The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTITJSVTLLE, (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1937 • . • " • •"•! . .^^^ ... -- „_.--.-. • Eyes' Te Your Age < J-we J-ike£ fo I wire a \veek she dips path n( rnli.'jn into hoi Iwric acid fc.!uliun, pii'ssmu Ilicni tiff ot;* water, and places rliem mi llir rfei loi 10 IlllllUif! lit .1 lllllF. Wlim llir p.ld? Cliol, (ilf r!.';!i lliein .12.1111 inln hour acid, Al n:slil, she nmtages i!i f cntnr oy? aic.n wilti a nourishing crram. "Do?? wmideif loi pouches .Hid creased litls." she iiinliwrs, opei' ing lici own I'jsh eyes lo move lici point. Miko-iij), applied with ii-sliainl. can enhanci allure. A blue shadow willi ,1 much n\ <iivc: in il is the hfM color ioi f,iay 01 ''hie ryct. Mrs. I 'en rose Lyly I rKRK'S a deep, dark tccrct. Take n Ira!: al any woman's eyes. They'll tell you liei age. Bui if you don'l olbcrs lo lallimn ihal send in your eyei. heller lake inp advice &4 Ceitrude Niescn, who's noled loi hei heait- lilul'eyes—Jail; gtay, oblique. Ir.ime.-j in'lux- urianl lashes, I litie liave gncn her prominence in the movies in whicti she has slaru'd. "Ceilainly I Ibink beauty routine slionld he- gin wi'.h (lie eyes." she says. "Tlir inolirm picture acliers, the stenographer, librarian and clerk all sutler eye strain-. Thai menns they 1 may gel'wrinkles prera.ilurely. "Here's ray private mclliotl ot banishing that strain. Daily f lake eye exerci:e. Move llie .eyeballs, with lid; open, limn one side lo Ihe othei. Next, with lids closed, move liie eyes up nnd down. Follow these very simple exercises faithfully and yon will find that they strengthen ihtil Ir.-.gile network of muscles r.^r- Uolling llie eyes." A mormnfi eye bath willi horic acid solution. •Ill) ari eyecup, is a help. After being in a ij.oky 01 loo crowded room, liatlie them in I , pint ,ol warm watci in winch Yl leaspoon salt has been disbolvcd. Tins is as as some ol the more expensive preparations on lire market. 1 hose are a few more of tills lovely star's suggestion's. Miss Nic:cn tliinks. A|>ji|y the pa<le onlj aflci llie lids lirsl have been soltencd hy a louch of vaseline, then carefully removed. Dark lirown : mascara is mo-c (latleting lo most eyes llian black. "II it is necessary lo pluck your eyebrow? lo create a clean arc, Ihen do il. But please don't make lliose lines loo narrow. Il delr.irl! (ram your beauty," this young star ndvifcs. : "Before plucking with tweeters,;apply liol com; 1'iesses lo brows. The poies will widen, llicie- by hiking llie pulling less painlul. "Ono olhci thing. Ciils with gray eyes should avoid brilliant blues. They steal the .color. Misty shades are heller.' 1 think gray gowns are hot lor me. Hiey seern lo 'place' the dark gray of rny eyes." A!! Set for a Splash in Southern Seas /"URLS any he dressing ^-* in 1 h e cornficsl ol clothes during llie cold win- tci days, up norlh, hill you should,see then) in the warin sun ol southern skies. -Remember, it's stilt summer, even though llie month may W January, along the beaches ol Florida, southern California and the GuH Coast. The beach is llie center ol popular attraction, down south, therefore you should prepare yourself willi I he proper display for the soulti- ern sands. Here art two ideas that you might consider. ' ' That girl in the vast sad amazing sunliat wears n scalier print in red yellow, green nnd white. Il ii trimmed with ric-rac in white, and all is madt </ imported spun rajnn which never bats an eye when »ne dives inlo the, water. Little sister at llie ligltf liasn'l a shadow of worry on her lovely face. It may IM llie while suit, also of imported spun rayon, which will slay white even if th« clouds roll