The Daily Plainsman from Huron, South Dakota on July 10, 1890 · Page 4
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The Daily Plainsman from Huron, South Dakota · Page 4

Huron, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1890
Page 4
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DAILY HUROJSTITE HTJBON, S. D., JULY 10, 1890. SHANNON LONGSTAFF, Proprietors. X O B E HELD IN H U R O N in the G ' 8 Institute . Aug. 11 to 22, GRAND - OPERA - HOUSE O. P. HELM, Manager. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JULY IGtlx. M° ST NOTED MUSICAL EVENT Special engagement of the Farnus McGIBENY FAMILY. Father, Mother and 14 Children. The largest musical family j n the world; presenting a grand and Unrivalled -Entertainment, Brilliant Band I Supeib P'ff*TM' Ten Soloists! Grand Vocal and Instrumental-single and double- Ladies and Gents--Quartettes. - NOVEL, CHASTE, AMUSIN G. Admission, - - 75 all(1 50o at Box A BALLOT FOR ALL. The Suffrage Coirrention Makes a Aew Deal --Another Meeting in Mitchell Ang. 25. HU-ROMTEJttS. Judge Kalltm and wife have return- ed home. Mrs. C. W. Wood has gone toMer- rimac, Wis., for a ivsit of two or three weeks. Miss Nellie Titus of Marshal], Minnesota, is a guest of E, B. Cum- mings and family. Hon. A. D. Chase member of the state railroad commission, and J. L. Robinson, clerk, came over from Wa- tertowm yesterday. A telegram from Pierre this after- noon says the wind has baen blowing from the northwest in that city all day. Here it has been direct from the south. To Dispel Colds, Headaches and fevers, to cleanse the system effectually, yet gently when costive or billions, or when the blood is impure or sluggish, to per- manently cure habitual constipation to awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without irritating or weakening them, use Syrup of Figs WEDNESDAY AFTEROON. The convention was called to or- der at 2 o'clock by chairman Mouser. ine first business was hearing the report of the committee appointed by the convention on the relation of this convention to the state equal suffrage association. The committee reported that it had received the res- igimtion of all the state executive committee, except that of Mrs. Rich- ards. A motion prevailed declaring ;he old organization dissolved. A motion also prevailed whereby the present convention was recog- nized as the official organization of South Dakota equal suffragists. Its oncers were also to be considered the officers of the Equal Suffrage Asso- ciation of the state until their sue- cessors are chosen. The matter of choosing officers for the new association was here pre- sented. A motion to proceed to their election was offered. Numerous suggestions as to the manner of voting-whether by one or more delegates from each county, or by permitting each delegate to vote Amendments followed in rapid suc- cession and SODQ the convention was m a muddled condition, the chairman alone being able to keep the -'run" of the proceedings. It was finally de- cided that the gathering was a mass convention and all present were enti- led fco vote. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The election of officers for the new organization occupied the attention of the convention the greater part of the afternoon. The first was an in- formal ballot for president, who is also chairman of.the executive com- mittee. This was the result: Mrs. Johnson, 37; Mrs. Adams, 10; Miss Hall, 4 ; Judge Thomas, 1; Mrs' Barker, 1; Mrs. DeVoe, S; Rev. Bar- ker, 1; Mrs. Howell, 1; Miss Anthony, 1. town was chosen to fill the vacancy. Mrs. L. M. Hammer of flighmore, was choeen assistant secretary, and Mrs. De Voe was made state lecturer. RESOLUTIONS. The resolution committee present- ed the following report: Resolved, that the demands of the hour require that the suffrage work be pushed with the utmost vigor dur ing the remainder of the campaign and to this end every friead of equal suffrage, whether in South Dakota or elsewhere, he asked to use all honor- able means to carry the amendment to strike the word "male" from the ancle on suffrage in our state consti tution at the uext e.tjciioii, artily welcome to ---,, .,,,,,,, auj*, fearless and true fnend of humanity m general, and women m particular, Miss Susan B Anthony, and her talented as8istants who have come to spread the gospel of justice and equal rights among us. hi-- . , lhtattW ? omin ' the newest and brightest star m our constellation of states, is the only free state under the American flag. 4. That having put our hands to thei plow, we will never look backun- W the political shackles are struck THE INDEPENDENTS, (Continued from second page.) ··§· Huron's K. P. Band, with their new instruments, met the incoming trains yesterday, and at the depot, on the streets and in the opera house furnished inspiring music. Merit Wins. We desire to say to our citizens that iT* "VOCJ T*G tir a !