The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 19, 1934
Page 3
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Defense Turns Tables With Squeeze Against Declarer Solution to Previous Contract Problem This is Hie lliirj of si*, c-liam- pionship hands explained ]jy Aaron l>ank, of Cleveland, through William K. MrKenmy. BY WM. K. MeKKNSEV Swrplary, American nrldee League Yon may be bewildered by the bidding on loday's Ira ml. but tills liand was played with Aaron Frank In tlie Soulli and his partner, Jeri oitck, in llic Nortli, agiitnsl two of tlie strongest players in the United Stales. ' The bidding started out, normal enough, with North making u Ihtrd-liand diamond bid. Of j course, his two-tan bid is a psychic. Now I want, you to lay the cards out on Hits hanil und fol|o«; die play, card for card. Von will find some fine eard reaillne ami pxer;;lir,nr.lly good rani play" Ing. Till- Play North's opening lead was tlio queen of diamonds whicli was won in dummy with the king. The declarer now played a small spade away from dummy's ace and finessed ihe (en s|jot. North winning tlie trick with ilie jack. North r-aslied his no- of diamonds and Mr. Prank, in Ihe South discarded Die eight of chibs. Kortli now shifted to the deuce * Q 1'<M 3 * 9 6 * 1'C 9 C 5 ' 10 3 • AQ J 4 3 + 70 4 2 *98G 2 VQJ7 C » 1 # K J S 3 Duplicate—E. and W. viil. South West. Nm-tli East Pass J 4 Pass Pass Pass Pass Pa S3 3 N. T. •3 « Pass Opening >«ad—+' Q. Double Double » » v Pass 1!) of clubs, the ten was played from dummy' and Mr. Prank won wtth the king. He returned the three of clubs. "Die trick was won ill Ilie dummy with the ace. The acu Jhd king of hearts were then played from dummy, followed by a small heart, which Mr Prank won with the jack of hearts Nnrth di.«\irdfng a diamond. Mr. Prank 'ri'tfw has a "pe'rfeci, count on 'his partner's hand, lie knows that North originally held only five diamonds, because." if he had heid six, he would have continued the diamond suit. Tiie lead of the deuce of clubs marked Mr. Oliek with four clubs The way the declarer played the spade suit marks North with the king and jack of spades. Now Mr. Frank ran lead his fltteen .of hearts and defeat the contract, but he elected to try a toMer play and led the jack of clubs, declarer winning (he u .; c k with the queen, n diamond being discarded from dummy. 'Hie declarer then led the ten of diamonds which Mr. Glick in the North, won ivith the jack.' North lays down his good seven of clubs and the declarer finds himself snitched. He discards the eight of hearts from riiimmv Smith discards the queen of hearts and now Ihe declarer cannot let go of the nine of diamonds or North's four will be gO[x ] > so , lie has to drop the four of spade North now leads the kiii 5 „ spades and Mr. Frank makes th- last trick with the nine of spades, Today's Contract Problem <• Tills In the fourth of six wJniiliiB hands )>y Aaron Frank West has tbo contract for ilireo no trump. Nortli opcna the Jack of hearts. West wins and leads n diamond, which Soulh wins, you return a bean or u ? If a spade, which one? AQ" V 3 109 S t 7 3 4. J 9 7 't liublish answer lo an article of Ihe Courier News of November 1C, IU:H. in which tnllclu were until' misrepresentations and 1111- tnlriie&s lo the people of Nenl I big 10 advise yon thfil the where the dear editor .slated Hint testimony given in tlie Thomas ( the officers can be prosecuted for Medley case by myself and C. c. fulling to lake action, will beg to Cornice of LeiK-hville was done • advise the statement made on Hie openly ami intentionally, not ob- witness stand was made as fol- Jijingly und unknowingly' ns staler in your article. This article. 4k K 10 3 y f> :-. 