $15 extra, to use as change In case he were, handed a $20 bill by the customer. When he got to the gale, or the address on the delivery slip he was TVA spokesmen are scheduled come here to testify next week. Van Buren Man Held For Killing Brother ' Mayor Opens Eureka 'Springs Gas System EUREKA SPRINGS. Ark., Mar. I 30.: (UP)— When the mayor of Eu| reka Springs turns on the gas ev- ' eryone gets to use H- At least,-that was what happened yesterriay afternoon, when Mayor A. J. RusseJl turned a switch during A special ceretnon v inaugnrjit.- ing ..service by the Arkansas-Western GILS Company, anri natinrnl gas flowed through the city's new 50,000 foot distribution system. Tile project here \va,s part of n $1,500,000 development program in Northwest Arkansas by the coin- VAN BUREN. Ark.. March SO. <UP>—Prosecuting Attorney Dave Partain said he would file murder charges today against Wright C. Chamblcss in connection with the fatal stabbing Sunday of his brother. The brother, Eldon Chaniblejs, died yesterday in a Fort Smith hospital. The incident followed closely the violent death of Wright C. Chamb- I"" 5 ' _ less. Jr., 28, on the day before the ' ~ 5labb '»s j Enraged Fans and Players "H \Kill Soccer Official I BUENOS AIRES. Argentina. Mar. 30. IUP>—An enraged mob of pliiy- ers and tans attncked soccer official Salvador Naredo yesterday when they disagreed with a penalty he called during a highly-exciting maa who snid the occupants or the liiul Ihe mum))*. The man ottered to take Hie groceries and the $15 "up Ihe brick way," however, and bring Wheeler the $20 bill. When he didn't return, Wheeler Investigated. He foimrt no man, no money and' no mumps. driving. Test Oil VVeH Planned In Craighead County JONESBORO, Ark., March 30. lUP)—Drilling of a test oil well will begin soon at the Cnche River bottoms, IR; miles Southwest of here in the Western district, of Craigh«a,i Countv. C. E. Walters of Laurel, "Bandit Province" Hunan, province of China, about the size of Idaho, has about 400.000 bandits. One of its cities, Jynng, changed hands anion?,' pangs about IQ time* in a single 12-month period. game. Police rushed to the scene and immediately arrested 30 people. But it wns too late. Naredo died from his injuries. who has .leased a block of 10,000 acres, said operations would begin "in. a few weeks." He added .Hint 1 the well wnulri'be drilled 5,000 fcei. I if nrccAsary. | Cant Sit! PIN-WORMS CAUSE FIDGETING AND THAT AWFUL ITCH One of th»-warning: iiistii of Pin-Worms h & TIRES in r r«I*l tUh -whfch ofl*n e»u»e« fi'ljrelmr and broVen ilctp. *nd m«r l*»i lo even morB »erroui rlistrril. It ii no lonntr nftastry lo put up with the trouble caused by Pin-Worms, becan^o icicnce ha« »t luit found A way to lick Ihcie- jtubborrx pcJU t*s\\y *nrf unfrlr, GetJAYNE'S P-W .tlh« flnlBitrn of PTn- WoTirtB. T-W ill a mrfiiciUr Boimd trr«L* mpntbwwd on an'officially recnftniLrrf dnijr «Icm«nt which haj provKt Y^rr «(T'«tiY« in dcxlinir with this f;]y InfrcLion. Th« •mill P-W t-nblelB »ct m A uprciiil vttij in rff*trnj Pin-Worm*. f-W nuni Tin-Worm rell*!! Rep. Arthur L. Milter, Republican from Nebraska, who asserted that a large U.S. fleet, equipped with ! atom bombs, is standing by in the f Mediterranean,- was pleased that a | GI sent him a box of cigars made 1 expressly for Nazi Herman Gocrinj. I The Navy emphatically denied Mil- [ j ler.'s statements that "mast of our : l;ships are in ihe Mediterranean. 1 ' (NBA Telepholol. Red Blood Cells Must Be Kept Up If Yon Want To Feel Alive Thousands Now Regaining Old Time Pep,Vigor and Drive By Releasing Vibrant Energy To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell Orerwork, undue worry, and lack of cer- Uln rood* often reduce* the red-blood itrength — »nd HUrved, we«l:. punj blood Ju»t hain't the power to keep up your energy *rnl drive. *T«ry day—every hour—millions of tiny red-blood-c*ll» must pour forth. from the marrow or your bones to re- pluce- tho»* th»t are worn-out A low- Mood count rnoy aff»ct you in Jtererftl w»y«: n» appetite, underweight no energy, a rim-down condition, luck of re*tsUnc* to Infection and disease. To jet real relief you mu*t keep \ip TOUT Wood «tren|rth. Medical authorltle« *y analysU of the blood, huve hy poul- tiTe proof nhown that sss Tonic is •munnylr *(T*ctiTe In. bullflnf up low btood utrength In non-organic nulrl- itontt anemta. This IB due to the SSS P> Tonic formula which contains socclal " »nd potent tctKnting IrurredlenU Aleo. SSS Tonic hflpn you enjoy the food you eat by tncreaalnff the raatrtc dlgextlTR Jtilce when It Is non-orKanl- cally too little or *c»nty—thus the stomach will hare little- cause to get bulky wlih Rma. btoat and, give off th*L BOUT rood t*«t9, , I J>^t waUt Bnerft» your body with rich. r«d-blood. St*rt on SSS Tonic mvr A!i vigorous blood surges throughout ytmr whoi* body, rreater fresh n«s *nd •vTenEth »hould m»ke you eat better, •»««» b«tt*r r fert better, work better pi*y betrer, have a health? color glow In your akin—Arm flesh nil out hollow Pl»ee«. MlHlon* of bottle* void. Get a Dottle rroin yo\ir drug litore MS Toolc M|» *UIU Sturd, JtklUi. REBUILT MOTORS Complete Machine Shop Service We Rebuild Auto or Tractor Engines FARMERS! GARAGEMEN! 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