The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY, i-'EMOAftv 17, loss BLYTHEVILLK, (AHK.)' COURIEH NEWS FIVE Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS Musi; Department of Woman's Chib meeting al club house at 3:00 o'clock. Observe Founder's Day Miss Winnie Virgil Turner was (he principal speaker on (lie Founder's Day program prescule'd yesterday afternoon at the high school auditorium when the Parent Teacher associations of the city met together to observe the 40th anniversary of their organization's foundation. Miss Turner talked on the development of the Parent Teacher associations through the past -10 years. A pageant, "The Seven Lamps of Learning" was read by Miss Alta Mae CarlingUm and Miss Mary Bain, will) seven high school girls net.lnjr as the carriers of the symbolic lamps. Mrs. C. E. Crigser represented the worker of yesterday and Mrs. Byron Morse, (he worker of today, mid music throughout the pageant was furnished by the Mother's chorus, w ii i c li sang "Home" and "Night in Jtinc'j and Miss Bonnie Jeanne Buchanan and Miss Amy Ruth Morris who played :i violin duct accompanied by Mrs. P. B. Joyner. Talks on behalf of the Blvtheville Garden club and (lie Girl .Scouts were made by Mrs. Harry W. Haines, representative of the Garden club, and Miss Ray Mitchell, director of the Dixie region of the Girl Scout •*, . organization. Approximately 200 attended this meeting which was followed by a tea in the Home Economics cottage. A lace cloth was used on the tea the meeting was presided over by table wliicli had as its centerpiece the hostess who Is vice president of a bowl of roses, swcetpeas and jon-. the group" nulls in the parent Teacher associa- ] Dm ing the social hour the liostc-r, 1 tioii's colors, blue and gold. Mrs. mother, Mrs. Lloyd V. Wise, served Marion Williams Horner presided ment (able. PLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Mr. and Mrs. Henry Owen and'H Trendwivy, of Cockruiii. Miss., were here last nlr-hl. , Mi's. S. S. St'.TiiberB .spent Wcd- icKlny In Memphis. Miss Adelc Limgslon hiis returned from Cleveland, Ohio, where she wns Ihc guest Of hir rlster. Mrs. C, n. Wrolcn; mm fiiinlJy for six weeks. She w:i's ir:- compnuicd 7iome by Mrs. Wrbtfii rt, daughter. Miu-y Alice, who will lie here for some time .vlslllni! Mrs. Wrotcn's parents, Mr. iinil Mis. C. C. Uiiijjstoii. iiiul fnnilly. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCutclu'n were In Memiihis yesterday. Mrs. E. J, nrowne is Improvim; afler hiring teen ill for the II-IM o weeks. She Is yet tit the Bly-1 thcvllic hcspilal. Mis. Sam Matthews, ol 81. Louis, arrived Saturday to be the ucsl of her pnrcnls, Ur. nn<l Mrs. i'it- I. A. -Taylor, for two weeks. Mr;;. Toni Hcatoii wns r'cturiml -rr.,- -- — — • . . lo her home Tuesday after luiviiv 'Ihe last couple who had it were very musical: but they were like all undergone an opeiiilion nt li-'r Elected' Leader Of Baptist Union Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs. Thonms K. HJuhmi and Mr. ind Mrs. Hoss D. Hughes were In Memphis yesterday. Herman Hess, who lias been II! nt his lionu! since Monday, is now Luxora Society — Personal Mrs. F>\y McHnncy wns compll- H nu'iUctl Wednesday ntlernoon when Miss Cnrric