'j * AQ6 ASC Solution In tifixi defeating the conn-act three irii-b:. iCopyright, 1934, NUA Service. Ine.i published by (he Courier News, 1 tliciu, didn't see Ihem In use, was badly misrepresented in many clini't know how they were counted, hml no complaints whatever ogniost Jfedley. 'I'he llrsl coiii-jilf'ii't Jiiiow thai ln> imniblcd, but Mrs. Howerton made was I will say Unit the win-els and olh- that were used in Lench- M' 1 - mid Mrs. A. ,] thnt .she had irled. lo win « radio! 1 ' 1 ' tilings that, were used in Li\, t ,,-. — si some c'diicession by placini; a vilk- were rumiliu; In full lilt In!' 1 " rtl '"'- on n table ami rolling ,,| lilyilii-ville, Ark., fiiitiirdiiy nlglit - ...... -•• — ••" • VIHKI(^ , t i — .- -.n . «<i( , nj r... mi mi iniy HIUML. wheel and that she had last,, November n. | 9 :n, tlie dear o,ll- playing this wheel and Juidn'i, ivmi '<>r'.i hojiie icnni, win, police and the radio and wnnled mo 10 gel ''' ........ ' '' lier money lor her. The manag- Parent-Teacher Group Organized at Keiser KEISKIl, Ark.—A l>. T. A. wn-s organized at Ihe Keiser school Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. 11. P. Dunavfinl acting as temporary chairman. Twciuy-flve members Joined. Ed Pigg, superintendent, made an address pointing out the aims and purposes of the organization. A committee consisting of Mrs. .). N. Lowe, Mrs. J. A. Roscgrant and Mrs. W. M. Taylor was appointed to nominate ofliceir, which will be. voted on at the next meeting. A play was presented by members of the fourth grade under the direction of Mrs. Harvey Wilson. Miss Clarice Little entertained Die football team anil Die drum corps girls with a party at her home Tuesday night. Bunco, bingo and other games were played, lle- Ireshmenls consisted of hamburgers and pumpkin pie. Airs. J. O. Polk of PayettevilU Is visiting her son, Dr. J. T. Polk. Two prc-season basketball games were played in the Keiser gymnasium Friday night against. 1/i- panto. Keiser was victorious In both, the senior girls winning wild a score of M to 3 anil the junior girls with a score ol 20 to 4. The Ketier football team was defeated at, Wilson by Ihe Wilson Bulldogs Friday afternoon with ,1 srror of 18 to 1. The Letter Box (To ih itaklr llaiiey editor:) will you please Shorp la BS folloivs: The clerk of municipal court, prank Whit- wort)), promised to Issue the ivnr- rants for above named parties, send them to ;ne Ijy jnnl) for Mrs. Kowerlori and Stiurp the next, dny utler Medlej''s irlnj, wlilcli lie full ,_ . , - •' ..... - .......... — ("•>!. 111,11. UK to do, bin Mr. Slnvp and Mrs. rjooil |,Ls promise ivmon ' e* a fair dwl from people thnt nave to be brought to notice the . . o entered „),„» of g.miy ',,, mw to the art c e ' In C< Howerton ul uimiing court of Leu lo prove they roallze they were I many to pay finer, for naming, - of other people but hope Hint hereafter such unjust ncni- Midoris will not niijjpur In Ihe M'Ts ,if niytlieville. "«I>lii|! that Ihe editor will make to .uiich was served In • the church Mrs. Earl Hliftln look her iniielilor, Mrs, Tolbert Brewer to the Baptist hospital In MrHiphM Thursday for H major operation Tolbert Brewer. Mm. RrW V> As to Squire Garner's ber ID. io;n,., ^ , o ,.„„„, w|(|| wlileh BI»S Bood , V | S |,,« |,» ihe editor ami his renders, W. a. IIANHV of HIP Constable. Ncnl township I.i'aclivllle, Ark. ficfllanft News Miss Monra Wilbur, itauulvter of Mr. iiiulMUrs. Ed IVvaimhn, was Icr, Mnrlcnp.'