·*-» ·»·-,-. 1» -^ _ _ n · ---~ -- -. ---j, ,, _^,^,, .utxt; j_ luSj .oucKuens Arnica fealve and Electric Bitters, and have never handled remedies that sell as well or that have given such univer- sal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the purchase pnee if satisfactory results do not fol- low their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely on meritS ' L ' E C^bin P On Wednesday, July 9, 1890, Mr. Benjamin F. Williams and Miss Nel- lie B. Young, both of Huron, were united in marriage in the Methodist church, by Rev. H. H. Dresser. Uucklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts bruises, sores, ulcers, salt Rheum Pe-' ver sores, chapped hands, chilblains corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi- tively cures piles, or no pay required It is guaranteed to give perfect satisl faction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by L. E. Cor- bin fc Co., Huron, South Dakota. Rev. Adkinson moved that a com- mittee of one from each county be appointed to select names for the various officers of the association, and present them to the convention.' The motion called forth a lively disnussion. Very many opposed it, among them Dr. McCallum, who made some very earnest remarks against it. The motion finally pre- vailed, although it was far from sat- isfactory to a goodly number. The committee reported the fol- lowing: President--Mrs.,P. E. Johnson, of Highmore. Vice president--Mrs. J. C, Adams, of Webster. Secretary--W. F. Bailey, of Faulk- ton. Treasurer--Miss S. A, Richards, of Puckwana. Executive committee--Miss Susan B. Anthony, Mrs. H.M. Barker, Mrs. J. H. DeVoe. The report was received and Mrs. Johnson was elected president on first ballot. On motion the rules were suspend- ed and each of the other officers and executive eouumittee were elected by acclamation. The location of the headquarters of the new association was left with the executive committee to determine; they were also empowered to fill any vacancies that may occur. Mrs. DeVoe tendered her resigna- tion as member of the executive com- mittee and Judge Thomas of Water- PL AN OF WOEK. The committe on plan of work re- commended that the central com- mittee arrange for organization in each county. That a circular of in- struction be sent out so there may be a uniformity of work. Ten days should be given in each county, con- ventions and public meetings should be held as soon as possible. Two persons should be appointed in each county to ascertain the sentiment on the equal suffrage question. Also recommended that at all fairs, political conventions, religious and educational associations speakers and singers be present to advocate the cause of equal suffrage; also recom- mended the formation of quartettes and musical clubs. A vote of thanks was tendered the officers and executive committee of the former organization for their labors in behalf of the equal suffrage cause. The convention adjourned to meet in Mitchell on Aug. 25. A Safe Investment Is one which is guaranteed to bring you satisfactory results, or in case of failure a return of purchase price. On this sate plan you can buy from our advertised druggists a bottle of Dr Kings New Discovery for consump- tion, .[t is guaranteed to bring relie- m every case, when used for any affect' tion ot the throat, lungs or chest, such as consumption, inflammation of lungs bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough' etc etc. It is pleasant and agreeaBle to taste, perfectly safe, and can always be depended upon Trial bottles free at L. E. Corbm Go's, drug store ernor was then taken, resulting as folllows; Total vote cast 249 Necessary to choice 125 Loucks 134. Van Osdel 1^5 The nornirmtiou of Loucks was- made unanimous. Mr. Loucks was again introduced, greeted with great applause and made some remarks, thanking the conven- tion fur the nomination. He desired to have Van Osdel as a running mate on the state ticket. He wonted a campaign of principles. When any man spoke disparagingly of Loucke, ask him what he thought of the in- dependent platform. LIEUTENANT G O V E R N O R . Wardall presented the name of Van Oadel for lieutenant governor. Van Osdel desired to withdraw his own name, and nominated Cosand of Potter. Brown of Meade presented the name of E. B. Beed of Pennington. An informal ballot waa then taken, resulting: Total vote cast 224, necessary to choice 113. Van Osdel 102, Cosand 92, Reed 30. Reed withdrew in favor of Van- Osclel. Cosand also withdrew, and on mo- tion the nomination of Van Osdel was made unanimous. SECRETAEY OF STATE. Smith of Miner nominated H. M. Hanson of the same