The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1944
Page 8
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f' PAGE EIGHT Wisbar-Badui Team Defeated . Long and Lav/son Take 'Feature Tag Match At Legion Arena Here Johnny' (Tiger) Long and Buck tauwm proved superior lo Gus WlsbSr - and Eintl BnrHil Inst night at they swept .'through two of the three falls'lo take (lie Ing'match feature, of ' Promoter Mike Mero- nej'V'weckly wrestling show before a fiill house of wild fnm made wilder by developments. Working with a roiigli, varied but effective coordinated plan, Long mid Lawsan took (lie last two fulls of the wild affair, after losing the first. Action is Rough II was the granddad of all rough, tough, screwy tag matches; a veritable three ring circus, free-for-all riot and n battle royal nil roiled into one big show that carries the misnomer of wrestling. WJtli exception of the preliminary match between Wisbar and Long, (here wasn't a great deal to Identify Hie program as a wrestling match. But there was everything else, from soup to nuts; fun to foolishness, and plenty, of good, rough milling Hint should, have warmed (he cockles of the local fans who prefer Just that sort. In short, it had cvery- Ihlng— plus. ,Action remained on the mountain peaks, but one of (be wildest moments >ame In the early pan of the first fall. Prom the outset it wn.s quite evident that something wns in store; that tho boys were all primed and ready for notion. They didn't wait long to explode nixl with terrific concussion. Mlfee Takes Punishment Tills paiticular incident began when Long nnd Inwson picked on Wkbar first In an effort to eliminate .him from activity. Their method was vln headlocks. Thev applied .several on the blond Teuton in rapid succession and had him In a bad way. Badui couldn't sU'iri It any longer. Jumping over the ropes,: he dashed over and grabbed Long by the head. Naturally, (lint drew Lawsou into the conflict. He completed (he deadlock chain by clamping one on the Arab. As Referee Meroncy trletj to pry them apart lie was caught by the head by Wisbar and pulled into the maelstrom. The quintet chugged around the ring several minutes before Mike exlracalcd himself and cleared the other two from (he ring. : Mike came In for some pretty rough thumping before the long Bhow was ovei..Twice he was heaved over the lopes, first by Long, then later b v Lawson, when he refused to permit them lo employ some of their tactics. Wisbar and Bndui took the first lall in 20 minutes. Wisbar eliminated Larson with a series of toe hoolds. Then lie and Badui put Lonu through the; "ringer" with legalized lussault and battery Get Inlb High From then on It was "root, hog Or die' They threw the rules overboard aiid went at it hammer and tong for everything they were worth For a time It appeared as If the thing would get out of £he capable hands of the referee, but Mike managed to set them back in tow and Keep them going in the general right direction. Long and Lawson evened the -match In'lS KLYTHEV1LLE (AUK.) COURIER NKWS Blanket Fin'ish' DOPE BUCKET j. v. GIVliS MOTHKK S<!AUU Lieut. ICdwtird folds gave his parents, Mr. aim Mrs. o. K. Edds, a slight scare for a moment in a re- TUESDAY, APK1L 25, 11M-I cent It'llei "1 Irel you could never guess where I am at the In the Chlim nrcfi where he is located. . . EARNS PROMOTION— Fred Thomson, former University of Arkansas head football coach, is llic special service officer and In charge of athletics for the entire area. . « — - ••••• "* vnv; uj in^itui^ lur me ciuiie area yrosent time," lie penned, "r run In I He recently was promoted to Lieut' the guard house!" . . . Hastily he Colonel . . . BROTH En IS STAU- explancd that he was Officer of Sergt. Carson l,»s a you, ge, Drotr the Guard from 4:45 p.m. until the cr, Rube, who also was m He a imo same time the next day, and Hie ••-" —-' „"."... . 