Mae Hives ejilcrUtln- crt n croup of Osrcola [I'lrndK, lu- Miss Julliv CJrnlii, Miss At the Hospital* Mrs, Bessie Willing liaiu has be eh admitted to the BlyllKbUle Jios- lillal. Mrs. Nota Joiner, of Haytl, Is a ixilient nt (ho Blytlievllle hosplUI. Raymond Zaqhry < w«» fnkcn to !ho Memphis Baptist hospital yesterday in n nut. ambulance for liealmcnl following a heart attack several days ago, ' Mrs. Tom llcaton, .who recently underwent mi appendectomy at t)ic Ionise Hale, Mrs, KiKli Carlisle, I , ,7,, ", nv '" " ™ Mis. Fuller Whit,. M,,. James " ' C 7 o°h ° m ' Driver, Mrs. K. b, Tnllntci'i'o, and Mrs Alta I iniv .,, sister, Mrs, Ch,,rllc,** ^ 1!^h lillftl lo her home.' scorn prlw, hose, went (o Mrs. w. E. Kennedy, of stcclc, Mlsn jullu Craig, mid Mrs. Me- luts Ijecn udtnlltcd to Ihc Mem' ' plils Molliotllsl hospital, C. a. Smith, who underwent n Mrs. T. K. T.iie (Mrs. T. K.Tatols Baptists' Coiiuly Association I lend Mrs. T. K. T:ilo. ol Armorcl. wns fli'flcd siipcrliilciidcnl nf Ihc Mississippi roimly nssq.'liillninil Woman's Mls^unarv Unlim of Minify was prc.wnlrd hose, ittler which u salnd pliitc was served. Mr. mid Mrs. Jesse llvown en- In'lulurd with u suppcr-bridKC for Huh- Owrolit - iMxma - Hlylhevlllo club members mid guests, Mr. mid Mrs. Jumes Orlvrr, Mr. mill Mrs. Herbert Hhtppen, mid Mrs. Tom- mir Florldn, of Osceola. Mrs. liol- ini:l Clreon. Jllythevllle, held high M'liro ladles' club prke. nud Ham IJowcn, men's hlnh. Mrs. Driver mid Mr. Hhlppen licltl high ficoro Itn- ijuest pt'l^es, Sir. awl Mrs. Kuy Mfilaney mid ran, l.»rnyrtl<> 111, ol Puragoiild, were met in Ulytlievllle Momlny jUkjhl by Miss Cnrrlc Mac Hires mul Dob Cilllfsple, for dinner. Mr. Mellaney rrtnriKxl home litter Hint rveiilut: and Mrs. McIIiuicy mid son accompanied Miss lilies iinil il;iy mrc! Ins held Wednesday nt the , Bursts '•• ' "'iciKi. riiiircli. , ' . '{Mrs. Other olllcers rt itlHl I' artists—belli of them wanted a career instead of a home." Sin Borii Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Vollmei 1 . of Memphis, are parents of a dnijohler born at tlic Baiitist, hospital yesterday. Mr. Vollmcr formerly resided in this city. Entertains Club Mrs. Matt Monaghan. jr., entertained members of the Wednesday Bridge club with a luncheon yesterday at her home. Spring flowers were the centerpieces of the small tallies at which the two course luncheon was served, and were also arranged throughout the house. . , In the bridge games. Mrs.' W. H. Mihyarfl received 'hosiery for- the high prize and Mrs. James T. Bell, lingerie, for second high. and Mrs. w. U, a sandwich plate and an ice drink at the refresh- Club lias Guests Mrs. C. H. Willcy and Mrs. Sam Matthews of St. Louis, houscguest Have Foster A program on Stephen Foster will lie presented by Mrs. p. B. Joyiier at the meeting of the music department of the Woman's club 3:00 o'clock Friday afternoon at the of her parents. Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Taylor, played cards with members of the Wednesday Contract club when they were entertained by Mrs. Loy Welch at her home yesterday afternoon. Vases of winter honeysuckle and forsythia arranged in the living {J! room provided a decorative note. Mrs. Roland Green received the club prize, and Mrs. Willey the guest prize in the bridge games. A gift was also presented to Mrs. Matthews. A salad plate was served at the conclusion of the bridge games. clubhouse. A setting- of the old Kentucky home which Foster made famous will be used as a background for the program en which will appear Arthur 'Nelson wilh his vibrahnrp, Mrs. Russell Farr, Mrs. Paul L. Tipton, Miss Kathryn Grear. Mrs. Marvin Graves. Mrs. Charles Bright, Mrs. Theodore Losan and Mrs. Wilson Henry. Mrs. Joe Treischmann and Mrs. IT. J. Kleiiulicnst will be hostesses for the afternoon. « * * Comrade Flans for Dancing; Tarty Plans were completed for a dan:- ini; party to be given Friday. February 25. by the B. P. P. club at the weekly meetiiisr of this group Wednesday afternoon at the home of Patricia Wise. In Ihc absence of the president. 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Her inotlirr Mrs. W. F. Copeland, of 1/nloii j vice Cilv. TBIIII.. is with her. Dr. W. M. Owen Is In Memphis] Mm ntlcmllng ~ her parents. Mr. nroM-fl, I'lrelt'd were: Mi-;., Mrs, K. J. i3[iillli is In Memphis n, tllylhcvlllc, nssoc-' "'• the iniesl of linr diiiiijhler Mrs •-"• smwrlntomicnl; Mrs. John Mnsliie Cruwford, and Mrs.' \vilUn'>i^. Wilson. sc'-vcUu-y-treas- Schmnl/.vrMci, »rcr; jMl.w Mnrftarel Priilti. .Anno- J Mrs. Grow (,'. Driven 1 Mr--,' ifl. yoiiiin people's lender; Miss Sinn liowen, mul Mrs. Sue' Drown Helen Hluv-. Dycss. pcrsonnl scr- ' were In Memphis Monday clinlrninn: Mrs. n. II. Jones. The Rev. U p. Flciiiinh'iE Is fou- Osceola, mission slndy chulminn; j lined to his |,;M by n relapse ol llnrvfy Ornv, I5yess, extcn- •--•• Jiiniiiiry Hi and who Ims been nt '""'I chaiiinan; Mrs. o. W. Sellers.. the Baptist hospltnl tn Memphis " ''''». "liralnrc ehnlnunn. I .since (hen, wns tiaiisfen-c-l (o Dr *' rs - ' ln ' c succeeds Mrs. R. n. t Henry Q. Hill's Clinic nt Memphis for treatment yesterday. In addition lo other In- " M! llils '' la vears and who presided .iuries she hns a bndly fractured nt ""-' mccll "K yesterday, leg. . Mr. 1 ,-. Jones used the watchword The condition of Mrs. s A Hayncs, who 1ms been serious!}' ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. J. Cox. was unimproved to:lay. Mr. imd Mrs. Robert Scott. llr-ncl Counnr ^ew« Want Ada . . . have been living in JoneSlioro. have relumed to make their hBme here. it was reiMi'led by Mr. Greemvell. The four hands were as follows: South: A, K, D. 5. of hearts Q, 8, 4, of spades J. 7. 3. of diamonds 10, S, 2. nf clufcs East: A. K. 9, 5. of clubs Q. 8, 4, of hearts J. 7, 3, of spades 10, C, 2. of diamonds North: A. K. 0, 5. of diamonds Q. 8. 4. of clubs J. 1, 3, of hearts 10, 6, 2. of spades A, K, n, 5. of spades Q, 8. 4, of diamonds J. 7, 3. of clubs 10, B, 2, of hearU West: Miss Ray Mitchell, director of tli2 of the Girl Scout organization, met with local troop leaders at a dinner meeting at the Hotel Noble last night for the purpose of informing them regarding the program revision of the oirl Scout activities and to plan for the formation of a senior troop cf scouts including rjirls from M to 18 years of age. Hie six leaders present at the meeting were: Mrs. Rudolph Morris, Miss Charles Jones. Miss Ally™ Nelson, Miss Mildred Moore, Mrs. Jess