.wcre Jh ftlkeston nnd Cape airardeaii' Thursday on bus Ihcss. Mrs. B. flHvofs, who recently tiiulerweiil. an operation In tlie- l.awreiie/' .Silvers. Following a ihree days visit ivltli Mr. nntl Nf,. s . Eli nevnufihn, Mrs. Rvn Koniictly 1ms returlied Vi her home In New Albany .Miss. Airs. .Joe Lester and Mrs. Mil- Jimmy Miller, Justice of the peace, rmd SOO "ghosl" voters registered Jn his wrd, lie loaded the SOO persons In trucks and took them before the commission. They were put, hack on I he rolls. lows: This man \vns In his stand mid hud rubes with numbers on In the case of Mrs. Howerton asainst tlii.s mini and his stand, Hornersvillo Society — Personal where she will receive ire: j'* 1 ,'' °\ Mr ; '""I Mrs. Hill Alkhuoi'i" hi OomVoTr." rw ' <% ' v " l|; '"•nli'ifiit inut Mrs. CJimley 11. Ban- foid of Memphis wen to dcnuiy cniislubtes prefcnl, und II liatl been eou^Wi'red gamins; agreed to pay tif-r money and then she decided rlio wanted {la. Tin.,, n, ( , m i,i mpr .,. ivr-nt, in her lo pay lior S9,M» and il«- wiinied ja3. Slic siaidi lo the ni Hlyihi-villf thai jlie had lost -2L Mr. ilowerion nail a warrant sued in l:uor of- Ins wile inn didn't want it served, only wnni-J'•'• (11 ' fi ; "«l other violators on' my fd Ihe man .seared into p ! ,yi 11E i.'litmldi-'rs and make comproinLses Ins wife tin' money. Mr. Manan-j""' s " r:lt - A I»' so far as C. C. snld II tils man was arrested | c '»mcr-'.s nttltnilc of law cnforce- l«ir tjiiniliiini. that lie would net i llil ' 111 ' ' coiisldor It, and so do llicfp olliccrs would have anc'sii'd I'ucli mm ,. V f. r y pany oji- t'latlnv .same. I beg to ailvisi- ns lo iniv i>n- :or,vnioni, am ready ami willing to limb, i-vnry effort possible lo honestly police Mm I township In Ufiithuaio way, hut nm IUIL will- liiB I" furry the troubles of »»•»- l.-lfi-s 111 1 . 1 -! of last week. . s 'i^. K. K. jHoen and Miss Mll- (h-'-'l Ili-lin, of CnviiilirrsvllU 1 . were tt'ciliiesiliiy ,,.s guests or Mrs. H. '»"•'«« 'nli^C « X ft±± ny ' •*' Mi's. James !•;' ivrrv ' Mc'kdo^;;: 1 ^'"*" '>< »™'iCJ Ji'ildi'. 1 . slsti',-. Mis. Cicarge ivnirr.ius also (or Mrs. ffowertm. l_or gaming, but would make the 5050 goo;!, ijut S ] 1C wanted $TS. didn't want tlie served on him and he arrested warrant ullicrs, that It's above reproach. So far us the article published iifiiiinsl ihe oiricors of Neal township, looks as if it's prejudice r-Bniim the people of Neal (own"'i Jtnif (iuu uir Hi TCSlOtl 'D*'*' herself, Init would have Hie slier- •*''!>• As J'oii will rcinemVier thai r lo get her money. In the four y«ii-.s the people Then comes Mr. Sharp of of L <- ia <-' h vlllc have been trampled Lr-acliville. who operates a niiin» ™ so f " r °- s tlleir ''iBl'ls to their siallon, and states he has lost $B(j\ has a warrant, issued, but if both' iiarlie.s would be arrested didn't, iwmt the warrant served 0:1 tho operators, lie later staled he Imi lost 578, tesllHed in IJJytlievI)),. of me that I have his money at! 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. (.' had lost Ills money Tuesday Bht. ft I didn't have the money by :t o'clock on Wednesday ns he said, he would have the sher- to get it for him. He was warned by me to be sure and gel the sheriff if he could get. his . money for him, that I doubted very much if I could yet his money. Rut I could serve Die warrant auy lime thai the man could be found. Rut lie thouehl. that might (involve him also and this he did not want lo do. This is the kind ol people |]| H i hnve done the play- wheels and complaining (tie hui Al James A-6ar- of Ore United Siates, bora- i«6£ilncol» delivers Gettysburg address. 1951= food time fa- politicians 6> rt-retd that fart about government oft lug the about their law. Tliey ollirr man liroiiglit to justto.e I'i '6v> frc-i!"" themselves. '•' I 1 very much doubt thai either Mrs. Ilowerion or Mr. Sharp lost the amount of money they claim. The mention made liy ihp paper failure by me to obtain rnnlR for Hfrs. Itosverton war- and J. P. courts, and you will remember where suit.s were brought In by sonfe of the people in Blyllievlllc to choke the licoplc loose from the right to their conns in Ncnl township and Chlckasawba district. We don't ex- Is This Too Good For Your Cough? Crconintslon may be a better help than you ncwl. It combines seven helps in