1U> l|>luc a nasc t'linrd house Imupcncd to be assigned licadiiuaiicrs . . . FULFILLS AMBITION-Frank Man CIIEO, the younu Houston, Texas catcher who began his jirofessional baseball career here in 1931, •?M= n; if ?i oal ',JP pcats last y . car s vk ' lor y in Eaton's Patriots Day Marathon. Winner ran grind of 28 miles, 385 yards in 2 hours, 31 minutes, 50 2-5 seconds minutes. "Tiger" punched Badui out first in 10 minutes. Nine minutes later Wkbar succumbed to Lawson -after falling victim lo a crab hold. v If any tricks or stunts were ovcr- ookcd during the first two falls .hey were used. In (he finale, which ^ona and Lawson look with less than two minute's remaining In the natch. Buck smeared Wisbar with a "pile driver" In U minutes. Long ook cnrc of Bacilli ivllh flips fol- oweil by llic effective head'scis- icrs In five more. Long Tosses Wisbar Undiii conquered Lawson In the 'rist preliminary, after being oiit- nnnuvcrcrt and out-wrestled most of the time. Hiding Ills lime before 'he faster Lawson, Emll caught him list right nnd clamped on the ','• crab to earn the fall In 20 mlrn lies.. Long and Wisbar drew the plau- liLs from Ihc tremendous crowd' vlth a brilliant demonstration of •scientific grappling In their single all match. "Tiger" earned the fall ifter 25 minules of prelly work. Plying tackles and the usual body Jin turned llic Irlck. Etarto/o Postpones Bout BOSTON. April 25 (U.P.)-S.i! 3artolo, who was scheduled to fight Phil Torrnnowi Friday nlglit at Boston,, has postponed the fight a week. The NBA featherweight chniu- ilon will slake his litle In a 15- •ouurt return bout on May 5. Harlolo, a member of the Unilcd States Merchant Marine, wasn't able to get leave for the earlier date. Boston Signs Crow icy BOSTON, April 25 (U.P.)— Ted Collins, who owns the Boston National Professional League football team, has signed Llciil. 'coimiiniul- er James Crowley as coach. Three Teams In Majors Hit By Draft Uy UJilicil Press The only scheduled major league baseball game yeslenluy, Cincinnati at Pittsburgh,, was rained out. But 'three teams were left poorer at the end of the day. Spud Chandler, 1 lhc New York Yankees leading pitcher, lefl for his home in St. Pelcrsuurg. Fin. He'll bc in- dueled into the Army Friday. The Glanls will lose Mel Otl, who passed his prc-liuluclion physical at Camrtcn, N. J., yesterday afternoon. He'll stay with the 'team until he's called to active duty. Th c Clcveliuirt Indians may lose one of their few remaining outfielders. Paul O'Dcn, who's been rc- classlflcd one-A, has been ordered to report next Monday for his prc- inductlon physical examination. •ihc Philadelphia Phillies, on the other hnnd, came out on lhc credit side of the manpower ledger. They have signed Charley Ripple, a young southpaw luirler. nipple, who graduated from Wake Forrest college, played in the Tobacco nnd Palmetto League. He's classified four-F. The Chicago Cubs' manager, Jimmy Wilson, has reshuffled his lineup and batting order .drastically. He'll have Jimmy Fox.x, Dominic Dallasandro, Roy Eastehvood, and Len Merullo out on the field against the Pirates this al'lernoon, He hopes the change will Inject some power into the feeble Cub hitlers. „., . ,,; v .. ' " vi'iouy, oatKson, lenn., has teen filled a life-long ainWllon last week sent to the Army Air Field, Abilene -le was behind the plate for Texas, as Instructor . . Capt Moody was officially credited witli Ihrec Jap planes during his IB months with Gen. Chcnnauirs Fly- Ing Tigers. ihc St. Louis Browns In the opening fame of llic 1544 American league Sfusim . , , GETS 1'RO MOTION—Bill Crowe, one of live leading softta!) players era- (level oped here, has liccii promoted lo Staff SciHCiint ... He is In Quar- lenrmstcr ami stationed in lhc New Cliiineu Broii)> . . . ATTENDS RACKS—HI wooii Dccn. brother of John Dcen of Hie Delta Lumber Company ami one of Ihe most rabid sports fans hi lhc city, received a two weeks' furlough in Inclln and spent most of the lime attending l)ie races . . . Elwouil recently was transferred lo-India from the Middle East . . . when In Hie M. E., he saw Bergl. Hugh (Tex) Hnrbcrl play footlKill during a two sports festival at New Year's. SOON U'lLf, DKl'AKT Every officer nnd man of (lie Blylhevillc Army Air Field has a government life insurance policy ™s is the only 100 per cent field two-day I" ihc e» (ll 'c Eastern Flying Train' i"g Command. Blylheville further ,, sets a record in that it lops them Sergt. Hiirhert soon will Join the all In average amount per policy— intfi: (if fho nmirwIIMf c?t.. <<l flftfi 9K * -.....