up. It wash* o,nd irons without.protefl. Romper type in icattat print, or all while and tailored, it makes no difference There's far' more lo lh» winter btachei kfaii the climate. A SWLE 1 young bride asked me this qiieslion: "Why must we settle down juct became we're married? Why can't a young lei- low and a young girl gel married and still he ible to do thrilling ihingi?" Why. indeed? I know one young man who was married last rnonlli. His )ob is to travel throughout the country auditing books loi In- company. Mas be bought a nice little bungalow foi his bride lo wail in while he travels? Yes, and no. He has bought a bungalow on wheels, » mnd- ern liailei willi all llie cornlorls ol home. The girl wanted a home with Venetian Minds. She haj lliem in the Irailei. The man wanled » bedroom with a glass rool. Me has thai ir^he I <iler. Ar.c! the kitchen is equipped lo any woman*! desire. There's no hardship involved. Built-in radio, inlaid linoleum on the flooi, box spring and innrrsprmg mallresscs. china closels, wardrobe closets, cl«!nc rlngeialion, stainless steel sink, and even a lele- phone lo connect with llie driver V seal — 'yes. all ol these go into aulo cruisers just as easily as they do in the stucco houses. So you see. rny young friend and his wife will he snug and sale on llie broad highway. They desiie happiness — they are slatting oul to- gclhei with courage and originality I know another man who used llie trailer idea to put new enthusiasm in his hie and enable him to dc- the things he always wanted lo do. An army officer, lie was recently translerrcd horn Washington, D.C. to the Presidio in San Francisco. l-k was givtn two and a hall months' leave in between. So he boughl a cozy liailer, set up Ins wile and three little boys in all the comlorts ol 'a rolling home. and started ofl lo iec these. 1 United Slates which he hit sworn to defend. The hoys had a sepaiale bcdioom loi themselves! "Those kids certainly learned geography," he wrote. "And maybe I didn't learn lo know them and my wile belter than ever before." It stems to me that many divorces happen not because the mm '.and woman are actually tired ol each other. No, I think, too ollen llicy aic weary ol their siuroundingsi' led thai life ha,s passed them by.^B.ul they 'don't quile un- derstand'all this. Perhaps the 1937 automobile show, with its trailer exhibits, will prove lo b* a harbinger of better limes, but a boon also lo more permanence in American marriage. After all mar- ria'ge is not a place, it's a slate. It's a good slate only so long as a boy and a girl love each other, work and live together, and keep' moving forwa'id and upward along llie road.of life.; PosecJ exclusively-(or Mrs. Pearoan I.yly Stainteu steal jin/f, an aJequale slave, plenty oj cupboard space mal(t the hashr, . a io]> for ific roving housetiife, as tin picture above thaws. At left, a traikt dinner table art fn the nca> china of perma- mnl American ceramic colors. So You Won't Bum Your Fingers 'T'HE little'pot holder shown in the A/tci - 1 - below will save many a sudden finger burning. Follow these instruction: Use 1 ball each of white and color of * 1 crochet cord. Use steel crochet hook No. 3. Use. thread double throughout—I strand 0! while and I strand of color. Beginning at cenler ch 8, join with si st to form ring. Is! rnd: Ch 3 (lo count as d c), 15 d c in ring. Hereafter pick up only tn> back loop of each d c. 2nd rnd: Ch 3, d c in same place as si it, * d c in next d c, 2 d c in next, ch 3, skip I d c, 2 d c in next d c, repeat from * around. A GOURMETS TOUR FOR FOOD CF..VF.N cook books', in one mail—that's just '-' whal happened. They look exciting, . so.lel!s run ihrough Ihem briefly. The Culinary Ails Press ol Reading. Pa., seerns lo specialize 'in small books ol selecled regional recipes. Mere's one from their 'The New England Cook Book" for A'cw England Bee/ S/eru.. ' flee/ Steal Ingredients: 314 |bs. heel. I small onion, chopped, 1 turnip, diced, 3 carrots, diced. 