one. H Ls made for quick relief, for safety. Mild coughs often yield lo lesser helps. No one can tell. No one knows which factor will do most for any certain congli. .So carefiil people, more and more Crcomiilsion foi are using any cough that. The cost. Is n little more lhan a single help. But your druggist '•—•'-- ' lo guarantee it to is authorized il rests nolliltiB If it falls lii'lng you quick relief. Coughs are danger signals. For ' safety's ilenl wilh known. I hem in the litsi way —Adv. 5 'Ihi' W. M. S. held an all day RHii-ai oil Thmsilny. nlreivnu; " Wfl * "I I' 1 al I he Mi-thujiii ,-hiMclj. Mrs. w. rj. fie- ''I iui'Sldril over llic niornlni; '•'.ion and Mrs. A, J. i.aneilivn ('ii:;klcd In itip cillornnon. DRAUGHT FAM/LY New 1735 PHILCO EASY TERMS TMnli of it! A new 19,15 PHILCO for aach a low dawn payment— plus fhe very tasf- est terms! Don't delay—i<et your 1'IItl.CO now. Your choice of 49 new models, with down payaients and terraa correspondlagly low. Enjoy radio at iti best- PHIi.C'O! -wlih a re Fiiniiliii'c (.'o. Mr. mid Mrs. Clyde Smith' and sou, Raymond, of Lenox, Tain were guests or friends here Wed- iifsdtiy, i Mr. and Mrs, Ear) Ulley Imve returned from St. Louis, where Mrs. Utley underwent 'mj r-wm- Innllon ut Ihe Waxliingion Unl- vorsliy hospllal. She will return (o (lie hospllnl In (lie near liiltire. His 'V.hosls" Walked In ST. LOUIS. (Ul>>—Wlien cler- lion I'oiiiitilssloners Intimated that, FEWER COLDS HHPS PRIVfNT MANY (OlDS HEADACHE C APUOJNfi contains teveral illcnU v-iilch act ' - u r relief. Also for fff.itt fabls, nclir*Jn[a, un kr mut joint oeh*-.. AsV l.liiul.l Cr the ino.liil<-.L to J(n»- llrun.I Talil.'la, ialns due lo for hiH5Ci|. mula, < Building for a Greater Blylheville / f PROVIDING dependable, economical wa- ter service in n covivlcoiis manner . . . laking a subslantial part in progressive civic affairs. . . . and assisting in llic de- velopment of Blylheville, are fundamental policies of the Blylheville Waler Company, fhc members of llu's organization . . . are the human media through which these policies are narneslly practiced. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. i Pk°™$0 , l'13 S. Broadway Courteous, Personal Attention lo Every Customer I. there are just as many kinds as there are kinds of 1 L G. Moss Announces the Installation of Another Fine Studc- bakcr Ambulance In His Funeral Home My liusinpRs hns increased so until I did no* inve onottgh cqnipmonl (o lake care of my IviPiKlp. Rn have added anolher car, nlotif witii other cqniimicnl. linn 1 ,, Pr ,| P ,| (o riv ' 0 v fnonds I tip ol' .sprvicc. My cars am Uu> most, nintlpni and np-|n-(l;ilf> 8-oyhiidf)' Studcbakor amlnil.-tncrs on Uir llulv , l;pt today. t also can-y tlie U KS uM anil most coinpletfl stock of caskets, suits, dresses and other hurinl goods that you will fiiKl nnywlierc. 1 make a specialty nf metallic caskets. 1 sincerely thank my friends for Die patronage tliey nave given mo, which makes it possible for me to maintain (ho fine service for my friends at most reasonable rates. t want you in lime of trouble and sorrow lo think of me as your most intimate friend, ai) d I assure yovi I will serve you as your inosl intimate friend would. L& MOSS, UNDERTAKER Earl Howard, iMgr. and Funeral Director . Phone 30 Mild ripe home-grown tobacco t in Chnttrfitld Cigarettes, • short • heavy • dark • light all kinds and styles . . . but it rakes mild ripe tobacco — Turkish and home-grown — to make a milder better-tasting cigarette. . . . and that's the kind you get in every Chesterfield package. Down'South in the tobacco country, where they grow and know tobacco — hi most places Chesterfield h the largest-sell' '"$ cigarette. A bate of aromatic Clmt- erfiehl Turkish tobacco. : llretrr A MVIHTo%iccoCo

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