^,5 u. ul , IL j, HQ tuiiuji. at iMannauan, CroH'ley, ihe former hend foot-1 interim capacity.' hall coach at Fordham University, will take up his coaching (lulies after the war. In Ihe meantime, Herbert Kopf, former grid coach Manhattan, will serve in ranks of Hie Benedicts . ." . Sta Honed nt Camp Ellis, III., after two years in the Middle East with the 38th General Hospital, "Tex" writes. "When I went back to Texas 1 gol engaged to n sweet Texas girl . . . 1 believe I showed you her picture . . . Her name is Mnc Jean Faulkner . . . We haven't, set the date yet but I am looking forward (o June" - - . MODEST MIKE—Lieut. Howard Frlsbyv Jr., one of the bet- lei 1 tennis players before the war, writes that "nothing exciting has happened during his 11 missions from Corsica". . . But further down in his interesting letter there appeared to be a slight contradiction as he mentioned returning on one motor several times . . . DOWN IN THE DEEP—Willis Ford, ex- Chick fullback, Bn 2-e, has been assigned to Cape Mny, N. J. .... Weighing 218 pounds, Willis lias gone in for deep sea diving . . BROTHERS WIDELY SEPARATED—Ben and Charles Abbott, former Chick reserves, chose different branches of the service and went in opposite directions . . . Ben, second class seaman, is at Bougaini villc, while Corp, Charles lias recently arrived in England . V . He is in the 3111th Signal Service Bat- lallon. TEAM WIN'S LEAGUE •< t- Sergt. Nat Carson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ebb Carson, who established (|uitc » record as a baseball player In and around his home at Harrison, and helped introduce softball lo Die Chinese ns n member of the Plying Tigers ground crew, reporcs that his team won their league li- lle and soon would start the play- oft with the other li service teams I'M SAVING WASTE z:: :3 EC r.- ;a SB EE BH sn a M i All over the country wives and sweethearts are collecting waste paper. They understand that our fighting men desperately neod thi» critical war material. They are making a weekly habit of saving " old newspapers, boxe», wrapping*. They are not burning or destroying wa«« paper — they are sending it to make or wrap mora than 700,000 different war articles used by our armies. Do your part along with these patriotic women. Get your clubs, civic and church groups behind this movement, Collect waste paper—bundle it—and turn it in .,. and help shorten the war! u. s. VICTORY WASTE PAPER CAMPAIGN mil and Softball star . . . Corp. Carson is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. . . . GOES WEST — Capt. Calvin C. (Hickorymtl Head) Moody, former star guard ivlth the Chicks and nt Union Unl- " Jackson, Tenn., has teen L//e Insurance Record 100 Pet At Local Field BAAF-Dyersburg Boxing Matches To Be Postponed The bouls between the BAAP Boxing Team and the sluggers o( Ihc Dyeisburg, Tenn., Army Air Field, scheduled for there Thursday nlglit, will be postponed for approximately a week, according to an announcement of the Athletic Department. The bouls, arranged after the BAAF leather dingers thoroughly trounced Ihc Tcnnesscmis here recently, are lo bring lh c cream of each field's boxing program into competition against c ach other. We* Grounds Delay Game With Maiden Army Nine The BAAP Baseball Team's game with the Maiden Army Air Field nine, .scheduled to be played there Sunday afternoon, was postponed because of wet grounds. Also postponed was the gamo between the Negro teams of the Iwu fields, scheduled to be played here at the same time. The local squad's next game will be ay.ninst the ASTP (cam of Jone.sboro there Tuesday. The next home gmiie will probably be with Walnut Ridge v Fri- Baseball Standings NATIONAL LEAOUE W. L. New York ,...,. 5 0 St. Louis . 5 o Cincinnati 3 i 'Philadelphia 3 3 Brooklyn 2 3 Chicago 1 5 Boston i 5 Pittsburgh 03 AMERICAN IEAGUE W. L. St. Louis . , Philadelphia Boston . .. New York . Cleveland . Washing ton Offer College Leaves Chicago (UP) - The. Public Administration clcnrlng House reported that cily employees in Portland, pie., W lio vrant (0 |;0 (0 coljeg wm be granted leave of absence if they Have worked for the city a suli- stantlal period of iunc. Detroit Chicago C 0 2 1 2 2 2 2 1 2 1 2 2 4 1 3 Pel J.OOO 1.000 .750 .500 .400 .167 .167 .000 Pet. 1.000 .007 .500 .500 .