2 tablespoons melltd latl 5 potatoes, salt and pepper, !4 cup Hour, .waler, dumplings. 'Method: Have bulchei cut beef into small pieces for stewing. Djedje with flour, seasoning and then brown in Biclled fat with chopped onion. Cover meal and onions with water and allow lo simmer 2 or 3 hours unlil meal is lender. Half an hour befoie strving, add ihc other vegetables; and 15 minutes belorj serving, add the dumplings. When done, thicken V:e gravy with (lout and serve. To make the dumplings: \Yl cups silted flour, I Icaspoon salt, l/ 2 cup milk. I egg. To bcalcn egg add sail and milk and stir inlo the flour to form a smooth bailer. Drop by spoonfuls into hot slow. Mississippi Cc'.c Slaty Tbis comes Irom "The Southern Cook Book." Il joui.-ls like a grand dish lot Sunday pighl ruppei sctved with hot hiscuits. Ingredients: I cup rn.iy, rf.iaisc. 1 head soM >:ab- ' base. •> cuo c,hor,:,cd crid Icngvc, I cup . chopped bam. 1 , chopped green pepper, 1 chopped red pepper, Yi onion, chopped, I egg white. Slice cabbage as for cole slaw. Mix all ingredients and add the cabbage. Thin llie mayonnaise with'beaten egg while and add to slaw. Shoo-Fly Calfc j'TIie Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book" offers: this. Il is said to be Irom an old Lchigb country recipe. Ingredients: IJ/2 clips .flout, I cup brown sugar, J4 cup lard or butler, Yl cup New .Orleans molasses. '/2 cup hot waler, J/j teaspoon soda, pastry. Make crumbs by combining flour, sugar and shoitening. Line a pie pan with pastry. Dissolve the soda in llie hot waler and combine willi molasses. Pour into ihe paslry-lincd pan. lop will] the crumbs. Bake Al moderately hoi oven (350 degrees F.) until firm. Scolclt Seas We'll skip "The Chinese Cook Book, and ihe "Western Ccok Book," and "The Cookie Book," and end with "The Round ihe World Cook Book." making some Scotch Seas. Ingicdienls: I cup lnown sugar, Vi cup melted butler, 2 cups rolled oats, I Icaspoon baking powder, !/2 Icaspoon salt. Add brown sugar lo melted butler and sli: until ihe sugar is dissolved. Add remaining in- rvcdictiti a7d mix well. Pour into a wcll- grcasod shallow pan and bake in moderate oven lor ^ -similes. Wiwn :cool, cul into suuares. ' •: Join last ch 3 with si st to 3rd st of ch-3 £(il made. 3rd rnd: Ch 3, d c in same place as si st, 2 d c in nexl d c, d c in each of next 2 d c, * 2 d c in next.ct c, 2 d c in next ch st, ch 3. skip 1 ch il, 2 d c in next ch si of same ch-3. 2 d c in 1st d c of next group, d c in euch al next 3 d c, repeal from * around. Join la»l ch-3 willi si si lo 3rd si of ch-3 first made. 4lh and subsequent rnds: Work in this manner ol increasing at each d c-group linn having 6 additional d c in every d c group in each rnd. When block measures 6 inches square, break off. Make another piece same as ihis and att£.v!i Ihe two togclher with a row ol s c around. Do nol break oil but continue fnt scalloped edging as follows: * S c in next 5 c, I hall d c in nexl s c, d c in nexl s c. 1 hall d c in nexl i c, s c in nexl t c, si si in next s c, repeal Irom * aiound. Fasten and break ofl. 1 o make loop, make a chain 6 inches lta( and work a rov -f % c. Fold loop and sew lo one. corner. TrtOS-E, MEDICA*- <3TUOE.NT<? ARE-TERRIBLY AND J_A<?T N1&«T 1 Tot-D -PERC / NIGHT WHEN' I TED fW ApiND"? WERE. ooj-o HE.- TOLTJ <3\T ON CHILLY , - ftND HE. •= =

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