county. Lang- ness of Minnehaha seconded the nomination of Hanson. Numerous other seconds were received. On motion the rules were suspend- | ed, and Hanson placed in nomin- j ation for secretary of state. THEASURE.R. J. M. Bailey of Minnehaha was nominated for state'treasurer. T. B. Roberts of Grant county was placed in nomination. Both nominations received several seconds. The first informal ballot for treas- urer resulted as follows: Total vote cast 255 Necessary to choice 128 J. M. Bailey 60 F. W. Roberts |' 195 The nomination of Roberts was made unanimous. D E A L E R IN Fancy Goods and Toilet Articles, BM Booh, Stationery, Etc, OIG- -. a Specialty, 281 Dakota Avenue," Huron. F, H, KENT, Proprietor, HURON, : - DAKOTA. ^Thursday was one of nhe most disagreeable days of the season. A hot wind from the south sent the dust in great clouds through the streets, rendering out of doors work or exercise decidedly disagreeable. The Purest and Best Articles known to medical science are used in preparing Hood's Sarsapa rilla. Every ingredient is carefully selected, personally examined, and only the best retained. The medi- cine is prepared under the super- vision of throughly competent phar- macists, and every step in the process of manufacture is carefully watched with a view to securing in Hood's Sarsaparillathe best possible result. Mme. Demoret. a dark-faced little old French lady, has furnished ice- cream and confectionery for all the Presidents back to Buchanan. The aggregate capital stock of the co-operative societies in England amounts to $2,355,000.000, STATE AUDITOR. Curtis of Brule nominated J. R. Lowe of that county, and editor of the Bijou Hills Times. Van Osdel nominated F. F. Meyer of Sanborn county. Meyer withdrew. Moved that the rules be suspended and Lowe placed in nomination by acclamation. Carried. ATTORNEY GENEEAL. H. S. Mouser of Huron was nom- inated for attorney general. Robin- son of Faulk nominated S. W. Co- sand of Potter county. Reed of the Black Hills nominated Judge Bangs of Pennington. An informal ballot was taken with the following result: Total vote cast 234 Necessary to choice ny Mouser 29 Cosand jgg Ban gs .'.'.'.'.' 36 The nomination of Cosand was made unanimous. STATE SUPERINTENDENT. Day of Spink nominated E. A. Dye of Spink. Moved that Dye be nominated by acclamation. Carried. COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC LANDS. Dunkel of Sanborn nominated F. F.Meyer of Sanborn. Under sus- pension of the rules, Mr. Meyer was nominated by acclamation. COMMISSIONER OF L A B O R . Kidd of Brown nominated W. L. Johnson of Aberdeen. Mr. Johnson was nominated by acclamation. U . S . SENATOR. The chairman then stated that the next order of business was rec- ommendations for United states seraator. Objected to as not the business of tne convention, and on motion that order of business was ex- punged frojn the call. Moved and carried to proceed to the election of a STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE . Moved that the central committee '· hold over. Moved to adjourn until three o'clock. Carried. THURSDAY AFTERXOO.\. At the hour named in the adjourn- ^ ment, convention again assembled and made some changes and addi- tions to the state committee. A reso- lution relating to irrigation was adopted, and arrangements made for ratification meetings. The first of these meetings will be held in the I opera house, Huron, this evening, and will be addressed by promiment independents. Deer are reported unusually nu- merous all through the "down enst region" in Maine. ir -,,r- A ' lvice to -H.nuers. Mrs.Wmslow's Soothing .svrup h-i been used by mothers %r* 3 I d r e teetlnng for over lifty years wit , or- teel success. It relieves the littJa suff- erer at once; it produces natural 01 ie- sleep, by relieving the child from iHirY a^SK^1f^;S k «S^W taste. It sootlies tJie child sSttis the gums, allays all pain,relieves wind le l C. COOPER, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR. Reed Block, ITnron, Dakots, D. WALLING, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR, HURON, DAKOTA. Office, Jsffrls' Block. J-J. W WiLMARTH BLOCK, - - First Floor. PRICE B A K I N G POU'DEK CO M B W V O B K . CIIJCACO. ST. LOW 8 O Beckett's Addit City of H This fine tract of land has just been placed on the market, and is now for sale in tracts of 40, 30, 20 or ====== It will not be sold in smaller tracts. This land is the Best unsold Acre Property in the City. IT CAN BE BOUGHT PROFIT ON THE CAPITAL a HANDSOME You can buy now from the original owner and save ALL COSTS A*D PROFITS OFDEALTO WITH SECOND PARTIES ""' - '"" 5W5WM Z'KWffS.'XSSfS.'l'Sa. Sl,ii-S7,Mr"l» a ,,..»,-« GEO. L. BECKETT, EAST THIRD STREET, HURON, S. D.

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