•J33 .333 .333 .250 Yesterday's Results NATIONAL I.EACSUK Cincinnati at Piltsljurgh. post- poiicd. Only game scheduled. AMERICAN LE,\<iVK No games scheduled. S«,8(JG.25. The triumphant record Is nolcd in the April report of Maj. Harry E. McCnrdell Jr., chief of llic |Kr- sonal affairs section of the Eastern Hying Training Command. "Blythcville has proved again," he reports, "thai 100 per cent personnel insured with an enviable average size policy can b c attained by a major station." But Flrsl Lieut. Hugh W. Eldridge, head of lhc Personal Affairs Section of the BAAF, does not by any means consider that his job is finished or that, the record is sufficient. • "Only four outfits have a 100 per cent record of $10,000 policies • for every man and officer," he said modestly. "The others have a lev who carry a lesser amount." The. four with Die perfect record of S10.000 insurance for all members are le 701st Plying Training Squadron -skippered by Capt. Henry Tolusso: the OiSth Quarter Platoon, commanded by Lieut Jack Kfrby; the Signal Service Co.. led by Lieut. Milton L. Benson, and Hie 30flth Aviation Squadron, whose CO is Capt. Thomas M. Loughery. Sees Processing on Farms CHICAGO (UP) — D. Howard Doanc told the American . country Life Conference that following the war farmers will gradually edge Into the field of processing food. "It is just as easy for them to sell a carload of soybean oil," he said, "as it is lo sell a carload of soy baens. By processing the raw. crops Ihey will increase their profils without increasing ihe price of the /Inislicd product." ; Today's Games NATIONAL LKAGUK Chicago al. Pittsburgh. Brooklyn at Boston. New York at Philadelphia. St. Louis at, Cincinnati, AMERICAN LEAGUE Detroit ni Chicago. Boston al Washington. Philadelphia at New York. Only games scheduled. OSED CARS FOR SALE Foremost in Appearance, Condition, Low Mileage Clean, City Driven East Coast Fords, Chevrolet IMOCIIKVROUCT "Master 'l)e[,n xe " TOWN SUDAN. Unusually Sound Medumical Condition, 5 Good Tires, Healer, Scut Covers, Dark Green Color. 19-11 FOR!) V-S "Super DeLuxe" .'CONVEKTIULE C'OUI'i'J. Radio and Healer, f, A-l Tires, Excellent in Appearance and Mechanical Condition. 1!M1 FORD V-S "Super IMaixc" TUDOR SEDAN. Beautiful 2-Tone Color, Driven less than 70(10 Miles, Completely Equipped (o Drive. i ' • • . See Our Other- "Foremost Value" Used Cars Trade-ins Accepted. Liberal Terms Available. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. : 'Walnut- at 5th Tcl - ' 153 Oil for Biggest U.S. Airline A group of partridges [ s known as a covey. CHIGSASflW W.Ml Main Nrar 21st St. Bit. «UrtB 12:45; SUM. el»ri« I:i4 j Night Khows.C:45 Except Monday, opens <J;« • Continuum show. 8«t. tat Son. Tuesday BUDDY NITE 2 Tickets' for llic Trice of 1 "The MAN WHO WOULDN'T DIE" witli Lloyd Nolan Three Stooges Comedy LaGuarclia Field, N. Y.-Sindair's unique oil-jeep drains and fills giant American Airlines' Flagship with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. American Airlines, Inc., biggest U. S..Airline,"relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to save wear on its costly airplane engines. Now chat your car needs all possible protection, give it the same protection given these planes. Buy Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL B. J. ALLEN eiS H- Afeif — IrytfceTilJe, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "THIS GUN FOR HIRE" with Alun Ladil and Vcronleu l,akc anil "THE STORK PAYS OFF" with llachcllc Hinlsun anil M:i\io Kosenbliinm NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at 6-30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunday at i Tuesday -AMKUICAN LKttJON NIGIJT-{| All Prueecds, lx?ss Actual Cost of II Picture and Tax Go To Herman I Davis Post American Legion for Completion of Hut. '. Columbia Presents ' "CRIME DOCTOR'S I STRANGEST CASE" \ With Wiirncr Ba.xler : , ALSO SERIAL fcl Wednesday & Thursday 'REAP THE WILD WIND'?! with • , Wayjic Morris . r'J Fox News & Shorl Open 7:15 Show Starts 7:30 Tuesday Only PAL NITE 'I Tickets for 30c 'Jitterbugs^ with Slan Laurel iV Oliver Hardy Selected Shorts '* Wednesday & Thursday OMBS FOB TOKYO blondes for Torn thfl drama of the men with silver PAT O'BRIEN RANDOLPH SCOTT ANNE'SHIRIEY EDDIE ALBERT Produced by ROBERT FEILOWS • Dirtcttd b, RICHARD WALLACE • S:tcct> PJ», \f News of lhc Day Sliorfs Let Us Help SAVE YOUR EYES! „ 209 W. Main St. Thone 2912^

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