Horncr, and Miss Alia Mae Garlinfton. Orvil Malonc who is ill from Influenza. Jesse Ray Hopper is seriously ill from pneumonia. The cards, which Mr. Grecnwctl j Mr. an:l Mrs. Rosco= stepps. of said lias been well shuffled and Hcselaml, are guests of Mrs. slcpps' cut, were dealt, Ihe players pass- i mother. Mrs. Alice Hopper. ed. and upon a comparison of| hands the above result was found. To Hold Revival At [ Church Of God Hfre The Rev. ^ . c. Phlpps, ;f Oidcoii, Mo., will besrin n series of cvah-e- listic meetings at the Churcl'v''of l-ioa. 135 Wc:t Cherry street to- j;i?hl. Tfiis rrvival. which is-'''expected to continue for n weok,.or i (lavs, will have services each night al 7:30 o'clock. './ ins coii'rcgatioii has been witli- ciit a pastor for some time. The evangelist conducted a meeting here 11 years ago. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thi» Old Treatment Ollen Hringj Happy R e |j e f Mniiy MiKcrcra relieve nacji.nj (,n-.Uel« iluwrr ( ],7, , r ,| r: ,,,5, , Jones, of Osceola, who lias .served as superintendent ot thfoj group for " M! !"•> tlieni 1 : of her devotional. Mrs. Sellers and Mrs. K. L. Cole, of Osceola, discussed the jjonls far the Jubilee year during Ihc morning session. Priivcrs were TfTcrcrl by the Hev. J. W. Duller, pastor of \ the Manila BapUst church, and Mrs.' Lloyd slictmino. Mrs. Murray Sinnrt nnd Mrs. D. CT. Sesei 1 . of Wilson, xverc the pianists for the tiny. Preceding the afternoon session, when Mrs. Jcnes led u found table discussion pfj, s(/.indjmts of excellence and presided i\l the election ol officers, n luncheon was served cafeteria style by members of the lilythcville Woman's Missionary Union. Sixty six. representative!; from Ar- niorcl, Blythevillc, Lcachvlllc, Manila. Oscecln, -Wilson and Dycss attended the mealing. Kidneys Must ifundion Freely Tu Oc[ Hit! nf roisiiiiuii-, Ad Kidney rtllmcnts we n't wear tiw*y .you've got lo do Komcthlnij to hoi] IhcoC delicate organs funclloi properly. It fs the snmc way with Blad iler trouble. You know thnt llv. kidneys when healthy niter the nclcl.s nnd poisons from Hid blond; dlsclinrpliig them from the body. 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I'ollow tliuiUoitlrNlloni with (w(llc>. Vou'll iKtfil.ifl yuu'vy tllJOOvdfoU UiU lllll. (Jives ciikvH mill • biscuits new ,12 Raspberry Crctrie Rolls, each FVcsh Lemon Rolls, doz Diile Nul . lircml, loitf , Pineapple t'ookien, do*/. ... l-cl us Miakq yotir party cakes, rolls and mints. I'hoiie 110 BLVTHEVILLE CO. c llir- l«i! eve™ m-itls niiil waslo not ol'll,,. 1,1ml Jlosl iiwpln p.isa about J ,,li,i a „ ,|, T .', ,]..... > p^uuua 4j[ ^:,:,l(>. Tomato News Raymond Palmer, who has been III frcm influenza, is able to bo out. Tnlmadgc Colcmnn, of Double Bridges, spent the week end here with relatives. Mr. and Mr:;. FIT:! Colcmnn nn- ncuiicc the birth cf a son on February 4. Mr. tind Mrs. Walter Palmer, of Blythevillc. spent Sunday with Mrs. ---- .,„„.,., . America's first theater was huill . i! ?"*"'% tO OUU FR1BNDS AND PATRONS We n-ish lo express our graleful thanks for their response ' after the rcorganizalum Hnd reopening of our shop. Our formal npcntn£ will he held later. 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